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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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on each other. an update is coming up next. and a bay area woman with a daughter and a close friend stuck in egypt talks to us this morning about their flights. good morning, i'm marla tellez. i'll have their scary and emotional story coming up in a live report. and a bay area transit agency is getting funding to help fight terror. we'll tell you how that money is being used. much closer to home, here's a live look over the south bay this morning. much colder this morning. we'll go to meteorologist christina loren who has our forecast for this thursday, february 3rd, "today in the bay." good morning, thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. it is 5:00. christina has a look at your hour-by-hour forecast. >> good morning to you. yes, a typical day in the bay
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with temperatures approaching 70 degrees in february once again. unseasonably warm. we are going to be in record territory today, but we are starting out cooler in some cities like fairfield, napa, santa rosa, you are in the 30s this morning. the east bay, livermore, 36 degrees. gilroy, 32 degrees. this morning because we are starting out a little cooler in some cities i don't think it will be quite as warm heading into this afternoon, but the cities already in the 40s approaching 50 degrees, you will see the 70s. 70 degrees in oakland today. 65 in san francisco without any fog this morning. it is nice and clear out there. a little bit on the breezy side. we'll tell you what is to come for this weekend. i can give you a hint. you'll want to get outside if you want the luxury. back to you guys. thank you. we begin this morning with the very latest on egypt. demonstrations have become very violent with protestors clashing with one another overnight. >> army tanks moved into position this morning to try to protect the anti-government protest camp in cairo's tahrir
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square. overnight pro-government demonstrators opened fire on people in the camp. others threw stones at protestors. it is afternoon in egypt right now, but during the early morning hours many demonstrators showed up with molotov cocktails. one american in the middle of it all talks to brian williams about this. >> i have a short knife. i have hot water. i have my walking cane. and i have my voting pin. that's my armory. >> mary thornberry is holed up in her apartment in cairo. after the "nightly news" aired one of her friends called nbc bay area. she was willing to stay up to tell us how mary is doing. >> marla tellez is in hayward with her and has the very latest on an amazing story. marla, it really gives you an understanding of what it is like on the ground in cairo these
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days. >> reporter: brent, it certainly hits home. ell ellen phoene is welcoming us into her home. thank you for staying with us. you are a good friend of mary thornberry. >> i am. she was my closest friend. >> reporter: okay. when was the last time you spoke to her? >> i spoke to her about four hours ago, but my daughter who i have on skype just spoke to her when you arrived. >> reporter: now, we should tell the viewers that your daughter actually lives in egypt as well, but she is about 20 miles away from the violence, so she is inside a home. she is safe. >> she is. they are in lockdown. they have not left the house during the day or not. it is because of the villages and people that are around
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keeping them safe due to road blocks and keeping a watchful eye. >> reporter: back to mary thornberry, she's in the square. she's on the sixth floor in an apartment building? >> she's on the sixth floor in an apartment building across from the egyptian museum. she's an intrepid person, however if you see the violence and fires going on, she's right on the square. she cannot get out. the embassy -- she called the embassy, they said they have no one to get her out. she had a really good phone interview with brian williams. but as it is now, she has a glass door. they have broken the glass door. there's been 12 or 13 men constantly beating on the door. she told brian that she has a knife, some boiling water, a
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rolling pin and a foldable cane we brought here in hayward before she went back the last time. she's been totally awake for three days. and i would just urge anyone who can do anything to help her. >> reporter: we should mention she's 76 years old. >> yes, 76. her spirit is youthful, but fatigue and wear certainly has control. and who of us wouldn't be frightened to have 13 men constantly beating on the door and sticking their heads through and their hand. here she is with a little knife. it is very frightening. >> reporter: well, certainly all of our hearts go out to you and mrs. thornberry in cairo. >> thank you. >> reporter: thank you. ellen phoene will allow us to stay in her home throughout the broadcast. we'll talk to her later in the show. we'll talk to you at 5:30 this morning. for now we are live in hayward
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this morning, marla tellez for "today in the bay." >> it would be great to hear from her daughter as well. thank you, marla. >> great they are able to share their story so all of us can understand what they are going through. meantime, a 25-year-old man is in jail charged with molesting children at an elementary school after school at a program in the south bay. now police are concerned there could be more victims. bob redell is live at trace elementary school with more. >> reporter: that's because, brent, this is not the first time he's worked with children. police tell us that this suspect is also or has also worked at a camp for youth. detectives know this took place on the campus of trace elementary. the d.a. accused 25-year-old keith woodhouse of inappropriately touching five girls under the age of 10 while a substitute counselor at a child development center, an
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after schoolchild development program here at trace. there were no red flags on his record and he cleared a background check when he started here last august. he did not enter a plea during his arraignment this past friday. the san jose unified school district has pointed out to us that this is not their program, the child development center just used their space. >> and they have a quality program. this is just a very unfortunate incident. they went through the proper checks of this person, so they are probably going to be making sure all their checks and balances are in place also. >> reporter: the child development center has sent out a let tore the parents of the roughly 60 children in their program to let them know what's going on. the center says it is fully cooperating with the investigation. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you, bob, for the update there. you can soon be waiting longer and paying more to ride the rails on caltrans. the transit agency is expected to declare a fiscal emergency today in the face of a $30
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million budget deficit. the caltrains board meets at 10:00 this morning. if they make that announcement, fairs will increase and service will be cut. caltrain officials say they may have to halt all trains except the weekday peak line. that would be the second time that fares have gone up in the past month. well, a massive winter storm continues to wreak havoc today. watch as this building's roof collapsed in boston after being buried under the huge, heavy, wet blanket of snow. crews are still trying to restore power to thens tens of thousands in ohio and indiana. blizzards that hit chicago caused schools to close for the first time in years. hundreds of cars are still stuck in the snow waiting to be dug out. >> wind gusts were between 60 and 70 miles an hour. and visibility was at whiteout conditions. >> 30 states and nearly 100
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million people have already been affected by the storm. and there are still six more weeks of winter to come. it is so hard to imagine, they are talking about one of the worst blizzards in decades. record-situations with the amount of cold or snowfall. and yet here we are talking about report warmth this time of the year. >> if we maintain this trend we could see the warmest february on record here in the bay area. so that is something we are setting pace for. we'll continue to watch that for you. right now, though, i am not complaining, especially looking at all that video from the east coast. we'll take 14 degrees in oakland right now. 33 in fairfield. and 40 degrees in concord. a little bit on the breezy side through the east bay hills this morning, but overall looking really good with lots of sunshine today. it will be hard to find a cloud in the sky. yesterday we did have a little bit of cloud cover pass through the area. you probably noticed some of the high, wispy cirrus clouds. today, mostly clear conditions all day long. clear as a bell out there. we don't have any fog to report
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this morning. and it is so dry out there, even though we are at freezing or below in some cities, not a lot of frost. 64 degrees in napa. 70 degrees in oakland later today. 70 degrees in los gatos. we'll take you through the next few days. not changing too much except for warming up to 72 by saturday. and then we are at 68 degrees on tuesday into wednesday. so this warm, dry pattern continues all the way into next week. and, mike, no fog on the roadways. any problems out there? we are seeing problems. construction is picking up around the bay area, but wave crew working on mount hamilton road giving your forecast it is not snow there but a truck hit a power pole yesterday at 2:30 in the afternoon. almost 15 hours later we still have one-way traffic control on mount hamilton there near caruthers. it won't affect your main commute. i want you to know it will affect the extension until 8:00 a.m. to clear that from the roadway. we also have ozzie oz bourp
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ozbourne at the hp haveville pavilion tonight. the fast track lanes should clear in a few minutes. back to you guys. meantime, it is 5:11. with "a minute to win it" a bay area family pulls out all the stops. we'll tell you if they were able to win a million dollars on the popular tv show. and a new program has people logging in before they head to the emergency room. why it is actually saving them time and getting them help faster. february is black history month. and today san francisco mayor ed lee will be among the speakers at the event hosted by the san francisco african-american historical and cultural society. this year's theme is african-americans and the civil war. and the kickoff is at noon at the city hall rotunda. [ female announcer ] when your child's coughing, can't breathe,
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5:14. a live look at the bay bridge this morning. nice and clear throughout the bay area as the rest of the country really suffers through record cold and a big blizzard. we have actually record warm temperatures. we'll talk about that all morning long. it is officially the year of the rabbit. cities all over the world are ringing in the chinese new year today. this is the scene? singapore where a huge fireworks show helped to usher in the lunar year. the rabbit is one of the happier signscy nine synonymous with happiness. christie smith is live at the lake b.a.r.t. station with where the extra money is coming from here. >> reporter: if you haven't seen them already, chances are you will. the new b.a.r.t. police patrol team is really expected to increase police visibilities, specifically though on trains.
5:16 am
here with me this morning is b.a.r.t.'s spokes chief. >> the transportation security administration is providing uniforms and equipment for our officers to patrol trains all day long. so you'll see them on our trains. and basically they are going to the corridors where we may have vulnerabilities to prevent a terror attack and to increase visibility to keep our customers safe and make them feel more comfortable on the trains. >> reporter: they are specifically on the trains. a lot of times you see b.a.r.t. officers but they are spread out because there's a lot of geography here. >> their only job is to ride trains. they will be riding trains all day long. in the morning commute, the middle of the day, the evening commute, in the evening and early morning, they are riding trains all day long. >> reporter: okay. and they are already out there?
5:17 am
>> they started january 10th. this is a three-year grab that's renewable. >> reporter: thank you very much for being out here with us. that's the latest from oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." the next time you need to visit an emergency room you can actually book it on your computer. a number of southern california hospitals are using an online system to reserve e.r. visits for non-life-threatening emergencies. if you have a real emergency you just call 911 or go, but if it is a non-life-threatening thing log on to the hospital website, fill out all the forms and paperwork and pay a $25 fee. the new process takes about $, 35 minutes. it will help to unclog the system and the hospitals aring being more efficient. >> it helps to clear out the waiting room, keeps those folks from not being exposed to i tech, diseases and keeps them in a comfortable, quiet environment. >> critics say it allows people
5:18 am
not to tie up emergency medical services. many are trying to work with the hospital to get advice on how to speed up the e.r. waiting period and hopefully make it go faster. >> i just go see doctor brent. attention "pirates of the caribbean" fans. one of the ships that is dropped anchor in the bay area. you can walk the deck of the lady washington this afternoon at 4:00 at the port of redwood city. i need a parrot. there's a suggested $3 donation. the historic 18th century vessel will sail into the east bay tomorrow. there will be a walk-through door when you can walk down the plank on saturday and sunday at 10:00 a.m. there are three booming cannons.
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i know those three. >> my son zach and i have done the sailing when you go during the battle. the real explosion -- i highly recommend it. >> cool. if you work in the tech industry, you are making pretty good coin. exactly. technology is the second largest employer in the south bay and in the peninsula. a new survey shows that the pay is rising at a faster rate than the rest of the nation. people working in technology elsewhere in america got on average a 1% raise last year. for tech workers like these guys it was 3% on average. they peg the average tech workers salary at $99,000 per year. the wall street journal points out there's a hiring bing at facebook and google, in particular. well, attention verizon
5:20 am
customers or those who want to be a verizon customer, you can start ordering the iphone today. as of today verizon and a tnd at&t offer the same phone with the same costs generally speaking. a memo to verizon workers asks them to resist buying the new iphone so there will be more phones for customers. verizon has 194,000 full-time employees. if they all bought an iphone that would leave fewer for the rest of us. >> let's hope they hold off. scott, i tell you all the time, lighting is an important part of our newscast. i'm really 65 but it makes me look a lot younger here. but things have gotten a bit darker here. here's a newscast from the capital of the country. they are using lanterns due to a power crisis. even reporters out in the field have to hold some little flashlights up to their face. it looks like nepal has plenty
5:21 am
of electricity but the power grids are in bad shape. they face 12 hours of outages a day. they are one of the poorest countries in the world. they are still getting it done nonetheless. the time is 5:21. we want to check in with christina. who can enlighten us on the forecast this morning? >> oh, allow me. things are looking good this morning. we are actually in the 40s. overall weo d have temperatures in the 30s in places in the bay area that typically get colder. gilroy, for instance, the north bay, but later on today, 70 degrees. i wanted to bring this to your attention. take a look at these numbers on your extended forecast. sunday, there's a game happening that day, the super bowl. you can actually have a luau outside in santa rosa. 78 degrees is the forecast for sunday. 72 degrees in places in the
5:22 am
south bay. and i think san francisco, you'll hit 68 degrees on sunday, but this is a very abnormal pattern that will continue into next week all the way through next wednesday. we are staying dry with temperatures towards 70 degrees. you just can't beat it when we look at what's happening on the other side of the country. back to you guys. >> it is amazing, those temperatures. thank you. 5:22. the state is ordering pg&e to make changes in how it authorizes point lines in two south bay neighborhoods. we'll tell you where coming up. nerves of steel! and you just won half a million dollars. >> well, there you heard it. the bay area family had a minute to win a million dollars. how excited are they this hmorning? [ female announcer ] why choose between delicious
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welcome back, folks. we'll take you out to the bay bridge where i told you about the earlier issue and minor accident at the toll plaza. that cleared without problems. now we have a smooth drive near san francisco. you see more headlights with a steadier flow, but no backup at the toll plaza or out of the maze. we have an issue at highway 24 with debris declared at college avenue. watch it. they may be clearing that over the next few minutes. it is a box or a larger piece of
5:26 am
cardboard there or hopefully cardboard. we don't want anybody to hit a wood box. they will clear that quickly and the rest of the maze is looking smoothly. we'll go down to the warriors playing tonight versus milwaukee. we have a live look at oakland there where you'll see slowing near 98 at the top of the screen and 66 in both directions heading towards the coliseum. right now no major issues. it is game day around the bay area today, guys. back to you. speaking of games, with a minute to win it, a san jose family used their time wisely and walked away with big money. >> nerves of steel! and you just won half a million dollars. >> that is awesome! the bishop family appeared on nbc's "minute to win it" last night. as you heard they walked away with half a million dollars. we were there with them as they
5:27 am
watched the episode with family and friends. >> definitely college. definitely college. i feel like that's such a burden we can take off my parents' back. it feels really good to be able to help them. >> good for them. and look at the crowd of supporters out there. they had pretty good times there. the kids are going to college, good for them. 5:27. the man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard is due back in court today. we'll tell you what's happening in the case against phillip garrido. and firefighters are going above and beyond the call of duty. what they are trying to do to help a young g who lost a majority of her family in a house fire. [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain. but actually, it's easier than you think,
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combined. we have a lot more work to do. new this morning, pg&e admits it broke safety rules. we'll tell you which bay area cities were in danger. bob redell live here in san jose. what police say happened in this classroom between the children and their adult counselor. that story is coming up. plus, a scary moment caught on tape. a building collapses with people inside. you are going to have to see what happens next. by comparison, nice and mild in the south bay. a live look outside. we don't have anything like that here. christina has your forecast this thursday, february 3rd, on "today in the bay."
5:31 am
good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's go to christina with a look at our forecast. a cold start to the day. yes, a cold start to the day. these are typically the coldest temperatures we see all morning long before sunrise. this time of the year we'll drop more heading throughout the next hour or so. sunrise is at 7:15. 45 degrees in oakland. 43 in san mateo. 40 degrees in santa cruz. although these numbers are already warmer than some of the daytime highs we'll see on the east coast later on today. so it is already much more mild here on the west coast. and later on today we are talking about temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average, even warmer towards this weekend. your full forecast is on the way. over to you, brent. >> i wonder if it is minus 13 with a high of 30 if that feels high. an after school worker is behind bars facing charges for
5:32 am
molesting five girls under the age of 10. it happened in an after school program in the south bay. and bob redell is live at trace elementary school with more on what happened. any more red flags concerning the suspect? >> reporter: brent, no red flags. the suspect even passed a background check when he started last august as a substitute counselor here at the child development center located on the trace elementary campus here in san jose. but several times between then and his arrest last week police say that inside this mod lur he grossly crossed the line with little girls. >> how did he get into our school? that would be my biggest question because that's fearful for us to know that we are supposed to be safe here. >> reporter: that's just part of the reaction from parents here after word of five girls under the age of 10 have come forward to accuse 25-year-old keith woodhouse of inappropriately
5:33 am
touching them. woodhouse did not enter a plea to those accusations when he was charged in court last friday. detectives are concerned that there could be more victims since this is not the first time woodhouse had worked with children. he's also spent time at a camp and youth ministry here in san jose in los angeles. the child development center has sent out letters to his parents and tells us they are fully cooperative with the police investigation. it should be noted that the san jose unified school district does not run this after schoolchild care program. it simply just lets the child development use its space. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell for "today in the bay." thank you for the update, bob. >> this morning pg&e must cut the pressure to many gas lines including two running beneath neighborhoods in the south bay. the state public utilities commission says pg&e ran the gas lines well above legal safety levels within the last few years. late last night pg&e admitted it
5:34 am
intentionally upped the pressure on a dozen lines a handful of times. the utility says the pressure in the lines went above maximum limits by only a few pounds. the lines are a 3.5-mile stretch. and there's a section between watsonville and terrace hill. 17.75 miles up to modesto as well. the trial for phillip garrido could move forward today if lawyers say he's mentally competent to stand trial. phillip and nancy garrido face charges for kidnapping jaycee dukard and keeping her cap five for 18 years. if lawyers cannot react and reach an agreement today, then a competency trial will be held. that would start february 28th. right now an update to the crisis in cairo this morning. army tanks are moving in on protestors as tension and
5:35 am
violence continues to build on the streets. here's a live picture of tahrir square. it is really the heart of the protest where hundreds of people on both sides are completely camped out. as you see the crowds build as we get into the afternoon in egypt this morning. overnight pro-government protestors shot at the anti-government camp in the square. and others were throwing stones as well as molotov cocktails setting cars on fire as you see there. two cars were set on fire near the center of the square. backers of president mubarak's army may have charged into the square riding horses and camels as they tried to attack the protestors. one elderly american woman armed only with a rolling pin and a knife was in the middle of it all. she shared her story from her apartment with nbc's brian williams. >> when he broke the glass he reached his hand in and was attempting to take the key out
5:36 am
of my door so he could get in. >> she lives in a nearby apartment. one of the woman's friends is actually here in the bay area. she's been up all night very worried about her friend's safety. this morning she's sharing that story with "today in the bay's" marla tellez joining us live from hayward. good morning to you, marla. >> reporter: good morning. it is hard enough to watch violence erupt and unfold on television. so imagine having somebody you know and love trapped there in egypt. well, ellen phoene is joining us live. she's a good friend of mary thornberry, the woman who spoke to brian williams last night on ""nbc nightly news"." thank you for having us in your home this morning. >> thank you. i appreciate the opportunity to beg for some assistance for mary thornberry who lived across the street from the egyptian museum. and she's spent many nights with people running up and down her apartment building, breaking
5:37 am
open her door. she is 76 years old. she's there and told brian williams she has a knife and a rolling pin. it is pretty terrifying when the american embassy says they can't send anyone down to get her and that she should somehow get herself to the airport. >> reporter: even telling her simply to take a taxicab. >> go out and get a cab. >> reporter: this is impossible. >> well, i'm sure everyone is watching the news on your channel and any other. the very fact that she was going to endanger herself by going out in that crowd. >> reporter: well, ellen's daughter, believe it or not, lives in egypt as well. she lives 20 miles south of the violence. but we just spoke to her a few moments ago via skype. this is what she had to say. >> we are on a property that has
5:38 am
a gate around it with 17 dogs. and frankly everyone in the village is on high alert. and all of the men are out at night with the road blocked making sure no one comes in and out that they do not know. we are very much protected. >> reporter: well, tomorrow katherine tells us it is a day of prayer in egypt, which is pretty hard to imagine considering the current situation and the current chaos up folding there this morning. of course, we are wishing the best for mary and katherine. and we are going to be talking to ellen phoene throughout the broadcast this morning as the situation unfolds there. thank you for having us here this morning. and for now we are live in hayward, marla tellez, "today in the bay." thank you for that story, marla. >> we do hope they stay safe and will be okayful we'll watch that all morning long. 5:38 right now. let's go to christina to get the
5:39 am
latest on the forecast here. hard to believe when you compare what's going on in the rest of the country to what we have. really. especially when february is one of the most active months in the bay area when it comes to rainfall, snow in the higher elevations and heavy fog. this morning we have none of that to report. 45 degrees in oakland. 47 in san francisco. san francisco yesterday hit 63. today we are going 65 degrees. full sunshine as we head through probably the next hour or so. you'll start to see the sun coming up. it will stay up without a cloud in the sky today. 64 degrees in san rafael. 68 in redwood city. 70 degrees in los gatos. heading throughout the weekend, if you haven't been able to get out for the super bowl to throw the ball around in past years, this is your year to do so. plan a barbecue because temperatures are going to climb towards 72 degrees on super bowl sunday. staying nice and warm and mild all the way through next wednesday. so without any fog out there, let's find out if something is happening on 2 the roadways with
5:40 am
mike inouye. we'll take you to antioch where what's happening is the morning commute. we have a clear view of the roadway. and the speed sensors are showing speeds dipping down near 30 miles per hour from 880 over to somersville. hillcrest is moving smooth off the antioch bridge, but we do have your typical build before highway 4. the venetian bridge unlike yesterday, no advisory issued by chp, but a gust or two across the bridges. christina told you about that. here's the approach to the bay bridge. a smooth drive there. back to you. thank you, mike. >> meantime, it is 5:40. we continue to follow the fighting that's going on in egypt. we'll have live reports for you throughout the morning from the east bay and from washington coming up. good morning. i'm christie smith. a very visible security change coming to b.a.r.t. train. we'll tell you what it is and how much it costs coming up. plus, another bay area school district is turning to
5:41 am
voters to try to get more money for their budget.
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get acti-lift in these tide detergents. the on-again off-again violence in egypt is causing the u.s. to make a tough choice. u.s. diplomats have to figure out how to push a long-time allie to step down. tracie potts is live with the latest from there. >> reporter: brent, good morning. as we see new pictures this morning unfold of what seems to be another day of increasing violence, the white house message is getting tougher. a couple of days ago they were asking president mubarak to
5:44 am
acknowledge the democratic movement in his country. now we are hearing the white house say that the transition that he talked about happening in september needs to happen now. they are one step short, the white house spokesman did, saying he needs to leave office now, but they very clearly made the point that this transition needs to happen right now. now, the morning has seen more clashes between mubarak supporters and anti-government protestors. the military is moving in but really hasn't opened fire or fully opened up on the protestors. we are waiting to find out exactly what will happen there. the white house also reviewing aid for egypt. $1.3 billion we send to that country every single year. as for the evacuations, nearly 2,000 americans are now out. the state department is telling them if you can get out safely, if you can get to the airport safely, do it today. because today may be the last day for the government-chartered
5:45 am
flights out of egypt. >> thank you, tracie, for the latest there. bay area egyptians are growing more concerned about those still in egypt. a group gathered at st. mary and st. john's orthodox church. many worry egypt is on the brink of a civil war and their families are in the middle of the turmoil. with all the fighting in the streets there there's concern for their safety and basic health. >> there are a lot of elt health issues that people need to go to the hospital for dialysis, like my dad. >> this group had a special prayer service for parishioner linda nochla stuck in egypt visiting her sister. she arrived home safely yesterday and is glad to be home, but she's worried about what she left behind. it is 5:45. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
5:46 am
we'll get to traffic and weather in less than two minutes for you, but first more money and officers. b.a.r.t. is making your ride on the rail safe they are morning with help from the federal goverment. christie smith is live ate the lake merrit b.a.r.t. station with where the extra money is coming from. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. this is really going to change what you see when you ride b.a.r.t. a lot of times you see b.a.r.t. police officers around stations and in parking lots, but this is really going to change what you see specifically when you ride on the train. you are going to see more officers patrolling as part of the critical asset team. here with me this morning is lieutenant aaron westford. can you talk about what you guys are going to do? >> these officers are more focused on the counter terror matter. they will be more on the trains, more visible. they are not so much tied to a beat. they are not responsible for parking lots or the exterior of the station. they will be a lot more visible.
5:47 am
>> reporter: then where exactly are you going to be and how many are there of you? >> well, it is a critical asset for us in the tubes and underground and under water. that's where you'll find the officers. right now seven officers and one sergeant are assigned to the team. >> reporter: i know people are thinking, who is paying for it, i hope it is not me. who is paying for it? >> it is a three-year grant funded by the department of homeland security and the tsa. for three years they pay for the officers' salaries and equipment. after three years we hope to extend it, but we'll see where we go from now. >> reporter: thank you very much. they already started on january 10th. that's the latest from here. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." thank you. >> as promised we want to check your forecast this morning and check in with christina. >> good morning to you. well, today starts the lunar new year. and we are starting out the new year with beautiful conditions. good things to come.
5:48 am
45 degrees in oakland. 47 in san francisco. a little bit on the breezy side for the east bay mountain passes and hills this morning. the bay area is seeing warmer than normal temperatures. and it is trying to see this trend climb heading throughout the next several days. temperatures go from 70 degrees today to 72 degrees over the weekend. and staying near the 70-degree mark all the way through next week. take a look at the extended forecast. it is going to be a beautiful weekend for football if you want to play it outside your own house at halftime. i think the barbecues will be kicking heading through sunday, especially because 78 degrees is the forecasted high in santa rosa on sunday. and we are going to tell you about a napa giveaway coming up. how you and someone that you love can have an exclusive trip to napa. that's on the way. right now, you're probably on your way to work. hey, mike. that's right. are you ready for some traffic? we'll take you to the altamonte pass, we do haver many traffic building, but not a big deal.
5:49 am
a smooth drive, 16 minutes, with volume building through livermore. a nice look to the dublin interchange through 880. a live look at the coliseum shows building volume. the taillights are northbound. the warriors are playing against the milwaukee team tonight, the brewers, over there. not the brewers, sorry, i have football on my mind. no major slowing there. back to you guys. the oakland firefighters who saved a little girl from a raging fire are now doing everything they can to help her again. 7-year-old allison beet is the only survivor of the fire that killed her mother, sister and neighbor. allison is currently with a foster family. if you would like to donate, go to
5:50 am
you can see it on the screen there. click on donate now. new this morning, republican repeal of health care was defeated, but they said they took a step towards victory for next year. the repeal fell in a 51-47 vote yesterday. the republicans say democrats have been put on the record in favor of the law. the gop will try to use that for the next two years leading up to elections. the debate over whether the law is constitutional is expected to be settled by the supreme court. the national prayer breakfast takes part in washington. we have a live look at the event underway right now. the husband of congresswoman gabrielle giffords is going to deliver the closing prayer. giffords is still in rehabilitation in houston after being shot in the head last month in tucson, arizona. president obama will also speak at this morning's back breakfast. the national prayer breakfast started back in 1953 and is held on the first thursday in
5:51 am
february each year. and every sitting president has attended the breakfast since it started. a bay area man is receiving a special honor for his service to the country. robert esso will be presented a certificate for the congressional gold medal. he was supposed to join other surviving members in the unit at a she mother ceremony this july but he's gravely ill resting at a hospital. he's served with a highly decorated battalion during world war ii. this was made up of japanese-american who is fight in the european campaign. school leaders in the east bay are turning to voters to look for more financial help. the board of education will hold a special election to vote on a property tax increase that would cost homeowners an extra $180 per year. school leaders say it would raise about $3 million per year and would help preserve after school activities and keep class
5:52 am
sizes smaller. alameda county voters can mail in ballots between april 4th and may 3rd. the measure does need a two-thirds majority in order to pass. meantime, schools in pleasanton are also asking for voters to vote on a parcel tax, but that's the second time in two years they have done that. their four-year tax would call for $98 per parcel of land. the mail-in election there will be held on may 3rd. the school district has had to cut nearly $20 million from the $so million budget over the past three year schools and 68 teachers have lost their jobs. a bay area congressman will speak at the annual contra costa mayor's conference in walnut creek. they will talk about the "make it in america" agenda. since 1951 the conference elected officials to nelwork and exchange information. they also discuss positions facing different agencies. scott is here saying a new
5:53 am
ipad app hopes to be your new morning newspaper. >> which would you rather have, this one or this one? i know you. the traditional newspapers are now calling something called "the daily." it is an ipad app that reports the newspaper of the future. just like a regular newspaper you pay for it 99 cents a week, but you can try it for free in the apple app store. what makes it different than other news agencies? first the cost, the second news corp is hiring big name writers from tradition until newspapers and magazines. we'll see how it works out. we begin with our continuing coverage of the slight left. >> speaking of stuff named daily, "the daily show" is back on hulu. the episodes appear the morning after they air on cable.
5:54 am
i should point out, nbc has a business investment in hulu, but we have no role in the day-to-day operations. "the daily show" back on hulu is very cool. al also, another popular show will come to h, hulu soon. thank you. new meaning to snow pack, workers at a massachusetts-tech company are very lucky after surviving the indoor avalanche. isn't that amazing? the roof above them just gave way after a month's worth of snow piled up. employees say they heard the walls creek and started to see tiles fall. they made a run for the doors. it was a good plan because luckily, amazingly, nobody was injured. >> that's what you call heavy snow. >> here i thought it was safe to be a hermit, but you are not safe there. >> no, it is tough.
5:55 am
that's the amazing thing. look at the amount of snowfall and how much moisture they got. you look at temperatures in the negative. and what are we talking about? >> everyone should just move to california. help out our economy at the same time. that's right. but get ready to pay the highest gas prices in the country. good morning to you. we like to keep our atmosphere clean around here. we do pay to clean it up. 68 degrees in redwood city. 73 in los gatos. 73 in livermore. it will be a beautiful, beautiful day. very little cloud cover. one of those days where it is hard to find a cloud in the sky. in fact, if we do find one, send it to my facebook page. i think it will be difficult for you. 72 degrees heading into this weekend. we are staying nice and sunny. really comfortable conditions persisting into next week. a lot of sunshine. very little moisture out there. so it is dry. if you are suffering from chapped lips, keep the chapstick handy the next three days. very low relative humidity loefls levels heading into the
5:56 am
evening hours n particular. back to you guys. could you make that out? it is the famous song "i'm a little teapot." fans began to sing it as nevado was at the free-throw line. he missed his free throw to fans' delight. a working girl is using her award-winning hamburger to help her school. a local red robin restaurant helped a fourth grader raise some money for her school. there she is. this is a picture from last night's event. they celebrated her victory. her hamburger is a winning gourmet burger, which is filled with roasted bell peppers, you are seeing it there, bacon and
5:57 am
avocados. so tasty that it won a nationwide red robin burger contest. >> i think we need to do some investigative reporting on that one. we have a lot more coming up at 6:00. >> a man is accused of molesting children at an after school program, and now police are worried there could be more victims. we'll have details on that. we will also talk to a bay area woman whose friend is trapped in her apartment in cairo. a live report is coming up next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
violence is heating up again in cairo this morning. we'll show you what's happening at the center of the city and hear the desperate pleas of a woman trying to get out. and we'll talk to a bayre


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