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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  February 11, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. the local celebration for egypt in just a moment. but first tonight, the search is on for a southern california man after his wife's body was found in a san francisco motel room. police say colleen waterman's body was found in the motel on lombard street in the city's marina district yesterday afternoon. it was three days after the couple was reported missing from riverside county. nbc's marianne favro now joining us outside the san francisco police department. and mary ann, where exactly do we stand as of right now? >> reporter: raj, police are calling this a suspicious death, and tonight they need your help to find the victim's husband. an employee here at the ramada limited motel on lombard street found the body of 47-year-old colleen waterman yesterday afternoon. >> at this point we're calling it a suspicious death only because the circumstances surrounding the discovery and the whole incident as far as a missing person goes. until the medical examiner rules
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it a homicide, we're not going to call it a homicide. >> reporter: police are now searching for colleen's husband, billy waterman, calling him a person of interest. the watermans live east of palm springs. colleen's daughter reported the couple missing on monday. san mateo county sheriff's deputies discovered the watermans' suv yesterday off highway 1 near devil's slide. deputies conducted an intense search for billy waterman last night but couldn't find him. motel manager vino patel says the watermans checked in saturday. employees heard no arguing. jane fong works two doors down from the motel where colleen was found dead. >> it's really scary. i walk through here almost every day. >> reporter: today detectives visited the motel again. >> are there other deaths? >> we don't know. >> reporter: for now the search for billy waterman continues. police are convinced he can answer critical questions about how his wife died. today we spoke with a neighbor of colleen waterman's in riverside county.
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and he described her behavior of late as odd. he said she recently quit her job and then just disappeared. reporting live in san francisco, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you. tonight a san jose family is hoping a sketch will help them find a hit-and-run driver who left their loved one in critical condition. investigators believe this is the man who hit 18-year-old erica luna. his car dragged her for nearly 2,000 feet before she fell away and the driver took off. the hit-and-run happened in san jose near 101 and tulle road last week. she remains in critical condition. doctors say she may never walk again. her family announced a reward of $5,000 to find the driver. now to egypt. history unfolding before our ides. the celebration is not only liberating but intoxicating for so many people around the world, especially those in that country tonight. they demanded change, and they
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got it with the help of facebook. nearly 30 years of oppressive rule has come to an end as president hosni mubarak stepped down earlier today. one of the oldest countries in the world will now have the youngest democracy. >> so from cairo to san francisco there are tears of hope tonight. nbc's jean elle joins us. >> reporter: supporters have been organizing for days. they had organized an emergency rally for tonight, but instead they are holding a celebration. a celebration of an historic moment. people here are wearing black, red, and white, the colors of the egyptian flag. some are even wearing the flag. there is lots of hugging, even some crying. but it is tears of joy. people here say they are so proud of the people in egypt who rallied in the streets for days, demanding president mubarak step down. the president left office today, opening the door for the people of egypt to have a real democracy. it's a moment many weren't sure would ever come.
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>> people did vote before, but it didn't count. this time hopefully i'll get to vote and it will count. >> reporter: tonight uprising supporters say they will party, savoring this historic moment. but they know this push for democracy isn't over. a transition government needs to be forld. elections will be held. and there will be mourning. the change of power came with a price. hundreds of protesters in egypt were killed. now, another rally honoring those protesters that were killed in egypt is planned for tomorrow. but tonight this rally is all about celebrating. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. still ahead at 6:30, more on how egyptians living here in the bay area are celebrating the revolution and what they hope for the future. a san jose man with a checkered legal past is behind bars tonight, facing charges of stabbing a jewelry store owner. 28-year-old michael myrick is accused of stabbing salvador pena multiple times last december.
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the stabbing happened here, outside pena's music and jewelry shop on alamarak avenue in san jose. police say they were acquaintances who got into an argument which escalated into a deadly confrontation. pena died from his injuries on january 8th. myrick had also been charged with a double homicide in 2004, but charges were dropped in that case. men's baseball is out at uc berkeley, and so is men's gymnastics. two big ncaa division 1 teams killed by budget problems. three other sports raised enough money to see another season, but the mood on campus for some is just not good. nbc bay area's traci grant is at uc berkeley with the very latest for us. traci? >> reporter: well, diane, the cal berkeley lacrosse team, the women's lacrosse team, actually seems to be losing to notre dame right now. today the university administrators were actually pretty forthcoming about the fact that title ix did play a role in keeping these women's
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sports around today but in the end it really came down to money. >> you heard a lot of things and a lot of rumors out there, but never did we expect it would come to this. and quite honestly we were led to believe all or none. >> reporter: when uc berkeley head baseball coach met with administrators this morning he learned that three of the five sports programs the university planned to cut were reinstated. men's baseball and gymnastics were not among them. >> the way things stand today i'll be somewhere else a year from now. >> reporter: dropping all five sports would have saved the school $4 million a year. donors raised between 12 and 13 million dollars, but it was only half as much as uc berkeley said it would need to rescue the sports programs. some have been quick to paint university administrators as the bad guys. but athletic director sandy barber got choked up, talking about the students' fates. >> certainly -- they had their
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hopes up. >> reporter: she came to practice today to support her son matt. the university said baseball donors raised about $1.5 million but the program would have needed as much as six times that to survive. >> do you want the money that you pledged back? >> it will not be going to the university unless baseball is reinstated. that is a commitment we made to everybody who made pledges. >> reporter: take a look at this. these are the lucky ones here at uc berkeley. the lacrosse team. now, all of the students in the five sports knew this was a possibility since last september, so many of them have been working alongside with their coaches trying to explore opportunities at other colleges. that means many of them will end up transferring next year.
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the gymnasts and the baseball players. sxend up working on teams alongside the people they currently consider rivals. live in berkeley, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> tough time for the athletics department at cal. rugby is saved, women's lacrosse is saved, and women's gymnastics is saved. however, not so good news for the baseball team. they are going to be eliminated. as well as the men's gymnastics team. our thank you to traci. moving on now, there are still many questions and concerns regarding the death of a 36-year-old orinda man last weekend. he died while running the san francisco half marathon. we are now discovering the same agency that criticized the organizers of that race is unsure if they ever approved the medical plan for that event. and that medical plan is under heavy scrutiny. witnesses and fire officials say the medical response was nowhere to be found after peter hoff collapsed near the finish line. he died shortly after. roadie co, the organizer of the race, promised city officials
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that a team of medical personnel would be on site. they contend that they lived up to that promise. the medical plan was submitted to the city's emergency medical services agency, but the director of that agency now says he's unsure if they ever approved the plan. the investigation continues. one of the best-known dellis in the bay area may be forced to lock its doors. chiramontes market has been in the same location in san jose for a century but opening up shop at the airport turned out to be a significant mistake. nx bay yars damtian trujillo headed behind the security gates at the airport to show us why the recession may soon claim a san jose institution. >> reporter: back in 2007 when bids were coming in for concessions at the airport there were 10.7 million passengers walking through sjc. today that number is down to 8.2 million. and businesses like chiramontes are paying the price. >> we're a 102-year-old family business. >> reporter: they've been coming
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here on 13th street for generations. six of them. business has been steady, so luis chiaramonte's decided to open up shop at terminal a at san jose international. doors opened in september, and this is what's welcomed the proud italian-american family. >> it's a nightmare. turned from a dream to a nightmare. >> reporter: chiaramonte's is in what's called terminal a-plus, an area that sees maybe 2 1/2 flights per day. >> we haven't made a profit any month. so we've been losing money every month. >> reporter: four months into their airport venture and the chiaramontes may lose everything. bankruptcy looms at the end of the month. >> this persistent recession, which has been longer and deeper than anybody xrngsd has hurt awful-u including a century-old family business. >> reporter: chiaramonte's leases the location.
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they hope they reimburse them for the half million dollars they put in to upgrade the concession stand. >> basically, our life savings is going to go down the toilet for this place. >> reporter: it survived the great depression. but now the great recession might be too much for a family that brought a taste of sicily to the silicon valley. business has slowly been picking up here at sjc over the last few months, but the airlines are not adding more flights. sjc says that's what these businesses need to give them a chance. at sjc i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. still ahead, they served their country. now the tech industry is working to find them a job. we'll show you which companies are putting local vets back to work. and the best and the worst airlines. you've got some ideas here? the new report on just who's getting you to your destination on time. well, enjoy this break while you have it. it was beautiful across the bay area with plenty of upper 60s and a few low 70s. right now arting to cool off in the north bay with 57 in novato
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and 61 in santa rosa. more cold temperatures tonight dropping into the 40s in the south bay. and coming up, goerriwe are goi have your weekend forecast, and we'll also detail that upcoming rain in minutes. also, he's got the beat. we'll introduce you to the bay area engineer behind some very familiar music. andshi w tndkes eee'ng hkita the t gh the grammys. t
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as bay area technology companies look to hire new workers, some are looking to those who have already served this country. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman was at a job fair today just for veterans. hi, scott. >> reporter: hey, diane. it's hard enough for veterans to get back into the swing of things. add a tough economy and many of these men and women could use a hand. they got a couple today. one from the tech industry and one from a local baseball star. >> my name's matt huffman. nice to meet you.
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>> reporter: matt huffman served our country for three years in the army -- >> i have a background in construction management. >> reporter: today he faces a new challenge. finding a job in a tough economy. >> it is really hard to find work right now. >> reporter: so matt and other veterans came to yahoo's silicon valley headquarters to take part in a job fair just for them. >> i feel like it's a lot more productive for me to do this rather than shooting a resume out on the internet where sometimes you get somebody to respond to you, sometimes you won't. it gets kind of buried. it's hard to stand out. >> we are in fact looking for talent across the board. we think that if we extend our nets and include talent that comes from the military that we have an opportunity to hire great people. >> reporter: yahoo is one of many silicon valley companies looking to hire a vet, helping those who served make a smoother transition back home. it's part of a program called the wounded warrior workforce. among those helping out, oakland a's pitcher brad zeeger, who's done some rehabbing himself. >> a lot of it's just
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encouragement. they just need someone to spur them on, be an example for them, and if the rehab and recovery that i went through is able to do that for them, then i'm more than happy to help out. >> reporter: all part of the pitch to get these guys back to work. today was the second annual wounded warrior workforce event. as for brad ziegler, he's been working with veterans and their families for years. raj, the pitcher says it's a way to give something back. back to you. >> and pitchers and catchers report down to spring training in just a few days. moving on, if you ask some tech-savvy music lovers, it's one of the best ways to listen to music. pandora. if you're not familiar with it, you might want to ask your kids. now pandora, based in oakland, is going public. the internet radio site will raise up to $100 million with an ipo, initial public offering. pandora, whose widely popular app lets you to listen to any genre of music on the go, has not yet turned a profit, but with this influx of new money they will expand and hope to turn the corner. pandora currently has more than
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80 million registered users. so have you waited for a flight lately perhaps? the department of transportation released some interesting numbers today when it comes to airlines. can you guess the best and the worst? as long as the flight arrives or departs no later than 15 minutes after the airline says it will, it's considered on time. and despite some of the worst winter weather ever, the overall on-time performances were about the same. hawaiian airlines, though-h the best record with nearly 88% of its flights on time. it's going to hawaii. there's no snow. there's nothing going on there. followed by united and airtran. while comair and jetblue finished worst with on-time rates at about 60%. the transportation report says all airlines did a better job of handling luggage this year but passenger complaints were up in 2010 compared to 2009. housing issues always a hot topic. the institutions at the center of the housing meltdown face more changes by the federal government. taxpayers lost nearly $150 billion when washington took over fannie mae and freddie mac.
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now the white house wants to shift those responsibilities back to the private sector. the obama administration wants congress to consider options that would reduce the 90% of mortgages the government either owns or guarantees. >> the bottom line, it appears, is that there will be some level of government backing assuring that middle-class americans would be able to tap mortgages at attractive terms. >> there is a down side for those middle-class americans. they would eventually face higher interest rates, hefty down payments, and the possibility of purchasing a home without a 30-year fixed rate. this chilly weather is a reminder that many children go to sleep without much to keep them warm. and that's why the pajama program exists, to collect new pjs that can be handed out to boys and girls who live in homeless shelters or foster homes. people donated today outside the fairmont hotel in san jose as part of the open your heart valentine's campaign. >> we hear about the children who grow up there. first they come there with
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nothing. never been in a bed with sheets on it even. and they come get new pajamas. it lets them know that people in the community care about them and every pair of pajamas makes a huge difference to the kid who gets them. >> very nice. you can help out by logging on to that website you see right here. okay. as we head into the weekend, a lot of smiling faces including our own chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> we have some great weather into this weekend. that's why a lot of us are smiling. but then of course we do have some rainfall come down the pipeline. some much-needed rainfall across the bay area. look at our sky camera tonight. i'm san francisco giants obsessed here. i found orange and that's the first thing i thought of. spring training as you said, raj, starting up in a couple of days. meanwhile 57 in oakland right now winds calm out there. we did have a slight offshore component to some of this wind today that helped temperatures warm up. in the upper 60s in the south bay with 69 in san jose, even a
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70 in los gatos. my weather watcher harve calling that in. 74 in santa ruz and upper 60s to near 70 in redwood city and san francisco. let's look at the numbers right now. starting to cool off but still with a little offshore wind, having trouble getting as cold as we were this time loft night. still enjoyable in livermore with 57. 62 san francisco. and 57 in novato. it's going to be a great night if you want to maybe head outside and have some dinner outside because we only have a few clouds we've been dealing with here across the bay area. the general trend will keep it chilly as we head throughout tonight. and then here comes the changes. high pressure. that force, that record-setting heat this past weekend with 70s and 80s, starting to weaken and push to the south. and there's the storm track. only a couple hundred miles away. and that's what we need to move over us in order to get rainfall. it's going to happen into next week. here are some of the highlights. this is our early hours. so remember, thvg has some variance to change.
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but we do know the rain looks to arrive monday p.m. tuesday looks to be the worst of it next week with some rain, much colder temperatures and possible thunderstorms. and then a major cold blast coming our way from 70s expected tomorrow inland to 50s. so keep those jackets handy. as for tomorrow we're going to be starting off with temperatures here in the 40s in the east and the south bay and by 2:00 p.m. we'll be warming it up into the mid and upper 60s from the east and the south bay. doing any traveling delays for the first time in a long time no major storms across the united states. a nice break for everyone. we'll have more in my updated rain forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, jeff, we'll see you in a few moments. it has the potential now to save the lives of millions. ahead at 6:00, a major breakthrough that could help women find out if they're at risk for heart disease before ever showing a symptom. plus, from acting to governor to acting. seems reasonable. arnold's possible return to the big e .
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we have a recall to pass along. nearly 2 million video baby monitors are being recalled after being linked to the strangulation deaths of two infants. the consumer products safety commission said the electrical cords on the summer infant monitors can be dangerous if they're placed too close to the baby's cribs. more than 40 different models of handheld digital and color monitors are being recalled by the brand summer infants. the monitors were sold at major retailers nationwide beginning in 2003 all the way up to this year. nearly half a million women will die this year of heart disease. about one per minute all year long. but there may be some help on the way.
6:25 pm
debra ferguson from our nbc station in dallas shows us how researchers in texas are working on a test that may be able to predict problems before they even surface. >> it's scary. i mean, i work in a salon with a lot of women. so to think that one in three of us could die of heart disease is scary. >> reporter: emergency rooms are often the first stop for someone with chest pain. a blood test for a protein called tropronin determines if it's a heart aattack. >> usually it's quite high in the blood when people are having a heart attack. >> reporter: but doctors wanted to know, is tropronin in the blood present when there are no symptoms of heart disease? researchers at ut southwestern medical center took blood samples from thousands of people to get the answer. they found it is there, in much lower levels and those with it were almost seven times more likely to die within six years from heart disease. the lead researcher called the
6:26 pm
test "among the most powerful predictors of death in the general population we've seen so far." >> we know that people still die of heart disease despite all that we know so, any chance that we can to find something new to better combat this, then that's what we're trying to do. >> yes or no? is heart disease preventable? >> yes. >> yes, i think so. >> yes. >> reporter: 80% of heart disease in women is preventable with a healthy lifestyle. this new test may provide some peace of mind. and still ahead, a witness to revolution. we have more on the developments in egypt through the eyes of egyptians living here in the bay area. plus, bailing out state parks. the new rescue plan to keep some of the most beautiful places for people to camp, hike, and play, to keep them open. plus, she may be a pop princess, but a crown of thorns? the new art depict lady gaga that's sure to raise a couple of questions. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year.
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an eruption of joy and prayers in egypt following the announcement that egyptian president hosni mubarak was resigning. thousands of people in cairo celebrated the remarkable change of course for that country after just 18 days of protests. celebrations are taking place here in the bay area as well. >> nbc's jody hernandez now spending the day in berkeley where mubarak's resignation stirring up a lot of emotions. it's amazing how three weeks and a facebook page could lead to all this. >> reporter: it is. egypt may be a world away but a lot of people here in the bay area have an emotional connection to what's going on there. i talked to some students here at cal who have friends and family in egypt, and i even had a chance to talk to two east bay students by phone who are in cairo right now watching history unfold. egyptian pride is on display at
6:30 pm
uc berkeley as students celebrate the resignation of president mubarak both with revelry and with prayer. >> what makes me the most proud, really, is the revolution that i've seen occur within the individuals themselves and kind of like this sense of hope and optimism that replaced kind of like a very pessimistic culture. >> no one on earth thought that this was going to happen. >> reporter: uc berkeley student hawaida campbell is experiencing it all firsthand. she's in cairo on a study abroad program. >> people have been in the streets since they heard until now, and it is loud, and everyone's happy. everyone's smiling. everyone's jumping, dancing. and to know as well that everyone around the world is watching and has the same feeling for you is absolutely incredible. >> reporter: 19-year-old daria abbas, who grew up in concord, is there too. she took part in the protests and couldn't be prouder.
6:31 pm
>> you've just got this feeling that we don't really ow what's coming. there's a lot of uncertainty. but definitely tonight we're nol thinking about tomorrow. we're just thinking about tonight. and the fact that mubarak's gone. how happy we are about it. >> reporter: back in berkeley students say their hearts are with the egyptian people. zina abugani's family is from cairo. she's praying for those who lost their lives in the name of freedom. >> i pray that god grants them the highest level of paradise and that their blood is not shed in vain. >> reporter: now, the two students i talked to on the phone were running on adrenaline. even though it was the middle of the night in cairo, they were just too excited to sleep. in fact, i could hear shouting and celebrating in the background. they expected the party to last all night long. reporting live in berkeley, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. there are a lot of political lessons to be learned in all of this. governor jerry brown weighing in on the situation in egypt as he
6:32 pm
spent time in l.a. rallying for support for the budget. >> and he had a dire message for politicians who don't pay attention to the people. governor brown attended a campaign event for a democratic state senator in southern california today. he said what happened to president mubarak serves as a warning to leaders everywhere. >> it's only an amount of time before the leader is out. >> brown has been meeting with business leaders in southern california to help gain support from republicans to help close that $26 billion budget gap here in california. we're following the latest on the revolution in egypt on nbc bay as well. there u will find pictures of today's celebration and read about the request by the leaders of the revolution. listen to this. to meet facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. internationally now in chile, a powerful earthquake hit chile today in almost the same spot where another quake caused massive devastation just last year.
6:33 pm
today's 6.8 quake caused buildings to sway, furniture to shake, and disrupted phone and electrical service in the city of concepcion, where people are still trying to rebuild after last year's big quake. people streamed out of buildings in a panic here. so far there are no reports. remarkably, no reports of injuries or major damage. last year's quake killed more than 500 people and left 200,000 people homeless and caused billions of dollars in damage. plane tickets. apple computers and adult entertainment. those are just a few of the things workers used united states postal credit cards to pay for. the inspector general looked into records for the last two years and made the findings pun today. it appears the financially troubled u.s. postal service did not pay attention to how its workers use company credit cards. overall, the report also revealed the postal services failed to cancel almost 2,500 credit cards issued to former employees. and the report found the postal service lost $600,000 on
6:34 pm
unauthorized employee expenses as well. there is a power struggle at bart. general manager dorothy duggar remains at her post despite being voted out by board members during last night's closed-door session. but here's the twist. bart's lawyers informed the board they were in violation of the brown act, which allows a public employee to request a public hearing. so members rescinded their 5-4 vote to force her out. several board members have criticized duggar for her response to the oscar grant shooting in 2009. meanwhile, bart crews are putting the final touches on the first new bart station in eight years. take a look. the new west dublin-pleasanton station. they have 1,200 new parking spaces. the cost of all this, $106 million. it's scheduled for the grand opening next friday and will open for service the following day. a new report claims california state parks need a rescue plan. the california state parks foundation along with the save the redwoods league released
6:35 pm
their findings about the state of the state parks. the report claims california must rethink how parks and recreation areas are supported and safeguarded or face permanent loss of valuable resources. the report calls for improving resource management, access, education, and tourism. the state parks department is facing $22 million in cuts. next week the department is slated to produce a list of permanent park closures. arnold schwarzenegger took a break from battling bad guys in blockbusters to battle budgets and bureaucrats. right? but now he's back, so to speak. years after telling hollywood hasta la vista to be governor of california he, schwarzenegger is ready to return to films, we told. he took to twitter to announce he'll start considering movie roles yet again. schwarzenegger's personal aide confirmed that very important tweet. staying with the hollywood theme here, the ultimate ode to lady gaga found in the l.a. hills today. joggers on a trail in l.a. made this discovery laying flat on the trail at the top of a hill
6:36 pm
was a gigantic painting of lady gaga, the musician, wearing a crown of thorns. here you see it. we found out that this christ-like depiction of the pop star can be attributed to an artist named castro. what is not clear is whether this is just an elaborate form of street art or a publicity stunt for her new album. hmm. only lady gaga would know for sure. >> yeah. i can only imagine. we're learning more about the travels of those killer whales spotted just off san francisco this week. the center for whale research has identified the whales as part of the l pod from the puget sound area. a whale-watching tour spotted the group, as you can see in these pictures, between san francisco and the farallon islands this week. researchers say the pod probably came to the bay area searching for salmon because stocks in the puget sound area are declining. the u.s., by the way, listed the whales as endangered. >> that was the other day in san francisco. and we said today they'd be near monterey. >> right. but maybe they're headed back up to seattle.
6:37 pm
>> a u-turn? >> who snows? i'm not an expert. ahead at 6:00, they're not the prettiest pups, but they're staking their claim to fame. oh, it's that time again. >> oh, yes, it is. >> where you can catch the new movie featuring the top dogs of ugly, including one bay area champ. plus, you may not know his name, but you probably know his music. how a bay area engineer helped craft music for everyone from green day to madonna and now the grammys taking notice. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. above average temperatures get warmer for the weekend. we topped out at 69 in san jose and 66 in san francisco. and as you look at those current temperatures, upper 50s and low 60s for the east and the south er more onl more on how cold we get tonight when rain returns, coming up.
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6:39 pm
they have the faces only their owners could love, but this weekend the ugly side of
6:40 pm
man's best friend hits the big screen in san francisco. >> are they that ugly? >> they are, yeah. >> you're right. they are. here's nbc's bob redell taking us behind the scenes of this movie premiere. >> reporter: see that little guy right there? probably too cute to be featured in the documentary opening this week at the sf indy fest here at the roxy in san francisco because he's just not ugly enough. the documentary is called "worst in show." it chronicles the 2010 world's ugliest dog contest that takes place annually at petaluma. don lewis and john beck are the filmmakers. i think people would be surprised that this is actually a serious look at what doesn't seem like a very serious competition. >> i don't know how serious you can be when you're talking about a bunch of ugly dogs, but we try to do it with a straight face and let the movie speak for itself. >> and what was the biggest surprise covering this? >> the owners. you always see the dogs. but once we met the owners we knew we were sold on this. >> reporter: the film follows four dogs, one of them being
6:41 pm
this guy right here. rascal. i don't know if it's the discombobulated tongue, the lack of hair, too much hair on the top, or the fact that there are no teeth inside that mouth. but he is considered to be one of the ugliest dogs in the world. his owner is dane andro. >> i think rascal's the most beautiful dog i've ever seen. i think he's handsome. i don't actually find him ugly. so i find it amusing when people say he's ugly. >> i think it's just getting their dog out there. they've been through a lost struggles and had a hard time being adopted so it's kind of a happy story even though it's kind of weird too. >> reporter: in reality it really is about the animals and just how wonderful they are. >> good-looking dog. good loc-looking owner. everything is fine. bob tells us you can catch ras daal that dog right there on the big screen this sunday at the sf indy fest. log on to for more information. >> you know the whole concept that you look like your dog, that's not a good thing when --
6:42 pm
>> he said his dog was beautiful. >> sometimes i wish i did look like my dog, some of those mornings. >> lots coming your way in sports. someone is making a run at pebble beach. not your usual suspect. plus decision day for cal sports. two programs will not return. and you needed to bust a move to make this squad. we'll take you to theacke attact blackttac k tryryouts. coming up next in sports. k
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6:44 pm
okay. it's the biggest night in music. the grammys are this weekend. we've heard of prince and green day and madonna. but have you heard of roger lynn? >> no, actually, i haven't until now. the bay area musician will be honored with a lifetime achievement award. nbc's joe rosato jr. shows us how lynn's work may already be in your music collection. >> i've always had an interest in technology. >> reporter: every tinkerer is not a musician. every musician is not a tinkerer. unless that person is roger lynn. >> i thought it was marvelous, the idea of technology and sound combining. >> reporter: lynn's name may not be familiar, but chances are if you remember the music of the '80s you know his beat. >> probably the most recognizable is all the early prince records. you know, "1999," "little red corvette." >> reporter: back in 1979 lynn
6:45 pm
invented the first drum machine that triggered actual recorded sounds of drums. it was used by everyone from prince to madonna. >> coy put one recording of a bass drum, one a snare, a high hat, tom-tom, et cetera, in one box and just play them by striking buttons. >> reporter: the berkeley-based creator went on to design the adrenaline sort of all-in-one drum machine and guitar amp. it's been featured by artists like john mayer and green day. >> technology has always had a tremendous influence on art, and it's just a great feeling to think that something i did can have at least a little bit of an influence on the direction of music. >> reporter: but lynn's passion for music was never just about circuits and transistors. in his early days he played guitar for leon russell. his walls bear gold records from his attempts at song writing. >> this one was to commemorate a song that i co-wrote for eric clapton. >> reporter: his trophy shelf will now include a grammy award for lifetime technical
6:46 pm
achievement, an award previously given to thomas edison and leo fender. >> he really wants to make -- to help other people create music, to make it easier for them and to create good-sounding music. >> reporter: these days lynn and his wife ingrid are creating a new drum machine and an instrument that rethinks the keyboard. somewhere in his musical bones lynn figures his grammy award will at least save him some explaining when people ask him what he does. >> i can say neglect i want and they'll say that's great. then i say oh, but i got a grammy. oh, really? oh, i see. oh, you're legitimate. >> reporter: joe rosato, jr. nbc bay area news. >> remarkable story. >> and that would be cool to get to say you won a grammy. not going to happen to me. >> all right. jeff ranieri. >> you want to give our weather
6:47 pm
next week an award because it has been weeks since we've had rainfall and we're finally going to get it as we come looking ahead down the pipeline. but meanwhile, tonight it is clear and temperatures are starting to drop as you look right toward the bay bridge. still holding to 60 right now. a little bit of an offshore lead. we're having a hard time cooling off at this hour. slight offshore wind did warm temperatures up to even. 70 in los gatos. 65 in concord. also a 70 in santa rosa with 66 for a high. right now most temperatures inland in the mid to upper 50s from livermore right on down into san jose. so only comfortable night out there right now. as you head throughout the night some of the coldest air will be over the north day. that's where temperatures will be dropping into the 30s. and for saturday mild, warm, plenty of sunshine. plenty of 70s as well. but once again we're going to be talking about rain in our upcoming forecast. the storm track is already starting to push to the south. and that's really the big change that we need here.
6:48 pm
high pressure that's been forcing all the heat. that's continuing to weaken and move to the south. once again allowing the storm track to move closer. and that will eventually be purk rainfall into the forecast. but not for the next 48 hours. it's going to stay mild with temperatures in the upper 60s and even a few low 70s inland staying dry for saturday and sunday at this point. as we head throughout sunday at 10:00 p.m. the rain offshore and as this rain starts to move in as we head to monday afternoon and that rain stays with us on tuesday, and it does look like at this point tuesday we'll see some of the most measurable rainfall, possibly some gusty winds and also isolated thunderstorms. talk about a cold blast. we're going to go from 70s inland tomorrow all the way down to the 50s as this storm system arrives next week. so keep those jackets handy. meanwhile, for tomorrow morning we're going to start off with 36 in gilroy, 39 in redwood city, 34 in santa rosa and 35 for
6:49 pm
those of you in napa. and for tomorrow we talked about 70s. it's going to be all about the south bay when it comes to those low 70s tomorrow. from morgan hill into evergreen, also san jose with 70. livermore close to 70 but not quite there. looking at 67. 70 for you, though, in redwood city, 68 in benicia and also looking at temperatures close to 70 in san francisco. we have 70 there for you in oakland and also orinda 68 and for the north bay plenty of upper 60s and low 70s. you might need the glasses when you take a look at this seven-day forecast because it is not your eyes here. it is a big-time drop. major changes coming our way from 70s once again tomorrow to low to mid 50s by thursday and friday. we see the rain arrive as we head through monday night. tuesday measurable rainfall. and then rain at times for wednesday, thursday, and friday. so it will get here. just be patient. >> but in the meantime enjoy the sunshine. >> nothing wrong with a little
6:50 pm
winter in the middle of winter. >> exactly. as i reported earlier in the newscast, cal sports took a hit today. three of the five sports that were supposed to have been axed will remain. men's rugby, women's lacrosse, and women's gymnastics survived. not the case, though, for two other sports, including cal baseball. fund raidsing effort to save one of the school's longest-standing sports fell short. school officials said they needed 10 million to keep the kids on the diamond. according to reports, they only brought in between 1.5 to $2.5 million from donors. cal will now be the only division 1 school in california not to have a baseball team. men's gymnastics was the other sport eliminated. second round of the pebble beach pro am is in the books and the guy up top is charging for his first ever tour win. another beauty by the beach. interesting shot of the day comes compliments of the master of the saxophone, kenny g.
6:51 pm
his approach on 10. the only spectator allowed on the greens. thought that was going to be lunch. biggest name in contention, padraig harrington, dropped six birdies on the pebble beach course, carded a 68. six shots out. here's your leader, steve marino, looking for his first pga win. played like a champ today. birdie at 16. had seven of those. and sits on top of the leaderboard at 13 under. let's check in on tiger, playing in dubai in the desert air. doing him good. shot a bogey-free 66. top round of the day. seven strokes out of the lead. there's no doubt the sharks have finally hit stride. they head to new jersey having won nine of the last ten. in less than a month have gone from 11th to 4th in the west. this guy, antti niemi, no doubt one of the reasons why, a rock between the pipes lately. things looking good.
6:52 pm
tied at 1 off the face-off. ouch. kovalchuk rips it past niemi. and that's how things ended. sharks' win streak ends at five. 2-1 the final. well, i'm sure you've seen the orange and black attack at giants games. they keep things interesting during a lull in the game, and it's no easy feat making this squad. as felipe escamilla reports, there were three times the amount of hopefuls for this year's tryout. >> reporter: it's tryout day at at&t park but you won't see this team on the field. >> this is the 2011 orange and black attack tryout. >> reporter: 300 applicants narrowed down to 50 trying out for seven or eight spots all bringing one thing to the plate. >> i bring a lot of energy. >> i'm energetic. >> energetic. >> and the best way to bring that out -- >> how about earth and sun? >> reporter: a few rounds of improv. >> i'm a leaf. >> a lot of times they can't plan for what's going to happen they have to be spontaneous and adapt to what's going on. >> reporter: and the personality's going to play a huge factor in who makes this squad. but just like on the field with
6:53 pm
the players, this job's going to be nothing short of physical. >> when you're in the crowd, you can't really express yourself with your words so, you have to be very physical. smiling and being physical, gestures, that's really what's going to get the crowd involved. >> reporter: but this tryout isn't about bouncing around and dancing. the formal interview closes the process with the tough questions. >> we want to make sure they understand the customer is most important, the customer is key. >> reporter: giants are looking for super fans to set the tone on game day. >> in order to really get those fans going. >> reporter: cheering on a championship team shouldn't be that tough. with the room already full of energy. at&t park, felipe es ka mia, nbc bay area sports. >> nice job. comprehensive coverage of every sports team is on sportsnet central on comcast sports net every night at 10:30. a full 30 minutes of coverage of just the teams you care about only on comcast sports net bay
6:54 pm
area. raj, i think you would have been a great addition -- >> i wanted you to try out. >> i don't have any moves, unfortunately. >> you can be a tree. up next, letting the feathers fly. the long-standing valentine's tradition gettinger way in san francisco on valentine's day.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, you can't see it, smell it, or taste it. now the state of california telling homeowners they can no longer ignore it. >> i can't tell you how many people just don't realize that a cheap little device will save your life. >> protecting you, your family, and your home. it's the one thing every homeowner in california is now required to have. and it could save your life. that's tonight at 11:00 after an all new "dateline." valentine's day means candy, flowers, and apparently around here pillow fights. this monday hundreds are expected to head out to justin herman plaza for a good old-fashioned pillow fight. this presumably from last year. it's a tradition every valentine's day in the city. the pillow fight, though, has turned into pillow blight with the city's public works department getting stuck with the cleaning bill. previous years has cost $35,000 to clean up. san jose may have one as well on sunday. they should clean up after themselves. >> thanks for watching.
6:58 pm
we'll see you at 11:00. >> good night.
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