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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  February 13, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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"dateline" coming up with janet jackson at 7:00, 6:00 central time. brian williams will be here tomorrow. i'm lester holt reporting from new york for all of us here as nbc news, good evening. i'm diane dwyer. it's known as one of the centers of tourism in san francisco. the ferry building is now at the focus of a debate over the rights of homeless people in the city. security guards are keeping handlers off the property now. monty francis joins us in san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: the port of san francisco hired those security guards after merchants made a series of complaints about the homeless. now, those security guards are keeping watch and keeping transients off the property. business owners said they noticed influx of homeless people at the ferry building
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after the terminal closed last year. merchants complained homeless were setting up camp, setting up tip jars and bothering patrons and using bathrooms. all that the merchants said was a nuisance to customers and bad for business. the port's response has reignited the debate how to deal with the city's homeless population. >> it may cost the city a lot of money to do it but good from the tourists aspect. from my perspective, i'm used to seeing panhandlers and people bundling around. sometimes it can be a very bad nuisance and a threat. >> people need a place to stay. where do they go if they're turned away from here? where do they go? >> the ferry building is run by the port of san francisco, a five member commission appointed by the mayor. at night, the management has been setting up barricades to prevent people from sleeping on benches herality the ferry building. security guards are apparently
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undergoing sensitivity training to help them better deal with the homeless. live in san francisco, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the rain is making a come back in a very big way. hi, rob. >> we started to see the cool-down in the bay area. high temperatures down 10 to 15 degrees. 63 in san jose, 68 in livermore, almost near 70 in los gatos. but a winter storm watch posted for the sierra. clouds are spilling towards the coast. it will not just be the rain but pretty gusty winds and snow levels that can get as low as 2,000 feet, low enough to hit our bay area peaks. as we head through the workweek, we will go through a series of storms coming up. code pink put on red, white and black as they walk across the golden gate bridge today,
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the colors of the egyptian flag. the women's peace group hopes the world draws great inspiration from the mostly non-violent transition from dictatorship towards democracy. >> this is such a big deal because it represents an unprecedented people's movement arising quickly and having a powerful success in the arab world crushed and depressed by core ruptive dictatorships and monarchies many years. >> code pink says it's a testament to the power of the m empeople that forced mubarak to step down and hoping for more across the middle east. pepper spray sent four people to the hospital in san francisco. police had to briefly advocate the muni station where someone sprayed pepper spray near the entrance of the decision. six people were sprayed but
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injuries not serious and no arrests made. a follow-up to an ongoing story last week. marijuana clubs across the south bay but government is unsure how to deal with it. this week, the d.a. stopped raised pending new guidelines. another recent development involved the city of san jose passing a new tax on the 100 plus pot club there. the question remains with the federal government step in to regulate the number of clubs in operation. our analyst appeared on the way this morning talking about local governments. >> they're caught. on the other hand, they really don't like the idea of these things in too great of numbers. on the other hand, they, the local governments desperately want taxation from them. a number of cities locally have passed laws providing for that opportunity. you can't have your cake and eat it. that's the problem with this
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issue. >> while' l' extrara r revenue the club, the question of regulation will only be involved at sit and federal levels. california's laws are said to be the most obscure when it comes to regulation. tomorrow is valentine's day. hundreds of couples around the bay area plan to spend at least part of the day not eating chocolates but rather protesting the right to celebrate their love through marriage. supporters of same sex marriage plan to gather on the steps of san francisco hall 11:00 tomorrow morning and march inside to the clerk's office. in san jose, people plan to meet at the santa clara clerk recorder's office at 2 oh o'clock and a ral ply plly plan martinez as well. it comes when the california supreme court is expected to weigh in on the prop 8 appeal soon. others wil'e'e'e'e'e'e'e'e'
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valentine's day by spending plenty of money on their sweetheart. spending is expected to increase as much as 13%. the question is, is it true around here in the bay area. kimblerby kimblerby -- kimberly tere is in the bay . >> eric: the bay area. >> reporter: valentine's day is the busiest holiday's day of the year, even trumping mother's day. tomorrow, they have over 8,000 deliveries scheduled to go out the same at the chocolate cafe, where there is a steady stream of customers there. the owner says business is up 20% and working overtime to keep the cases stocked. the national retail federation says the average adult plans to spend $116 on valentine's day gift, up 12% more than last year. spending money this valentine's
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day compared to last year, more-or-less? >> more. >> reporter: why is that? >> the economy is boosting up, companies becoming more stable, jobs more stable. >> things are cheaper. >> reporter: more this year? >> the economy is better so more this year. >> reporter: it appears from people we talked to spending is up slightly even here in the bay area and people are wanting to splurge on things like gifts and dinner. open table, a restaurant reservation based company did a survey in which 89% of respondents said they planned to celebrate valentine's day at a restaurant, up from 63% in a similar survey last year. because the actual holiday falls on a monday, many businesses and restaurants started seeing customers on friday, a lot of people celebrating the holiday early. kimberly tere, live on nbc. >> thank you. coming up, saving money and the planet? >> it is not really that much
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work. >> plenty of people recycling and maybe composting, right? now, an even greener option. a zero waste lifestyle. one bay area family is leading the way and wants to help you do it, too. ♪ >> a lot. >> two big time sports teams are out at cal but not going out without a fight. how the baseball team is trying to hit it out of the youtub pe. e.utub pretty funny. it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months.
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in the network, everyone can get along. seeing a cool eng in san francisco with clouds lurking offshore. rain andin wd and low snow levels on the way to the bay area. your forecast is coming up.
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celebrating a run in
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chinatown today. more than 1,000 runners raced through san francisco to raise money for ymca and teen youth program for nutrition and wellness programs for more than 1200 kids in chinatown. budget cuts have taken away the field of dreams for some cal athletes. that's not stopping them from going out without a bang. ♪ >> you want to sing-along? the cal baseball team put together this youtube video called cal baseball rein statement rap, where they asked to be put back on the table where it fell short this week and school officials said they needed $10 million to keep them on the diamond and the only brought in 1.5 to $2 million from donors. cal will now be the only division 1 school in california not to have a baseball team. men's gymnastics was the other sport eliminated.
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still to come at 6:00, the stars are out in pebble beach this weekend, how one long time celebrity player made history tonight. next, do you hate taking out the trash? i do. one family creating zero waste and saving a fortune. a view of oakland, northwest wind at 10, 50 degrees and we'll see more heading monday andacun across the 7-day forecast. a look at that when we come back.
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>> did you know america prods 4.4 pounds of garbage every day for a family of four.
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a mill valley family has a zero waste lifestyle and barely have to take out the trash. vicki show us how they do it. >> reporter: reduce, reuse and recycle, three rs as familiar as a reading, writing and arithmetic. it's the fourth r that has changed the family's lifestyle. refuse. >> it's not that much work if you stop trash from entering your home. >> reporter: that means refusing to buy and refusing to use and accept anything that will end up in the trash. >> i would say we don't bring any home. >> reporter: you don't have any to-throw away. her family no longer needs trash service. this is how much garbage they produced in four months, using as close to zero waste as possible and families try to
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eliminate waste. here, meat goes from a butcher counter to a jar. >> fish, and chicken. >> reporter: and grains and produce. >> i was afraid i would be eating a bunch of granola all the time. >> reporter: husband, scott, says the variety surprised him but the savings made him a believer. the family buys less, makes more -- >> homemade humus. >> reporter: and either healthier. it started four years ago when they downsized from a home to a space half the size and purged everything that didn't fit and realized they could live with less. >> two pants, one pair of shorts. one bra. >> reporter: no cotton balls? >> no. >> reporter: no paper towels? >> i amazing how much money you save. >> reporter: they haven't given up the things that make them happy but reduced the things
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that make them happy. >> your life is not working if you're miserable, i don't think so. >> reporter: what they can't reuse they recycle. >> we fill one of these. >> reporter: and compost bins collect every food scrap in the house. >> there's a bunch of red worms there in and they compost the waste. >> reporter: the lifestyle, simple as its is has attracted detractors, who say all the effort that goes into living without waste is like living without living. >> they're called haters. >> reporter: the haters surfaced after she started the zero home waste blog a year ago and accusing the johnsons of being too extreme. for baya, the idea of whittling away waste. >> i am doing it for my kids' futures. >> reporter: means all the rs, refusing, reducing, recycling and rotting makes life richer. nbc bay area news. >> is her kitchen always that
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clean? i don't know. the johnson say they cut their grocery bills by 25% and you can learn more on our website. i guess you then don't have all that junk in the kitchen. >> they is the cleanest counter. >> they had to do that for the television camera, don't you think? >> speaking of renewables, reservoirs pretty soudry in the south bay. did get close to 70 in morgan hill and los gatos and started to cool off in 50s and 60s. oakland, 10 miles an hour, and same story as we head to san francisco. 52 degrees, clouds drifting in and 59. 8 miles an hour. you saw from the city cameras, two hour broke in terms of clearing and clouds spilling in
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from offshore. you can see the systems and a lot of cold air off to the left and why the snow levels start to drop. tomorrow, we see winds picking up for the morning, rains drifting in, monday's rain not too heavy and tuesday and wednesday likely heavier rain for the tuesday-wednesday commute and chance for hail for showers as we i hhead to the mie part of the week and the cold air from the gulf of alaska settles in, as low as 2,000 feet. for your monday morning commute, you will find rain and gusty winds and will notice it at the bridge span. and monday evening, dries out, the rain dropping through the bay area, tuesday to wednesday and then the cold area arrives and dropping to the san
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bernardino mountains later this week. 40s the highs. upper 50s and mid-50s, rain at times. no 70s in the forecast. 56 degrees in san francisco. very gusty along the coast. look for rains at 35 miles an hour tomorrow and temperature is in the mid to upper 50s for contra costa county and north bay, mid to upper 50s monday. some of the warmer temperatures you will see in the 7-day forecast. wind and rain tomorrow, tuesday night to wednesday. locally heavy rain. keep an eye on the bay area peeks and chilly weekend. >> you warn eed us, enjoyed the su.hine sunshime. or fti change. >> we'll be right back with a different breed of beauty queen.
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en.. "love is in the air," starring adam sandler and jennifer aniston took the top at $31 million. and justin bieber, "never say never" came in a close second $30 million. my daughter's favorite. disney's nomeo and juliette, making, supposed to be funny. a pageant full of pug-nosed pretties, the beauty contest about short harry legs and a little bit of drool. english french bulldogs come pet -- competed in long beach. they're pretty cute. the pageant founder wanted to start an adoption event and use the contest as a draw. it's been wildly successful.
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today was the seventh anniversary. >> lincecum has a dog like that named si. >> he has a few things going on at the moment. >> yes. they're on the road. trying to get back in the win column. at pebble beach, not just comedy from bill murray, his partner gets his win. tiger woods was half a world away trying to recapture onl of that magic in the desert of dubai.
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good evening.
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she sharks have just one more game to go on the road trip. sharks looking to rebound in south florida against panthers. little joe would play a big part. in the first period, second goal of the season, a screamer from the back end of the circle gives the sharks the early lead. he had his other goal earlier. they tie is at 1. joe working the doorsteps. and sharks up, 2-1, but panthers didn't let up. tie it midway through the third. with over two minutes left, jason garrison gets the game-winner for florida. sharks fall in florida. predators in nashville tuesday. the final game of this road trip. this year, the pro-am at pebble beach one of the better ones because there were no weather delays and plenty of star power, owned by bill murray and steve was the leighed elead
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in. looking to take the outright at 13 under gets the roll and drains. birdie putt. screaming up behind him, can move into the lead with 14 under with an eagle. he will get that eagle. there will be tons of celebration as he gets this one to fall. he's looking to chest bump his playing partner in idol, bill murray but falls short. murray wins his first ever pebble beach pro-am. finishes at 15 under for his first tour win. here's the partner. >> it's really fun. it's pretty easy to have fun here. i honestly didn't know what to do the last couple of holes. i felt like my mind and body left and didn't know how to behave. i felt i should behave poorly and couldn't get that together. the dubai classic drawing top names, tiger woods, a 3 over
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75 today. finished 20th, seven shots behind the winner. watching this shot on 11. watches it. in the air, once it hits, he's going for an ace, hole in one bringing him victory and a dance in thessert. warriors taking on durant and oklahoma city thunder. a slight lead now. action on the nba action. mario on that. chalmers, and unfunny. davis on the break away, misjudging the distance from the floor to the basket. embarrassment ensues, cover your eye, he jumped too early. boston gets the last laugh. up three. miami gets their shot and no go. celtics win it 85-82.
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kobe getting a face full of magic from richardson, whose dunks were devastating. howard, 31 points, magic plow over atlanticers. great tennis in san jose. last year's champ and they never played each other before. just practiced this last week at the australian open. he wins the first set, still going, much more on sports sunday tonight. comprehensive coverage of every team on comcast sports net bay area. tonight, we have sports sunday here on nbc bay area. that will be a big one. we have guests in the studio. >> there they are. >> mark of the sabercats. >> hello. >> we'll have him on sports
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sunday tonight and talk some arena football. we love it. >> thanks for joining us for the bay area and see you back here tonight at 11:00. until then, have a lovely night. >> nationwide, states are debating pros and cons of teacher tenure. so should we. i'm suzanne shaw. in california, public school teachers become permanent after just two years of work. though most teachers do an admirable job, those who under-perform are protected by tenure. low achievement is no grounds for dismissal and low performing teachers often stay on the job. public education needs reform at all levels. we believe that includes tenure reform. the guaranteed job regardless of performance must go. there has to be accountability. students deserve the most


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