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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> windy look outside. a lot of rain on us. hovering over the bay area. christina loren will tell us how long it's going to last. >> reporter: and surf's up as the coast line gets hammered with wind and rain. i'll tell you why today is high tide is expected to be more dramatic coming up. >> oakland schools sending out a warning this morning. hundreds of teachers may not have a job come fall. i'm christie smyth. i'll explain 18 live report. >> this time taking a peek at the south bay, the camera more stable there. maybe not as much wind no. matter where you go today weather will be a factor. wednesday, february 16, on "today in the bay."
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>> good morning. straight up 6:00. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's start our live team coverage on this morning's storm with christina loren. >> i'll show you where the showers are now. the great news the heavy downpours that we had overnight have really started to subside. we do have a few light to moderate rain showers coming down over the south bay. that's where the heaviest rain is. overall we're clearing out in santa rosa. starting to clear out. and now as we head throughout day, the solid line of showers will continue to push to the south. we'll see pop-up showers, pushing on shore as we head throughout the next several hours. and then a bit of a break the first part of the day more showers and thunderstorms on the way toward this afternoon. and we could see heavy downpours associated with those thunderstorms. kind of rare for the bay area. we'll talk about that coming up. let's get you to work on time through all of this rain with mike inouye. good morning to you. >> good morning.
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yeah, the rain is an issue and the after effects, that's going to be more of a problem. 101 the connector closed to northbound 28 o. i'm getting specific but it's affecting everyone. until possibly 8:00. 7:45 we expect the connector to reopen after a sign got damaged. still the closure, on 101, over to at&t park if that's where you're heading. a flooding typical there, through the maze and highway 13 is where the tree is down off the highway over at park boulevard. >> this morning the surf is up in pacifica as high winds pummel the coastline. marla is live at the pacifica pier with a look at the soggy start to to morning. >> reporter: good morning. right now we're fortunate enjoying a nice break from the rain. the rain did come down about 15 minutes ago. it has since lext we're left
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with strong winds and active waves behind me. as they roll into the shore and break against the rocks. not up and over but but i'm sure that's going to happen. i've been on the phone with the weather service, they tell me a high surf advise have i scheduled to go into effect at 7:00, will remain until 2:00 tomorrow morning. waves expecting to raek break a to 20 feet. high tide about 10:00 a.m. but today flew friday you can expect a different kind of high tide. so called king tides are expected. essentially they are extreme high tide events. they happen only about twice a year when the moon is closest to the earth. it's all tied to climate change, warmer waters and rising sea levels. no surprise coastal flooding is possible today. be safe and smart about it.
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i believe you're getting a live look at the chitchat cafe on the pier. i spoke to the gentleman inside getting read the open to customers. i asked him are you worried about the king tides that are expected to roll in? he tells me that no, essentially, that's the only thing that stopped them from opening is if they don't have power. certainly some brave folks here. live in pacifica, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot. we have a lot more on the storm coming up. bob will be live to show potential flooding and a live look at the snow in the sierra. >> the wave of protest sweeping the middle east spread to libya. a libya newspaper in the second largest city says several hundred anti-government demonstrators clashed, some had gasoline bombs and rocks.
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they want to remove gadhafi from that country. in iran clashing during a funeral procession killed on monday. the government says protesters killed the student but they say security officers shot him. women are writing that some of the roads are blocked and thousands on the streets. to bahrain, demonstrations are happening for the third straight day, most are peaceful according to one but human rights groups say security forces killed at least two people. the sking promising to investigate and is considering reform. >> california schools warn of the possibility of a layoff by march 15. one district is getting a head
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start. christie smith is live in oakland to explain why. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're at the district headquarters here in oakland where the lay off notices are expected to go out soon by the hundreds. they show the district website, a letter posted to employees explaining how desperate the situation is. and this is written by september tony smith saying basically they exhausted their bag of tricks and funding levels so uncertain that they had no options but to do this. in the past there were one-time funds and attrition. but no more. this year they are saying they could lose $349 per student. march 15 is the state deadline that they might not have a job in the fall. how many joys is unclear.
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again, we're told it could be in the hundreds. the trikt saying a lot of this depends on whether the governor can get a tax extension on the ballot and if voters say yes to it. too many factors for oakland to wait. the final notices expected to go out in may. christie smith, today in the bay. >> governor jerry brown says it's time to stop hiring due to the budget deficit. deficits will not be allowed to hire new workers, give part-time full time status or there is no end in sight for this. brown has drop add lawsuit filed by former governor arnold schwarzenegger that would have allowed the governor to impose minimum wage pay. it would expose california to billions in damages down the road. >> in the south bay men and women who plan to save ways are
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fighting to seek their own job. san jose leaders say they may be forced to lay off as many as 349 police officers and 145 firefighters if city and employee unions don't accept concession by june. the city is looking at millions in other cuts including shutting off street lights at night and getting rifd gang prevention program. this is the second year in a row that the police department faced layoffs. >> this morning some people say a good sunk of the budget problems could be reened in by cracking down on sick leave. also reporting the city paid more than $14 million between 2009 to 2010. to cash out unused sick leave. that's more than curveball the amount paid out.
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it put a limit on the amount of sick leave they pay out. >> time is 6:08. we want to check your forecast. we saw a lot of rain moving throh. not so bad right now but we've got a keep an eye on the skies. >> that's right, brent. we're watching the skies especially this afternoon because we could see thunderstorms develop. we're noticing that off shore. as we head throughout the afternoon, the day time heat, thunderstorms are likely over the south bay, north bay, not so much the peninsula but still we'll have a possibility about 20% chance. you see these lightning strikes off shore. that's a real time lightning strike and this instability, this unstable air mass is going to move over the area as you head throughout afternoon so. what's going to happen, the solid line of showers push off to the south as it's doing now. spinning out the rain showers over the north bay, as we head
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through the next few hours, light scattered shower activity. very spotty as we head through about 10:00 a.m., thaen break for a few hours, more rain on the way. a colder air mass dropping our snow level to 2,500 feet. another system on the way, we'll drop our levels to 2,000 feet. mt. hamilton is expecting snowfall. we could pick that up as early as tomorrow. let's show you what's happening across the bay area. the system is pushing on shore, bringing most into the valley f. you are headed to southern california, you want to take it easy. treacherous down there. 55 in san jose. more improvement tonight. the next system less moisture. we are talking about a colder system, 2500-foot snow level. 2,000 feet by friday. p let's find out how your
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roadways are faring this wet weather and the wind. >> slow, red light, showing you how slow it is through the alta mont pass. 580, a couple of accidents cleared into livermore but a half hour now. more out of the pass into central livermore. that's the focus from many commuters. pretty good. 24 starting to show slowing and a live look at the bay bridge, puddling on the roadway and between the toll plaza and the metering lights. keep that in mind. the rain is coming back. watch it, i lou extra time. >> thanks a lot, mike. >> still to come on "today in the bay" bay, a potential nfl whauk out means more than no game. it could mean no work for hundreds in the bay area. we'll get a check in with sports and business reporter coming up. >> the snow really coming down
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in the sierra right now. our reporter brian hickey standing by. >> live from blue canyon up next. >> a live look at the bay area. a lot of the rain is gone for now. you do see we've got wind. you'll want to watch out if you head across the bridges and high roads. also watch for things like downed power lines and trees because of the wind.
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>> rain here, snow in the high country. skiers across the bay area are
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rejoicing. >> including brian hickey from our sister station. he's at blue canyon. a look at the late christmas gift from mother nature. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. it's funny you should mention that. speaking of christmas gift, frozen in the ground i have mine with me. i've been waiting to try these skis. big fat powder skis. a month of ice and hard snow doesn't count. i'm ready for powder. today is christmas all over in the sierra. 5200 feet, it's dumping, it's doing this all morning ever since we started our day at the crazy hour of 1:30 this morning. it's dumping here. and interstate 80, chains in effect. it's a four-wheel drive up the mountain. it's an off road experience in the middle of the freeway with piles of snow. it's a bumpy go with white-out
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conditions at times. treacherous but today, tomorrow, through the weekend for skiers and snowboarders this is what we wait for over a month. clearly the snowpack and water supply need this is heavy dose of snow. for now it's a heavy dose of reality for anyone coming in. get ready for it. i'm in my happy place. back to you guys. >> that's a good place to be. >> i wish i could join him. thanks. there are concerns this morning that there's not going to be a season next year for the nfl. owners and the players union are at odds in negotiations. that could be a big deal to the bay area because we're one of two major metropolitan areas with two nfl franchises. hundreds of people from the front office staff to concession workers and parking lot attendants rely on the team for a paycheck. darren joins me this morning with the latest. good morning. thanks for joining us.
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where do we stand on the negotiations and what are the odds that next season is going to be canceled? >> reporter: well, i think we're too far away from that. i think what fans have to understand is that negotiations really don't start until at least one side decides that they are ready to buckle. despite the fact that on march 3 at midnight the collective bargaining agreement expires, that's not necessarily a deadline. i don't think either side is ready to negotiate. they are far away and that doesn't mean that we won't have a season. they have a draft, they will have june and july to negotiate. i think around july they better make a move or we're in jeopardy for at least who'sing one game. >> we'll see what happens. one of the sticking points as i understand it is money to build new stadiums. that's a big story for us. the 49ers are pushing to get a new stadium. what are you hearing about that?
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>> the owners take a billion off the table before they share with the players. they want another billion off the table. one of the reasons they do have a tremendous amount of debt either from buying their team or from building new stadiums. so that is an issue that a lot of the owners are paying banks and they have a lot of debt so they are making profits but they can't necessarily spend for new stadiums so. that certainly is an issue and is for 49er fans for something new f. you don't have the money to spend and you need more now than you would have because the banks are lending less than before 2008, you're not going to get a stadium built. >> we also hear that the commissioner made remarks specifically about a new stadium in los angeles. that sparks the speculation. is the team moving to l. snaxt
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he starts that whole discussion. >> reporter: they have something unique in that they have an agreement for a $700 million naming rights deal every before any team would come. i think despite the fact everyone is so excited about it and despite the fact that aeg said they would build this, they aren't until we know whether a team's coming. there has been a lot of momentum, they are trying to create that but at the same time i think just like the labor situation we are far, far away from anything happening. >> we were showing raiders video. not necessarily happening. the video was playing. don't assume that the raiders are heading south. thanks, darren. >> you got it. >> 6:19. i want to check win scott mcgrew with a video we found on youtube that showed you may not get what you pay for. >> we figured we'd stick with
6:20 am
the sports theme. why this popped up on the blog i don't know. you can't buy beer at the stadium right now. look at this. >> a small beer. $5. this is a large beer. $8. >> put it back. put it back. >> you can see what's happening is that the small and the large, oh, yeah. the same thing. all right. so it's early to dahl a's this morning and find out but this is similar out of seattle showing fans with the same cup discovering the same thing. the seahawks were busted but
6:21 am
explain it this way. the small cups are too big so people ordering the small are getting too much beer, but, the people ordering the large are getting just the right about. >> that is what i call spin. >> what's happening is we're paying a college student the same money we pay you, but he's getting paid too much. not that you're not getting -- >> yes, we'll try to find out from the a's what's going on and where this came from. >> that is perhaps the coolest investigation i've seen. >> i was going to say. >> they used water to demonstrate. i assume they used beer first. >> somebody had to pay the bill. >> more from nothing. what a scam. >> a lot more smalls at the stadium. let's check the forecast now. everybody talking about the rain pummeled the bay area. >> the rain is back and it doesn't seem to be letting up in terms of the days with rainfall
6:22 am
expected any time soon. we have rain in the forecast every day all the way through next wednesday. the bulk of the moisture, the most moisture we're going to see from any of these systems through the bay area, it's done. we have seen two inches of rain, in the north bay, last i checked we were at an inch and three quarters. we'll have your over all totals tomorrow morning. what i can show you, great imagery. the big line of showers is pushing to the south. you can see what that's doing too all of the activity in the north bay. it's becoming more spotty, less intense. i think the south bay will deal with steady rain for the next hour or two. then by about 10 chock a.m. we'll see some clearing, breaks of sunshine. then the thunderstorms are expected through the second half of the day. 54 in oakland with spotty
6:23 am
activity, in all bay area cities. 56 on friday, snow level down to 2,000 feet. we're concerned about snow over 17, santa cruz, snow over mount mammal on the. right now through the next few days, we're down to 32 on tuesday, depending on how much clearing we get, freeze is a possibility. if you have someone, you know someone or are somebody who has agricultural interests you want to pay attention to the weather forecast. like a slip and slide out there. let's see what that's doing to your road travels. >> we don't have the conditions right now. we don't need ice or maybe according to scott the roads aren't big enough. we have to tap the computer. let me zoom into the tree that's down. highway 13, we have a tree down, one of the many reported over
6:24 am
the morning. we have a few in the outer area. we'll watch for that effect on power. sigalert, 101 at 280. include og on the great highway. there you go, looks like the lights may be turned on. back to you for that portion of your kmuxt >> we'll head back out live to economic current conditions. >> a new report says that food trays are as dirty as gas station .rtt coming up next.
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oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. >> good morning. 6:26. a report from the canadian broadcasting corporation says some trays at mall food courts are as dirty as gas station
6:27 am
toilets. >> the reporter took some swabs of trays at three malls around vancouver, then a swab from a toilet. a microbiologist tested the swabs, similar type of bacteria and found that some trays have some pathogens that cause infections. >> one was notable. there was a fairly large number of bacteria that is one of the super bugs in our society causing major problems in individuals because it's so resistant. >> that microbiologist says the amount is significant but unlikely to cause illness in someone with a healthy immune system. >> if you don't have a healthy immune system you're in trouble. >> 6:27 now. lying about wmd.
6:28 am
find out if he has regrets. >> a kicks and punches caught on camera. why he says he was attacked. >> a live look. look at the snow coming down in the sierra. bay area storm bringing lots of powder. we'll have a live report coming up. [ female announcer ] it's monday, some people will stick with their old way of getting vitamins and minerals. others will try total raisin bran with 100% of the daily value of 11 essential vitamins and minerals, and the luscious taste of plump juicy raisins and crunchy whole grain flakes. ♪ guess it's all about what kind of crunch you like. ♪ how are you getting 100%? ♪
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>> rain is still falling in parts of the bay area this morning. buts you take a live look you're seeing some breaks in those clouds. meet ol dwis christina loren will look at how long the storm will stick around and what's next. >> reporter: as long as it takes san francisco is ready. why they are out along the embarcadero. that report coming up. >> reporter: the waves are expected to be impressive. i'm marla tellez live in pacifica. why today's high tide may be
6:31 am
something you want to see coming up. >> a live look from the south bay. a soggy start as we're going to help you fight the morning commute. >> good morning everybody. thanks for joining us. 6:31 now. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check in with christina loren tracking the latest on the storm. >> good morning to you. we had really steady rain overnight. some heavy pockets indicated by all of the yellow. look at what's happening. the yellow dissolves into green. that's a sign that the showers are lightening up a little and we're getting a bit of a break in the north bay right now. more activity in san francisco. as you can see here, this system will continue to push to the south and we'll see breaks of sunshine, mostly cloudy conditions for today with on and off light showers.
6:32 am
later on this afternoon instability, a lot of instability right now and we expect a little more rain. that means we could see afternoon thunderstorms. keep that in mind. hail is a possibility as well as gusty winds, gusts up to 60 miles per hour and heavy downpours so we'll talk more about that coming up, what that means for this afternoon and what's to come. let's find out how your roadway travel went. probably difficult. >> pretty wet from the rains and flooding and early accidents on the altamont pass. 33 minutes, down to 30 down through livermore. that's more than we typically see. slow through oakland. not as bad approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on a. tree down, we might see more through the hills because of the wind. in the city we have the closures for 101 at 280. a live look at the chopper,
6:33 am
looking for flooding reports. back to you guys. >> a lot of cleaning up. >> bob has the latest from the water rising in the city. we'll check in with marla in a little bit. >> reporter: good morning. this is something you don't see too often along the embarcadero. this is one of the port authority buildings where they put sandbags out. you see this driving in this morning. this flashinging orange sign warning of flooding along the embarcadero. it was a threat because the breach of the barriers here and it was lapping over. it does happen, though it does not happen often. that gives you a sense of how intense this storm was. what does the future hold? the next 24 hours, later this morning? the only x fact ser what we're
6:34 am
talking about is the king tides. these are abnormally high tides that occur a couple times in the year. both is sun and moon are at their closest point. we're supposed to see a high tide of 6.6 feet, tomorrow at 6.8 feet. that's why this group called the san francisco baykeepers. they are a pollution watchdog. they are asking people to go out tomorrow and take photos of the shoreline. they say with this abdormlely high tide you get an idea. i'm sure, she's up on the coastline. marla, what are the conditions like? >> reporter: i can tell you i got tagged by a wave that lapped over the barrier. as far as the rain we've gotten lucky, one brief downpour all
6:35 am
morning long. we are dealing with the wind and these waves that are coming in fast and furious along the shoreline this morning. in less than 30 minutes a high surf advisory will go into effect until 2:00 tomorrow morning, i got an up date from the national weather service. high tide is expected shortly after 8:00 this morning, 8:10 w avenues expecting to break at 15 to 20 feet. as pob explained today's high tide will be more dramatic. the king tide. it happened about twice a year. essentially extreme high tides. tells me king stooid about double the size of a typical high tide. expected to be more than six feet. coastal flooding is possible. if you are heading out to get a glimpse do so responsibly, be
6:36 am
safe and smart. if you are familiar with the pier you probably know about the chitchat cafe. it's not open for business. i spoke to the gentleman getting ready to open the doors. i asked what do they do in a case like this, like the king tide. he said nothing, they are open for business. you can go to the cafe and grab your coffee. the only thing that stops them from staying open is a power outage. live in pacifica, marla tellez, today in the "bay area living." >> we have continuing coverage of the storm damage and impact on your commute. and what you can expect as you come home from work. we have that on air and on line. >> 6:36. only nbc bay area has it all caught on tape. just released cab video shows
6:37 am
the passenger kicking and hitting the gab driver. the cabbie says the woman attacked her because she wouldn't let her pay. >> people who oppose smart meters take their case to the street. protesters plan to march outside of the public utilities commission in san francisco today. they want the right to opt out of getting a smart meter. many are concerned that the meters can have adverse health effects. the cpuc is the only government agency able to regulate. >> berkeley will not invite former guantanamo bay detainees. the council voted 4-1 against a proposal to welcome detainees. backers say many of the detainees face persecution and forfeiture. opponents bringing them to berkeley would put the city at
6:38 am
risk. two other cities approved similar insures. a defector says he made up stories of weapons of mass destruction. he went by the same curveball and wanted to bring down saddam hussein's regime. but his fgs was used by the u.s. as justification for the invasion of iraq in 2003. the man says he is comfortable with what he did despite the war. spend that christmas gift card now. why one may not be good in the near future. >> a way to pay to get around parts of the bay. we'll explain and how it's going to work. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> no cash, no problem. the vta says soon you won't need to bring your loose change to ride rails and buses, just a clipper card. the authority will let customers load cash value on so called clipper cards that can be used to pay fares. the first day of the clipper cards can be used on the transit system is march 1. riders will be able to use the cards for transfers on caltrain, b.a.r.t. and ac transit. >> bernie madoff says she not the only one to blame for taking billions. see who he is pointing the finger at. >> oakland schools might send out hundreds of layoff notices. why it has no choice coming up
6:42 am
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>> mammoth picking up over three feet of snow overnight. more like two to three feet in places in tahoe and this is the live look overhead. this is san francisco. you're waking up in san jose or in the south bay you're probably think i thinking -- raining heavily in the south bay. what's happening is the front is pushing to the south so the heaviest rain is coming down over central california. and in our neck of the woods, starting to turn spotty.
6:45 am
that's good news. in the north bay a bit of a break, same for the peninsula. and that will continue to shape up as we head throughout the next few hours. spotty activity throughout the day. but enough daytime heating and instability. let's show you what's happening where the heaviest rain is coming down. the big line of showers is well to the east of san jose. and it is starting to thin out a little bit. we have moderate rain, places like campbell, los gatos, expect moderate rain. then we'll start to see major improvement for today. i think we'll stay relatively dry. then we have the possibility of the thunderstorms firing off as we head through 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. tonight. this morning spotty showers, breeze tee windy, isolated showers likely today. we notice that offshore. light rain tonight. nothing heavy but it's going to
6:46 am
be much colder. we're dropping the snow level to 2,500 feet. tomorrow morning commute, could be dangerous in some cities. afternoon thunder expected. breezy conditions, not as breezy as today. right now you roblly got to get to work. you want to know where the problem spots are. >> good morning. some of them the usual suspects like highway four, further left it's where the bay point is. likely because of the wet road there is may be more out of the area by car as opposed to waiting for the station. livermore, if it's 31 we're showing you pleasanton. let's see how things are moving at the toll plaza.
6:47 am
the backup to the 880 crossing. it is a wednesday so not as much traffic. the center lanes, and we'll get a live look with the chopper. over san francisco, nice drive and the golden gate bridge, the flooding, see the car going through the deep water. use caution. that roadway isn't open. back to you guys. >> the weather is especially rough along the bay area coast. surf is up in places like. >> a look at the soggy start to the morning there. >> good morning. it's soggy in that the roads are wet. we haven't had much rain out here but the waves you can see now that daylight has dawned you can get a better hook at the waves coming in fast and furious
6:48 am
this morning. i'm doing what is not advised that you do, that is get up and up close and personal with the ocean. as of 7:00 a high surf advisory is expected. it will stay in effect until 2:00 tomorrow morning so all day long. this is according to the national weather service. high tide is expected after 8:00 this morning, with waves expecting to break at wake-up 5 to 20 feet. so pretty impressive. today's high tide will be more dramatic. it's going to be a king tied, they are rare, only happen about twice a year, it has to do with how close the moon is to the earth. they are extreme high tides with double a typical high tide. expecting to break about 6.2 feet according to the national weather service.
6:49 am
coastal flooding is extremely possible. if aunt glimpse of the action make your way to the beach, do so sonsably, be safe and be smart. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> thanks. >> it is 6:49. bernie madoff is talking for the first time since he went to jail for $65 million ponzi scheme. he says banks had to have known. he did not name specific banks or funds. he said his family did not know about his illegal methods. he is serving a 150-year prison sentence. >> how much money they are going to get next year has school districts preparing to issue hundreds of pink slips. live in oakland to explain why. >> good morning. we're at the district
6:50 am
headquarters in oakland where the dreaded layoffs are going to come from. the president is smith put out a notice on the board this morning explaining how bad the situation is. a significant number of teaching jobs and other jobs. come fall they will be out of a job. it's believed that hundreds of these moist 15 letter -- these letters will go out. uncertainty about future funding, how much they are going to get. in the past they say teacher attrition and other one-time funding options, that's how it kept cuts away but that's over. they can't count on. the district saying a key factor is whether a proposed tax extense gets on the ballot and is ultimately approved by
6:51 am
voters. they can't sit by and wait. we'll know in may. reporting live, christie smith, today in the bay. >> house republicans will start to trim the president's $3 trillion budget plan today. brian moore with more on the budget battle. >> reporter: it's like a game of chicken on pennsylvania avenue. you got the house republicans on one side, the white house on the other. it's a question of who gets out of the way first. today in the house republicans are going to try to chop down the current wj, not the one that president obama submitted yesterday. that's going to be another big fight. despite the 2010 digit, they want it cuts $100 billions this's going to be a lot. there have been 400 issues, a lot of talking, debate over the
6:52 am
next day and a half. they expect a vote. then what, it goes to the senate where the democratically controlled chamber is not going to see eye to eye. the president has to plan some sort of plan by march 4. back to you. >> thank you, brian. >> we've been talking about borders lately. they filed for bankruptcy. >> right. the reason i wraut it up is you know, i want you to spend those border gift parts. they are left with worthless cards. i got off the phone with borders getting you more information. the company says they are honoring gift cards. let me add in for now. those are my words, not borders. they can decide which to honor and which not to honor so.
6:53 am
do bend your difficult cards. the dow industrials are up, we're looking at bahrain, some of the destabilization there as well. wells fargo down 1.5%. >> thank you, scott. >> when it comes to the weather, too the rain moving out but we have stuff to watch for. a look at what we can expect today and the next couple of days. >> brent and laura, we have a lot. now that we have the moisture in place, a little more expected throughout day today. the next big tlelt will be instability. afternoon thunderstorms expected by wednesday. thursday, a little more spotty activity pushes on shore. we'll see scattered showers. our snow levels will stay in the 2,000, 2,500 range as we head through friday into saturday. that means local mountains and now hamilton, expecting snow as
6:54 am
of tonight. we'll see a little more snow as you head through thursday and friday. i think we'll see much on hamilton to stick around. we'll probably have video tomorrow. a few showers, then this threat comes into play. right now it does look like we'll see temperatures for freezing. we is a lot of moisture already. we're going to keep watching. you want to have a high alert. find out how we're looking on the roadways. probably a mess out there. >> pretty messy. because of the overnight rains, more reports coming in. into the city, the backup at the toll plaza. a live look throughout shows you the chopper over the great highway. it's cold because of flooding. there you go. mar lis is north thereof and atlantica. you see some of what they are dealing with.
6:55 am
usually days like this that's what's going on. flooding here and parts of 101 over to san francisco. back to the maps, a sigalert for 101, they connected 280 has the flooding, a sign was down there. so those are some of the issues we're dealing with. south, san mateo, we see a lot of showing coming down toward the san date bridge. wet roads over the waters, windy and on the east bay side northbound 880 at 92, an accident blocking two lanes as you hang up toward jackson. up in hayward across the water there. >> thanks, mike. >> we're looking at the wet roads out this and also the high tide that's going to come. about 10:00 this morning.
6:56 am
>> we're getting a storm. in addition to the waves, so never mind that. a live look outside, the water on the roads that mike was talking about from our chopper. even though it's not raining now, as you head out you might hit puddles like this. and you don't want to hydroplane. so even though it may not be raining you want to be careful >> it can pose a danger. let's talk about the storm. christina. >> the best way to avoid hydroplaning is to slow down. one of those mornings you don't want to go racing out the front door. a high of 55, spotty showers, thunderstorms anticipated for this afternoon. heavy downpours associated with those thunderstorms. possibly pesized hail, gusty winds, in for another round of active weather. we'll take a break before then. probably mostly clear conditions from the rain.
6:57 am
all the way from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 or 2:00 today. a bit of a break if you want to get outside. nothing, though, like last week. i mess it. bet you do too. >> it will come back. >> the rain we're asking here snow in the sierra. look at the high country. this is kind of a break in this that we saw. >> really coming down. you might see as much as five feet in places. >> fresh powder out there. thanks for joining us this morning. the "today" show is coming up next. i love america,
6:58 am
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