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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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plus, possible plans for sports at cal. some could be back next year. and i'm bob redell. i'm live with a question stores can no longer ask you. i'm live with that coming up. here's a nice looking shot of the city today, but we have been talking about a few changes in your forecast. it is friday, february 11th. this is show "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. straight up at 5:00. we want to get you started with a peek at your commute with mike inouye. good morning. we'll take you out to the peninsula. we have an issue for highway 101 in the southbound direction near san carlos. one lane is blocked. word came in of an accident and investigation. but for information came in. this happened last night. so there's a lot of details we
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still have yet to get. we have the right lane closed southbound just south of the san mateo bridge. that will be a factor if that continues for your morning commute. chp hasn't yet told me when they expect to have the lane opened, but it sounds like it has been closed since 9:30 or 10:00 last night when the deadly accident happened at the scene. we continue to follow that investigation in the newsroom as well. the rest of your commute heading north of there into the city should be light because it is friday. a lot lighter volume. how does the forecast look? it always looks better on friday. 37 degrees in oakland. a chilly start. we'll see another beautiful day. beautiful conditions continue into sunday. then the rain arrives. i'll let you know when, how much we are expecting and we'll break down your big weekend forecast coming up. back to you guys. thank you, christina. new this morning, egyptian president hosni mubarak is still in office. we have a live picture out of egyptian this morning. tahrir square, we have been watching cairo. a top leader from israel says mubarak is still kind of in power but is looking for an
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honorable way out. during a late-night speech mubarak did transfer power to his vice president, however he did not wlooef the country. and his administration is effectively still in power this morning, which angered the hundreds of thousands of egyptians. also new, e jimgs military leaders have held an important meeting now and they say they are going to make a big statement this morning. they say that they are supporting president mubarak's plan to stay in office until the september elections. this is obviously something that the reformers do not like. they are upset about it. so it is insighting the potential for more problems today. we'll have several experts scheduled throughout the morning looking at this situation. developing news this morning into the investigation of a death of a woman found inside a hotel. now police think an abandoned car found near devils slide and a missing man are linked to the case. marla tellez is live at the san francisco police department to explain how it is all tying together. good morning, marla.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, laura. yes, the san francisco police are heading this suspicious death investigation. and later this morning investigators here and there will be working to make sense of this case that has taken quite a few twists and turns since the story was first reported. here's the latest of what we can tell you this morning. the body of a woman was found yesterday inside a hotel room on lumbard street in san francisco. her death was deemed suspicious. now also yesterday the vehicle of a missing couple in riverside county was found abandoned near devil slide. that vehicle is tied to billy and colleen waterman reported missing on monday. that's the couple from riverside county. now san mateo county sheriff's detectives searched the area and didn't find either one. in fact, they shut down devil slide for several hours yesterday and didn't reopen until 9:30 last night. now, san francisco police are
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not saying the body found inside the hotel is colleen waterman, but they are linking the two. the san francisco medical examiner's office will perform an autopsy on the woman to determine identity and cause of death. now, at this point police say billy waterman who is missing is a person of interest in this death investigation. he is 51 years old, 6 feet tall, thin build and balding. now, anyone with information about billy waterman is asked to call san francisco police or their local police department with any information. of course, we will continue to follow this story and work to bring you the very latest. live in san francisco, marla tellez, "today in the bay." thank you, marla. now the state attorney general is dropping all charges zbens one of the suspects in a high-profile south bay murder. prosecutors say they do not have enough evidence to charge 29-year-old or a 29-year-old
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man. the mercury news reports that the decision comes after a public defender discovered flaws in the information, including an informant who admitted to being motivated by the $90,000 reward money and cell phone records that indicate that the suspect was not in the area at the time of the killing. also, there's dna evidence found in the getaway car that was not linked to the suspect. a bay area man is now admitting he threw the punch to kill a teenager giant fan outside at&t park a few years ago. taylor buckley is pleading guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter. as part of the flee deal he'll go to jail for one year and serve five years probation. he punched anthony injure ordo back in may of 2008. he fell hitting his head on the concrete and died the next day.
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changes are coming to what happens when you go to pay for things at stores. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in san jose this morning with a look at what is different when you go to buy things. >> reporter: well, a state court has ruled that merchants can no longer ask you for your zip code. the only exception being if you are at the gas station and have to punch in your zip code when using your credit card because that's for security purposes to prevent thieves from filling up on your dime. the same for making a purchase online shipped to you. you are in store using your credit card, merchants in california can no longer ask you for the five digits. they typically do this to look up your address and put you on their markets list. that's what prompted a shopper in san mateo. she complained it was invasion of her privacy. the lower courts initially dismissed her case but yesterday the state supreme court overruled the judges citing a 1990 law that makes it illegal for stores to collect personal
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information from credit card holders. it is a $250 fine for the first violation. $1,000 for the subsequent one. merchants and critics of this ruling are saying, hey, we ask for the zip codes to verify that this person is who they say they are. and yet they do acknowledge that they are putting those people on mailing lists. but without those business would be hurt because how can you stay in business if you can't market to your customers? reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you, bob. for the update there, uc berkeley could decide which sports will be cut today. some cal supporters say the university is waiting to see how many private donations come in to the save the cal sports camp. so far donors have pledged between $12 and $15 million. mens and womens gymnastics and
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rugby and lacrosse are on the chopping block. vehicle registration fees could go up in order to balance the budget. they want to help keep county services by increasing licensing fees to 2% of the vehicle's current value. right now we only pay .65%. leno says the extra money could be used to fund public safety, health and social services. that bill would need to be approved by a two-thirds vote of the county board of supervisors and a majority at the polls. increased vegetable registration fees once contributed to the recall of mayor davis. now we'll check on the forecast with christina. >> good morning to you. 37 degrees in oakland. 39 in san mateo. the clear skies have made way to a very cold temperature. 27 degrees in gilroy. we'll hit 25 degrees in gilroy
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at about 7:00 this morning. so make sure you grab the jacket on the way out. something you can take off later, because we are talking about a lot of sunshine again today. high pressure is still in control. we'll see a few high, wispy clouds through the area heading throughout this afternoon. and so it is not going to be quite as sunny as yesterday, but still really nice. and really unseasonably warm. 63 in oakland. 68 in redwood city. mild along the peninsula, 69 in santa cruz. 56 in livermore. we are talking about a wet pattern change for next week. this is the last three dry days we are expecting. the showers arrive on monday. 65 degrees on tuesday. 60 for wednesday. maybe you are hopping in your car heading to work, we have problems out there. good morning, mike. good morning. yes, we'll take you to the peninsula. we have an accident that happened late last night about 9:30 to 10:00.
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it was a deadly accident occurring right there in san carlos. there's an investigation still going on. that's why the right lane is blocked. they may present a problem if it lasts through the 6:00 hour. still waiting for clarification on how long the lane will be closed, but right now the peninsula is clear as well as the east bay approach to the maze. it is friday light for the most part, but you will find slowing getting out of town this afternoon. the cartinas and venetian bridges here and north of there heading through fairfield are seeing the slowing. the commute direction should be a steady flow through the morning commute. antioch and 64 on the right will slow down at 5:30. a live look at oakland shows steady volumes past the coliseum. it is 5:10. the man who murdered washington intern chandra levy will find out his fate later today. and a live look at cairo where one of the largest protests in weeks is taking place. the nation is certainly on edge. we'll find out what is next in a live report. ugly becomes beautiful on film. it is a story you will only see
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here on nbc bay area. bob redell will explain. and a live look outside this morning. it looks like it is from the south bay this morning. a clear start to the day. a warm up on the way. we'll tell you why you need to enjoy the weekend temperatures. ♪
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than listening to our favorite sos. but r favorite thing is eatg totino's pizza rolls. but our favoritehing is eing totino's pizza rolls. ♪ we' the kids inmerica welcome back, everybody. a live shot across the golden gate bridge. nice and clear to start the day. not as cold as we saw the other day. we also have more change coming our way. christina will take a look at that later on. meantime, check out this video. a ruptured gas line causing a massive fire in eastern ohio. you see the flames here lighting up the night sky in the distance on the horizon. it happened in columbia county last night. crews were able to stop the fire by turning gas off to the area, but it did take several hours to get a handful of brush fires that started under control. this is the second ruptured gas line this week. you'll remember a person was killed in an explosion in
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allentown, pennsylvania, late wednesday night. unlike our san bruno fire, this explosion, the one that we saw in ohio, happened in a rural area. and there are no injuries or serious damage reported. this is video of the allentown, pennsylvania, fire. so two or three of them popping up recently. the man who murdered a california woman ten years ago could be sentenced to life in prison today. police arrested the man for the murder of chandra levy in 2009. he was serving a ten-year sentence for attacking two other women in the same washington, d.c. area park where levy's remains were found. the illegal immigrant from el salvador will be sentenced in washington superior court this morning. are the groupon ads all they are cracked up to be? scott mcgrew says users have been tricked a bit. >> the allegations are coming
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from tech clubs this morning. groupon sent out a groupon offering $40 worth of flowers for $20. a classic groupon, right? the people who bought the deal had to follow a special link where they could buy the flowers for delivery. the price, $40 knocked down to $20. but if you went to the regular ftd site, the same flowers were only $30. meaning the claims of $20 off were not accurate. ftd had raised the price for groupon buyers. the allegations were posted overnight, so no response yet from ftd or groupon. meanwhile, we saw a bizarre flash crash with apple's stock yesterday. just ups and downs and big downs. some of it was apparent rumors that steve jobs had fallen further ill. that is not true. in fact, the wall street journal reports that steve jobs has been spotted in at least two palo alto restaurants and works from
5:17 am
home on the apple ipad, the one that we do expect in the next couple of weeks. so brent and laura, the apple stock is back to normal near all-time highs, but it is just one of those bizarre things. my cell phone went off ten different times with people wondering what is going on. >> interesting. thank you, scott. a new movie premiering in san francisco takes a look at the not-so-pretty side of man's best friend. >> bob redell checked it out and has the preview for us. >> reporter: see that little guy right there? probably too cute to be featured in the documentary opening this week at the indy fest here in san francisco because he's just not ugly enough. the documentary is called "work and show." it chronicles the world's ugliest dog contest. don louis is a filmmaker. i think people would be surprised this is actually a serious look at what doesn't seem like a very serious
5:18 am
competition. >> you don't know how serious you can be when talking about a bunch of ugly dogs. we let the movie speak for itself. >> reporter: what was the biggest surprise in this? >> the owners. every time the winner is announced the dog's face is broadcasted all over the world. once we met the owners we knew we were sold on this. >> reporter: the film follows four dogs. one of them is this guy right here, rascal. i don't know if it's the tongue, the lack of hair, too much hair on the top or the fact that there are no teeth inside that mouth, but he is considered to be one of the ugliest dogs in the world. his owner is dain andrew. >> he is the better looking of the two. i think rascal is handsome. i don't actually find him ugly, i find it amusing when people say he's ugly. >> i think it is just getting their dog out there. a lot of dogs had a hard time being adopted. it is a happy story even though it is kind of weird, too. >> reporter: in reality it is about the animal and just how
5:19 am
wonderful they are. kids in sunnyvale will see how wonderful an ugly dog can be when rascal stops by for a visit later today. >> you can catch it on the silver screen this sunday at san francisco indyfest. log on to to get more information. >> everybody needs a little love, right? it is 5:19. we want to check the forecast with christina. >> everybody needs a little bit of love this valentine's day. guys, we have mentioned it more times than i can count, so there are no excuses. we are looking good out there this morning. beautiful conditions. it is cold out there, but it is clear. a great morning to take a look at the stars before the sun comes up at 7:16 a.m. 67 degrees in san jose today. 60 in oakland. 64 in los gatos. warmer than yesterday. and tomorrow will be even warmer. we'll see a lot of sunshine both days. then the showers move in.
5:20 am
it looks like for the latter part of monday into tuesday. tuesday looks wet. take a look at your extended forecast and what is to come. a big-time pattern change for us. showers expected each and every day next week. tuesday we could pick up an inch of rain in some cities across the bay area. rain continues on wednesday. scattered showers on thursday. in fact, all the way through next weekend we have rain chances each and every day. break out the umbrella and galoshes, guys. back to you. >> we do need it. 5:20. getting you ready to get to work. mike is tracking your morning commute this morning. and the gop is holding an important meeting today. it could determine who runs for president in 2012. plus, barry bonds' legal team is back in court today. we'll tell you where the former slugger now is facing charges.
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good morning, folks. it is 5:23 in the morning. an early start to your commute, especially for a friday with a lighter build. we'll take you to the south bay to give you the overview. no major issues. actually, friday's commute for the south bay starts later and bleeds into the midday commute. no relief until after the evening breaks through. that star, the hp pavilion, friday, saturday and sunday are the final rounds. expect crowds downtown.
5:24 am
here many in the tri-state area are seeing a smooth drive out of 580 and 680. heading over the water, the dumbarton is clear. we'll look at the san mateo, the volume is holding steady with taillights heading to the peninsula. an easy drive along 101 and 280 heading into the city. the south bay off the 92 interchange is looking good. another look across the bay, we are looking at the bay bridge. the approach to the toll plaza is relatively light. we'll have the metering lights turn on at 6:30. they will watch the build happen on the east shore freeway. right now travel times are close to the limit for all the feeder roads, including down the east shore freeway. that's a look at your local commute. brent, you are going to take it a little more global. thank yous a lot, mike. the u.s. and the white house are keeping a close eye on egypt this morning. a live look at tahrir square. massive people gathered there today. president obama is voicing frustration we jinx president hosni mubarak questioning
5:25 am
whether he really intends to fulfill his promise and transfer power. "meet the press" host david gregory is live in washington, d.c., this morning. good morning, david. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, brent. >> we'll start with the situation in egypt right now. how volatile is the mood there? people really wanted and expected that he was going to step down and then he kind of didn't. >> yeah, these are more anxious hours. the real fear within the administration is they can do whatever they can to prevent bloodshed. that means being in contact with the egyptian military. they have the power to keep things peaceful there even if the protesters are upset. the protesters have a responsibility too to keep their protests peaceful or else this thing could really take a much different turn. but right now the president is also feeling a lot of pressure. those in the region like the israelis and other arab leaders who think he's done too much to force mubarak out. and a lot of people here who are saying he's not doing enough to really force mubarak's hand to get him to take the ultimate step of stepping aside.
5:26 am
>> one of the issues is who are we going to talk to? if mubarak is out of power, who then does the united states actually negotiate and talk to? >> well, it is not clear. and these are why these are delicate steps. the opposition movement does not have a clear leader. the most organized political force in the opposition in egypt is the egyptian muslim brotherhood, which would potentially part of any coalition government, but that becomes a key question. and it is a key question in a region and with the administration. i think there was an expectation that perhaps the vice president could be somebody to lead the caretaker government and provides stays for a democratic opposition to rise up in egypt in time, but it is not clear that he's committed enough to that transition, at least not in the administration's judgment. >> thank you, david gregory. we are watching that situation. we know this weekend you have an interview with speaker john
5:27 am
boehner on "meet the press." back to you now, laura. thank you very much. certainly, switching gears, nothing like bundling up in a warm pair of pajamas during the winter months. and this morning we have a pajama drive for kids in need starting at 8:00 this morning until noon. you can drop off pajamas and books for kids in downtown san jose. the hotel will drop off the donations at the edwin center for children and families. everyone who donates will get a free pastry and cup of coffee. plus every donor can enter to win a free one-night stay at the fairmont. everybody wins. 5:27 right now. see why deputies in one bay area county are now stealing buses. ♪ [ male announcer ] not all steel is created equal.
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new this morning an east bay community stunned after a well-liked teacher is arrested. details and reaction to the child pornography charges he is facing this morning. and san francisco police have a suspicious death case they are working this morning. good morning, i'm marla tellez. how a woman found dead inside a hotel room is being linked to an abandoned car found near devils slide. i'll explain coming up in a live report. and once again, live to cairo where the revolution in egypt takes a twist that catches the white house a little off guard. wee will show you what's happening right now. a live look outside right now in the south bay overlooking the hp pavilion in san jose. christina will tell us when to grab the umbrella. it is thursday, no, it is friday, what am i saying?
5:31 am
it is february 11th. happy friday to you. we made it. this is "today in the bay." that ought to wake you up. >> it is kind of like finding extra money in your pocket when you think it is thursday and it is friday. >> it was just a treat i was trying to give you. 5:31. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. we want to get you started with a check on the forecast. it is friday, the weekend forecast is upon us. the weekend looks good, but we have changes for next week. you will want to enjoy the next three days if you are looking for sunshine. 33 in concord. 28 in napa. 27 degrees in gilroy. we are expecting to drop off in temperature by about three or four degrees before we hit our low this morning, the coldest time of the day being just after sunrise. we have a strong ridge of high pressure in control of our pattern, but we have major changes shaping up. the whole pattern is shifting. next week we have rain chances each and every day. we'll tell you when the best chance for rain is in your city
5:32 am
and how much we are expecting coming up. back to you guys. thank you. this morning developing news in san francisco where officers are investigating the death of a woman found inside a hoe temperature. hotel. and now investigators say the abandoned car found near devils slide and a missing man could be linked to the case. marla tellez is live outside the san francisco police department this morning where officers are trying to kind of put the pieces of this puzzle in this case together. zblrp it is certainly taking twists and turns along the way. good morning to you. san francisco police in charge of this suspicious death investigation this morning. now, i just got a call back from san francisco police here, and they tell me that i do have the latest information on this tricky case. now, here is that latest information. the body of a woman was found yesterday inside a hotel room on lumbard street in san francisco. now also yesterday the vehicle of a missing couple from riverside county, of course, in
5:33 am
southern california, was found abandoned on highway 1 near devils slide. that missing couple is billy and colleen waterman reported missing as of monday. now a san mateo sheriff county detective served or searched devils slide area for hours yesterday and didn't find either one. san francisco police are not saying that the body found inside the hotel is that of colleen waterman, but they are linking the two. the san francisco medical examiner's office will perform an autopsy on the woman to determine identity and cause of death. now, at this point police say billy waterman is considered a person of interest in the death investigation. he is 51 years old, 6 feet tall, thin build and balding. now, at sunrise this morning our sources tell us that the search will continue for billy waterman out at the devils slide area with the san mateo sheriff's
5:34 am
department as well as sfpd. we will be throwing out the chopper we have access to to see what we see out there while investigators continue their search. if you have any information this morning about billy waterman, you are asked to call your local police department. for now, live in san francisco, marla tellez, "today in the bay." we'll check back with you throughout the morning. thank you, marla. >> a well-known and well-liked coach at the oakland military institute now faces charges this morning of child pornography and students are parents are upset. 40-year-old randy fulcher is charged with distribution of child pornography. he has coached girls volleyball, basketball and more since 2006. background checks were conducted before he was hired and he had a clean record. this news goes against the school's principles of structure and discipline. the superintendent met with parents last night and told them
5:35 am
what happened. he now encourages anybody with information to come forward if they can help this case. 5:34 right now. some parents are in shock over a reported sex crime at the boys and girls club in oakland. the victim is a 7-year-old boy. his alleged attackers are all under the age of 12. it reportedly happened in the club's bathroom. police have not made any arrests. the club president says the boy did not tell staff but instead went home to tell his mother. his mother rushed him to children's hospital in oakland. he was examined and released. the club president says the boy just joined the club a week ago. the police say they questioned five boys and some staff members thursday. no one was detained. barry bonds is scheduled to appear in a san francisco courtroom later this morning, but now he faces fewer charges. federal prosecutors have dropped six charges. they will fight him on five others, including four counts of lying to a grand jury and one count of obstructing justice. it all stems from the investigation into alleged
5:36 am
performance or use of performance enhancing drugs. bonds always denied those claims. his trial will begin on march 21st, but today's hearing is set for 11:00 this morning. sheriff's deputies are escorting buses after at shooing on an a.t. transit bus. we have a chopper view of an escort in progress. prosecutors are not taking any chances. officers are shadowing the rough stretch where the shooting happened. the bus passes through the area every half hour. we are told the patrol will continue indefinitely every night between 8:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. wednesday night a group of young men shot and a.t. transit bus. a new court order changed the way things will happen when you go to pay for things at stores. nbc bay area's bob redell is live this morning in san jose with a look at an exception to the new rule and of course a chance to explain what the new rule is. >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. the new rule is when you go to a store and you are using your credit card, a lot of times
5:37 am
merchants ask you for your five digits, your zip code. well, the state supreme court is telling retailers to zip it when it comes to asking for that, the exception being here when you come to the gas pump. if you insert your credit card here it will ask you to type in your five-digit zip code and push enter. that's just for security purposes. so according to the justice state supreme court, that's okay. when you are online and have to verify credit card information for shipping, that sort of thing, that is still legal. but when you are at the counter in a store that merchants are not allowed to do this. this came about because of a shopper in san mateo who sued williams is noma saying this was an invasion of privacy when asking for the information because what they were doing with the information at williams sonoma is using the discount to find your address. once they get youred a dress you are put on a mailing list. the state supreme court said that's illegal citing a 1990
5:38 am
credit card law that does not allow merchants to get personized identification like zip codes from you. williams sonoma says, look, the reason we ask for the information is to verify that this is you who is using the credit card and not someone else. not a thief. and they do acknowledge that, yes, we do use the information sometimes to put you on a mailing list, but this is part of being in business. how do we stay in business if we are not allowed to market to our ku many customers? bob redell for "today in the bay." thank you, bob. we'll update you now on the forecast. i think we need to get out there to enjoy this weekend, right, christina. >> yes, the pattern is significantly changing heading into next week. rain each and every day in our forecast. monday through sunday of next week. and that is just the beginning. the pineapple express is back. winter is back to the bay area as of monday. 68 degrees for today. we'll enjoy spring-like
5:39 am
conditions for three more days. 60 in oakland. 64 in concord. 65 degrees in almaden valley. as we take you through the next few days you'll see this weekend looks good. we'll warm up to 59 degrees for saturday and sunday. by sunday the clouds start to increase significantly. the onshore flow really increases. then the showers arrive for the second half of valentine's day lasting through tuesday. tuesday could be a rough commute. we'll find out how the commute looks with mike i you. not so bad right now. the bay bridge is moving much more smoothly than you may expect at this time because it is friday. it is lighter volume. hook lot the green chiclets. we don't have any slowing there, but right on schedule even on a friday. we have the 5:30 kickoff. going over to love ridge we are seeing 52 show up here near willow pass road.
5:40 am
plan on that for antioch. here's a nice smooth drive out to the east bay. here's a live shot with the volume increasing. and we have a closure southbound near 101. not a major issue right now. the time is 5:40. a new kind of graffiti in the east bay. culprits are using knitting needles instead. stick around because we have a great story to share. plus, friday means gadget friday. scott has something on the warmer, fuzzier side. and a live look outside this morning. again, it is nice and clear. fairly dry. not as cold as we have seen, but changes are on the way. stick around. ♪
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good morning, everybody. welcome back. 5:42 right now. live pictures from tahrir square here in cairo this morning. in fact, we are seeing similar rallies in other large cities across the country. there are several new developments to tell you about overnight. the future of one of america's strongest allies in the middle east is as uncertain as ever this morning. we are watching the twitter feed of our chief foreign affairs correspondent richard engel today who says it appears president hosni mubarak is not leaving office entirely but he is going to take a backseat role. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., with america's reaction to this latest chaos. tracie? >> reporter: america is disappointed as many of the egyptians. if you are talking about the u.s. government, when he decided not to step down, but new this morning we do understand, brent, that he has left the presidential palace. there were a lot of protesters crowded around there this morning as well. and we understand that he has
5:44 am
left the palace for an undisclosed location, possibly out of cairo, but he is still in egypt. this is a situation that just seem fos seems to be getting more and more tense. protesters are calling for him to step down. mubarak says he will not do that. earlier we got word that the military is backing his attempt to stay until september, but they say they will support free and fair elections. before that speech yesterday president obama said that this could be a moment of transformation for egypt, but afterward he issued a pretty lengthy statement saying this was not a clear transition, the transfer of power, much of the power to the vice president while he says or stays in office, but it is not clear for what the people are asking for. still a situation this morning very much in flux. >> thank you, tracie. we are watching this all day long. we'll see how it sorts out. the time is 5:446789 good morning, everybody. happy friday.
5:45 am
i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get to traffic and weather for you in two minutes. but first, we could know the fate of a handful of cal berkeley sports today that are on the chopping block right now. cal berkeley leaders are counting the money trying to figure out if they can save the athletic program from the budget ax. christie smith is live with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. this decision was actually supposed to come down yesterday. and some people now see this one day delay as a positive sign to the very popular sports team that has been awaiting their fate for quite some time. include mens and women's gymnastics, women's lacrosse, ben's baseball and rugby. $12 million to $15 million has been pledged so far. the school thought that was just too much money for the financially-strapped school to just walk fay away from. the university has said $25 million is the number they would need to keep them as full
5:46 am
varsity sports programs. and to cut them would save about $4 million a year. the university has now taken steps to make sure that those who said they would help out financially really will. and there's the federal requirements, some say women's gymnastics and lacrosse will have to return. because of that baseball has also received support from the giants. so will it be all five teams or a combination? it is something that we'll find out later this morning. reporting live in uc berkeley, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> i understand one of the biggest donors is stanford because they want to keep the traditional rivalries going. we want to check the forecast. it is friday, the weekend is here. not is a so bad for the weekend, but down the road we have to watch out. >> we need the rain, and boy do we need it. it is on the way for next week. we may be getting more than we
5:47 am
want. it looks like a really wet pattern shaping up. the rain chances are ramping up as of monday night. we'll expect rain each and every day next week. a cold, wet workweek ahead, but a really nice weekend before we get there. 35 degrees in livermore. here's that system and that pattern shift. you can see finally the pineapple express has dipped to the south a bit heading through the next few days. it will continue to dip to the south with high pressure retreating off to the east. for us that means the wet weather is back in the bay area. not today, but we'll see a nice day on sunday. 64 in los gatos and oakland. hey, maybe you are heading out to pebble beach this weekend for the big pro-am. we'll see comfortable afternoons each and every day. 63 degrees on friday. saturday, 64 degrees. and 56 on sunday. that's the day where it won't be quite as comfortable, but still should be pretty nice if you are headed out to the big golf weekend. we'll find out how we are looking on the roadways with mike inouye. good morning, christina.
5:48 am
friday light, but then heading down to pebble beach this weekend starting all week we could have more crowds. keep that in mind. right now coming out to the altamonte pass, through the wind farm we have no issues. in fact, we are close to the limit through the westbound commute. it is almost 6:00 here. so ten till with a 14-minute drive through the tri-valley area. pretty smooth for 580. between 680 and 880 they are averaging the speed limit coming through the tri-city as well. the dumbarton bridge is looking okay. a new accident in hillsdale, but no slowing in the traffic. we have an update on a deadly crash in san francisco. a walnut creek man is now under arrest. that crash happened yesterday morning. remember we showed you that. police say 31-year-old frank mayberry was speeding and crashed head-on into another crash on geary boulevard. police say mayberry was running
5:49 am
red lights before the collision and didn't have a license. the driver of the car that he hit was killed. 5:48 right now. the man accused of beating up an elderly priest who allegedly molested him as a child will go to trial on felony assault charges. william lynch does not deny that he attacked father jerald lindner last friday, but he said it was justified because the priest molested him 30 years ago. father lindner rejects the charges. the motion to clean up the moffett field has passed and navy will help. nasa was solely responsible for the cleanup, but now the navy has agreed to clean up the vapors. they leaked the toxins into the ground in the 1960s and '70s. the concern is that the toxins are rising into the air both inside and outside of buildings or are trapped in some buildings. so the epa is concerned about
5:50 am
the long-term health risks and have helped to reach a cleanup agreement in order to change things. walnut creek is dealing with an unusual graffiti program called yarn bombing. the phenomenon which you are more likely to see in berkeley is popping up in the east bay city. look at this photo. that's a light pole on bonanza street covered by a 5-foot cozy. the city say this case will be treated and cleaned up within two days of being reported. sonoma county grape growers lost about $90 million to harsh weather last year in falling grape prices. the cool summer was clipped by a hot august and that really fried many of the grapes. the grape prices led to the
5:51 am
lowest prices in decades. the central valley didn't have the same fickle weather. it turned out to be the third largest grape crush in state history. >> a national video chain could be putting up a for sale sign. blockbuster is preparing to offer itself for sale. this comes after creditors couldn't agree on how to fund the chain and keep it out of bankruptcy. blockbuster could ask a judge to approve bidding procedures as soon as next week. if you can't be with the one you love, send them your heart. scott mcgrew is sending us some love this valentine's day. >> it is not easy to come up with a valentine's day graduate. it is called my little beating heart. it has sensor that is the inventing artist says to measure your own heartbeat and pulse. it beats to match your heart. once it has done that it starts to slow downgoing into what doctors call deep meditation. there's video of it.
5:52 am
it will start to match your heartbeat. you will kind of relax. it is $40. can you feel it there? >> i do feel it. >> i remember back when -- that would be awkward if i gave this to you. but back when i was a kid we had a puppy. one thing the vet suggested was putting an alarm clock near the puppy to make him feel better that way. >> there you go. can you feel the vibration? >> wow. there you go. >> it skipped a beat. all right. an east bay emmy and grammy
5:53 am
nominated producer and singer is not missing a beat. sheila eas is going to meet with the san leandro board of education to talk about music in san leandro schools and cuts in reductions to music. she'll be at the school district office and then later visit a local elementary school. now to the heartwarmer story of a soldier home from afghanistan. he only has a few days with his family but is happy to take a little time to meet up with his pint-size pint-sized pe pint-sized girl. >> 5-year-olded ady and private shane healy had dinner together at addy's home. she chose him to be her special soldier. >> you are the most important thing on my wall. >> i am? >> yes, because it means that
5:54 am
much to me. >> wow. is it cold? >> a lot. >> wow. at least i have a warm bed. >> he returns to afghanistan next week. he and addy connected through a group called american military families. isn't that precious? >> it makes a difference. when you are a soldier in the field and are away from family and friends, having that connection. now he has a face and a voice to put with it, too. >> a little voice. so sweet. let's check the forecast right now with christina. >> maybe you have a valentine, maybe you send a valentine to a soldier overseas. how about that? 43 degrees in hayward right now. it is a cold start. we'll see a nice day today. tomorrow and sunday look good as well. and then the changes arrive. wet and cold conditions all of next week. the pattern is shifting significantly. you'll need that raincoat each and every day next week. but we are going to see a few nice days before the pattern changes. so enjoy these warmer than
5:55 am
normal temperatures while they still last. 67 degrees in san jose today. 65 in almaden valley. and 65 degrees in san rafael. it will be really beautiful in the city today. 66 degrees with a lot of sunshine. one of those days where you'll see a lot of people out on the streets because it is so nice in san francisco. even better for tomorrow. 69 degrees. that's the forecasted high for sunday as well. valentine's day, if you are going to be making those evening plans, make sure you are ready for showers. you'll be dodging a few showers increasing the rain heading through tuesday. rain continues for wednesday. then thursday light scattered showers. back to you guys. well, if you don't have fans for the weekend, there are a lot of films to choose from out there. >> please help me regain my family's honor. >> "the eagle" is the movie there. he's in search of a lost golden eagle to restore his father's honor. it is rated pg-13.
5:56 am
>> and "romeo and juliet" includes red and blue gnomes. the love struck garden ornaments were separated by a family feud. it is rated "g." i think disney changed the ending a little bit. >> and "justin bieber never say never" will be out this weekend. it shows his upbringing as a street performer. it is rated "g." >> adam sandler and jennifer aniston team up in "just go wit." he's a surgeon, she's his assistant pretending to be his ex-wife when he falls in love with a much younger teacher. "just go with it" is rated pg-13. the case of a missing
5:57 am
southern california couple and a woman found dead at a hotel seem to be converging. we'll have a live report on this coming up next. [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain.
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new this morning, crowds swell in they cay roast' main square, cairo's main square. president hosni mubarak refuses to step down. we'll have a complete analysis coming up. good morning to you, i'm marla tellez. how a woman's suspicious death in the city is tied to an abandoned car found near devils slide and a missing man. i'll explain. and while you're expecting friday light, i'm still watching an injury accident that has one lane of a


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