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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 22, 2011 4:30am-4:47am PDT

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it is 4:44. you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. it is just going to be a week of odd, odd weather. we'll check in with christina in a minute. we have a follow-up on the investigation into an east bay private detective and a high-ranking contra costa narcotics commander. it is a case that's rocked the east bay's criminal justice system. and it all started with an
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anonymous tip to diablo magazine. here's "today in the bay's" jessica ageary. >> it has been an extraordinarily stressful adrenaline ride. literally i stayed up night after night going through hundreds if not thousands of facebook profiles to try to connect these dots. >> reporter: diablo magazine writer peter crooks connected the dots in this month's april issue detailing how he uncovered that christopher butler and his bet of p.i. moms helped him with surveillance this september. set up early similar to this ride-on that unfolded on the "today" show starring a betrayed client, a sultry mistress and a team of investigators. the perfect magazine story until this e-mail from an anonymous tipster catapulted crooks into a much more dramatic story.
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>> this e-mail popped in from r. rutherford explaining that the ride-along i went on was completely scripted. a publicity stunt. eventually this couple went on the record and told me it has been completely scripted. >> reporter: a hoax that turned hairy with the second cryptic e-mail from rutherford telling the reporter that butler was stealing and selling drugs and explosives with the help of a commander of cnet, the contra kos that narcotics task force. today just hours after our story aired and diablo's story went online, crooks got this e-mail commending him for his commitment to protecting his source and the investigation saying, quote, you did the right thing but facilitating our investigation even though you had the scoop on all your colleagues. crooks has also been contacted by more people who say they have new information on chris butler, his associates and those mommy
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p.i. ride-alongs. jessica agearry, nbc, bay area news. >> we tried to contact star main peters and denise toon, the mothers he maintains are fake to get their story but they have not returned our calls. as for butler, he is out on bail facing a list of charges. you can read "diablo" magazine in stores or go though their website. meanwhile, a national debate over collective bargaining rights will be the focus of the three-day convention starting today in detroit where 1200 united auto workers are gathering to talk about contracts that expire with gm, ford and chrysler with the fall term. court knee reagan is following all those developments for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning. futures are trending higher this morning, and that follows
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yesterday's nice rally when investors cheered the mna action with at&t buying t-mobile and charles schwab gathering up stocks in the express. crude is trading slightly under at the moment amidst the unrest in the middle east. some of the worries over the unrest in the middle east seem to be fading slightly jack. pan's market rose 4% today. europe is a touch higher and it is moving to the way of what we'll call mixed. the dow rose 178 points monday to start trading today at 12,036. the dow did have its best three-day run since september. the nasdaq added 48 points to 2692. well, what's in a name? apple is suing amazon over its app store name so they think it is a lot. apple wants to trademark the app store in the u.s. the case is pending in court. the company says amazon is unlawfully using the name in
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connection to its app store developers portal and ads in the popular smartphone game angry birds. well, honda is extending the shut down of the car and motorcycle plants in japan until sunday as it deals with a parts shortage in the wake of the disaster there. automakers are scrambling to find alternative part makers to replace the disabled workers from the earthquake and tsunami. they say production will only continue as long as their inventory lasts. it is going to be a continuing problem there, i think. >> for months and months. thank you, courtney. meanwhile, christina has a look at the forecast. good morning, christina. >> good morning to you. probably a lot of angry birds because of the weather out there. we have more and more rain to tell you about. a strong storm moves in tonight. another one on its heels pushing through on thursday. so today we are going to get a bit of a break after these residual showers pass through the east bay.
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i think between the hours of about 9:00 a.m. and at least 4:00 p.m. we'll see a dry break. i know, seize the moment. seize that dry break because there's a lot of rain on the way heading through tonight. as you can see, light showers are pushing through places like livermore headed to tracy. but definitely enough to make your roadways slick out there this morning. so you do want to travel with caution. here's the next weather maker sitting just off the coast here. it is going to push in as we head through tonight. and we could see up to two inches of rain in the south bay along the peninsula. maybe in test east bay, another three inches. the ground is already saturated. we are very concerned about the potential for flooding. if you are somebody who hasn't cleaned out your storm drains in a while, consider doing that. get all the debris out of there. 48 in san francisco. 43 in san mateo. if you are headed from the east bay to the peninsula, it will be just about as cold there as it is where you are. 50 in oakland. not too bad. our temperatures will end up in the mid-50s, upper 50s in some
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cities today. sun and clouds. periods of rain tomorrow. we could see a very dangerous commute tomorrow morning with a lot of rain coming down overnight continuing into the morning hours. so you probably want to go ahead and count on giving you're yourself extra time tomorrow. you probably don't need it today. 57 on thursday. 58 on friday. rain continues through the weekend. then next week by tuesday high pressure, our friend, moves back in, scott mcgrew. so if you can wait until then, that's when we expect spring to really feel like it. >> i will manage. take a look at this. yosemite always feels isolated from the world. this morning it is, all roads leading into the national park are closed. snow, ice, mud slides, downed power lines, winter storms dropping more than 3 1/2 feet to the yosemite area. those visitors stuck inside were let out yesterday. i'm sure they would have liked to stay. it was beautiful. no word on when the roads will reopen. coming up, caught on tape.
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a daring sea rescue. why this family got caught off guard on the california coast. and as you travel the nemitz freeway, we have a note for alameda county drivers as well as where the rainhe is sticking around. the effect on your commute is coming up. old,wasn't overweigh. i never dreamed this would happen to me. when the doctor told me i had three blocked arteries, i felt like i was punched in the gut. i found out that one in three women die from heart disease. how did i not know that?
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it is 4:54. you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge as traffic moves smoothly. a family of four safe this
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morning after a daring rescue at sea. this84no carrierringringconnect0
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with all the talk of the men's ncaa tournament, it is the women of the bay area who are making their mark. we'll take a look at that. also we'll look at how the spring weather is affecting people up and down the coast as we have shown you time and time again. a lot of weird stuff going out there with all of the different powerful storms. it is kind of like being back in colorado or something like that. thunder and lightning, exactly. thank you, brent. something is going on in oakland. let's go to mike. >> i'm going to take you right to the live shot from the oakland camera by the coliseum. thank you, control room. we can see the flashing lights at the top of the screen. we had a rolling traffic break. some folks saw chp going left to right across the entire freeway. that's to slow folks down while they take care of something in the roadway ahead. i'm looking at the chp report, nothing going on there, but there's a backup near high street and the flashing lights
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are moving slowly forward. there's something approaching downtown oakland. a little slowing from northbound 880 for the time being. thank you for the live shot. we'll check on that now. livermore, no major issues as far as the traffic flow, but this area is getting rain. slow your drive through the area of livermore, pleasanton, and dublin. the interchange is moving smoothly. construction still going on near the dumbarton bridge in both directions, but no major issues. here's a note on wind for the dumbarton and san mateo bridge. here's a last shot of oakland, we'll see what things are like for the next couple of minutes. there's flashing lights heading north, but traffic is moving slowly. there's a delay north of the coliseum. stay on it, mike. more news in a bit. versus toyota. which is better?
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new this morning, thestudent accused of blowing up his high
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school takes the stand. good morning, i'm christie smith live at traverse air force base. hundreds of families come back today from the devastation of


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