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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 23, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the time now is coming up on 6:00. we're almost at 6:00. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we've got to cue up the music baby it's cold outside. >> do you want to say over to you, babe. good morning to you. maybe we'll find out later on in the show. 35 degrees in fairfield. 35 in livermore. 39 in livermore. you don't need me to tell you you need a jacket. it's going to be relatively cool throughout the day. this is one of our last dry days in the extended period. so enjoy the partly cloudy conditions that we have on tap. temperatur temperatures ranking from the mid-50s. south bay the warmest location. we head through the next few days a big time winter storm on the way. it's going to bring rain as of tomorrow night. all the way throughout your friday and then saturday morning we could see very low snow levels. we'll talk about that coming up. let's get to you work on time on a wednesday. hump day. over to you.
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>> good morning. over to you, babe. we've got this slowing coming on highway 4. jammed up as is tradition right there. 20 at its worst over from the a through l, and then horizon lanes, pretty typical pattern. south at the altamont pass, 580 out of there. speeds slowing down in the 50s where you see the yellow. through central livermore as well. overall 15 minutes. then we'll join up with our chopper. there you go, westbound 580 approaching the dublin interchange. that's the reason things continue to slow through the morning out of the altamont pass to the interchange. >> thank you, mike. 6:01. new this morning police on the peninsula are asking you to take extra care when you head out to your car after a string of smash and grab robberies. marla is live with an update and the common link tying these
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togethers. >> morning. >> reporter: the link is shopping center parking lots like the one we're standing in. this is the town and country village parking lot along el camino. it's filled with eateries and businesses. police say the latest burglaries are happening in places like this along el camino specifically. and including the stanford shopping center lots. they tracked a rise in these auto burglaries but to be clear the thieves are not stealing cars but the valuables left inside. they are doing their smash and grab work when you would least expect it. that's during the day in broad daylight and during the early evening hours. i spoke to a guy who works in this town and country center. he says though he hasn't heard of anything like this happening here, it does make sense. >> i'm not surprised because it's easy for them to get off and get away, get on the
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freeway, it's not too far from here. i'm not surprised. i think there needs to be more security, more just patrolling of the police officers. >> reporter: at any given time there are two to three security officers patrolling this lot. the valuables that thieves are going after are things you would expect them to. that's like your lap top, your gps, sunglasses, ipods. anything in plain sixt police remind drivers to remove these items from your car if that is possible. if not tuck them away and hide them in your trunk. if you see anything suspicious you are asked to call police. >> good advice no matter where you live. >> developing news this morning in the hijacking and murder of four americans off the coast of kenya. moments ago a u.s. military
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spokesman said the 15 pirates detained may be brought back to the u.s. to face trial. right now the 15 are held on an american aircraft carrier in the waters off east africa. when navy forces reached the yacht they found the four hostages had been shot and killed. >> we're following a developing story out of oakland. police are searching for suspects in a brutal early morning attack. christie smith is live in oakland, she has been trying to get information and details on what's going on. >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. i spoke with an oakland police sergeant who tells me they are still piecing this together. as far as she knows, a man in his 50s was severely beaten. i'm going to show you what's going on. we're at 84th and international where the intersection is
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completely shut down. behind this is a pickup truck. they think that the victim may have been driving this, rounded the bend. there was also kind of a key point, a bicycle out here that they just took in as evidence. they are thinking it's possible, again possible, that the driver may have had contact or hit the person on the bicycle and witnesses say as many as four people started beating on the man in the car, they believe. this is a severe beating. there were tennis shoe marks on the man's shirt. he was taken to highland hospital. he is still unconscious. they have an investigator going over there now to check on his condition. we're told he is in serious condition. why this happened they don't know. they do have one person in custody still looking for three others. at this point they tell us that
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they are going to get this car out of here and probably wrap up the scene in 10 or 15 minutes or so, try to get more information. they are trying to get more information on the ather three men that they may be looking for. i asked for a description. they don't know. still a lot of leg work to do in this case but that's what we have from here. christie smith, today in the bay. >> thanks a lot, christie. in the meantime, a candlelight vigil will be tonight for two walnut creek teen who is drowned while trying to raft. friends post add video for matthew miller and gavin powell. they died. the juniors were best friends and they were on their way to meet another friend downstream. the vigil is at the shell ridge open space at walnut creek. >> the trial of a teen accused
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of trying to detonate two pipe bombs is scheduled to begin. juries selection starts in the trial of alexander ushok. he is charged with seven felonies including attempted murder. police say he walked into the school armed with a sword and ten pipe bombs. >> new this morning foreigners are scrambling to get out of libya any way possible. thousands were at the airport trying to get a flight out. the deadline just passed a little while ago for persons. the u.s. charter add ferry and that was set to leave about an our ago. 5:00 this morning our time. no word what would happen if you are an american there but you miss the ferry, you don't want to be fending for yourself. supporters of moammar gadhafi are in the streets after he called on them to take also.
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they are waving flans and chanting slogans of support. there are reports and gadhafi vows he will crush the growing revolt. >> today, police officers are fighting back against the city to try to keep their jobs. the president of the san jose police officers association will feet with the media to try to tear holes in chuck reed's plan. the mayor is calling for major pension reform. getting rid of guaranteed annual increases and bonus payments to retir retirees. he is also asking city workers to take 10% cuts in salaries. the city may have to lay off 349 officers if unions don't agree. >> new george gasgon will hold a
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news conference. he will explain how he plans to maximize resources and improve public safety. the former police chief was appointed by gavin newsom. >> i want to check the forecast with christina. another cold start. >> warmer in some cities with clouds. clouds tend to trap in the daytime heat. i can tell you these clouds are all ahead of a front that drops in as we head through tonight bringing our showers tomorrow night. and this is a really gold system. today's partly cloudy conditions, in the mid-50s, little likely be embraced. we have a chance of rain every day for the next seven days. through the latter part of next week we'll start to see temperatures climb back up and the rain chances come down but we're in store for another
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pattern change. 40 degrees in hayward, 40 in concord, the outlie, 35 out in livermore and 39 in gilroy. grab a jacket. something you can keep with you throughout day. it will be chilly even in the sunshine. 55 in san jose and 58 in almaden valley. what's coming. the extended forecast has a lot to show you. 500 feet snow levels. we'll go into detail. how do the roads look? >> it will be lighter because unified is office. the peak of mt. hamilton, you can but it's cleared from snow and ice. we have a report off 17 south, we have your slowing, then you have a little bit of ice. keep that in mind. you might get small patches of
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ice. 40s from what christina said. we'll look at a smooth flow out of the area, highway 24 not major issues. the east shore no problems where you see the 65 there, a good flow of traffic. there are the travel times as far as your approaches on the feeder roads. back to you. >> 6:11. still to come on tad in the bay, google taking heat for asking to enter private information in the contest. >> a bay area law professor is picking a legal fwit the san francisco police department. >> a south bay woman hit and dragged by a hit and run driver is still in the hospital. we'll update you. >> and a live look outside this morning from chopper coping an eye on your morning commute. mike will have the latest for you.
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>> welcome back. live look outside. golden gate bridge this morning. bikers heading across the span. you have to face scaffolding as they do repainting of the bridge. >> with a young san jose woman spending her 19th birthday recovering in the hospital after being hit by a hit and run driver. this morning investigators are still looking for the driver. cake and birthday cards sit next to her bed. she was taken off a res perater but is still in intensive care.
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she was hit and dragged about 2,000 feet and left for dead. her mother says she can forgive the hit and run driver but wants to make sure other families don't have to go through her pain. >> there is a room in my heart to forgive that person. i pray he prays for forgiveness from god. if we could avoid another family to go through what we're going through that would be my main concern right now. >> investigators have released a sketch of the suspect seen driving a gray or silver minivan or suv. >> the bay area man accused of beating a priest he accused of molesting him could stand trial in june. that's akoording to will lynch's attorney. lynch entered a guilty charge. lynch says linder molested him and his younger brother more than 30 years ago. linder denies the accusations.
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lynch says he wants a trial so he can raise awareness about clergy abuse. >> a law professor is taking on the san francisco police department. clark freshman says the police and the dea broke did law. they say they knocked on his door and said they had a warrant but refused to show it. freshman said that officers made series of mistakes. >> one, search without a valid warrant, two, not respecting my right to remain silent, not respecting my right to council and excessive force handcuffing me. >> freshman says that the warrant covered one unit but the building had more than one. san francisco police say that freshman got caught up in the process of serving a search warrant and he was handcuffed for a brief time and released when it was clear he was not
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involved. he wants an apology and wants to talk about their procedures and he says he might also file a lawsuit. >> alameda county looking at renewing a transportation sales tax. the commission wants to ask voters next year to approve a half cent sales tax set to expire in 2022. the commission says a move now would allow to the move forward with roads, freeways and public transportation. the tax raised $100 million a year since it was approved. among the projects under consideration, electric car charging stations and b.a.r.t. extensions to livermore. >> google is in trouble again this time over a children's art project. >> i think everybody is familiar with the art that goes above the google word there, becomes the google word. they call it google doodle. there is this contest for kids.
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but on this year's entry form they were asked to enter their place of birth and the last four digits of their social security number. high is a mystery. google says to determine if the child was american. the social security number is very curious. google has since changed that form. the chicken fast food joint says it will open stores in the san francisco bay area. right now the closest is in fairfield. the southern based chain plans to open 90 new scores. mcdonald's southern chicken sandwich is an attempted copy. it's famous for not being open on sunday. it can do whatever it wants so
6:19 am
no chicak-fil-as. it's their own company. >> are you a chick-fil-a fan? >> i am. and i'll be honest with you, mcdonald's is pretty close. >> really. >> i haven't had either. >> laura sometimes calls them chick-fill-a. >> a few south bay students are getting read the become future engineers. students at leland high school are building a robot as farther of the first robotics competition. they are responsible for every i aspect including the wiring and the programming and in the end the robot has to be mobile. it has to be able to perform tasks including complete a ring toss. >> sats impressive. >> i couldn't do it. >> put you to the test. could you forecast the weather?
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it's cold out there. >> yes, we can tell you it is cold or you cannot take our word, walk outside in the 35 degrees in livermore right now. 40 degrees in hayward, 40 in sunnyvale and 41 in santa cruz. more mild than this time yesterday, we've got more clouds overhead. those will continue to increase, the brilliant sunshine yesterday. not so much today. we have good air quality. it's always best the first part of the day. if you want to get out and brisk walk, bundle up. 56 in fremont. as we head throughout the afternoon, our last dry day. as of tomorrow showers are on the way. this is a really potent cold system. this is going to lower our snow to 500 feet. we talk about a snow level that's when we expect snow to accumulate. at 500 feet snow will accumulate. i like the rule one inch of rain is equal to one inch of snow.
6:21 am
if we pick up a quarter of an inch of rain in livermore that could be four inches of snow. timing is everything. if this drops in the nick of time for some of the rain to continue to come down early saturday morning when our temperatures are already the coldest i think we'll see snow flurries in san francisco, and oakland. i'm not alone. i've been talking to meteorologists all over the area. this is a very, very cold system and the timing is everything. every model run i look at does show the temperatures coinciding with that system. very cold conditions and yes, snow in livermore. 45 on saturday. this is going to be a pretty warm day. 63 tomorrow. 43 on friday. 45 on saturday. the end of thex week we'll warm back up in the mid-50s. hey, we're getting ready for this. we want you to get ready. the word of the day. the word of the day is -- the
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picture with mike inouye. >> anxious to get on the roadways because i had a good report. sorry about cutting you off. the carquinez bridge, you'll notice two spans, the newer and the older. the new one is the zampa bridge and the other the carquinez bridge. that's the overview. weed that bay bridge as you come into san francisco but i want to let you know it's moving clearly now and no major issues. the travel times off of this bridge down to the bay bridge, you are 19 minutes. close to the limit, about 60 miles per hour. and no major jams through berkeley or emeryville. it's building. 24 out of the caldecott and 880, coming up through oakland. 15 minutes from 230, passing by the coliseum. a live shot, it's the red lights that we're seeing heading north past high street. you'll see slowing at the toll plaza. we'll monitor that for the metering lights any minute and no problems but prince is performing tonight so probably
6:26 am
traffic through the area as well. >> san francisco leaders are looking to rein the growing benefit costs. the public defender will meet with mayor lee to move a proposal for the november ballot forward. he is drafting what you might call the son of b plan a successor to proposition b which failed last november. officials say the city is expected to contribute $375 million in pension costs next year. here are some of the highlights of the plan. san francisco would be prohibited from paying more than 50% of the total pension contribution. retirement age for new employees would increase, and retired city workers who earn more than $50,000 in pension would have to contribute additional 5% to health care trust funds. >> who knew that eating pizza every day could save your life. an 82-year-old woman ordered a pizza every day to her home for the last three years.
6:27 am
when she didn't call for a few days the dhifrry woman decided to check on her on monday. when no one answered the door she called police. they went in and found the 82-year-old on the floor. she had fallen on saturday, she couldn't move. paramedics got her to the hospital and she should be okay. don't try it. >> ordering pizza every day? >> actually i wouldn't have to cook. >> 6:27. lindsay lohan is going to find out if she faces more courtroom drama and time in jail. a live report from los angeles. >> is apple drawing up a plan for the future? why steve jobs' health could force his hand. >> police say thieves are targeting shoppers at a bay area mall. what to watch for coming up next in a live report. for my dry skin, ordinary body washes just aren't moisturizing enough. [ female announcer ] new gold bond deep moisture, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. the body wash that moisturizes like a lotion.
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new zealand. >> reporter: thieves have their eye on things like your lap top and gps unit. what you need know about the latest string of burglaries happening on the peninsula coming up. >> another cold start to the morning. a live look from the east bay. traffic's picking up. we'll check your morning commute. it's wednesday, february 23rd, today in the "bay area living." >> good morning. thanks for joining us. time is 6:30. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check win christina. she has a look at our forecast. >> good morning to you. yes, 39 degrees in gilroy. it's cold. 34 in livermore and we have dropped to 33 in santa rosa. grab a jacket. today we're only going to end up in the mid-50s. a good deck of clouds is going to prevent all of this sunshine from coming through that we saw yesterday. so as a result our temperatures will be more on the mild side.
6:31 am
couple of degrees cooler in fremont, 56, 55 in san jose and 54 in oakland clouds increasing as we head throughout the day. and our next system, a very, very potent storm on the way originating in the gulf of alaska is going to drop our snow levels to 500 feet. as we head into saturday morning flurries possible, in san francisco. we'll detail that coming up. let's detail your morning drive now. >> yeah, the east bay commute has been on for about 45 minutes, as far as the slowing, highway 4 is jamming up. 21 minutes out of the altamont pass. slowing near the dublin interchange. we have metering lights on. the picture tells a better story. as you come down the east shore freeway, this is san pablo, heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. it builds to the toll plaza where the metering lights are on, the backup back to about mid
6:32 am
park. 19 minutes through this area. all the way down. >> thanks, mike. if you stop by a coffee shop before you head to work make sure you lock your car doors and hide your valuables. peninsula police say thieves are targeting restaurant parking lots in a series of smash and grab style robberies. marla is following the story for us this morning and is live in palo alto. marla. >> reporter: yeah, shopping center parking lots like the one we're standing in this morning where the car break-ins are happening. this is the town and country village shopping center, very popular during the day with cafes and local businesses like that. and police say the late eest burglaries are happening along el camino specifically including the stanford shopping center parking lots. police have seen a rise in the car break-ins in the last two months, thieves stealing the
6:33 am
valuables that are left inside while people are off running errands and doing smash and grab work during the day in broad daylight and during the early evening hours. a business manager who works in this town and country center tells me he's not surprised. >> i have a couple of times and i notified the security like there is somebody around the back of the parking lot. in the front, in the back. so i let them know. i get concerned because my car is back there and i can't see it when i'm in here. >> reporter: he tells me that at any given time there are two to three security officers patrolling this specific lot in palo alto. the valuables that thieves are targeting not surprising, things like your lap top, your gps, ipod, blackberries, expensive sunglasses you leave behind. of course, police are reminding drivers if you can remove these
6:34 am
items from plain sight in your car. you can tuck them away in your trunk. if you see anything suspicious call police. marla tellez, today in the bay. >> thanks, marla. san jose firefighters say a child playing with matches started a fire that burned several units on the building near the san jose regional medical center. firefighters had a tough time putting out the blaze because of a gas leak. it was contained last night. reports say the mother saw her child playing with matches near a couch. she took them away. when she returned the fire had started. >> we're following a story out of apple. the board of directors meets to talk about steve jobs. bob is live in cupertino with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. during this morning's shareholders meeting here there are a chunk of investors who will be asking apple's board to
6:35 am
explain how they will proceed if and when the company's founder steve jobs steps down. jobs is on his third medical leave of absence. he had cancer surgery in 2004, liver transplant in '09. the company has not said what is ailing him this time around. amid speculation that he is not doing well, investors want to know who will be his successor. will it be tim cook who has temporarily taken over or someone else. apple has indicated that it has a succession plan in place but does not want to tip its hand for fear it would help its competitors and make it harder to retain top executives. i want to bring in our tech and which is reporter scott mcgrew. not to downplay steve jobs, he has been vital to the success of the company right behind me, but it also should be noted there are other very talented people that work here, in other words, there is a lot of bench strength there. >> i think that's exactly right.
6:36 am
you mentioned tim cook as being the obvious bench strength. the question is has steve jobs given enough direction to that company that they can continue on once he -- has left perm nanltdly. i think tim cook can do that. we've seen steve jobs slowly introducing cook. he has hosted a number of the discussions that apple had. recently when you went to see a steve jobs production, he would take center stage for a little bit, then step away and let other people at apple continue with the presentation. so i think they have sort of got this in the mind of analysts and journalists. >> reporter: the question is whether the board would be forced to reveal their plans before, if jobs were to step down, that will be the issue at the shareholders meeting today. the group of investors i mentioned are going to put this resolution forward, there will be a vote but the general thought there are not going to be enough votes to force the hands of the board of directors. bob redell, today in the bay.
6:37 am
>> thank you, bob. a 4.4 earthquake shook parts of mendocino county. it hit before 9:00 last night in the middle of the national forest about 22 miles east of willits. no reports of injury or damage. >> 300 people are missing in the wake of new zealand's earthquake. the death toll is at least 75. rescuers pulled a woman out of the rubble more than 24 hours after the quake hit. mess put a curfew in place. the area is too dangerous to be out after dark. >> new out of libya now, a swedish newspaper cities country's justice minister says he has proof that leader moammar gadhafi ordered the bombing of pan am flight 103 over locker be, scotland in 1988. 189 americans died in that bombing. this news coming of course on
6:38 am
the growing revolt in libya. the unrest continues as foreigners scramble to get out of that country. >> time is 6:37. the giants are going to play spring training games this week. we'll look at who is on the schedule. >> lindsay lohan should find out if another trial is in her future today. we'll have a live report. >> a live look outside the hp pavilion. sharkies won one last night. they will be back with your forecast andffs ng up. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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>> take a look at this live picture. you see those clouds in the distance, that is all cloud cover ahead of a system that's going to bring our temperatures way down as we head through the next few days. and our first rain showers from that system scheduled to arrive tomorrow evening. my futurecast now everything i'm looking at shows me between 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow we'll see showers pushing into the san francisco area. low snow levels after that. as we head through the next few days you see spotty clouds, this is very, very cold air mass. and it's expected to time out at a very interesting time for the bay area. the coldest time of the day is in the morning hours. saturday looks like we'll see the coldest conditions throughout the next few days. and temperatures are going to be in the 30s. 35 degrees in san francisco is
6:42 am
the forecasted low saturday morning. that is cold enough if we do have precipitation at that time for it to come down in the form of snow. so, snow in san francisco, we're not putting it out of the question. i think it's more likely in places like oakland. i don'ts think we'll see accumulating snow anywhere below 500 feet but the chance for flurries, especially in the higher elevations, yeah, definitely a possibility. 40 degrees in concord, 34 in livermore and 39 in gilroy. the extended forecast coming up. let's have a check of the roadways. >> we're looking at antioch again, that's the first place to show the slowing. we have speeds below 20 from a to lover. holding closer so that's better news. the walnut creek interchange, 24 out of the caldecott tunnel and approaching the plaza. you have metering lights turned
6:43 am
on. a look out there, the chopper might head to golden gate field. our signal froze. now it's gone. you saw the cars stopped. there is another shot from the toll plaza. back to about the 88 -- ver to crossing. we'll take to you the south bay with the drive over. 880, you see the traffic past the coliseum building but not a major issue. >> the major issues for lindsay lohan, she will find out if she is headed to trial accused of stealing a $2500 necklace. angie crouch is live in los angeles this morning to tell us more about today's hearing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we've got about 15 to 20 tv crews arrived here at the court house and court doesn't begin until 8:30. every time lindsay comes to court all of the media comes out. she might accept a plea deal even though she said she did not steal that necklace. i believe we have video of her at her last court appearance.
6:44 am
she was here a couple weeks ago, pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft after being accused of stealing that necklace from a jewelry store. she insists the necklace was loaned to her. she had an associate turn it over to detectives when she heard they were looking for it. the judge indicated he thinks she may have violated her probation from a drunk driving case but he hasn't said how he'll handle it. if she gets into more trouble she's going to go to jail. she is free on bail. she was photographed wearing the necklace from the jewelry store near her home. she has been in jail twice and rehabbed twice in the past year. in december at the betty ford clinic a worker accused her of misdemeanor battery. prosecutors haven't decided if charges will be pursued. they expect her here at 8:30. we hear word that she may accept a plea deal. that's the latest. laura, back to you. >> interesting, angie.
6:45 am
she could face prison time if this carries through. >> reporter: that's right. she is facing a felony this time. they were misdemeanors. the public raised question whether she was given leniency. not this time. the judge told her she better not get in more trouble. this time it's a felony. so pretty serious charges. >> thank you, angie. >> talk a little baseball. spring training is starting to get rolling for the giants. they play a couple innings of an intersquad game in arizona tomorrow. brandon belt and other minor leaguers will get a chance to show off what they can do. on friday regulars open the cactus league season taking on the arizona diamondbacks. south bay leaders have a protective measure in place to make sure a new 49ers stadium can move forward. the council voted to put aside redevelopment money for the stadium. that money was in jeopardy after
6:46 am
governor brown proposed taking redevelopment funds away from cities statewide to help with the budget. voters approved the plan for a stadium last year but it was provided that redevelopment money was going to be used to help pay for it. santa clara created a stadium authority which is going to help fid the new stadium project. >> 6:46 now. one school district is looking to make cuts, another found a way to keep a school open. >> top libyan officials are now turning against their embattled leader. we'll have the latest on that coming up next in a live report from washington. ♪
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>> welcome back. live look outside across the golden gate bridge. fairly nice looking day although it is cold again. get colder throughout the week. we'll check your forecast coming up. >> we're following a developing story out of oakland this morning. police are searching for suspects in a brutal early morning attack. christie smith is live in oakland with what happened. >> reporter: good morning. i can tell you that oakland police reopened the intersection here at 84th and international after a man was severely beaten. they collected quite a bit of evidence. they took a truck that crashed by the white van, also by the fire hydrant they gathered up a bicycle that may be involved. they are trying to piece together exactly what happened. this beating was so bad, though, they say the man in his 50s had footprints on the back of his shirt, internal injuries and head injury. he was unconscious they say and taken to the hospital. this happened about 2:30 in the
6:50 am
morning. i just spoke with neighbors that say lately the corner here at 84th, they are seeing a lot more people hanging out. >> there were those couches are, so that's been a nuisance, the last couple of days, you know, made a call to the city and nothing yet. so. >> reporter: police tell me that they did chase one man from the scene. he is in custody this morning, witnesses say they think there were at least three others involved but police are saying the victim is key here. investigators heading over to highland hospital to check on him. oakland police saying they will put out a statement on this later this morning. live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you. there is fighting in the streets of libya again and that nation is on the brink of civil war as the protests intensify people in the united states are feeling the effects in many ways as well. tracie potts is live in
6:51 am
washington, d.c. with a look at how the fight for libya is being felt in the united states. >> reporter: good morning. a couple of things you want to be aware of. gas prices are already starting to skew upward even though libya really doesn't deliver a lot of gas to the united states but analysts say the fear that these type of protests could spread throughout the middle east is what's causing your gas prices to rise. also today, the u.s. is starting a ferry trying to get the 600 or so americans who want to leave, out of libya, plus thousands more who are dual citizens. they have been trying to get embassy families out which plane unsuccessfully and now today we're seeing more protests, particularly in the eastern region, where opposition groups say that they have now taken control, the military there saying they are no longer loyal to moammar gadhafi who refuses to leave. new this morning, new information from a swedish tabloid that an ex-justice
6:52 am
minister from libya says that gadhafi personally ordered the lockerbie bombing. we have lots of new information coming in. this is a situation still in motion and as we see these pictures coming in of what appears to be the beginnings of a bloody revolution in libya we'll stay on top of that for you. >> thank you. >> scott joins us with a check of wall street. apple, hewlett-packard two to watch. >> we are watching the dow industrials as tracie mentioned fall on higher oil prices. rough yesterday, dow industrials down 33 points, nasdaq down 5. looking at apple and hewlett-packard. apple has a shareholder meeting today. apple up 1%. hewlett-packard getting whacked down 11% on lower sales, they said lap top sales had fallen. i bet that's because of the apple ipad. did you see this video? it's a dad, yes, who made an angry bird's birthday cake for
6:53 am
his son. that is cake. dad's a blogger and he has made this fantastic birthday cake. >> he is a blogger and a baker. >> and a candle stick maker. probably would have made more cake except the pig stole the eggs. >> i see that for brent's birthday. i better get baking. >> it's got potential. cool. thanks, scott. >> do you have stuff from your ex laying around that you would like to get rid of, maybe a strange gift from a mother-in-law that you would rather smash. >> never. today in the bay's bob redell has an idea how you can dispose of some of that unwanted stuff and get a little satisfaction at the same time. bob? >> reporter: laura and brent, this friday morning we're going to have our personal weapon of mass destruction at our disposal, this will be at the oracle arena, i'm talking about one of those monster trucks that will be at this week's monster
6:54 am
jam. 10,000 pounds of steel on top of four six-foot wheels. they have given us permission to use those to destroy your personal possessions, one you don't feel like throwing away or hanging onto and feel like now's the time to get rid of it. what was valentine's day a week and a half ago, maybe your ex dumped you then and he or she left you with something they have not picked up. maybe this is the time to get rid of it. send me a picture along with a story, or our morning show facebook page and click on there. let us know what you got and if it's worthy we'll invite you down friday morning to the arena. it could be something you see every day you get sick and tired of looking at. here. i actually have something that i see every day drives me up the wall. >> hey, that's mine.
6:55 am
you took it from my desk. >> no. you're using the present tense. it was, was yours. it was yours. not is. it was. >> but it's already flat. >> never crush the gaels. >> you are out there and i'm going to walk over to your desk now. >> and take what? what are you going to take? i don't leave anything. >> would you tell bob that -- 6:55. we want to check in with christina taking a look at the forecast. >> he better come back in here waving the white flag if he wants any good treatment around the office today. nobody does that to our laura. 41 in hayward. it's chilly, grab a jacket. 55 degrees in livermore later. take you through the next few days. highs today for your wednesday will be in the mid-50s, this is the warmest day in the extended period. by tomorrow we're down to 50
6:56 am
degrees, showers arrive late, snow levels 1,000 feet friday down to 500 feet saturday morning. and that means snow in livermore, san ramon, maybe flurries in san francisco and oakland, we'll continue to update you on the status of that storm through the next couple of days. right now let's update you on the drive with mike. >> good morning. things are calm, it's a wednesday and vacation week for parts of the south day and some other schools, so keeping a lighter flow approaching the bay bridge. the backup is extended to about west grand avenue. the bottom of the screen we've called out debris in the roadway. follow that pickup. the lumber in the road through downtown oakland. we have a crew heading out to clear the road but no incidents, we don't want to see accidents. we're giving you a warning a concert at the oakland arena, prince is playing tonight and tomorrow so expect traffic around there as well.
6:57 am
maybe purple lights. a look with the chopper. the the san mateo bridge as you travel to the hayward side. easy drive over the high rise. no major issues. clear along the peninsula. 101 thorough through san mateo. the south bay showing minor slowing. over the mountains you might get icy spots. keep that in mind. a live shot of the golden gate. back to you. >> beautiful. cold out there, that's for sure. >> sure is. >> bundle up before you head out or stay in and join us in a half hour. we'll have another update. >> the "today" show is up next. have a great day. see you later on. ring ring. progresso. i look great in my wedding dress with the help of your amazing light soups. now we're addingven bigger pieces of white meat chicken. oh, so when's the big day? oh, we got married years ago. but the point is, i fit in it! well good for you! [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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