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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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so check with me before you leave this morning. and a live look outside from the south bay this morning. nice and clear. no rain today. that is good for your friday weekend, but it may change soon. it is friday, february 11th on "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us at 6:00. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get starting with a look at the forecast with christina loren. good morning to you. we have a clear shot of the stars still out. heading throughout the next hour we'll drop off in temperatures by a couple does he thinks. how degrees, 40 degrees in oakland. rounding out the day in the mid-60s. a wet, cold pattern shapes up next week. we'll let you know when the rain starts and when we expect it to finish. it doesn't look to be for a while. we'll talk all about it coming up. back to you guys. meantime, angry crowds are
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packing squares in two of egypt's largest cities again this morning. here's a live look from tahrir square in cairo. >> similar demonstrations are going on outside of president hosni mubarak's palace. word quickly spread across the world that mubarak planned to step down. but in a speech he said he is only passing power to his vice president and has no intentions of leaving office or the country. today protesters are more determined than ever. and right now the non stations demonstrations are peaceful but we'll continue to watch the story all morning long. a maid meantime finds a woman's body in a san francisco hotel room. and now police say her death could be linked to an abandoned car found at devils slide. >> marla tellez starts our dream coverage of this murder mystery live outside of the san francisco police department to explain how it all ties together. marla? >> reporter: it is definitely a complicated one.
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good morning to you, brent and laura. san francisco police here are working to make sense of the case that really requires putting the pieces of a puzzle together. now here's what i can tell you this morning. the body of a woman was found yesterday inside a hotel room on lumbard street in san francisco. i'm putting in calls to confirm which hotel on lumbard. also yesterday afternoon this vehicle of a missing couple from riverside county down in southern california was found abandoned on highway 1 near devils slide. that vehicle is tied to billy and colleen waterman reported missing as of monday. now, despite shutting down highway 1 and searching the defss slide area for hours yesterday, san mateo sheriff detectives came up empty handed. we are told they will resume their search at sunrise this morning. in the meantime, san francisco police are not saying that the body found inside the hotel room is colleen waterman but they are linking the two.
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now waiting for the san francisco medical examiner's office to perform an autopsy on the woman to determine her identity and cause of death. at this point police say billy waterman is considered a person of interest. now for the latest on him, we'll head down to southern california and throw it over to andy adler of knbc. she is live in river sood county. actually, we'll head inside the studio at cnbc, knbc. we'll do that in a little bit coming up, marla. >> we are having a technical problem with them. we'll talk to them in a bit. meantime, the state attorney general is dropping all charges against one of the main suspects in a high-profile south bay murder. >> prosecutors don't have enough evidence to charge 29-year-o 29-year-old -- they say the
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public defender found flaws in the investigation including an informant who admitted to be motivated by the $90,000 reward. and cell phone records show the suspect was not in the area at the time of the killing. the dna evidence found in the getaway car was not linked to the suspect. a well-liked east bay coach now faces child pornography charges this morning and students and teachers who know him are a little stunned. 40-year-old randy fulcher is charged with distribution of child pornography. he coached girls basketball, volleyball since 2006. the superintendent mark ryan says state background checks were conducted before he was hired and showed a clean record. ryan says this type of news goes against the school's principles and structure of discipline. he also met with parents last night and told them about what happened. he encourages them to come
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forward if they have new information. the amount of money you pay to license your car could be going up to help balance the state budget. local state senator mark leno wants to help vital services by increasing licenses fees to 2% of the vehicle's current value. right now we only pay .65%. the money could be used to fund public safety, health and social service programs. the bill would need to be approved by a two-thirds vote of the county board of supervisors and a majority vote at the polls. changes at the check-out counter. you no longer have to share your zip code when you pay with a credit card. bob redell is live at more of the changes. they apply in stores but not other places, right, bob? >> reporter: there are a couple exceptions. good morning to you, brent. one is at the gas station. you know when you come to fill up you use your credit card and the machine asks you to punch in your five-digit zip code. that's for security purposes to prevent a thief from filling up on your dime.
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a same thing for making a purchase online that is shipped to you. you are in store in person using your credit card. merchants in california can no longer ask you for your zip code. they typically do it to look up your address and it will put you on their mailing list. that's prompted a shopper in san mateo to sue william-sonoma. initially lower courts dismissed her case but now the state supreme court overruled the charges citing a 1990 law to make it it legal for stores to collect personal information from credit card holders. >> i think it is just invading your privacy. now you go to banks to do your -- to cash your check, they want your finger print and a lot of background checks now when you are going into an electronics firm. they want to know a lot about you.
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>> reporter: retailers say one reason they ask for your zip code is the same reason the gas stations do, to confirm you are the actual credit card holder. and, yes, they do acknowledge that the information can put you on their mailing list but they argue that without being able to do that business would be hurt because after all how can you stay in business if you can't market to your customers. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you, bob. 6:07 right now. we've got an update on the murder investigation that is going from southern california to northern california. we are going to take you live to andi adler in riverside. what's the latest down there? >> reporter: well, laura, good morning. it ban just as an investigation in terms of a missing persons case. before it was a murder investigation, it first began as a missing person's case. the daughter of the couple
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initially called in to police saying their parents were missing. now we have a picture of one of the men who is now considered a person of interest. billy waterman, take a look at this. police are asking for your help in finding this man. we have a description here of him described as a white male, 51 years old, 6 feet tall. weighs 150 pounds, blue eyes and red or balding hair. again, police are asking for your help in finding this man. this is the case that began here at riverside county. that's about an hour east of los angeles. and now it is ending up in the bay area. we'll continue to keep you up-to-date as we get more information from here in southern california, but for now i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much, andi. meantime, we'll go to christina to take a look at the friday forecast. >> it is looking dandy in the forecast. we are looking really good this morning. it is nice and clear out there. but we do have a cold start. make sure you bundle up. next week things really start to
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change. you'll need the rain jacket, you'll need the umbrella and you'll be dodging showers throughout the week. make sure to enjoy today, tomorrow and sunday. lots of sunshine and temperatures abnormally warm. 68 degrees in red wrood city. 60 in oakland. 65 in almaden valley. the east bay will see warmer temperatures. 67 is the forecasted high in fairfield today. and throughout the weekend, looking really good. 69 degrees by sunday. we do drop in temperature a little bit on monday. valentine's day, 66 degrees. showers arrive for the second half of the day. that means if you haven't washed your car yet, you are looking to a valentine shine on monday. >> you are going to wash my car for valentine's day? great. we'll take you to the roads because 880 over my shoulder is moving smoothly. a nice, easy drive on the approach to the bay bridge. that's what we expect at this time on a friday. things get congested at 6:30. we have an accident that happened last night with a
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motorcycle and another vehicle there. it will continue with closures on southbound 101 near holly street. our chopper is over the scene. they do see from the live shot the activity still there. another chp officer arrived on the scene a few moments ago. you can see the closurement look at this. just the north near walton street is open. there's the closure. thank you, chopper. there's a light volume along the peninsula. you should be okay passing by the scene. we'll send it back to the desk. 6:10 right now. still to come on "today in the bay," donald trump could be asking you to hire him soon. see why coming up. and the decision to save some sports at cal heads to overtime today. we'll take you live to berkeley for an update. here's a live look outside at cairo, egypt, this morning. anti-government protesters remain packed in the city's tahrir square. gloria duffy will be giving us her perspective. hear it live right after this break.
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and a live look outside this morning again from the south bay where it is going to be a nice, clear day today. it is down the road a few days that you have to watch out. continued updates on traffic and weather coming up.
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you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. good morning. welcome back, everybody. 6:12 right now. once again, live pictures from egypt in tahrir square. we have been watching quite a large crowd, one of the largest crowds we have seen in a long time. the unrest there continues. people are very upset about some of the recent changes overnight from the egyptian government.
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dr. gloria duffy from san francisco and former assistant secretary of defense is joining us this morning with a bit of perspective. thank you for coming by. boy, the situation keeps changing. the best you can assess, who is in charge right now? >> well, president mubarak has divided the duties of the presidency. now supposedly between himself and his lieutenant, omar suleiman with mubarak refeigning retaining fundamental rule to protecting the constitution and giving authority to suleiman. >> the protesters want him to relingish power and he kind of sort of has and hasn't. they are not happy with that. >> right. he wants to, quote, manage the transition. i think the protesters would have been happier if there had been a moderate even temporary leader like mohammed elbaradei with no connection to this
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government. a lot will depend on how much power suleiman has. does he really begin to make changes? >> this is an interesting point. obviously the reformers want mubarak and his administration gone. the question is, who would be -- who do they want? and it doesn't seem like we have a clear answer, even if mubarak vacated as they wanted, who would be in charge? >> again, there are figures there like the former director of the national atomic agency, mohamed elbaradei. he seems to be popular among the crowds. so what we want to see now is does suleiman do what the protesters want? they will pay attention if he announces changes. they want to see improvements in human rights. they want to see political prisoners released from jail. they want to see press freedoms guaranteed. they want to see certain concrete action. if he begins to do some of this they might be mull fied. >> what happens in the meantime
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if we do get a new have a regime, talk about the impact that could have on the region and for the united states. how will that impact our relationship with egypt? >> this is a delicate situation for the u.s. we don't want to be caught supporting an out-of-touch repressive government like we did in iran, but we also don't want to be picking a new leader for another country. president obama is walking a very fine line here trying to signal. we want to see israel secure. we don't want to see a radical islamic leader in egypt. we want to see democracy served, though. so, again, will suleiman begin walking along that path and taking those steps? i expect if he does perhaps there would be some supportive signals from the u.s. if he doesn't, very quickly, then we'll see some more active
6:17 am
signaling by the u.s. that the whole regime needs to be gone. >> like him or not, mubarak has been in power for 30 years, so in a since there's some kind of stability. like it or not there's stability. so now you have to find a transition that sticks again because we could end up with an unstable situation where the government or the process could continue for a while. >> right. again, there is a possible transitional leader in mohamed elbaradei. he's enough of an establishment figure, he's a worldwide nobel warrior. he's a responsible transitional leader for egyptian. if suleiman doesn't perform quickly, perhaps the u.s. will signal the need for an outside transitional leader. >> okay. this is an interesting situation because the mob outside, this is a big crowd. and you are seeing it now in more than just one city, all throughout egypt. in fact, a few days ago we
6:18 am
talked about even an uprising in some places like jordan. people are very interested. if something doesn't happen soon, and to their satisfaction, you have to worry it could be out of control. >> it needs to be a responsible transition there. there's not only the u.s. direct interest in the middle east but the suez canal, who controls that is very important in terms of oil production. so there's major economic interest at stake there. it has to be managed extremely careful. >> not a large percentage of oil comes from egypt, but the shipping of the oil is a factor. >> that's right. you know, there was a major crisis in suez many years ago when the egyptian government became independent from britain and first took control of the suez control. it created a great panic and instability in the world economy because nobody knew whether they were going to allow the oil to continue to go through.
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so major issue there. >> dr. gloria duffy, we always appreciate your perspective. it is late afternoon in cairo. we will see how this all plays out. laura, back to you. it is 6:28 right now. several cal perk lee sports teams are waiting to hear word on their fate. university leaders are counting the money to see if they can save the sports programs from the chopping block. christie smith is joining us live now with the very latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. this decision was supposed to come down yesterday, but the university said it needed more time to make sure that those people who pledged their financial help will actually be giving it. this morning we have been talking to students and others coming down here this morning for a workout. i can tell you that they are eagerly awaiting this decision saying there will be deep disappointment if all five sports are not saved. mens and womens gymnastic, baseball, men's rugby and women's la cross. cutting them would save $4 million a year for the university.
6:20 am
the estimates are that they need $25 million to save the sports for ten years. since then cal supporters have pledged $12 to $15 million to help save the sports. one recent graduate just told us he thinks that these teams are critical and that cal can't afford them. >> this university can gain revenue. it is sad that we can see gymnastics potentially go, baseball potentially go, and there's so much wasted talent within the student community. >> reporter: now, there's plenty of guesswork going on over which teams may actually be safe. some believe in the interest of title 9 compliance with federal gender equity requirements it is likely that at least women's lacrosse and women's gymnastics could be saved. baseball has gotten help from the giants. eag rugby received $6 million on its own. an announcement is expected later this morning. reporting live at uc berkeley, christie smith, "today in the
6:21 am
bay." 6:20 right now. scott is here to tell us why guys are getting ready to buy valentine's this weekend, but if you are using groupon, think twice. >> groupon sent out a coupon offering $40 worth of flowers for $20. a classic groupon offer, right? well, the people who bought the deal had to follow a special link where they could buy the flowers for delivery. the price? $40 knocked down to $20. but if you went to the regular ftd website, those same flowers were only $30. meaning groupon's claims of $20 off weren't accurate. ftd raised the price for groupon buyers. the allegations were posted overnight. i e-mailed all the companies. no response from ftd or groupon. a shakeup at cisco this
6:22 am
morning. the top man is out, just a day after the markets were shot with a gloomy business forecast. we watched cisco carefully because the san jose-based company employs 70,000 people. cisco has been trying to become more consumer-friendly lately. stuff you can buy at best buy instead of just big routers for government and industry. chip maker amd lost its ceo recently and saw two more execs leave. that's two big silicon valley strongholds with management shakeups. we know you are watching. thank you. >> we are watching the weather, too. it should be pretty good for your friday and weekend, but down the road, it is february, we enjoy the sun and warmth. we still need the rain. >> we do need the rain. it looks like heading through the second half of february we have not had any rain in february so far. it is going to be the exact contrast of what we have seen. every model that i look at shows rain in the forecast each and every day next week. in fact, all the way throughout next weekend and into the next workweek we are talking about wet conditions. the fog will be back.
6:23 am
and it is going to be cold. so enjoy the next three days. 36 in concord right now. it is cold out there. not as quold as it will be next week. also, a new threat for us because it has so much sunshine and so much new growth when it does turn very, very cold. we see our temperatures drop to the freezing marks heading into the latter part of next week and next weekend. protect the plants even more so. today, the plants will continue to grow with spring-like conditions. 66 degrees in napa. 60 in oakland. 64 in los gatos. 69 in santa cruz. a comfortable day at the coast. a beautiful day in the city. 69 degrees for tomorrow. then the showers arrive just in time for valentine's day. we'll find out about your drive now with mike inouye. good morning, christina. we talk about santa cruz being beautiful with the golf tournament going on, 17 may get more traffic. keep that in mind. to the upper east shore fray, that's not getting a lot of traffic. this is friday light.
6:24 am
opposite that heading into fairfield we'll see the slowing starting at 2:00 north of there because of folks waiting near the sierra. it should be beautiful there. antioch has your typical slowing there, even for a friday. speeds from love ridge are down below 20. look at that. slowing through pittsburgh and bay point. liver more still has the slowing out of the area into the altamonte pass. southbound 101 should reopen in the next few minutes. i'll let you know what's happening near san carlos coming up. deputies are trailing buss in the east bheec ey y,re a not because they are speeding. we'll tell you why they are trying to keep you safe coming up. [ asst mgr ] what are you doing?
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san mateo county is launching a 211 help line this morning. it starts at 8:30. the line is confidential and is available 24 hours a day in more than 150 languages. san mateo is the last county in the bayet that o get that 211 service.
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we know more about a crash that killed a man? san francisco. we'll have new details on the suspect coming up. and san francisco police are investigating the suspicious death of a woman found inside a hotel room. good morning, i'm marla tellez. how her death is being tied to an abandoned car found near devils slide. i'll explain coming up. and look at this. yeah, that's friday light in some spots. that's why you have to stick with me. i have an update on the peninsula closure coming up in a few minutes. we'll also show you why you need to enjoy the weather today and this weekend. it is friday, february 11th, this is "today in the bay." good friday morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. it is coming up on 6:30. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
6:30 am
the sun is coming up over the bay area. i want to check the forecast with christina. good morning to you. a beautiful morning out there. you saw the live picture laura talked about, clear conditions. clear as a bell out there. no fog. and it is dry as well. 39 degrees in oakland. even when we see temperatures at freezing, frost is not a factor this morning. 66 in san francisco. 65 in san rafael. and 65 degrees in almaden valley. as we head throughout the next few days we are going to start to see changes. today looks good. tomorrow looks even better. things start to head south on sunday. we'll let you know when the rain arrives and how much we are expecting coming up. back to you guys. developing news at 6:30 this morning, san francisco police are investigating the death of a woman found inside a hotel. now police think an abandoned car found near devils slide and a missing man could be linked to the case. marla tellez is live at the san francisco police department to tell us how this puzzle piece is all tying together. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. san francisco police are heading
6:31 am
up this suspicious death investigation. now, investigators here are really just trying to make sense of this very complicated story that has quite a few different elements. now it got complicated yesterday when the body of a woman was found inside a hotel room on lumbard street here in san francisco. a maid found the body of this woman. now, also yesterday afternoon the vehicle of a missing couple from riverside county was found abandoned on highway 1 near devils slide. that vehicle is being tied to billy and colleen waterman reported missing as of monday. now, san mateo sheriff's detectives came up empty handed despite shutting down highway 1 in searching the devils slide area for hours yesterday. we are told they will resume their search out there at sunrise this morning. we will also have our chopper out during the search. now, it gets tricky because san francisco police are not saying the body found inside the hotel
6:32 am
is colleen waterman, but they are connecting the two. now, the san francisco medical examiner's office is going to be performing an autopsy on the woman to determine her identity and the cause of death. at this point police say that billy waterman is considered a person of interest in this death investigation. he is 51 years old. he has a thin build, 6 feet tall. if you know anything about billy waterman's whereabouts you are asked to call your local police department. we will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest. for now, live in san francisco, marla tellez, "today in the bay." thank you, marla. >> police are investigating a possible sexual assault at one of the south bay big hospitals. san jose police say a staff member at the kaiser medical center assaulted a patient during a routine medical checkup on wednesday. kaiser sent out a statement and in part it reads, protecting the health and well-being of our patients is our highest priority. we take these matters seriously
6:33 am
and based on the patient's concern we promptly notified police. so far there are no arrests. we have an update on a deadly crash in san francisco. frank mayberry was speeding and crashed head-on into another car on geary boulevard. police believe mayberry was running red lights before the crash and was driving without a license. a 67-year-old man died in the crash. in north richmond sheriff's deputies are escorting buses after a group of men opened fire on an a.t. transit bus. video shows one of the escorts in progress late last night. you can see the bus there with the sheriff's deputies patrolling behind. the contra costa leaders are taking no chances. deputies will shadow the 376 line to a rough stretch of neighborhood where the shooting happened. a bus passes through that area
6:34 am
about every half hour until the escorts continue through 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. barry bonds will be in a courtroom this morning facing fewer charges. six charges have been dropped. they will still fight him on five charges for lying to a grand jury and one count of obstructing justice. it all stems from the investigation into alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs. bonds has always denied those claims. his trial is set to begin on march 21st. today's hearing is set for 11:00. a new court ruling means you no longer have to give your zip code to pay for things with a credit card at most stores. bob redell is live in san jose with the exception to the rule and to explain exactly what this new rule involves. bob? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, brent. the exception is when you are using the gas pump to put your credit card in the machine and you put in your five-digit zip
6:35 am
code. this is for security purposes so somebody can't fill up on your dime. same thing for buying online and they need your zip code. the rule applies to going to a store to use your credit card when they ask for your zip. a lot of times the retailers are using that information to get your address and to put you on a mailing list. yesterday the state supreme court ruled that was illegal and violated a 1990 law. the retailers were like, hey, we are doing this also to verify security information to protect the consumer from credit card fraud and that, yes, we do want their information for mailing lists because that is part of staying in business. we need to market to our consumers. carlos here is filling up. you are cool with giving your zip code for security purposes. can you sympathize with the retailers, we do need to mail things out, that's how we stay in business to market to our customers? >> no, i think there are different ways the approach customers to get business.
6:36 am
i think there's obviously a better way to do that. giving out my zip code, i think it is the best way to do it. >> reporter: you are okay to give out your zip code for security purposes but not for the mailing list. i appreciate it. have a good weekend. so that's it. next time you go to the store the state supreme court here in california ruled that you do not have to give them your zip code. it is only when you come to a gas station to punch it in. the idea is that is for security purposes only. roaring reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:37 right now. the wheels are in motion to clean up mountain view's moffett field and the navy will help. it looks like nasa would be solely responsible for the cleanup, but now the shave sri is cleaning up the toxic vapors. they leaked toxins into the ground in the 1960s and '70s. the concern is that the toxins are rising into the air and even
6:37 am
on the inside of buildings. the epa is concerned about long-term health risks and reached a cleanup agreement to make the changes. the time is 6:37. coming up, find out what president obama says about today's protests in egyptian. we'll have a live report from egypt coming up. and a contest for dogs that only mothers and owners could love. we'll show you some of the ugliest dogs you have probably ever seen coming up. and one airline wants less ugliness in the skies. find out what thousands of employees may have to do coming up next. and a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge. the sun is coming up over the bay area this morning. happy friday. it should be nice weather on tap. and you should enjoy it. 6:37 right now. ♪
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make sure to look for the white check. good morning to you. a live look outside this time from the south bay this morning. hp pavilion, the sun is coming up over the bay area. it should be a nice day on tap. and a nice weekend as well. 6:40 right now. mistakes by air traffic controllers have welcome doubled
6:41 am
in the past year. air traffic controllers made almost 2,000 operational errors last year which is twice as many as the year before. and errors typically means aircrafts are coming too close together. the faa claims the higher number of errors is more precisely due to technology. despite more coast calls none led to fatal airline accidents. first they were known as stewardesses and then flight attendants. delta debutants could be the new name. they are sending flight attendants to charm school. delta had the highest rate of customer complaints with the department of transportation. so the airline is spending $2 billion on improvements including sending its ground staff to finishing school. the wall street journal reports flight attendants will get hands-on lessons on how to deal with complaints and how to explain baggage fees. gated baggage attendance, ticket
6:42 am
agents and supervisors also have to go through the training. scott is coming up with graduate friday, and this could make your heartbeat slower today. another live look this morning at cairo's main square. we are following the story for you. we'll also get reaction from today's protest from washington coming up in a live report. and a woman found dead in a bay area hotel could be connected to a missing couple in southern california. we'll have a live report. a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge. look at the sun coming up over the bay area. it should be a gorgeous day. rain is in the works. when? where? cnahrtiis ch ihr coming up. 6:42 right now.
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6:44 am
6:45 am
yes, all the borders and skiers who have had a gripe with mother nature for not providing snow, that's going to change next week. a lot of snow on the way to mammoth and the sierra nevada as a whole. 37 degrees in napa. 39 in oakland. and 39 degrees in san jose right now. it is chilly out there. grab a jacket. a lot of sunshine today. tomorrow is sunday, and not so great, but it will still be dry. temperatures will be at 60 degrees or better across the bay year area. high pressure provided us news weather and is shifting off to the east. for us that means the pineapple express is back. we have rain chances each and every day next week. and cloudy conditions as well. all that sunshine, make sure you get your vitamin d today and tomorrow because we lose it next week. 60 degrees in los gatos and oakland. 65 in san rafael. it is cold out there and you need a jacket. we'll drop off more heading
6:46 am
throughout the next half hour. sun rise is the coldest part of the day. that's because it is the furthest distance from when we had the sun heating our atmosphere. that's typically when we see the coldest conditions. we'll warm under full sunshine later today. 69 by sunday. then the rain arrives just in time for valentine's day. so tuesday's commute is not looking so good. how are we looking this morning, mike? we'll focus on the now, christina. that's the pleasant part. over my shoulder you get the south bay. i'll talk about that in a second. but right now we'll look at where a lot of folks are heading through the area. we may get noise at the toll plaza because there are a lot of folks. yellow indicates speeds below 50. a live look at a smooth, steady volume. there's the tow truck on the right side of the screen. caltrans crews have arrived on the scene of something. no delays reported. as you can see, no major problems through the area. we'll get you back to the maps to show you what we have here. we have a flow of traffic going on southbound at 101 near holly
6:47 am
street. all lanes cleared, that's great news. we have a smooth drive into the south bay with no major interruption for the freeways. a reminder that the tennis tournament continues there. a live look at any sole heading through the area, just a minor slowing. 6:47 right now. developing news we are following, a maid finds a woman's body in a san francisco hotel room. and now police say her death could be linked to an abandoned car found at devils slide and a missing man. "today in the bay" cease marla tellez is live on how it all ties together. >> reporter: good morning. it is being called a suspicious death investigation. it is being headed by san francisco's police department this morning. they are also looking for a missing man who is considered to be a person of interest in this suspicious death. that suspicious death is a woman found dead inside a hotel room yesterday on lumbard street here in the city. police are linking the woman to the vehicle found abandoned on
6:48 am
highway 1 near devils slide yesterday. that vehicle is tied to billy and colleen waterman. they were reported missing out of riverside county in southern california on monday. now, san francisco police are not saying the body found in the hotel room yesterday is colleen waterman, but they are linking the two. now we are waiting for the san francisco medical examiner's office to perform an autopsy to determine the identity of the woman and also the cause of death. at this point police say billy waterman is considered that person of interest in this suspicious death investigation. of course, if you know anything about billy waterman's whereabouts this morning, you are asked to call your local police department. for now, live in san francisco, marla tellez, "today in the bay." thank you, marla. several cal berkeley sports teams are waiting to hear word on their fate. the university leaders are counting the money trying to see if they can save some of the sports programs that are on the
6:49 am
chopping block. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live with the latest on what's going on at berkeley. >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. we have been talking to students coming out here for the early morning workout. i can tell you they are watching this decision very closely. they are telling us they believe that the university can afford to keep these sports programs intact. and they also think that it will really limit students on where they can showcase their talents if the programs are cut. the five sports are men's baseball, mens and womens gymnastics, la cross and rugby. after deep cuts across the board they would need $25 million to keep the programs as full varsity sports programs into the near future. since then supporters have come forward and pledged $12 to $15 million to help out. the university now spending time to verify that those dollars will actually come through. now one recent grad just told us this morning that he believes all five should stay put.
6:50 am
there's also the issue of title 9 federal gender equity requirements. some people believe that at least women's lacrosse and gymnastics will return. an announcement is likely some time this morning. reporting live at uc berkeley, christie smith, "today in the bay." 6:50 right now. breaking news out of egypt this morning. nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent richard engel just reported via twitter that, quote, an important and you are i didn't statement is coming soon from the office of the president. it is important to note he's not really talking about it coming from the president himself, hosni mubarak, but he says it now appears that president mubarak is going to be moving southeast of cairo. mubarak is out of the capitol but is still in office. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., with america's reaction to the chaos going on there. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning.
6:51 am
the protests are occurring on the square and also at the presidential palace. the u.s. has been putting the pressure on as we look at these live pictures and see the protests. we see the brewing anger and frustration of the egyptian people. the u.s. has been putting the pressure on mubarak. he has not -- he says he plans to stay in office until september. president obama like everyone else including members of mubarak's party was hopeful he would step down saying this is a moment of transformation. then after that speech another lengthy statement from the president from the white house saying that this turning power over to the vice president while he keeps the title is not a clear transition, not what the egyptian people are asking for, not immediate, meaningful or significant. but there's only so much the u.s. can do. we are standing on the sidelines watching the diplomatic tightrope as we see the protests going on trying noed to overstep
6:52 am
our bounds protecting the allie of 30 years but also watching this show of democracy. president obama has said they have got to concede and listen to the will of the people. >> thank you. it is volatile and intense there. thank you, tracie. earlier e spoke to david gregory about what america is trying to do to keep the peace. >> i think the real fear within the administration is that they do everything in their power to prevent bloodshed. that means being in contact with the egyptian military. they have the power to keep things peaceful there even if the protesters are upset. >> yes, so gregory says that, of course, it is largely up to the protesters to kind of police themselves in this situation. he's going to talk about egypt on "meet the press" this sunday starting at 8:00. he also has an exclusive interview with new house speaker john boehner. changing gears here, 6:52 now. a new movie in san francisco takes a look at the
6:53 am
not-so-pretty side of man's best friend. >> bob redell checked it out with a preview for us. >> reporter: see that little guy there. probably too cute to be featured in the documentary opening this week at the a indyfest here in san francisco because he is not ugly enough. it is called "worse in show." it chronicles the 2010 world's ugliest dog contest that takes place annually. don lewis is the filmmaker. people are surprised this is a serious look at what doesn't seem like a serious competition. >> i don't know how serious you can be when talking about ugly dogs, but we try to do it with a straight face. >> reporter: what was the biggest surprise in this? >> every time the winner is announced, the dog's face is broadcasted all over the world. >> reporter: the film follows four dogs. one of them is this guy right here, rascal. i don't know if it is the tongue, the lack of hair, too
6:54 am
much hair on the top or the fact that there are no teeth inside that mouth. but he is considered to be one of the ugliest dogs in the world. his owner is dain andrew. >> he is the better looking of the two. i think rascal is one of the most beautiful dogs i have seen. i don't find him ugly. i find it amusing when people think he is ugly. >> it is just getting their dog out there. a lot of dogs have had a hard time being adopted. it is a happy story even though it is kind of weird. >> reporter: in reality it is about the animals and how wonderful they are. kids at lakewood elementary in sunnyvale will see how wonderful the ugly dog will be when rascal stops by for a visit later today. >> catch rascal this sunday at the san francisco indyfest. you can log on to for more information on that. all right. give your heart to your dog, but what about giving your heart to your valentine? scott mcgrew is here to show us the latest gadget.
6:55 am
>> actually, we talked earlier, sometimes puppies like to hear a heartbeat. this is a cute gadget called my beating heart with sensors that the artist who is the inventor says will measure your own heartbeat and then pulse along with it. so it beeps and eventually it will start beating in match with your heart. and then it starts to slow downgoing into the deep meditative state. it will match the heart's heartbeat and you can relax. it is $40 from sort of a valentine's day gadget. >> you want to make sure you have good batteries in that. >> yeah. let's check the forecast right now. maybe celebrate valentine's a little bit early this weekend. >> someone has to get up a lot earlier, brent cannon, a little breakfast in bed for laura garcia-cannon on monday. >> nothing like breakfast and triplets in bed. >> hugs and queeshs for all. 37 degrees in napa.
6:56 am
it is cold out there. we have high pressure in control. we'll see a beautiful day, lots of sunshine. temperatures in the 60s. today and tomorrow, beautiful. then the rain arrives as we head through monday, tuesday, wednesday. in fact, every day next week we have rain chances. 65 degrees in fremont. the weekend forecast in detail, saturday, 69 degrees. staying nice for the first half of sunday. then the clouds will increase and become overcast for the second half of the day. showers arrive late monday. tuesday, really reinny. and the rain pattern continues wednesday into thursday. mike, if you have kind of a break without weather, what is it looking like out there? we'll take a look at this. a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge. we'll give you more of that in a second. we have some slowing on a friday light. antioch through pittsburgh, the walnut creek interchange is smooth. a little shift near livermore with a little patch of slowing. a smooth drive with the major issue on northbound 101 from
6:57 am
capital to 880. that's because of the volume of traffic with speed in the 30s. downtown we see this continue through the weekend at the hp pavilion. heading south on 17 you are getting crowded over the hill. the bay bridge toll plaza saw the metering lights just turn own. we'll end with a nice shot of the golden gate bridge, a clear drive. back to you. thank you so much for joining us this morning. the "today" show is coming up next. >> and nbc news will have a special report on the rapidly changing situation in egypt. have a great morning. thank you for joining us. a local news update in about a half hour. >> bye-bye. i have fallen in love with making bird houses.
6:58 am
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