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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  February 5, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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right now, 5:00. the giants become somewhat of a victim of their own success today. we'll show you how fanfest was a little too popular. in egypt, the ruling party made another major concession today. but it's not enough for demonstrators who are spending their 12th night out on the street. hundreds came out for support for the protesters here in the bay area. we'll show you the bay area restaurant with a unique jump, if you will, on the competition when it comestacos. the news at 5:00 starts right
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now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. well, if you stepped outside at all today, you probably noticed it felt more like june than february. in fact, the bay area's on track to set some records this weekend. beautiful out there. let's check in with rob mayeda to check what's going on. >> pretty amazing day around the bay area, from san jose to san francisco and oakland. records smashed around the bay area. right now still 74 degrees in san jose. a little breezy. west wind at 10 miles an hour. into oakland, another stop, seeing temperatures in the low 70s right now. 72 degrees. and northwest wind at close to 7 miles per hour. so some of today's highs, breaking records. san jose got up to 75 degrees. low 70s around san francisco and oakland. moffit field as well getting up to 75 degrees. look the north bay, napa 80 degrees.
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the reason why it was so warm, high pressure aloft. as the air drops down to sea level it warms up and dries out. fortunately the patterns can also include gusty winds. we'll talk more about the wind advisory tonight and if we can go 2 for 2 with the warm temperatures coming up in just a minute. the weather couldn't have been better for the tens of thousands of die-hard giants fans who came out for fanfest today at at&t park. in fact, it was the largest turnout ever for fanfest. the giants ended up having to turn people away. >> reporter: you would think they were actually playing today. the weather amazing. everyone's walking around in orange and black. some of the fans, young and old. youngsters over here wearing all the giants gear. just down the street, vendors selling giants gear. inside the stadium, of course, the main attraction. i want to show you video shot earlier today. around 40,000 fans flooded the
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ballpark to greet the champions at san francisco's annual fanfest. fans started lining up at 6:00 this morning. at one point the line was about three football fields long, stretching around mccovey cove. we spoke to one fan who said the wait was worth it. >> i got a few autographs this morning. brian wilson, emanuel burris. right over here. right here. i think i'm good for the day. >> reporter: not everyone made it inside, after waiting up to four hours. some fans got so frustrated they just walked away. the other main attraction was the fact that the fans could for the first time buy tickets for single games. in the past they could only buy group tickets. i'm still trying to find out the total number of tickets purchased. but i'm told preliminarily,
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there were a lot of tickets sold. live in san francisco, elis kirshner, nbc news. a different scene right now in dallas. ice and snow are making it tough for super bowl parties, and for the preparations there. today there was sunshine instead of the snow and ice. workers still spent the day chipping away at ice on the roof of cowboy stadium. falling ice injured six people yesterday. meantime, fans and celebrities have now arrived. many had a battle of their own, though, just getting to their hotel, and getting around. >> had to come through the rain, and through the sleet, snow. just to get down here to be a part of the steeler nation. >> the forecast for game day is temperatures in the 30s, with a wintry mix of snow and sleet. very different than around here. turning now to the turmoil in egypt, secretary of state hillary clinton warned today that conditions in the middle east are ripe for destabilization. >> as the region is being battered by a perfect storm of
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powerful trends, a growing majority of its people are under the age of 30. many of these young people, even the most educated among them, cannot find work. >> her comments at an international security conference in munich suggests the u.s. believes egyptian president hosni mubarak is starting an orderly transition of power. the protesters are not convinced, despite the resignation of the country's ruling national democratic party today, they plan to spend another night in liberation square. ron allen has the latest from cairo for us. >> reporter: liberation square is filled again with thousands of protesters determined to spend the night there, determined not to leave until the regime of hosni mubarak falls. there seems to be no indication that's going to happen, however. the prime minister said today that he sees no reason for the president to step down. the government is involved in
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some political discussions, however, with members of the opposition. it appears they're trying to come up with a way to ease mubarak to the side, perhaps allow him to keep the title of president but not be involved in the day-to-day operations of the government. there's also been a meeting of so-called wisemen here in cairo figuring to plot things forward, how to put details to the word reform and how to perhaps have free and fair elections here as soon as september. the protesters, however, remained determined to push on. they're going to be in the square. but it appears to be a stalemate. the president is not stepping down. now back to you. >> the crisis in egypt is being felt right here in the bay area as well. thousands gathered in downtown san francisco this afternoon for international solidarity day. bay area residents from egypt, tunisia and arab communities as well as those in solidarity with the movement, and justice and liberation united came together. the rally kicked off at 1:00 at the u.n. plaza in market street.
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it included live interviews with journalists on the ground in egypt and a march to call on the u.s. government to take a firm stance against the egyptian government. >> i'm here to condemn strongly the mubarak regime use of violence against unarmed civilians who are demonstrating for their rights against journalists, human rights activists and to call on the u.s. government to strongly condemn these actions and move towards a unity transitional democratic government. >> president obama says discussions have begun in egypt to create a temporary government to replace mubarak. in keeping with her goal to take city hall on the road, oakland mayor jean quan held a meeting today at west middle school. residents were encouraged to speak to the issues that affect their community. she said these meetings are important to gauge how best city hall can help their community. >> we're hoping to get from them things that we can do together, and their priorities.
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and i'm going to use these town hall meetings to set priorities for staffing, and for the budget. >> kwan is hoping to hold at least five town hall meetings in her first 100 days in office. and at least one in all seven council districts a year. neighbors in oakland came together today to discuss ways to put an end to the surge of violence in their communities. members of the community voiced their concerns directly to members of the city council and to the oakland police department. issues included everything from police officer cuts to questions about violent activity at specific intersections. the meeting held at peralta elementary school, they also shared some safety tips. >> call the b.a.r.t. police number and have an officer escort you to the car in the parking lot. i wanted to make sure that everyone knows you can do this. >> members of the community shared ideas for roughly two hours. oakland's police chief, by the
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way, did not attend today's meeting. apparently because of a funeral service he needed to attend. oakland police are investigating three separate shootings this weekend, one of them deadly. the first shooting happened about 6:30 last night near the intersection of east 19th street and 23rd avenue. the 33-year-old man shot there died. and police say his killing could have something to do with marijuana grow operations that they found at his home nearby. less than an hour later, another man was shot near the corner of west grand avenue and san pablo. he is expected to survive. about 10:30 last night, two men were shot near 7th. they are also expected to survive. police are trying to come up with aus expect descriptions. coming up next at 5:00, the trial for two graduates jailed in iran starts tomorrow. one of their biggest legal challenges is simply being allowed to meet with their lawyer. gas prices are on the rise. where you can get the cheapest gas around. ever wonder why there's a spike in antacid sales the monday
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after super bowl? super bowl weekend after a super start around the bay area. gorgeous saturday evening. 70s across the board for t mostf the area. now 60s in san francisco. but it is a little windy outside. we'll talk moreor wd adhe wind adsoviomin cg up..
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the two uc berkeley graduates are scheduled to stand trial tomorrow in iran. shane bauer, sarah shourd and josh fattal were arrested for allegedly hiking across an unmarked border into iran.
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iranian authorities released shourd in september because of a medical condition. the attorney representing 28-year-old bauer and fattal say he has not been able to see his clients since shourd's release. the judge has granted the attorney a few hours to visit with fattal and bauer before the trial to begin at 10:00. still to come at 5:00 -- >> it's something that's very unique. you can't find it in any other restaurant. >> that's for sure. how one san francisco restaurant is adding a curious ch to
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in case you haven't noticed, gas prices have been steadily creeping up, and analysts blame the political tensions in the middle east for that. a gallon of regular averages $3.47. so, here's where the lowest
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prices are at least that we could find. in san francisco, the costco near airport boulevard and bellaire road is selling regular for $3.26 a gallon. that's not bad. most stop near the key road has it for $3.25 a gallon. the cheapest price we could find in the east bay was at arco famous for the cheap gas prices in concord at $3.21 a gallon. there's an e. coli scare of a recall of more than 3,000 pounds of beef. they were served at restaurants mostly in southern california. included in the recall, ground beef patties, beef taco meat and ground beef used in chili. there's some concern that some of the meat could still be in freezers at restaurants across southern california. the bay area, of course, is a melting pot of different cultures, each with its own distinct food. but as today, in the bay, joe shows us one san francisco restaurant is quite literally crawling with flavor.
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>> reporter: san francisco's plush with culture. every direction filled with the flavors of latino culture. inside the doors of this restaurant, harry serves up traditional delicacies. >> banana leaves. >> reporter: this's one dish on the menu that seems to have the jump on the others. >> this is the grasshopper tacos. >> reporter: the outside world may think of grasshoppers as insects. here they're an ingredient. >> it's something that's unique. and you can't find it in any other restaurant. >> reporter: for the last couple years the restaurant has served up grasshopper tacos and to tosstados. >> and dried shrimp. >> reporter: some regions eat grasshopper for their high protein and vitamins. >> this is what they look like.
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>> reporter: for his customers, they eat them just to say they did. >> for them it's like a fun food. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: it's a unique dish, not for the faint of heart. >> just don't think about it. >> not crazy about the legs. but super tasty. >> reporter: for those who might want to take things up a notch, the menu also includes fried tarantulas when they're in season. >> it tastes like a soft-shell. >> reporter: they're considered an aphrodisiac. >> in the latino population, they gave it to the husband. >> reporter: in this restaurant, they may be exotic to some. to others they're simply the taste of home. joe risotto jr., nbc bay area news. >> i would love to try those. i've tried fried scorpions before, but they just tasted crunchy. how about you? >> i would watch you do it.
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>> tarantula is too much for me. >> if you're having dinner outside tonight, 70 degrees right now. wind at 14 miles an hour. san francisco cooling a little bit. 66 degrees. west wind at 16. oakland now, still hanging on to the 70s. 71 degrees. nor record-breaking, record melting around the bay area. we got up to 77 officially in downtown oakland. 73 degrees in san francisco. look at napa and santa rosa, two locations that hit 80 degrees. in february, a remarkable weather pattern. temperatures in the hilltops in the mid-70s. as the air compresses down to sea level, it warms up a few more degrees. the valley got close to 80 today. the winds are in place tonight, wind advisories through 10:00 tomorrow morning in elevations
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above 1,000 feet. tomorrow we'll stand another chance of breaking a few more records. one more day of 70s, before bigger changes arrive as we get towards the end of the work week. high pressure holding its ground. in this pattern we get the gusty offshore winds and temperatures, regardless of the fact it's the first week of february, it will be soaring into the 6 o0s and 7. now, for the rest of the week, the storm track way off to the north with high pressure holding its ground. no sign of any storms. but stay tuned late next weekend we'll probably see cooling and maybe a chance of rain as we had in the forecast. 40s and 50s outside. for tomorrow, we're talking mid-70s popping up for the south bay. as you head to livermore, maybe not quite as warm. low 70s for the afternoon. san francisco should also see the 70s for tomorrow around the peninsula and towards the east bay we'll see highs in the low
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70s. for the north bay, back in the 70s for one more day. the forecast you'll see is temperatures are actually going to cool off quite a bit as we get through the weekend. by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday, we're back to february weather. we'll see patchy fog for the mornings. dry conditions from now through next saturday. what a day today, 70s near 80. >> i couldn't believe it. i left the house to go to my son's basketball game with my coat on, and it was balmy. >> it was. >> thanks, rob. up next in sports, we'll hear from the players of the fanfest and will former raider tim brown be headed to the ilsp. fame. sports is coming up next.
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three weeks from today, the giants will be back on the diamond with spring ball in full effect. but today was all about continuing the title celebration before getting back to work. the ballpark packed with fans. over 40,000 in attendance today. there were less than 25,000 last year. what a difference a title makes, huh? fans getting a chance to get in thick with the hardware. for the players, it was nice to hang with the giants baseball and savor the championship one last time before heading out to the desert. >> it's exciting. you know, we're just happy to be here. spring starting in about a week. i think everyone's ready to get back to work and try to win another world series. >> for us, it's kind of a jump-start. that tells us the 2011 season
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started. and seeing these fans and the excitement they already have for baseball, gets us more motivated than we already are. the sharks on the road in pittsburgh. you would think with what was technically a 10:00 a.m. start for the team, you would think it would be a tough day on the ice. the backhand shot here for the 23rd goal of the season. sharks up 1-0. let's go to late third period. sharks looking to steal the win. devon gets his own rebound. and fires it in for the empty netter. shut out pittsburgh for the first time ever 3-0 the final. a big day for cal hoops. one that will define its status for the postseason. they host number 21 arizona tonight. the bears looking for their fifth straight win. the cardinals remain somewhat relevant in the pac-10. taking on asu at home. jeremy hot from three-point land. drains one here. 5 for 5 on the day.
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gives stanford a ten-point lead. trying to hold off the sun devils. josh owens gets the little jumper to go. 12-10 overall. 83-75 the final. pac-10 women's hoops, cardinal remain unscathed in conference play. 11-0 as they take down the wildcats, 91-61 cal. arizona state. the bears lose a close one, 45-44 the final. a quiet day for the super bowl teams with less than 24 hours until game time. both the packers went through final walk-throughs. this year's hall of fame class was announced and former raiders great tim brown is going to have to wait another year. in fact, he didn't even make it to the top fen of finalists. sitting at fourth in nfl history in receiving yards and reception. he'll have to wait for 2012. deion sanders, falk, for their end, they'll be wearing yellow
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jackets come august. >> nice to see you. welcome back. >> you, too, diane. >> it's been a couple years. >> five years. good to be back. >> nice to have you. >> thanks. at 5:00, only on thanksgiving, what do americans eat more of? how the super bowl snacks stack oeshe rt of tes nation andhe around here.
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football fans know all the stats on their favorite players who will likely take the field tomorrow. so we thought we'd bring you new numbers on the food those fans, perhaps you, me, will eat over the course of the game. a massachusetts paper decided to compile some stats on it. americans will put away, according to that paper, about 1,200 calories while watching the game. 30% of that in dips and spreads. in other words, fat. and 22% of that in chicken wings. you've got to like that. the nearly 70,000 million pounds of avocados is enough to cover the cowboy stadium field in avocados 27 feet deep.


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