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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 21, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> and i'm brent cannon. it is just about 5:00. we want to check your monday morning forecast with christina. one of those mornings where you may need the mittens, guys. we are in the 30s, and we are not as cold as we are expected to be this morning. i think our temperatures are going to fall by about three additional degrees before we hit our lows. we are already at 35 degrees in santa rosa. 36 in novato. and just two degrees above freezing in napa right now. so a frosty start. give yourself plenty of time to get that frost off the windshield. today we have a very slight chance of showers, mostly in the northern most portions of the bay area, the north bay. and as we head through the week, we'll see another round of rain dropping our snow levels to the hundreds of feet. we'll talk about that coming up. but all week last week we promised you the word of the day. and we are doing it early for all of our early viewers. we love you guys. the secret word of the day is gone with the wind. now if you win this prize, if you are chosen, log on to our
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website to register. you are going to be registered for a trip to new york, the dallas film festival, tribeca in new york or, of course, our own local cinequest. winners will be announced on monday. just go to and insert the secret word or series of words, in this case. mike inouye, anyone gone with the wind on the roadways this morning? they would be frozen in the north bay, but a reminder that christina didn't choose the word of the day. she's replaying it to you. looking to the east bay we have a lot of space on the road because we have a light volume of traffic. we have the accident near the on-ramp of ashby avenue. it is taking a while to clear. keep that in mind getting onto the east shore freeway westbound. use university or palace to keep clear of that. on the peninsula side, 388 at 101 there could be water, but there was overnight flooding reported. i don't think that's still there, but the rest of the interchange near the san mateo bridge is clear. there's the other side of the water by the coliseum.
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back over to you. the 49ers face a big battle this morning in their efforts to build a new stadium in the south bay. state budget cuts could mean a major obstacle for the way the team planned to pay for the project. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is live in santa clara this morning with a look at what could happen if the governor's budget plan is approved. >> reporter: good morning, brent. if the governor's plan goes through this lot behind me here will likely just stay a parking lot and not become the future home of the san francisco 49ers. this is where the santa clara city council hopes to build their new football stadium. we are near greater america that is directly across the street as allen pans over to where the 9ers practice. you are looking at the san francisco 49ers practice facility in santa clara. at the beginning of the year governor jerry brown proposed doing away with redevelopment agencies statewide. if that's the case the santa clara city council would lose the redevelopment money needed
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to build the new stadium. that's up to $40 million. this money was approved by voters back in june. so at tomorrow night's city council meeting voters plan to memorialize official language into the deal letting governor brown know they have been depending on this money long before he took office. in other words, they want him to know, let us keep this money. if the governor does not listen to their plea and wipes out the fund finding the money would be next to impossible because the measure voters approved in june prohibits the city from dipping into any city fund to pay for the project. now, according to a 49ers spokesman, the 9ers are also dependent on this money and do not have a plan "b." they are planning on the redevelopment money. again, the city council here in santa clara will send their message to the governor at tomorrow night's meeting at 7:00 p.m. at council came chambers. marla tellez for "today in the
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bay." >> so many counties and cities facing that problem. thank you, marla. a group of san francisco parents are making it their mission to get an initiative on june's special election ballot. governor jerry brown's proposed budget hinges on getting voters to pass an extension of taxes now set to expire on july 1st. without the backing of voters, public education will face drastic devastating cuts. but the first hurdle is getting the measure on the june ballot. for that their there needs to be a two-thirds vote by the legislature. right now the governor is four votes short. >> if our leaders don't get it done and don't have the strength to get it done and don't have the political will, let us as parents give them that will and let's get it passed. >> educate our state hopes to get the initiative to voters. there's a link on our website to help parents send an e-mail directly to their local legislature. the group hopes to have 10,000 letters sent by the end of today. so far they have just under
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9,000. many san franciscoans are singing the blues because one of the greatest blue guitarists died a few hours after his last gig. 59-year-old johnny nitro played his last show in san francisco's oldest blues bar. he died saturday. he performed a few nights a week with his band, the door slammers, and taught music to dozens of young musicians in san francisco. nitro was suffering from heart disease and diabetes for several years. his friends plan to play a show in his honor in redwood city. this morning a woman is praying her daughter was freed or rescued from somali pirates. she was captured last week on an around the world voyage that has roots in the bay area. bob redell is joining us live from san francisco this morning with the very latest. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. according to her blog, phyllis mckay has been on a three-year around the world sailing
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adventure, one that has taken her to the very waters right here in the bay. but right now she along with a friend and a couple that happen to be from california are somewhere off the coast of somalia held captive by pirates onboard a 58-foot long yacht called "the quest." mckay has been in touch with her mom who lives here in san francisco through e-mail. the last communication just before valentine's. she and her friend recently joined the couple in india for a trip to aman. she indicated they were aware of the problem with somali pirates but the skipper of their yacht, the man from california, had done research and thought they were going to be far off the shore, obviously that's not the case. she also has a niece who lives in oakley who indicated the family is very anxious to find out what is going to happen to them. last night a church in santa monica held a vigil for that
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couple from california praying for their safe return. >> we are broken hearted, of course. we have been in prayer, love and support for that beautiful family. >> reporter: perhaps this little tidbit gives the family some hope. apparently there's reports that a navy warship is shadowing this yacht called "the quest" off the coast of somalia. no indication yet if there's been any communication between the navy warship and the pirates. the problem is that yacht is heading towards the somali shores. once that yacht gets onshore it is a different ball game. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i can't imagine how it must be. thank you, bob, for the update. hundreds will join the family of cesar chavez to dedicate his land to become a city landmark.
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many of the events that shaped his movement took place on the 40-acre plot near bakersfield. the movement inspired many to political activism. the dedication ceremony the will kick off at 9:00 this morning. the mavericks surfing competition could be a big wipeout. if there are no big waves by the end of the month the competition will be canceled. these are pictures of last year's competition. large swells are needed for organizers to call surfers to the bay area. we are talking big ones here. if the waves make it before the end of the month, surfers have 24 hours to drop everything and to make their way to half-moon bay for the contest. if mavericks is canceled it will be the third time in five years they called the whole thing off. you have to be brave to take on those waves. >> as we know, some surfers who even if they are experiences, it can be very deadly. >> i don't like to go in the water at all. >> it is dangerous to stand on
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the sand around that place. we want to check the forecast now with christina. >> come on, now, brent. nothing scares you. good morning to you. we are looking good this morning. now what we do need for those large waves are strong winds. so we'll keep watching the wind forecast for the next few days. and, of course, we want that surf competition here because that means tourism dollars right here in the bay area. so we'll watch that closely for you. 38 degrees in oakland right now. 38 in concord. 35 degrees in santa rosa. we are starting out in the 30s, yes, you need the heavy jacket. you'll probably need to give yourself a little extra time because your windshield gets much colder in the surrounding area. a lot of remnant moisture to combine leaving with us a layer of frost. this morning i saw some thick frost in the south bay. so that's probably a five to ten-minute operation. 53 degrees in san jose. 52 later in gilroy. and these temperatures are going to stay low as we head throughout the week. 56 degrees for your wednesday. another cold start.
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i really want to draw the attention to the fact that we are expect erat lthra o later on this week. and it is going to be a ravery, very cold system dropping our snow levels to about 1,000 feet. now, mount hamilton, if you had a chance to see it, pretty good layer of snow over mount hamilton, but the road to get up there, we'll find out if it is open or not with mike inouye. i'll give that to you at the end of the report. we have a couple things to note before because we are talking about highway 4. 66 right here, right now, that will hold up longer until 6:00 because of the light volume of traffic. but also to the north of here crossing over maybe the venetian bridge or cartinas bridge heading into the north bay, that's counter commute but heading up to the area where it is close to freezing conditions. we are talking about the possibility of black ice on the roadways as well as potentially the frozen fog. that's when water freezes right on the windshield. keep that in mind. it could present an issue. westbound is the commute direction off the cartinas bridge. off smooth drive down the east shore freeway. a very light volume of traffic
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at the toll plaza. in fact, hardly any car there is. a fairly light commute. if you want to take b.a.r.t., that doesn't start until 6:00 a.m. because the b.a.r.t. system is on a saturday schedule for the presidents' day holiday. the south bay is looking pretty good, but as christina said the road to mount hamilton is closed because of snow and icy conditions. but there's the light volume into downtown, not a problem right now. back to you. the time is 5:11. as we mentioned, today is presidents' day. we'll tell you what's opened and closed today if you have some running around to do. and a stunning attack caught on tape. a crowd turns on the california reporter covering a makeshift memorial for a murdered man. plus, a winter storm is hitting the midwest now closing major airports. and we will tell you if flights in and out of the bay area could be affected by this. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals
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we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries. good morning, everybody. welcome back, everybody. a live look outside the oracle arena in the east bay. a little calmer weatherwise, but
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it is also very chilly to start the day. we will check in on your presidents' day forecast coming up in a few minutes. 5:14 right now. a sacramento news crew is recovering after an angry mob attacked them at a memorial for a shooting victim. it was all caught on tape. a local fox station reporter and his photographer went to see a makeshift memorial for a man killed outside an ihop restaurant yesterday. as you can see, dozens of people charged the crew, punching, kicking and pushing the photographer to the ground. police officers arrived a short time later but the attackers fled the scene. both of the journalists suffered some cuts and swelling to the face. congressman mike honda of san jose is calling for an apology from the federal government this morning. honda says it is time for an official apology for the chinese exclusion act of 1882. it suspended chinese immigration, made why leez living in america ineligible for citizenship and was extended to
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other asians. honda made the comments in san jose yesterday. it was one of many throughout the bay area. the day of remembrance marks the anniversary of the internment of japanese americans. 60 years ago sunday 120,000 japanese and japanese-americans were ordered into internment camps during world war ii. hundreds of people gathered throughout the bay area yesterday to remember that difficult chapter in america's history. in 1988 president ronald reagan signed legislation to apologize for that internment. as you probably know today is presidents' day, which means a number of places will be closed. federal governments consider today a holiday, so federal offices will be closed. so will post offices and state offices. most city agencies in the bay area will also be closed. and most local transit will operate on modified schedules. mike inouye will join us in just a bit to tell us if your commute will be affected. there's a storm system in
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the upper midwest not taking the holiday off. several states are warning people not to travel by car or plane because of the blowing snow and ice. delta airlines is already canceling 700 flights in and out of the minneapolis/st. paul airport. more than 200 planes are grounded in detroit and chicago. forecasters expect that storm to continue in the upper midwest through the middle of the week. hope you are not out there trying to get back to the bay area today. so far bay area flights are still on schedule as far as we know. there are no reports of major delays or cancellations, but, of course, we'll continue to monitor the airports and keep you updated on any potential changes there. so many people are talking about how low the snow fell this weekend. >> yeah, the bay area peaks is kind of nice when you look out to see the dusting because we don't see it that often. >> we looked funny with our snowshoes in the front yard. >> were you guys crunching the frost out there. >> we were trying to be nordic.
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>> you do have the look, laura. good morning to you. 38 degrees in oakland. 34 in napa. some of the most beautiful women are nordic. give yourself plenty of time to get the thick player layer of frost off your windshield. you'll probably find frost in the south bay, north bay, east bay, but i think on the peninsula you should be all right because temperatures are only falling to 41 degrees this morning. at 7:00 a.m. that's typically the coldest hour of the morning. by noon we'll jump up to about 50 degrees, staying cool. you'll need a jacket throughout the day today. you won't need the umbrella. nice and mild, partly cloudy conditions at 3:00 p.m. when you make your way home. 54 in san francisco. 53 in napa. and 53 degrees in concord. we'll warm up a little bit for tomorrow. another cold start on tap for us. but our temperatures are not going to be all that warm as we head through the rest of the week. it is going to be one of those days, one of those weeks where every day is below our average temperature for this time of the
5:19 am
year, which is about 60. 53 degrees by thursday. that's when we expect our next round of rain. it looks like for the second half of the day thursday into friday. laura, more snow levels. we are going to 1,000 feet as we head into friday night and saturday. maybe even 500 feet at times. i'm going to send it back to you now. >> man, it could snow on the top of our house. >> oh, my gosh. >> what are we going to do? >> stay inside. well, you probably have heard of the man cave. well, now a designer wants to promote the mom cave. >> i would say inside for this. designer tanya tomlin says the mom cave is all about a personal sanctuary. >> is that what one looks like right there? >> it has flowers, candles, magazines, soft pillows, and photos of mom's favorite people. maybe herself. what it doesn't have, well, we'll let mom robin skipper tell you. >> no clutter, no stacks of post-it notes telling me what i need to do. >> i love being in here because
5:20 am
it really is a quiet, restful place. and the tv noise isn't on in the background. >> it is called a bathroom at my house. well, mom robin has one suggestion for how to enjoy your mom cave. she says take in a glass of wine and a soft blanket. >> that will really help with triplets. >> yes, this mom doesn't have time for, that but it sounds lovely. 5:20. mike is coming up next with a look at your holiday changes to the mass transit this morning. and what possible role could hand ma montana have in the revolts of egypt. the power of youtube up next in business and technology. and purple rain is in the forecast tonight. prince hits the east bay and has local artists taking the stage with him. in my lifetime
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good morning, folks. it is 5:23 on a presidents' day. a lot of schools and businesses are off today. the outer reaches can start the slowdown giving us an early sign to problems we have. right now no issues. a 14-minute drive through pleasanton. an easy flow of traffic through the dublin interchange. reportedly on the normal schedule i want to check if there are delays on the system. all of a sudden it is showing yesterday's arrival times. so it looks like there's an
5:24 am
issue with the actual website for ace train. i'll check with them, but no delays reported on the regular schedule for the rail system as far as i know. we'll take a look at antioch with the travel. very nice through highway 4. 65 we see a slowdown a half hour from now closer to 6:00. no major issues through walnut creek and the interchange there. we'll take a live look at the coliseum, i'm sorry, past the bay bridge. you can see light volumes of traffic there. i'm thrown by a few headlights going over to san jose. all lanes are clear in both directions. now we'll look past the coliseum with northbound oakland looks good with the headlights. also at the coliseum there's a big function tonight, but you'll hear more about that from brent and laura back at the desk. thank you, mike. there's cause for concern at the u.s. state department this morning after reports out of libya that more than 200 protesters have been killed during anti-government uprisings. protesters are trying to end
5:25 am
moammar go ga gadhafi's rule. clashes between demonstrators and security forces snowballed across eastern libya yesterday reaching the capital of tripoli. protesters took control of their military bases and weapons. that's when gadhafi's forces responded with violence reportedly killing as we mentioned more than 200 people. we have grown accustomed to the fact that the internet has influenced the action in the middle east, but scott mcgrew found one connection that even he cannot believe. >> you recall the google executive wael ghonim. he's been the leader of the egyptian group. he called moammar gadhafi a crazy man a couple hours ago. he's the strangest quote we found, quote, love the climb song by miley cyrus. there's always gonna be another moup tip. i'm always going to make it move. followers with a link to this
5:26 am
youtube page, the song was made popular in the hannah montana movie. there's the strange connection between google, youtube and hannah montana. back to you. there's another message he's sending there, i think. something deeper. all right. here's a performer everybody loves. the bay area is getting ready for a party that only prince can bring. prince is welcomed here at the oracle arena tonight and wednesday night. we checked online this morning, still tickets available to tonight's concert as well as wednesday's. prince and announced he was playing oracle just last week, so it was short notice for fans. i hear he's quite the performer. 5:26 now. the future of the san francisco only event could be in jeopardy. we'll tell you why this could be the final running of bay to breakers. and a showdown between
5:27 am
on-transit agency and the union over driver safety. and a live look outside to the bay bridge this morning. nice and fairly dry. the showers moving out, but it is downright cold out there. we're checking your forecast coming up in a few minutes. 10 he relieves it with moisturizers plus the power of cortizone-10. new hydratensive lotion. ♪ [ sniffing ] [ all sniffing ] [ female announcer ] ever notice after a while you stop smelling your pluggable air freshener? there's a better way to get long lasting freshness. pull the plug on your old one and trade up to a free febreze noticeables. it's long lasting freshness in the febreze you plug right in. for freshness you'll notice week after week. find out how to get your free febreze noticeables at
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you could be ready. you could lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks when you replace breakfast and lunch with a fruit, grain, and yoplait light. betsy bets. you haven't changed a bit. oh...neither have you... sean. well, yeah. [ female announcer ] go to to start your two week tune up. i'm bob redell live here in san francisco where a mother here is anxiously awaiting word on her daughter who has been captured by pirates in somalia. we'll have that story coming up. plus, a school district scrambles to find more money. one local union is asking for a
5:30 am
raise. why they say it is time. and the santa clara city council huddles up to save its plan to build a new 49ers stadium. i'm marla tellez, i'll have the message to the governor coming up in a live report. and a live look outside san jose this morning. most of the bay area is dry this morning, but very cold as you start your monday, february 21st, on "today in the bay." and good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> it is a monday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get started with a look at the forecast where meteorologist christina loren. good morning. good morning. yes, if you have to go to work today, we are in the same boat with you. good morning to you. it is cold out there. grab a jacket on your way out the door. 38 degrees this fairfield. 38 in concord.
5:31 am
and 35 degrees in sunnyvale. now, we have widespread 30s. we have the possibility of some freezing fog up in the north bay. we are also seeing some really low snow levels in the north bay this morning. some snow coming down in the surrounding hills of santa rosa. we do have a little bit of shower activity. as you can see here, the radar is active. pretty good line of showers right now between santa rosa and petaluma on 101. we'll find out if it is impacting your drive at all. this is the case for the next couple of hours. christina, so far it is all right. but the rain is coming through. no major incidents for the north bay. we are joining up with travel as folks are joining 101 and 37. they are merging together. we'll take a look southbound at the speed sensors. this is showing you in the 50s. that's great for this time of the morning past lincoln avenue down to the split heading across the richmond bridge or continuing south across the golden gate bridge. easy into the city from the golden great. across the water we'll show you the approach to the toll plaza.
5:32 am
no major delays, and hardly any traffic. back to you. this morning a mother in san francisco is praying that her daughter is either freed or rescued from somali pirates. she was captured last week on her around the world voyage that has its roots in the bay area. bob redell is live in san francisco this morning joining with us the very latest. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. in an e-mail just before valentine's her mother who lives here in san francisco, phyllis mckay, indicated she was aware of the problem with pirates off the coast of somalia, that the skipper on their boat had done the research and they would be sailing offshore far enough to be out of danger. bottom line is she indicated she thought they would be okay. unfortunately, they turned out not to be the case. the pirates have captured mckay and her friend and another couple who happen to be from california and are holding them hostage onboard "the quest." this is a 58-foot yacht that belongs to the california couple. mckay and her friend joined the couple in india and were on
5:33 am
their way to aman when seized last week. mckay's niece who lives in oakley says the family is very anxious and concerned about her safety. federal authorities they say are in touch with them. there are reports that a u.s. navy warship is shadowing "the quest" in an attempt to rescue the four americans, but time is of the essence. "the quest" is reportedly headed to the somali coast. once it hits shore, if it hits shore, a rescue attempt becomes much more unlikely if not impossible. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you, bob. meantime, a weekend adventure turned deadly for two teenagers in the east bay. 16-year-old matthew miller and his best friend 17-year-old gavin powell tried to go rafting at a rain-swollen drain canal in walnut creek on saturday afternoon. they were in a two-person inflatable raft and they did have helmets. however, they were not wearing life preservers. they were supposed to meet a friend a few hours later
5:34 am
downstream but never arrived. friends say that the boys were well liked. >> they are nice. they are smart, they are intelligent. they got good grades. they both wanted to go to college and had high expectation sis of themselves. they were both really motivated. >> the boys' bodies were found in rough waters about a mile apart in concord. it is 5:34 right now. the future of san francisco's famous bay to breakers race is in question this morning. this year's event on may 15th will be the 100th anniversary of the race. organizers say there's no plan to make this centennial run the last bay to breakers but there's no title sponsor for this year's race. and it continues to lose money. the city leaderses and people living along the race route complain about vomit, trash and a lot of boozing. race organizers say efforts to reduce drunkenness as well as the 100th anniversary have drawn a huge number of turnouts this year. hope for the 49ers to build a new stadium in santa clara is
5:35 am
still alive, however the money needed to build it may not be. it depends on governor brown's new budget plans. today in the bay's marla tell ez is live in santa clara with how the city council is working to convince the governor to keep their plan in place. marla? >> reporter: good morning, brent. yeah, the santa clara city council has a message for governor brown. i'll get to that in a moment. let me show you the empty lot here. this would be, if all goes as planned, this would become the 49ers future stadium home. of course, we are near great america in santa clara directly across the street from where the san francisco 49ers practice. you are looking at their facility there. you can see the 9ers logo on the side of the building. that issue this morning, redevelopment funds. when he took office at the beginning of the year governor jerry brown proposed doing away with redevelopment agencies statewide. now, if that's the case, the santa clara city council would lose the redevelopment money that is absolutely needed to
5:36 am
build the new stadium. that is up to $40 million worth. this money was approved by voters back in june. so at tomorrow night's city council meeting members plan to memorialize official language into the stadium deal essentially letting governor brown know they have been depending on this money long before he took office. if the governor wipes out the funds the council would be hard-pressed to find the money anywhere else since the measure approved prohibits the city from dipping into any city fund to pay for the project. now, also at tomorrow night's meeting the council is expected to establish itself as the, quote, stadium authority, which would own and operate the proposed stadium. now, i have reached out to the mayor of santa clara, jamie matthews, and a couple council members this morning. as soon as i hear back from them i will bring you their comments regarding this hot-button issue. again, their meeting is tomorrow night in council chambers at
5:37 am
7:00 p.m. live in santa clara this morning, marla tellez, "today in the bay." thank you, marla. 5:36 right now. fremont teachers and school district leaders are not seeing eye to eye in new contract negotiations. they are set to meet thursday on a new three-year contract. teachers have not had a pay increase in three years and they want a raise to help cover rising health insurance costs. last week the district released a list of negotiation priorities including a salary decrease because of a huge los of funding over the past three years. the district also wants more power to evaluate and layoff teachers. ac transit drivers now say that something needs to be done to protect them better on the job. after a shooting in north richmond drivers say they are often confronted with angry rider who is sometimes becoming threatening. as we reported earlier this month, somebody shot the back window of a bus at third street and grove avenue in north richmond. the union representing ac transit drivers and mechanics now plans to push for better
5:38 am
safety standards. ac transit says it plans to put more cameras on buses that drive through the high-crime areas. this is video of one of those buses. sheriff deputies have been escorted them in the area for a week now because of the most recent shooting. it is 5:38 right now. bundle up as you head out the door this morning or maybe pull the covers over your head a little bit if you get the luxury of sleeping in. >> it is one of those days that you wish you had the day off because you want to stay under the covers. if you are taking your bundles of joy anywhere this morning, probably not to school because of the holiday, but take it easy in the north bay with showers coming down as well as cold conditions. the two combined making for some icy roadways out there. really want to take it easy out there. let me show you what's happening on the satellite imagery. we are not expecting a whole lot of shower activity throughout the day today. we've got a system of low pressure pushing into the northern most portion of the state. now what's going to happen is it will take a ride on the jet stream and head off to the north as we head throughout the day
5:39 am
today, but it has dug enough south this morning for us to see some of these spinoff showers. that's exactly what the case is. you can see the showers now pushing down south on u.s. 1 between petaluma and novato. that's the case heading throughout the next few hours. i don't think they will reach the south bay, but they will intercept your commute along the peninsula. we'll keep you updated on the radar all morning long. 7:30 a.m., 35 degrees. get the frost off the windshield. 50 degrees by noon as you take your lunch break. then we round out the day at 55 following showers all morning long. we'll find out right now if they are impacting your commute with mike inouye. good morning, christina. the commute is a lot lighter. you talked about the holiday today, and some schools have it off all week. a lighter volume for the commute. 64 through antioch is not a big deal. kind of laughing at that because we are not seeing slowing at all this monday. a slow start to the backup here. the venetian bridge and cartinas
5:40 am
bridges, easy flow through there. christina talked about the rain coming through. further out at interstate 880, this is interstate 880 out of truckie. there's snow on either side of the roadway. if you are folks coming over the sierra, they could be delayed with a big snowstorm that hit over the weekend. bring the chains. closer to home, 80 toward the bay bridge. not an issue. you don't need chains down the east shore freeway here. that's good, back to you. >> for now. wait until you see the end of the week. 5:40. the sacramento kings of anaheim, could it happen? we'll take a look at the new rumors floating around this morning. plus, we'll tell you what's happening today that could mean a little relief at the pump. the mexican government wants to ban an american-built video game. we'll tell you why coming up in business and technology news. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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look for it where you buy groceries. the time is 5 cln43. 5:43. a game of financial chicken is being played in the nation's capitol. neither side seems willing to blink. "today in the bay's" kristen dahlgren is live in washington, d.c., where a government shutdown is a possibility. kristen? >> reporter: hey, brent. yes, pressure is on. listen to this timing. the senate is actually in recess this week for the presidents' day holiday. when they get back there will only be five days for congress to come up with some type of compromise bill in order to get funding to the federal government passed this march 4th deadline. now, over the weekend the republican-led house did pass $61 billion in spending cuts, but senate democrats now say they are not going to pass that.
5:44 am
they say that means a lot of americans are going to have to pay just too much. so they are looking for much slimmer cuts. house speaker john boehner has said that he is not going to pass any continuing resolution, even temporary funding unless he gets the significant cuts. so really, at an impasse, this is not the first time we have seen that. the government shut down in 1996. at that point house speaker newt gingrich was blamed for that. now republicans think with the record deficits and debts they have a little more sympathy from the american people. we may find out the hard way that deadline is really looming. as you said, the game of chicken will have to see who, if anyone, blinks and comes up with some type of compromise. back to you. >> we'll see what happens. thank you, kristen. let's check in to see what's happening in the weather department this morning. certainly a busy weekend with some snow. >> yeah. we are going to show you some of that snow. viewer pictures, we love when
5:45 am
you send us your pictures of the snow. we have some of those. we'll get to them in a minute. 41 degrees in hayward. 37 degrees in livermore right now. a really cold morning. grab that jacket if you have to head out the front door off to work. maybe you just have to get to the store this morning. you'll feed need a coat. we have dangerous conditions in the north bay as we have a system of low pressure really impacting the pacific northwest. and the northern-most portion of the state is spinning off showers for us this morning. and some of the showers are now pushing to the peninsula. it is not just the north bay seeing the action right now. expect slick roadways in san francisco here in the next 15 to 20 minutes as the showers will continue to slowly move through as we head throughout the morning. now, what will happen is that system of low pressure will head off to the north as we head into the latter portion of the day. so i don't think the showers are something we'll have to deal with throughout the holiday. 52 degrees in fremont. we should be looking to partly cloudy skies for the second half of the day. 56 in oakland. 55 in los gatos. nice and mild at 3:00 p.m. that's typically when daytime
5:46 am
highs come in this time of the year. for tomorrow, 57 degrees. another cold start. a little bit of frost anticipated. and then the next round of showers comes in for the latter part of thursday into friday. low snow levels once again staying very cold. and those snow levels, we are talking about 500 feet in olated areas. so that's definitely something to watch. that will be the big weather story towards the end of the week. but the big weather story for the weekend was all that snow in the sierra. take a look at this. a lot of it stuck on the trees. you can see here we had a lot of snow on mount hamilton. i have had viewers let me know they have never seen the snow levels come down that far on mount hamilton. so we've got more on the way later on this week. stay tuned for that. we'll continue to update you. let's get you to work on time right now. actually, we are going to send it over to the lovely laura garcia-cannon. good morning to you. thank you very much. it is 5:46 right now. a california couple is in the hand of somali pirates this
5:47 am
morning. they were kidnapped while sailing off the coast of aman. john cadiz klemack is live in marina dell ray where the couple started their trip. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning to you. you know, it was seven years ago they started their trip, this worldwide adventure they were on, handing out bibles in different places that they stopped. the latest information that we have now is that it is likely that they have now reached the mainland with these pirates. and that is not good news. according to the u.s. embassy throughout the last few days there's been a u.s. navy warship that was shadowing them on the high seas there hoping that somehow they could rescue them before they reached the mainland thinking once they did it would be much more difficult to track them. now we understand that is probably likely that they have reached the mainland. there are two other americans with them from the seattle area. they were originally traveling with a group of boaters in that area. they left aman earlier last week headed for a trip around the
5:48 am
indian ocean when they decided to split off from the group three days later when they were hijacked by the pirates. the big question also is what led to all of this. and is it possible retaliation because the day before the hijacking was also the day that some other somali pirates were on trial and sentenced to 30 years, more than 30 years, in fact, in prison for the attack, kidnapping and torture of a u.s. merchant sea captain that happened in 2009. >> do we know how we first found out about this from them? >> reporter: not exactly just yet. we know that they have been keeping tabs with family and friends through an online blog, but they have not checked in on that for more than a week now. >> it will be interesting to hear how they are doing. thank you, john, for the update. the winner of the daytona 500 has only been legal to drive for four years. trevor baine won celebrating his
5:49 am
21st birthday on saturday. that makes him the youngest daytona 500 champ ever. an date update on brian wilson this morning. wilson is expected to start pitching today. he had some stiffness in his back at camp last week. he was throwing yesterday but not pitching. the giants want to make sure he's at full strength before he really starts to pitch. meanwhile, the a's say godzilla hideki matsui will not hit the field today. he has a history of knee issues. his father was in phoenix yesterday predicting 30 home runs and a .00, .300 average for him this season. nbc bay area is your source for spring training. we'll keep you up to date on what's happening all season
5:50 am
long. city stefan curry made the team, the warriors, proud this weekend. he dribbled through the obstacle course coming in with the winning time. curry not only got bragging rights but in the process he helped a girl from the los angeles area win a $30,000 scholarship courtesy the boys and girls club of southern california. she was very proud to be supporting the warriors, but congratulations to him. >> making a big difference. 5:50 right now. the sacramento kings could be called for traveling soon. the basketball team will decide whether or not to move down to anaheim. march 1st is the deadline to apply for the league to move. it would take a majority of 30 nba owners to actually approve the relocation. the kings haven't been able to get a new deal done in sacramento. if they move they would play at the honda center next season just 30 miles from where the lakers and clippers play. so a lot of basketball there. >> pretty soon the entire league will be just in l.a. >> we have a lot of fans.
5:51 am
>> i like how they have to have the high me nighted things. the los angeles-kings of anaheim formerly of sacramento. i don't know. let's go to mike to check in on the morning commute. >> we have to sort out the fact that there are l.a.-kings for hockey as well. looking over here at the altamonte pass, we are moving smoothly. we'll follow this escort westbound in the commute direction. the cars are all green indicating speeds close to the limit. look at the travel times. no major issues out of the altamonte pass. even the wind is holding back for the presidents' day holiday. this is why you are seeing a lighter flow of traffic. midday the things will bump up near the dublin interchange. here at the hayward interchange at 880 and 92 no problems either. crossing over the bay, a smooth drive. the northbound drive heading into the city, a nice drive. maybe you are shopping or doing sight-seeing, union square has construction.
5:52 am
keep in mind. stockton is a particular certain concern with a couple garages off the main streets. we have construction near the subway project. we have a subway project there. b.a.r.t. doesn't start until 6:00 a.m. just a few more minutes until the saturday schedule kicks in. you don't have a lot of company at the bay bridge toll plaza, but that's okay. we'll welcome that. an east bay refinery is getting ready to restart i its engines. the valero refinery will start testing its equipment throughout the week. officials say the public shouldn't worry if they hear hissing sounds coming from steam pipes or see flames shooting out of stacks. it is normal freed yours procedures. they also plan to install equipment to reduce emissions. the refinery has been out of service since last december while undergoing a lot of repairs. even if you don't live in the east bay you should care
5:53 am
about the valero refinery restart. the shut down is partly to blame for the higher gas prices. it can put out 170,000 barrels of oil a day. certain youtube videos could be bad for your child's health. it says many of them glamorize self-injury, a behavior where the person purposely hurts themselves. the sites attract the young audience and show graphic pictures of bloody live enactments that could trigger the behavior in somebody else. researchers say there are more than 5,000 youtube videos showing self-injuries, so parents in the mental health community are being warned about these postings. the east bay spca will offer free spay and neutering for pitbulls and bitbull mixes today. the spca is partnering with bishop ranch veterinary center for the pet fix program. pets can also get free vaccinations, pain medications and e-collars.
5:54 am
that's a nasty looking pitbull there, the little white one, not really. there are only 100 surgeries available. and they are by appointment only. they happen between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. but experts say that a fixed dog is a much less aggressive dog. the free spay and neuters are available for cats and low-income residents to help with the overpopulation of cats. >> that's a really nice center. the former internet video star is back in the spotlight. bella, dublin's resident golden eagle, is delaying construction on the east side of town until her little ones fly the coup. the development put 44 single-family homes and a major roadway on hold. now work has to wait until july 1st when biologists monitoring bella expect her babies to fly the coup, leave the nest, empty nester. bella has called dublin home since 1989. violence in mexico now. scott mcgrew is here saying the mexican government is worried
5:55 am
about video games. >> yes, video game violence dealing with kind of the same subject. this video game in question is called "call of the warez" set in the same region you were talking about. it is made by a french company with main offices in san francisco. now, the game hasn't been leased yet but pictures on the box of this game say take justice into your own hands and experience the lawlessness of the wild west. at least 6,000 people have been killed in real-life battles just south of el paso, texas. many are asking for them not to release the game. the smithsonian is asking which games should be considered historical artifacts. the focus is on the evolution of games as an artistic medium of the past 40 years. to vote you can google smithsonian and video games. it will be the first result. pop quiz. is it presidents' day or
5:56 am
washington's birthday? either way the stock markets are closed. the third monday of february is when we observe washington's birthday. that's federal law. but the law never changed to the official name presidents' day. so wall street insists on calling today washington's birthday. of course, of all the federal lawns that wall street decided to stick to, they decided to stick to that one. what are you going to do? >> there you go. it is a birthday, celebrate. >> a lot of schools get not only today but the whole week off. >> that's probably at least 30,000 to 50,000 students off. >> good to know. the time is 5:56. the royal wedding is coming up. more and more people are interested in the bride-to-be's hometown. a sightseeing bus is now launched with a visit to kate middleton country. interest is picking up all over the world because of the upcoming wedding. local business owners are a little worried about how the tour buses are going to affect the town's tranquility.
5:57 am
well, you better check your mailbox. all the royal wedding invitations have been sent. the nearly 2,000 invites teaches the queen's insignia stamped in gold. a wide range of guests include foreign dignitaries to charity workers. the wedding takes place on april 29th in westminster abbey. >> looking forward to it. >> no mail today. keep that in mind with the holiday. it is 5:57 right now. could it rain o mavericksn mavericks parade? why the surf contest could actually be a wipeout. ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit.
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take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on
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ac transit drivers want more protection after somebody shot a bus window. find out how they plan to get it coming up. a bay area family's nightmare as they get word that their loved one has been caed


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