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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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we are looking at san bruno hearings. this is day three. the fire chief revealing something fascinating. we'll have that and lots more. you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. it is march 3rd. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it is 4:30. we have a mess on 880 in
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oakland. let's go right to mike. what's going on? behind me i have a map near the 29th on-ramp and 880. a car hit a metering light earlier this morning before 4:00. it kicked the metering light into the freeway. 880 was a mess for a period of time because three other cars ran into that as well, including a big rig that punctured its fuel tank. this shell station is where the aftermath took place. so a number of cars and the big rig were gathered there as well as chp. they just cleared the scene of that a few minutes ago. the driver who hit the metering light was taken away from the scene and charged with dui. a smooth drive around the rest of the maze. we also have water on the roads from overnight sprinkles. what's going on today? we'll see hit-or-miss showers throughout this morning. the east bay is seeing the
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lingering activity. danville is getting a little bit of light precipitation today. this is the case heading throughout the day. we have more developing offshore and pushing onshore. showers are moving west to east. these are light in nature, so we are not expecting a total washout this morning. we'll see one dry day for friday. then more rain on the way late saturday into the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up, but right now i'm going to send it back to scott mcgrew and your east bay news. new this morning in the east bay, the owners of a south bay restaurant are assessing damage after a fire went through a strip mall overnight. marla tellez is live outside the restaurant in kelley park. marla, everyone inside the restaurant? >> reporter: no, it happened shortly after 1:00 this morning, so nobody was inside. it did not spread throughout the strip mall, let me make that clear. it was contained to the restaurant that you can see behind me here. this restaurant is now completely destroyed inside.
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it is a restaurant here near story road and lacreche road. it is within a strip mall of about five to six businesses. again, the damage contained to this el salvadorian restaurant. firefighters were working a nearby fire and arrived on the scene within a minute according to the fire chief. it became a two-alarm fire. about 35 firefighters worked the flames. was under control within 30 minutes. the fire was contained to this restaurant. estimated damage at $200,000. the cause according to the fire chief, he thinks it is accidental likely starting in a storage unit in the back, an electrical fire. this is preliminary, not official. they have tried to make contact with the owners of la gaviota
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restaurant overnight, but no luck. at this hour they don't know their restaurant is destroyed. not a good scene for them this morning. the electrical and gas has been shut off to the entire strip mall. so if you are one of the business owners, when you come to work this morning, contact pg&e to get your power restored. we are working to get in touch with the owners ourselves. we'll have our next live report in 30 minutes hoping to have new information and to hear from the fire chief himself. marla tellez for "today in the bay." today will be the third and final day of federal hearings into the pg&e pipeline blast in san bruno. that blast killed eight people, destroyed a neighborhood. yesterday more revealing testimony. san bruno's fire chief told the national transportation safety board he didn't know there was a gas pipeline under the city. investigators turned a critical eye to the state puc for not auditing the pipeline pressure more carefully.
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today industry leaders will weigh in on the technology regulating safety of our pipelines. you can watch it live at 6:00 this morning on we'll continue to have updates throughout the morning. this morning more than a dozen people protesting fee hikes for the u.c. system are under arrest. at 10:00 last night police told a group of protesters to leave u.c. berkeley's lee hall. police arrested them one by one as they chanted "no cuts, no fees, and we are doing this for your kids." one student said why he was there. >> they can raise fees 32% every time an economic crisis happens, and those happen every eight years. what's going to happen to our children? that's what this is about. >> there was a big police presence. cal campus police got help from officers at san francisco state. this morning we don't know if two buildings reopened after raids by federal agents. we heard they were going to
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reopen this morning, we called this morning and no one answered. more than a dozen rooms were raided yesterday as they concentrated on the oaks card club in emeryville. they were looking for people, documents and evidence related to gangs, gambling and money laundering. everyone inside was serged and questioned and then released. new accusations this morning against a former drug detective and a private eye. we are learning the two men may have orchestrated a false arrest in 2009 with private investigator christopher butler and his employees dressing as cops to kidnap a man in exchange for thousands of illegal prescription meds according to allegations. yesterday both men pleaded not guilty to accusations of the pair stealing drug evidence and selling it. a drug refused to lower bail for butler. it was set at just under a million dollars. norman welsh is out on $400,000 bail.
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an alameda county jail prisoner is on the loose this morning after an embarrassing mix-7:. ismael casma was arrested for carjacking charges. he went to court monday afternoon but around 11:00 that same night they realized he was missing. he was mistakenly taken to the police room. they describe him as 5'6", 140 pounds. last seen wearing a gray sweat suit. casda also goes by ismael ramirez. the stop the injunctions coalition will gather for a candlelight vigil from 5:30 to 7:00 tonight on embarcadero between grand and lake shore. a judge has not ruled yet on the city of oakland's bid for an injunction to bar dozens of gang
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makes from the fruitvale neighborhood. also oakland city council members will throw their support behind wisconsin workers fighting for collective bargaining rights. jane bruno and libby shaft will present a resolution at a committee meeting today. they are calling on the wisconsin legislature to support public workers bark bargaining rights. a marijuana scare that had more than 100 parents cramming a middle school library to find out what kind of side effects kids can suffer from pot brownies. albany's middle school principal called the meeting after several students from the middle and high school were hospitalized this month after eating brownies baked with pot. parents got a lesson on pot 101 learning that eating marijuana caused a much more potent reaction than smoking it and most kids have no idea the punch that pot can pack. >> i took notes. you know, the effects it has on the brain. so i'm going to talk more about it when i get hope.
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>> it really doesn't open the opportunity for us to have the dialogue at home and gave us a reason to come here to engage with the school committee. i think that's a good response, right, to something that happened. >> albany parents are not alone in their concern. there was a similar situation in vallejo where several fifth graders got sick from eating pot brownies. a student was arrested on a marijuana charge but officials won't see whether he supplied the brownies. i think we got through the rainiest part of the week, is that right, christie pennsylvania? >> boy, you are always paying attention. i appreciate that, mr. mcgrew. we are done with the bulk of the moisture, we just have lingering activity this morning. we are starting out mild with a lot of the 50s in the east bay. concord 5, 2. 49 degrees in livermore. we are going to see temperatures climbing into the 60s because we are starting out so warm. we have overcast conditions out there this morning and a little bit of dense fog headed from the east bay to the north bay. just take it easy. you'll find patches of fog in places like santa rosa and napa
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this morning. this is what's happening right now when it comes to your active radar. a little built of lingering activity to the east of walnut creek. we have a little cell creeping to dan vichlt and more rain on the way, just a little bit, that is spotty in nature. as i zoom out you can see a little bit of precipitation sneaking ashore in the bay area. this is expected for the first part of the day. by noon we'll see clear conditions. then we'll have a really nice second half of the day with mostly sunny conditions and temperatures in the mid-60s. pretty nice today with more rain on the way later on. we'll tell you how much and when coming up. now we'll check your drive with a lot happening this early. there was a lot going on in oakland. here's the upstate in a couple seconds. now back over to antioch. you talked about the east bay hills getting the sprinkles. highway 4 you may see sprinkles, but highway 4 near 66 and hillcrest, a smooth drive off the antioch bridge from the north bay. heading into the north bay like you said, sprinkles and overnight showers near vacaville
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and sprinkles near wine country. westbound 880 near the cartinas bridge, a smooth drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. there's still smaller puddles near the toll plaza, so keep that in mind. that's the same for the off-ramps and on-ramps. 880 is moving smoothly this morning. there was a lot of activity near 29th this morning, but all lanes are cleared. the 29th on-ramp might be affected this morning. the nimitz freeway itself is all clear. a true show stopper. apple's steve jobs shocks the tech move in a world that surprised apple. plus want the ipad2? we'll tell you where you can trade in your original. plus, can't get enough sleep? we have simple ideas to help put you to sleep and to help stay asleep.
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well, what's the only thing that can overshadow apple's debut of the apple's ipad2 debut? steve jobs was energized by the newest gadget. there's an unexpected part to this story. "today in the east bay's skts"
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scott budman was there with the up expected news. >> reporter: what was expected? apple updated the hottest selling ipad. here's a look at it, it is skinnier with dual chips inside to be faster. it has new apps and new ways to play. in other words, an upgrade from what we saw nine months ago and 15 million ipads ago. that's pretty good news. but the shocker is the new ipad2 was present bid none other than apple's ceo steve jobs coming off medical leave to stun the crowd and show people he's still in good enough health to do this. in fact, here's how one person said it is up to steve jobs to tell everybody else to, hey, get off his back. >> i think that maybe this was a bit of the "i'm here and you shouldn't worry about me too much." >> reporter: so jobs comes back. apple has a new ipad. here's an interesting note.
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typically apple's stock gets a run-up before a release, then the product comes out and investors take profit. for the first time in a long time apple which has seen its stock price move up lately actually saw the stock price move up even higher after the upgrade of the ipad. the reason? the guess here is because of steve jobs. now investors after seeing him in action have one less thing to worry about. scott budman, "today in the east bay." the gulf oil spill now impacting v.p. executives. for more news before the bell, courtney reagan is live at cnbc with more. >> reporter: good morning, scott. wall street looks to build on wednesday's gains and futures are higher so far this morning. we appear to be gaping a little bit of strength. we saw stocks rise yesterday on good news for jobs with that adp report showing more private sector jobs were likely created last month than initially
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forecast. that could bode well for tomorrow's key jobs report although adp doesn't always match up. oil prices curtailed the stock gains yesterday shooting up to $102 a barrel. that's where we are trading now on reports that gadhafi's forces attacked a big libyan oil feed in the rebel-controlled east. crude is just a touch below that $102 a barrel so far today. now we'll get quite a bit of economic data. new claims for jobless benefits, productivity and labor costs as well as service in the sector, that's still ahead this morning. ve biggest retailers also reporting february sales. so far most are beating estimates. total sales are forecast to rise 3.6% for the month industry wide. and congress has opened the envelope on the u.s. postal office's finances and lawmakers don't like what they pulled out. patrick donahue said the postal service will run out of cash by the end of the fiscal year in
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september. they are required to pre-fund health benefits for retirees meaning it owes about $5 billion for those medical costs. scott, back to you. >> courtney, thank you. meanwhile, christina loren has a look ahead to the weekend. >> good morning, i like the way you think. we are always thinking about the weekend, especially when thursday arrives. good morning to you in the east bay. it is a mild start in concord, 50 degrees. 49 in livermore. heading throughout the day because we are starting out so warm we'll be able to reach the mid-60s. we are looking to a really nice second half of the day, great for outdoor activities. if you have to get outside, rake the leaves, no excuses this afternoon. as you can see right now, a little bit of shower activity streaming onshore. it is very light and spotty in nature. this is only going to happen for the first half of the day. so slick conditions in parts of the east bay. take it easy out there as the roads have not had that much time to dry out. as you can see here, there's not a lot on the way, just a little more shower development heading through the next couple of hours. then the sun will be back out
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over the east bay reaching highs around 63 degrees. so you keep the ipad inside with you for the first half of the day and bring it out for the second half. thank you, christina. the oakland a's outfielder is apologizing after being arrested on drunk driving. cocoa crisp apologized after being released from the scotsdale jail. he is the third major league player to be arrested for suspicion of dui during spring training this year. back on the diamond, second baseman mark ellis hits an rbi single. oakland beat the cleveland indians 4-3. coming up, can't sleep? you are not alone, why some more people are susceptible to insomnia and what triggers it. looking at the east bay, i have a note for oakland drivers. stick around, i'll give you the details. dinner's ready!
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good morning, everyone. it is 4:52. 22 minutes into the newscast and snow charlie sheen news so far. let's toss it over to mike. mike, i have your scrabble piles for the day. it is dui and bmw. that's right, very good. double points for that because that is what was happening over near 880. 29th street near the on-ramp to southbound 880, this live shot is showing you the shell station where there was a lot of
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activity just up until 4:00 this morning. the bmw driver was arrested for drunk driving after the person hit a metering light knocking it into the freeway causing a number of other accidents including a punctured fuel tank for a big rig. the cue light is that the metering light is no longer there if you use the 29th on-ramp. i'm not suggesting that, safety is the biggest concern there. 580 near the altamont pass is a calm drive. the wind are much calmer than yesterday. back to you. let's go ent to brent cannon to check in on what's coming up today. >> we have bob redell joining us live later on with a sledgehammer. why, you ask? we are still trying to figure that out, too. good news for the san jose state hockey team. you may remember someone accused players of drinking and hazing a while back. they have now been cleared and are gearing up for a tournament. and an exclusive interview with a local college student now
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suing the fbi. all that and more coming up in a little bit. we'll see you then. scott? thank you much. insomnia doesn't have to take over your life. you can get it under control by making simple lifetime changes. dorian gensler from washington, d.c., shows us how. >> the greatest challenge is if you don't get enough sleep you feel tired and under the weather the next day. >> this 34-year-old tried to spend 15 years getting a good night's sleep. >> i would have a hard time falling asleep or you have an easy time falling asleep but a hard time staying asleep. >> she suffers from chronic insomnia, a condition affecting 1 in 10 adults marked by trouble sleeping lasting for more than a month. in her case it has lasted years. >> during the times you get frustrated. >> reporter: insomnia is common among adults. as many as 30% of americans have trouble sleeping at some points in their lives.
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it causes sales of sleep aids to skyrocket. in 2009 pharmacists filled 48 million prescriptions for medications like ambian and sonata. this doctor is the director of the the sleep disorder center at george washington medical associates. >> you want an easy way out for everything and anything. >> reporter: dr. jang says using sleep medication is a quick fix because scientists found that the brains of some people who suffer from sleep problems have a tough time quieting down at night. they are extra sensitive to insomnia triggers like stress or even a change in routine. >> what we target in therapy is what perpetuates the insomnia, it could be a move, it could be a financial problem, if. >> reporter: dr. jang says you can get insomnia under control but it is not easy and can take a long time. it involves tracking all of your sleep habits. so seeing if you are using your bedroom for activities that stimulate the brain, things like checking e-mail or watching tv
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in bed. people should also avoid getting into bed until they are tired. don't go to bed because you think you should. >> for an insomniac, i tell them not to sleep until you are tired. >> reporter: christina has made a few changes going to bed later, avoids reading in bed and has cut out caffeine. >> i don't feel as tired. i can go to work and feel great and then also do things after work. coming up, life after oakland's mayor. we'll have the latest on ron dellum's new job. you are looking at a live picture of the golden gate bridge. there's some flashing lights out there. we'll check in with mike to find out what that's about in a minute.
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new this morning, a fire ruins a restaurant. and now the whole strip mall is without power and gas. a full report is coming up. plus, san francisco police officers are accused of breaking the law and it is allegedly caught on tape. an an update on an fbi raid we told you about yesterday morning. a live look at the bay bridge this morning. it is thursday, march 3rd. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. it is 4:59. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a check on the forecast with christina. good morning. it is not that hard to get up this morning because temperatures are in the 50s or the upper 40s. we have 46 in novato.


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