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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  February 14, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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budget fixes could allow inmates an early release. one of the many controversial points in the governor's plan. kris sanchez has details. pretty alarming, when you say that people perk up? >> you're not talking about regular inmates doing a misdemeanor bit of time. we're talking about prisoners from the state pen and that means that violent defenders. they're not going to be the first one release but they'll push others out the door. under the governor's plan he wants to send about 37,000 state prison inmates back to the jails in the counties where they're from. the problem is the governor may be sending them on their way without the money to pay for their keep. this is a move that would save the state about $1.4 billion a year. to make room for the more serious defenders, county law enforcement may have to set some of their own offenders free through early parole, house arrest or things lik that. there may not be enough room of money to pay for adequate
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staffing. >> over 50% of our sentenced population is already doing their time outside of jail. so we have long embraced alternatives to incarceration but there's a point at which we can't make any more room. >> we're fortunate that we have some beds but we also have tremendously high costs in this county compared to the rest of the state and they're not reimbursing our actual costs. it's a state burden that we can't afford to take on. >> as the sheriff mentioned, santa clara county has about 1400 beds and alameda about 480. according to state and local population statistics, the san mateo sheriff said he's 20% over capacity. now sheriff smith says that if counties are forced to release inmates early to make room for state prisoners rate at which those former inmates will re-offend will go up and already, 70% of the women and men do re-offend. to put them closer to the
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services they need after their sentence to help them transition back to society but the sheriff says they want them to do the time first and not be on the streets because there's no room for them in the jail. in the newsroom, kris sanchez, nbc bay area. supporters of same-sex marriage gather around the bay area on this valentine's day to send their message about inequality. one demonstration at city hall, they talked about the battle to make gay marriage legal. the group marched to the county clerk's office to request marriage licenses for same-sex couples and after they were refused, they stage aid sit-in. deputies cuffed some of them after they refused to move but they were cited and not arrested. one city supervisor said san francisco has played a huge role but the state and country have a long way to go. >> as much as i you all i wish we didn't have to be here today and i wish we didn't have to keep doing this year after year
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after year because we shouldn't. we should have true equality under the law. >> today's demonstrations come as the california supreme court made decide as soon as this week whether to weigh in on the federal appeal to prop 8. in the east bay, if you're a business owner or customer beware. police are searching for an armed thief who's hit ten stores in the last two months. he targets drug stores and sandwich shopping in fremont, hayward, oakland and berkeley, he's definitely mobile and cops say he pretends to be buying snack items and then confronts the store clerk. in one recent hold up in hayward he got violent beating the clerk with his pistol. african-american male, 5'10", about 20 years old what an o'value shaped birth milwaukee on his cheek in several stick-ups he wears a black baseball cap with the red letter
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"c." and a judge ordered bay area chevron to pay $8 billion in a long-running lawsuit over contam that's in the amazon forest. the 18 year old lawsuit accuses chevron of being responsible for chemicals dumped in the amazon river. chevron has said the lawsuit was tainted by fraud. an employer that's the key to the freedom. the head of marketing of google for the middle east and north africa is credited by many with launching the facebook page that helped to spark the revolution. he said that the leaderless revolution couldn't have happened without the will of the people and their passion. he spent 12 days in prison where he says he was beaten and blindfolded. he said he forgave them and kissed them when he was let go. in an interview last night he said while publicly silent
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google did plenty of pr work to help get him out of prison. at 6:30, a closer look at how social media plays a role in the revolution spreading across the middle east. perspective from one of the founders of twitter. a local weather now. about time it starts acting like winter around here. we got a taste of it today. jeff also bring you in. the question is, what do we do now? >> i'll be staying busy in the weather center. not only rainfall here today but the next couple of days. mother nature acting appropriately now with the stormdoor completely open add cross the west. taking the graphicing full, as we zoom inou y can notice, this is now the w ytestet it's been we look ahead toward tshe upcoming week since december.he the first rainfall here for the entire month of february as our major la nina pattern has finally released some of the grip allowing the rainfall to move in. we're dry from the north to south bay and we have a few
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spotty showers around the golden gate bridge near oakland but not much happening now. however, round two is coming for tuesday and we expect windy conditions and possibly, a hf inch to inch of rainfall and we're also talking about major sierra snow, a winter storm warning in effect. this area has had little in the way of snow in the past couple of weeks. joining us in the springs are a man that you know tend to, you know, endure all kinds of conditions for us, mike. it's starting the drop, temperatures are in the 30s and winds are picking up. how will they prepare for the latest storm? >> round one is not over yet. you can see, looking into the light you so the snow flakes. on the ground, a fresh layer. an inch, possibly two inches here at soto springs and four inches further up. that's the big talk, everyone talking about the return of
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winter. high winds, new snow and a return of winter in the sierra had some complaining -- >> cold wind is very cold. >> listen to how strong the sierra wind gusts were early on the top of the ski ranch. >> it was 100 miles an hours and you can get blown out from your feet. >> the winds on the ski ranch, it caused them to close earlier. sugar bowl had to close a lift because of the weather and yet for all of the negative listen to the majority reaction to the return of winter to the sierra. >> this weather is great. this is what we came here for snow. >> that's because january saw so little snow as crowds dwindled as conditions soured. >> we were skiing on ice. it was bad. >> in january, things were so slow that one ski resort acknowledged off-camera that they struggled to sell 200 tickets on sort certain days. with feet of snow expected by wednesday the sierra economy is
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looking for a return of crowds just in time to cash in on the traditionally lucrative president's day holiday weekend. >> with the return of winter things people look at their skis and boards again and think, let's get back out there. >> here live, the snow is still falling up here. to give you a sense of how dry january was, sugar bowl said they had 300" of snow in november and december. in january, 21. with as much as three feet of new snow, on the way this week, they will be able to re-invigorate the season and last through until easter. live at soto springs, back to you. >> definitely looking to get a lot more people. you going to be up there tomorrow? >> we'll see. roads couldn't have been better given that there was snow. so hopefully, we can get up here nice and easy before the big snow hits later on in the day.
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>> we look forward to your reporting and as mike said, what a flip in conditions. they went from all-time record-setting snow in november and december to this dry stretch due to this la nia neea nina pa we move on now, is it that time already? seems like just yesterday that the champagne was flowing in the giants' clubhouse after they won the world series and on to the field. i think i still have a suit stained with beer and champagne. amazing off-season with the giants filled with parades, tv appearances and lots of parties. but believe it or not it is over and the new season begins in essence, today. >> pitchers and catchers reported for duty in scottsdale and we have lawrence joining us for details. it seems like it was yesterday. >> i added it up, it's been, what, 14 weeks, in fact, since the parade. three months ago and change. giants' fans celebrating the
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world series and no back to work as they get ready to defend the title. scottsdale was buzzing and the beer was beard is in full effec. tim lincecum almost looking as pumped up as wilson. locked pulled back tight in the ponytail. we know he's been working out diligently as he goes for his third see young in four seasons. and the rookie of year, signing autographs for the fans who got there first. several position players getting to camp early to start getting ready to defend the title. here's the skipper. >> well, it's a great feeling. you get a chance to repeat as champions. we'll always remember last year but we have work to do here. we know it and we'll move
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forward and at the same time we'll saver the memories. >> later we hear from him in rare form. the spotlight and now the arizona sunshine and this is where the fun starts all over again and you're right. we were just in that clubhouse not long ago, both of us, getting filthy with the -- >> is that the same suit you were wear something. >> it's my celebratory suit. >> tell me you got it cleaned. tonight we learn the world series celebrations came with giant costs. a new report ve veeld taxpayers spent for than $340,000 to cover the police overtime during the world series and celebration. november 1st when the giants clinched the series, the city paid for than $68,000 in police overtime for that night alone. but the majity went to the victory parade when police were paid more than $271,000 in ot. a clash of culture and environment. putting a popular chinese dish in jeopardy because of one
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a pretty flat valentine's day for your money overall today but investors showed a whole lot of love for silicon valley company. shares of netflix hit a new all-time high jumping 7% after news the company's app is on its way to an droid phones. netflix closed at $247 a share. especially in the bay area you sear serial enprenur. it's not the money, it's the innovation. the man that started twitter,
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what do you to for an enkour? he has an idea. an idea for your credit card. it comes in this little thing called the square. amazing, scott? is that where we are? it seems like a simple idea but it sells. >> it's a app for you iphone, ipad or an droid phone along with this square. a small free product trying to make a big difference in the way we buy and sell things. for a small business, getting paid is a bottom line. and this is how most businesses get paid, a credit card reader complete are high fees. but now, there's an app for that. courtesy of a start-up called "square" which gives you, for free, a square card reader that let's you get paid anywhere, any time. >> "square" works with what enough your pocket. >> the ceo, jack dorsey, that
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cofounded twitter has a new way to paid and get paid. forget the six-week process. this is the new mobile way. >> we looked into the process to do that and it took months to get a merchant account for us to do what we wanted to do. goal number one was to simply ni that to under two minutes. >> square handles millions of dollars in transactions a week. another way technology is helping business go more smoothly. >> i love mobile and i love visualizing how cities work. twitter, you can see instantly what's happening in the world and city all the way down to this neighborhood. and with square we want to bring that same thing to transactions. instantly see what's happening in my business here and then be able to compare it with what's happening in the rest of the united states or city but be able to visualize so you don't have to think about taking payments. you can just think about building your business. >> square, which is hiring,
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makes money by charging 2.75% plus 15 cents a transaction. from that, square pays the credit card company so you when you use the app you pay only one time and you get updates, e-mail, about your business. lots of them, for the guy who started twitter. >> 140 characters? >> you bet. the university of california is flunking when it comes to supplying public records in a timely fashion. apparently, the nonprofit watch dog group california wear ask the system for contracts, ethic's forms and spending reports. legally the public is exposed to have easy access to records. but the whole uc system got an f for timeliness. berkeley got a c and cal state got a b. san jose state got an a plus as did cal state east bay. a new written in the fight for water rights in california. not just water, but fish. a massive gop funding bill will
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eliminate restrictions on water supplies present to protect a small fish called delta smelt. the lack of it indicates a shortage of food and other environmental problems but trying to protect the fish led to sweeping water reforms and has nearly crippled central valley farmland. under this bill more water would be pumped from the delta to the farms and the bill could be voted on as early as tomorrow. teenagers and caffeine, a study says not a good  combination, especially when the caffeine is in energy drinks. nearly half of teenagers say energy drinks are their beverage of choice but they say they all have affects that could be serious. teens are more sensitive to caffeine. nearly half of the caffeine overdoses in 2007 were in children younger than 19.
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the leverage industry association defends that saying most have lower levels of caffeine than kau see if. are you a did to pay $4 for a gallon of gas? for the first time in three years gas prices could hit that number. prices are the highest since 2008 and a growing number of energy analysts don't think costs will stop climbing any time soon. gas predicts gas reaching $4 a gallon in san jose in april or may, right around the corner. right now look at the gas prices. it's about $3.46 in san jose. in oakland and in san francisco a little higher at $3.51 for a gallon of regular unleaded. >> and the rest of the country is around $3 a gallon. >> we're the highest in the nation. >> yes, we are. hawaii comes close, too. >> lets check in with jeff. we don't have hawaii weather. it's cold and rainy? it is. it's right where we should be. it seems unusual because we've
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gone weeks now with dry and unseasonably warm weather and just a week ago we had temperatures at record-setting levels in the 60s and 70s. while we welcome back the rainfall, north bay leading the pack with the most rain. 6800 there. san francisco, 1800. south bay and san jose, 400. a lot of you in the south bay where we need the rainfall, we didn't get there but tomorrow, more rainfall across the radar. that radar is dry, pretty much, from the north bay to south bay. we're still finding isolated showers in the north bay and san francisco. atmosphere is so moigs and across the east bay entering concord, a few showers. on interstate 680, not heavy rainfall but the roadways with slick with lots of oil on the roads because it's been so dry so long. temperatures dropping, look at this, mid 40s in the north bay and 45 in livermore and 54 in san jose. so the winter chill is back.
6:21 pm
tonight, just a few showers but as we zoom out and look at the wider pattern, the next storm system up here into the northwest and also, british columbia and that will push to the south not only for rain and colder temperatures but also the wind. we'll start off in the 40s in the south and east bay. as we head into our tuesday, then by 1:00, not so much warming, only the mid 50s out here. near our seasonal average. if you're traveling it's quiet. the most weather is right here on our own coastline across the west. details on your rain timeline and how much wind and how long it will last coming up later on in the show. >> all right, thanks jeff. a surprise visit from the president. we'll show you who the president is coming to the bay area to see. and we test out some of these designer salts hitting yo. find out what it could mean for your dinner. back in a moment. ♪ i'll see you next time. ♪
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what if you could boost sweetness and hide bitterness. this is not a valentine's day story. it's a story about what salt can bring to the table. >> we hear about eliminating salt from your diet but there's a growing trend and business for designer salt. is it legit and tasty? here's kris sanchez. >> reporter: at this brasserie in san jose with you get a taste of france from the kitchen to to the crisp white linens. but you won't find salt in the shaker. in the kitchen it's nothing but kosher salt or french assaults. but when the chef is at home he plays with it. >> it boosts flavors. >> the chef stays away from salt flavored with additives opting from mineral salts from around the world. some have different textures most noticeable on a finished
6:25 pm
dish like this. but others are more subtle. his stand biis in iran. a blue crystal is an optical illusion setting you back about 300 a pound. before you tissue out that kind of cash, chef says do a taste test with a little cucumber or tomato. >> try it with the fruit by itself and then with fruit and see which one you like the best and how they react to your palate. >> this is his favorite salt. >> you can taste it on your tongue and it melts. >> so it tastes different. the large pink country stals come from himalayan mines 250 million years old. this hawaii salt looks and tastes like the red hawaii clay. it may not do much for your palate but it will make your eyes look twice. >> salt is fun.
6:26 pm
it brings things out. no doubt. >> reporter: chef is not the only one playing with salt and his food. apparently a lot of other folks are. the owner of this store says she's selling ten times more salt now than she used to. >> it's like when you start getting into wine and your palate starts to open up and you want to try differentkinds. it's the same which with salt. >> she loves to try her salt on fries and something you might not expect. >> salted caramels are the rage. they are fabulous. you'd be surprised about a little bit of really wonderfully flavored chocolate, fabulous. >> reporter: as this grows health experts say keep salt to a teaspoon a day, perhaps a good reason to make every salt grain count. kris sanchez. >> they said one was $300 a pound. neither the chef or patrons like
6:27 pm
the flavored one. they like a good pin ral salt and fresh ginger. that way you're less likely to oversalt. >> $300 a pound? >> good advise on using the real thing. is it really the next revolution? protesters lash out in iran. >> the minute they see something happening in one country, they say, hey, we can do it here. >> we'll check in the bay area middle eastern communities about the potential domino effect. and a controversial chinese delicacy. we'll tell you what wants shark fish soup off the menu. and leaving a heart in san francisco never tasted so good. da iitter s y chef dishes up a valentine's day. e'
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egypt's revolt is inspiring
6:30 pm
protests around tmiddle east. tens of thousands of demonstrators clashed with police. they used teargas and rubber bullets to stop plans for a mass gathering but the protests fought back. >> and there were also protests in syria and bahrain today. add jodi report events in the middle east are inspiring people here at home. >> it's like a sudden breaking of the sun in the midst of darkness. it's almost like a dream come true. >> that's how jason of oakland's islamic cultural center describes what's taking place in the middle east. he's hoping for a domino effect, as countries like yemen, algeria and iran start seeing uprisings. >> >> there's so many people who are so hungry for a democracy and the main thing that's been keeping it back is the sense of -- we can't do anything. the minute you demonstrate and even just one country, yes. something can be done. this gives people courage and strength to just go out there.
6:31 pm
>> it's exciting to cover that and to be able to be there in that moment in history to record these events. >> the publisher of a bay area based online magazine geared towards covering the muslim world said there's never been a more exhilarating time to be covering the middle east. >> now, you know, you see that people are coming out in masses and protesting and it's peaceful protests. they were able to turn, in egypt, in less than three weeks, what people couldn't have done, you know, with 30 years of oppression and rule. and same thing in tunisia. it was done in a matter of a month. >> publisher has a team of reporters, both overseas and the bay area keeping readers up to date. >> it's our duty to make sure we present all sides. >> and he says bay area muslims may influence what's unfolding and says the bay area is a model for what middle eastern nations azmooef okay.
6:32 pm
islam and democracy and liberty can work together in the bay area. why can't they work some place else? we're -- our friends and family all over the world they are. >> and now, they're taking action. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area us. >> so a social media taking a major role in the middle east revolution? we had a chance to ask the guy that started twitter what he thinks about the latest events. jack dorsey cofounded twitter and he told our scott budman he's been watching closely and is amazed at the role of companies like his own. >> we have people that are talking about their life and what's going on around them socially. people talking about news events and people organizing social movements and talking about what's happening in the government and around the world. every single tweet is different and people use it in different ways, tweet by tweet which is awesome, humbling. >> if you're looking for more on the middle east, right now on, we have
6:33 pm
interviews from members of the bay area muslim community. air force one will be touching down in the bay area this week. president obama will be here. visiting with high-tech executives on thursday. no word on who mr. obama will be meeting with or whether he'll make public appearances. it is expected that there will be a lot of talk about jobs, innovation, green tech and education. recently the president has been stressing the need for government and business to work together to put people back to work. his 2012 budget proposal includes major investments in green tech. the president was here last october to support democrats in the november election. among the things we value so highly here in the bay area are culture, our ecology. now they're going head-to-head. ap chinese delicacy or an environmental dilemma? those are the arguments following a proposed ban on shark fish.
6:34 pm
here's joe. >> reporter: china town is known for the shark fish soup. but this famous dish is under attack. today, a state assemblyman introduced legislation banning the sale of shark fish in california. >> without banning the sale and possession of shark fins we're not doing much. >> reporter: federal and state laws already ban the harvesting of shark fish in the u.s. waters but that hadn't stopped the import of dried shark fish in countries like mexico and china. >> you can ban the practice in u.s. waters but the practice will just take place elsewhere and if you haven't banned the importation and sale of the product it will continue to happen. >> reporter: environmentalists say the practice of fishing sharks has led to the killing of thousands of sharks worldwide. many are finned and dumped into
6:35 pm
the sea alive. >> you cut the fins off and throw them into a box and take this large, 2, 300-pound animal and throw it over the side. >> reporter: but this proposed ban is butting up against thousands of years of tradition in the community. >> more and more, examples of where individuals or groups of individuals are trying to limit our heritage and culture. >> reporter: this assemblyman says he supports the efforts of illegal shark finning but he thinks an all-out ban goes too far. >> we're saying to find a better solution rather than something that somehow takes away the practice of our culture. >> reporter: shark fin importer says the shark fish soup is reserved for special occasions. a single serving w can fetch $15 to $80. when shark fin is served it's a banquet. >> reporter: but environmentalists say culture
6:36 pm
shouldn't stand in the way of conservation and these mysterious creatures belong in the ocean, not on the menu. nbc bay area news. we're following breaking news at this hour. chopper 11 above east palo alto. a two alarm fire in east palo alto off of bay road at a board and care facility. the residents at the time board and care home have been evacuated but you see the pictures high above in east palo alto a two-alarm blaze the firefighters are responding to. we'll continue with the story as it develops throughout the newscast. >> and several roads around there are closed because of all the fire equipment there. coming up next, bitter for bieber? fans lashed out and a popular website had to intervene.
6:37 pm
and one way to show the special someone you care with the help of a celebrity chef here in the bay area. jeff, what you got about that? only after six days of rain so far this year rain finally returned today. yes, winter is back and temperatures in the upper 50s to near 06 from san francisco to san jose. cold and showery for the bay and the wind will pick up big-time morrow. tracking the tuesday storm. details in minutes. mo
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6:39 pm
such a blessing and an honor. >> that was a very gracious speech after receiving the award for best new artist. but justin bieber fans are not so happy from the 26-year-old from portland. they attacked her wikipedia page and this sparked a 13-minute war wrote that bieber hate sers just
6:40 pm
a little whiney boy. wikipedia was forced to freeze the page and now it's back to normal. >> a whiney little boy? >> i guess. >> you got to be a good loser, you know? other big surprises, the biggest night of the year. a couple of relatively unknown artists? >> that, too and some well-known artists. >> and a country song led to the night's biggest winner. a it. >> that started with ten nominations with eminem and he got two. the best rap album and solo performance, lady gaga. literally came out of her shell. you were impressed? >> her performance was outrageous. >> she grabbed three awards. the canadian rock band, arcade of fire, and country crossover? they crossed over big-time with five wins from the trio lady antebellum includingec rord of
6:41 pm
the year, song of the year. >> this past year has completely changed our life and we you all so much. thank you! >> i couldn't even spit it out. "need you now." >> it was weird. mick jagger and barbra streisand and a song with an expletive in its title skirted major trouble. they changed the title and gwyneth paltrow. and the giants? >> time to defend the title spring training starting now. >> our first look. the good word straight from the beard. and the raiders bringing back a hall of fametory coach the defense. he was part of the last oakland super bowl appearance and ready
6:42 pm
to get to work while tiger woods and his spitting incident in the middle east could have been an international fiascoor but heaid all the right things. that's coming up in sports.
6:43 pm
happy valentine's day to you. if you want to skip the chocolate and flowers go straight to the heart with this. >> mike anderson checked in with food network star at his san francisco restaurant and he shows us how to turn that big old love must nool a delicious
6:44 pm
meal, apparently. that love muscle into a delicious meal. >> we're here in san francisco. we're going to make beef heart tar tar. it's tenderloin shrimp. this is a richer mouth feel. little bit of a crunch in gives a whole new meaning to "i left my heart in san francisco." it's pretty straight forward. an incision in the side. it comes that way, part of the inspection from the usda. i remove the external fat, like fileting skin on a fish. the heart never stops beating. it does? well, i'll set it up as a little semi-dice. this is when it gets fun. [ chopping sounds ] perfect! flip the board over and it's clean, we'll do with a little sea salt, red onion, some
6:45 pm
chives. i always like fresh pepper. don't use preground. you don't know how old it is. beautiful. this is a fresh -- you may know this as earl grey tea. a little of this and some of the juice. too much of the acid actually starts to cook the heart. heart is a very lean muscle. it needs the richness and fattiness. so we'll add the fois gras. who doesn't like it? i know, peta. and now we'll add the oil ♪ that mixing moment so you have the richness and the leanness of the heart. i like to mess with your mind a little bit. i have this, charcoal, a bit of burned onion and scallion tops. we charred it in the oven, half on and half off the charcoal. it's raw but the charcoal makes you think it's cooked. now all i need is a beer.
6:46 pm
tricking my palate telling me this is cooked meat and it's raw. we're here in san francisco, eat my heart! >> wow, you ready for that? check out that recipe on the right now. it's one that's a one-stop shop for all the best places eat, shop and play here in the bay area. >> i guess, yeah. i'm sure it tastes good. it's just eating raw heart -- >> you ate a lot of different things on your trip to china? >> scorpion, snakes, but raw heart wasn't one of those. nothing like a home cooked meal. we've got a cold winter day. a major weather whip lash. last monday, temperatures in the 70s across santa rosa with 77. that was a record. oakland, 72. san jose, 70.
6:47 pm
what a memory that is now because temperatures have plummeted. now only 50s here today as winter has returned. 59 in fremont and 58 in oakland and 57 in san francisco. 59 in redwood city and low to mid 60s in the south bay but overall temperatures a little bit below where we should be this time of year as winter has come back on the map with a jet stream sinking far to the south. only finding spotty showers for you in the north bay near san rafael and to san jose. but we're really on the bottom edge of this system that we had this morning. and also a winter storm warning. if you're traveling, highway 50 and interstate 80 is treacherous tomorrow with round two, yes, i said round two, coming our way with more rain. low to mid 50s from the east to south bay. comfortable, at least for right now. as we head into the morning house and to tomorrow, gusty around winds 15 to 30 miles an hours and ahead, showers.
6:48 pm
there it is, the expansive storm system as we head to tomorrow tapping into a ton of cold air. the jet stream diving well to the south. that's going to keep rain in the forecast as we head throughout our tuesday forecast and winds that cold top 30 miles per hour. it will be gusty as we head throughout tuesday and temperatures on the cold side, only in the 50s. look at our future cast showing just the spotty showers for tonight. as we head to tomorrow morning north bay gets the rainfall. but it's not until tuesday evening that we'll see the heaviest rainfall here, back across the bay area. look for close to an inch for the north bay and a half inch for the east and south bay. so a decent soaker on tuesday and once again, one to two feet of snow expected across the sierra. bring your patience. it's going to be dangerous and slick in the mountains otherwise, tomorrow at 6:00 a.m., low 40s and mid 40s in the south bay as well. our numbers tomorrow? feeling like winter as we've
6:49 pm
been previewing. 58 in morgan hill and welcome back to reality. 55 in livermore and mid-to-upper 50s to walnut creek. 55 in the city of san francisco. and 56 in concord. right up into the north bay, napa and sonoma counties looking at mid-to-upper 50s. lake port, 48 for you. meanwhile, on our seven-day forecast, rain and wind tomorrow, and then as we head to wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday we're keeping showersy pattern back here in the mix. you guys? good evening. we knew this day would come where the world champs get back to work. it was 105 days ago when they won but soon it will be 105 in arizona when they leave. pitchers and catchers are reporting. catcher buster posy and getting
6:50 pm
ready for the offerings of tim lincecum, the most buff we've ever seen him. we know he's been working out at home in the off-season. brian wilson was on the scene with a beard still very dark. sea captain grey on the talk show circuit gone. the position players don't have to be here until friday but several arrived early. cody ross and the panda. why not? the fun starts now. >> the pressure is winning -- there's no pressure. you come into spring training and you want to win the world series. if you don't, more even playing baseball. do we have a target on our back? >> yes, of course, we're the top dog right now, of course. but that doesn't stop what we need to do or put any more added pressure on what we want to accomplish. >> it's still pretty cool to think that some days we're the world series champs last year
6:51 pm
and that's something we'll always have that title but we have a unique opportunity with the group of guys we have and a possibility and chance for a few years to make a run at this thing for a while. >> raj and i were saying, brian wilson is starting to look like johnny walker. spring training continues in arizona. intensive spring training coverage right up until opening day as nightly at 10:30 p.m. for sportsnet central only on comcast sportsnet bay area. oakland as pitchers and catchers start tomorrow. the yankees got started today. one of materially favorites in the al. intriguing news from raiders' headquarters. a hall of fame irand raiders defense back from the past, rod woodson played 17 years in the nfl. his final two with the raiders and now hugh jackson bringing him on as an assistant coach to
6:52 pm
bring him on as a secondary. a 11-time pro bowler and working as a tv analyst. when he played for the raiders in '02 and '03, chuck bresnihan was a help. great yesterday for a certain comedic actor turned -- >> time for bill murray who got his first-ever pga tour win. they took the pro am title. extra fun joined by winning golf on a beautiful delay-free weekend. murray was popping collars and after he said he's popping a bottle of wine to celebrate. >> that's something i really wanted to do was win this. >> were you nervous? >> it's unusual -- i don't want much but that's something i wanted and it happened.
6:53 pm
>> baseball players spit all day long and nothing shocking. golf? i platetion by a different set of rules. a gentleman's sport requiring a certain decorum that shouldn't be violated or on tape. tiger woods was caught. watch the head turn and action. the tournament, part of the european tour, fined him for the incident on the 12th green. he was lining up a bogey putt on a bad afternoon. tiger tweeting. euro tour said it was right. inconsiderate to spit like that. i though better and i wasn't thinking and i just want to say, i'm sorry. >> so they can spit in baseball but they can't in golf? is that how it works now? >> you shouldn't spit on the green. >> just slow it down. that was unnecessary. it looked like -- anyway. >> that's a lugey! >> what better way to start your work week? one san francisco valentine's although not everyone is a fan of this.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
tonight at 11:00, father and son team taking hundreds if not thousands of people in the bay area for a ride. >> this guy, he knew one thing and one thing only, greed. >> tonight at 11:00, a scam so
6:57 pm
perfect it may not have been detected until one bay area attorney unravelled the secret. when it came to an end, who helped them pull it off? and the rain isn't getting in the way of a good time. within the hour, san francisco's annual -- you guys heard of this -- the valentine's day pillow fight. hundreds of people show up at 6:00 sharp to pummel each other with pillows. police stand by to make sure no one gets hurt but everyone that does it says they're just showing up for a good time. the downside is the cleanup of all this, which is starting right now, costs taxpayers a reported $35,000. more on that coming up tonight at 11:00. there's a downside for pillow fighting. >> and all the rain, it's sticking everywhere, too. it will be harder to clean up. good night. >> see you at 11:00.
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