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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  February 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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commute. we're talking about the lower deck of the bay bridge. it's been in trouble all day long since about 2:15. the chp re-opened two eastbound lanes about an hour ago but as you can imagine the traffic has been backed up for so long it's not making much of a difference because a big-rig spilled the load of sand near the treasure island exit at 2:15 this afternoon and that brought traffic to a standstill. crews had to bring in big street sweepers to try to clean it up and it was an arduous ordeal and it took quite a while and it didn't help that the street sweepers had a few problems of their own. we've been watching the traffic all afternoon and it's been a difficult situation backing up all the way into the city. our traffic with the lanes re-opened is starting to move but as you can see it has a lot of issues in terms of slow traffic and a lot of congestion in the city. we'll keep a good eye on that as we continue.
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all right. the red card didn't come to her rescue. a bay area mom is taking on one of the largest supermarkets in the country. she wants to pleasanton base grocer safeway to notify customers when it has a critical food recall and wants them to do it through their club cards. nbc bay area tracy zbrant is live in san francisco with what happens next in the process. tracy, everybody has a red card if you shop at safeway. that's the way to get a discount. >> reporter: absolutely. it's so much fun for me when i get the receipt and see how much money i've saved with my safeway club card. but in order to get this club card you have to give safeway a lot of personal information and then they get to track everything that you buy. now there are some people who are saying -- all of that data together is enough to help keep you from eating dangerous food. >> she had purchased the recalled eggs and sent them to her family and made cookie dough from them and she has two small
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children who ate raw cookie dough with the egg. >> reporter: those eggs has been part of a massive recall last year. daniel says luckily his client and her family were not among the hundreds of people who got sick from the salmonella contaminated eggs. another client ate recalled peanut butter crackers but he believes they could have learned about the recall directly from the store before it was too late because they were safeway club members. to get this club discount card you give safeway your name, phone number and e-mail address. safeway ends up with a record of everything you buy. >> i think that safeway, having the direct information and direct access to the consumers is in the best position to tell people that they've purchased a product that is recalled. >> this is a safeway customer. >> i think it should be their responsibility. they're carrying that product so they should be the ones to inform the customer they might be eating a bad product. >> in the case of peanut butter crackers he said costco used
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membership information to alert his client but safeway did not. >> obviously, they have a little bit of an incentive not to because if they provide notice of the recall they also have to provide notice that consumers are entitled to a refund. >> reporter: but in a statement, safeway pointed out the ability to contact customers individually is not an industry norm. shoppers are not required to provide contact information, neither do they purchase a membership as do shoppers of retail clubs like costco. we consider the information data that is available to determine how to best provide recall information to our customers. safeway says it sent out press releases and posts information on recalls when it has to do with safeway brand products. safeway also says in the past it has used club card information in order to make automated and personal phone calls to customers. but they say in the end, there is a one-size-fits-all when it comes to situations like these.
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live in san francisco, tracy grant, bay area news. outdoor ed is supposed to be an address venture for fifth graders but these students didn't factor violent vomiting as part of the experience. no one knows why so many kids got so sick at camp but we know that there are a lot of concerned parents in danville as we speak. getting to nbc's elist is live. what's being told to the parents? >> reporter: as you can imagine there are many concerned parents after dozens of students get violently ill in just a few hours. as of now they're calling it a mystery illness. >> it was a good trip except when everybody got sick. >> reporter: it started with a dozen kids coming back from a hike feeling ill. within just a few hours, the number grew to at least 50 sick students and teachers. >> they said their stomach hurts and they went to the bathroom and then i guess they threw up and went home. >> 10-year-old ava just arrived
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home from the ranch in marin county. fifth graders from her school in danville and several other bay area schools were all in a five-day educational trip when it took a turn for the worst. the parents picked up sick kids last night and today, everyone else got bussed home early. ava's mom couldn't wait to see her. >> over 50 children sick so fast in one small area. you hear that on cruise ships, right? but in a small area like a school, to have children from all different schools be in one place, it is amazing. >> reporter: the school district officials say they don't know the source of the illness. but the marin county health department is now involved. >> the health department is going to close the camp until they figure out what the cause of the symptoms are. >> reporter: whatever the cause, it's spreading. ava says she feels ill. >> it's just my stomach is hurting. it's off and on. it hurts and then it doesn't
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hurt. >> reporter: she's had the flu shot and whooping cough shot so without knowing what the cause of it is, whether it was food poisoning or whether it was a bug or a virus, it's hard to place blame so we'll just wait and see and see how she's doing. >> reporter: and the marin county environmental department is involved and they'll test the food and water at walker creek ranch and those results should be back in tomorrow afternoon. in the meantime school officials are asking any students that have any symptoms to stay home from school. live in danville tonight, nbc bay area news. >> not just in danville. that sickness is spreading around the bay area. fears of a family and community confirmed today by the medical examiner in santa claus county. the body found is that of the 4-year-old boy who died from drowning. cardinas was the subject of a statewide amber alert after being abducted two weeks ago. the body found last friday but the coroner conducted dna
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testing so be certain it was little giuliani. his grandmother identified jose rodriguez, the ex-boyfriend of his mother as the kidnapper. he was pulled from the car rodriguez was driving and pulled from the canal and witness says rodriguez was, indeed, driving. his body has not been found. things are back to normal tonight in san francisco's neighborhood. it was a tense scene this morning when the bomb squad shut down several blocks to remove hand grenades. the world war ii era grenades were found in a paper bag. the grenades apparently belonging to an elds early woman who died two years ago. her family was going through her belongses. that's when they stumbled upon the shocking discovery. police were called in and evacuated the neighbors while bomb technicians and robots secured the explosives. the avenue and 18th street were closed for two blocks about 9:00 a.m. this morning. bomb technicians safely destroyed the five grenades.
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an eldorado county judge ruled philly garrido is competent to stand trial. tonight, the signs of may bargain may be in the works. that would save the victim, jaycee dugard, and her two daughters fathered by garrido, from the stress of having to testify about their long ordeal in public. the san jose mercury news reports the district attorney won't address the subject of a deal but is expressing hope the legal case will be over by the end of the summer and normal court proceedings usually don't move that fast. garrido and his wife, nancy, both accused of kidnapping jaycee in 1991 when she was just 11 and then holding her captive for 18 years! new at 6:00, the story we first brought to you on monday. the santa clara county health department confirms palo alto schoolteacher george flat died of meningitis, a severe bacteria infection spreading from person-to-person contact. parents, students and staff
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members at hoover elementary school at palo alto have been on alert. so far the fifth grade class is not showing signs. his class received antibiotics earlier in the week. the popular teacher died sunday, only two days after becoming ill. high-speed rail in the bay area going nowhere fast. late this afternoon the california high-speed rail authority announced planning for the line from san francisco to san jose has been put on hold. and that's at least until 2012. the authorities says it doesn't have a budget and doesn't have a timetable for starting construction on that section of track, or a section from l.a. to anaheim. the group says both locations are technically challenging because they'll have to be incorporated into already-existing transportation services. and caltrain today announced it's getting ready to declare its own fiscal emergency. the board of directors set two public hearings to hear comments on possible changes but the transit agency says it's facing a $30 million budget deficit. caltrain could cut service and
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these are options, or increase fares. caltrain leaders have already said they need to eliminate all trains except their weekday peak lines. service for special events like baseball games would also have to be suspended. caltrain carries an average of 40,000 passengers every day between gilroy and san francisco. in case you're interested and you want to weigh in that first public hearing will be march 3rd at caltrain headquarters in san carlos. at a time when police departments are been downsized b.a.r.t. is going the other way beefing up its police presence. eight new officers patrolling trains in security sensitive areas. near the transbay tube and the berkeley hills tunnel. the critical asset patrol team, that's what it's called, as a result of a three-year federal grant from the tsa and department of homeland security. b.a.r.t. police chief rainy says his department will cover the bill if there are any additional officers needed. while just ahead at 6:00, when fighting fires goes beyond battling the flames.
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>> all of us here that worked on her family, we love her just like she was one of our own. >> the emotional announcement by firefighters stepping up to help a east bay girl to help rescue from a fire. and i'm scott budman, a mobile giant makes a silicon valley move and says it's ready to hire. we'll tell you how after the break. also, comfort and convenience comes at a cost. next, the new push to change how hospitals handle early deliveries. and full sunshine from the north to south bay. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. 58 in livermore and 60 in san jose. tonight, clear and cold in the n orou y on your ails weekend. also, san francisco giants up to something a little unusual today. ll have the first hand video utin. aewes f
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a cell phone giant expanding
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its silicon valuely and it's good news if you're looking for work and good news for local businesses. scott budman the live in sunny vail to tell us why. scott? >> reporter: jessica, nokia says it will move hundreds of employees to this silicon valley business and says it will grow more in the near future. that's good news for nearby companies who say they expect a big shot in the arm. >> how are you ladies? >> reporter: the lunch crowd here at dish dash doesn't use cell phones. they're too busy eating their mediterranean food. but the staff here loves the cell phone industry, especially with mobile giant nokia moving in as their new downtown neighbor. >> they are a block away from us and they can walk in. they don't have to drive and no worries for parking. >> dish dash sees companies come and go and now with the tech industry on the rise business here is booming. >> it will help everybody, not only must but everything in
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sunnyvale and all the small businesses around. thank god we're blessed with good people around but we still need more. there's nothing wrong with it. >> reporter: know nokia used to be the world's dominant cell phone maker but hat fallen behind an droid and iphones and it's focusing on silicon valley because this is where the action is. >> this is where a lot of the mobile developers are and where we can collaborate with colleagues from other companies or hi-tech companies. we have a lot of business relationships here. >> reporter: and good news for the nearby bean scene cafe. they drink a lot of coffee. >> a lot more foot traffic outside. but after lunch, they come back for coffee and back to work. >> reporter: phones are big business these days no matter what your business is. nokia has about 500 employees here in the bay area right now. the company says it is actively hiring.
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the cell phone industry continues to grow. reporting live in sunnyvale, scott bud man, nbc bay area news. >> when you hear the word that's good news. speaking of mobile phones business is booming more for verizon. verizon and iphone should equal huge profits. pre-orders of the iphone with verizon started at just after midnight and most people pre-ordering online today. they say the process was pretty smooth. how about the service? that's the big question. everyone wants to know. tech experts say they've experienced fewer dropped calls than the at&t side but a reporting the internet connection is slower than at&t. right now only verizon customers are allowed to pre-order. verizon will release the iphone to everyone else on february 10th. a bit of health news. do you want to deliver your baby early? the march of dimes wants your doctor to hold you have unless they can show it's for a good medical reason. and not just convenience. research shows that babies born at 39 weeks have more developed lungs and brains than babies born just at 36 weeks.
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which is why the group wants doctors to encourage women to wait 39 to 40 weeks if they can. full term is 40 weeks. that means saying no to delivery on demand elective surgeries. >> i've harequests in the past from women to deliver early to meet their professional responsibilities including inductions due to trial dates if a woman was an attorney or do important business meetings. >> dr. burns says if women can safely wait until 39 or 40 weeks they are less likely to have a c-section and more likely for a strong bei bei that won't end up in the icu. so tomorrow, a group of doctors will launch a campaign visiting every hospital in california to make sure that obgyns can justify early deliveries and they are medically necessary. february is heart disease awareness month. a number of women apparently have the wrong ideas about how to prevent heart disease. things that are supposed to be helping may be aren't helping at
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all. nbc erika edwards explains the misconceptions. >> reporter: light a candle, inhale deeply. aroma therapy might be a great way to unwind the mind, but it's unclear whether essential oils actually do anything to prevent heart disease. >> some of my patients enjoy aroma therapy and think it relaxes them. but there has been no study that looks at the role of aroma therapy in reducing risk for heart attack or stroke. >> reporter: that may be surprising news to nearly 30% of women who, in a 2009 american heart association is your survey, cited aroma therapy as a preventive strategy. >> i'm amazed that people put for credence in what a neighbor says or a neighbor. >> more than two-thirds of surveyed women thought over-the-counter vitamins could prevent cardiovascular disease. >> it's never as simple as popping a pill. people really need to know that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. >> reporter: while they may do
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no harm, doctors say there's not enough scientific evidence that multivitamins reduce your heart risk. >> to treat them as a panacea if i take this vitamin or supplement that that will protect they from heart disease is wrong. >> proven heart-healthy strategies include a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and whole grains along with goold old-fashioned exercise. but it's up to women to take the first step and make an appointment to get expert advice. erika edwards, nbc news. turning attention to the weather. the brutal winter storm continues to batter the midwest and snow, ice, freezing temperatures and a lot of it. >> these are cities that are used to harsh winters but this storm is breaking boundaries. conditions dans rouse, at least three people died after sliding off an icy interstate in oklahoma. you see the video here, into the river below. in new england, some buildings have collapsed under the weight of all the snow. you see that picture and in
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chicago, known for its brutally cold winters they are having a tough time. o'hare airport is opened but more than 1,000 flights have been cancelled this week alone. the wait and frustration is growing for hundreds of stranded passengers. >> bitter. we just want to go home. >> everyone wants to go home. nothing is normal now in dallas, never is with their weather. the super bowl preparties are in a deep freeze adding to all the issues now. they had rolling power outages across texas to ease the strain on the grids. super bowl sunday as you probably know just a few days away. the weather causing vok from coast to coast. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. how much longer for the winter storm out east? >> it starting to clear the map. chicago had the third largest blizzard in history. good news for the super bowl it looks like temperatures will be in the 40s with mostly sunny skies and it will be colder for them but at least they'll be clearing out. here at home a lot of sunshine and so much sun the san
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francisco giants fever is in the air. we have video of them out earlier today. woke up and this is what i saw. yes! you can hear all the extras right there. about 30 to 40 of them re-ena re-enacting the ticker-tape parade and a little scene of what i'm hearing is a commercial. we don't know what it is for but a commercial. i so cody ross. andre torres out there. there's a still shot as they went to all lengths for this this morning. so weather good enough back here in the bay area for some movie shooting on the street scenes. let's look back here in oakland. you can see the sun is setting and we have a little bit of a time lapse. brilliant colors in the atmosphere. a little bit of cloud cover back there toward the coastal mountains but all in all a really spectacular night to get outside and possibly maybe have some dinner outside. otherwise, 63 in san jose for a high. 60 in concord. 62 in san francisco and 66 in santa rosa.
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temperatures are dropping with clear skies and we're settling in for another cold night here across the bay area. 30s will be returning and for this weekend you want more heat and high pressure will stay and keep the storm trac to the north and it will bring us warming while we could use the rainfall it won't come. upper 30s and low 40s to start at 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. it warms to the upper 50s by 11:00 a.m. the storm system is clearing and another disturbance over atlanta could cause you delays if you're heading out tonight. in the airport, that is. we'll talk about that and how high the temperatures lb will go coming up. thank you, jeff. ahead at 6:00, saving history. some of the world's rarest treasures in cairo. are they safe? we'll hear from the head of a famous bay area egyptian museum. and the real power of social networking. a church leader turning all the celebrity obsession and twitter into help for haiti.
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it's been a nice series. this month, nbc news teaming up with our partner to profile 100 african-americans across the country paving the way for all americans. >> the list can s called "the grios 100 history makers in the making." tonight one man helps to ease human suffering. todd johnson handles the introductions for us. >> one of the things that everybody on twitter thinks but never says is that they wish a celebrity would follow them on twitter. >> shawn king is the pastor of the courageous church and the man behind twit an online auction that pairs you with one of your favorite celebrities. for the past week, visitors have had the opportunity to bid for a coveted twitter message from one of over 150 celebrities. eva longoria, ryan seacrest and
6:26 pm
joe mchail to name a few. the website received more than 25 million hits already and more than so,000 bids have already been submitted. they range from hundreds to over $is,00 $1,000. the proceeds to go for homes in haiti. >> they have kids that are literally living in the restrooms of the facility and -- because all the space they have and people bring their kids and drop them off and so we're building what will be the largest home and school for severely disabled children in all of haiti. >> king says the project will cost about $1 million. he doesn't expect the celebrity twitter auction to cover all of the costs but says it's a start. >> hopefully, people that see this is a church and a pastor that are leading the effort, that it will show them something different. that churches can bring about great good in the world. >> it can. you can see more of the history makers tomorrow morning on "the today show" after today on the
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bay at 4:30 or check it out zbloours what a great idea. ahead at 6:00, the chaos continues in the streets of cairo. today, something new. journalists covering the story are now becoming a story themselves. they're under attack and month protests are expected tomorrow. the latest on egypt next. plus, her mom was killed in an east bay apartment fire and now she's caught up in an international custody battle. east bay firefighters are stepping up to help this 7 year old girl. and sometimes a meal just jumps out at you. we investigate the grasshopper tacos being dished up at one bay area restaurant,y? [ female announcer ] when your child's coughing, can't breathe, new icy hot no-mess vapor gel for kids soothes airways with cherry-scented vapors. new icy hot no-mess vapor gel. [ sighs ] never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately
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supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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just days after christmas a deadly fire swept through an oakland apartment killing three members of one family. >> the only survivor was a 7-year-old girl now living with a foster family. the devastating story stuck with oakland firefighters and now
6:30 pm
they're doing something to make a difference in her life. here is nbc's jodi hernandez. >> reporter: it's a tragedy oakland firefighters say they just can't forget. this apartment fire last december left a mother and 3 year old dead. and a 7 year old girl from el salvador all alone. >> when we got here she was standing outside and she was screaming in spanish that her mom is burning. she had been yelling in spanish "my mom is burning." >> today firefighters returned to the scene to announce plans to help little allison. >> it gives us great pleasure to announce the oakland firefighters random acts created a fund known as the "allison b fund" to hopefully give a 7-year-old girl a new start in life. >> reporter: while allison maven chul ly leave foster care to be with her grandfather in el salvador the fund will follow her. the firefighters say they won't abandon the girl. >> as hard as we tried there was nothing we could do to change the outcome on the night of the fire but today we hope to begin
6:31 pm
healing as we step back into allison's life by making sure she has a chance with all of us by her side. >> reporter: the firefighters, the tragedy couldn't be more heart-wrenching. he has a 3-year-old daughter himself. >> it's toughest call i've ever been on in my life. it hits home. you hear it all the time but you see the life of a 3-year-old and you're so grateful to have one at home. >> reporter: firefighters hope to meet allison in person. in the meantime, they hope the fund will give the entire community a chance to show they also care. in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, bay area news. for more information on how you can contribute to this fund go to of random investigators say two suspicious fires that burned minutes apart in san francisco early this morning were intentionally set. the first fire started after 5:00 a.m. and that was the most serious one. it burned an apartment building on 16th in the castro district.
6:32 pm
more than a dozen people who lived there and in an adjacent building had to evacuate. the other fire a block away in a building under construction on 17th and hartford. the fire department is asking anyone that saw anything or may have heard anything to give them a call. now to the revolution and protests in egypt. the white house calling what happened today we quote, "deplorable." journalists including anderson cooper are being attacked by angry protesters as they cover the story in cairo. >> while despite saying he would step down in september, egypt's president hosni mubarak says he wants to leave office now which protesters are calling for but fears there will be even more chaos. as nbc bay area kristen reports, secretary of state hillary clinton had sharp words as she urged mubarak to begin work now on a peaceful transition. >> as cairo descended further into chaos the journalists covering the conflict found the
6:33 pm
violence touching them. the state department condemned the arrests of foreign journalists including some from "the washington post." >> this is a violation of international norms that guarantee freedom of the press and it is unacceptable under any circumstances. >> reporter:al arabia said the journalists were hospitalized after being targeted. >> they were beaten severely. >> while mary thornberry, 76-year-old retired nurse living in cairo is trapped in her apartment. >> i still have my knife and the rest of my armory thatly use. >> reporter: lester holt described his failed attempt to safely reach her. >> we're probably drawing more attention than we need so we'll move on. this is the difficulty. we're a minute's walk from where she is but we can't risk it. >> reporter: the state department is trying to reach out to thornberry but so far has only evacuated those that can get to cairo's airport. meantime at the white house, the president is monitoring the
6:34 pm
situation. and this morning, at the national prayer breakfast, looked to a higher power. >> we pray that the violence in egypt will end and that the rights and aspirations of the egyptian people will be realized and that -- >> reporter: nbc news, washington. >> in the midst of the chaos in cairo, museum housing with the world's most important antiques in the world is at risk. military commandos stormed the museum in cairo last week and dozens of priceless artifacts were damaged after looters tried to steal them. cornered egyptians form aid human chain to protect the treasures. at the museum in san jose with executive director is hoping the egyptian people will continue to work to protect the ancient artifacts on display in cairo. >> the people who are in charge of the cairo museum are very dedicated to taking care of the artifacts in the best way possible but you really never
6:35 pm
know when things are in the unstable situation that they are now. >> the museum in san jose is planning to lead a group of 40 people to egypt in may. the executive director says the trip is on unless the state department tells them at that point not to go. right now an nbc bay we have complete coverage of protest and ongoing rebellion and you can find out who is apologizing for some of the violence and what's happening now. just search "egypt in crisis." food prices around the world are skyrocketing and experts say the situation won't change any time soon. so what's with the rising prices? the united nations saying unpredictable weather and food supplies. they say price force staples rose last no and will continue to increase this year. it's the seventh month in a row that prices have gone up and the highest rate of increase since the agency began keeping records in 1990. high food prices were part of the reason that people began to protest in tunisia and toppled
6:36 pm
the autocratic president there. a las vegas judge says he's heart broken about the rest of his own son in a brazen casino robbery that made national news. police say 29-year-old anthony carlilo is the helmet-wearing bandit that waved a gun at the bellagio in december and grabbed high-value casino chips before escaping via motorcycle. he got away with $1.5 million in chips. they accounted for $1.2 million of the missing loot. his father, it turns out is a municipal court judge in vegas. it's dinnertime. ahead at 6:00, beyond holding the salt, we'll show you simple ways to get you in control of how much sodium you're using. and then, is it a tasty treat or a stomach turner? we'll take you to san francisco restaurant serving up grasshopper tacos! all righty. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. six days of rain since january 1st. temperatures above average with low to mid 60s and tonight,
6:37 pm
clear and told conditions. coming back to the east bay with mi 30s. details will look like this this weekend coming up. california should be proud.
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we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people...
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than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. here's the skinny. hold the salt onyour dinner tonight. that's what the feds want more americans to do. the agriculture and health & human services department is bringing attention to new guidelines and for the first time, what they say about salt is included in that food pyramid. the new guidelines call for a little more than a half a teaspoon of salt per day and that's it. a little more than half a teaspoon per day. the agency recommends specific groups and specific demographics cut back on their seasoning. the groups include people 51 and older. african-americans, anyone suffering from hypertension, diabetes or chronic kidney disease. okay, you normally don't
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want elementary school students in the kitchen with those little fingers at risk but that's what's happening in lafayette. at stake, bragging rights. and a place on the cafeteria menu. we were on hand and we have the heated competition. >> everybody ready? >> yes. >> we're going to be doing a feature chef's competition. >> what are you making today? >> super cheesy mini lasagne cups of awesomeness. >> she's been practicing. >> it's crunch time. >> crunch time is right. grand champion is on april's menu. >> you guys will be eating whatever the food winner makes. >> a few favorites in the field. [ children yelling and screaming ] >> they're wrong. >> my second year at this cooking contest. i think i know what i'm talking about.
6:41 pm
>> got to love that confidence. >> we're going to plate it up and they'll present it to the judges. >> what do you think? >> very good. >> some of the best of jeremy's chicken that i ever had. crunchy, delicious and hits the spot perfectly. >> has sort of a extra zip to it that you don't usually get in lasagne. great job. >> it would be an excellent super bowl party item. >> you think it will qualify? >> it's delicious. >> you like the chicken? >> i love the chicken bowl. >> mr. steven williams down here, please! [ applause ] >> good job, buddy, you won! let's give a big round of applause to all our finalists here. they did a spectacular job!
6:42 pm
>> that was so cute! that's what we're going to have to do. give chef hats to the kids at home and tell them they're in a iron chef competition. >> the youngest chefs in the bay area. >> the future bobby plays of america. warrior's drought? when will it end? they haven't had an all star n 14 years. and today, the all-star game reserves were released. it looks like the wait will go on. warriors host milwaukee tonight and we went to practice and captured some amazing shots. you won't believe it. also, we get the scoop on the south bay native playing for the packers in the super bowl making gunnederson high in snow san jose state proud but first, jeff in the weather center. clear and cold across the golden gate bridge.ll get in minutetas. wend ll get in minutes.
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in many ways we pride ourselves on this. bay area a melting pot of different cultures and each culture has their own distinct foods. >> as we show you, one san francisco restaurant is literally crawling with flavor. >> reporter: san francisco's mission is plush with culture. every direction filled with the flavors of latino culture. inside the doors of this
6:45 pm
restaurant, harry serves up traditional delicacies from wahaka. >> these are banana leafs. >> this one dish on the menu that seems to have the jump on the others. >> this is the grasshopper tacos. >> the outside world may think of gas hoppers as insects. here, they're an ingredient. >> this is something that is very unique and you can't find it in any other restaurant. >> reporter: for the last couple of years the restauranted up grasshopper tacos and toe sta das and he says this is something to chirp about. >> it's salty and you have chilly and it's -- it's like fried shrimp. >> some mexican regions's grasshoppers for their high protein and vitamins. >> this is what they look like. >> some of his customers eat them just to say they did. >> we have a lot of young crowds coming in it for it because for them it's like a fear factor
6:46 pm
food. >> oh, god! >> it's a unique dish, not for the faint of heart. >> good if you don't think about it. >> i'm not crazy about the legs but -- super -- >> for those who might want to take things up a notch, the menu also includes fried ta ranrantu >> he said they in this mission district restaurant they are exotic but to others they are the taste of home. nbc bay area news. >> i'm going to need cheese with that. >> i like it. >> i need cheese on it so i can eat it. >> in the mission in the city. >> correct. >> i'm coming. >> jeff, you in? >> yeah, i'm in. i need the hot sauce. loading it up and making it a little bit extra spicy so it seems like a new oyster and
6:47 pm
afrodesiac. clear skies looking toward san francisco. 54 and winds northwest at 7. clear skies east in the southbound hoping temperatures to drop. we're setting ourselveses up for another clear and cold night with plenty of 30s inland for tomorrow. get outside tomorrow it's going to be sunny and temperatures going up even more. we're talking about 70s coming back into this weekend forecast with the potential here of a few records, especially as we head to sunday. it's going to stay mild the next 48 hours with spring air staying in place all the way through saturday and sunday. tonight, clear and cold in the's bay. it looks fog free at this point with temperatures in the mid 30s and sunny skies and low to mid 50s coming on back. meanwhile for tonight, 35 in gilroy. one of the coldest spots. 39 in san jose and 39 in san rafael and 36 in livermore. upper 60s to near 70 in the
6:48 pm
south bay so near record heat but we don't expect any records for tomorrow. we're going to save that for sunday. 65 in dublin. 67 in san mateo and 65 in san francisco and up ir60s to near 70 as we head inland as well. we may see a little bit of patchy fog in the north bay but not expected to be huge. with santa rosa tomorrow topping out in the 70s. let's look as we head to saturday. 71, super for the super bowl on sunday. 72 and if you're a fan of the super bowl, it looks like the weather in dallas will be in the 40s and also, some sunny skies. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, mostly sunny and mid 60s. no rainfall and six days of rain since january 1st. we need it. we're not going to get it as i say each and every night. i feel like it's my duty to say that but enjoy the sunshine. >> all right. thank you, jeff.
6:49 pm
let's get the sports. all right. jeff talking about the weather but for the warriors the drought continues. ellis was not selected as an all-star reserve. the warriors haven't had an all star since 1997. that was latrell spreewell and when you look at the reserves chosen for the most part they're on teams with better records than the warriors. this is a bitter pill. ellis is a leading scorer and there's a possibility that the player gets chosen gets injured or possibly the spot left by yao ming could go to el lils but as of today, he was snubbed by the coaches. the warriors are at the arena hosting milwaukee. we tagged on with monte's teammates.
6:50 pm
st stefan curry. this is the shoot-around. this is a 2010 mercedes-benz g-wagon. we are getting ready to play -- coach gives us our strategies and all that stuff so that's the first step. some guys made it to shoot-around got a nice practice. we were in downtown oakland so the next step is getting ready for shoot around, get dressed, get breakfast and get ready to go. >> it starts with breakfast. you can't forget that. i have a waffle every day. >> i heard that's the most important meal of the day. can't function without your good nutrition. >> i told you! i told you! >> that was no camera. no visual effects. no adobe photo shop, none of
6:51 pm
that. i was curious. i guess it was luck. >> hey, guys. i want to thank everybody for following me behind the scenes of how i prepare for a game. you saw where i live and my car and me go to shoot-around. how we prepare for the opponent. you saw a crazy 90-foot hail mary shot that will probably be on youtube and twitter and all that stuff so check it out. thanks for stopping by and we'll see you next time. >> thank you, stef. if you want to see the shot over and over again it's up on our website, pass it around. with all the super bowl talk we keep telling you about the guys on the packers from cal, aaron rogers and desmond bishop of fairfield. the south bay native, he played and voted the school's most athletic his senior year making his mark in football and basketball and track and we talked to the folks at gunnederson today and they can't
6:52 pm
wait to see james in the super bowl on sunday. >> james was a typical teenager here. and he was kind of a rascal but we loved him and he played more than football. he played basketball and he was in track. we still have a few -- quite a few members of the staff that were here while he was and then they're all excited about it and there's the students that are excited, too. >> after gunnederson, jones stayed at home and played san jose state. we chatted with mike mcintire with about having jones in the program before he went to the super bowl is now helping the program today. >> it's great for the program. number one, james comes back in the summers and works out with our players and he's really a good example. brent brennan, our wide receiver coach coached him and knows him really well so we're all excited about watching that and we tuned into the semifinal game when they played the championship and just real excited about what he's going to do and it's funny.
6:53 pm
you got a cal guy throwing to a san jose state guy and everybody is cheering. so it would be good for the bay area if they get it done. for comprehensive coverage of every bay area team, sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area is where to turn. every night at 10:30, a full coverage of just the teamous care about. go deep with sportsnet central every night at 10:30. all right. james jones! >> they describe him at a "rascal." >> if he wasn't in the super bowl they'd have other things to say. >> thank you. bay area family scoring a half a million bucks on a primetime show. just ahead, we catch up with them to find out how they plan on spending that cash.
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6:56 pm
toirnlt at 11:00, road rage, collisions, heads trauma. no not on our freeways but in parks. >> bikers are arrogant and walkers are arrogant. >> pedestrians versus cyclists. nbc bay area puts them on your radar. how fast is too fast? come with us as we put the brakes on speeding cyclists. that's tonight at 11:00 after "outsourced" right here on nbc bay area. and finally tonight at 6:00, a san jose family waking up this morning a half a million dollars richer!
6:57 pm
$500,000 on last night's nbc game show "minute to win it." the bishop family from will low glenn hits the jackpot. the first time kids were allowed on the show and they went all the way to the million-dollar challenge. the question, what are they going to do with the $500,000? >> go to college. and have spending money. >> and buy a crimper. >> the kids are only the second contestants to reach the million-dollar challenge and the 10-year-old brad, the youngest ever. the challenge was to get quarters into the jug. >> ready. >> can we do it? >> we'll say good night and we'll do the quarters into the jug! >> not even close. we're losers! you're not even close. see you at 11:00! ♪
6:58 pm
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