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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  February 15, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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nauseous and threw up. the va hospital says they're not sure if he was nauseous because he was scared or the substance he touched, but as a precaution, the building was evacuated. it did go through the contamination process. the employees have been sent home for the day. in the hospital, they will know what that substance the by tonight. >> thank you, george. now to the weather. more rain is on tap for the bay area tonight. >> in fact, the next storm has moved over the north bay. jeff ranieri here with details for us and as you pointed out, we can hear the wind already and the microphones out there. >> that's right. extremely gusty. from the north bay down to the south bay, that wind has been going ever since this morning.
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it's the rain that's been slow to pick up. right now, some of our top wind gusts. 34 in los ga toes. san francisco in the mid-30s along with oakland. take a lookt thisis. windsin staused 15 to 25 mileta per hour from the coast. so a live spread in wevent. now, the rainfall slow to move. it's been in the north bay since this morning. it's going to finally get its legs as we head throughout 7:00n 8:00, 9:00 tonight. right now, we're seeing accumulations from santa rosa to novato. also starting to introduce some showers into san francisco and this will occur down here in the peninsula next. meanwhile, we are watching dangerous tide levels as we head into tomorrow. 9:23 a.m. on your wednesday, it's called king tide. we're expecting 13-foot swell
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possible across the san francisco bay area. you can get more on these dangerous tide levels at nbc bay just search king tide. >> thank you. happening right now, an attempt to save a sinking barge has threatened a popular san francisco beach with an oil and fuel spill. right now, crews are trying to find a way to move this vessel and they say though that they did manage to stop the spill quickly. traci grant is in san francisco with the latest. we >> reporter: we just got an update and it appears that the best case scenario has happened here. now, all day long, people have spent the day worried about how much fuel and how much oil may have spilled spoot bay and the coast guard is estimating it is probably less than one gallon. >> there's fuel in the engine room and some has escaped into
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the water. >> reporter: there was no denying that some fuels from this barge is floating in the bay. but there's a dispute about how much. the coast guard estimates the maximum amount oil is about 1800 gallons. and possibly as much as 500 gallons of hydraulic fuel. california fish and game says it's the hydraulic fuel that they are most concerned about in this environmentally sensitive area. >> it's thick oil, so if it gets coated on birds or marine mamma mammals, it's rather problematic because we have to clean the bird off and clean the oil off the birds feathers. >> reporter: the coast guard received an urgent call this morning from the san joakim river barge.
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it was going to deliberately run aground to prevent it from sinking. choppers flew over and noticed two areas where there appeared to be an oily sheen. that's when boom was spread around the boat to contain whatever might be leaking. >> right now, we are just preventing further damage to the barge, tos environment. >> reporter: now, it's a far cry from the beautiful view that people who come to the marine on a regular basis usually see. now, another barge was brought in and that is here to help take some of the sand away that the san joakim is carrying around on it. they're hoping to get that barge floating again so they can take it away and investigate it. >> thank you. the chief foreign correspondent for cbs news is hospitalized tonight after she
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was attacked and sexually assaulted in egypt's tahrir square. this photo was taken last friday night. minutes before she and her camera crew were separated by a mob of more than 200 people. once surrounded, cbs says she suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating until a group of women and soldiers rescued her. she is said to be recovering today in a hospital. she is from south africa and has been with the network since 2002. whether the city of berkeley will become home for two former guantanamo bay detainees is being decided tonight. the city's peace and justice commission crafted a resolution which city council vote on. the vote is a formality and no city money would be spent. that would be a violation of federal law. under the pro pose sal, people
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would make donations to help the men. they have been cleared of wrong doing, but can't return to their own countries. the clock is ticking for parents with ill children to sign up for affordable health care coverage. the measure means that insurers cannot refuse to cover children with preexisting children, but they can charge a lot more. jodi hernandez is at children's hospital in oakland with more on an important deadline coming up. >> reporter: this is a very important deadline. there are tens of thousands of children in california who have preexisting health conditions, but they don't have health insurance, now, they're parents have a short window. just two more weeks to get their children insured at rates that aren't through the roof. 5-year-old william suffers from asthma. without health insurance, his mother doesn't know how she'd
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pay for his medication and frequent visits to the doctor. >> he is still breathing. i feel like he's going to die. i feel very worried. >> reporter: thanks to federal health care reform, children with preexisting conditions like william can no longer be denied health coverage, but time is running out for families to sign up before rates skyrocket. >> the initial open enrollment period ends on march 1st. >> reporter: advocates want to get the word out. if you have a sick child, the time to get health insurance is now. >> people doept know about it and then they don't sign up during this window, then they sign up later, they're going to have to pay five times more than they would today or the next two weeks. >> reporter: the reminder comes just in time for william. his current health coverage is about to run out because his mother lost her job.
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>> when you lose your job, you don't have money. having to pay a very high premium, i don't think is an option. >> reporter: now, after march 1st, parents will still be able to get insurance for their sick children, but the rates could be much higher, so again, the time to sign up is right now. >> thank you. an unsolved killing has san francisco police asking for the public's help in identifying the killer. today, they released a sketch of the man they call a person of interest. police describe the man as asian, perhaps with a mole on his upper right cheek. the crime happened when a 16-year-old approached and assaulted. he then followed his attacker on foot and when they reached ocean avenue, the ak tacker stabbed him and he ran off. no a follow up story from last night.
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first came b.a.r.t. ticket agents, conductors and police, and now, the transit system the adding another layer. chaplai chaplains. they started the new program today swearing in four in oakland. they will serve as links between various community groups and serve to spiritual counsellors. and still at 5:00, the company preparing to hire about 1,000 workers right here in the bay area. zblncht and blowing the lid of a ledge tear secret. the radio program that claims it has uncovered coca-cola's secret recipe. and hearing loss and the eld elderly. heading out of town. it could soon cost you more. and you may have a few delays tonight. a lot of wind across the bay area to the south bay. right now, temperatures in the
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mid to upper 50s, a near average for this time of year. 57 in san francisco and a windy san jose at 59. thnight stays breezyn e south bay with rain moving in as we head through the evening hours. we're tck gining m.low moving storm. that's coming up in minutes. g
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topping business and tech headlines, many businesses slow down in the spring and summer, but home depot is pro pairing for its busiest time of the year. they will hire 60,000 seasonal employees. air fares are about to increase for business travelers. delta and american are raising
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the price of tickets for corporate travelers $120 per round trip. they're increasing fares because of energy costs and inflation and focusing on the travel. last week, united and continental increased their business fares by 20 to $60. as women have played a bigger and bigger role in the u.s. military, there have been growing reports about sexual assault. there is a lawsuit climing they are a serious problem in the military and that the pentagon has been turning a blind eye for years. >> reporter: among the plaintiffs are among these current and former military members who say they're not only members of sexual assault, but members that sweep it under the rug. >> reporting harassment in military is brutal. >> reporter: she felt
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intimidated in 2006. a sigh peer yor officer allegedly forced himself on her. >> panicked -- didn't say anything. >> reporter: after reporting the incident, she said she was still forced to work in the same office. >> i was told i needed to suck it up until the end of the investigation and continue treating with respect. >> reporter: who told you to suck it up? >> all of them. that was just the general attitude. specific words were marines don't cry. >> reporter: others told similar stories with the same outcome like myla, a former army sar sergeant. >> it was not until i worked within the boys club of the criminal investigation command that i was raped myself. >> reporter: a rape she did thot report for fear her assailant would end up like others she had seen and not be prosecuted.
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some assaults are said to have taken places in the combat zones of iraq and afghanistan. the lawsuit named robert gates and his predecessor and asked that outside agencies investigate these crimes inside the military. the nation's highest civilian honor was awarred to 15 people at the white house today. heading the list was former president george h.w bush. and bill russell of the university of san francisco werewer were -- >> this year's recipients reveal the best of who we are and who we aspire to be. >> also honored today, sylvia
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mendez, a fullerton woman whose parents sue a school district in 1943 and laid the groundwork for brown versus the board of education. the president also held a news conference today in which he addressed his budget plan as well as the unrest in the middle east and you can see a summary of that on nbc nightly news. that's coming up at 5:30. topping our health watch, adults with hearing loss may face a higher risk of suffering from dimentia. they followed people between the ages of 36 and 90 with no signs over the 12-year period. those with some hearing loss at the start were significantly more likely to develop the disorder. researchers say the link between the two is still unknown, but these findings could lead to new ways of fighting it.
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many restaurants have started labeling the food with calorie information, but one dwroup of people don't care. researches at new york school of medicine found these labels don't appear to inspire teenagers to order healthier food. they found about 10% of parents said the labels influenced their decision. the calorie count rs part of the president's health care overhaul f. did you dry out this morning? we're about to get wet again. jeff ranieri's standing by with the forecast. >> small break for us and something for everyone over the next 24 hours. the heavy snow, the wind, the rain and even some extremely high tides that will be pushing throughout the bay area as we head into tomorrow morning. let's get a look at this slow moving system across northern california entering the north bay this morning, but dragging its feet now.
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we're starting to see a few returns close to the golden gate bridge, but it has been all about this wind today. we had winds gusting into the 30 mile per hour range, topping 34 miles per hourment. certainly, winds that may delay flights if you are leaving on air travel tonight. otherwise, here across the bay area, it's moving from the north down to the south. we'll start in the north bay with widespread sustained winds. gusting here in both spots into the 30s and also that light to moderate rainfall. down here towards san francisco, dry right now, but the sustained wind at 25 miles per hour. downtown san francisco tonight, and it is going to be gusting for you. also, winds 20 to 17 miles per hour from san bruno to redwood
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city. doing any traveling to the sierra? winds in excess of 60 miles per hour and one to two feet of snow. also, a lot of cold air behind it. while we had plenty of upper 50s today, it's going to be dropping tomorrow. we're going to be going down several degrees. tonight, the wind and rain stays with us. tomorrow, dangerous surf and high tides with us in the morning. we're going to be watching another storm system through friday. right now, the storm door is wide open. there's the center of low pressure. there's our frontal system right there as that continues to move down tonight and through tomorrow morning, we'll see these windy conditions and also the rainfall here. temperatures in the 50s for wednesday and thursday. low snow levels that could go down to 2500 feet. tonight, 7:00 p.m., rainfall in the north bay. by 9:00, starts to move more to the south. by 11:00 p.m. and midnight, the
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east bay, south bay and peninsula will start to get in on some rainfall. tonight, it will be pushing in. overall totals the north bay with upwards of one inch of rain for the east and south bay. about a quarter to a half inch and it will stay breezy as we head into tomorrow morning. 44 in gill roy, 48 in san jose and tomorrow, temperatures in the 50s. 55 in morgan hill. also for san jose, san atrici and evergreen, mid to upper 50s coming on back. right towards san francisco. also expect 54 and as we head to our inland spots, low to mid-50s. north bay, yes, 40s in the extreme north bay. hill top snow possible near 2500 feet tomorrow with scattered rain. scattered rain thursday and another system for friday with more rain and we start to clear
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out from this by sunday. with some sunshine. >> that will be good. looking forward to that again. >> everybody's been saying, it is winter. >> it was time for it. kind of a nice change. >> felt good today, didn't it? >> yes. >> that's enough. >> thanks. still ahead, why movie lovers can expect to find more of the same at the box office this year. has one of the most guarded secrets been revealed? how a reporter claims he stumbled on the recipe for coca-co coca-cola. and annoue'ncement announc involving iphones and ipads that does not have everyone celebrating.
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apple announced it will start a new app store with a subscription type model for magazines and newspapers. it might just prompt publishers to provide more information online. but they won't be able to automatically collect information about their users through the app.
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people will be given the option to share information with publishers and they will not pass it on. no reason to wor ary it turns out. the biggest secret in corporate history is still a secret. coca-cola has been flooded with requests for comment after a weekend radio program suggested it may have located the original recipe. the show says it found the ingredients in the 1979 newspaper article about a historic pharmacist. the alleged recipe includes cinnamon, cory yander, nutmeg. it says nothing about cocaine. an archivist for the coke company says the recipe may have been an early version, but it's not the version, which is kept locked away in a safe. that part of the story is apparently true. >> so that's good.
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>> remember the old coke new coke? is this a publicity stunt? perhaps. we'll be right back with why it's all really just a numbers game.
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after a year where movie attendance dropped, hollywood is taking fewer chances. harry potter gets part of the blame. the films are so popular hollywood can't wait for the next one. you can expect a total of 27 squeals. that doesn't include the movies based on board games such as
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clue and monopoly. >> i can't wait to see toy story 14. thanks for being with us. [ male announcer ] hands free driving.
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