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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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right thought at 11:00, it was a rafting trip that should have never happened in walnut creek. tonight two east bay families are in mourning. and san francisco parents are on a mission to save public education funding for the state. but is it too late? and one of the bay area's greenest cities might just be getting a failing grade on doing just that. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. a weekend adventure turned deadly for two teenagers. they tried to go rafting in a rain-swollen drainage canal in the east bay. crews found the raft at the spillway of the canal in walnut
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creek near the intersections of treat and bancroft. elise is where the pair reportedly started their trip. >> reporter: the creek is right here behind me. a fence is up right here because obviously it is not meant to be access to believe the public. but around 2:00 p.m. yesterday, the boys went into the waters here. and by this afternoon, their bodies were discovered a few miles away from where i'm standing. just a few hours after learning their son, matthew miller drowned after going rafting in a rain-drenched creek, his parents are devastated, too upset to talk on camera. all they can say is that it was a horrific accident. >> they're adventurous. they're not stupid, but they're adventurous. >> reporter: friend hayden says 16-year-old miller and his best friend, 17-year-old gavin powell decided their adventure on a soggy saturday afternoon was to embark on a two-person
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inflatable rafts. the teens had helmets, but no life preservers. they were supposed to meet a friend a few hours later downstream. but they never arrived. >> the recent rains, the creek actually swells. it becomes very fast-moving. but what is even more dangerous is the debris that is in the water. branchs, rocks. you can think of any other kind of debris that is in there. >> reporter: with the helicopter hovering above the creek, divers combed the water, and around 80 volunteers searched the area. by sunday afternoon, the boys' bodies were found in the creek about an hour apart in concord. >> and i heard the hovering of the helicopter overhead. and i thought to myself, it just rained. i said to my husband, someone is in canal. >> reporter: with water levels reaching depths of 15 feet in places, this neighbor says it's not the first time tragedy has struck here. just last year, a father and son died in the canal after they lost control of their car. only the mother survived. >> i will never forget this.
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saw her head floating. she was upright, floating down. came down. we were all screaming and yelling. >> reporter: now two more families have lost their loved ones. >> they're nice. they're smart. they're intelligent. they get good grades. they both wanted to go to college. they had high expectancies of themselves. and they were both really well motivated. >> reporter: and they both were very well-known here in the community. i talked to several friends. everyone is just devastated by this news. you can see those who know them left some flowers here in their memory. they were just juniors at a local high school here. we're live in walnut creek tonight, elise kirschner, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, elise. we have new information tonight about that california couple who were kidnapped by pirates off the coast of somalia. the u.s. government says it sent an american warship to shadow that boat in preparation for what could be a rescue attempt. meantime, in santa monica tonight, dozens of people gathered for a vigil for the couple. jean and scott adam are members
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of the church. somali pirates hijacked their yacht on friday. we're told they're experienced boaters who have been sailing around the world for about seven years. >> we're broken-hearted of course. all through the day we've been in prayer and love and support for that beautiful family. >> their yacht, the s/v quest is reportedly heading for the pirate coast of somalia. the couple have reportedly spent e last seven years at sea, ridistngbuti distributing bibles throughout the world. here in the bay ea, these picture shows an unusual scene -- around here, at least. up to 14 inches of snow on the mountain peaks. you sent us pictures all day today. these particular ones are from mt. hamilton. so let's check in with rob mi mayeda. >> two days worth of snow, 14 inch there's on mt. hamilton. but as our skies cleared overnight into morning, that led to some icy roads all up and down the north bay towards the east bay hills. we had temperatures just below
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freezing. a lot of spinout this morning. and we're closely following the temperatures at this hour. you can already see some 30s here in the north bay. patchy frost and perhaps some patchy ice could be possible again for tomorrow morning as skies are mainly clear right now. we do have clouds coming down the coast. the clouds will eventually toss some showers our way. approaching the north bay coastline as early as the morning. so we'll walk you through the interesting weather headed our way. plus more low snow levels in the seven-day forecast. we'll have that in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, rob. the federal government is set to run out of money on march 4th. if democrats and republicans can't work out a compromise, there will likely be a government shutdown. republicans want cuts to this year's budget. house speaker john boehner led a debate this weekend, resulting in a $61 billion cut to this year's budget. the democrat-led senate is unlikely to follow suit. while both sides say they don't want a repeat of the 1995-'96 shutdown, the dialogue doesn't sound encouraging. >> we have said shutdown is off
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the table. speaker boehner, mitch mcconnell, other republican leaders have not taken it off the table when asked. and there are lots of people on the hard right clamoring for a shutdown. >> the only way we'll shut the government down is if democratic colleagues insist on keeping the federal government large and unsustainable. >> the clock is ticking. the senate will likely ask for an extension to keep the government afloat. but republicans are considering a filibuster. budget problems in the state have led a parent organization based in san francisco to push lawmakers to allow voters to decide the fate of public education here. nbc bay area's kimberly tere has more on how the group is combining grassroots efforts and social media to pressure lawmakers. >> and if we do not educate them now, they're not going to be there for us. >> reporter: a group of san francisco parents is making it their administration to get an initiative on june's special election ballot. governor jerry brown's proposed
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budget hinges on getting voters to accept taxes. mix, parents don't understand what this problem is because the headlines said k-12 was spared. there was a huge if at the end  of the sentence. >> reporter: without the backing of voter, public education will face drastic, devastating cuts. >> we're talking about a potential cut of $5 billion to public education. and what that would mean is somewhere approximately eight to $900 per child. >> reporter: but the first hurdle is getting the measure actually on the june ballot. for that there needs to be a two-thirds vote by the legislature. right now the governor is about four votes short. >> our leaders aren't going to get it done and they don't have the strength to get it done and they don't have the political will, let us as patterns give them that will and let's get it passed. >> reporter: educator urges to get the issues to voters there is a link that will help parents send an e-mail directly to local educators.
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>> they're basically saying let us vote. give us the right to vote. >> reporter: these parents say they're committed to public education because it impacts lives forever. >> we have a 30% drop-out rate of high school students. we're either supporting those children by getting them a good public education or we'll be supporting them some other way, and it will cost a whole lot more. >> reporter: in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. it's not a text message you want to receive. next at 11:00, the new evolution of spammers hit your cell phone. the one thing you need to do to protect yourself, coming up. and the giants ace on the mound makes a comeback. the latest on brian wilson's injury. plus, the clock is ticking to keep the big de.compition o deckkn o will the waves make it on time? .
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pro-democracy activists say they are worried a human rights catastrophe is unfolding in libya tonight. the internet is shut down. outside media is banned, and phone service has been sporadic at best. but the reports that have been getting out say at least 200 people have been killed since protests began five days ago. and now the people are taking up weapons. there are also reports that government forces are firing into crowds of mourners burying their dead. protesters are calling for the end of moammar gadhafi's four decade long rule. just a few hours ago, gadhafi's son addressed the public on state television, saying his father remained in charge of that country and would fight until the end. he also warned protesters that they were headed towards civil war. be care whafl you text.
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your identity isn't safe on the internet. and now scammers are attacking your cell phone as well. nbc's tracy davis with more now on how to avoid the scam. >> reporter: it starts like this. a text that delivers troubling news from your bank. your debit card has been frozen. please call 800. or it could be good news. your holiday laptop rewards are available. claim your laptop now. use approval code give me. >> some of you are trying to entice you that you won a prize or you can get free down loads for your ring tone. something that will make you say oh, that sounds really cool. i want to follow up on that. >> reporter: stop right there. this is the newest form of fishing. you know, those fake e-mails you get all the time that look like they come from a legit source, trying to get your personal information? >> so sms which is your text message protocol. so it's a phishing message that gets sent over your cell phone.
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>> reporter: smishing has been around since 2006. but now the scam is exploding because almost everyone has a cell phone. at the end of most of the text messages, you'll see a message that says if you're not interested text back. then it gives you a word like stop. don't do it. don't respond in any way. >> if you respond to that, you're sending a big red flag over your phone number that says this is a legitimate phone number. you can go ahead and send more messages to it. so instead of getting rid of the messages, it will actually create more of them coming towards you. >> if it's too late and you have already responded, check your credit report to see if your identity has been compromised. and take your phone to your service provider to see if any mal ware has been installed. the best thing to protect yourself from smishing is just click delete. with the first full spring training workout complete, there is some concern over the health of all star closer brian wilson. it was a cold in rainy day in
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scottsdale, where brian wilson is dealing with stiffness in his back. the giants don't want to see it aggravated so the beard has yet to do any serious bull pen work, but as you can see here he played a little catch. he is expected to return to the mound tomorrow for pitching work. wilson tweeted yesterday about a monster workout, making this a minor setback. our nbc bay area sports team will be in scottsdale this week for full coverage, and has more tonight on "sports sunday," right after this newscast. san franciscans are not as green as they think perhaps. the city's garbage program is designed to compost, recycle and reuse just about everything. well, more than half the people surveyed said they understand the system perfectly, the results tell, well, a different story. a third of what gets thrown out could be composted. another third could be recycled. there is a web tool to keep garbage out of landfills. the most common mistake involves plastic. but the eco finder says all of it but plastic bags and
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styrofoam gets recycled. animal bones go into the green composting. ditto coffee cups and milk cartons. they suggest taking old yoga mats to the spca for animal exam tables. and old tennis balls can get their bounce back listed on the city's department on the environment website. hundreds of people gathered in san francisco today to remember a difficult chapter in america's history. japanese americans and others gathered in memory of america's world war ii internment camps. the day of remembrance is a reminder the day president roosevelt signed executive order which led to more than 100,000 amhnic japanese, most of them er ican citizens, being taken from their homes and placed in camps. >> we need to constantly remind america about this, because they don't seem to know about it. and the possibility of it
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happens again is always lurking in the shadows.ic >> the day of remembrance, by the way, is held annually. this year's maverick surf competition could be a wipeout, so to speak. these are pictures of the last competition. and if no giant waves start rolling in by the end of the month, the contest will be canceled this year. it will be the third time in five years the waves just haven't measured up. weather experts are blaming la nina this time. it's not just a disappointment, though, for the surfers, but for business as well. >> we really depend on this for our business. our community depends on this for keeping our businesses alive all winter long. >> if gigantic swells are just around the corner, big wave surfers have just 24 hours to fly to half moon bay for that contest. a gorgeous day on the slopes in south lake tahoe today. mostly sunny with just a little hint of clouds. look at that powder there is plenty of powder after the big storms. there are also crowds for the
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traditionally busy president's day weekend. it was slow start with the storm keeping some people home yesterday. but today we're told it was crowded and tomorrow is expected to be crowds as well, but with snow like that it's worth the wait. vob here with a look at the weather. what is it going to be like for people trying to get home? >> they're probably going to see some icy roads as you head back down the big president's day weekend up there. things are relatively dry in the sierra. we'll see some changes right around the coast as we see some showers come on in. right now 47 degrees in oakland. not too chilly there or in san francisco. we interest sea breeze from the west at 9 miles per hour. san jose now cooling down to 42. and as we show you the temperatures in the north bay, it's already 11:00 here. and look at this. we're already down into the mid-30s. now unlike last night, when we had a lot of rain and wet roads, it iced up in the north and east bay, we really didn't see any rain today. the roadways starting off are a little dryer tonight. but our temperatures especially in the north and east bay valleys will be cold enough for
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some patchy frost. look out for that tomorrow morning. showers will be lurking on the coastline as early as tomorrow morning. and we'll see a testimony here that will spin its way down the coast and eventually bring more clouds. and there you see just offshore here on the north coast, already the rain showing up. the system, though, it's not really going to go west to east. it's actually going to kind of drop from north to south during the day. if you're around the sonoma county coastline or especially around marin county, this will be the best bet for seeing showers. notice inland towards the sierra not expecting much at all. the system will continue to move south and stay west of southern california. tuesday and wednesday, we're looking dry. and then another cold system. just like this last weekend. we had thursday night, friday into saturday. we had some low snow around the bay area. looks like round two could be on the way as we head into friday. hour by hour the forecast. notice that the clouds fill. in that would help keep the temperatures up a few degrees. dew points in the mid-30s. then notice as we head through the afternoon, especially on the coastline, a chance of those showers, and then quickly things
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clear, heading on into tuesday morning. probably some more morning frost as we head towards the middle part of the week. morning temperatures will be cool there is a chance we'll have some scattered showers at least for your monday before things start to dry out. and warm up just a little bit for the middle part of the week. we'll see high temperatures for your monday. generally in the same category we had today that will be more 50s for highs. 55 around san jose. and that was an improvement. saturday we had highs only in the mid-40s. 53 degrees. san francisco probably dodging a few showers off to the west. east bay temperatures after the chilly start to the morning rebounding fairly well. 50s for highs as we go into monday. so some scattered showers possible tomorrow. but really keep a close eye on friday. all signs point to another low snow event. maybe even a lower snow event. some models bringing it down close to 1500 feet by friday. >> oh, it's going to be pretty around here. >> it will be. >> thanks, rob. so normally outfits don't calm dogs. but now there is one that
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promises just that. this is too good to be true. we'll check it out. on "sports sunday," he is justin allen. i'm laurence scott. well bring you the latest from giants spring training in scottsdale. >> they're trading some serious paint at the great american race. we'll have a full recap of the daytona 0.50 we'll also introduce you to the newest member of the san jose sharks that coming up on "sports sunday." ♪
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too restrictive. expert says it helps release a calming hormone which is comforting to living beings. >> so i think it has some validity. dogs do like compression. but i don't think it's going to cure a dog that is fearful of the world or a dog that has real fear or anxiety issues. >> yeah, there you go. every dog is different. and on these two, the thunder shirts worked calming fears of. >> thunder, separation anxiety, problem alt.righ werk pug.inl we'll be right back. ♪
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the east bay spca in oakland is hosting a free clinic on tuesday to try to address the problem of certain types of pets. they're going to offer free spay or neuters for pit bulls and pit bull mixes as well as some cats.
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for fifth year they're partnering with bishop ranch veterinary center as part of the ongoing pit fix program. pets also also receive free vaccine, pain medications and ecollars. there are only 100 surgeries available by appointment. a fixed dog is much less aggressive. they will also offer free spay and neuters of cats of low income residents in an effort to reduce the overpopulation of cats. thanks for watching the bay area at 11:00. "sports sunday" is up next. the very latest from giants spring training, coming up next.
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and now another viewpoint, response to an nbc bay area editorial. >> our latest editorial stated we believe in teacher tenure reform, reform that protects effective teachers and refuses to give ineffective ones a hall pass. your responses were passionate and polarizing. one teacher exclaims i can only do so much. many parents don't follow up at home with homework checking or don't participate in conferences. another counters great
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editorial. we're the only profession that guarantees employment after two years. this is a socialistic profession. this viewer adds when teachers are compensated like those in business, we'll have a more competitive and motivated environment. finally, one educator says a little peer pressure isn't a bad thing. let other teachers evaluate them and put them on the shape upr ship out process. teachers would not let ineffective bad teachers stick around. thanks for your feedback. join the debate online at nbc
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good evening, and welcome to "sports sunday." i'm laurence scott. tag team is back again. or is it 95 south? >> i'm justin howell. lots coming your way tonight from big rex to big dunks. >> not just that, the beard was back this the bull pen yesterday. he played some catch today. but the cold and rain in scottsdale putting the breaks on all kinds of action this weekend in giants camp. >> the sharks beefing up the roster. we'll introduce you to ian white. the bay area's best in table tennis. also, some of the nation's best. why? a unique club in palo alto helping foster some amazing talent. well take you inside that club tonight. talent on the table and a new star in nascar. a shocker today with shades of buster douglas. the miracle on ice. an upset over man o'war. those are old references about a guy you'll meet who is just 20.


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