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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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special attention. and a bay area city gets ready to make changes for dog owners stemming from a 2009 death. and here is a live look, it is tuesday, march 29th. and this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. brent has the morning off. let's go to christina loren to check on the forecast. i love to stand before you with the good news, and the news keeps getting better. this morning we are in the upper 40s. 47 in concord and hayward. and 45 degrees in sunnyvale. you need the jacket, but something light to take off later because we are talking about the 70s in many cities across the bay area. today even warm er than yesterday. and by thursday, the 90s. i'm sticking to it in some
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cities. record-breaking temperatures on the way. we'll break those down for you, but first we'll get you to work on time. sadly, i have the 80s to report. chp just heard me. there's an 80 on 124. very light volume through the maze. we have a sig alert going on there. i just got bad news. the sig alert will continue through at least 9:00. the big rig where somebody fell asleep running into the guardrail is still blocking a lane from southbound 880 on to 238. that's heading over to castro valley. it is opposite the main commute lasting until 9:00. that could be a big problem. we'll follow this carefully as traffic builds to san leandro. thank you very much. today the prosecution in the barry bonds' perjury trial continues its quest to prove the former giant star lied to a federal grand jury almost ten years ago. yesterday bonds' ex-girlfriend testified revealing personal details about the relationship and his body. today the government will call a few more big names to the stand. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is live at the federal
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courthouse this morning with a look at what's ahead. >> reporter: good morning, laura. today the federal courthouse behind me will be filled with major league baseball heavy-hitters, a couple who have retired, one who currently plays. i'm talking about jason and jeremy giambi, brothers, and randy valarti. all played with the oakland a's at one time ore another and are linked to steroid use. jason giambi admitted to using the performance-enhancing drugs and publicly apologized for it. today the prosecution plans to use the baseball players to their advantage by saying they received performance-enhancing drugs from bonds' trainer, eric anderson. also expected to be called today, a quest diagnostics laboratory representative to talk about one of bonds' urine samples. and former san francisco giants
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head train er sam deante will b called as well. mike murphy confirmed that bond's head grew. a larger head is a side effect of using human growth hormones. also yesterday, very personal and graphic testimony from bonds' former mistress, kimberly bell. she went into detail about the drastic transformation she noticed in bonds' body and personality. everything from a bloated body to violent mood swings. again, known symptoms of steroid use. and as usual, court gets underway here at 8:30 this morning. when it does, we'll have a crew inside covering the day's proceedings. >> it will be interesting to watch. thank you very much, marla. in an unusual courtroom twist closing arguments will be reopened today in the trial of alex youshock. he's the teen who carried out the pipe bomb attack at
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hillsdale high school. jurors are dead-locked on a decision. so the judge is giving lawyers a second chance to make their case. the jury has already found youshock guilty on five other felony counts, including trying to kill his chemistry teacher and setting off pipe bombs. once all the verdicts are in, it will be up to the jury to decide whether youshock is sane. new worries in japan this morning. officials have discovered highly-toxic plutonium is seeping out of the nuclear plant. the plutonium was detected in smaller spots outside of the plant. safety officials say the amounts are not a risk to humans but it supports suspicion that is the plant is leaking dangerously radioactive water. three of the complex's six reactors have partially melted down. crews are still struggling to remove radioactive water and determining where to put it. a ship from japan just
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docked in the port of oakland. it will be screened for any scenes of radiation. though oakland's port is well-equipped for this screening, there are concerns nationwide we are not prepared to medically treat contamination from radiation. bob redell is live at the port of oakland with more. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. from our vantage point here in alameda, you can see out in the distance in the dark there what is the latest cargo ship to pull into the port of oakland. it arrived an hour after midnight. and because it originated in japan, u.s. customs ordered the port to be monitored closely for radiation. the port has been scanning cargo ship containers for radiation for the past several years because of 9/11 and a threat of nuclear terrorism. but because of the radiation leak at the nuclear power plants in japan, authorities want extra special monitoring of these kind of ships. so far none of them have tested
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positive for harmful levels of radiation. this past friday some concerned shoreman called 911 to have the oakland fire department come out to perform a second screening on the ship from asia. the results were negative. no one is expecting this to change with future ships pulling into the port in spite of the nuclear crisis in japan. >> all right, bob. thank you very much. a san jose motorcycle officer is in the hospital this morning after a hit-and-run driver crashed into him at a busy intersection. officer deblon creighton was following a speeder yesterday afternoon as he approached east alma avenue and first street. the driver took off and creighton was rushed to santa clara medical center. we don't know his condition this morning. a weekend snowboard trip ended in tragedy for a san jose man. the body of phillip walk was
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found on sierra at tahoe ski resort in south lake tahoe. walker was snowboarding with his brother and friends saturday evening when he disappeared. elderado investigators say he ran into a tree and was buried by several feet of snow. a marin county supervisor who died suddenly on a ski vacation at tahoe will be remembered today. charles mcglashun suffered an apparent heart attack on sunday. he was 49 years old. people affected by the san bruno gas explosion will have a nearby place to seek help and medical care. a ceremony to open the city's downtown resource and recovery center starts later this afternoon. it will provide caseworkers, mental health services and educational information. the red cross along with the peninsula center are funding the center. the hercules city council will declare an emergency today
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after four homes with threatened from a landslide. crews will be in the area to brace the homes. four were red tagged last week. four ore others were yellow tagged yesterday. san jose's city council is giving dog owners a shorter leash on park trails. the council is expected to approve an ordinance to require dogs to be on a leash no longer than six feet, 14 feet shorter than allowed now. the move is in response to the deadly accident in september of 2009. beverly head was walking on the los alamitos trail when a dog on a leash came by. the leash became entangled in her bike and he she fell and hit her head and later died. san carlos firefighters are willing to take a 10% pay cut as the city weighs in on the future of the department. april 1st is the deadline for
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the city to decide several fire service proposals. san carlos and the city of belmont run a joint fire department that ends this october. reports show that the department is the second highest paid out of 13 agencies in the county. couldn't help but to get outside yesterday. everybody saw some sun and all the neighbors came out. >> i love it. i'm loving this weather. now, by the end of the week it might be a little toasty for some of you, especially if you live inland. because even the computer models are bringing the temperatures, as of this thursday, into the mid-80s. 85 degrees is the forecasted high on thursday in morgan hill. that's what the computer models say. i'm going warmer because i see that this ridge is really, really strong. it is only going to get stronger before it moves right over the bay area driving the warm down-sloping winds through the bay area warming as they push from land to sea. so this is what we are talking about for today. today is actually downright perfect if you like about room temperature, 70 degrees.
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that's what we are anticipating inland. a little cooler at the coast, but that's what we traditionally see. heading through the next few days it will climb gradually at the coast. temperatures max out at 75 degrees on thursday, but we'll see some 90s, i do believe, in the north bay and isolated areas in the south bay as well. the upper 40s turning over to the upper 50s by lunchtime. some 60s in the south bay. and then we'll round out the day with temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. i like these numbers. i like to drive these numbers when they are legal. are they doing that this morning, mike? for the most part, 65 is legal, at least. that's okay, except for the sig alert. this is a problem as the morning progresses. we still have that connector ramp declared closed southbound 880 heading over to southbound 238. possibly until 9:00 a.m. we know that about 7:00 or 7:30 we see slowing near 92 and 880 with folks coming out of the area here. this could be a distraction. we'll track this, but right now a live shot shows a lighter volume past the coliseum with headlights in the southbound
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direction. a smooth drive right now. no major slowing. we'll track it oaf the next hour to see how things build up there. antioch will see slowing in 20 to 25 minutes for highway 4. right now that 64 at l street is not showing major slowing right now heading over to concord. walnut creek coming off the venetian bridge is looking nice. the cartinas bridge is good as well. we have a light volume. a nice, smooth drive. call calm winds as well. a massive budget deficit in one bay area county has supervisors talking cuts today. we'll have a look on what's ahead on the chopping block. and we'll find out if the nuclear crisis in japan is affecting your news before the bell this morning. a live report is next. plus, an amazing discovery near so leenas could help us gain a better understanding of california. and once again, great temperatures on tap for today. yohave to love the 70s. 5:11 right now.
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it is 5:14. you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. we'll get to the weather and traffic in a bit. the san mateo county is looking to make major cuts. the board plans to cut $50 million from programs and services but says that won't be enough to prevent a deficit next year. proposed cuts include eliminating 270 jobs, shutting down a substance abuse treatment and program for adults and closing a home for abused and neglected children. some employees agreed to reduce health pensions, benefits and
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salaries already. a french electric company called convert team designed high-efficiency energy systems. it deals with more than $3 billion. i should point out general electric is a part owner of nbc universal comcast. for more news before the bell this morning, we'll talk to nicole lapin. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, again, scott. futures are still just a little bit higher, not sri by very much. we are looking at a flat open on wall street snapping the winning streak yesterday. tech stocks and political worries are weighing on investors. asian markets closed lower overnight. europe is also trading in the red. oil down near $104 a barrel. we do get some biggie ek thunderstorm economic reports, home prices and consumer confidence. the dow closed off 22 points to 12,197. the nasdaq lost 12 to 2730. also making headlines this
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morning, the airline industry's latest effort to hike fares has crumbled. united and continental started this big old wave last week, you remember we talked about this before, raising fares on the domestic flights by $10 roundtrip. that was then matched by american. it was matched by delta and us airways. but then the discounters that didn't play ball, southwest never went along with this. so now it is the second failed attempt at a fare hike this month. we'll take it. amazon is launching a big digital locker of sorts to store music and video online. the cloud drive and player will let people access media content on various sources. scott, i know you are a techie, like your pc or droid phone, amazon is offering 5 gigs for free. 20 gigs for $20 a year. it is kind of like an insurance policy. >> it makes sense. amazon runs a lot of websites that you visit, they do run on
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amazon cloud. >> isn't he amazing, nicole? you know what's pretty amazing is the temperatures. record rain and now record temperatures. what a difference a week makes. >> the cloud won't be that easy to find this week. today we'll see more clouds than we did yesterday. that's because we have some high, wispy clouds making their way through the big ridge of high pressure. but take a look at this ridge. i mean, this is a strong ridge. you see all this clearing. clouds arcing up and around the entire storm track. it's a bull's-eye in the pacific northwest. this is high pressure getting closer to us each and every day. it will be at the maximum energy heading throughout this week. i'm talking about temperatures able to approach 90 degrees in some cities. this is a really strong ridge that will drive those offshore winds. they warm up as they push from land to sea. so what a difference a week makes just like scott pointed out. high pressure builds in. mostly sunny for today. low 70s.
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and that's only in the areas that are inland. we'll see the upper 60s for the most part u but some cities will hit 70 degrees today. 75 tomorrow. then possibly 85 to 90 degrees as we head into thursday and friday. temperatures this morning are pretty mild. you'll need a jacket, but something to take off later. dust off the spring outfits because you'll be able to wear them later on this week. maybe not today. it will be a little chilly for the most part today, but in the heat of the day and in the sunshine right around 3:00 or 4:00 we'll hit the daytime highs. 71 degrees in los gatos. 70 degrees in san jose. of course, the seven-day outlook tells this story. 80 degrees, warmer conditions on thursday. that's when the ridge will be at its strongest. then on friday it is going to start to weaken just a little bit, but i think our daytime highs will still be able to reach the 80s. 74 degrees on saturday. maybe a little bit of light shower activity up in the north bay sunday. but i'm keeping it nice and sunny for the most part. overall, looking good. >> oh, my gosh, it is amazing. spring. the discovery of mammoth
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proportions just a little south of us. >> it is amazing. take a look at the remains of not one but two columbian mammoths found on the castro farm here. it is a relative of the wooly mammoth. right now the remains are uncovered by volunteers from santa clara university and foothill college. >> it never occurs to most people that underneath the ground there might be an ice age animal right there. >> the remains are an adult mammoth and a little baby. the farmer who owns the land has naming rights for the mammoths. so far he's named the adult stella and the baby addi. 5:19 now. san francisco and the 49ers are making a truce for the time being. we'll explain coming up. plus a bay area tech company getting new help from an old friend. you are looking at 101 through san jose. it is looking really nice right now, but we have a sig alert we are following in the east bay. that could be a problem even though it is opposite the main commute. i'll explain that in the report coming up.
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welcome back. 5:21 right now. the san francisco 49ers and the city of san francisco came to an agreement this morning. the board of supervisors approved a settlement in a dispute the 9ers filed last summer saying the city should take better care of their stadium. this calls for the city to pay $3 million to repair the stadium within 60 days. the city will also grant $9 million in new rent credits and reductions over the next five years. let's check the morning commute. i know there were problems out there, mike. >> that's right, laura. we have a sig alert here. here's the overview of the approach out of livermore and the altamont pass. we have a lot of folks heading into the area as well. 580 is looking pretty smooth out of the altamont pass. no major slowing. we'll check in with antioch in a few minutes.
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5:22, maybe another 15 minutes for antioch to show slowing. blips for 580, but a big note for folks through castro valley heading there, westbound 580 is okay. the accident we are focusing on is heading into the area off of southbound 880 getting on to southbound 238. that sig alert is in place until 9:00 a.m. affecting folks heading north out of oakland to the san mateo bridge. your alternate is at lewelling. take hisperian off of there. there could be congestion heading to the san mateo bridge. a live look shows 92, not a major uh issue, but we'll watch the flow to the peninsula. the peninsula is very clear. we'll focus on 880 heading into the trouble spot area. 880 itself past the coliseum is moving smoothly. of course, we could have more congestion close to the 7:00 or 8:00 hours. we'll watch this very closely, back to you. right now world powers are meeting in london to talk about the future of libya.
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leaders of western and arab nations are meeting to seek a possible deal for moammar gadhafi's exit from power. in an agreement on plans for libya's future, the foreign secretary says the conference will look at humanitarian needs in the country and also make plans for a democratic future in libya. 44 foreign ministers and the united nations secretary along with secretary clinton are attending the meeting. the u.s. heard from the commander in chief last night about the crisis in libya. president obama told the country the u.s. strategy is working. innocent civilians are not being slaughtered in the civil war. he said the u.s.-led response has stopped gadhafi's advancers. mr. obama announced nato would take command over the entire libyan operation on wednesday. he offered no estimate, however, on when the conflict might end and no details about the costs. right now a new study finds raising the age of people who qualify for medicare could have a ripple effect. if lawmakers raise the age from
5:25 am
65 to 68 it means higher health costs for a lot of americans. the move would save federal taxpayers billions, but researchers with the keizer family foundation say the costs will be justified. they will just shift to others. employees or employers would pay more since people work longer for coverage. current medicare patients would see a hike because of the 65 and 66-year-olds are leaving the fold. the jump into the insurance pool would raise costs for the 30-set and under. it is 5:25 right thou. scott says the founder of twitter is back. >> jack is back, laura. the guy who originally came up with the idea for twitter is returning to the company. jack dorsey, seen in an episode of "press here." i believe we have the clip, is returning to the company at a pivotal time as twitter tries to figure out how to go from a popular service to a popular service that makes money.
5:26 am
dorsey was twitter's original ceo and was a board member at twitter all along. he's also ceo of a small company called square. his new title at twitter, executive chairman. meanwhile, mark zuckerberg doesn't live with his parents. this according to a judge in new york state. why do you care? well, a fella on the east coast was suing the founder of facebook and wanted to sue in new york state court. so he tried to convince a judge that zuckerberg is really a resident of the empire state, not a resident of california. but that judge says, forget it. zuckerberg is from california. just hours after apple set a date for its worldwide developers conference it sold out all of its tickets. june 6th is d-day and iphone day, or at least we think. traditionally, laura, they have introduced a new iphone at worldwide developers conference. so forget the old iphone4. that is old technology. it is all about iphone5.
5:27 am
>> there you go, shortly after it will be iphone6. 5:26 right now. a plan to ban the yellow pages in one bay area city is moving forward today. and it could be another damaging day for barry bonds as the prosecution gets ready to call a few major league names to the stand. i'm marla tellez. what you can expect on day six of his perjury trial coming up. and a live look at san jose, dry this morning, but is it possible all this rain has lped? the word from sacramento coming up.
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new this morning, the events to keep another tragedy from striking the bay area community still mourning the loss of two teenager boys. how the nuclear crisis in japan is affecting the way we greet cargo ships here in the bay area. i'm bob redell. i'll have that story coming up
5:30 am
in a live report. and after the rain, the latest on efforts to protect some east bay homes threatened by landslides. and a live look outside. it is tuesday, march 29th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. brent has the morning off. >> no doubt he's in bed right now. get out of bed. it is 5:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have the nanny there to take care of the kids, so he better be looking fresh. let's get a look at the forecast today. we should head outside, i imagine. no doubt. it is going to be warmer tomorrow and peak heat by thursday. 43 in santa rosa. 46 in novato. 45 degrees in sunnyvale. overall, still chilly out there.
5:31 am
you need the jacket today, but something to take off later on. it will be pretty warm around here. look at the daytime highs, upper 60s to lower 70s. we have the rest of the numbers coming up. your seven-day forecast is rather impressive this week. we'll see if we have anything happening on the roadways this morning. we'll focus on the maze first for this initial report because of nothing on this map but just further south from all the great speeds here, we have a sig alert going through san leandro. a live look at oakland past the coliseum, a light volume to san leandro. southbound 880 at 238 we have a sig alert there. i'll explain more when we come up, but we could see slowing in the next hour or so. back to you. thank you very much. 5:31 right now. today the east bay community is looking at ways to increase awareness on the dangers of flood canals. the contra costa flood controlled district will hold a meeting at 6:30 tonight in the downtown walnut creek library. they want to reach out to the community and develop safety and awareness of its 73-mile canal
5:32 am
system. you may call two teenagers drowned in february while trying to raft a rain-swollen creek. the nuclear emergency in japan is forcing the port of oakland to pay extra attention this morning to ships arriving from ports around the world. in fact, a ship from japan just docked. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the port where just one ship has arrived. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. we presume there will be an extra set of eyeballs on this ship, it is hard to see, but it is over my shoulder underneath the crunes of the port of oakland. this is the latest cargo ship to arrive in oakland. it arrived around 1:00 this morning. and because it originated from japan, u.s. customs has ordered a port to monitor it closely for radiation. now, it should be noted that the port of oakland has been scanning cargo ship containers for radiation for the past several years. this is in response to 9/11 and
5:33 am
the threat of nuclear terrorism. but because of the radiation leaks at the nuclear power plants in japan authorities want extra special monitoring of these ships. so far none of the ones from asia combined for harmful levels of radiation. yesterday they called 911 to have the oakland fire department to come out to perform a second screening on the container from asia. the results were negative. nobody is expecting that to change with the incoming ships in spite of the crisis? squla in japan. >> is this situation serious? yes. nobody should pretend it isn't serious. is it catastrophic? i doubt it. >> while japan's nuclear crisis is highlighting our nation's ports, it also puts a focus on our weaknesses. there are few treatments for exposure to radiation. i'm talking specifically about radiation sickness. radiation is challenging because
5:34 am
it attacks so many different parts of the body, but there is hope. the ap reports that researchers are looking into using cancer drugs. there's also a specific injection that has shown promise. and on the east coast technicians have developed a prototype that would rapidly identify radiation patients with just a pin print of blood. that would help first responders decide who needs to be quarantined and who needs help fastest. reporting live in alameda, bob redell, "today in the bay." a contra costa sheriff's deputy shot and killed an antioch man after making a traffic stop on hanlon way in bay point early yesterday morning. two deputies stopped 24-year-old johnny alchoa for a traffic stop. when they ran a check on him he had allegedly given them a false name. they later learned he was wanted for child endangerment and vandalism. deputies say he hit a deputy
5:35 am
when he tried to get away and then was shot. he later died at the hospital. an antioch middle schoolteacher may be on the run this morning. police say charles redmond, a 63-year-old art teacher who taught at park middle school in antioch, has fled to mexico over alleged allegations he inappropriately touched an eighth grade boy on thursday. now, detectives say redmond allegedly left a note for his family and is believed to have fled to mexico. a $100,000 warrant has been issued for his arrest on suspicion of intent to commit lewd or lascivious acts with a minor. 5:35 right now. today the prosecution in the barry bonds' perjury trial continues the quest to prove the former giant star lied to a federal grand jury ten years ago. now yesterday bonds' ex-girlfriend testified revealing personal details about their relationship in his body. today the government will call a few more big names to the stand. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is live at the federal courthouse this morning with a
5:36 am
look at what's ahead. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. after yesterday's very graphic testimony from bonds' former mistress the prosecution will call a few major league names to the stand. i'm being very literal when i say that, i'm talking about brothers jason and jeremy giambi. jason still plays for the colorado rock kips. jeremy has retired. also, mlb retiree randy vallarti all played for the oakland a's at one time or another and all are linked to steroid use. jason giambi admitted to using the drugs and publicly apologized for it. today the prosecution is expected to use the ballplayers to their advantage by having them say they received performance-enhancing drugs from greg anderson, bonds' trainer. anderson is in jail for refusing to testify last week. today's testimony follows yesterday's very personal
5:37 am
testimony from kimberly bell. she was bonds' girlfriend from 1994 to 2003. almost ten years. she went into detail about the drastic transformation she noticed in bonds' body and personality. everything from acne on his neck and back to hair loss to vicious mood swings, known symptoms of steroid use. the defense attacked bell trying to paint her as an opportunistic lover. former san francisco giants head trainer stan conte will be there as well. court gets underway at 8:30. laura, we'll be here for this very busy day six of the barry bonds perjury trial. >> very interesting to see who they keep calling to the stand. it will be interesting to see how it all ends as well. thank you, marla. it is 5:37. do you remember this phrase when
5:38 am
your fingers did the walking? when is the last time that happened? that's one of the questions up for debate today when the san francisco supervisors take on the yellow pages. the board is looking at a controversial proposal to ban the unsolicited distribution of the phone book in city limits. think would have to ask permission before delivering. large volumes are costing the city a lot of money to recycle, but small business owners say it will hurt their business. some east bay homeowners will pay for the damage to their homes after a recent landslide. and they are talk with city leaders at a meeting tonight at san pablo city hall. now one official says the city does not have the money to pay for the repairs. that could run hundreds of thousands of dollars. the recent storms last week loosened the soil near six homes in the san pablo hill slide. three structures yellow tagged limiting access to the homes. one good thing has come out of all this rain, the drought is
5:39 am
over. governor jerry brown plans to rescind the state's drought emergency designation tomorrow. that is also when we'll find out exactly how deep the sierra snow pack is. in santa clara county all ten reservoirs combined are 77% full, 10% more than the safe level considered by dam officials. they are concerned it will not withstand an earthquake. they are lowering the water levels as quickly as possible. >> i must be 12 years old. state dam officials make me laugh. >> you are. we are not going to let you interview nikki taylor after all. we can't, not after all the excitement. seven miles of visibility in santa rosa. we have patchy fog developing in north bay. standard for this time of the morning, especially with the remnant moisture leftover. as we head throughout the next few hours we are expecting a little bit more of the fog up in the north bay. maybe it will be drifting down along the peninsula. we'll watch for that for you.
5:40 am
it is a chilly start, grab a jacket. temperatures are in the upper 40s, but something you can take off later. maybe some short sleeves underneath. we'll see temperatures in the 70s. filtered sunshine with a few more high, wispy clouds. the warmer trend continues. it is on and running. 47 degrees in hayward. 45 in sunnyvale. and 45 degrees in santa cruz. if you are headed over the 17, that is. and here's what you can expect later today. we'll let the numbers do the talking. 71 in gilroy. 71 in los gatos. 69 degrees in fremont. really nice considering we didn't break the upper 50s for the most part last week. and all that rain you are going to enjoy the sunshine today. more sunshine for tomorrow. we've got your extended forecast coming up. stay tuned. but hey, mike, how is it looking on the roadways? we have problems on both sides of the bay now. first the update on the the sig alert southbound 880 getting to southbound 238, we had the earlier big rig. it is still there busting up some of the roadway as well as the retaining wall on the side. there's a lot of cleanup that has to continue there.
5:41 am
one lane of southbound 238 is open. we are still considering that closed just because they want chp to mitigate the traffic through the area. go ahead and use lewelling as an alternate. northbound 101 on the peninsula has an accident involving a motorcycle. it sounds like three lanes are blocked. this blew up on the reports after just being sort of a big rig on the side of the road. three lanes are blocked for the time being. i'll give you the update north past whipple avenue coming up. it is 5:41 renal isate rn g calling for larger fines for pg&e. [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain.
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with your favorite big g cereals. make sure to look for the white check. well, it is not quite mission accomplished by president obama says we are backing out of the lead in libya. that will not stop the u.s. from pressing moammar gadhafi to step down. tracie potts is live in washington with the latest for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. this was a big speech for president obama.
5:44 am
he was justifying why we went into libya with military action in the first place supporting the enforcement of the no-fly zone. the president said we did what we said we would do. he said he refused to wait for images of mass graves and slaughter on television before taking action. but looking forward he doesn't think it is the right thing to do to go after moammar data fee personally or go after his government. he says that would be a mistake. the coalition would fall apart. we would have to commit ground troops, which he does not want to do. what he does want to do is pursue this through diplomacy, in other words, put political pressure on gadhafi's government. he sent secretary of state hillary rodham clinton to talk to 35 other countries about how to do that. >> thank you. 5:44 now. thank you, scott. spring is finally here with the weather to go with it. brent and i and the triplets are appearing in our first fashion show this weekend in los gatos.
5:45 am
more importantly, is the charity we'll be helping out, access of good samaritan hospital helps families dealing with the hospitalization of their babies and children. we are joined this morning to talk a little bit more about the event and the great work that they do. now, the help that you give families is really incredible. we are talking about a lot of little preemies that are in the hospital. in fact, this gives you an idea of how small those little babies are. this is actually a little cap that fits on their heads. these are their little diapers. and this was our world, which is why we are so excited to help out. >> thank you, laura. it is wonderful to be here. >> tell me more, people can become familiar with what access does. >> access is designed to help families come to the hospital and spend time with their babies while they are there because they get tremendous medical care from the medical team, but they also need their parents. and the parents need to be able to be there, come in, spend time, just being with their babies, bonding. moms need to breastfeed their
5:46 am
babies. and they need to learn how to take care of their babies, not only while the babies are in the hospital, learning how to bathe them and feed them, but after they get home in order for the babies to thrive. the parents need to be able to know what their needs are. >> the good folks at access provide so much to some of the parents, not only food and meals while you are there, but for a lot of people who live out of the area, you provide lodging and rides as well. some fay families don't have means to get to the hospital. >> right. it was shocking to think that parents were spending the night in the parking lot in their cars because they so desperately wanted to be with their babies. >> brent and i are so excited to be a part of the first major fund-raiser called springtime in paris, it's a fashion show. i hope you are ready for nearly 2-year-old triplets. i can't guarantee where the show will go, but we are delighted. access did so much for us. it is our part to do what we can for the community as well. it is this saturday, april 2nd,
5:47 am
at the los gatos lodge at 1:00 p.m. tickets are $45. for more information, call the number on the screen. thank you for the good work you do. >> thank you, laura. 5:46 right now. the man who admits to a 2007 ambush of killing oakland journalist chauncey bailey returns to the court today. an e deandre broussard said he was ordered to kill bailey in order to keep a report on yusef bay iv's bakery from being published. we are told broussard was more of an accomplice than anything else. a jury has found professional poker player ernst scherer guilty of killing his
5:48 am
parents. he maintains he was asleep in his home the night of his parents murder. the couple was beaten to death in pleasanton in 2008. he'll be sentenced in may and faces life behind bars. state and local leaders want a tougher stance on a settlement reached with pg&e. california attorney general comlia harris is asking state regulators to increase a $3 million settlement with the utility. pg&e agreed to the deal last thursday after testifying before the state's public utility commission on pipe safety. last september eight people died, 38 homes were destroyed, after a gas explosion from a faulty underground pipe. 5:48 right now. we were talking about the record rain that we have had. now record temperatures on the way. today is going to be nice, right, christina? oh, yes. today will be nice. it depends on whether you like partially warm conditions or really warm conditions. as we head through the latter part of this week it will get really warm around here. all the computer models are in
5:49 am
good agreement that temperatures across the bay are at least going to hit 85 degrees. i think it will be even warmer as the overnight lows coming up each and every day. here's the reason why. high pressure is building in. and this is a strong ridge of high pressure. it is going to shape up right over the bay area. and it will reach peak heat heading through this thursday with temperatures at 90 degrees forecasted in some cities. if we see the 90-degree temperatures, it will be livermore, concord, places that traditionally get a little warmer. maybe even morgan hill and gilroy. but for today, low 70s inland at the coast where we see the upper 60s. san francisco on thursday, you'll hit about 75 degrees. 47 degrees right now in hay war. you are at 45 degrees in oakland. and 45 degrees in san mateo. along the peninsula at noon, our temperatures will be in the mid to low 50s. but we are talking about the 60s at noon in the south bay. you are peeling off a layer. at noon, 65 degrees is the forecasted high up in santa rosa. then we'll round out the day in
5:50 am
the upper 60s and low 70st. 70 degrees for san jose. 71 in gilroy. take a look at this. it is just going to get warmer and warmer as the week goes on. mostly sunny conditions lasting through friday. then we'll bring more cloud cover back in the mix saturday into sunday. maybe a very slight chance of rain up in the north bay. that would be saturday night into sunday, but we are talking about really light, if anything, less than 1/10 an inch. how about this? it seems like old hat for the stanford women headed back to the final four. it will be the fourth straight appearance for the cardinals. they dominated gonzaga last night to get there. they beat the zags by 24 points. they will play baylor or san francisco state. those two teams play today. an injured marine is back home this morning. his story is coming up next. plus apple is branching out, where you may be able to find the new ipad2. >> and traveling through the area in towards castro valley,
5:51 am
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good morning. we'll start with the good news on the peninsula where the accident cleared. it was involving a motorcycle with three lanes block. we were concerned, but that has cleared. the peninsula, no problems. 880 a live shot past the coliseum, the southbound side is where we are concerned. a steady flow picking up a bit with volume heading down to the cig alirt. southbound 880 at 238. the transition ramp is blocked. you can get by on one lane, but avoid it after the early morning tanker accident rammed into the guardrail there causing damage to the railing as well as
5:54 am
tankers carrying water. that will be in place until 11:00. we recollected see slowing throughout the morning. a smooth drive out of antioch, but there's the kick-in for the slowdown. that's closer to 22 as the sensors average out near 6:00. we'll see slowing through livermore as well. we'll follow that and get back to you. thank you very much, mike. a u.s. marine injured in afghanistan two weeks before his deployment is now recovering at home in san jose. this is a look at the scene when master sergeant richard boomer arrived at the san jose international airport yesterday to a big, happy crowd of family and friends, including his 7-month-old son he had not seen since his birth. boomer will be at home on leave and then will return to camp pendleton. >> to be just with those marines at that time is just amazing because it is -- it is a great opportunity that i was given.
5:55 am
unfortunately, it is not the greatest circumstances. however, we try to do the best we can. and they are doing great things. >> boomer has fought in four wars in his 22 years of service. he hopes to retire soon. a return to the south bay then where he can do some work as a general contractor. also this morning, a snowboarding accident. a dramatic rescue was caught on tape. we hope to show it to you with the border's own head camera. james drummond was pulled from a tree well last week. he had fallen head first and was stuck upside down in six feet of snow, even though his hands were pinned to his chest he managed to reach for his cell phone to answer his wife's phone call. >> i'm stuck in a tree well, give them my phone number. i'm going to die if they don't find me. >> are you serious?
5:56 am
>> call them. give them my phone number. >> it is just like us wives, are you serious? boy, they were. luckily, she did it. help was soon on the way. even after all this, drummond got back on the horse and snowboarded the rest of the way down the hill. that's dedication. that's amazing. thank goodness for some of those gadgets like cell phones. scott has a gadget this morning that's gone presidential. >> i think we can all rest easier to know there's an ipad in the white house. president obama says he had an ipad, this revealed during a town hall meeting last night. the whole tech topic had come up during a discussion about education. and he joked with his host for being spritzed that the president has a tablet saying, quote, i'm the president of the united states. you think i've got to go borrow somebody's compute her? how about you, you got one? meanwhile, the ipad will be
5:57 am
available in radio shack stores. not a total surprise as radio shack also sells the iphone as well. we are not sure exactly how many ipad2s each radio shack will get, laura. it could be in the single digits, but there's another place where maybe you can find an ipad2. >> yeah, exactly. wait in the line. thank you very much. 5:57 right now. hopes in one east bay city threatened by a landslide this morning. one washington what the city is doing coming up. and a san jose police officer is involved in a hit-and-run. who officers are looking for this morning. [ male announcer ] hey michelle, whatcha doin'? i'm serving delicious athenos hummus to my friends. i've got -- [ male announcer ] that's great. let's see what yiayia thinks! you dress like a prostitute. did she just call me a pros-- [ male announcer ] noooo, yiayia would never do -- prostitute. [ male announcer ] never mind that, michelle. at least yiayia approves of you serving athenos hummus. mmmmmm! because only athenos is made the greek way, with 100% olive oil.
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unlimited reward seats, no blackout dates, and no red tape. ♪ breaking news this morning. our chopper is heading to the scene of a refinery fire this morning. it is happening in newark. we'll have all the details coming up. plus, closing arguments will reopen today in the trial of a


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