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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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this is our country! >> the iron-fisted reign of hosni mubarak is over tonight. the voice of the people has undone 30 years of power. as president obama put it, egypt and the middle east will never be the same again. here is a live look at cairo now. liberation square where it is 9:00 in the morning on saturday. the tents are still up and
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people are moving about. but it is a much different scene than the last 2 1/2 weeks. they are waking up with the knowledge they have won this battle. most of the protesters have never known another leader. and egyptians we talked to said it is still hard to believe it's real. their protests turned revolution. the big question now is what happens next? good evening, i'm diane dwyer in tonight for jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. 30 years of oppression dissolved in less than three weeks. we are witnessing one of the most significant revolutions in the modern day history. a new day and a new era. but the rebirth of egypt is filled with obstacles. here's where we stand entering this weekend. egyptians managed to push their 82-year-old president, hosni mubarak, out of office. the military has stepped in and has promised to soon reveal the next step. meantime, the world watches to see how this delicate transition to democracy will unfold.
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we know one thing, it will not be easy. politically, religiously and financially, egypt plays such a vital role in the middle east. strong reaction poured in from around the globe. this was the scene in jordan. jubilant protesters taking to the streets to show their support of mubarak's resignation. here at home in san francisco, a similar vibe. pure joy as people gathered at the u.n. plaza to share egypt's new beginning. nbc's jean elie joins us near city hall. obviously celebration but perhaps also a little anxiety for what lies ahead, correct? >> reporter: raj, the people who came here to u.n. plaza to share their joy say they are aware there is lots of hard work ahead in egypt, but they say the egyptian people are more than ready. egyptians and their supporters dance and sing at u.n. plaza in san francisco. celebrating a new beginning for egypt. mohamed is in the middle of it
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all. >> it's a good moment for everybody, actually. a great moment for every movement in the world for people who want democracy. >> reporter: mohamed is bursting withgy, sometimes struggling to hold back tears. he says it's an emotional victory because there is so much suffering in egypt. >> most of their lives, injured, you look in their eyes that's why it's so emotional. >> reporter: supporters of the revolution chanted about being proud to be egyptians. with president mubarak gone, there is work ahead. a new government must be elected. bay area egyptians are eager to be part of a real democracy. >> people voted before but it didn't count. this time hopefully i'll get to vote and it will count. >> i don't think it's going to be difficult. i think it's going to be beautiful. >> reporter: while egyptians celebrate, mohamed said text messages are circulating in
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egypt, encouraging people to care for the country and end corruption. >> text messages on our phone. this is the spirit of the revolution as we say. >> reporter: spirit that is soaring. now, tonight is all about celebrating. there is another rally scheduled to happen here at u.n. plaza tomorrow. people are expected to honor protesters killed during the uprising in egypt. poinrtg live in san francisco, jean elie, bay area news. many experts are saying this reeve solution would not have happened had it not been for social media, especially facebook. in fact, some are going so far as to call it the facebook revolution. the media campaign to get mubarak to step down began on facebook, although clearly it had roots far deeper than that.
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google marketing executive posted a plan on facebook to protest in liberation square in late january. the government detained himg shortly after the protests began and then released him unharmed on monday. and today on twitter, h he tweeted, "please don't make me the face of this revolution." and one expert we spoke to tonight who lectured about the power of social media to push social change said it's never just about technology. it's all about the will of the people. >> it certainly facilitated it. in the same way that the printing press facilitated, you know, the spread of christianity or something like that. i think it's very similar, just much more rapid. a facebook spokesman had a similar take saying, quote, we witnessed brave people of all ages coming together to effect profound change. certainly technology was a vital tool, but we believe their bravery and determination mattered most. the swiss government, by the way, announced today it froze
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all accounts held by mubarak and his family and many of his investments are elsewhere including right here in california. coming up in ten minutes, see how mubarak's money is possibly linked to one of california's most well-known and wealthiest neighborhoods. a follow-up now to a story we first reported last night. we exposed pot clubs which are growing at an alarming rate in the bay area's biggest city. tonight we're learning of a temporary halt on future raids of more than 100 clubs operating in san jose. the mercury news is reporting the stoppage will give santa clara county prosecutors time to figure out how to enforce california's medical marijuana laws. the city of san jose will begin taxing the dispensaries next month. there's a new push tonight for answers in a deadly shooting in the east bay. $50,000 is now at stake if you can help police catch a killer and help a grefing family get some closure. sheryl herd is stacheryl hurd i
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more. >> reporter: diane, as you know, the city of vallejo is having a tough time. the department is understaffed. the entire city is in bankruptcy. but detectives are going the extra mile to help a family bring closure to a murder. >> i don't like to see anybody going through the same thing that we're going through right now. >> reporter: he knows it is possible to catch who killed his 19-year-old son, ivan. the family is hoping a $50,000 reward will make someone come forward with information. >> i know for sure that vallejo is going through some trouble right now. police force. they're doing the best they can do. >> reporter: he remembers the day his brother was killed. it was november 4th, 2009. police responded to a shooting at 6th and cherry streets. when they got this, ivan was shot multiple times in his car. police say he was trying to protect his girlfriend. she was not injured.
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police also believe robbery was the motive. >> my brother was a gangbanger and a troublemaker. what it really was, from what i've gathered, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: the family cherishes the pictures they have of ivan. they are having a tough time dealing with the loss. >> my brother, he was a good kid. he liked to work. he liked to rap. just like any other 19-year-old kid. >> it would make me happy just to know that these people will be off the street and they're not going to hurt somebody else. >> reporter: even though vallejo police are calling this a cold case, they do have a few leads that they are looking into. again, there's a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of who killed ivan. reporting live in vallejo, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. a lot of questions also in
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the south bay. tonight a san jose family is hoping that a sketch will help find a hit-and-run driver who left a daughter and sister in critical condition. investigators believe this is the man who hit 18-year-old erica luna. his car dragged her for nearly one-third of a mile before she fell away, and he sped off. the hit-and-run happened near 101 and tully road last weekend. luna remains in critical condition tonight. doctors say she may never walk again. her family has increased their reward to $5,000 to find the driver. you can't see it, smell it or even taste it. now the state of california is telling every homeowner to do something about it. tonight, protecting a family and your home is one thing every homeowner is now required to have in their home. also, breast cancer breakthrough. and it's getting the backing of the fda. plus, steve jobs just can't stay away. first the iphone, then the ipad, and now a new project we've
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learned about tonight that's sure to shake things up a little bit in silicon valley. good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. mainly clear skies with 40 currently in gilroy. san francisco a bit warmer at 56. we'll start off cool in the south bay with low 40s and rain details you won'tant to wiss in just a minute. and we are following the money trail. ousted egyptian president hosni mubarak, his fo e rtun td tanllar msie foe un tdoies t o oneof california's richest neighborhoods. o
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welcome back. now that former egyptian president hosni mubarak is no longer in power, questions remain about his wealth. what belongs to egypt and what belongs to mubarak? we're following the money trail and it takes us to beverly hills. reporter toni ginyard from our nbc station in los angeles has the story for us. >> reporter: even as egyptian president mubarak's resignation was announced, questions about his wealth had already begun. >> it's stated he has between $40 billion and $75 billion.
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we're guessing that it's not as high as the higher end of that range. >> reporter: journalist lisa perry specializes in middle east issues. she says history has taught us following the money trail is not that simple. >> we even look back at historically at the shah of iran, 30 years ago he and his country fled the country. people speculate how much money did he bring out? how much did they have? >> reporter: the mubarak family made some of their fortune from investment deals in sharm el-sheikh where mubarak is believed to be now, london and the u.s. >> i did not know this but it has been rumored for a long time that he owns rodeo drive. >> reporter: "i'm ready if you need me to sell some of that beverly hills property," she wrote. to her surprise, the local and international media responded. >> it could be any entity buying for him. could be real estate investors. they would have formed a
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company, you wouldn't know who the owners were. it would probably be some kind of llc, some kind of incorporated company. for the last three weeks and especially tonight, scholars are weighing in on these extraordinary developments in egypt. we spoke with a professor at santa clara university and an expert on egypt. he marvels at how fast this all happened and says no one is sure what will happen next. >> the question of will the military allow for a peaceful and free and fair democratic process to ensue? most suggest yes, it will. but still not absolutely sure. and so it's not clear as to when this transition will continue until finally we have free and fair elections. >> he also says the united states has some catching up to do politically speaking since the u.s. backed mubarak and his regime for several decades. stay with nbc news and nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the revolution in egypt and
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aftermath in the days to come. in our website,, fr egypt and home video from here in the bay area as san francisco celebrates with the egyptians. despite breathtaking budget cuts, kl cal taxpayers pay top dollar for an anti-smoking ad during the super bowl. the state has produced hard-to-watch tv ads such as this one with debbie austin for years. but buying airtime during the single most expensive television event of the year is probably not the first place one would expect california to perhaps spend its money. the commercial was part of a $14 million television campaign this year. funded by a portion of tax on cigarettes that voters approved way back in 1988. "the l.a. times" likely cost taxpayers six figures. regardless of your income level, this will cost you. a taxing proposal in sacramento. state senator mark leno from san
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francisco wants you to pay higher taxes for your car. leno's behind a proposal to allow local governments to spike the current rate at 1.15% to as much as 2%. individual counties would have the power to boost the vehicle license fee or vls, something that you pay every year. only if it's backed by a two-thirds majority of voters and county supervisors. under the proposal, revenue raised by the additional car tax would stay at the local level. tonight, the fda has approved a new device that gives doctors a 3-d view. it's the first device that generates 3-d images. the fda says the 3-d technology will allow doctors to make a more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer and could cut down on false positives as well. the new machine does increase the amount of radiation a woman receives as well. and the long-term effects are still unclear. we go in depth with this story. it's called the silent killer. carbon monoxide is the number one accidental poisoning in the
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united states. causing more than 2,000 deaths and 10,000 injuries every year. but there's a new law to end the silent killer. here now is nbc's garvin thomas. >> reporter: it's a tragic scene that plays out across the country each year. >> i couldn't believe it. i absolutely could not believe it. especially it hit so close to home. >> reporter: a family of four found dead in their central valley home last month, killed by carbon monoxide. the source, a generator in the garage the family was using to heat their home. >> it's very hazardous. >> reporter: san francisco fire marshal barbara schulteis says this could have been prevented with a simple device. as of january 1st, carbon monoxide detectors are now required in all new homes in california. existing single-family homes need to have them installed by july. it's a concern for sheryl
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decker. her home's furnace is in a closet in her 3-year-old's bedroom. >> things can happen with furnaces, but that's the construction of the house. and that's the only room that's available for her. >> reporter: she does have a carbon monoxide detector sitting on a shelf outside dalia's door. good? >> mount it and where to place it. >> reporter: but not good enough. she says it needs to be mounted on the wall, plus it has to be replaced every six years. >> i definitely need to replace my carbon monoxide detector. and it's not in the right place. >> reporter: she also pointed out other possible sources of carbon monoxide like the dryer. gas stove and fireplace. and that's just in your own home. >> the way the home is so close together. it becomes your hazard. >> reporter: to be safe, carbon monoxide detectors should be placed outside of the bedroom and on all floors of the home. >> i can't tell you how many people just don't realize that a cheap little device will save
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your life. and the regret is horrible because it's too late. >> reporter: a small device that could have saved two small lives. g garvin thomas, bay area news. >> it will take effect now and single-family homes in july. >> now you're saying they're combined. >> yeah, fire alarm and the carbon monoxide. we're going to check in with jeff, change gears a little bit, and check out this spectacular weather that's about to spectacularly change. >> in a few days. at least preserve the weekend for many of you. take a look right now. clear skies looking right towards the bay bridge. 53 now in san francisco. and calm winds currently. we did have some 70s out here today. los gatos with 70. 69 in san jose. 65 in concord. 70 in santa rosa. slight offshore winds helping those temperatures to warm up. meanwhile, mainly clear skies.
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45 right now in livermore. 44 in napa. 45 in novato. and 46 currently in santa rosa. the coldest spot as we head into tomorrow, that will be in the north bay. that's where we could low to mid-30s. and for saturday, it's still going to stay mild and warm with plenty of sunshine. and then we're going to get in on this major winter blast of cold air. and also rain coming towards us as we head into next week. so the rainfall still well offshore. but we've already seen signs of this pattern shifting and slowly starting to push to the south. that rain track. so that's really the first signal that this is breaking down. high pressure's pushing to the south which causes record heat this past weekend. and what we're going to see is the jet stream starting to dip to the south. that's going to move this rainfall in as we head into next week. but in the interim, in the immediate, the next 48 hours, it will stay mild and dry for saturday and sunday with temperatures in the 60s and 70s instand. let's get a look at this rainfall. as we head into sunday night, the rainfall is offshore. and then as we head into monday,
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that's when we'll start to see the rainfall pushing not only into the bay area but across the entire state at this point. some of the highlights of this, as we head into monday, once again, the rain beginning. but tuesday looks like the heavier rain, wind and also colder temperatures. even isolated thunderstorms. temperatures will go from the 70s all the way down to the 50s. as we head throughout next week. meanwhile for tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 30s to low and mid-40s in the south bay. we'll have rebounding numbers in the low 70s here throughout san jose, evergreen and also right into los gatos. so a spectacular saturday coming our way. right at the peninsula, 68 in san mateo. 69 in san francisco. 68 in richmond. and also expecting 68 in venniche ya. and for many of our inland spots, close to 70. don't expect record-setting temperatures. it's going to average five to eight degrees above where we should be. take a look. it's going to go way down in our seven-day forecast. 71 inland tomorrow all the way to the low 50s as we head into
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next week. so we're in the clear this weekend. and then as we head throughout monday night, the rain gets introduced. and then for tuesday, that's when we'll see the accumulating rain and possibly wind and even the chance, yes, of some isolated thunderstorms. >> okay. but a sunny weekend and then the rain. >> yes. >> i'm ready for the whole thing. >> okay. >> it seems like -- i like the forecast. >> okay. we'll bring it on. he may be on leave from apple, but he's not on leave from work tonight. we tupo w.nowhat steve j o obno ungnext. ♪ [ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same.
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so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries.
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well, this is getting interesting. he's fshlly on medical leave from apple, but steve jobs is still working. >> you knew that he wouldn't give up working. sources are telling "the wall street journal" that jobs holds business meetings at his home, at the office and in public with other apple execs as well. they say he is working on the next version of the ipad and a new iphone. inside company headquarters, workers say there's a sense of sadness at jobs' health problems, but they insist their work has not been interrupted by his absence. there's no word on what kind of health issues jobs is dealing with right now. but he has been treated for p pancreatic cancer and underwent a liver transplant back in 2009. surprising day down at tearful day for cal sports. justin is joining us next.
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tennis on friday night. two former grand slam tourney
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winners going head to head as juan martin dedel potro defeats lleyton hewitt. fernando verdasco has a fan base that favors the female dem grsk. he wins in straight sets, 6-4, 6-4. next up for verdasco will be del potro in tomorrow's semis. sharks in new jersey. no doubt one of the reasons the team is urging but they ran into the equally hot devils. scoreless in the third. patrick marleau off the rebound makes it 1-0 sharks. later, following the face-off, i will ya kovalchuk does some damage. rips one past. that's how things ended. sharks' win streak ended, 2-1 the final. three sports programs will survive at cal. men's rugby, women's lacrosse and women's gymnastics. gymnastics will remain after being slated cut from the university.
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two other sports weren't so lucky including cal baseball. a fund-raising effort to save one of the school's longstanding sports fell short. school officials say they needed $10 million to keep the kids on the diamond. according to reports, they only brought in between $1.5 million and $2.5 million from donors. cal will now be the only division i school inle califor not have a baseball team. men's gymnastics was the other sport eliminated. it was time to make a run at the pebble beach pro am, but it was an unusual suspect climbing the leaderboard. your bill murray highlight of the day. just kick it. interesting shot of the day comes compliments the master of the saxophone, kenny g. his approach on 10. the only spectator allowed on the green. he's thinking snack. the biggest name in contention, padraig harrington. he dropped six birdies on the course. carded a 68. six shots out. here's your leader,
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marino. birdie at 16. had seven of those. he sits up top at 13 under. one of the longest streaks in pro sports has ended. and that's a good thing for fans. the cavs on the verge of the worst losing streak in pro sports history. but they have avoid it barely by beating the clippers in overtime, 126-119. to 26 jpiap slide.e
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they're sweet, i suppose, in their own way, but they sure don't look like it. >> i guess nowadays it's cool to be ugly. now there's a movie about ugly dogs, a documentary called "worse in show." featured at the indie fest at the roxy. it chronicles last year's world's ugliest dog contest in petaluma. many are strays and rescues. one of them is a past champion, rascal. an african sand dog with no teeth and some oddly-placed hair. you can see this new ugly dog documentary this weekend at the indie fest in san francisco. >> poor little dogs. it's not their fault. >> have a great>>niood ght.en yo >> good nit.


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