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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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52 in oakland. we are starting out so warm, so when the sun comes out this afternoon we'll warm into the middle 60s. we have lingering showers pushing into redwood city. get ready for showers in the next ten minutesful everything we see in terms of shower activity will be very light this morning. someone already very busy even though it is early is mike inouye. i was working on what you were working on earlier with the showersment cooing through the north bay. we have seen things calm down a bit. no instance for 101, we are watching an easy drive right now, but that means it is an eight-minute drive continuing down to the golden gate bridge. scott showed you a few minutes ago flashlights on the bridge. that's the bridge crew moving the cones. the center lane is movable, so now two lanes opened to four lanes. we'll take a live look at the bay bridge with a little puddling out there. keep in mind there are still wet roads out there. thank you very much.
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firefighters are checking for hot spots after flames ripped through a south bay restaurant overnight. marla tellez is live outside that restaurant near kelley park in san jose. anyone hurt, marla? >> reporter: good morning, laura. the good news is nobody was hurt, but it is not looking good for the owners of this el salvadorian restaurant you can see behind me. we are at the corner of story and lacreche road. this strip mall here is where the restaurant is. this fire happened in this restaurant behind me here. within minutes firefighters were on scene. 35 firefighters got the fire under control about 30 minutes after arriving on the scene. the damage contained only to the restaurant did not spread to the other businesses nearby. damage is estimated at $200,000. so you think it is ruined? >> inside, yes.
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they will not be back in business, unfortunately. >> reporter: that was the fire chief. he says that the cause seems to be accidental. it is preliminary, but he thinks it started in a storage unit in the back of the restaurant. he thinks that it is an electrical fire. here's the thing, the owner of l lagaviota has not been contacted. if you are the owner this morning, your restaurant has been destroyed, unfortunately. the owners of the other businesses coming to work this morning need to contact pg&e to get their power restored before opening for business at any point today. nobody hurt, but the fire at lagaviota restaurant has destroyed it. marla tellez for "today in the bay." new this morning an nbc bay area exclusive.
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a local arab college student is suing the fbi after finding a tracking device on his car. this morning 20-year-old santa clara student yaser afifi returned to san jose last night. he's suing the fbi for violating his constitutional rights. he says the fbi attached a device to his car and threatened him with federal charges if he did not give it back. afifi says he's not politically active and feels he shouldn't have been targeted. >> i knew they were tracking my car, and i am a muslim. and i believe they were doing this only because i'm fitting some type of profile for them. i'm trying to speak out and make sure that anybody else in my position can and will assert their rights. >> in his lawsuit afifi is asking for an order to ban the fbi from placing these kinds of gps tracking devices on cars without search warrants.
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the third and final day of fall hearings into the pg&e pipeline blast in san bruno will start in an hour in washington, d.c. yesterday san bruno's fire chief told the ntsb he didn't know there was a gas pipeline underneath the city. investigators also turned a critical eye to the state pnc for not eyeing the pressure more closely. later this morning industry leaders will weigh in on the technology regulating the safety of the pipe lines. a live report of the final day of the hearings is coming up. santa clara police have a suspect for the city's first homicide of 2011. officers are looking for 22-year-old roberto perez who also goes by the name of daniel armeta. they believe he stabbed a man to death sunday morning. officers say armento is dangerous. if you see him call 911. parents in the south bay elementary school are reeling this morning. less than a year ago a fire
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destroyed part of trace elementary school in san jose. now the school is hearing news of two former members of the parent teacher committee have allegedly stolen $50,000. an administrative clerk and the former pto treasurer was arrested. they are still looking for the former pto president. the current president and treasurer found questionable transactions on old bank statements. the two women used fund for things like jogging shoes and a family trip to legoland. the parents are outraged. >> the school needed it at the school. that's what you are supposed to do, you are not supposed to go keep it for yourself. >> pt money was set aside for the school and teachers. students and the clergy will
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be at the state building downtown tonight at 5:00. they want to make sure the collective bargaining battle that's going on in wisconsin does not spread to california. governor brown set a deadline of march 10th for state budget negotiations to wrap up. from mayor of oakland to d.c. lobbyist, this morning we know what ron dellums is doing. after his stint at oakland mayor he returned to the capitol as vice chair of a consulting firm. san jose earthquakes are a step closer to finding a new home. today in the bay's bob redell is live in san jose with details on what's going on. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. the earthquakes, the san jose's professional soccer team u, have identified a property. it is this 14-acre site near the international airport, and the problem is they have this old manufacturing plant on site. that's why they have two enormous excavators which at noon today will start tearing
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down this property so they can make way for their brand new stadium. by the way, fans of the earthquake are invited out at noon to watch this fun and excitement. frank stands is here. we have seen the rhetoric of the team and what it will look like. can you describe what the vision is? >> yeah, sure. i mean, we are really trying to bring a state of the art facility to san jose. a lot of things come with the facility. we'll have a score board up at the end there and it will be a great stadium. >> reporter: how big seating-wise? >> no set seating chart right now. i don't want to comment on that, it could be 15,000 and up. >> reporter: the team has never had a permanent stadium, spartan stadium and now they play at santa clara university. i imagine there's a lot of energy in the organization to see this happen. >> everyone is excited from the players to the front office. everyone is excited to get into a new home. >> reporter: no ground breaking
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date yet. still waiting on funding, so is there a possibility this won't happen or just a matter of time to get the money. >> we are ready to go. >> reporter: when do you think ground breaking will be? >> i can't comment on that. we are still working on details, but hopefully in a couple of years to get the stadium up. >> reporter: i was looking at the excavators, i don't know if they can get the job done. so do you mind if i help out real quick? >> we can use a little help. >> reporter: all right. here i go. all right, one step closer. >> do one for me, bob. thank you. thank you. we are getting there. >> reporter: that was the entrance to the restroom for our live shots this morning. by the way, if you need any demo work, i'm available. i charge $7.50 an hour. just let me know. if you need anything broken -- do you want to take a whack at
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this, frank? >> i'll give it a try. >> this is the start of something fun. >> reporter: we don't need the excavators. 1125 coleman, fans are invited. >> now that you told where you are, people will be lining up to come down and take a swing. >> reporter: don't bring your own sledgehammer. i don't want to give that impression. >> see you, guys. >> they have a ways to go out there. we want to say good morning to christina. >> good morning to you. at least he's not freezing cold out there because we are pretty mild this morning. our temperatures are not that bad. but he might work up a sweat because we are at 52 degrees right now in oakland. 50 in concord. 49 degrees in livermore. so much warmer than we were at this time at the start of the week with temperatures in the 30s and upper 20s. you'll definitely enjoy walking out your front door because it is not that bad this morning.
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as you can see we have a bit of shower activity creeping ashore, especially along the peninsula this morning. san francisco is getting light rain as well as redwood city now. and a little bit of the activity will linger into the east bay. for the first part of the day, that is. then we'll see clearing. by noon mostly clear conditions across the bay area. making your way home tonight you won't be faced with a slow commute because of rain coming down. it should be nice and dry by 5:00 p.m. more rain on the way for the weekend. we'll tell you when and how much we are expecting, it could be another juicy system coming up. right now we'll check your drive with mike inouye. good morning, christina. we are benefiting from the dryout going on right now. the south bay is looking good. look at the speeds registering in the 70s with some of the sensors. we have the 65-mile-per-hour speed limit, but we are averaging right near the limit. at least the averages are legal coming through the south bay. you talk about the rain coming down the peninsula, the lower peninsula is moving smoothly. we should see on a thursday the slowdown southbound into 880 and in east palo alto at 7:00 or
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7:30. same for san mateo, both directions of 101 and 92 will slow at the same time. there could be rain coming through, we'll watch for issues on this side of the bay. the other side, 880 is looking smooth on the drive past the coliseum. an easy drive but the glow of the lights indicates moisture in the air. and there are slick roadways around the east bay as well. we are looking at the approach to the bay bridge, we have an 18-minute drive from the cartinas bridge down the berkeley curve. if you are heading north to the north bay, you have that near fairfield, some sprinkles. it is also near wine country. thank you very much. 5:11 right now. an update on oil and gas prices this morning live from cnbc world headquarters. and a court ruling that could make it tougher for a lot of people to find jobs. plus, the brownies being marketed as a chocolatey way to melt your problems away. and a live look outside at san jose this morning. the shark tank is looking pretty good overall outside.
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welcome back. here's a life picture of the golden gate bridge. it is a lot dryer and a lot less windy than yesterday. a surprise ruling from the federal court of appeals has upheld the right of employers to refuse to hire anybody who has ever tested positive for marijuana or other drugs. the so-called one-strike rule is
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a long-time policy of the pacific association which controls all hiring in the long shore industry along the west coast. the association was sued by a man who was denied a job because he tested positive for marijuana use seven years earlier. the gulf oil spill is now having an impact on executive wallets. they are not paying bonuses to any executives who operated in the gulf. courtney reagan is live at cnbc world headquarters with more. >> reporter: good morning, laura. wall street does look to build on wednesday's gains. so far futures are higher. we saw stocks rise on good news of jobs yesterday with the adp employment report showing more private sector jobs were likely created last month than originally forecasted. that could bode well for tomorrow's key government jobs report, though we have to remember that adp doesn't always match up. oil prices curtailed the stock gains yesterday shooting up to $102 a barrel on report that is
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gadhafi's forces attacked a big libyan field in the rebel-controlled east. crew is trading at $101 a barrel this morning. we have quite a bit of economic data today. new claims for jobless benefits, productivity and labor costs as well as details from the services sector. the nation's biggest retailers are reporting their february sales. so far so good. most are beating those estimates. total sales are forecasted to rise 3.4% for the industry for last month. and directv is said to launch a premium on demand service. you can watch movies two months after they someday buy in theaters. that's at least a month before released on dvd. you have to pay $30 per movie but that could also be bundled with a physical dvd. the service could launch in june with movies from 20th century box, sony and warner bros. ground breaking news out of
5:17 am
a south bay hospital starting this morning. city leaders and hospital officials will hold a ceremony marking the final piece of the $300 million renovation project. the four-story 160,000 foot tower will replace an older building at the regional medical center of san jose. the tower is scheduled to be completed in early 2014. all right. 5:17 right now. we want to check the forecast with christina. not too bad, not too bad this morning. we are starting out pretty warm and we have a big deck of clouds overhead keeping things nice and comfortable for us trapping in the heat from yesterday. and the good news is all the shower activity is moving on out. a little is lingering along the peninsula. san francisco is getting light rain. redwood city, same for you. a little bit of spotty activity is aiming to livermore heading through the next 15 to 20 minutes. we are going to see all of this dry out as we head throughout the day. pretty nice day on tap with temperatures reaching 63 degrees. just a few spotty showers earl i
5:18 am
early. we will see breaks of sunshine. within those breaks of sunshine we have opportunities to warm up into the mid-60s. and right now i'm questioning whether or not i should even bump up my numbers a bit because it is so warm and balmy out there compared to where we are at this time of the morning. 66 degrees by friday. then more rain on the way saturday into sunday. it looks like late saturday into sunday we could pick up another inch in the south bay. up to two inches possible in the north bay. we'll keep you updated all morning long. back to you guys. thank you so much. a dessert baked with a natural sleep aid is now being marketed as the world's first relaxation brownie. >> it is hitting store shelves without being regulated by the fda. the brownies are called lazy cakes. their key ingredient is melatonin, a natural hormone said to cause sleep. if you eat the whole brownie you are ingesting 8 milligrams of
5:19 am
melatonin. it is very potent. >> depending on your age, i think you can take too much. i would say 5 milligrams is the max you should take. >> nutritionists say it is unlikely melatonin is habit forming but you shouldn't operate machinery while on it. >> then why not take the pill and have all the brownies you want? >> there you go. 5:19 right now. the president of mexico is in washington today. we'll tell you what he and president obama will be discussing. the army private accused of spying has new charge against him. we'll look at that coming up in tech news. as you hit the road we'll let you know how things are going. the tunnel looks goo bdut i have my eyes on an accident in the south bay. your update is coming up. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through
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welcome back. here's a live look outside. there was an accident here earlier, but that has been cleared up. there were reports of a metering light being hit in traffic. that's been cleared, but the question is now do they have a metering light in the area? we'll check on that. the museum of art and digital entertainment is close to its goal of raising $20,000 for the project. it wants to legitimize video games as works of art. everything from cabbage patch kids to the first virtual product will be displayed. m.a.d.e. has over $12,000 in the bank, but by april 21st as the deadline it could soon be game over. mike inouye is here to check on the metering light situation. that has been cleared, but do
5:23 am
they not have a metering light? >> how will that affect the on-ramp at 29th onto southbound 880. that's the shell gas station we showed where all the cars were pulled over after the metering light was hit. the driver of the vehicle was arrested for drunk driving there. so far so good through the maze. 880, confirming all lanes are open through the area of this east bay. we are going further east to antioch where we see the first slowing, the 64 at hillcrest coming off the antioch bridge is a smooth drive, but in 15 minutes the speed sensor dips down dramatically at down to 15 or 30 miles per hour. this is a thursday, we should see a good volume of traffic through the area. highway 24 we showed you the tunnel before the break, we have a nice easy drive on 680 from walnut creek over to 24. 680 and 580 themselveses are moving smoothly through the dublin interchange. we'll get you a live look at the peninsula. the san mateo bridge is much more steady today.
5:24 am
there could be sprinkles and low clouds, keep that in mind. the south bay has an accident, 880 at coleman. it is off the roadway. way off the roadway. a car has gone into the bushes there, but we are not sure how long the car has been there. chp is checking it out. no lanes have been blocked with flashing lights. back to you. fighting continues in libya this morning as pro-gadhafi forces attack rebel-held areas. libyan war planes recently targeted an oil port after rebel forces defeated ga day fe loyalists. the obama administration is now trying to downplay using the military to force the libyan leader from power. the pentagon is making it clear that it does not want war and it also says in order to create a no-fly zone over the area it would require a military attack, so they are downplaying that. this morning mexico's president is meeting with the president at the white house. his visit comes three weeks
5:25 am
after a u.s. immigration enforcement agent was killed in northern mexico. today the two leaders will discuss immigration policies, free trade and aid to support mexico's war on drugs. new charges against the army private accused of one of the biggest cases of espionage in american history. scott mcgrew is joining us with details on that. >> well, bradley manning is the young soldier who pretended to burn lady gaga cds when what he was doing was stealing tens of thousands of documents and sending them off to wikileagues. manning was in military jail for months charged with spying but this morning extra charges, aiding the enemy, though prosecutors don't name a specific enemy. the crimes could be punished by death. they want him to spend the rest of his life in prison. there are a small number of people in the bay area and in other parts of california who
5:26 am
see manning as a leer row. the city council in berkeley once considered passing a resolution lotting manning. they said manning deserves a metal. apple has trouble keeping much secret these days. bloggers anticipated many of the new features on the ipad2 announced on wednesday. many did not anticipate steve jobs. the ceo who said he was on medical leave reappeared to introduce the new ipad. now, a couple of fascinating statistics. in just under ten months apple has sold 15 million ipads and another starting statistic, apple has more credit card numbers through its itunes accounts than any other organization on the web. >> don't talk about that potential of what could happen there with all those numbers. interesting. 5:26 right now. an inmate is on the loose after a mix-up by the alameda sheriff's department. plus more from the exclusive interview with a local
5:27 am
arab-american college student who says the fbi violated his constitutional rights. i'm bob redell. i'll tell you how the earth will move to make room for the new l'sjose.e stadium here in sanat that's later today. the story is coming up after this. to myds. i've got -- [ male announcer ] that's great. let's see what yiayia thinks! you dress like a prostitute. did she just call me a pros-- [ male announcer ] noooo, yiayia would never do -- prostitute. [ male announcer ] never mind that, michelle. at least yiayia approves of you serving athenos hummus. mmmmmm! because only athenos is made the greek way, with 100% olive oil. athenos. maybe the only thing approved by yiayia. with 100% olive oil. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today,
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new this morning an early morning fire destroys a restaurant in san jose. good morning, i'm marla tellez. it happened in a strip mall. i'll tell you what it means for all the business owners here coming up in a live report. plus, san francisco police officers are accused of breaking the law. and it is allegedly caught on tape. and an update on the fbi raid we first reported for you yesterday morning. and a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge. look at the water glistening there. it is thursday, march 3rd. this is "today in the bay."
5:30 am
>> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. hoping to dry out a bit from the rain of yesterday, we'll get started with a look at the forecast with christina. good morning to you guys. we are in the 50s this morning. it is pretty comfortable out there. we'll see a little spotty activity for the first part of the day. then a beautiful sky will warm us into the upper 60s. maybe even 70 degrees in some cities. 52 in oakland. a little bit of shower activity pushing ashore in the peninsula. that will be the case heading throughout this afternoon, but by noon mostly sunny conditions are anticipated right at the coast. a little bit of lingering activity in the east bay as we head through 5:00 p.m. as we see a completely clear bay area looking pretty good for this afternoon and your evening commute. let's find out what's happening on your commute right now with mike inouye. good morning, christina. we are happy to say not a lot is happening in the north bay. we have some fog and some mist over on highway 37 heading over
5:31 am
to 101 and through santa rosa to the north. but fairfield, vak kiln vak vim, the gelly belly fact are factory is clear. we are filling one cars as 5:30 approaches. livermore out of the altamont pass, a 14-minute drive. no major issues, just a steady build for a thursday. back to you guys. thanks, mike. an arab-american college student find a tracking device on his car and this morning he is suing the fbi and sharing his story exclusively with nbc bay area. 20-year-old santa clara university student yaser afifi arrived in san jose last night after being in washington, d.c. he's suing the fbi for violating his constitutional rights. he says a mechanic found a tracking device on his car during an oil change last fall. after posting a picture of the device on the internet, afifi says fbi agents knocked on his
5:32 am
door and threatened him with federal charges if he didn't give it back. >> they came with suvs and didn't come knocking on the door nicely. they were really intimidating and kept telling me, oh, if you don't give the device back we'll arrest you and whatnot. once i located the device and found out what it was, i wanted to seize the moment and see if we can file a lawsuit. >> afifi's lawyers are aware of several incidents similar to what happened to afifi. in his lawsuit afifi is asking for an order to ban the fbi from being able to place gps devices on cars without search warrants. 5:32 right now. this morning a south bay restaurant is ruined after a two-alarm fire broke out overnight at a strip mall. marla tellez is live outside that restaurant near kelley park in san jose. was anyone inside the restaurant when the fire started? >> reporter: laura, actually, nobody was inside at the time. so that is good news, but certainly bad news this morning for the owners of this el
5:33 am
salvadorian restaurant called la gaviota. you can see the mess left behind. firefighters recently cleared the scene, but i can tell you there's a crew on site right now doing their best to clean up the mess that's been left behind. and they are actually here to board up the business this morning. la gaviota is one of six businesses this in this strip mall. the fire was called in at 1:20 this morning and quickly became a two-alarm fire. about 35 firefighters knocked down the flames within about a half hour. the fire chief tells me the damage could have been much worse had it not been for their quick response. >> we were lucky enough to have a fire unit in the area because they were clearing another call. they arrived on scene one minute after the first call came in. so we had a big jump on the fire. >> reporter: so the fire chief tells me the restaurant is destroyed this morning. damage estimated at about
5:34 am
$200,000. the cause is still under investigation though the chief tells me it appears to be accidental. he thinks it was an electrical fire that started in a storage room in the back. now, this strip mall here, here's the thing this morning. the electrical and gas have both been turned off throughout all of these businesses. and pg&e was on site earlier. they say that the property owner or owners need to contact them in order to get their power and gas restored this morning. also, i do want to point out that the openers of this restaura restaurant, nobody has made contact with them this morning. if you know to whom this restaurant belongs, contact us and we'll let them know what's happening at their restaurant. certainly not a good start to the day for them. live in san jose for "today in the bay," marla tellez. a san francisco public defenders office says surveillance video shows that
5:35 am
san francisco narcotic officers broke the law during a drug search. the public did fender got the video from the henry hotel at sixth and mission. he claims police illegally barged into his client's room without consent or a warrant. now the officers testified in court that a woman in the room gave consent and she signed a form before the search. but the police report and the surveillance video seemed to tell a different story. >> these officers are involved in hundreds of arrests and people are incarcerated based on what they say in their police report and what they testify to in courtrooms. and if we can't trust them -- >> the police department promises a thorough investigation. the district attorney's is also opening an inquiry. more than a dozen people protesting fee hikes at the u.c. system are under arrest this morning. police told a group of protesters to leave u.c. berkeley's wheeler hall late last night. some of them listened but about 16 or so people stayed behind.
5:36 am
police arrested them one by one as they chanted "no cuts, no fees and we are doing this for your kids." one student told us why they were there. >> they can raise fees 32% every time an economic crisis happens, and those happen every eight years. what's going to happen to our children? that's what this is about. >> there was a big police presence. some officers came from san francisco state to make sure the protests didn't get out of hand. we have an update this morning on the breaking news we reported for you yesterday. the fbi raided several east bay card rooms and it appears they are not open this morning. we called artichoke joes in san bruno and the oaks card club in emeryville but nobody answered. there were reports they would reopen again last night. they were two of more than a dozen card rooms raided by the fbi yesterday. agents were looking for gangs, gambling and money laundering but no one was arrested during those raids. an embarrassing mix-up has a prisoner on the loose this, mo. the alameda county jail is
5:37 am
looking for ismael casada. he was arrested on immigration and carjacking charges on sunday. he went to court monday afternoon but never went back to jail. the sheriff's department thinks he was mistakenly taken to the release room or somehow managed to escape. casda also goes by the name ismael ramirez. it is not often you feel good about putting the words earthquakes and buildings demolish put together, but this morning soccer fans across the bay area have a reason to have a smile on their face. >> yes, bob redell is live in san jose with a sledgehammer in hand. you are helping out, huh? >> reporter: actually, i have keys in hand. >> what happened to the sledgehammer? >> reporter: no, i got the keys. >> who in the world gave those to you? >> reporter: they wouldn't let me touch that thing. in just over six hours, brent and laura, this excavator, there are two of them on the site here, they will be fired up by the earthquakes so they can knock down this enormous
5:38 am
building. you can't even see the entire building in the camera shot because it is enormous, but we are on a 14-acre site that the team has bought just across from norman y mineta international. look at the artist renderings. this would be the san jose earthquakes brand new stadium, the first time they have had their own stadium dedicated just to their team. in years past they played at the spartan stadium. now they are playing at buck shaw in santa clara. this is a $60 million project, 15,000 seat venue. they have not announced a ground breaking yet. the idea is maybe they will have this completed within a year or two. that's still an issue of getting the funding. frank is here from the team. at noon you will fire these up and tear the building down. that's a huge step for san jose and the professional soccer team. you must be energized and excited. >> we are excited. this is a huge step forward for the san jose earthquakes and the bay area. we think this is going to help increase interest with the club
5:39 am
and hopefully it is a stepping point for future success. >> reporter: now you are not encouraging people to bring their own sledgehammers down or anything like that, that's correct? >> we hope they keep them at home. >> reporter: can we give it a little head start here? >> we'll let you get a head start on the demo process. >> reporter: this has been bothering me here for a while. and let's get a shot at this thing here. there we go. hey, that wasn't the best place to be hitting on the wall. >> you have a little work to do there. >> reporter: we made a huge dent, a huge start on the destruction here. coming up, we have a soccer ball. we found some plate glass windows. i'm sure with my rocket foot we can take out something. >> you are like a little boy. >> he is totally going to hurt himself before this is over. >> don't try to file workers comp. we are watching you, bob. >> reporter: checking in the forecast with christina, it is noticeably warmer. it feels warmer out there compared to what we have had. i need an ac pronto. maybe some grapes and --
5:40 am
nevermind. 50 degrees in napa. it is balmy out there. hopefully we'll get to see him use his noggin and score a goal with his head. that's what i would like to see from you, bob redell. 52 in santa cruise right now. heading throughout the afternoon because we are starting out so warmer with going to see a lot of sunshine today, especially for the second half of the day once we get rid of the pesky light showers. we'll see temperatures close to 65 degrees in many bay area cities today. we have a little bit of lingering activity. this is going to be the case for the first part of the day. just spotty on and off showers. very light in nature. they are moving pretty quick here. san francisco just got light activity so watch out for slick conditions through there. also we are seeing high pressure build back in quickly. that means we do have some fog out there. reduced visibility in novato right now with 3/4 a mile. watch out for swirling fog with high pressure building back in. we have a lot of lingering moisture out there. by noon today just a little activity expected over the east
5:41 am
bay. a mostly sunny sky over the peninsula. and most of the bay area will be clear by noon. by 5:00 p.m. completely clear conditions. any slick conditions impacting motorists this morning? likely there are slick conditions but they are not impacting motorists. the volume is impacting folks out of antioch. near horizon, elle and g street we are seeing slowing. the average is coming down over the next few minutes. the maze is moving smoothly. there's puddling at the bay bridge toll plaza, keep that in mind. here's a live look out there, the heavier volume and light puddles are there. the golden gate bridge, you talked about the fog near novato, keep that in mind. but the north bay commute is at the limit down to 101. an official entry into the assistance mayor's rac plus a nppew poll th plus a new poll that looks at who can win the november election. >> we'll be right back. well this year our garden's simply amazing.
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5:44 am
the third and final day of testimony is about to get under way in washington as federal officials investigate the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. "today in the bay" cease tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., with what to expect today. >> reporter: hey, brent, good morning. more testimony from pg&e from regulators overseeing pg&e and people affected by this explosion. the testimony seems to be centering around did the utility do enough to let people in the area know and officials in the area know of this possible danger. the san bruno fire chief testified yesterday that no one told him that that pipeline ran directly under the neighborhood where 38 homes were destroyed, that it was half hazardly marked. pg&e is under fire for not connecting enough with local authorities. the utility says it had annual training and max of resources online. they sent out a survey to customers, 1500 of them, only 20
5:45 am
responded. the utility now saying that's unacceptable and they do need to do more to let people know of that potential danger. expect more testimony today, not only from pg&e executives but also from the california public utilities commission. brent? >> thank you for the update. 5:45 right now. the trouble is mounting this morning for the former anti-drug task force chief accused of stealing police impound drugs and selling them. we are now learning norman welsh and private investigator christopher butler may have orange straited a false arrest back in 2009. police say butler and his employees dressed as cops and kidnapped a man in exchange for thousands of dollars of illegal prescription medications. both men have pleaded not guilty to all charges. a bay area college hockey team is back on the ice after accusations of drinking and hazing at a team event. a spokesperson for the san jose state par stans says the team has been cleared of all charges. but they were suspended for six
5:46 am
games after a parent accused players of hazing underaged team members during travel to a team event. there were also unsubstantiated reports of youtube video allegedly showing team members drinking. none of the team members were punished by the university and they have now all been cleared to play in the national championship tournament sch which starts this month although because of that six-game suspension it has lowered san jose state's seeding. oakland city council members will slow their support behind wisconsin workers fighting for collective bargaining rights. council members jane bruno and libby shaft will present a resolution at a committee meeting today. they are calling on wisconsin legislature to support public workers bargaining rights. the resolution will be sent to wisconsin's governor. the race to decide who is going to run san francisco is heating up. a former supervisor will officially toss her hat into the ring today. mckayla piers spent seven years
5:47 am
on the board of supervisors and her term ended this past january. a new poll from "the san francisco chronicle" finds the race pretty much wide open. lelandyee is in the lead. if he doesn't run, it opens the door for alioto-pier. "the chronicle" also says none of the front-runners has 20% of the vote. what about the forecast? let's check in with christina. >> good morning to you. it looks pretty good today. happy to wake up with you each and every day at 49 degrees in livermore. this morning it is really mild out there. you won't need that heavy jacket. you can probably get by with something a little lighter this morning. and you'll be peeling it off by noon when our temperatures climb into the upper 50s. right now we are at 49 degrees in sunnyvale. a little bit of shower activity, but what you notice here is all of the activity starting to push
5:48 am
to the south now as that system clears out of the area. we are seeing high pressure building back in rapidly. and that's producing some fog up in places like novato with 3/4 a mile of visibility. mostly clear conditions by noon. we'll see a completely clear bay area by 5:00 p.m. then the showers arrive once again just in time for the weekend. back to you guys. thank you very much. 5:48 right now. tennis star serena williams is at home this morning recuperating after two health scares. doctors found a blood clot in her lungs last week. she was also treated for an internal hemorrhage. the 29-year-old was rushed to the hospital yesterday morning to remove the hemorrhage. williams says she hopes to return to tennis early this summer. the golden state warriors are pulling out all the stops doing whatever they can to make it to the playoffs, including starting a guy with little experience. rookie ipe udo helped beat the
5:49 am
wizards 106-102. the next game is tomorrow night. the wizards on the opposite end of the scale than the boston celtics, so they will be a big challenge. matt cain won't start today's game against colorado. an mri revealed an elbow inflammation in his pitching arm. no word on what the recovery time will be on that. non-roster players will take over cain's start today. the a's camp is dealing with issues of its own this morning. outfielder cocoa crisp is expected to talk about his arrest of suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. he'll play in today's game with milwaukee. he was arrested early yesterday morning. late last night crisp apologized via twitter. time now is 5:49. the publicity stunt in san francisco that has environmentalists upset this morning. the angry birds get angrier. a fight over the future of gaming. business news just ahead. and as we get you on the road, we'll follow this truck
5:50 am
here through the east bay. we are seeing some big slowdowns now as the 6:00 hour approaches, but i have a spot that might be a little quicker this morning. i'll ge u the details coming up. he's single, he's great looking and i'm going to introduce you in two weeks. he's a dentist so whiten your teeth. no coffee, no espresso. mm-hmm. ♪ [ female announcer ] crest 3d white toothpaste. the remarkable toothpaste that removes up to 80% of surface stains in just two weeks... hi. i'm paul. [ female announcer ] for a noticeably whiter smile in just two weeks crest 3d white toothpaste. also try crest 3d white rinse. ♪
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a publicity stunt for a new video game went bust on arrival. bay area environmentalists are angry over this video of 10,000 balloons being released in san francisco yesterday. you only see a few of them here, but they say that they are angry because some of the balloons landed in the water and some made it to treasure island. you see them all over the place here. the southern california video company thq is behind the stunt. remember we told you that they were also marching across the golden gate bridge yesterday. they say the balloons are 100%
5:53 am
biodegradable, but a lot of people are still upset nonetheless. the joy of reading was shared in schools across the country with the read across america program. i got a chance to read to students at san jose's baker elementary. like my hat? fancy schmancy. just like other guest readers, do you really like for me to dress up like dr. seuss? i got to read "to give a mouse a cookie." that's a favorite in my house. i loved it. thanks. at baker they gave me this sweatshirt to make me an honorary wildcat. >> apparently big-named kids went to that school. >> scott mcgrew's kids went there, i was informed. >> were they good students? >> of course. we love zach around here. >> what did you read? >> well, first of all, a shout
5:54 am
out to ian as well from scott mcgrew. i read "green eggs and ham." that's a favorite. and i read "one fish, two fish, green fish, blue fish" as well. we have slowing for westbound highway 4. right here we'll take this live shot of the oakland camera. right now steve wheeler our photographer is at the shell gas station where there was the aftermath. we had an accident just southbound of 880 near 29th. not that rig but another rig hit debris and busted the fuel tank. the trucks have cleared but so has the metering light. so far we are looking at a smooth drive through the area. as we move the map there, you can see speed sensors close to the limit. that's good for the freeway itself. we'll get you another live shot out there. here's 880 itself past the coliseum. the volume of traffic is picking up pretty well over there.
5:55 am
that's a good note for folks through the area. we'll take you over now to another east bay slower spot out of the altamont pass. a 15-minute drive for westbound 580. things are slowing down a bit, but not below 50. we do have a yellow on the eastbound direction. that's unusual. i'm check that out. meanwhile, the rest of the commute is looking good. no major issues. we'll point out that the north bay has patchy rain and fog this morning. so the visibility through novato right now is dipping down a bit. eight minutes from 87 to 580 and 11 minutes down to the golden gate bridge. 5:55 right now. you'll soon be able to watch basketball on your ipad and your phone. scott mcgrew is joining us with tech news. good morning, laura. the ncaa and competitors at cbs have been good examples of organizations thinking ahead adopting new technology. you recall last year during the sweet 16 tournament you could watch games on the web for free and on the iphone and ipad if you paid a fee. the wall street journal says this year iphone and ipad video will be free. last year fans watched more than
5:56 am
11 million collective hours of games on the web. the gaming community a buzz this morning after comments made by a nintendo executive at san francisco's game developers conference. the company's ceo was concerned free or inexpensive games were damaging the video game industry. he didn't call out any by name but think farmville or angry birds saying, quote, when i look at retailers and see a dollar or free software i have to say the owner doesn't care about high valued software at all. ". nintendo probably never figured out apple would be the biggest competitor, but as more people buy ipads, 15 million in nine months, more and more developers say apple has become a serious gaming company. that's a huge turn-around for the company that largely ignored video games on the mac for years. and frankly video game makers ignored the mac. >> apple just has its core in
5:57 am
everything. >> more apple core and more. the time is 5:56. the president of mexico pays a visit to the united states. what he and president obama are talking about coming up. and we'll hear more from a local student who says the fbi tapped his car without a warrant. he is filing suit today. and a live look outside across the golden gate bridge. a pretty nice drive around the bay area this morning. we'll be checking in on all the roads with mike coming up. [ female announcer ] most women in america aren't getting the calcium they need. but yoplait wants to change that. only yoplait original has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt. that's 50% of the daily value
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5:59 am
new this morning, a bay area restaurant is closed after an overnight fire. and a 20-year-old student in santa clara says he was targeted by the fbi and now he's suing. good morning, i'm marla tellez. we'll hear from this student coming up in a live report. plus a new home for


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