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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 8, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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can't find any fog just yet. the possibility of fog developing is there. we'll watch it for you. right now we are in the 50s. high pressure is firmly in control driving the offshore winds. it is a little gusty at times. keep that in mind. as you take your lunch break, we are in the mid to upper 50s. highs today will be in the mid to upper 60s to low 70s. the complete forecast is on the way. back to you two. thank you, christina. a hit-and-run driver is still on the run this morning and a young woman who was hit is now hanging on in a south bay hospital. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is live at regional medical center in san jose with what you can do to try to help find the driver. >> reporter: good morning, brent. yes, 18-year-old erica luna is here at the region mall regional medical center in san jose. she has a broken pelvis and internal injures after being hit and dragged for hundreds of feet. this all happened sunday morning about 2:30 when her family tells
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us she was crossing the street near fontane road near 101 and toll tulle road. the driver was described driving a silver minivan or suv and took off. meanwhile doctors tell the luna family because of her injuries she may never walk again. her older brother jose is desperate for justice. >> didn't he hear my sister screaming or something? there's no reason not to stop. you are not a home if you don't stop. >> reporter: the luna family spent yesterday passing out and posting flyers on street signs and cars hoping someone witnessed the hit-and-run. they are offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of this driver. if caught and convicted, this driver faces a possible charge of felony hit and run. of course, if you have any
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information you are asked to call san jose police or silicon valley crime stoppers. live in san jose this morning, marla tellez for "today in the bay." a million dollars worth of weapons were on the street this morning, and now san jose police are on the hunt for the man who stole them in a violent home invasion. a gang of three masked men forced their way into a home on rucker lane in gilroy fund sunday night. they beat the homeowner, tied him up and forced them to give him the combination of his gun safe. he was a gun collector with guns from all over the world. they also took his truck that they found later. there were many visitors to the home including hand zi handymen and landscapers recently. a lawsuit is stemming from a flag flap near cinco de mayo last year. three students are being susp d suspended for wearing american flags on cinco de mayo.
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the district says they have no rules against patriotic clothing, so it should be released from any legal responsibility and no ruling from a court is needed. however, a u.s. district court judge in san jose delayed making a ruling on that yesterday. he says there may still be ground for a case. so he still might make a ruling in the future. higher taxes in order to save higher education. that's the call from california universities this morning. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at san jose state university with more. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. leaders of the public colleges are warning of another round of tuition hikes for students in schools like san jose state if the state does not extend the tax hikes. students are scratching their heads wondering how this can be as they face planned increases. for uc students it is 8% this fall. for cal students it is 10%.
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in order to close the $25 billion budget, the governor proposed cuts to higher education, which the school can handle unless voters knock down a series of taxes that are supposed to come up on the ballot in june. now, if that happens the state will have to cut more from higher education to force the schools to raise their fees on students. now, let's assume the tax hikes are approved. the president of the uc system and the chancellors of tsu and the california community colleges have told the states that some programs may have to be cut next year. that's how bad the financials are for public colleges here in california. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you, bob. >> a funky smell through part of fisherman's wharf in san francisco, but many regulators say a new smell has them concerned. exxon mobil is cleaning up contaminated soil near the hyde street pier. it has been under water for
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decades, but people who work and play nearby often say that the smell of diesel is now overwhelming when crews are working. >> if i'm getting stinging eyes and headaches, and my sister is getting headaches, and my nephew is getting headaches, obviously there's something going on. >> angel sincotta reported her concerned to the air quality management district. it says an inspector noticed the smell as well but it is not a violence. the exxon mobil contractor says it has remained within permit safety requirements since that work began back in december. the power of bay area environmental groups will be tested today. the question today is whether lehigh quarry will be able to continue dumping mining waste off its property. according to the environmental protection agency this is the fourth largest emitter of mercury in the country. the plant has been operating
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without a valid epa clean air permit for 15 years thou. local environmental groups will speak at today's 1:30 hearing. then the santa clara county board of supervisors will make the final decision. after 63 years in business a family-owned grocery store in the south bay is closing its doors for good. cositinos market started as a small fruit stand in san jose and eventually became the neighborhood tradition. the three cositino brothers are tool old to run it and can't compete with the big grocery store chains these days. another specialty grocery store will open in its place some time soon. 5:06 right now. news that caltrans' ceo has suggested halting much of the service to survive financially and has a higher salary than any transit boss in california. he makes more than $400,000 per
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year as the head of caltrans. the finding comes just days after caltrans declared to call it a transit emergency. it is 5:207 right now. if you are driving the car hanging on to the wheel, we talked to marla tellez live a few moments ago, you could hear the wind whistling. >> my hair started out straight and ended up like this because of the wind. >> look at what it did to mine. >> my hair is hurting just watching, marla. brent, you are okay. good morning to you. you've got a beautiful woman already there. the bay area is looking good. we have a bit of cold air coming into our area, and that's going to change our temperatures significantly tomorrow and really as we head into the latter part of the week. but today, once again, offshore winds, down-sloping winds keeping us mild in the low 50s to upper 40s. heading throughout the afternoon, repeat performance
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temperaturewise of yesterday. we'll see the low 70s in san jose, morgan hill, and then maybe some upper 60s in the north bay and east bay. the peninsula, nice and mild today. 62 degrees in san francisco. rain on the way. we'll tell you when and how much we are expecting coming up. hey, you have to get to work this morning. that's right, christina. you are talking about the gusty winds, we are talking about the branches and debris out there. that's what we have reported right now on highway 13 at moraga avenue. a large tree is blown down affecting the on-ramp. a crew will be heading out there. gusty winds are coming through especially along 680. keep that in mind. we'll watch the reports carefully. so far we are looking good on the bay bridge. you'll get gusty winds there as well. it could blow you from side to side there. the san mateo bridge is on a high wind advisory. we can't take the camera because from time to time the signal blows out.
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the cable is getting rattled by the wind as well. the hayward drive through the construction zone shows no delays off 880. the wind advisory is extended for alameda county coming out of the altamonte pass. watch it, guys. the time is 5:09. the egyptian president is making moves this morning to appease the protestors. we'll have the very latest on that situation coming up. plus trying to gain from the nfl's mistake. what nascar is doing for the fans who missed out. and caught on tape fighting back. an elderly woman taking on a gang of robbers. we have the amazing video. we'll tell you what happened coming up next. but right now we'll take a live look outside. we are waiting for the sun to come up over the beautiful bay area. another nice day on tap. we'll keep you posted coming up. it is 5:09 right now. ♪
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four-alarm fire in texas this morning. it is burning in grand perry near dallas. it is just enormous. the fire actually started last night still burning out of control. right now firefighters are just trying to keep it contained so it doesn't jump to neighboring buildings. the cause is still under investigation no doubt as firefighters attempt to even tackle this fire. we'll, of course, keep you posted if there are any other developments. the u.s. is stepping up the pressure on a key allie in the middle east. u.s. officials say they might pull out of upcoming talks with pakistan unless they release an american diplomat being held on murder charges. the u.s. claims that raymond davis killed two pakistanis in self-defense last month. pakistani leaders are facing growing anger in their country over what happened. the power of social networking could change the way some companies do business. connecticut-based american medical response centered a lawsuit with a former employee over facebook comments she posted. dawn marie suza was fired in
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2009 after she complained about her supervisor on facebook. the federal government stepped in to accept the deal yesterday. the company also agreed to change its internet and blocking policy, blogging policies rather. it is financial aid and awareness week in san francisco and one city agency is doing its part for a bright future. the mission economic development agency will hold a meeting to discuss loans and grants for low-income students trying to go to college. the supervisors will speak to students who have a lot of need for financial aid. that event kicks off at 11:00 on the front steps of city hall. new this morning egyptian president hosni mubarak is taking the first steps to implementing reform in his country. he set up constitutional changes to relax the rules for who can run for president and impose term limits. thou the move so far has not satisfied protestors who remain in cairo's tahrir square this
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morning. thousands of them are camped out, but the protests so far are said to be peaceful. they say they will not be satisfied until mubarak steps down. meantime, the google executive who turned protester is speaking out this morning telling people what not to do. scott has details. >> he has a couple rules. first of all, good morning. rael wael ghonim won't talk to the foreign press and wants people to stop using his picture. he tweeted saying, my friends, don't create logos with my special photo in general. especially if it has the google logo in it. he appeared on television wearing a google t-shirt. hard to see with all the graphics that tv has put in front of things, but that is, indeed, a google t-shirt underneath there. this morning ghonim is on his way back to tahrir square. it is just after 3:00 in the afternoon cairo time. laura showed you live pictures. ghonim tweeted about this ten
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minutes ago that he was returning to the protest. so we'll continue to watch this as carefully as we can. laura, if he's re-arrested we'll let you know. 5:15 right now. february is black history month. that makes it a perfect time for the museum of new york to unveil its newest exhibit. ain't nothing like the real thing. it takes a look back at 75 years of musical history at harlem's apollo theater. it exhibits chronicles of how the artists who played their really shaped america. some of the items on display include a cape and jump suit from james brown and pieces from michael jackson. >> it is more than anyone could have dreamed would ever happened. >> i have been able to enjoy the highs. and these days are the highs for the apollo theater. >> some living legends visiting it there. the exhibit was put together by the apollo theater and smithsonian. it runs until may 1st.
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castro could soon have its own rainbow walk of fame, but some people say the first class of inductees is incomplete. the walk of fame will include 20 gays and lesbians including allen ginsburg. it needs to be approved by the civic arts commission and work is expected to start on the sidewalk plex along market and castro street next year. however, a marquee name has been left out of the first class, and that is harvey milk. some argue milk is a must-have inductee, but others say he has a plaz za in his name and could be added in the future. the spartans will be recognized at the council meeting tonight. they won the championship in december. they were ranked number one in the nation. tonight's presentation is at 6:30.
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oh, the moment of the boys having to clean the uniforms. >> that's a fun football game right there. >> good thing i only have one boy out of the three, huh? one boy and you could have two little tomboys. >> you are right. >> we are nice and clear this morning. plenty of 40s later on this morning. we won't see all that many 30s pop up. if they do, they will be the upper 30s because it is really mild out there with strong winds keeping things warm. 15 to 25-mile-per-hour wind gusts this morning sustained at 10 miles per hour. that could move you around a little bit if you drive a high-profile vehicle. take it easy this morning. possible rain is what we are looking forward to this weekend. it looks like towards the end of the weekend into monday. we'll see more of that shower system pushing towards us. for today, 51 degrees right now in oakland turning over to the
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upper 60s to low 70s. i'm going 70 in oakland today. 71 degrees in concord. 53 right now in hayward turning over to 68 degrees later today. your seven-day outlook is going to show you changes. our temperatures are going to drop. in fact, as of this afternoon we'll be about three to five degrees cooler at noon. then this afternoon as we head into 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. our temperatures climb to 70 degrees in places like oakland. we'll see 72 in morgan hills today. 70 in san jose. more to 62 degrees in san francisco. 59 degrees for tomorrow. that's going to bring in the changes. then we'll look to see seasonal conditions here in the bay area. then we'll see the upper 60s towards the weekend. back to you guys. thanks. the super bowl champions, the green bay packers, will celebrate today with dozens of fans. dozens of fans volunteered to shovel snow out of lambeau field. they are out there getting it
5:20 am
done. they got it cleared out to have the celebration in the stadium today. the celebration is scheduled to start at noon. hey, you know what, the packer fans are very involved with their team. the packers beat the steelers 31-25 to win their fourth super bowl title. now, las vegas motor speedway is offering 400 super bowl ticketholders free tickets to next month's nascar event in vegas. the fans were not allowed to get to their seats at the super bowl because they were deemed unsafe. and four of those 400 fans will also win free rooms at a las vegas hotel. meantime, the nfl has also promised those displaced fans free tickets to next year's super bowl as well as a refund worth three times the face value of their ticket. so they didn't get to go to the game, but they are being taken care of. 5:20 right now. mike is up next with what you need to know before you head out the door this morning. plus, government cuts could put a major san fraisco building project in jeopardy. we'll tell you how it could mean
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ten seconds to watch the clock change. we'll look at the maps with reports of a fire south of 237 at matilda in sunnyvale just off the shoulder. a small grass fire likely to be put out very easily, but concern because there are windy conditions around the bay, including the south bay. that could make things more intense for this fire. i'll follow that report carefully. we are checking with the sunnyvale fire department as well. we see slowing, look at the yellow heeding east of there. i'm going to follow both of those. you never know, we have to look at all the clues here. the star in the middle of the screen is the hp pavilion. pete sampras was defeated yesterday. so keep that in mind for all of you watching that tournament. looking here to the san mateo bridge, the high wind advisory issued. no major slowing because of the winds. look at that live shot. we have not been able to take it for most of the morning because the wind is causing a problem with our connection. there it is.
5:25 am
if you are motion sick, turn away from the screen for a few seconds. the camera is shaking here from the 13th floor of the building right across from the coliseum. there's the northbound traffic with headlights. again the east bay hills are likely to get caught with a gust or two heading along the 680 corridor. here's our shot of the bay bridge. again, the camera is shaking. the high winds are the big factor this morning across the bridges and the east bay hills coming down from the north bay. keep that in mind. hold on tight, folks. brent and laura, we have pretty light volume still. 5:25 right now. keith olbermann could soon make his way to the bay area. "the new york times" says the former msnbc host will soon be joining san francisco's current tv. current is not confirming the reports but if it is true he will be a big boost to current's profile. the cable channel was founded by former vice president al gore and is only available to 60 million nationwide. it is just a fraction of the
5:26 am
total tv audience. olbermann raised ratings and controversy at msnbc. he was suspended in november for making political contributions to some democratic candidates. well, 76-year-old woman in the united kingdom is a real life one woman army. >> check this video out. six robbers smash a display at a jewelry store. see the woman coming racing across the street to confront the thieves? she is armed with only her handbag. they have sledgehammers and helmets. there's one of her but at least four of them. she goes after them. look at them, a couple of them fell off their scooters. then everybody saw what was going on so pretty soon a lot of onlookers started to join in to help her. a lot of people said they were just inspired by her bravery. >> she was absolutely amazing. i mean, we were terrified. we locked the door and hid under the desk. we were really scared. then we looked outside and she
5:27 am
was running down the road with a handbag in the air banging them on the back of their helmet with her handbag. >> that's pretty amazing. four of the six robbers have been arrested. >> i'm glad she got out okay and they didn't do anything crazy to her. 5:27 this morning. the san francisco giants versus the 49ers. we'll tell you why the two teams go head-to-head today. plus the new driver's licenses are causing lots of trouble. and a decision on whether california des carry to carry o death sentences will come out today. a live report on that coming up. saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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new this morning, before you cook breakfast what you feed your kids could determine how start they are later in life. we'll have what you should have on the menu. and a south bay family takes to the streets to find the driver of a brutal hit-and-run. good morning, i'm marla tellez with the update on the young victim and explain how you can help coming up in a live report. and i'm bob redell. it turns out more of us are using these things. is that a good or bad thing? we'll have that story coming up. and a live look outside this morning. one of the places where, well, the camera is jiggling a little bit. that's a pretty stable camera because it is wednesday, i mean it is tuesday. it is february 8th, "today in
5:31 am
the bay". do not eat a brent cannon breakfast. that's not good. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. it is 5:30. we start with meteorologist christina loren with a quick look at the forecast. good morning. always the burr tree to takes me right to wednesday. we have to get through tuesday. clear conditions. it is a crisp start out there. we'll see plenty of 40s. right now we are mostfully mostly in the 50s. the big change is the wind. we have really gusty winds out there sustained at 10 miles per hour, but gusting between 15 to 25. that is making driving difficult at times. we do have rain in the forecast. we'll let you know where the most likely places to see that rain are and how much we are expecting coming up. right now we'll send it back to you. thank you very much. it is 5:31 right now. a south bay family is december pratt desperate to find a driver who left a loved one for dead in
5:32 am
a hit-and-run. this morning the family is taking action. marla tellez is live at the regional medical center in san jose where the young woman is recovering. how is she? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. 18-year-old erika luna is in critical condition here at regional medical center of san jose. now doctors are telling her family she may never walk again. she has a broken pelvis and internal injuries. now this all stems from the hit-and-run that you mentioned that happened early sunday morning about 2:30 when her family tells us she was crossing the street at tiena buena drive near fontane road. she was hit there and dragged for more than 700 feet. the driver of what is described as a silver minivan or suv just took off. her older brother jose tells us somehow she got stuck underneath the vehicle and dragged all the way down to the next block.
5:33 am
>> she means the world to us. she means everything to us. i don't want to see her in such pain. she is going through too much pain and suffering, especially from being dragged so far. >> reporter: the luna family spent yesterday passing out and posting fliers on the street hoping someone witnessed this hit-and-run. they are offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the driver. now, if caught and convicted this driver faces a possible charge of felony hit-and-run. of course, if you have any information you are asked to call san jose police or silicon valley crime stoppers. now the luna family tells us erika had plans to finish high school and then become a nurse. live in a very windy south bay this morning, marla tellez, "today in the bay." thank you very much, marla. 5:33 right now. >> meantime, the city of san francisco is now investigating the death of a runner during this weekend's half marathon.
5:34 am
this is a follow-up to a story we told you about yesterday morning. the city emergency services agency is now looking into whether the race promoter had enough medical staff at the event. the promoter says there was no delay in getting medical attention to peter haas of arinda. he is on the right here, but witnesses say response was slow and confused. the 36-year-old collapsed near the finish line on sunday and died. the fight against school closures continues in the east bay. parents, teachers and students will rally at the monte gardens elementary school at noon. many are wrangling over recommendations to close three of seven schools to save money. the superintendent says the board will look at an option not yet being discussed. the meeting tonight is at 7:30 at the mt. diablo high school gym in concord. governor jerry brown's proto sol to abolish redevelopment agencies in san francisco could throw a ren ch in thousands of
5:35 am
the city's upcoming construction ponlgts projects. cutting the fund would jeopardize construction of the transit center and tens of thousands of new homes. governor brown wants to take the $1.7 million worth of development money from local cities to offset state medical and trial court costs. $200 million would go back to court programs such as education, fire and police. the mayor of palo alto is doing his best to ensure public safety while running out of city dollars. the city council is reviewing an audit of its fire department. key recommendations including merger stations, alternative staffing and doing away with minimum staffing levels. another controversial idea on the table is having the fire department and police department share resources. palo alto's city officials plan to prioritize the roughly 50 recommendations. plastic is back. the government reports that more and more people are starting to use their credit cards again. "today in the bay's" bob redell
5:36 am
is joining us live with what it could mean nor the economy. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. before we look at the tea leaves, we'll share with you a bit of data that surprised the experts. the federal reserve report that is in december revolving debt or late versus the credit card use was up 3.5%. this is the first time consumers have increased use of their plastic in over two years. the last time use was up was just fwfr the collapse of lehman brothers. what does this mean for the greater good? the optimist says this is a sign that the economy is coming back, that people are willing to spend more because they are more confident about their job security. this in spite of the high employment and the crummy housing market. it cold also be a sign that more people are using their credit cards to start a small business. again, another sign that things could be getting better. the pessimist on the other hand looks at this as a last-ditch effort on behalf of consumers to stay afloat. this all being that more people
5:37 am
have run out of cash and are turning to credit cards as the only way to make ends meet. depends how you look at it. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you, bob. >> 5:36 right now. a common sight at kids' parties won't be seen any longer at walnut creek. city leaders bounced bounce houses from city parks because of budget cuts. not only do they wreak havoc on lawns but processing the permits for them takes valuable time that could be better spent. nearby cities like danville, pleasantton and clayton have done away with bounce houses already. inexperienced teen drivers are not only a concern for parents but also for other drivers. 30% of people killed in teenager-driving crashes are not in the teen's car. in california nearly 600 people were killed by young drivers in 2008 and inexperience was the main cause. a california law that allows teens to get driving experience in low-risk situations has been
5:38 am
shown to be effective in reducing crashes. it is 5:37 right now. we want to check the forecast with christina. another nice day on tap. >> another nice day was with temperatures coming down significantly heading into tomorrow. so you'll probably want to get outside to enjoy it today. 53 degrees right now in hayward. we are already seeing changes. we have more of the onshore flow taking shape. it has not impacted us just yet, but our temperatures are really mild this morning. so we'll end up mild this afternoon once again. the biggest news i can bring to you is it is breezy out there. even in concord where we have a temperature of 51 degrees it feels cooler because you have the windchill factor. so just keep that in mind and travel causely cautiously. stay alert for debris on the highway and such. from the satellite imagery we have spotty cloud on the way. this is a cold air mass. finally a dip in the jet stream enough to bring us cold air and the onshore flow to bring the fog back into the mix heading through tomorrow. so at 11:00 a.m. that's when
5:39 am
we'll see our temperatures rise to where we expect them to end up tomorrow. but for today, 56 degrees at 11:00 a.m. in oakland. turning to 70 and 50 in livermore. 57 degrees in san jose turning over to 70. much cooler tomorrow so enjoy it today. back to you guys. i'm going to approach that shot. we'll take a live look at the bay bridge because it is tying in with your forecast. you are talking about breezy or windy conditions. there's the bay bridge, the upper deck and camera in san francisco there is shaking. the lower deck has one lane blocked heading over to treasure island. typical construction zone today lasting until 7:00. but we see the build up of the upper deck out of oakland into the city. no metering lights yet. here are the maps. another concern is the wind through the altamonte pass. here are the windmill farms. there's a reason they placed them there. we get gusty conditions there heading up over the hill from the altamonte pass to livermore. westbound is now facing the
5:40 am
volume and also the wind. still a 15-minute drive there. highway 4 right on schedule. we do see it slowing down to 30 miles per hour heading over to love ridge. brent and laura, i was wrong. i said 26. it is actually 30 miles per hour. you get a break this morning. >> picking up a few miles an hour. thank you, mike. we expect to find out what was behind toyota's sudden acceleration problems later today. a live report is next. a federal judge is set to tour san quentin's new death chamber. will the changes be enough to start executions again in california? i'm christie smith. we'll be talking about that coming up in a live report. and there's an app to help some people in the east bay communicate directly with their congressman today. and a live look outside this morning. check out that picture, the flag is just wrapped around the staff this morning because of the gusty winds. you are really going to feel it heading out this morning. so that should get you ready for
5:41 am
a bad hair day. that's the best we can say. ♪
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it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries. good tuesday morning to you. taking a live look outside, it will feel like another spring-like day across the bay area. we'll check temperatures with christina coming up. check out the car next to you on the way to work today. odds are pretty soon you'll see a toyota. there are so many of them on the road, so that's why this next story is so interesting to so many people. we expect to find out later today what the government thinks caused all those acceleration problems with toyotas. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington this morning with a preview of what we expect in that report.
5:44 am
tracie? >> reporter: good morning, everyone. 8 million of those toyotas you were talking about were recalled over the last two years. you may remember because of acceleration problems, sudden acceleration, sticking gas pedals complicated by problems with floor mats that really became an issue for toyota and for regulators who were accused of not paying as much attention to safety as they should have. so for the past ten months government engineers have been taking a very close look at toyota to see if they can figure out what caused all of those problems. in addition to the recalls, it cost millions of dollars to fix the cars, there were fines and lawsuits, up to 89 deaths are blamed for these sudden act cig acceleration problems. government and nasa engineers over the last ten months have been trying to figure out is it electromagnetic radiation, is it software or mechanical? their results in this report are coming out this afternoon. brent? >> we'll wait for that report.
5:45 am
thanks a lot, tracie. meantime, 5:44. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get to traffic and weather in three minutes. but first this morning, after a five-year stop the death chamber could be reopened at san quentin. a federal judge who shut down the death chamber five years ago will tour the new facility this morning and could decide whether to restart executions there. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live from san quinn tin this morning with more. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. judge jeremy vogel didn't like what he saw here five years ago. today he'll see what amounts to a $900,000 makeover to san quentin's death chamber dpe zioned solely for lethal injection. to this day it remains untested as about 720 inmates sit on california's death row. now the state has to show they have death with fogel's concerns
5:46 am
from training the execution team to an old outdated death chamber to procedures. now fogel gave death row inmate michael morales a reprieve five years ago as the state executions were put on hold. he was accused of killing a woman in 1981. meanwhile, death penalty opponents are out there at it again outside the prison. they have been here all day. >> i think any man that commits a murder like the one that killed my daughter and has 30 years to live because the lawyers are making money off of him by his appeals -- >> the governor has to make decisions about the capital penalty system based on rational judgments, not on emotional judgments. >> reporter: now judge fogel will review whether the state has done enough to ensure it can carry out humane executions. he's expected to be here some time before 11:00 this morning
5:47 am
for the tour with prison officials. also, lawyers and several news organizations are attending as well. that's the latest from here. reporting live at san quentin, christie smith for "today in the bay." new this morning there are now new rules for journalists in cairo's tahrir square. the egyptian government is now requiring foreign journalists to be accredited before they enter. they say that process could take several days. until now journalists were allowed to interming wall the protestors as will. live pictures this morning where you can see tens of thousands are still packed there again this morning. of course, the protestors refuse to leave until president hosni mubarak steps down. in the meantime, he is making moves for a transition of power. he has a committee looking into changing the egyptian constitution to relax the rules for who can run for president and to impose term limits. however, that is not enough for the protestors.
5:48 am
they want him to leave and be gone out of office before they will leave and go back home. people are rallying around a google executive wael ghonim. he was released yesterday after spending 12 days in an egyptian prison and then once he was released he went right back out on the streets. he says he spent most of his time sleeping while he was in jail. but once out he sent condolences to the families of people who died during the protests. ghonim sparked the revolution by posting things on facebook. 5:48 right now. a windy start to the day. let's go to christina. >> good morning to you. yes, a windy start and those winds are actually keeping our temperatures mild this morning. we are in the 50s in many cities. the temperature is not dropping in san francisco. 53 degrees. 51 in san mateo. 52 down in santa cruz. turning over to the upper 60s, low 70s. but tomorrow we'll drop off significantly, more of the onshore flow shaping up here.
5:49 am
and for us that means these beautiful days. we have been spoiled with sunshine. it will come to a close heading through tomorrow. so ladies, if you have been holding on to that top, maybe this is the last day to wear the short sleeves. keep that in mind. 70 in oakland and los gatos. 68 in almaden valley. breezy conditions continue throughout the day today, especially through the mountain passes and hills. 59 degrees tomorrow. we are back in the 50s. we'll climb to 69 degrees by saturday. rain arrives sunday into monday. let's find out how the roads are looking this morning with mike inouye. you know, we are always watching for extra stuff on the road during windy conditions. maybe some branches. so far only one report and that cleared a while back from oakland. we are looking at the wind advisory out of the altamonte pass for alameda county. the volume is picking up. we have a 16-minute drive in the commute direction, but eastbound opposite your commute we have reports of a sofa dropping from the lanes. that sound like a big rig and two cars are involved. eastbound 580 near toll avenue,
5:50 am
two lanes are blocked opposite your commute. we'll see slowing there heading in to central livermore. meanwhile, a live look shows we have oakland with the camera shaking a bit because of windy conditions. back to you. thank you very much. an east bay lawmaker will host a new kind of town hall meeting tonight. you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to take part. representative john garamindy will hold a telephone meeting tonight at 6:15. people can use the system called visible vote on their computers or smart phones to watch the town hall and ask questions in realtime. the visible vote app works with facebook on the web and the iphone and android systems. the new california's driver's license could be too high-tech for its own good. the company that manufactures the card is having troubles with some of the new security features. they say a number of licenses have missile-lined pictures, smudged images and incorrect
5:51 am
colors. it could take a month for them to take the changes, so it could take a lot longer to get your card in the mail. the dmv processing 8 million processes each year. >> as long as they don't change the picture from the one when i was 16. there are many things you need to do quickly to get it here. the project is on a tight timeline of thing that is have to happen quickly because construction has to start by early next year to prepare for the rigata. the environmental review of the project must take place and that usually takes up to 24 months, but it has to be done in half what time. state law requires major projects to be reviewed for potential environmental impacts. more and more people across the state see childhood obesity as a serious problem and they say schools are at least party to blame. nearly 60% of people polled say childhood obesity is a very serious problem. that's up from about 56% eight years ago. one in three people say unhealthy eating habits is a
5:52 am
serious health risk as illegal drug use and violence. more than half said they would support a tax on soda to fund the fight against childhood obesity. and 61% say they all drinks with added sugar should be banned from schools. that goes hand in hand with a new study to suggest your children's iq could be affected by what you feed them. a british study of 14,000 children found kids who ate mostly processed foods at 3 years old had a lower i quurks at 8 1/2. even if their diet eventually improved. on the other hand, 3-year-olds who ate a healthy diet had a higher iq at 8 1/2. those between the ages of 4 and 7 had no impact on a child's iq score. the brain develops the fastest during the first three years of life. well, a thief got more than he bargained for when trying to steal an ipad. >> lisa was shopping at a store
5:53 am
when she forgot her ipad in a cart. she ran back into the store a clerk said shn, a young man, already claimed it. >> she activated a program she had installed that alerts her if somebody tries to use that ipad. then a few hours later she got an alert that the ipad was turned on. >> the ipad had a gps on it so she knew exactly where the ipad was. she told police and they went to the house. >> so they talked to the guy inside who says he didn't have it but with a click of the button she was able to make the ipad beep and police heard that at his house. we want to check in with scott mcgrew. now that the football season is over fans are wondering will there be another lockout? >> a labor dispute can affect more than you watching football on a sunday morning. the head of the 49ers says a strike or lockout could affect the progress they have made on the potential stadium in santa
5:54 am
clara and now shareholders in redwood city are starting to realize, you know what, no nfl would mean no new madden game in the fall. madden is a huge moneymaker for the world's largest video game companies. each year they come out with a new game reflecting schangs and names and positions. i know this is cute video. it is a little distracting, but if you are looking for a job, peel your eyes away from avery here. san francisco animoto is hiring. they have cool background music to go along with the videos. you upload your pictures and have them turn into music videos automatically. they just opened an office in the city. >> we just opened an office in assistance san francisco. we are entered the year with 34 people and want to end the year with 82. we are looking for 140% growth this year. >> animoto is cool. when you upload your videos and
5:55 am
photos, these guys used to work at mtv. so they know how to make cool music videos. they taught a computer how to do it. it is free. and you end up with the really neat videos to share on facebook and whatnot. and it is in high definition as well. >> if they can help me with my baby books, that would be fantastic. >> they make a triplet music video. >> remember they were featured on the "today" show. they had ann, matt and meredith all sing a piece of a song. >> it will make videos out of your kids. >> cool. i have a future bieber in the house, huh? the giants versus the 49ers. both bay area teams will fight it out on the greens today taking part in the google charity shoot-out at the pebble beach pro-am. they will play for a total $100,000. they will play here, four
5:56 am
players each. >> it would be cool to check out the legendary names that play in that one. >> it is cool to see who is playing. hopefully we have good weather for it. >> they get gusty winds, that's always a concern. >> too bad they are not a straight shooter like brent cannon. 51 degrees in oakland right now. we are talking about another beautiful day today. lots of sunshine. the wind will be a factor this morning. and that means if you are waking up in concord, the true temperature is 51 degrees. it feels cooler because of the windchill factor. make sure you bring a jacket with you to take off later as high pressure is still firmly in control of the weather pattern. we'll see changes tomorrow with our temperatures dropping back down into the 50s. so enjoy the 70s today in oakland. los gatos, 71 degrees. same for santa cruz. milder along the peninsula, 65 degrees is the forecasted high later today in san francisco with winds continuing throughout the day today. and as you can see, 59 degrees.
5:57 am
tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week. 60 and mild toward thursday morning. fog is back along the coastline. keep that in mind with an increased flow onshore. we have a pretty strong marine layer heading into tomorrow, pretty deep. 69 degrees for saturday. warming back up for the weekend, but then the showers arrive sunday into monday, which is valentine's day. fyi. >> a good reminder to get started early. >> it is? oh. >> yes, it is. 5:57 right now. we have a lot more coming up on "today in the bay." >> including sarah palin and her punishment idea for christina aguilera's mistake during the super bowl. we'll tell you why that would never work. and you could be paying more taxes to save colleges andersit. we have a live report coming up. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love.
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