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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  February 10, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the suspect are children as well. plus the assault reportedly happened at a place safe for children after school, the boys and girls club. and in oakland, oakland's children's hospital where the boy was taken. >> the boy any mother brought him here. after he came home saying he was sexually assaulted by several boys under the age of 12 inside the bathroom at a boys' club. he was sxam mexamined and relea. police are frying to figure how this could happen with 35 kids and staff in the other room. >> i couldn't imagine nothing like that. >> the unthinkable, sexual assault taking place where kids are supposed to be safe. >> a young man, age 7. was in the bathroom and two other young men assaulted him. >> 7-year-old boy allegedly assaulted by other boys, all
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under the age of 12. inside this bathroom at the boys and girls club. on international boulevard. with dozens of kids and staff in the other room. club president kyle stanley grew up going to the club himself. he can't believe it. >> we want to have our kids and their families rest assured that, this its the exception and not the rule. the club is still the club. the club is a positive place for kids. their safety its uppermost in our concerns. >> not for now. i will have to wait and see what happens. >> this mother of three talking through a translator says she is so concerned she won't be sending her three boys back to the club. especially since she found out about the allege add take through media reports. >> i am very worried. while investigators try to figure what happened inside this bathroom, the club will stay open.
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>> itch this ever occurred, happened. [ inaudible ] and we did speak to a licensed social worker late this afternoon who tells us often times children have been victims of sexual assault themselves and adds everyone involved will need extensive counseling. meanwhile oakland police are questioning five boys all under age 12. so far no arrests have been made. live in oakland tonight. >> thank you. difficult emotional charged story unfolding in the south bay. the man accused of attacking his former priest at a los gatos jesuit center was ordered to stand trial. lynch speaking through his attorney wanted the kiss to mcae forward. he claimed that he molested him and his brother in 1975. the retired catholic priest denies the charges but has been accused multiple times of sexual abuse by others. the case its expected to go to
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trial late this summer or in the fall. >> in san jose, police are trying to figure who stabbed a woman inside her own home. she later died at the hospital. nbc bay area's, damian trujillo has the the latest. >> police are interviewing several witnesses to the early morning stabbing. officers were called out to the house near 101 near 5:30. inside they found a woman pleading from her stab wounds. then transported to the hospital where she later died. now police have no one in custody and are gathering information to try to piece together what exactly happened. >> we have several witnesses in the process of being interviewed to what they saw and didn't see we are not privy to at this point. >> this is already san jose's 11th homicide of the year. i'm damian trujillo. >> 6-year-old boy in southern california ended up admitted to a psych ward without the consent of his parents. because of what teachers called
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disturbing drawings by the boy. the boy drew something the school thought was violent. he wrote he wanted to die. school officials were so concerned they called the psychiatric mobile response team which determined the boy needed to be committed to a 72 hour psych hold. his mother says her son suffered from separation anxiety seen a therapist in the past and taking her son without explanation was outrageous. my husband was demrid to iraq. he was upset when he came to school. he wanted to be home. >> the boy was released after 4 hours. we learned it is actually pretty simple in california to have a child committed without parental consent. the law says if authorities think a child is a threat to others or to himself, he can be involuntarily committed for 72 hours. parents don't have to be toemd
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f -- told first. but they do have to be told soon as possible. >> developing news out of san franciscoch he hasn't played baseball in four years, barry bonds still very much in the headlines. late this afternoon the federal prosecutors reduced the number of felony charges against bonds, from 11 counts to five. bonds is accused of perjury, his trial is set to begin march 21st. today's developments might change things dramatically. nbc's lauren scott is here working the story. lawrence? >> we heard the fed's case against bonds isn't as strong as they would like. but the six countercast aside might not matter that much. federal prosecutors filed their third revised indictment against the former giants' slugger, charged with four counts of lying to the grand jury and one count of obstructing justice. here is the deal the thought is if bonds is convicted he would le likely face a similar sentence. keep in mind the prosecution's
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case has weakened over the years especially as a federal judge excluded key evidence in the time. namely drug tests. the central theme to the government's case against bonds is that he lied repeat lead when asked about steroid use. charges hatch been streamlined. the case is very much still there. again, will go to trial late next month. diane. become to you. >> thank you, lawrence. governor jerry brown in southern california tonight. and to sell his budget plan to business leaders. perhaps the most interesting part. how heap got there. passengers on a southwest flight from sacramento to burbank were surprised to see the governor sitting next to them by himself on southwest. wondering if he checked in from home. at lowest able to board early. i don't know. no staff traveled with him. unusual in politics as well. and conan nolan from los angeles station has more. >> reporter: no private jets for jerry brown, flying southwest ticket by himself. snowe staff. security picked him up.
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a sign of austerity to impress audience this evening. trying to get help from the southern california business community. his plan to extend tax hikes to balance the state budget. >> it is crucial. sooner rather than later that we balance our books. and follow fiscal. most business people are going to come along with me. >> the governor may be facing divided chamber of commerce between big business and small business owners. with little capital and tighter margins. >> they have concerns with the sales taxes. they have concerns with a lot of small business owners -- pay their business tax basically through their income tax. you know? so, there is concern for them. of the taxes continuing rather than dropping. >> republicans and business allies have asked that along with the tax hikes, the governor place reforms before voters as well. a squom pro is my he has thus far rejected.
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>> if you say to get this we need to reform the tort system, the education system, the pension system, the salary system, the regulatory system. you've basically say, you have to reinvent government, or stop. i've don't think that is reasonable. >> the governor insists he is thinking long term which is why he added to the deficit by eliminating a plan to stop 11 state buildings which he says would make the state money on the short term but cost in years to come. >> the state will save $6 billion over the next 35 years. >> conan nolan reporting from los angeles. yes, governor brown, via southwest airlines this morning. commuters on the peninsula from san francisco to san how say might soon be losing their ride. cal-train operating on near fumes. but at least one of the supporting agencies is exploring new ways to save th77-mile rail line. amoung those reducing is the vta. however, vta general manager,
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michael burns saying redirecting funds from other projects could avoid cuts in cal train service. one idea, dipping into funds set aside for future money for a rail line. and cal train may have to liquidate some of its prompt. in e jimegypt, who holds the po administration or military? president hosni mubarak, refusal to step down has infuriated froesers. after 17 days of loud appropriate tests, e jiment wgy silen silenced. mubarak refused to step down. protestors promised larger demonstrations tomorrow. today several hundred thousand, packed tahrir square. furious over the transfer of power, to the vice president, while keeping his own title. generals are siding and
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protecting the froprotestors, s burst into tears, and others waved their shoes uncontempt. we watched the big announcement in egypt with a bayoe area come. their mixed emotion as but what is happening in their homeland. >> a long day of waiting here at uc berkeley. looks like they will be waiting again tomorrow. we'll tell you why there is no decision on whether five sports programs here will get cut. >> and you use a credit card. listen up, california decision today that is designed to give you a little bit more privacy. >> good evening. i am chief meteorologist, clear skies from the east bay towards san francisco. temperatures in the 50s. they're looking at a little bit of high cloud cover there, offshore, currently. we are also watching mid 60s in the south bay. and tonight it is all about cold temperatures. we'll detail that for you. let you know wn rain will be returning. coming up. t
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>> welcome back. supposed to be decision day, at the uc berkeley campus. it is not happening. some of the most historic, successful sports programs on the chopping block due to lack of money the tonight lack of clarity seemingly. tracy grant joining us from cal campus with the details. what is happening? when is the decision going to come? >> well your guess is as good as mine. at this point a lot of waiting. a lot of rumors. and then later this afternoon. uc berkeley spokesman said that there would be no announcement at least not today. the berkeley men's gymnastics team practice went on as usual though the athletes have something extra weighing them down. >> gymnastics is, yeah, pretty much your life. >> the lives of student athletes are poised to change dramatically unless the university intervenes and decides to save men's baseball,
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rugby, gymnastics as well as women's lacrosse and gymnastics from the chopping block. >> i'm optimistic. i think that to get through this period then you can get through anything. >> last fall, uc berkeley announced plans to cut the sports programs in order to save $4 million annually. since then a group, save cal sports got supporters to pledge $12 million. but that is half as much as a cool chancellor said it would take for a short term rescue. this morning, the university postponed an announcement of the state of the sports. a few hours later, a spokesman announced a decision wouldn't be coming today. >> i think the gymnastics community put their hearts and soul into saving the cal program. and you know, i hope it is -- all turns out okay. >> uc berkeley spokesman says, they're gathering, verifying, analyzing the philanthropic commitments made with turning out to to be complicate and time consuming than expected.
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>> it's so devastating for them. they have a few more years of trainingch a ing training. there are a few guys on the team that have a chance of making olympics and world championship. for them it is really hard. >> the uc berkeley men's gymnastics team is actually in its 99th year on the campus. and the team is waiting to find out if they'll make it to their centennial next year. now no time has been set to finally announce the decision. live in berkeley, tracy grant. nbc bay area news. >> all right, tracy, we'll be waiting for that decision. a lot of people waiting on pins and needles on the cal campus. a brand new era for the iphone. not just at & t. verizon opened their doors and cash registers, welcoming customers. a lot of happy faces at this location in san jose.
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not far from apple headquarters. not your typical lines out the door like years past. or people waiting overnight. there was a steady stream of new customers. until now, at & t had been the exclusive carrier of apple's iphone in the united states. but subscribers have long complained about dropped calls and problems on the at & t network. >> verizon is confidence. about their capacity to handle a huge number of people coming in and getting iphones. >> we will see. in terms of national sales today, bad weather in most of the country could have played a ro role. verizon offered preordered sales for current customers. industry observers predict the company will sell 1 million aye phones this week alone. >> retail stores are not allowed to ask for your zip code if you are using a credit card. that is the outcome of a decision by the state supreme court. in a unanimous decision, the justices ruled asking for zip
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codes vie lates the law and stems from a class action lawsuit filed against williams sonoma. they claim the retailer used her name and zip code to obtain her address. it does not prohibit gas stations for asking at the pump because they do not store that information. >> mystery solved. missing art work from a china town hot spot of the 1950s is back. investigators made at nunsment today. we first reported the story, last night. back in the 50s. restaurant in san francisco china town was the hot spot. look at photos. marilyn monroe, frank sinatra were wreck lars. the owner, commissioned jake lee to create a series of 12 paintings depicting rare scenes of chinese history in california. those works of art disappeared when the restaurant closed in 1990. 11 of the pieces were brought back and bought back from an auction house in pass dena.
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now, the recovered pieces of art will be shown to the public beginning this weekend at chinese historical so stipt team of america which is located in chinatown. just in time for chinese new year. >> we haven't had a lot of rain around here. across the country record snowfall caused plenty of frustration and despair. >> not such a bad thing. as christie nelson shows us, lousy weather across the country kept more couples in the house. >> okay. >> going down this road. >> and in each other's arms opening up the possibility, pos biltd tee sibility of a minibaby boom. >> she doesn't remember what the weather was like the but she remembers what she was doing last week when ice and snow. >> of course it its cold outside. so you need to snuggle up and get warm. and then, probably run out of things to do after a while. so you put the kids to bed and you go for it.
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>> doctors say post catastrophe baby booms are for the most part, media fed myths. the idea is that people stuck indoors search for ways to relieve the boredom. but the fantasy endures and anecdotal evidence piles up. >> big ice storm. we see pregnant ladies. trace it back. say, yeah, was something going on during the ice storm. they'll say yeah, might have been when it happened. >> this new mom, says it was really hot and not cold when her newborn was conceived. but the north texas storm still made an unforgettable impact. >> yes, a lot to dupe with snow. i had contractions. >> to get into the building. >> definitely a week to remember. >> a lot of private information on there. >> will we have a minibaby boom being conceived next week? is that the question, jeff? >> that might be happening.
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yes. >> perhaps there won't be any babies around here it's been so nice. everybody is outside. i've don't know. ah, could actually happen. let's take a look at oakland. we are fog free. very little in the way of cloud cover. high cloud cover offshore tonight. but nothing in the way of storm activity. out looking east bay towards san francisco. no storm coming in. all right, meanwhile, temperatures today. cool. comfortable. if you are out in the sun. it did feel warmer to you out there. especially in the south bay. san jose, 65. 70 in the sun. 66 redwood city. 66 in san francisco. 69 in santa rosa. temperatures in the low 60s. concord, done to san jose. mid 60s across the peninsula. right now, 68 in city of san francisco. there is the high cloud cover. we saw on our image there from the oakland camera. it's just off to the north. but not getting any rainfall from that. we'll see fog free conditions to night. cold temperatures, coming on
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back to the bay area the we do now, watching the storm track, yes. look at how close it is finally getting here to the bay area the we apologize for that, that is cut>>off.of you get the idea here. that cloud cover its the storm track. 3:00 p.m. thursday. look for temperatures to be in the low to mid 60s. that was of course today. by 11:00 a.m. friday. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. travel delays. well no storms here across the u.s. currently dry. but coming up we'll be talking about an updated rain forecast. let you know when rain will return in minutes. a battle in orbit. nasa on a race to save >>no on of nology. >> one of
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>> just aa few months away from a solar phenomenon. once every ten years. could affect the technology. awe naus s nasa launched air crafts to observe solar activity. why is nasa so concerned about this? in may 2013 our sun is forecast to do what it does every 11 years go into overdrive producing massive amounts of energy. >> energy has to go some where. it builds up and goes shooting out. where we get solar flare. >> giant bursts, strongest, coronal mass ejection. a nasa solar physicist says impacts could be significant. >> travels millions of miles an hour and could impact the earth and cause electrical disturbances which affect all of our technologies. >> national academy of sciences says in the worst s case more than a trillion dollars in
6:25 pm
damage could result in damage to infrastructure from electrical grids to satellite networks and recovery. could take a decade. problem with the mass ejections they come from there to here. because woe are close to the star, our own sun, it take is a short time. so short there is only a day or two lead time to take any defensive action. a prospect which had nasa seeing stars. they launch twin stereo spacecraft set to meet on opposite sides of the sun. now they arrived for the first time ever we get to see the other side of the sun. >> this has given us much better predictive capabilities. much like we can have on earth. to predict hurricanes we can do the same sort of thing. predicting the space storm. >> that is some what comforting. tim hill, campus museum of science and industry offers perspective. >> well have that wonderful magnetic feed, keeps us protected from solar radiation. >> he says this with modern
6:26 pm
electronics shielding advances means catastrophic damage will become less and less likely. >> what it should do is give us a beautiful view of the northern lights. >> now that is looking on the bright side. >> in april, 1987, a solar storm pushed the lights from the poles to mexico. it knocked out several multimillion dollar communications satellites. >> still ahead. a big turning point in the revolution in egypt today. compelling insight from a bay area couple as we watch with them the egyptian president lay out the controversial power shift. >> i'm scott budman. how the u.s. government used silicone valley tech come pans to get a message across about egypt. plus the man who made you're fired primetime. what he said today that means, you could be his next boss. b men hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. froesors in egypt are promising
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bigger demonstrations after hosni mubarak will not step down. he transferred power to his vice president but refused to surrender his title infuriating the crowds that gathered expecting a different message. >> we were hoping he would step down. like everyone, obvious the only thing that is going to, diffuse this bomb. >> tonight it its not clear who holds the power in egypt, administration or military. so far has sided with the protestors. >> as the anger in egypt boils over, egyptian families here in the bay area are anxiously watching each development. >> jedjodi hernandez spent the with one such family in concord. >> i love egypt. >> reporter: the couple have been glued to the television, their native egypt has been turned upside down. >> a speech from the father to sons and daughters. awe they like most from egypt held their breath, hoping
6:30 pm
mubarak would hear their demands. >> i will not. depart until -- i am buried in the ground. >> mubarak announced he is not budging until a new leader is elected in the fall. >> by being defiant and not willing to listen to the to the people, youth, demonstrators there is going to create problems. >> the couple fears violence will escalate in cairo. they're worried for their loved ones who are running low on food and money. >> in their homes. afraid to go out. looking to get their life back. and now -- >> it is happening now. they're shouting. they're, they're they were okay with it.
6:31 pm
they are going to the -- when we heard. we thought that's it. he will leave. but now after so much demonstrations. after so much bloodshed. he has got it. he didn't get it. apparently. all they can do is continue to watch and continue to pray. in concord, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> what happens in egypt has a direct effect in so many ways to the united states. with that said the u.s. government is closely watching this revolution and is getting help from the silicone valley company from the silicone valley when it comes to getting its message out. bi business and tech reporter, scott budman. >> reporter: teg norweigan from twitter, youstream, facebook play a part when it comes to e jimenttion egyptians.
6:32 pm
when the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan wright held a townhall meeting abut egypt it had an international feel. screened live on the internet via youstream, the meeting held at twitter san francisco headquarters featured questions tweeted in from all over the world. >> there is an entire generation of -- of young people or youngish people who are hungry for the kinds of exchange and information and technology and -- innovation and education and -- entrepreneurship opportunities. >> silicone valley social networking at work to help the u.s. get its point across. >> there was this -- real timepiece to it. >> we caught up with ambassador wright after her townhall where she was following the situation in egypt as it changed by the power. >> we have been very this is for the egyptian people to decide.
6:33 pm
their process, progress, historic moment. it's not useful or viable for us to dictate to them how this unfolds. >> tracking what is going on and getting the word out with the help of bay area technology. ambassador wright, stanford grad by the way. as the for twitter it is catching on in washington. the u.s. state department launching an arab language twitter feed. diane. >> all right. thank you a lot. fun raiser stew port cal graduates accused of spying in iran set to start in san francisco a half-hour. it will support the work to free her feetian say, shane bauer and josh fatal from an iranian prison. the three were arrested nearly a year and a half ago after crossing the border. she was released on bail last september. the three have entered not guilty please in their trial. a university announced tuition is going up next year. board of trustees at stanford agreed on the 3.5% increase in the total undergraduate charges
6:34 pm
including room and board. members say the increase could pay faculty salary and fill positions frozen. the cost of attending the university will be $40,000 next year. that's up about $1,300. students at the law school are the exception. not in a good way. their tuition is climbing by 5 3/4%. >> the story for this dinner hour. one of the biggest names in the pizza business is filing for bankruptcy. we received late word last night. roundtable pizza based in concord filed for chapter 11. what it means. some locations will be close closed:there will be some layoffs. the vast majority will remain open. the 52-year-old pizza chain has 483 restaurants across the western states. roundtable says it has debt r n ranging from cla$10 million to million. the streets of walnut creek
6:35 pm
are the target of warn graffiti. phenomenon more common in berkeley and santda cruise. yarn bombing is now popping up in the east bay. the photo shows the aht l light poll, covered by five foot tall cozy. like most artists the anonymous knitters left their signatures or tags, plus a link to the website, yarn walnut creek public service director says the city will take down any yarn bombs within 48 hours. end of an era. first openly lesbian judge in the u.s. is stepping down. mary carolyn morgan judge of san francisco county superior court and former judge of the san francisco municipal court. appointed by governor gray davis to the superior court in 1995. and spent a total of 30 years as a judge. but, she is retiring. her last day on the bench is set for march 3. real estate magnate, reality tv star, donald trump says he
6:36 pm
will decide whether to run for the highest office in the land. the star of "the apprentice" appeared at conservative political action conference in washington and told the screaming crowd of republican organizers and supporteders he will decide by june to join the gop candidates. among this promises trump called for an end to the obama care health care law. still ahetd. one killer site. may beep the best piece of video all day. >> got to love this. pack of orca whales circled. why they think they're attacking whales twice their size. check out this video. >> plus, leave this to pros. get a sneak peek at the grueling bay area leg of this year's tour of california. >> good evening. i'm the chief meteorologist. low 60s across the bay area. san jose to san francisco. oakland close to 70 degrees. a look right now. starting to back off, low, mid 60s. from the east bay down into the
6:37 pm
south bay. not so bad. nice, going to get cold. let you know how low we go and details on rainfo streca ew th ae mut careinst. in a few mut.esin
6:38 pm
live look outside. approach the weekend. should be a nice weekend forecast. things will be chaining -- changing.
6:39 pm
>> becoming one of the best cycling events in the world. the way to san jose is not a straight shot. there will be changes which atakts the biggest names in the sports. a revised stage four. will start in downtown liver more. head through the vineyards and over mount hamilton into san jose. >> this is tremendous.
6:40 pm
already has world class technology, wineries and now a world class cycling event, amgen, to livermore. great for businesses we are very excited. >> the amgen tour, week long, 800-mile bike race, lake tahoe, northern california winds down to southern california. it begins in may. should be phenomenal when it gets here. >> always fun to watch. yeah. we have more. big news on barry bonds. >> streamlined their case against barry bonds a bit. we break down what the government is stacking up against the former giants slugger. meanwhile, pebble beach, rocking week one. and dive in and show you some of the high jinks. he won the pebble beach several times. and now brings gulf coverage. the san francisco native who helped bring great changes to
6:41 pm
the golf scene in napa. beautiful in wine country. and jeff is in the weather center with more. >> yes, plenty of sunshine across the bay area. live look at the golden gate bridge. well, a little traffic moving on nicely at this hour. we'll let you know when rain, yes, will finally return after rivedays of rain since january i en it will arrive in my seven-day forecast. -d
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6:43 pm
group of san francisco whale watchers got an unexpected treat this week. sthar to their tour hoping to spot some whales. >> reasonable. joe rosatto jr. shows us, nay schnay -- nature put on one killer show. >> a deck hand. >> the captain spent his life on the sea. he is guiding trips for san francisco whale watching tours. >> saw my first whale when i was 7. fishing with my grandfather. never forgot it. >> yesterday, he was at the helm of a whale of a trip his passengers will never forget. >> spotted him here, and the weather buoy out there. >> halfway between the golden gate bridge and fairlawn islands. he came across a pod of 14 killer whales. >> i noticed three small blows. and then i saw the -- the dorsal fins coming up. i knew what they were. >> passengers aim their cameras.
6:44 pm
he pulled in for a closer look. >> oh, my gosh. 30 feet away. >> thought just a few. i went over there. all of a sudden another, another, another. i saw calves and huge adults. they were doing their thing. every now and then some one would come over. >> scientist, steve wood was on the trip. he believed the orcas were in the area to feed. >> orcas come in two flavors. a mammal eating flavor that would go after gray whales and seals. then there is a fish eating flavor that would be going after salmon. he said it is unique to see a large pod. >> you don't see them every day. in sea world and on tv. treat to see them in the wild. it is very rare. >> he says another reminder that the bay area abundance of nature where every day is an unexpected journey. all right. we are asking the same question. where can you go see them now?
6:45 pm
chances are we are told they're probably headed south around monterey. hang in there for a little while if you want to see them. >> 14 of them. amazing. >> gorgeous. >> bring in jeff. good whale watching weather. the transition. >> my forekals. coming here for. yes. >> of course. >> to get a taste. slice of what we are forecasting here in the bay area. which has been pretty spectacular. the past couple weeks to this point. it's been so dry. we need the rain. the sunshine has been hard to beat here across the bay area. san francisco, 56 right now. winds west at 14. little more onshore. breezy, san francisco. but clear viz built fee right towards the bay bridge right now. no fog forming at this point. and our high temperatures today, comfortable, near average, it felt warmer when you are out there in the sun. in san jose, 65. weather watcher, in los gatos, 64. and 646789 thanks. for calling that in.
6:46 pm
each and every night. dedicate weather watch. in santa rosa. napa, 64. livermore. 62. freemont. starting to drop, clear skies. yet again. in for a cold night. grab the extra blanket. may need to:00 on heat back to east bay. temperatures in the mid 50s. we are most certainly going to be dropping into the 30s, for a lot of the inland spots. head into your friday. speaking of friday. sunshine stays with us. in our extended forecast. yes, you might, don't need to rub your eyes any more. this is actually, rain in the forecast. this has been a long time coming now with six days of rain since january 1. and what we are starting to see is the pattern slowly shifting. takes a small change, of course, for the larger ones. the first small chaining we are noting. dry air over california. and now starting to push to the south. now this dry air is moving out of the way. look what is coming closer. the actual storm track. that holds the moisture. its now only a couple hundred
6:47 pm
miles out here offshore. that is the sign of the pattern bringing rainfall. after the next 48 hours. after all the excitement. had no rainfall in sight. friday, saturday. dry with temperatures in the 60s. but the rainfall will start to get here by late sunday night. moisture offshore. then as we head into monday. our first signs of rain by the evening hours. in northern california. then for tuesday. wednesday. measurable rainfall expected from northern california right down into los angeles. so, it is going to be great. once it finally gets here. meanwhile, in the east bay. start off with temperatures in the mid 30s. sunny skies. mid 50s. by 11:00 a.m. cold in gil >> reporter:. 37 in los gatos. north bay. back into the beast bay. you know last night it will be frigid for tomorrow morning. we'll say a little bit above average here in san jose. 67 tomorrow. 66. los gatos. south bay. stand out there do one of these.
6:48 pm
low 70s. do exactly that. all right. okay. all right. take a look here. concord, 66. 65, fairfield. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. right throughout the north bay. i got up early today. what you will notice. rain coming backch head throughout friday. a chance of some showers. late in the evening. on valentine's day. perfect for your valentine. courtesy of -- our weather department. all right. tuesday. we are talking rain. also breezy conditions coming back. and rain. also, rain on wednesday. and, chance of showers on thursday. most consistent rainfall pattern we have seen since january the first. yes. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> in time for valentine's day. it's good. >> barack reak up the clapping. >> here is lawrence scott with sports. >> now the sports desk. as we reported earlier in show.
6:49 pm
lit today. federal prosecutors, number of fally charges against former giant. barry bond. 11 counts to five. bonds accused of perjury and his trial is set to begin march 21st. he is charged with four counts of lying to the grand jury. one count of obstructing justice. the thought is if bonds is convicted he would likely face a similar sentence regardless of the charges cast aside today. still, the prosecution's case has weakened over the years. federal judge excluding key evidence. their case moves forward. first round, pro am, pebble beach. serious business, pga pros. with sxhedians, plenty of levity. count on it, each time bill murray makes the scene. his comedic stilgz taken to a whole new level today. espn, chris berman with his own brand of boomer humor. on 18, hitting the green from a trap. his own unique way.
6:50 pm
and another champ. oscar de la hoya, sparring, dodging rogue knees. and singh, three under 69. tied for 129. a look at notables on the first round. tied for first. tied for 12th with vijay. joseph bramlin. four shots off the lead. three under. tied for 86th is fan favorite. phil mickelson. one over. ache shots off the lead. two-time defending program champ. there is a three-time champ. see right here on nbc. our lead golf analyst. johnny miller was born and raised in san francisco. now, is one of the new owners of silverado in napa. caught up with hip for a tour. i'm johnny miller. i will take you to the north course i redesign and will show
6:51 pm
you the changes. they're fantastic. and we call, very strong with the changes to the greens. new bunkering. tough chipping area on the right. and the bunker down the right side. and all of a sudden a fine hole. it is a heck of a hole. reshaping it. making it more beautiful. i think is more aboutful. pleasurable. enjoyable for people. and harmonious to the environment. you can see the sculpting that goes, involved in the bunkers. and these are championship bunkers. these are not your typical, muni bunkers. see the process we are going through. the course is not just, cosmetic
6:52 pm
change here, on the north course, this is a full redesign. >> one thing you will notice on the north course that we did is -- that really popped -- the sand is very similar to augusta national. and similar to pebble beach, white sand from idaho. the top of the line sand. and it just is magnificent. i love what we have been able to do. lengthening of it. new bunkers. new surround. some of the trees being taken out. and just basically making it a better golf course, strengthening it up. grand opening has been may 6. and in northern california are in for a treat. come up to silverado. check it out. it is going to be great. >> very cool stuff. johnny taking rick lambert and out on the tour. comprehensive cuff ran overage
6:53 pm
team, every night at 10. . 30. 30 minutes of coverage. teams you carry about. go deeper, 10:30 on comcast sports net, bay area. fixed things up. >> are we invited for the grand opening. >> you took the word out of my mouth. that whole property is great. very happy, johnny miller has taken over. >> did need an upgrade. >> you always need. >> well. white sand from idaho. didn't know it was known. >> that is -- >> learned something there. >> still ahead. one sweet time for rele tailers. just how much are people planning to spend on their love. yolentine's day. gh mit u be surprised. be
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>> tonight at 11:00. the largest city in the bay area has a growing problem. city hall seemingly doing nothing about it. >> my grandchildren all the time. no i don't want these people apru around my grandchildren. >> marijuana spreading in san jose if you think not in my neighborhood. think again. why it has gotten so out of control and what city leaders have to do to stop it. that's tonight at 11:00. >> finally, valentine's day,
6:57 pm
three, four days away. with the economy the way it is the how are couples expected to celebrate this a romantic holiday? consumer analysts say, americans will likely, what recession? americans likely to shell out $16 billion for the holiday. roughly $2 billion more than last year. >> wow. >> very good sign for small businesses. national retailers. and everyone in between. men are expected to outspend women. no surprise. >> as they should. >> quhar where do the rules com this? >> we made it up. >> big ticket items. jewelry sales expected to spike most money will go towards pricey dinners, wine, chocolates, of course, flowers. >> ah. >> so. get ready, guys. prepare. yeah. i'm actually not a big valentine's gal myself. >> flowers. >> or i will tell you about it on the air. >> thank you for joining us at 6:00. see you at 11:00. >> good night.
6:58 pm
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done.


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