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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  February 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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reyoch wu'nbinaty c g baea .yo a beautiful evening across the bay area. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda with a look for us. hello, rob. >> a beautiful evening. another record-breaking day around the bay area. well saw temperatures fall no matter where you were around the bay area. right now even san francisco still pretty toasty. we're at 68 degrees, down from a record high today of, get this, 77 degrees in downtown san francisco. san jose also set a record today at 77 degrees. and look at oakland, 81 degrees around the east bay. hayward 80 degrees. the top spot today santa rosa soaring up to 83 degrees.
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napa a new record high of 80. right now obviously the skies are clear. you just saw that from san francisco. but i'm tracking two big changes showing up as we go to the workweek. first a big cooldown on the way. we'll start to see that tomorrow, and yes, rain showing up once again in the seven-day forecast. despite all the warm temperatures we had today, big changes rolling in soon. we'll show you those coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, rob. they're accused of espionage in iran. today three uc berkeley graduates face their first day of trial. two appeared in court in person. the third did not. they all pleaded not guilty to the charges. but getting any additional information out of iran is proving to be very difficult. nbc bay area's marianne favro is in the newsroom with what happened today in iran's revolutionary court. marianne? >> reporter: the hearing lasted nearly five hours. the americans were detained in july 2009 along the iraqi border. they claim may were hiking in iraq's kurdistan region, and inadvertently crossed into iran. they now face a maximum sentence
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of ten years in prison if convicted. sarah shourd, who was released earlier on half a million dollars bail wasn't there, but her two friends, josh fattal and shane bauer were at the court today. the court was shrouded in secrecy. no members of the media were allowed in. in fact, there was a blanket ban on any observers going into the court, including the swiss ambassador, who represents u.s. interests in iran. she told nbc news she was very frustrated. she couldn't get any information or find out what was happening during the proceedings. the lawyer for josh and shane said if they were going to be released on bail, that probably would have happened today, and it didn't. so the court case is moving forward. just to give you some background, the judge presiding over the hikers' trial has a reputation for being a hard-liner who hands down heavy sentences. the same judge did decide to hold at least one more session in tehran revolutionary court.
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this is the court which deals with state security cases. no word yet when that hear willing happen. according to the attorney for shane bauer and josh fattal, both men appear to be in good health. now this trial comes with anti-american rhetoric high in iran as it celebrates the anniversary of the 1979 islamic revolution. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. an ex-convict who had been out of prison for just two weeks is back in custody tonight in oakland after oakland police say he shot at two officers inside their patrol car. around 6:30 last night, police were called to west oakland near martin luther king jr. way where a man was allegedly shooting at a car. when officers arrived, they say the suspect, 31-year-old bennie ray martin jr. began shooting at their car. the car was hit, but the officers were not hurt and did not return fire. instead they called for backup. dozens of officers responded. once in custody, investigators say martin jr. admitted to the shootings, claiming he was upset over personal issues. martin was released by the way
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from prison, as we mentioned, just two weeks ago. oakland police are also looking for a woman who was reportedly assault and kidnapped last night. witnesses say they saw a man chasing a woman and cornered her inside an apartment complex two. men allegedly put her in a car and drove off. it happened on eileen street east of san pablo. the car we're told is described as 1999 black chrysler with four doors. the license plate number is 6 jfg056. state lawmakers are headed back to work tomorrow and to the daunting task of balancing a $25 billion deficit. the pace of deliberations is faster this year. governor jerry brown wants legislative action early next month so that a special statewide election on the budget can be held in june. that election would focus on one of brown's most complicated budget proposals, something called realignment. realignment involves the shifting of services and programs from the state to local governments. for example, counties would assume increased responsibility
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for juvenile detention centers, child welfare services and substance abuse programs. >> what the governor wants to do is off-load a lot of these programs, give them back totally to local governments. but the problem is he has also got to find a way, he has to find a way for the local governments to fund themselves. >> brown has plead to shift funding for the programs, and hopes voters will approve $6 billion in tax fees and extension during the special election. san francisco police are investigating an early morning crash that sent seven people to the hospital. it happened at the intersection of jones and sutter street in the lower nob hill neighborhood. police say a taxi cab and limousine collided. one vehicle ended up sliding into a light pole causing the protective glass and light fixture to fall and that glass hit two pedestrians. five passengers are also injured. everyone is skppted to make a full recovery. police are still trying to figure out what caused that
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crash. cell phone giant nokia is expanding to silicone valley. good news if you're looking for work. also good news for local business who expect a big shot in the arm. nbc bay area's tech reporter scott budman explains. >> reporter: the lunch crowd at sunnyvale's dish dash doesn't use cell phones. they're too busy eating their mediterranean food. >> are you waiting for the other party? >> reporter: but the staff here loves the cell phone industry, especially with mobile giant nokia moving in as their new downtown neighbor. >> they're a block away from us. they can walk in. they don't even have to drive. no worries about parking. >> reporter: dish dash has seen companies come and go. now with the tech industry on the rise, business here is booming. >> it's going to help everybody. not only me, everything in sunnyvale, all the small businesses around. thank god we're blessed with good people around. but we still need more. there is nothing wrong with it. >> reporter: nokia used to be the world's dominant cell phone maker, but has fallen behind
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android and iphone models, and it's focusing on silicon valley because this is where the action. >> in this area where a lot of the mobile developers are. it's where we can collaborate with colleagues from other companies, other high-tech companies. we have a lot of business relationships here. >> reporter: and good news for the nearby bean scene cafe. they drink a lot of coffee. >> a lot more foot traffic outside. it helps us for the restaurant and stuff. but after the lunch, then they come back for coffee and back to work. >> reporter: phones are big business these days. no matter what your business is. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> nokia, by the way, has about 500 employees in the bay area right now. they say they're actively hirin as one cndustry continues to grow. coming up next at 6:00, trapped in egypt. the latest on a mission google executive who may be being held captive there. plus big changes coming to
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facebook? why the social networking site could soon be a new site of its own. also ahead, an established pop warner league in the south bay is facing a chay thueleag wa organizers say the league was blindsided. s
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and here is another look at today's record high temperatures. 77 in san jose and downtown san francisco. 81 in oakland. 83 in santa rosa. but even after this hour, the winds are backing off. we're seeing two big changes in your seven-day forecast. a lookthatn we come t ba.
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the streets of cairo are relatively calm today. this evening president obama talked again about how the united states is walking a diplomatic tightrope, trying to convince a long-time ally that he has overstayed his welcome. the president is trying to put pressure on egyptian president
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hosni mubarak without making things worse in that country. >> the president wants change. he wants it immediately. he wants it to be meaningful. and he wants it to be orderly. >> senator john kerry, who heads the foreign relations committee says it's not important when mubarak steps down, but how. the executive at google who may be being held in the middle east will reportedly be released from government custody tomorrow. that's at least according to family members. he is google's head of marketing for the middle east and north africa. it's believed he has been held by egypt's government and has been held there for the past ten days. but officials aren't confirming that at this point. his brother says members of the group who met with hosni mubarak's vice president brokered his release today. his family has received terrorizing midnight phone calls from his captors, claiming he is being, quote, taught a lesson. still to come at 6:00, blind side. why a pop warner football league says it's tackling so to speak an issue it never saw coming. and here is another view of
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a gorgeous evening in san francisco. 64 degrees. northwest wind at 10. and as the wind starts to come off the ocean, we're going see res for yourme temperatures r your workweek. a look at that when we come right back. [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open.
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today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of ronald reagan. his supporters are honoring him throughout the country and the world. but the main celebration is happening near his home in southern california. his widow, nancy reagan, attended the celebration today at the ronald reagan presidential foundation and library in simi valley. the event celebrated the life and accomplishments of mr. reagan and introduced several new exhibits as well. nancy reagan laid a wreath after her husband's grave site as fighter jets from the uss ronald reagan flew overhead.
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>> and i know that ronnie would be thrilled and is thrilled to have all of you share in his 100th birthday. it doesn't seem possible, but that's what it is. >> president reagan died, as you know, in 2004 after a ten-year battle with alzheimer's disease. there is a turf war in the south bay, and a well-known youth sports league is on the losing end. kris sanchez shows us why west valley pop warner is benched. >> reporter: the west valley pop warner football program is scouting. >> we have a very good reputation. >> reporter: not for the latest greatest talent or the best coaches. >> we're calling everybody we know, directors, principal, school boards. >> reporter: after more than 40 years, the program is strong. but the one thing they're missing, home turf. >> we unfortunately found ourselves homeless, looking for a place to practice and play our
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games. >> reporter: for seven years, saratoga high was home for west valley pop warner. there more than 150 players and more than 30 cheerleaders practiced after 6:00 in the evening and played their games on sunday to work around the's extracurricular. >> just this past fall they informed us that they would not be renewing the contract. and they were seeing what they thought was a big squeeze, too many conflicts between the high school programs and what our needs were for practicing and playing games. >> reporter: ending that agreement will cost the los gatos saratoga district the $10,000 they pay for the facilities. at the same time the district was saying no to the ten grand, they're asking voters to pass a $49 parcel tax to generate cash for its schools. the superintendent says while $10,000 seems like a lot of money, it's far less than the money that the school district needs and far less than the $800,000 the parcel tax would generate. he also adds while he supports feeder programs like the pop warner one, his primary responsibility is to the students already in his district. so that means west valley pop
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warner will continue to scout. >> we're confident that we'll find a school that is certainly looking to take our money and give us a place to play. >> reporter: kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> west valley pop warnler continue to look for a field as its march registration approaches. the season starts in august. they have a little bit of time. what a nice day to be out there, playing a little football before the big football game. >> it does feel a bit more like spring training. you saw the beautiful weather around the bay area. how about still 64 degrees in san francisco. this after we hit a record high all the way up to 77. a bit earlier this afternoon. notice the wind, northwest winds at 10 miles per hour there. humidity is a little dry. we have some pretty dry air over the bay area. once the winds back off tonight, that's going to allow our temperatures to drop down, probably into the low 40s in some spots as we head towards tomorrow morning. still 74 in hayward. san jose 71 degrees. there you see fairfield dropping down to 61 degrees. 68 in santa rosa after a high of
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83 this afternoon. notice the wind speeds. they backed off. we no longer have the wind advisory for the bay area hills. and as the winds calm down tonight, we will see some chilly temperatures. but in a meantime, a gorgeous evening. 50s and 60s outside through probably 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. and then later on tonight as the winds die down, temperatures will drop. we'll wake up tomorrow to temperatures mostly in the low to mid-40s. so a cool start to your monday. and we'll see more cooling as cooler air aloft starts to settle in to the bay area. satellite view squloys just a few high clouds going on by. the story of the weekend with high pressure and the sinking warming airer aloft, warming us up. storms staying off from seattle northward, but we're going see a few changes as we get back to the workweek overall. this is going to be a roller coaster week in terms of temperatures, first from the warm temperatures we had today, then cooling down, especially come tuesday. we're going to see winds generally out of the northwest. cooler air aloft, and highs dropping into the upper 50s and low 60s. dry, though, for the workweek. when we should start to see some changes, though, unfortunately
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right around this time next weekend. instead of a giant ridge of high pressure, we're going to have a dip in the jet stream. and that's going to be a trough that is going to anchor itself off the west coast. the first system that drops in on saturday may be weak. it will put a change in our weather pattern, and possibly will toss some showers our way as we kick off the weekend. once we get towards the end of the weekend, that's when we'll see real rain come back to the bay area. not for now. just clear and dry skies tonight. lows running a little chillfully the north bay, close to 40 in napa. mid 40s for san jose. high temperatures for your monday, down about anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees. we're going to lose that strong offshore winds. low 60s in san francisco as the winds are actually going to turn a little bit morillon shore as we go through tomorrow and tuesday. east bay temperatures mid- to upper 60s. may get close to 70 in lake port. that's about it. a clear trend in your seven-day forecast. temperatures are going to drop down as we go through the middle part of the week, and then by next weekend, boy, what a change. it could be a 30-degree swing in
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temperatures. by the time we get to next saturday and sunday, we knew it was too good to last. we still do need the rain and snow. i think we'll be talking about it next weekend. >> in the meantime, nice. we'll be right back.
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same face, new location. as rumored for months, facebook may be ready for a new home. the palo alto social networking site has invited reporters to an event tuesday in menlo park. the speculation is that facebook will be moving. many of its more than 2,000 employees south to a property near the former sun microsystems campus in santa clara. our scott budman received one of the invitations. he'll let us know what facebook is up to on tuesday. jump houses may be banned from public parks in walnut creek. the city is proposing to do with allowing the popular children party inflatables. in part because of budget cuts, not only do they wreak havoc on lawns, but processing the permit takes valuableime that could be better spent. some parents are not so pleased. >> obviously, it's going to be
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hard because, you know, as a parent, you're limited to, you know, activities for kids for birthday parties. and, you know, if you're not allowed to do it, then it's going to be, you know, it's just going to be too bad for the kids. >> the park recreation and open space commission is set to make a recommendation on the bounce house tomorrow night. nearby danville, pleasanton and clayton have already done away with them in public parks. this is a big day. super sunday, something going on. >> they're playing a game right now. in the fourth quarter. >> random game going on. >> we can't show you super bowl highlights. but we can show you the simulation. yes, the ea sports madden simulation. plus, a san mateo native given top honors in way that has never been done before. plus we talk about the who r star whoas owned a pro football team before, and he wants back in the game. sports next.
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and now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> good evening. just before the super bowl kicked off, we learned that the walter payton award for the nfl's man of the year did not go to the raiders' nnamdi asomugha. the vikingsed me dea williams took the honor. as for the mvp award, it was unanimous. for the first time ever tom brady gets all 50 of the 50 available votes. in 2007 he got 49 of the 50. somebody gave a single vote to brett favre that year. this season brady led the patriots to a 14-2 record in the regular season with the young team. pretty good feat that he was able to do this and take these top honors this way. new england was the top seed this postseason, but they were
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eliminated by the jets. let's talk about a rock star. jon bon jovi. he has been a life-long new york giants fan. he used to travel with the team. at the ground level of texas stadium. >> you're cool. you're hanging with bon jovi. >> i notice head had that cowboy on the steel horse he rides like longhorn tattoo. bon jovi. anyway we saw more recently the arena football league's owner of the philadelphia soul who beat the sabercats in the arena bowl a few years back. now there is word he is looking to buy a stake in the atlanta falcons. several reports there have been talks with arthur blank about buying 15% for $150 million. the numbers are significant because it essentially values the falcons at $1 billion. blank is trying to raise the cash because he is hoping to build a new outdoor stadium in atlanta. remember, blank knows a thing or two about building things. he was the co-founder of home depot. now since we're in the middle of the super bowl right now, we can't show you any highlights. we would like to. but we can't. but our friends at ea sports in
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redwood city helping us out tonight with the madden nfl 11 simulation. this is erik on which team will win all the supped up production value you have come to expect from the spent cal, sans the back eyed peas. rashard mendenhall for the game's first score. the steelers' next drive, it's stalled. and they added a field goal early in the second quarter. then packers get some push down the field. and aaron rodgers finds greg jennings in the back of the end zone. just before the half, clay matthews, he gets in on the act here. gets a little pressure on roethlisberger. but the drive stay ace live. and hines ward puts the steelers back up by 10. mason crosby nails a field goal, and another that they don't show. uand then the pack gets back to work. rodgers finds san jose's own james jones with nine minutes left. the packers lead by three. look out. it's a bomb to mike wallace. they took back the lead. mike mccarthy, aaron rodgers, what are they going to do?
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it's picked by ryan clark. the steelers capture their seventh super bowl, 24-20. again, a simulation. risks you okay? >> that was fake. what is real tonight, "sports sunday," we talk with stanford's new head football coach, david shaw. and we go all access with steph currie. i don't know if the super bowl was that exciting. steph curry hits a full court shot. if you haven't seen it, you got to. that's "sports sunday" after the news at 11:25. do not miss it. now the pro am at pebble beach this coming week. pga tour in arizona this week. the final round of the phoenix open. always lively at stadium course at tpc scottsdale. mickelson knows the course well. he has won there twice on the tour. nice birdie taking him to 11 under. tommy two-gloves gainy. he wears that because he wears two gloves. good thing this week because of the frost delay. he had the lead, but has fallen behind mark wilson. with a couple more holes to
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play, wilson is the leader at 18 under. but darkness has fallen. it's halted play. they'll pick back up tomorrow. wilson already has one win at the sony open. they will try to hold on for his second. scary moment in boston today. celtics guard marquis daniels collides with gilbert arenas of orlando. he bruise his spinal cord, and he stays down on the court for quite a while. he was taken off the floor on a stretcher. he is expected to be out at least a month. but good news is he will recover fully. they are expecting that. back to the game action. the magic got a nice afternoon out of dwight howard, 28 points, 13 rebounds. but boston pulls away behind 26 points from rajon rondo. the celtics win it, 91-80. finally, comprehensive coverage of every bay area team son sportsnet central. every night at 10:30, a full 30 minutes of coverage of just the teams you care about, only on comcast sportsnet bay area. >> have you recovered -- >> from the simulation? >> man! >> i wish in years past i've
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actually played it myself. this year i let their simulation do the talking. we'll see. kind of playing out that way. >> and did you hear about christina aguilera messed up the national anthem. >> you can't mess it up they will tweet. >> they will, and a lot. good night. and now another viewpoint response to an nbc bay area editorial. >> last week we said because people like us are the san francisco bay's biggest polluters, it's time we cleaned up our act. and you agreed. our first viewer says how about plastic bottles? consumers want high quality drinking water. disregarding the fact that packaging, processing and delivery are far more polluting. bay lover believes every city should make it easy for residents to clean up their act, starting with banning plastic bags like san jose. calidad remarks keep it up. i found local packaging stores very willing to take my bag or box of styro chips in for


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