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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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thousands of people rallying right now live in cairo in these pictures. we'll have the very latest on the chaos coming up. and more than 200 people are evacuated from this homeless shelter in san jose because of an early morning fire. good morning to you. i'm marla tellez. i'll tell you how the people are doing now coming up in a live report. and it is a temporary change to a busy part in the bay area and could become permanent today. we'll tell you about the traffic change that could soon affect you. and it is friday. you made it. christina has a look at your weekend forecast as we take a live look at the bay bridge. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. straight up, it is 5:00. let's go to christina. it is friday, we always like the
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weekend forecast. we love friday around here. 47 degrees in san francisco right now. 42 in san mateo. it is cool out there. you'll need a jacket, but this afternoon will be beautiful with temperatures towards 70 degrees in los gatos today. 69 degrees in redwood city. staying nice and comfortable throughout this weekend. i'll let you know how warm it will be on super bowl sunday coming up. back to you guys. thank you, christina. violent protests in egypt's major cities continues this morning. hundreds of thousands of people are refusing to leave tahrir square. in fact, they are coming there in droves. this is another live look. it looks like there's just a lot of people, more people than usual starting to g gather once again. we don't see at this point any kind of a showdown. it doesn't look like they are clashing as much with pro-government supporters. and now world leaders are really beginning to call more and more for president hosni mubarak to step down. but again, the protestors are gathering. we are not only seeing this in
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cairo but other major cities in egypt as well. we are watching this once again this morning. we'll keep you posted all morning long. much closer to home, an overnight home forces hundreds to evacuate from an emergency shelter in the south bay. the ehq helps people get back on their feet and this fire could set them back further. marla tellez is live in san jose with more. marla? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. behind us here is the emergency house i housing qasortion. earlier there were 60 to 70 firefighters on the scene here. they left 30 minutes ago. they were all here to fully contain the two-alarm fire that started in the laundry room about 2:00 this morning. and immediately the 215 people living here were evacuated. the good news is the building's sprinkler system kicked in right away to contain the flames to the laundry room, but the smoke
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did spread throughout the building. that's why the folks inside had to get out. more good news, though. nobody was hurt. the crews had the fire completely under control by about 3:15 this morning. and the fire captain tells me the damage is contained to the laundry room. about $5,000 worth. now, everyone is back inside this morning. and i imagine now that the 250 people inside are trying to get some much needed rest since they had an interrupted night. at this point, the cause of the fire is not known. it is still under investigation. live in san jose this morning, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> it is nice they are back in the warmth. south bay police are on the lookout for a man who tried to kidnap a girl on her way to school. the botched obstruction happened in milpitas yesterday morning not far from the san jose border near caliveras high school. the girl was chased but an
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unknown man who was speaking spanish. she managed to get to the school to get help and the man got away. milpitas police are investigating two attempted kidnappings that happened on january 24th. one of them was on everglades drive. the other one on north park victoria drive. officers do not think these incidents are related to yesterday's attempted kidnapping, but if you have any information, call milpitas police. two mothers are expected to enter a plea this morning to face a grand theft charge after allegedly stealing $30,000 from an elementary school. 42-year-old jennifer and 28-year-old wendy hayes were in charge of the education fund at baldwin elementary school in san jose. both mothers spent the money at old navy, jcpenney and at gas stations. the oakland school district will try to get the money back. the fisherman wharf's shop owner accused of fatally shooting two employees from a competing store is scheduled to
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appear in court today. 56-year-old man did not show up for the court hearing on wednesday. he is currently on a psychiatric hold at san francisco general hospital. he is being charged with two counts of murder after alledgedly shooting two rival store workers in the neighborhood jefferson street store sunday night. things are literally falling apart for the oakland police department. they are short staffed, their patrol cars need fixing and the radios don't work. now new mayor jean quan has promised to help. christie smith is live with the latest radio problem that seems to be an ongoing problem. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, brent. this radio system has gone down before. the rank-in-file officers have been complained about it. most recently it dent went down during the high-speed chase. the mayor and police chief stepped up. we thought the situation was addressed. it turns out that it is back. according to the oakland
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"tribune" this morning, on wednesday during a covert drug operation officers couldn't talk with the dispatch. then thursday morning officers were looking for three burglary suspects when the radios acted up again forcing officers to actually use hand signals to talk to each other. now, the city has said before, certainly, that an officer has the right not to feel secure and they have to use their radio as a lifeline. the chief has also said that the systems were shattered when he walked in the door. he's been trying to fix them. both he and major jean quan said they don't want to blame anyone, they just want to get the situation fixed. the city's i.t. department fixed the problem or said it was a timing mechanism. now they are all trying to figure out if this is a new problem or tied to the old problem. that's the latest from here. reporting live in oakland, christie smith for "today in the bay." today san francisco's busy
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market street could become a safer place to stroll and bike. two right turns at the intersections of sixth and tenth streets could become permanent right turns. it will be discussed at a public hearing this morning. temporary turns for cars have been in effect since january of last year. it is a pilot project concluding that turns make the street better for walking, biking and public transit. after the public hearing at 10:00 the proe posal will be heard by the mtf board for approval. as you are getting dressed this morning, think about adding a splash of red to your look. today is national wear red day to raise awareness about heart disease in women. heart disease is the number killer of women. it kills one in every three women every year. the american heart association says 90% of women do have at least one or more risk factor for developing heart disease, but most of it can be prevented. you can prevent cardiac events as they call it simply by making
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the right choices when it comes to food and exercise. so today is the day we raise awareness about that. i think we are doing so in a very bold way this morning. as well as christina. >> i have a splash, but christina is going all out. >> oh, yeah. i don't ever do anything partially. good morning to you. i love the solidarity on the team. scott mcgrew, everybody, marla tellez, mike inouye and, of course, the cannons all wearing red this morning drawing awareness to an important cause. and tonight there's an all red fashion show free to the public. i'll be out there mc'ing. search bay area proud. we would love to see you out there. there's going to be a lot of free red swag given out down to a mile of visibility in novato. good visibility in the east bay, but we are seeing a bit of patchy fog drift along the coast.
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so this morning watch out when you travel near the bridges. mike will be along in a minute to give us an update. 39 in concord. 34 in hayward. turning to 70 degrees in oakland later today. 67 in fremont with lots of sunshine. even warmer for super bowl sunday. that forecast is on the way as promised. here's mike inouye now. good morning to you. good morning, christina. i have my red splash going on in the shirt, no tie. out to the roadways where we have the truck fire on southbound 680 blocking the slow lane. that fire is out. the truck is now on the shoulder but there's still flairs that have to burn out. a distraction and the truck will be there for another hour and a half. that will be there distracting folks mildly, but all lanes are open to the south bay. at 71 on the right near toll lee road, the construction has been going on for a while, but the ground breaking is today with more activity at 1:00 in the area. then heading further up 101 through the peninsula into the city, a smooth drive. the golden gate bridge is very clear, but an overnight fog
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advisory was issued by chp still in place. christina showed you the north bay with lower visibilities near a mile. keep that in mind as the fog is surrounding us. back to you. 5:09. we continue to follow egypt this morning. we'll have a live report from washington on what the u.s. government is trying to do to keep the peace. plus, our own bob redell stunned. if only for a little bit, find out what has him stunned coming up. and the oakland children's ferry land is celebrating this weekend. the storyteller will present a series of classic african tales. there's also arts and crafts and puppet shows. it is open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. saturday and sunday.
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good friday morning to you. yes, it is friday morning. 5:13 right now overlooking san jose. a gorgeous weekend on tap.
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we'll help you get to it coming up. to the chinese it is now the year of the rabbit. for the vietnamese it is the year of the cat. this weekend tens of thousands of people will converge on the south bay for the annual northern california festival. as many as 70,000 people are expected to be at the santa clara county fairgrounds saturday and sunday. it features a martial arts tournament, music and performances. the grand opening is slated for tomorrow morning at 10:30. the lunar year for the chinese means a boost for the chinatown shops. >> basically for the next week, two weeks, families get together and come in to have dipper or lunch to celebrate. >> chinatown is also getting ready for the big chinese new year parade. it's been a tradition since just after the gold rush. the parade will happen on february 19th this year. thousands of people are expected to be there in person to celebrate the year of the rabbit. >> and the year of the cat.
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i have a memo from a friend who said don't forget to mention that. scott mcgrew says to come out to the ballpark on saturday, even if it is february. >> it will be 70 degrees. why not come out to open up at&t park to the crowd, right? it is part of fanfest. this is fun because you can see so much. you get down on the field and see inside the dugouts, meet the players, get autographs. video from a past fanfest year there. i'll be there with sports radio broadcasting from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. that's just before the event. the doors open up at 11:00. nbc bay area is your officials giants tv station. great fun. come out. say hi. it is free. all right. to business news. we get the latest job numbers from the labor department in a few minutes. january job reports will be a strange one. remember even before this week's
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snow there were several blizzards last month. that could skew numbers. the government takes a snapshot of payroll data. if it was a day where a lot of people stayed home, it will show up as fewer people working. and the modern day crime for you. the peninsula's zenga which is an online poker game was robbed of millions of dollars worth of virtual poker chips. a british man hacked into the database and tried to sell the virtual chip for real money. and now he is going to real jail. >> wow, really? i wonder what he'll do with his farmville county. >> how he can't play farmville. 5:16 right now. scott talked about going out to the ballpark even though it is february. it will feel like spring training. beautiful weather on tap. christina has the details. >> all the tailgaters are not going to be loving the weather, except for us, where we are tailgating here in beautiful
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conditions. yes, everywhere across the nation they are thawing out. bitter, bitter cold. not for us. in fact, we are starting out much warmer than where daytime highs will end up on the east coast. heading throughout the afternoon, 40 degrees in san rafael. turning to 66 later on today. and 70 degrees in los gatos. we are looking really good today. even better for your saturday. we'll tack on one to two degrees. then super bowl sunday looks like the warmest day in the extended period with temperatures approaching 78 degrees in santa rosa. 72 degrees in oakland. and 68 degrees in san francisco. and if that does happen, if we are looking for that to happen, we are going to break numerous temperature records. so these are the records we like to beat. not the ones in the summertime, but in the wintertime we'll take records. back to you guys. christina's warm forecast will still show the appearance of snow in san jose. >> bob redell was invited back
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to betty shamis' home in san jose. >> reporter: judging by my hair and lack of fashion sense back then, it has been ten years. she's invited us back. checking on the projects of her -- >> hi. >> reporter: how are you? >> ten years. >> reporter: it has been so long. great to see you. thank you for having us back. you still have it? >> i kind of saved it. >> reporter: it is in here, right? >> yes. >> reporter: wow. it is so beautiful. behold, one of the world's oldest snowballs. >> the world's oldest snowball, not any of this one of the
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world's oldest snowballs. my son, jeff, was 14. the snow was melting so fast he said, mom, let's put a snowball in here next week. so we put it in the freezer. and it hasn't snowed since '76. that makes it so unique. >> reporter: it looks like it is actually growing a bit. >> i know, but don't we all grow when the years go by? >> reporter: why have you kept it all this time? >> for fun. look at how much fun this is. >> reporter: betty is throwing a 35th anniversary for this snowball do. you want me to give out my address? >> no way. >> reporter: so her address is 124 -- betty, thank you very much. >> okay, see you in five years. >> reporter: five years for the 40th? >> for the 40th. okay, bye. >> better put it back in the
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freezer there. >> maybe it will grow and be a little bigger. you never know. now we are getting into shady territory. 5:20, mike is up next to let you know if friday light is holding true today. and we'll talk to "meet the press'" david gregory to see if the military is e el ed alled on to help in egypt. california should be proud.
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good morning, folks. it is 5:23 this morning. we'll get a look at fremont where this is the only thing going on right now. chp just cleared all incidents. we are still following the big rig that just cleared from the roadway. southbound 680 at scott creek road. the flares should be about burnt out, but the truck will be there until 6:30 until they get a tow truck. keep that in mind. over here in livermore, moving smoothly out of the altamonte pass. into the altamonte pass eastbound it is slowing down. 3:00 this afternoon we'll get the getaway traffic building. oakland and 880, traffic is slow past the coliseum. there's moisture in the air. from time to time we'll see some fog throughout the area, but right now oakland and most of the east bay hills are moving
5:24 am
clearly. northbound with the taillights up to the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays. you are at the speed limit to downtown oakland. the light volume at the bay bridge itself. the slowdown will start at 6:35 and 6:40 for the build to build here. coming across the east shore freeway, a nice, easy drive down from the cartinas bridge. friday light so far. thank you very much. all eyes in washington on the turmoil in egypt this morning. protestors and pro-government demonstrators clashing in the streets while the obama administration tries to work out a deal to bring an end to all the chaos we are seeing. "meet the press'" host david gregory is live in washington this morning. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. you bet. >> we heard that the obama administration is working out a plan to ask hosni mubarak to step down immediately. what have you heard? >> reporter: they are pushing him now to put more power in the vice president's hands and to transition into an election and coalition government. the opposition is still rather loose.
5:25 am
the most organized fraction of it is the muslim brotherhood to give a lot of american officials some pause. it is an islamist party. but nevertheless, the u.s. is focused on putting pressure on mubarak, keep support from the military, which the united states provides a tremendous amount of aid to, and get this transition underway. >> so, of course, this is an important allie to the u.s. if he does step down, what does it mean for us? >> well, it raises a lot of question marks to be sure. military aid is what is key, so that's why the military is the key to all of this as a national institution. also, a new government, the united states would want to know, are they still at peace with israel? the peace treaty in 1975 being a crucial security blanket for that region. if you look at it that way and certainly from the point of view from the united states. so there are a lot of concerns. and i think the biggest concern now is you have some sort of stable government that can come after mubarak.
5:26 am
>> how quickly, we did talk about the u.s. military standing by in case it is needed to help out in the middle east, what will happen and where? >> i don't know the answer to that. i think what they want to maintain is that if you have -- right now the egyptian military still patrolling the borders, that's important. making sure outside actors won't influence what happens inside of egypt. and so that force protection would be important. >> okay. take a big, big turn. super bowl xlv, who do you got? >> i think it will be a great game. i really do like the packers. i liked the packers throughout the playoffs like a lot of people have. so that's where i'm going. >> david gregory, we are going the to watch you on sunday on "meet the press." thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> after "meet the press" tune in to scott mcgrew with -- he'll have the mastermind of the bee
5:27 am
sting. it is the first television interview to happen on "press here" on nbc bay area at 9:00 a.m. 5:26. 39-cent gas many the bay area happened last night. we'll tell you where. i need to know now. bay area cities see the lowest crime rate in half a century. we'll tell you where. we are keeping track of all the news that matters to you .tay with we'll be back in a few. r gel soothes airways with cooling vapors. new icy hot no-mess vapor gel. [ sighs ]
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new this morning, we are
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about to get a sign of how our economy is recovering. we'll have some of the latest factors coming up. good morning. i'm christie smith. we thought the problem was fixed but oakland police radios fail again twice. we'll tell you what happened coming up. and a free ride on the mta for the homeless. i'll tell you who qualifies for this new program and who is picking up the tab coming up in a live report. looking outside at the hp pavilion in san jose. no need to stay indoors this week. we'll check in with christina loren for the forecast on this friday, february 4th. this is "today in the bay." >> good friday morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. time to get started with a look at the forecast with christina loren. good morning to you.
5:31 am
if there was ever a weekend where you wanted to do some barbecuing, this is that weekend. and the great news is we are seeing temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. and you will be able to break out that bbq. 41 degrees in oakland right now. turning to 70 degrees heading throughout this afternoon. as you take your lunch break, they are peeling off a layer with temperatures in the low 60s. we'll round out the day to 70 degrees across the bay area. here's what's to come for the big weekend. i'll have that for you coming up. three years ago three young men were shot execution style in a drugstore. their killer was never found, but that may change. san mateo police have found new information in the cold case. on february 4th, 1979, tracy anderson, billy baumgartner and michael olson were shot in the payless drugstore.
5:32 am
new information from old binder was found stored away in a store closet. >> unfortunately, we can't give information to the public on what we have generated and are working on. >> there's still a $75,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for that crime. well, in the tech-savvy bay area a major city police department can barely communicate with officers in the field. the oakland police department is using a faulty radio system. they say it has been broken for years and puts officers in danger. "today in the bay's" kristy smooet is live with a problem the oakland police department is facing. >> reporter: good morning to you. this problem just won't go away. the oakland police radios went down during a critical incident less than two weeks ago. that's when the mayor stepped up and everyone seemed to think that the problem was fixed. since then, the radios have gone
5:33 am
down again. not once but twice. now, according to "the tribune" wednesday during a drug operation with state agents officers couldn't talk to their dispatchers thursday. officers were looking for three burglary suspects and had to refer to hand signals. they couldn't talk to each other or dispatch. officers have been complaining for a while about the bad equipment, even before these incidents popped up. but that latest one a couple weeks ago put it in the spotlight. january 26, a shooting suspect led police on a high-speed chase that ended in a crash and an officer-involved shooting in oakland. the equipment failed that day. mayor quan said the city's i.t. department found a timing mechanism to blame and it was adjusted. she also said that the city would try to find money to rehire a dozen laid off officers and try to fix old patrol cars and radios, but they just keep
5:34 am
becoming a problem. now workers are back to square one here in the city trying to figure out if this latest issue is tied to the old communication problems they thought they fixed or a new one. that's the latest from here, reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." thank you. it is 5:4. just into our newsroom, the government's latest numbers on unemployment. scott mcgrew is here with the details. >> good morning. we have had a couple of months here where it has been so hard to analyze these numbers. let me give you the headline numbers. 36,000 jobs created in the month of january, which is a terrible number. the unemployment number falls to 9%. one of the guys on cnbc a minute ago says i can't understand this, just forget it. these are raw numbers. how is it that the economy can only create 36,000 job numbers and get a decrease in the total job unemployment. these are raw numbers right now,
5:35 am
but 9% unemployment. the weather doesn't seem to be a factor says the labor department. we'll take the numbers, take a look at them and get back to you shortly. thank you, scott. we have good news on the crime front for an east bay city. pittsburgh police say that their crime rate is now at a 50-year low. they say a little more than 2,200 serious crimes happened in 2010. that's a 40% drop from the year before. police say fbi statistics show last year's crime rate when adjusted for population is the lowest for any year since 1960. pittsburgh police say that the number of robberies, homicides and arsons went down in 2010 compared to 2011. race, aggravated assault and burglaries went up compared to 2009. the eta is helping out homeless people with free rides, but it is not for everyone. we want to check in with "today in the bay's" marla tellez live
5:36 am
at the san jose emergency housing qonsorsium with more. >> reporter: this gives home to the homeless, people trying to get back on their feet, and the people who take advantage of the shelter will likely qualify for the free rides soon to be offered by the eta. this is the most extensive effort of its kind just approved by the transportation authority. come april homeless people screened by social service agent sis and those who can prove they are in a program to help them find permanent housing will be allowed to ride the eta for free. right now a day pass costs $6, which if you are homeless and out of work, that's a lot more than most can afford. those who qualify will be given a photo id and some transit stickers to get that free ride. the idea is to help them get to that job interview or to the
5:37 am
doctor. santa clara county will be picking up the $111,000 annual tab for the program. an estimated 3,500 people are expected to use it every year. and right now the latest statistics show that about 7,200 people are homeless in santa clara county. live in san jose this morning, marla tellez, "today in the bay." thank you, marla. >> meantime, we'll check your friday forecast with christina. >> it looks like it will be another gorgeous day in the bay. but, you know what, it is friday. we are breathing down the neck of the weekend. we want to take you through the extended forecast in detail. we have seen temperatures unseasonably warm all week long. and that is actually going to amplify heading throughout the weekend. temperatures are rising to 72 degrees for super bowl sunday. staying nice all the way through next week. that means if you turn that sprinkler system off expecting the rain showers to do you a favor, you will need to turn it back on. we are not expecting any rain for at least the next 15 days.
5:38 am
so without the rain and very little fog out there, how are the roads looking? we are going to the roadways where traffic is building through the south bay. we have a new accident on northbound 101 at alum rock avenue. the accident just cleared from lanes, but it was in the middle lane long enough to cause slowing off the 680 interchange. the volume is building a bit. that's why we are seeing slowing near the tulle interchange. the construction is going on with a groundbreaking ceremony there. that will continue for many months to come as they change the entire structure there. southbound 680 at the shoulder at scott creek road, an earlier truck fire is cleared to the shoulder. it will be there for another 45 minutes or so. thank you, mike. the time is 5:38. one of the bare area's oldest companies is in trouble with the city of san francisco this morning. we'll tell you why the city is saying cease and desist.
5:39 am
and oakland's latest plan to this marijuana farm. and we are looking forward to a great looking weekend. it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done?
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welcome back. good fridaymorning to you. >> today could be the last day in power for egyptian president hosni mubarak. there's word the u.s. is in secret talks with officials to set the stage for him to be able to step down. tracie potts is live now in washington, d.c., where lawmakers are being public about
5:42 am
telling mubarak to step down. tracie? >> reporter: yes, brent, they are. the senate passed a resolution saying this transition needs to happen immediately. the obama administration is and according to senior officials has been talking over the last few days about how to do this peacefully, how to deal with this diplomatically, how to get hosni mubarak out and get the new transitional government in. the best working plan they have so far is that the vice president of egypt, omar suleman, would lead the coalition, including the military and some of the opposition groups, including the muslim brotherhood which is organizing some of the protests, which has been banned from government service in the past. the u.s. officials emphasize there's no one plan here that they are discussing lots of options. they want to be careful this is not seen as the u.s. pushing a new government on to the egyptian people. now, the state department, they
5:43 am
still say that about 2,300 people have gotten out of egypt, but they are still working on other americans. some have been wounded in the fight, some are trapped and can't get to the airport. the latest this morning, there is a huge crowd that has now gathered cheering in the square. we don't know how violent that may get later on today, but the military is on standby. brent? >> thank you, tracie. this morning a uc davis professor says she was beaten half to death by angry mobs in the streets of cairo. this professor tells the website democracy now that protestors hit her and ripped her shirtd open when she refused to answer if she was a mubarak supporter. she says soldiers told her to go to safety at the hospital to get stitches. she will join daryl stineberg at a rally in sacramento this morning to call for an end to
5:44 am
the violence in egypt. the time is 5:43. good morning, happy friday, everybody. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get to traffic and weather in less than two minutes. if you see a lot of people wearing red today, we have a little bit, too. it is all for a good cause. >> today the american heart association is asking women to wear red as part of the campaign to raise awareness about heart disease. the go red for women campaign says many women have the wrong message when it comes to reducing the risk for heart attack. >> among the common misconceptions, aromatherapy and essential oils are not proven to prevent heart disease. the total misconception is they are proven. there's no scientific evidence they will reduce your heart risk. >> popping a pill. people really need to know that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. >> all right. so the proven heart healthy
5:45 am
strategies include a diet with fruits and vegetables and whole grains. and lots of good old fashioned exercise. 5:44. let's check the forecast with christina. a nice weekend on tap. >> a nice weekend on tap. and temperatures are going to stay abnormally warm all the way through next week as well. we are looking towards a really warm, dry spell as we head through the next seven or eight days. 41 degrees in oakland right now. turning over to 70 degrees later. and that's not even the warmest we are expecting for the east bay. as we head into this sunday, take a look at what we have going on here. this is the super bowl forecast. 72 degrees, nice and warm. perfect weather. we'll take a look at what to expect in the north bay peninsula and the south bay as well, stay tuned for that. 72 degrees on super bowl sunday. you can't beat that. temperaturewise heading throughout the remainder of the weekend, looking really good. saturday and sunday are both spectacular days. 69 degrees on tuesday. not too shabby.
5:46 am
staying nice. we'll see how we are doing -- hey, do you want to head up to wine country? two lucky couples will win free lodging at the mountain view hotel and spa. fine dining at fish story and wine tasting, a private wine tasting for you and a guest. if you would like to win that, if that sounds ideal to you, log on to click on the contest button. we would love to send you. the contest ends this week. we'll announce the winner next week. so you want to get in there while you still can. let's find out what's happening on the roadways. you want to get to work on time this morning. good morning to you, mike inouye. good morning, christina loren. get to work to get out early this afternoon. we'll take a look at the map. we are looking at san jose with an earlier accident clearing on 101 just north of the 680 interchange. it was in the lane long enough to cause slowing. it has not cleared from our sensors. the volume is just building. that 11 is a little blip there near tulle road.
5:47 am
i have not heard of major issues on that chp report. just the building up in san jose and here in antioch. on friday light we have speeds dipping below 40 on highway 4. back to you. a new killer whale is coming to sea world in orlando this spring, but there's going to be a different change this year. no trainers are going to be in the water. since the february 2010 death of a trainer at sea world, sea world has kept its trainer out of the water. they now cue the animals from the edge of the tank. >> last year we took a step back, rightfully so, and we are evaluating everything we do with killer whales. we are still evaluating whether in-water action is the right thing to do. >> sea world hopes to eventually get trainers back in the water but only after an exhaustive study and more training. the new killer whale show will debut in orlando coming up in late april.
5:48 am
stay by his wife or go to outer space. that's the decision facing gabriel giffords husband. his identical twin scott hinted that mark would choose to fly. mark kelly has spent the last month by his wife's side debating if he should step down as commander of "endeavour's" flight. his wife has been in rehab after being shot in a tucson safeway store in january. nasa is trying to help a bay area city predict the dropping sea levels. a three-day workshop will begin today. the workshops focus on how bay area cities can adapt to climate change. scientists will talk about storm water management and strategies for controlling invasive species. that forum kicks off this morning at 8:30 at the nasa research center. safeway shoppers are shoeing the grocery chain for failing to
5:49 am
contact club card members about recalls. the lawsuit filed by the center for science and public interest says safeway should use member data to warn shoppers about recalled food. it also demands that the company pay damages to customers who were not refunded or credited for recalled items. safeway says it meets all legal requirements by posting recalls on its website. it also says the cards are optional and people don't have to share names and addresses to get them. the feds say they will crack down on east bay pot growers and their backers if oakland city leaders a prove the plan to legalize marijuana farms. the justice department says it will not allow city-approved pot farms to operate. the department of justice calls the plan a licensing scheme that allows behavior that is illegal in the eyes of federal law. back in july oakland became the first city in the country to approve licensing marijuana growers. this week the city council delayed a vote on a revised
5:50 am
measure to tie pot farms to individual pot dispensaries. a graffiti warm is brewing in san francisco this morning. san francisco sidewalks covered with spray paint with doctors ads. the ad reads, are you making a salary or history? after spotting graffiti in the mission district, the city attorney dennis herrera fired off a letter to the outdoor media group demanding to stop the graffiti ads. from vallejo to basic training, a rare recruiting class of the army. 18-year-old identical twins are getting ready for bootcamp. they came to the united states from peru. they enlisted in the army last month. they will enlist this morning in hayward and head off for basic training. the twins will split for the first time in their lives. melissa is joining the reserves. her sister is going into the active forces. >> good luck to them. if you are upgrading from a
5:51 am
cell phone to a smart phone, you may need to upgrade your habits as well. especially when it comes to charging batteries. the smart phone offers five hours of talk time on 3g, but the number dropped sharply when you check e-mail, looked at weather and played games. what's that bird one? angry birds. even the signal strength takes control on your battery. >> phones are an area where the signal is not very strong, they actually use more battery power because their radios tune up to try to find the signal. >> when you are buying a new smart phone, check to see if it has a removable battery to keep a spare on hand. the removable batteries can make it a little bulky. as bare area gas prices edge close to $4 a gallon, some people got it for 39 cents a gallon last night in santa rosa. a computer glitch at a 76
5:52 am
station created a rush of drivers trying to fill up for cheap. once the station figured out what was going on they closed down for a while to repair the glitch. but nobody knows exactly how many people cashed in on the 39-cent a gallon gas before they shut down and caught on. >> a lot of people could use a break these days. just a few minutes ago we learned about the health of the american economy. scott had time to dig into the numbers we are talking about. you were talking about funny numbers, kind of the same with unemployment. back in your chemistry class you got some sort of weird data in your experiment. you know what you do with that? throw it out. here's the data we got as far as the jobs go. plus 36,000 in private or total jobs. a lot of private sector jobs, a lot of government jobs going away. that drops the unemployment rate to 9%. and if you're saying to yourself, hold on a second, how can you add only 36,000 jobs and lose so much in the unemployment rate?
5:53 am
the answer is those are two different studies. two different surveys. they are contradicting numbers. and the numbers are just bad. this is going to be one of those months where we just don't know what's going on with the american economy. all right. it is friday, right before the super bowl. so our gadget this gadget friday is a special design to keep your beverage cold during the game. brent called this stein of science. this is stainless steel hand built by a science guy here in the bay area. a mere $235 keeps your beverage cold. more information at this website. >> for a second there it showed a warning label. >> that's funny you should ask. it says wear safety glasses and long sleeves and an apron while using. >> why? >> because there's a vacuum inside with glass.
5:54 am
and it if brakes you'll go behind. on the website it says, don't drink out of this thing. >> right. >> i can see it on your face. it is a beer stein that you are not supposed to drink out of to keep your beer cold. this is the conflict of science. it is hyper dangerous, but it will keep your beer cold. and it is $235. >> it is $235? >> yes. i never said gadget friday makes any sense. i just said if i showed you an iphone you would be like, i have seen those. you have never seen this before. >> i think we need to test it. >> we will. >> get out the orange juice. >> we'll get our beer goggles. all right. let's talk about football. the fans are going to want to make sure to see the super bowl this year because it could be the last game they see in a long
5:55 am
time. the packers and steelers continue to prepare for super bowl xlv. of course the fans are heading to cowboy stadium now that the weather is lightning up. it could be the last game for a long time because there's an nfl collective bargaining agreement with a big disfruit between the players and owners. >> it is hard to believe. america's game will get played. >> the players union and league will sit down for formal talks tomorrow in texas. the deadline for reaching a deal is early march. the last strike for the nfl was back in 1987. meanwhile, super bowl xlv may not have cheerleaders. i know it won't, but they'll have lot of entertainment. this year's top icon christina aguilera will sing the "star bangled banner." >> and the black eyed peas will perform at the halftime show. there's a live look outside this
5:56 am
morning. it is all geared up and ready to go. >> it is funny, it is texas, so you think it would be warmer, but they have been hit by the cold blast. they are still seeing snow flurries. it is an inside stadium, so they can close it to be okay for the game. but man, if you are heading down there, it is not going to be a warm super bowl at all. >> you have to bundle up. especially with the performance, too. >> they should have had it in the bay area this year, huh? >> yeah. >> we are going to be in the 70s. >> let's go to christina to check on the forecast. it will be really, really nice. you will see all the tailgaters in texas bundled up around their grills, but hey, here in the bay area if you are getting your grill on this weekend, you'll be doing so in the 70s. 41 degrees in oakland right now. turning over to 70 degrees later on today. 69 degrees is your forecasted high in redwood city. and 67 degrees in livermore. as we head throughout the next few days temperatures will climb just a little bit. the north bay forecast, super bowl sunday, 77 degrees.
5:57 am
in fact, santa rosa, i'm going 78 degrees on sunday. the north bay will be the warmest area this weekend. the south bay temperatures are going to end up in the low 70s. the north bay, wow, we are close to 80 degrees this weekend. so 72 degrees in your forecast for saturday into sunday. monday staying nice, looking good in the upper 60s all the way through next thursday. back to you guys. 5:57 right now. coming up at 6:00, the super bowl commercial already has people laughing. evil is rarely this cute they say. plus, who needs a sailboat to get around the bay area when you can have this jet pack. more gadget friday on the way. we'll let you know when this goes on sale. oakland police just want radios that work. we have a live report coming up the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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