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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 26, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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young lady said, flurries in the city, along with the peninsula and in san jose as well. looking live this morning at the city by the bay from our oakland cameras, you can see a nice and blue starts to the morning. it's very cold and the temperatures continue to fall. if you didn't catch a snowflake, you still have a chance on this saturday, february 26. in berkeley, a big rig jackknifed on interstate 80 at university avenue in oakland. we do know that the initial reports from the california highway patrol indicate that anywhere from three to four drivers may have crashed in the same spot as that jackknifed big rig and one of the cars is stuck in the embankment off the highway. we are watching that one for you, but we do want you to be careful if you're traveling in the area. the chp isn't saying whether or not it's to blame yet, but we do know that it's cold enough for
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ice on the roadways. we'll talk about those dangerous driving conditions in just a moment. in the meantime, snow in the bay area t flakes are exciting, but the record low temperatures may be the thing to take your breath away. check out the snowflakes falling on to this patio in daly city last night. people were nice enough to send in their pictures and videos to share with us and in san bruno, light snow on tom of a car. even the dogs were surprised. what's in store for the next 24 hours, is something we could be talking about for a while. we have team coverage this morning, rob is tracking the very chilly temperatures but we have our own "today in the bay" christie smith in san francisco where snow fell and is snow falling? that's the question we want to know, christy. >> reporter: i can start by saying it is cold, cold, code here at the top of twin peaks, but after all this buildup, the question was would it really
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happen? i'm going to show you what happened out here this morning. there are people standing around here like it's christmas morning. here's what we found, not exactly sure whether this is frost or snow on the rooftops down there, but it certainly looks good up here this morning. but last night, we did get some snow flurries. a woman got out her camera and sent us some video from last night. there was even a little bit of a traffic jam, people trying to get up here to see this amazing sight. the last time it snowed in san francisco was way back in 1976. so even just a little bit, even the thought of it was quite a thrill. >> we drove up from your house and we were just waiting for it to start coming. and as we stepped out of the car, it started snowing harder. it stopped for a couple seconds
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then and another burst of snow came down. it was fun seeing it in san francisco because it's something that we never see. >> reporter: i can remember snow in the east bay from recent seasons, but san francisco, that's just a totally different deal. you can't see it because it's behind my cameraman, but i can tell you there are people walking around here with cameras. we're told there is one woman who actually spent the night up here hoping she would wake up in a winter wonderland. it's not exactly that, but it sure is cold and people are excited here. >> we were talking about that jackknifed big rig in oakland and temperatures that are low enough for ice on the roads, as you made your way up to twin peaks, how were the roads. >> reporter: when we came up, we didn't really see any ice or any
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frost out. we got the assignment that if we did see it, we would shoot it. it certainly was cold, but it wasn't icy, certainly in different parts, i know i came in from the east bay where i live and i can tell you that my car was totally frosted over and it was a different story over there, so i guess it kind of depends where you are. >> we'll be checking in with you in a few minutes to see if you get a couple more flakes. rob will tell us if that is going to happen today if you slept through it last night. >> i also want to show you early this morning as i came here to the station in san jose. this is the video from just outside the doorstep here in san jose. and if you look closely, there's a few wet snowflakes mixed in. that was part of some heavier showers that came rolling off the santa cruz mountains dropping some snow. as we go to the radar, you can see things have dried out at
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least inland, you can see on the inland side of the santa cruz mountains, you can see some showers here on the approach, a little bit more snow on the way and you can see some of that snow mixing in with probably some rain here, close to 1,500 feet, just off the coast there of half moon bay, and very cold air dropping down from north to south. look at our temperatures this morning. and christy pointed it out, in the east bay and the north bay, we're seeing 20s and 30s this morning. in fact the connector to interstate 80 has been shut down due to ice. 35 in san jose, 38 in san san francisco, new record low in oakland, 32 degrees. so between now and 10:00 this morning, we will have icy roads, that is the bigger concern this morning for the north and east bay valleys, still a chance for a few flurries this morning, isolated chance this afternoon and all signs point to an even
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colder night. lookout for icy roads. 40s and 50s today, and we'll show your our complete forecast in just a few moments. >> we talked about what's happening in berkeley this morning at interstate 80, looking live at oakland, you can see lots of blue skies, but clouds and very, very chilly temperatures this morning and those cold temperatures are making for some icy roadways scattered about the bay area. california highway patrol is reporting trouble in berkeley, that is the scene of the jackknifed big rig, 80 is open, but the area around there is slick. in contra costa county, westbound highway 4, just west of cummings skyway is icy, several drivers spun out.
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in solano, american canyon near i-80, people reporting patches of ice and drivers not paying attention. do be careful out there, we are watching those areas for you as well. if it is snowing here in the bay area, then you know it is good news for those folks in the sierra, at least the ones that are already there, for the folks headed there, not so much. let's take a live look this morning, later on this morning we'll take a live look at the caltrans camera near tahoe, but this is what you can expect on the slopes. >> you guys excited for all this skiing? >> they have very excited, but this is what you have to sit through if you're headed up now. cars that are near a stand still as the snow fell last night. >> we got snowed out.
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the highway got closed and we're going nowhere. >> 500 amtrak passengers waited for crews to deal with ice and snow on the railways as well. with this much snow even the locals are struggling to get around. the power could be out for some of the folks there in the sierra for days. of course they're used to it, they have the generators ready to go. we have got rain, wind and snow and how about a tornado into the mix? another weather surprise in northern california, this is home video shows a tornado spotted near rancho cordova which is near sacramento. wind whipped metal shards in the area and a 50-foot redwood tree. no one was hurt. moving on now, the clothing store known as no fear is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. no fear is an action sports clothier that sells various
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brands. it is well known for its no fear label. now the chain has stores here in the bay area as well as in southern california. the company has estimated assets of no more than $50 million, liabilities of up to $10 million. we have much more ahead for you on "today in the bay," coming up, freezing temperatures here, frozen assets for the libyan dictator and his family. the latest on the june reunrest libya and the rally for support.
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take a live look at our camera, it's record low temperature day. first we want to tell you if you want to protect your plants so you can see them in the spring, move them indoors if you can.
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water the soil around those too big to move, that makes it a little bit harder for them to freeze. and also if you have delicate plants, cover them up with an old sheet or blanket. >> weather brought out the shutter bugs overnight. this is the dog enjoying the snow and hopefully enjoying a night indoors instead of in the doghouse. rain, chill, whatever happens where you live we want to see it. send it to federal investigators are kicking off three days of hearings on the san bruno disaster by releasing thousands of pages of new dock kuxs. the san bruno pipeline blast killed eight people in september. the mayor will attend those hearings on tuesday which will
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take place in washington, d.c. the state public you utility -- tuesday's hearing will focus on the way pg&e operates on wednesday the hearing will deal with state and federal oversight. thursday the hearing will go over industry wide technology. political observers say the popular uprising in libya, if it succeeds in overthrowing moammar gadha gadhafi, his political genius has been his skill since taking over power in 1969. meantime the crisis there has reached here into the u.s. president obama has issued an executive order imposing unilateral financial sanctions on gadhafi, it will freeze all his assets including him, hiss four children and other associates. the brutal response to anti-government demonstrations
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in libya poses a threat to the national security of the united states. foreign nationals have been fleeing libya. people say they are horrified by what they have seen. more than 200 evacuees arrived in malta by ship this morning. although tripoli re -- the reporter who filed this next story isn't revealing his identity for his own safety. more now from benzaghi. >> reporter: the man who called the first protests here just a few weeks ago marvels at what he's begun. >> in more than 40 years we had no life. now we got our liberty. never go back. to the gadhafi system. >> reporter: even as they were demonstrating outside, we were taken to bengazhi ekes -- behind
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this door are alleged african mercenaries. he can establish they're not libyan, but we're forbidden from finding out any more. in a second room, these prisoners insist they are in fact libyan. where are you guys from? >> libya. >> reporter: afghan mers -- there's there is no way of knowing if these men were any part of it. in the morgue at bengazhi's -- shoot their own people were executed and their bodies burned. these body bags contain the burned remains of some of those
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soldiers. they appeared to have died wearing their uniforms. >> that was a reporter who's not disclosing his name or his location for his own safety from benghazi. what in the world is this man doing and why is he doing it? that's always the most important question. we'll explain all the bone-chilling details just ahead. >> i don't think it's snowed enough in the bay area to try that this morning. if you head north of the golden gate bridge in marin county, some snow in parts of the bay area, we'll show you that when we come right back. of sammy's fish box.
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good morning to you, taking a live look, you can see the snow covered peaks there in the distance. what do you see on the valley floor? a couple flakes. it's no joke, we're seeing flurries all around the bay area.
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check out this video that a viewer sent us overnight. the last time we saw a snow like this was back in the 1970s. these pictures taken back in san jose in 1976. you can see it was cold enough to build a snowman. that snowman is cool, but this snowman, well, he must be very cold, a man in china now holds a new world record because he managed to stay buried in the snow for 46 minutes and seven seconds. that is snow packed all the way up to his head. he's been practicing all kinds of cold weather fetes like this one for decades. >> there's not enough snow to do that there in the bay area. >> we had more snow on the ground for that event, but the snow level to see snow all the way down to the water is unusual.
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20s and 30s this morning, record low in napa, 27 degrees, 32 earlier in oakland, and now down to 33 in san jose. between now and 10:00 this morning, look out for those icy roadways, isolated showers for the hill tops today, highs 40s and 50s, and all the moisture heads out tonight and this is going to set us up for some very cold temperatures again heading into tomorrow morning. the radar will show you right around highway 17 around skyline boulevard, you can also see some of that snow there, generally elevations above 6,500 feet. you can see the showers around half moon bay, mainly on the ocean facing side of the santa cruz mountains, most of the action is going to cart wheel into central and southern california as we go through the day today, if you provide some heating to this air mass, we'll probably see a few scattered
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showers popping up or bubbling up on the hill tops, mainly south of livermore and san mateo county, we still have that winter weather advisory through 10:00 this morning and the story by this time tomorrow morning is mainly the 20s for a start for the inland valley. freezing temperatures likely for sunday morning. sunday does look dry and then we'll see more rain showing up in your seven-day forecast. look what's happening in the sierras, sub zero temperatures tonight. look out for those temperatures. they did get three to four feet of snow in the sierra, but pretty tough temperatures to kick off the weekend, a little bit warmer temperatures. we'll see temperatures in the 40s and 50s, look out for those icy roads, especially into solano county and napa county through 10:00 this morning. a pretty decent rebound despite the chilly low for this morning. we're probably going to see some scattered showers for the
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afternoon, watch what happens between 11:00 and 2:00 this morning, as things start to heat up. especially around the south bay, heading down towards gilroy, but tomorrow the headline is the freezing temperatures, lots of 20s, even san jose may dip into the upper 20s tomorrow morning. so all the precautions we talked about earlier, protect your pets, pipes and plants, just some really tough few hours below freezing. >> we put the beach towels to good use. throw them over the plants, i don't want to plant them again in the spring. >> ahead the giants are coming up sunny size up in scottsdale. sports is next.
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there's snow falling all over the bay area and action on the ice for the san jose sharks and the giants warm up against the diamondbacks.
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>> a big western clash last night as the sharks look to keep its status as the league's hottest team in calgary. the flames played tough early, nicholas fires a pass early. calgary builds a 3-2 league. but the sharks go to work. that ties the game at three. no score in overtime, so shoot-out we go, doing damage again. check out the game winner, shark's win streak climbs to six with a 4-3 shoot-out win. warriors coming up 22 point-loss to boston back in action last night against atlanta and not good, not good last night. david lizzo.
7:26 am
grabs 10 boards. atlanta up 20 at the break. second half, more of the same, josh smith drops to three, he posted 26. miserable nights t warriors shoot 37% and lose big, 95-79. the giants kick off spring ball yesterday in arizona. some guys pick up where they left off other guys have some work to do. this as they unveil the world series plaque. the regulars getting into work early. that's what spring is for, right? he went 1 2/3 innings. mark rosa looking pretty danger healthy. gave the giants a 4-3 lead. they would cruise from there
7:27 am
where miggy gets his first hit for the giants. and there's posey, no rust here, going rip one down the third-base line. the giants take the opener 7-6. >> you get a chance to work on stuff, whether you get four hits in a row likely did, or you go out there and throw zeros. i'm not thinking too much about it and i felt good, i felt like i was hitting my spots for the most part. balls every once in a while here and there, but everything else was fine. >> staffer quarterback andrew luck is not taking any chances if his luck is not so good next season. the heisman front-runner has taken out a $5 million insurance policy through the ncaa. it covers him in the event he suffers a career ending injury. that's pretty common. matt leinart did the same for
7:28 am
his senior season in 2005. that's going to do it for morning sports. have a great day. we have much more ahead coming up for you on "today in the bay," still up, snow in the bay area and the proof is in the video. we'll show you where the flurries came down and whether you have another chance to catch a snowflake today. >> we have been waiting and waiting, but did it snow in san francisco? i'm christie smith live on twin peaks, we'll show you what it looks like this morning, plus some video shot last night.
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it was nice, it was fun seeing it here in san francisco because it's something that we never see. >> snow in the bay area from san francisco to san jose, the bay area gets a dusting overnight as a cold snap sets in. take a live look from our san francisco camera if you are headed out for a cup of coffee, be prepared to talk about the
7:31 am
weather. it is a chilly start to your morning. this is today in the bay of course. i'm kris sanchez los angeles with -- >> you're watching "today in the bay" with kris sanchez and weather with rob maeda. >> we're excited to get talking about the weather this morning and it is a very cold start. take a live look, this is not live of course. this is a picture one of our viewers sent in overnight of snowflakes falling in san bruno, he had to snap those photos quick before they were gone because they sure did not last. we also saw video on youtube, tiny snowflakes falling on a patio in daly city. and of course that not sticking too long either. we have team coverage this morning, rob maeda is tracking the chilly temperatures for you. christy, gryou grew up here, yo have seen snow in the past but
7:32 am
never in san francisco, right? >> reporter: on this morning, this is the place to be. people are driving up here like it's christmas morning hoping to see the entire hillside blanketed in snow. well, it's not quite that this morning, it is quite frosty on the roofs up here this morning and snow flurries did happen, it's true, last night around 10: 10:45, she grabbed her camera and shot some pictures and sent them in for us, yes, of snow flurries at twin peaks. the last time i snowed here was way back in 1976. there was even a little traffic jam of cars last night trying to get in here, trying to navigate the turns to see snow in san francisco. there's a lot of people up here this morning, they got up, they drove up here, we spoke with a man who came up to see if it was real. >> i heard there was snow last
7:33 am
weekend and then it was kind of in the news all throughout the week, so there might be some this weekend. >> now this morning, there are people up here, quite a few of them, they've got their cameras, they're dressed quite warm, walking around, they're shooting pictures, i have seen police cars, i have seen cabs. i just saw a guy, he drove by, he shouted out the window at us, hey, where's the snow? a lot of people doing drive byes, it did happen, but if you're looking to sled up here, that's not going to happen. but we did see snow flurries up here, that's the latest, reporting live from san francisco, "today in the bay." >> rob maeda is going to tell us whether or not we have a chance to see some snowflakes today. >> unlike 1976 where it kind of piled up on the ground, it was kind of here and gone moving through pretty quickly.
7:34 am
around the san whta cruz mounta we have seen some snow on the ground, and we will see a little more snow heading along skyline boulevard, you will see some snow showers at times, but notice here, most of the moisture now diving to the south, the big headline this morning is we had the rain overnight and it froze in many spots around the north bay, it's eastbound 37 at the westbound i-80 connector shut down due to ice. as we go hour by hour, your temperatures, it's going to be cool we're going to be looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s, and still some lingering showers possible around the coastal range that may include for one more afternoon a little bit of low snow. if you happen to catch any pictures or video, the great thing about being in silicon valley unlike in 1976, everyone's got a great cell phone or a flip camera that you can take video like we saw in
7:35 am
san jose, as a matter of fact ashi shot this off a cell phone this morning. the snow/rain ratio is about 1 to 100. >> you say snow and people expect snow and snow also means snow. >> and it means ice the next morning sometimes too. >> we're watching those road conditions for you as well. >> much more ahead on "today in the bay," coming up a holiday? what holiday do you say. worldwide sword swallowers day. you you're headed to tahoe, we'll tell you what to expect when you hit the roads. ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew.
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good morning to you, taking a live look at san jose, it is a very cold start to the morning, there is ice on the roadways and
7:38 am
snow, well, in the pictures and in the camera phones and in the memory now. it is cold here in the bay area, and you know when it's cold here, that is gooden good news in the sierra. >> you guys excited for all the skiing? >> this is what could be in store for you if you're hitting the road looking for enough snow to ski. cars at a near stand still as the snow fell in plaster county. >> we got snowed out, and we couldn't go nowhere so we're stuck here. >> not a bad place to get stuck, if you're heady for it. trains literally stopped in their tracks as 500 amtrak passengers waited for crews to deal with ice and snow. with this much snow, even the locals are struggling to get around. the power could be out in some areas for days. today is a holiday of shorts and you may have never heard of it before. the bay area is hosting worldwide sword swallowers day.
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do not try this at home. >> reporter: have you honored your sword swallower today? you may want to for annual sword swallower's day. hey, matt, how are you? show me some love. why? we just met. show us what you got. >> 26 inches down the hatch without a scratch. >> reporter: looks like you got about a quarter of that. >> you want me to really train you, get an ordinary coat hanger like this and you will bend it and practice swallowing this.
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>> reporter: let me just try a regular sword. >> there you go, i probably shouldn't do this, but good luck, give it a little jiggle to get it past that gag reflex. excellent. never heard of that before, i guess you did. >> reporter: see what i'm talking about? >> you need a doctor. >> reporter: no, you need a lawyer. >> happy sword swallowers day. if you want to see it for yourself, head over to ripley's believe it or not in san francisco. it is at 1:30 this afternoon. that says tomorrow, it's actually today. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up viewer video, this viewer sent this video into >> this morning if you're not seeing a chance of snow
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and welcome back. there's a pretty picture of the san francisco, as we wake up to a very chilly start to the morning. some showers bringing some chance for some more showers at least in the bay area. it is bone-chilling cold in the north bay. 20s and 30s this morning. a little bit of good news, around eastbound 37 around the westbound i-80 connector that's been reopened, ice had shut it down for the last hour or so. but look at those numbers, 33 in san jose, 37 in san francisco, so we're seeing much more in the way of patchy roadway ice this morning as opposed to the few snow flurries hung up on the santa cruz mountains.
7:44 am
the trend kind of diving by to the south, but you notice here over the last few hours approaching highway 17, we still have a little more snow around, approaching the highway 14 summit, mainly on the ocean facing side of the santa cruz this morning. through about 10:00 thrng mon and then about a winter storm warning will continue along the coast. we still have some scattered showers today, this is some very chilly air aloft. with some daytime heating it tends to destabilize the atmosphere if with have some warmth at the surface. we still have enough warmth to kick off some showers during the daylight hours and we're likely going to be seeing a lot of 20s, freezing temperatures as early as 9:00 tonight. it's going to be very cold for a few hours, protect the pipes, pets and plants. you're about to see some changes
7:45 am
coming up in your seven-day forecast that will bring around some warmer temperatures. today, 40s and 50s outside, despite the sunshine, it's really not going to warm up a whole lot. low 50s in some of the warmer spots, with still a slight chance of snow at times mixed with those showers around the santa cruz mountains. let's show you what's going on in the seven-day forecast, right now still a slight chance of those flurries mixed with showers in the coastal hills and then the ice starts tomorrow morning. keep a close eye on tuesday and wednesday, it looks very windy, and snow levels could go up to 4,000 or 5,000 feet, but we could see some rain moving in so the weather pattern still very active for the bay area. >> still ahead, weather brought out the shutter bugs overnight. we'll show you where the snow fell, rain, snow, big chill, whatever happened where you live, we want to see it. send us your weather pictures,
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very cold morning to start the day, often icy conditions for drivers, but the bitterly cold air brought some -- what folks are talking about in twin peaks. >> reporter: well the buildup to this was so big that this is really exciting. we have seen a steady stream of cars coming up here trying to see snow, some of them yelling out the window at us, hey, where's the snow? well, here's what it looks likes out here this morning. it is frosty, we did get some snow flurries, it's not sticking out here this morning, but bay area residents are out there on the snow hunt this morning. last night it did happen, we did see snow flurries out here on twin peaks in san francisco.
7:49 am
one woman grabbed her camera comes out to see it. there was even a little bit of a traffic jam of cars coming up. the last time it snowed here way back in 1976, so even a little bit was a thrill. we spoke with one snow chaser who came thup morning. now he was very excited, hoping to see a little bit more than what was really out here, but, well, he was just happy that it did happen. twin peaks of course a tourist spot on any given day. but today it's been really busy, we have seen garbage trucks, we have seen police cars, we have seen cab drivers, we have seen people with their cameras out, hoping to see a little bit more than what is actually out here, but we do know that it did happen. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> just a few flakes, but certainly something to talk about in san francisco. much more ahead on "today in the bay," we will introduce you to daisy who is available for
7:50 am
adoption, a ridiculously cute dog. we'll be right back.
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7:52 am
okay, as if the snow is not enough to talk about, how about something just ridiculously cute? we have daysy, which is maybe a pug dachund mix? >> she's very long and very short legged. >> she's playing around on your lap, just hopping around. >> she is just one of the cutest little puppies we have come in in a long time. all puppies are cute, but she is extra cute. >> she may not need a home after i get my hands on her. she's available for adoption coming up on thursday. >> thursday she'll be available to go. she's around nine weeks old. she's already been fixed and microchipped and she started out on her shot series so she's good. >> and she's ready to play, she seems like she's happy and
7:53 am
healthy. >> she is, and one thing to consider when you do bring home a puppy this young, it's like bringing home a baby. don't come with preconceived ideas that you're going to get lassie. >> it's important to remind folks to bring the pets inside when it's supercold and make sure they have ample water. >> they do have fur, but if you're cold, they're cold. >> and the muscular breeds are more susceptible. >> they certainly are, because they don't have as much fur and padding either, it's all muscle. >> all right, well, thank you very much, lisa, is the website where you can see more information about daisy or any of the other animals that are up for adoption. we want to thank you so much for joining us on your snowy start to your saturday morning. remember, we always want to see your pictures,
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residents start at $272,990. and don't forget the 10,000 square feet belvidere clubhouse that includes a swimming pool and whirlpool spa, an elegant lounge with fireplace, game rooms, media area and multipurpose room. the belvidere clubhouse is an exclusive benefit that all belvidere residents can enjoy. listen to what some belvidere homeowners have to say. >> it's truly reminiscent of -- the inside of the homes is equally as beautiful with 10-foot ceilings and the granite kitchen slab, the cherry cabinets, it's just beautiful, again, no detail spared, no expense spared to make things right. totally wired for everything from home security to your media, i mean you can walk in
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and just plug things in, they have thought of everything and they have spared no expense. the quality of the -- all the furnishings and the construction and the appliances that they put in is really amazing. >> i have looked around to other parts of the bay area, i have looked in the city, and i have to tell you, that based on what i have here now and what i have seen, this is really the best value that i could find. >> we feel that we have gotten more bang for our buck than we would have anywhere else in the bay area, just looking around, knowing what you will get for your investment is top dollar, no expenses were spared in building the development and it's definitely something that i would encourage you to come out and take a look for yourself and form your own opinions. >> like i said before, you really have to experience it firsthand, to appreciate how gorgeous it really is, and you can afford it with prices
7:59 am
starting in the upper 200s. go to dif. ♪ ...different challenges. ♪ different opportunities. ♪ so why would universities stay the same? ♪ university of phoenix, because an educated world is a better world.


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