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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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overnight. good morning to you. i'm marla. why high tide is expected to be more dramatic. >> a live look at the bay bridge this morning, water on the roadways today. mike will be in to tell us how to stay safe on the roads and we'll check with a look at when the rain will let up. it's wednesday, february 16. this is today in the bay. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm brent cannon. weather of course is the big story this morning. we want to get to it. checking in with christina loren. >> we're watching a couple of things right now. the winds have calmed down a little. the rain subsided a little bit in san francisco, but we still have embedded yellows and reds through the bay area. that is an indication of heavy
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to moderate rainfall. we have ponding, localized flooding. take it easy this morning. as you can see, seeing a little break now places like san francisco, you're going to get a break for the next few hours. more rain on the way. similar to what we saw yesterday, showers in the morning, a break for the afternoon, rain on the way again and snow levels falling to about 2500 feet. we'll let you know what that means for our local mountains coming up. >> we'll take that here. you talked about the rain easing off east and that's good news. we're going to see more, a couple accidents on the bay bridge. san francisco, northbound 101, reports of a sign down, heavy winds and rain there, flooding as well as an accident so that connector from northbound 101 to northbound 280 is closed. 7:45 this morning it's going to affect your drive. northbound 101, up to 280 if you need to do that. we'll look at the bay bridge, an accident nearby is causing an
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issue off the east shore freeway to southbound 880. i wanted to show you how twet approach was. flooding in many spots through oakland. 880, 24 and 580. the freeways are open. >> thank you. >> the weather is especially rough along the bay area coast. the surf is up in places like pacifica. >> marla is live at the pier with a look at the soggy start to the morning. good morning, marla. >> it certainly is. good morning to both of you. as christina mentioned, san francisco is getting a break from the rain now, and so is a. it's not raining but i'm sure you can tell that it's windy out here. and the waves breaking along the shoreline. i hung up the phone from the nasa weather service. they tell me a high surf advisory is scheduled to go into effect at 7:00 this morning so just under two hours away. waves expecting to break at 15 to 20 feet high today.
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the biggest about sunrise. high tide usually happens around 10:00 a.m. so that's when you can expect an even more active shoreline. today is a bit different, though. so called king tides are expected. king tides are extreme high tide events. they happen about twice a year. today through friday, so the 16th-18th. it's all tied to climate change and rising sea levels. with the coastal flooding possible today so if you are going to head out to your local beach to try to get a glimpse of the ax do, so responsibly. you are not advised to do what i'm doing, up close and personal to the water. the high surf advisory will remain in effect until 2:00 tomorrow morning. for a look at what's happening in san francisco where i'm sure
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it's much the same my colleague bob redell is live along the embarcadero with that part of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. people, runners and businesses along the embarcadero gotten a break compared to last night. the sign warning of flooding at mission and the embarcadero, that had been turned off. there are businesses at the ferry building north along the embarcadero that still have sandbags outside. what happened last night, somewhat snushl that the water was splashing over the barriers of the embarcadero. this is because of the storm. you can see that water is clearly subsided. but the problem is the king tides being when the sun and the moon are at -- closest point to the earth, both at the same time. you get that my surge. that expected tomorrow. supposed to be around the area
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of 6.8 is what they say. i assume the sandbags are out there even though they got to break last night there could be more problems along the way for people along the embarcadero. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, today in the day. >> 3500 people in half moon bay don't have power, same with 500 people in danville. you may want to give the people there a call to make sure they are awake since their alarm clocks probably blinking midnight. >> a marin county father whose son was convicted of being a soldier for the taliban is going to talk about his legal ordeal. frank will talk about constitutional and human rights, the event begins at noon. his son john walker was 20 years old while he was captured in 2001. john lynn pleaded guilty to
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violating sanctions against afghanistan and is serving a 20-year sentence. john lynn says he went to afghanistan to help the people. his parents have asked for leniency to reduce their son's sentence. >> crews will begin to lift thousands of pounds of sand from a sinking bark. they are going to try to pig out what caused the leak. the barge was carrying the sand away from a cleanup project. the crew ran it around near the st. francis yacht club. the coast guard was able to contain the spill. >> a reminder about the dangers of putting too much of your personal information on the internet. criminals can use sites to get key information about your personal information and about their potential victim. police say a mexican game
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searched to find out how much an executive was worth and who he worked for. they kidnapped the man and then killed him. criminals can target just about anybody. >> the amount of information that exists on you, on the web, is enough to give any criminal the access they need know when you're not at home. where you are and what you're worth. >> users are urged to use all privacy protection. even that may not be good enough. >> berkeley won't have an open door for cleared guantanamo detainees after all. last night city council shot down a measure that would have welcomed three detainees to resettle in berkeley. the vote was 4-1. it recommended that the council take not action, no action i would imagine that was supposed to say, saying federal law prohibits the transfer of the detainees to the u.s.
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two others approved similar measures. >> no cash, no problem. you will not need loose change to ride the light rails and buses. all you need is the clipper card. customers can dude the card to pay for fares. the first day they can be used on the transit system is march first. riders can use the cards for transfers on the caltrains and b.a.r.t. everybody in the bay area keting connected. >> you are going to need know how to get around because the wet roads, is the worst over? >> i would say the bulk of the moisture. the most we'll see come down at one time is finished. we had a lot of rain come down at once. and i'd say the rest of the day we're going to see light showers. then another round of rain. lighter throughout afternoon. another round for tomorrow. then the systems keep coming.
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this looks like the heaviest system in terms of the amount of moisture. the bulk pushing into the sierra valley. we have live video for you now from blue canyon in the sierra. take a look at the white-out conditions here. very heavy snowfall coming down. we could pick up to another foot of snow before the morning is over in some places in the sierra nevada. snowboarders, i had a lot of angry e-mails over the past few weeks. that's all changing so let's talk about what's to come. for us in the bay area, the heaviest of the rain is done. we'll continue to see light scattered showers, then the cold air moves in. that's an indication of a cold air mass that follow this is cold front. that could bring our temperatures to the freezing mark as early as tonight. even better chance as we head
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toward this weekend. if you have agricultural interests pay attention to the forecast as we head through the next few days. right now you can see most of the heavy rain is pushing to the east of san jose. we have light pockets here and pockets of yellow pushing to the south bay. that's where the heaviest rain is coming down a. break in san francisco and along the immediate coast of the north bay, east bay getting hit but this will cheer out the next few hours. a break, then more rain on the way. right now you want to find out how the rain is impacting your drive to work. you got to get there. >> good morning. san jose we had issues 880 a lot of flooding so i was hydroplaning a little bit. had to low ter speed. oakland, flood ong 880. the accident is the middle of the screen, that's westbound 80 off of the east shore freeway, heading tune southbound 880 through oakland and downtown. that connector is closed after an earlier accident.
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it closed less than an hour ago. you'll continue on to eastbound 580. one lane is closed as well. take 980 back to 880. light flow of traffic. further south over the bay from the san mateo bridge, westbound with the taillight nos problems up the peninsula. 101 at 280 still closed so 101 in. >> thanks so much. >> capitol hill takes on america's favorite pastime. what a couple are asking. >> and you could find yourself part of. major retailers filing suits that could involve most californians. >> hound two is on the books, who tame out on in the man versus machine. >> a live look over san
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>> good morning to you. look at the white-out conditions at blue canyon this morning. snow really coming down, good news for the extended presidents' day weekend. got to make it up on the roads, though. we'll check the morning commute here as well coming up. 5:15. >> makes me want to head up there. looks good request. turns out a voluntary immigration finger prinltding program is not voluntary. new documents made public by the homeland security department show the obama administration changed the rules of the so called secured communities program. it forces cities to participate. cities initially had the option of taking part in that program which runs all criminal finger prints through a data base. many law enforcement agencies say that policing immigration
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should be left to the feds. >> the case against barry bonds is taking shapement we now know that secret recordings between bonds and his former personal trainer will be used in the trial. the judge ruled that they can play the conversations during trial. in it bonds and anderson allegedly talk about the complexities of injecting steroids. bonds' trial starts next month, charged with lying to a federal grand jury and obstructing justice. >> people who oppose smart meters take to the streets. protesters plan to march outside of the california public utilities commission in san francisco. they want the right to opt out of having a smart meter. some are concerned that the meters can have adverse health effects. the cpuc is the only government agency that can regulate what pg&e does. >> a hiring freeze across the state. governor brown says with the state facing $25 billion in deficit it's time to stop hiring.
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the departments will not be allowed to hire you inworkers, give part-time workers full-time jobs or hire contractors to pick up the slack. there is no end date. also dropped a lawsuit by former governor schwarzenegger that would allow the governor to impose the minimum wage. while the minimum wage would save the state it would expose california to billions of damages down the road. >> scott is here to tell us about other cuts. >> one is now desperate this is getting. there is a government meeting in alameda county called the worst is yet to come. politicians named it that. you knee last guy turn off the lights, san jose is considering turning off street lights at night to save. "mercury news" says a quarter of police and firefighters could face layoffs. the high cost of retired workers is part of it. in san francisco, the bay citizen quotes ed he saying the
5:18 am
city could be bankrupt in five years. the pension for fire, police and other workers continues to take bigger bites. by next year the city will spend almost $1 billion funding retirement funds, pension funds. the city has a budget of $6 billion. so one out of every six dollars. >> they have to be understanding on both sides or they are just -- there will be no money and nobody will get paid. >> thanks, scott. consumers are trying to cash in on the ruling that makes it illegal for retail tears ask for your zip code when you buy things with your credit card. now at least a dozen new class action lawsuits are filed in the past week against walmart, bed bath & beyond and victoria's secret. the state says that the zip code
5:19 am
is personal information and merchant cans not demand that from consumers. merchants often use it for marketing purposes. >> major players playing tobacco. two are urging to ban the products. smokeless tobacco is banned in the minor leagues. the issue will be addressed in the next meeting. >> a texas man is behind bars. a video from police, the cruiser here, the suspect is highlighted you see on the screen there, driving south at a northbound lane. they had their spotlights, sirns, all trying to warn traffic. they got the guy to stop by using spike strips. the officer suffered minor burns. the suspect was not injured
5:20 am
during that frash. but scare you if you see a guy coming at you like that. >> a tropical cyclone pounding australia. australia's second cyclone twine weeks knocking down trees and power lines. it brings heavy rain and powerful winds. it pramted authorities to school all schools, airports and government buildings. it's a category one storm but expected to gain strength. >> we've got our share of weather. i guess it's better than it was but we saw pretty good downpours. >> yes. especially in the south bay. we're watching pretty heavy rain over the south bay, getting a break at the immediate coast and the north bay and san francisco, i step out of the way you can see clearing. there is going to be spotty on and off activity throughout the day. so on and off like yesterday. mostly cloudy conditions
5:21 am
throughout day today and then, depending on how the daytime heat we're able to pick up we could see afternoon thunderstorms. about 55 degrees in some cities. with thunderstorms we could see heavy downpours so keep that in mind. today does look likely. temperatures aren't going to climb that much. 55 degrees in los gatos, 55 in san jose and 54 degrees in oakland. the next people that's on the way is going to bring about light scattered showers. it's a colder system, not as much rain but much colder so our snow levels fall to about 2,500 feet. snow likely as we wake up tomorrow morning we could show you shots of mount amle on the with snow. we keep the rain in the mix all the way through this sunday. if you have to get out, if you need to do something outdoors i
5:22 am
think friday is the driest day. we'll talk about that coming up. right now let's get you to work on time with mike. >> actually we'll check with mike coming up in a little bit. thanks a lot. >> time is 5:22. top minds against a computer. we'll tell you about the bay area connection. >> a live look, talking about the wet weather. you can see it's slick out there. we'll check in with mike to find out what you need to know. ♪ [ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee.
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>> good morning. clock ticked over to 5:25. look at this slorksdown that ticked off here through the altamont pass. it's early for this westbound at 580. 15 minutes, in the 50s, likely windy conditions as well as wet roads. we know that throughout the bay. antioch, usually shows the first slowdown, just starting to show 40s and 50s. so there's the slowdown starting for highway 4. the bay bridge toll plaza, smooth for 24 down the east shore freeway and the closure off the east shore freeway, that cleared. there is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza showing the slowdown because of the puddling and wet roadways.
5:26 am
flooding reported throughout oakland. back to the map and show you what's going on in san francisco. we have the closures 101. the connector is closed. you'll continue to the city streets. chavez or throughout the area over to at&t park. the reason it happened is overnight there was a sign that blew down. there's flooding reported so a lot going on. >> the kind of thing we got to watch out for. 5:26. final battle of man versus machine. >> round one of the jeopardy showdown went to the machine. the computer named watson soundly beat its two human competitors. they earned $7900. watson earned more than $35,000. the three will play again tonight. a team at ibm in the south bay was involved. >> you got to remember that humans put it in there.
5:27 am
>> 5:26. we are keeping an eye on the rain all over. we have team coverage. >> and the rain here means snow in the sierra. what you need know if you man on heading up in the extended weekend. >> plus, new rules, regulating airport body scans, what is federal government doing to try to protect your privacy. >> a look from the south bay this morning you see it's pretty rainy. this is downtown san jose. a look at the commute, help you around the bay area on this wet wednesday morning. ♪
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>> new this morning, a threat to public safety. a major bay area city says it could lay off hundreds of police officers and firefighters. >> a warning this morning, for oakland teachers, hundreds of layoff notices could soon go out in the mail. i'm christie smith. i'll explain what's behind this coming up in a live report. >> and the waves are expected to be impressive today along the coastline. good morning. i'm marla tellez, live at pacifica. i'll explain why today's high tide may be something you want to see, coming up. >> a live look outside from the south bay, one of the places that really got dumped on. lots of places around the area saw rain. meteorologist christina loren is up next with a look at where the storm is now and when it's going to move out today, wednesday, february 16, on "today in the bay."
5:31 am
>> good morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check in with christina right ay. see where the storm is. >> good morning to you. the heaviest rain from the storm is pushing off to our east. you see all of the yellows and reds. this passed over last night. now we're left with light spotty activity. the solid line of showers is pushing off to the east over the sierra nevada. and you can see behind it just small clouds developing. for us that means breaks today, i'll let you mow when the next round of rain is expected and how much we expect. even more important how low our snow levels tonight, tomorrow and the weekend, that's coming up. let's get you to work on time now. >> good morning. you've been busy overnight. things are changing all day. we're looking at the effects of that. the approach good, the closure has cleared. in san francisco, northbound 101 to 280 the connector remains
5:32 am
closed after flooding an accident and a sign down. so that's looking at 7:30 to reopen. carquinez and benicia bridge, over from the north bay into the east bay. also the volume starting to increase. highway 4, pittsburg and bay point okay. a live look shows volume at the coliseum. the sheen off of the roadways. >> get ready for a soggy start. it's always rough especially along the coast. i want to check win marla live at the pacifica pier where the surf is definitely up. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when i called in this morning to get my assignment the executive producer told me marla, get ready to get wet. here i am on the pacifica pier. but i'm not yet just yet. as christina mentioned there is a break in the storm system here. it's not raining but we're giving you a live look as the
5:33 am
waves come rolling in. already breaking against the rocks. i spoke to the national weather service. a high surf advise have i scheduled to go into effect at 7:00 this morning with waves expecting to break at 15 to 20 feet. the biggest expected at sunrise. high tide usually happens about 10:00 a.m. so that's when you can expect more active shoreline. today is different because so called king tides are expected. those are essentially extreme high tides. they happen only about twice a year and today through friday it's your chance to look at those. the bay area's coastlines are likely to produce king tides. it's tied to rising sea levels. coastal flooding could happen today -- excuse me while i get my hair out of my mouth. you head down to your lowell beach you could i'm going to say
5:34 am
use caution. the weather service says that you need to be careful along the scoreline. it's not advised to do this. if you want to check out the high tides, king tides, do so responsibly. the high surf advisory will remain in effect until 2:00 tomorrow morning. live in pacifica, marla tellez, today in the "bay area living." >> thanks a lot. the city of richmond is making sandbags available. you can get them at the city yard on 13th street near harbor way. you can get sand bags from 7:30 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon and that run monday through friday. san francisco cabbie is attacked on the job and this morning only nbc bay area has the video. it shows a passenger kicking and hitting a cab driver, this happened last september, after he picked her up at mission and
5:35 am
19. the woman attacked him according to him he would not let her pay with a $100 bill. police are using that to try to find the woman. if you have information after seeing that call police. in the middle of the school year an east bay district is giving notices that they may not have a job next year. christie smith is live in observe land to explain why. >> reporter: good morning to you, brechblt we're at the oakland schools administration building where the layoff notices are expected to go out soon by the hundreds. it doesn't mean that a teacher will be laid off but the possibility is very real. this morning on the district's website there is a letter up explaining how desperate the situation is. it's posted by the superintendent tony smith. for years the district relied on teacher attrition and one-time funding to try to save the day and avoid layoffs.
5:36 am
no more. refusing fund from the state, how much they get next year, these are all factors in what's going on. the march 15 notices are about to hit the mail. that's the state deadline to warn teachers that they could be let go in the fall. a district spokesperson said look, we exhausted our bag of fricks. estimates are it could be in the hundreds. a lot of this depends on whether voters have a chance to approve a temporary tax extension. final notices are expected to go out sometime in may. christie smith, today in the "bay area living." >> thanks a lot. >> in the south bay men and women who put to save lives are now fighting to save their jobs in the face of a $110 million gap, they may be forced to lay off as tlaen as 349 police
5:37 am
officers and 145 firefighters. if city employee unions don't accept concessions by june. the city is also looking at millions in other cuts including shutting off street lights and getting rid of some gang prevention program. last year the city laid off 49 firefighters. >> the ailing city budget in san jose could be healed by cracking down on sick leave. the city paid more than $14 million between 2009 and 10 to cash out unused sick leave for city employees. that's more than double. the policy of cashing out unlimited sets them apart from cities which put a limit on how much sick leave they can pay. these pension plans and the sick leaf planssh it's more than --
5:38 am
>> and the layoffs. suffering. 5:53 now. you may want to keep the covers over your head. it's a little soggy though the rain is passing through. >> the heaviest rain has come through. we're starting to see showers thin out a little. we'll see breaks of sunshine at times. we expect on and off scattered showers. nothing like the heavy rain we had overnight. this is the picture right now. you can see the entire front has pushed to the south. santa rosa getting a bit of a break. we have spotty activity there. san francisco getting a break, a little more on the way to your area as well. the south bay hit the hardest. that will be the case for the next hour or so. we have a series of storms headed for the bay area, bull's eyeing. you can see the jet stream. take a look at this. here is our jet stream that's going to bring all of the storms right to the bay area.
5:39 am
what i can tell you is the most potent of the series of storms we expect came through overnight so. the heaviest rain is now over. as we head to the afternoon, picking up daytime heating a good deal of instability. thunderstorms this afternoon are likely. with those we could see small hail, gusty winds and heavy downpours. 54 in oakland, 55 los gatos. your extended outlook, you can see showers each and every day, low snow levels thursday and friday. friday looks to be the driest day. showers early friday but a nice second half of the day if you want to make plans that's probably your best bet. we want to send you to the movies, possibly, new york, dallas or the l.a. film festival. the contest starts next week. we're going to show you a secret word and then you let us know
5:40 am
what that is on you'll be registered to win one of these or to our own here in san jose. two nights at the hilton and v.i.p. lunches and you get to go to lunch with me. mike let's go out to the lobby. >> the lobby i'm sure is fine. here no shelter. we have slowdowns now and earlier accident moving to the shoulder. a couple of accidents in the westbound direction. 16 minutes, gusty. antioch shows us slowing. slowing from a to past that disabled vehicle. moving over to 24, an accident on the shoulder. the caldecott with no delays.
5:41 am
a tree down at the on tram to eastbound 580. it's wet out there. we'll send it back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:41. google is talking about egypt this morning. and scott will talk about the stand the giant is taking. >> a possible new school closure. it could soon shut the doors on another campus. >> check this out. there is our good friend brian hickey. getting ready for his next run out in the snow. he loves this. hey, brian. snow in the high country. ♪
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>> house republicans are taking turns taking the knife to the federal budget. brian is live with the latest on the budget battle. >> reporter: well, the long and short of it is the house and the white house have until march 4 to work out their differences. the house is work on a huge spending cutting bill for this budget wreer year, 400 amendm t amendments they have to get through. it would add up to $115 billion in cuts, a long story short, there is a lot of fighting ahead. >> thank you very much, brian. time is 5:44. good morning. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a lot of wet weather out there. should give yourself more time to get to work. mike's here to tells us best
5:45 am
routes. >> overnight we had a lot of wind hitting the bridges so allow time over the carquinez or the benicia bridge. we do have accidents now reported as well as flooding. highway 24 has an accident on the shoulder there t tree down the middle is on the eastbound 580. affecting folks at park boulevard. in the lower left corner you see that incident, northbound 101 to 280 that connector is still closed. flooding in the area and it hit is sign so the accident and debris have to be as well. continue on 101 into the city. take city streets. 880 with the lights glowing off of the shooen on the road. still feeling the rain. >> a lot of ponding and localized flooding. if you're in a city where it tends to flood you want to take
5:46 am
it easy. auld a good idea to travel in the center lane. we do have a little rain coming down still over the bay area. you can see all of this is green, light rain, yellous and reads heads to the east. toward the sierra nevada. we're going to have a live update. i want to show you where the showers are right now. and where we expect them to go throughout the day today. it looks like we'll see a break at the coast for the next few hours. a little spotty activity. then probably from the first part of the day up to about noon that activity will be spotty and light. then it will start to intensify a little bit. with an possibility of thunderstorms and instability i think we'll see thunder boomers in our neck of the woods. this is what you can expect. 56 degrees as you head to the end of the week friday. low snow levels possibly down to 2,000 feet thursday into friday. talking about a 2500 foot snow
5:47 am
level for tonight. now, as promised, he's out there, a wild man, brian hickey coming to you live from blue canyon. how you doing out there? >> reporter: anywhere else but here. check this out. it's 5200 feet. emergency what the summit looks like. it's amazing the amount of snow. footprints i made 45 minutes are gone, buried. the blue canyon close to getting buried. this should be buried but we had the month of no snow. any one that loves the snow welcoming this powder. and boy, is it coming. possibly as much as five feet of snow. what does that mean for you? up interstate, chains required. it was a four wheel drive off
5:48 am
road experience in the middle driving up here. we were bumping through there. caltrans has everyone on deck, clearing the roads this morning. with snow this hard too much to keep wake-up. fortunately the road has not shut down. drivers have been able to keep the cars on the road. so for now if you head into the sierra give yourself time to go slow. longs you take it slow you'll get there. now and then the wind gusts are making zero visibility. but i say bring it. we need it. we'll send it over to you. >> bob redell in san francisco. you getting rain on there? >> reporter: sorry. good morning to you. we're out here along the embarcadero in san francisco. we came out here because what happened with this storm was that the water as overlapping onto the embarcadero itself.
5:49 am
we believe that's why the department of water works or public works put these barricades out here. this is what we're seeing. there you go, brightly lit orange sign warning of possible flooding. that threat gone but because of what happened you see some of this along the embarcadero, people putting sand bags outside their doorways because of that water overlapping. they wanted to make sure nothing came inside. what do we have to worry about through the morning or the next 24 hours. high tide hits later this morning. what is unusual about this it's called a king tied, it only happens a couple times a year. they happen when the sun and moon are both at their closest point to the earth. so high tide could be 6.6 feet,
5:50 am
the cycle peaks at 6.8 feet. will that be enough to bring the water over. if you combine with a storm yes that could happen again like it did last night. to give you some tidbit this high tide. it's so significant i should say that the san francisco baykeepers, a group that bill themselves being the pollution watchdogs of the bay. they are asking people to go out and take photos of the shoreline. that would be a preview of rising sea levels due to climate change. >> interesting. the senate is cracking down on people who misuse body can images. they voted to aren't anyone from accessing those pictures. it covers all including those at federal court houses.
5:51 am
penalties fines up to $100,000. the homeland security department says the images are continuously deleted for every new passenger. >> programs for seshl needs and heart of hearing could be broken up if the district goes through with a plan to close another elementary school. the board says closing west wood elementary or silver wood in concord would tav the dikt about 1.5 million. they need close one more because of keep budget cuts and declining envolment. the board vote to the close two schools in concord. >> the gang injunction proposal to determine if they will enforce the injunction against 39 alleged gang members. if the injunction gets approval it would place curfews on gang members. some say it violates civil
5:52 am
rights. city attorney john russo says the injunction is to quiet gang activity. >> we should find out a plan to roll out medical marijuana. the council members and people in the city will go and see the location where medical marijuana could be opened up. a proposed plan bans them from opening 600 feet of schools or day layer center. it's question whd they attract crime. >> the worst is yet to come that's what alameda county leaders say. they will talk about state budget cute backs and how they are going to affect local services, health care and local taxes. go to ac >> now both are poised to make
5:53 am
major dents. according to the food price index. the cott of food on the table is the highest this mot. freezing temperatures and drought and higher demand all playing a roll in the price hikes. the unrest is sending crude oil prices climbing. the average price for regular unleaded is slightly more than $3.12. it's higher here in the bay a area. >> google, twitter, facebook, all play add big part. >> the three have been pretty quiet about. they don't want to mess up future business in the region so. they have been quiet till now. google's eric schmidt publicly praised his employee, the marketing manager who has come
5:54 am
pral to the revolution. she made those comments in spain saying, quote, google is very proud. he wants to turn ekipt into the next silicon valley. secretary of state hillary clinton says the united states will fund projects that allow people to use the internet when their governments don't want them to. this is not a huge mousse. the bunding is in the tens of millions or what google makes in an hour. still it's important and second chin on the's major speech about internet policy. >> those who clamp down on internet freedom may be able to hold back their people's yearning for a while but not forever. >> the federal government at the same stim trying to shut down wikileak, if you listen to the things that secretary clinton
5:55 am
said. it would appear they want to support -- freedom to publish. >> thanks, scott. a lawsuit filed in california says donors should be paid for giving their bone marrow. the stoot claims that congress should not have included bone marrow in an act that bans the sale of kidneys and other organs. paying donors would increase supplies which could save thousands. the court of appeals will hear that case. >> talking about the rain that's coming down, going to continue? >> it is but it's going to lighten up a little bit. we'll see a little more light from the sun as well. the big series of storms we had overnight is pushing off to our east right now. you can see here the solid line is moving to the south creating a respite where it rained all
5:56 am
night long. up to two inches in the north bay overnight. there is a little more on the way. it's body activity. on and off light showers, i think the bigger story for today will be the possibility of thunderstorms with an update, instability for that. a couple of lightning strikes off shore and that's an indication that we're probably going to see thunderstorms. with those we could see light hail is a possibility as well as heavy downpours and gusty winds. keep that in mind. temperatures around 55 degrees, possibly will start off, between about 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. you want to take it easy. count on a pretty long commute as we have light scattered showers saturated groundways. count on for today, temperatures in the 50, 55 degrees, same
5:57 am
tomorrow. snow down to 2,500 feet. a few showers. friday iay the day for outdoor activities. now over to you. >> thanks a lot. the jazz world series trophy and the tour continues. it's going to be at the courthouse in redwood city. if you want to see that, get there early. the full scott is in training in scottsdale, arizona. rookie of the year buster posy is there and getting in practice swings here. they say it's business like but still fun. it's early and springtime. the yanks get down to business. getting ready. oakland made a lot of moves. we'll see how that helps them. >> can't wait. 5:57. [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind
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