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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 13, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning. coming up, this morning new information about a deadly tiger attack at the san francisco zoo. what experts say the victim may have done to provoke the tiger. plus, a central valley family who says they will no longer live in fear after a body is pound floatifound floating i. and what you can do to keep the training chugging along. take a live look at san jose. it's looking a little bit like san francisco with all that fog. thanks so much for joining us on
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this sunday morning. rob says it was going to be changing and it was like that. >> yeah, cue the fog horn. low clouds filling in. here is a view over oakland, you can see 43 degrees. lots of low clouds. seei seeing 30s and 40s this morning. the fog pretty thick. down to a quarter mile this morning. we might see some mist, but the real rain still lurking offshore and you'll notice it around this time tomorrow morning. so patchy fog and look at the thigh temperatu these temperatures. only 50s and 60s. >> a body found in the canal is likely the body of the alleged kidnapper and killer. it is a grim discovery, but it is also one that brings cho sure
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to a grieving family. >> reporter: almost a month of a her jose rodriguez snatched the 4-year-old from his grandmother's arms, a body matching his physical description is discovered in the canal outside of patterson. >> i feel like it's over. everybody can relax now. >> reporter: about 11 miles from where a farm worker reported seeing rodriguez's cargo into the canal, a water authority the employee found the body around 8:30 saturday morning. last week, giuliani's body was discovered about 30 miles south of that point. >> really, really miss him. and i never can accept it. >> reporter: the little boy's mother, tabitha, is now pregnant with rodriguez's child. she says even though a positive identification remains pending,
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she finally can sleep easy. >> i don't have to worry about him, you know, coming back to get this baby. >> the coroner's office tentatively scheduled an autopsy for tuesday. investigators say they will use dental records. and about if they need dna samples, as well. those results could take two to three weeks. this morning an update to the homicide investigation we first told you about yesterday. san francisco police continue their search for an elderly man's killer. police say they found the 65-year-old man's body in his knob hill apartment. there were obvious signs of trauma. police are not releasing his name and have pnot i had had pi suspects, but neighbors say he is are recently let a man stay in his apartment. but again, police have not made any arrests in the case.
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also newly released documents indicate that the tiger that killed a teenager on christmas day of 2007 was likely provok provoked. documents from a federal investigation released this weekend include the pictures of scratch parks made by the siberian tiger. tiger experts say these marks likely show that the tying are was provoked in to clawing her way out of the enclosure. the tiger cut and bruised her paws as she tried to get out of the gated enclosure. she had just been fed, so it's unlikely that she made that leap in order to get food. investigators also found a pine cone and other objects that may have been thrown into antagonize her. the tiger killed the 17-year-old and injured his two friends. the city paid $900,000 to the two friends and an undisclosed
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to the sum. the wall has been extended since the time of the attack. the victim's attorney by the way disputes the claims in it this report saying they are nonsense. the tiger expert's findings were not included in the final public report on the incident. >> in san francisco, police are trying to track down and attac at a muni station. we're told the injuries are not serious. police vk evacuated the station for about a half hour while the spray cleared from the air. tomorrow a 2-year-old boy who nearly most his finger after getting it stuck in a hole in his dad's truck will get to say thank you to the firefighters who saved it. caleb's finger got stuck when he reached into fish out a little toy that he had dropped. they first tried cooking oil, but it was too swollen to move, so they had to s after the w
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their way around it and off caleb went to the hospital with a chunk of the truck still attached. once at the hospital, the firefighters finished sawing the metal off. terrifying, but he was able to go home the same day with barely a scratch. still no permanent solution to the giant sinkhole that swallowed up a richmond road nearly a year ago. richmond city leaders say the $7.5 million fix could go over budget. so the city is looking at other options which include abandoning the road all together and expanding the existing street or permanently converting a temporary two lane road. but both of those options mean buying land which of course is expensive. the least expensive plan could mean creating a channel and building a bridge over it. that project could take anywhere from two to these years to complete. the 120-foot long sinkhole formed last april when an underground water way collapsed.
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tomorrow cal train will keep trying to find a way out of the $30 million budget hole. on the table, service reductions, fare being ins and station closures. it's not an easy fix and they welcome rider input. you can have your stay at a meeting tomorrow at 7:00 in the evening or wednesday at 6:00 in the evening in san francisco at muni headquarters. on thursday, you can head to the meeting it at the gilroy senior center or the one in carlos. both are at 6:00 in the evening. you can find more information on can meanwhile b.a.r.t. crews are putting the final touch otsz the first new pab.a.r.t. station int eight years. it will open for service on saturday. the $106 million facility has 1200 new parking spaces and sits a short walk away from the stone ridge mall in pleasantton. keep in mind it doesn't extend the line, it just sits on an
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existing line. san francisco is hosting hollywood this weekend and you may see stars or you may see red if you are trying to drive through the city. cameras are rolling for a movie starring matt damon and kate winslet near the civic center. that means taylor street is closed and alladin terrace is also shut down. those closures begin about 8:00 this morning and will remain closed until about 2:00 this afternoon. and we have much more ahead coming up for you right here on today in the bay. still ahead, more on the new political landscape taking shape in egypt. and a new day in tahrir square where the tents are down and cars are driving through, but protesters are refusing to leave. we'll explain why just ahead. plus priceless artifacts destroyed during violent protests. the irreplaceable items that we now know looters managed to steal. [ female announcer ] to get fresh-baked
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good morning. hope your sunday morning is off to a good start. this is how the day is starting in tahrir square. the military cleared and you were many of the tents that we saw yesterday and now cars are being allowed back into the square. still troops did face some resistance as they tried to tear down the protest camp at the heart of the movement that toppled president mubarak. some protesters fought off soldiers and military police and refused to leave the square until the country's new military rulers make good on their promises of democratic reform. so far the council of generals has not said about anything about how the transition will be carried out. but today's crowd is down to a few thousand which is a far could i from the millions at the height of the protest. as they fought for their freedom, some artifacts fell in
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to the wrong hands. rich and engard engel has the s. >> reporter: today what many feared for egypt's antiquities was confirmed. eight artifacts are missing from the museum in cry row. the museum is in the middle of tahrir square. it was never a target of the demonstrators anger. in fact, during the chaos, they protected it, forming a human shield in front of the main gate. but two weeks ago amid some of the worst violence, looters did manage to break in. the minister of and ti an ache showed us treceipt tore race work. we were also able to retrace the steps of what could have been
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the greatest an tic greatest he. they wanted cash and gold jewelry. then they climbed and three stayed this for support. probably only one thief entered the museum. he came in through that broken window and lowered himself down on very thin cable. but he fell off and then smashed through this case which has been repaired badly injuring himself. the thief limped from case it case breaking them with a metal pipe. he was looking for gold and a mystical elixir called red mercury believed to be hidden in the necks of mummies. anything else was thrown aside. including this piece over 3,000 yea years old. the heave was in the n thief was arrested right in front of a godess carved to
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protect. and still on guard. >> they opened the showcase in front of the gold room of king tut that contained the beautiful golden mask. it's priceless. >> reporter: richard engel, nbc news, cairo. this week president obama will deliver his version of the nation's budget. obama's plan reportedly aimed to trim the federal deficit by $1.1 trillion over the next ten years. and we're learning that the president may also hold spending on some domestic programs. the budget may also restore fiscal stability for items like education, high speed rail and scientific innovation. again the budget coming this week. >> how about ron paul in 2012. for the second year in a row, the republican edged out mitt romney in a presidential straw poll at cpac, the conservative political action sxhitsity meeting. he got 30% of the vote compared
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to romney's 20 3%. gary johnson and chris christie each got 6% of the vote. former house speaker newt gingrich came in with 5% and sarah palin grabbed 3%. much more ahead on today in the bay. a smart head scratcher. >> in i can't gf i can't get it am i supposed to to? >> so she lost her key and now her car may have to be totaled. we'll show you why coming up. >> and here is a look at san francisco. we're watching those rain gauges on the cars. and we have a mist underneath those low clouds and fog. and some bigger changes ahead if n. yo in your broadcast for the workweek.
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just when we were getting used to spring in february, here is a typical look from our
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camera in the city. lots of fog and you say it's chilly. >> we're seeing 30s and 40s outside. we have the blanket of low clouds. you can look down on the tops of the clouds. underneath in san jose, 46 degrees. fog around the santa clara valley. as we head over to oakland, 44. and notice the trend as we take you to san francisco. 47. we have the low clouds and even some mist with some of that fog this morning, so much cooler out will to get your day started. but the north bay by far seeing the coolest temperatures. low 30s this morning. patchy fog and low clouds around the bay. and this is one of the reasons why as we head toward the afternoon. we'll see some cooler temperatures. that coupled with an increase in seabreeze will drop them off in the 50s and 60s. and then monday, that's when the rain will start to drop back on in and we'll see much cooler weather. if you've been hoping for 70s to wrap up the weekend, you'll be disappointed. you can see we have the low
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clouds this morning. high clouds offshore. the two will combine for a cooler day. a lot of active weather just off to the west will start spilling in as early as later today in the form of those high clouds and eventually as we head towards tomorrow, windy and eventually the rain coming back in. so big time drop in temperatures on the coast today. we'll see highs in the 50s to maybe near 60 inland spots. low to mid-60s today. and then tomorrow the winds picking up, rain developing during the day and that rain should be spreading across the coast as we head through the morning. hour by hour, rain not too intense about that we'll see some gusty winds picking up out of the south. heaviest rain for the first half of the week will roll in for tuesday evening on into wednesday. you can see those pockets of down pours coming through in terms of the most rain we'll see out of the first half of the week. so the golden gate northward seeing the most rain out of it. so rain off and on in the south bay, as well. temperatures today down from the 70s, 65 in san jose.
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maybe upper 60s around morgan hill and livermore. you can see the temperatures dropping down from 74 yesterday, 59 around san francisco. north bay will see highs in the 50s to low 60s. and this is going to feel warm compared to where the seven day forecast is going. let's take a look at these numbers. cooling off. we'll see opportunities for rain starting late tonight. i think as early as late tonight for the mort bnorth bay. monday, a gloomy valentine's day, but we do need the rain and snow and we could see snow as low as some of our bay area hilltops possibly by thursday and friday. we should be clearing out next weekend. look at those highs 40s and 50s next saturday. >> that's a bit chilly. >> by our standards. >> thank you very much. well, smart keys can be very convenient. they're the keys that you can get into your quartcar without
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fishing them out of your purse. but there's a down side. she returned from a business trip and could not find her smart keys. and that means that she could not get into her car. the locksmith wasn't able to help because there is no key, no i go missiognitio ignition. so the dealership can make her a new smart key about 350 buck, but the car has to go to the dealer to get the duplicate smart key which is tough when your car is two stories underground. >> it has to be totaled because i lost my key. i mean really, that's insane. >> yeah. so that happened in rhode island, but certainly it could happen anywhere. she is looking for help trying to figure out what's going to happen. tow trucks can't get down there. so the ceilings are too low. seems like a bummer. but we'll see what happens. i'm curious. we have much more ahead for you coming up on today in the
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bay. coming up, tries to knock first place in chehoops. and a recap of third round action at the pebble beach pro am. that's ahead in sports.
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and these are the ones you'll love on a friday. pillsbury crescent pizza pockets. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364. try them tonight. could be the winner at the pro am at pebble beach. justin allen has that and more in your morning sports. >> the past few year, st. mary's con zag ga has been the premiere match-up in the west coast conference, but this season usf has entered the picture and last night a win over first place games would nearly even things up. as expected, a packed house. showing they came to play. green with the j. he had 13. blackwell's only bucket of the game came at a good time.
7:25 am
he tied it here at 36 to open the second half. but st. mary's clamps down the d. they go on a 45-28 run. rob jones brings it down for two of his 18 as the games looking strong with the 86-68 win. in pac-10 play, defending the pac-10 title are quickly fading as they lose their third straight to washington say the. stanford not looking much better up in washington. the huskies avenge their first pac-10 loss last month. thomas racked up 23 includes this long three. they win this onewoone 87-76. it could be the greens of dream at pebble beach here on sunday. the top four on the leader board have yet to win a pga tour title this sorry. steve marino still the leader of the pack after two rounds. let's head out to pebble beach.
7:26 am
bill murray in a giving mood passing out the cupcakes. the elmer fudd cap. good luck so far. and he had the one shot lead in the amateur leading board. pitchers and catchers report monday. the giants matt kain in good ship. a one stroke lead at 12 under. on his heels is jimmy walker. the finals are set for the s.a.p. open as top seed and defending champ fernando verdasco in straight saids. he'll go for the title on sunday. that will do it for morning sports. have a great day. we have to admit love it in the air for the giants. months after the big world series win and it seems that the g men will be handing down to
7:27 am
spring training tomorrow, valentine's day. this is of course the first time since 1955 that the giants will go into spring training as defending champions. their first pregame season is at scottsdale stadium against the diamondbacks february 25th. when it comes to regular season games, you can check out these stat. last year at this time, the giants had sold about 60,000 individual tickets. the number that stands out, 150,000. not bad. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, need a job in the tech industry? you might want to get out of silicon valley. we'll show you the california city that can't seem to fill thousands of jobs. plus, it survived the great depression, but now the great recession might be too much for a landmark deli in the south bay. and the rough and tumble world of roller derby, but for little girls? why some parents say their kids are cruising for a bruising and they're okay with it.
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take a live look at the trance america building in san francisco. lots of fog out there and a chilly start to the day. i was cold when i walked out to the car this morning. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. you told us it was coming and you were right. >> well, two layers of clouds. the low clouds and fos this morning and then hey clouds coming in later today. you can see san francisco -- >> no, you can't. >> good point. the buildings of the buildings, you can see those. 46 gre degrees. foggy and cold. we'll see high cloud it is s in afternoon and seabreeze picking up. lunchtime, still 50 to near 60. not warming up a whole lot. upper 50s around san francisco. windy and rainy starting
7:31 am
tomorrow. we'll talk more about the changes includes high, if you want to call them high, in the 40s later this week. tomorrow is of course valentine's day. to mark the occasion, hundreds of gay couples in the bay area will fight for the right to celebrate their love through marriage. couples will gather on the steps of san francisco city hall at 11:00 tomorrow morning and then march inside to the clerk's office. in san jose they'll meet at the county clerk's office and a rally in martinez sometime during the late afternoon. the california supreme court should decide to weigh in on the prop 8 appeal sometime this week. if you are striking out finding work in silicon valley, you might want to consider moving to san diego. the union tribune report has tech companies are having a hard time filling thousands of job openings. there are 6,000 information technology jobs waiting to be filled and about 2,000 mechanical and electrical
7:32 am
engineering jobs. the council says the high cost of living in san diego and the city's reputation as a beach town keeps applicants from looking south of silicon valley for work. the median salary for high tech workers is $93,000 compared to $123,000 in san francisco. being a smoker could cost you your job. hospitals throughout the country are changing their hiring policies to turn away applicants who smoke. the new rules call for nicotine urine testing for potential new hires. really? plus employees caught smoking on the job could be fired. some say the new rule unfairly targets smokers, but hospitals say they are just trying to promote healthier living and reduce health care costs 37. one of the best known delis in the bay area may be forced to lock its doors. it's been at the same location in san jose for more than a century, but opening shop at the airport turned out to be a significant mistake. we go behind the security gates
7:33 am
of the airport to see why the recession might soon claim a san jose institution. >> reporter: back in 2007 when bids were coming in for concessions at the airport, there were 10.7 million passengers walking through sjc. today that number is down to 8.2 million. and businesses are paying a price. >> we're 103-year-old people business. >> reporter: they have been coming to 13th street for generations. six of them. business has been steady. so they decided it on open up shop at the new terminal a. doors opened if september. and it this is what's welcomed the proud italian american family. >> turned from a dream to a nightmare. >> reporter: it's in what and he called terminal a plus, an area that sees maybe 2 1/2 flights per day. >> we haven't made a profit any
7:34 am
month. so we've been losing money every month. >> reporter: four months in to their airport venture, and at the might lose everything. bankruptcy looms at the end of month. >> this persistent recession which has been longer and deeper than anybody ever expected has hurt all of us, including a century old family business. >> reporter: it leases the airport facility from a big corporation named hms host. the family hoped the airport or host reimburses them for the half million dollars to paid to >>grade th gon alasce >> basically our life savings is going to go down the "let for this place. >> reporter: it survived the great depression, but now the great recession might be too much for a family that brought a taste of sis citily to the siltly con valley. business has slowly picked up, but the airlines are not adding more flights. and that's what these businesses need to give them a chance.
7:35 am
>> don't like to see that. the america's cup yacht race will be held in san francisco in 2013 and it is expected to generate plenty of money for the local economy, but local fishermen say the world class regatta could be bad for their business. a senior biologist tells the guardian fishermen are afraid that the work that will be done on the san francisco waterfront will wipe out the fish population. this year one of the biggest spawns of herring happened right along the waterfront. much more ahead coming up on today in the bay. still ahead, it is no gimmick and you have to be tough. we'll take you inside the bay area roller derby league giving young girls a strong dose of self-esteem with an occasion all bump and bruise. not all steel is created equal. not all manufacturing processes are created equal.
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because want your daughter to hang out with kids who go by nicknames as kid vicious some i got to hang out with parents who think it is one of the best things to happen to their little girl. >> it's all real hitting, it's real falls. none of it is staged. >> reporter: roller derby is not for sis cities. when you're skating going that fast and bumping into each other, it's a pretty rough sport. >> rough especially at the age of 7 and no older than 17. >> sometimes it's great being this small. i can get through cracks of things and i can duck. >> reporter: getting through hip checking girls is how they score points in a roller derby bout. this is video of the destroyer. >> i've gotten a lot tougher
7:39 am
because i used to cry a lot. so, yeah. >> i've seen them take falls where i know before derby, i would have had to run out there, pick them up and carry them off. and now they're jumping back on their feet as quick as they can and getting back in the pack. >> reporter: maybe because it helps when your name is daddy demon. >> they're a different person. all the stuff they have at school is left behind and they don't have to bring it with them. >> reporter: when g force started derby six months ago, she could hardly stand up and skate. now -- >> people used to think i'm shy and now they stopped thinking that. >> her teacher told us that she's really come out of her shell. her teacher actually says she thinks it's because of derby. >> reporter: 30 girls train. they come from san jose, san
7:40 am
francisco, santa cruz, morgan hill. if you're thinking drama, you'd be wrong. >> i've made a lot of new friends and built up a lot of self-confidence. >> it's sns something that is ar own and i don't know of anyone he is, but i crave it. i need to skate. it's something that helps me through my day. >> reporter: and through some of the problems that come with growing up. >> and the roller girls started their junior program, they were just hoping to get enough girls to cover their costs. a year later, they have a waiting list. now in, order to grow the program, they need sponsors. if you think your sbis a good match, give them a call. got this story from anna. feel free to tell me about your story any i'm. titans of music industry will take center stage for the 53rd annual grammy awards tonight in los angeles. eminem has ten emany nominations including best album, best record and best song of the
7:41 am
year. bruno follows with seven nominations. lady antebellum and lady gaga, six. justin bieber is just one of the it few best artist contenders, as well. >> eminem has had a monster year. he's up for more for him nations than might be. he's a lock i think to come away with some big awards, all part what have could be a sizzling sunday night. >> sizzling is right. eminem will perform alongside dr. dre during the show. i'm sure a lot of little girls will be routing for the bieber. a new movie takes a look at the not so pretty side of man's best friend. bob has a preview. >> reporter: see that little guy right there? probably too cute to be featured in the documentary opening this week in san francisco because he's just not ugly enough. the documentary is called worst in show.
7:42 am
it chronicles the 2010 world's ugliest dog contest that takes place annually. don and john are the filmmakers. i think people would be  surprised that this is actually a serious look at what doesn't seem like a very serious competition. >> i don't know how serious you can be when you're talking about a bunch of you goly dogs, but we try to do it with a stras face and let the movie speak for itself. >> what was the big surprise? >> the owner. every time the winner is announced, the dog's face is broadcast. >> reporter: the film follows four dog, one of them being -- this guy right here. rascal. i don't know if it's the tongue, the lack of hair, too much hair on the top or the fact that there are no teeth inside that mouth, but he is considered to be one of the ugliest dogs in the world. >> his owner -- >> i think rascal is the most beautiful dog i've ever seen. i don't actually find him ugly, but i find it amusing when
7:43 am
people say he's ugly. >> i think it's just getting their dog out there. this dog has been through a lot of struggles, had a hard time being adopted. so it's a happy story even though it's kind of weird, too. >> in reality, it really is about the animal and just how wonderful they are. >> you can catch rascal today at the san francisco fest, just go sf for more information. as larry said, it's all in the eye of the be hold every, right? much more made. coming up, the medical marijuana debate blazes on. and larry will talk about the problems that medical marijuana is presenting to local government. good morning. it's the day before valentine's day and whether you're feeling all warm and fuzzy or not so much, we've got all your bases covered. today you can give the gift of love to one of america's most famous couples. ken and barbie.
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better have plenty of cash. the national retail federation says you'll most likely spend $116 on valentine's day. that will buy you about 52 pounds worth of those conversation hearts. so you have yourself a great day.
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7:47 am
this weekend a new twist to the medical marijuana debate. district attorney has halted raids on south bay medical matter mayor dispensaries. but the question is will the decision to clarify make medical marijuana policies any clearer? let's ask our political analyst. what is going to clear up the confusion here? i think almost everybody is confused about this. >> clear up the smoke? >> exactly. let's clear the haze.
7:48 am
>> it's a mess. rosen's solution may temporarily solve it, but the fact is it's only part of the issue. there are three levels of government that all have their mitts in this whole medical marijuana question. federal, state and local. and that's where the mist begins. each has different needs, different objectives, different responsibilities for that matter. and as that happens, they tend to clash. and it's the worst, it's the worst at the local level. where each county, each city has a different way of dealing with this. and right now, its eye kind of like no man's land. they're all doing it different ways and that's creating great confusion. >> you said jeff rosen is looking for clarification and i think last week or so, the d.a. in alameda county said i'm no longer into to go advise on this. at the local level, even the folks front hines, what's the biggest problem on the local level? >> probably three that you want to look at.
7:49 am
first of all, regulation. nobody likes regulation, right? the fact is how many dispensaries should there be in a given area. where. what kind of background checks if any should there be of those people who are operating these dispensaries. what kind of operating hours. 24/7, hours where you're going to attract fewer people? all of these things. that's the first. second, taxation. what should these businesses pay to rate. after all, they're the beneficiaries of city and county services, so what share do they pay. and local governments are hungry for revenues right now. and finally, in whole question of crop cultivation. should cities allow the cooperatives to grow mayor pair which ultimately goes to sale and tax them for that, as well. well that's a problem, too. the federal government says no. oakland of course said yes. you got to get some clarity. >> i think even people who are
7:50 am
proponents of medical marijuana think that it's just too much of a mess. >> it is because first of all they have huge legal bills. they have no idea what's going on. the governments locally change their minds every day. they're caught. on the one hand, they really don't like the idea of these things in too great of numbers. on the other hand, they, the local governments, desperately want the taxation from them. and so a number of cities locally have passed laws providing for that opportunity. so you can't have your cake and eat it as we say. well, that's the problem with this issue. >> and i've been surprised driving around how many there are. once you start looking for -- a lot of them have that little green like the red cross emblem but it's green. they are everywhere and they're really close to schools and day cares. and i thought that was part of the problem, that we didn't want to see it cropping over. so how do we get to a point where we have a little bit more clarity? >> a country he wiple ways to l. you might deal with it at a
7:51 am
federal level. at least they could set stand dash tan sda standards. for the moment, 15 states have it. if the feds set the rule, then everybody might know what's going on the same way. right now you can get on a plane in a medical marijuana legal state, okay, with your prescription, if i can use that term, and get off at a nonmarijuana state and be arrested. so you got to see whether the feds can actually set the same rules. if they do that, that might help. >> and then what about if we don't go with the fed, at the federal level, and we decide maybe as a state, as california, we should say this is how we're going to do it, would that solve the problem? >> short tell, that's probably going to be an easier thing to do. on a state by state basis, it doesn't shove the problem we just tacked about, but at least statewide you might get yourself
7:52 am
shall sort of consistency. the problem at the state level is the state has to look at the local governments which by the way in the constitution, if i can get walkish for a second, the constitution does not recognize local government. nowhere in there. so they fall under the jurisdiction of the state. so if you get the state to go ahead and say, okay, these are the conditions under which you can sell it, these are the hours in which stores may be open, these are the qualifications we have for people who go ahead and do that, state passes those kind of what yous all the time. that might at least bring clarification to the hole level and allow both merchants, patients, and governments to have a sense as to how things work. >> and figure things out before they start to -- >> until that harngs we'll see all kinds of lawsuit, we'll see lots of arrests. we're going to see institutions
7:53 am
that are really flooded with responsibility for providing police protection, district attorney investigations. a lot of he's ax payer money until the situation gets settled. so everybody has it in their interests to get it settled whether you're for this stuff or against the stuff. clarification need very badly. >> thank you very much, larry. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 7:55. here is one way to look at our low clouds, from above. looking down, we have a little bit of sun on the higher hills, but underneath the fog, we're waking up to a cool start to your sunday morning. san jose, 46 degrees. we have misty skies out around oakland. 44. and in to san francisco, we have the blanket of low clouds, 346. a stronger seabreeze is one reason why we'll see cooler afternoon temperatures.
7:56 am
low 30s around fairfield. delta, 47. mid-40s in san jose. right now things dry, but not too far away, up north of eureka, you can see the rain there. eventually that will set us up for rain on monday. so the changes we'll see over the next 24 hours will include the winds picking up, as well but today the seabreeze will lead to cooling especially on the coast and inland spots. we're talking highs in the 50s to low 60s. tomorrow the rain will start to pick up and the wind, as well. south wind from 15 to 35 miles an hour and it looks like the rain will drop in for your monday morning commute. the heavier rain will be another system that drops down the coast, this is for tuesday evening on into wednesday. and you can see some of those down pours there dropping through the bay area as we head into wednesday morning. so expect the heaviest rain for the workweek coming up tuesday rolling on into wednesday. here are your temperatures. 65 in san jose.
7:57 am
livermore, 67. yesterday we hit 74 in livermore. not today. we'll have the high clouds coming in for the afternoon. 64 in santa cruz. so things cooling off as we wrap up the weekend. as north bay, highs into the low to mid-60s. notice the temperatures really starting to drop off. we will see highs by the end of the week in parts of the north bay, upper 40s to low 50s for highs. lowering snow levels and we will see off and on rain. not nonstop rain, but these periods of rain and those temperatures will get progressively cooler. and snow levels down to san bruno possibly thursday or friday. >> all right, we'll get out there and take a picture. thanks very much. and thank you so much for making us a part of your morning with that we have more local news for you tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 and all day long
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at have a great day.
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