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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 30, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>>. >> new this morning, overnight apartment fire in san francisco sends residents out into the streets. i'm christie smith. we'll tell you what happened coming up in a live report. >> how safe are underground pipe lines in your neighborhood? the results of a new study says some in the east bay are ticking time bomb. is your house in a slide zone? how to find out. a live look outside this morning, it's wednesday, march 30th. this is "today in the east bay."
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good morning everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it's 4:30, it's continued to be a fantastic week and just gets better. christina loren is here. >> good morning. i don't know if you like 90 degrees but we're on page to hit 90 in some cities tomorrow. today, we're looking warmer than yesterday by about 5 to 8 degrees. concord yesterday hit 75 degrees. so, we're going to see a warm day across the bay area. we'll talk about the east bay highs. count on it to get warmer tomorrow and then changes on the way. we'll break down your forecast coming up. right now let's get you to work on time with mike inouye. >> no major issues as far as getting to work on time. the maze is smooth. we'll take you south of there, the second day where we had a big accident around the castro valley y. approaching 238, a few minutes ago all lanes cleared but before that all lanes were blocked by an accident. a lot of chp activity.
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a popular spot for the last couple of weeks. watch around that castro valley y. >> there has been a fire in san francisco. christie smith just arrived on the scene a few seconds ago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. about 35 to 40 people, residents of this apartment complex, standing outside, they were forced from an apartment building after a one-alarm fire this morning. this is near 19th. i just spoke with a battalion chief with san francisco fire who said this is a kitchen fire, someone fell asleep apparently with a pot on the stove, burning on the first floor. there are about 30 units here. the good news is that the alarms worked as they should. they went off. people self-evacuated when they arrived one person was transported, an elderly neighbor who suffered smoke inhalation. everyone else, we're told, doing
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okay. one unit was damaged by smoke. the one that had the kitchen fire. others had their doors broken in, firefighters trying to make sure that everyone made it out of the building. we're told in about 30 minutes or so the residents will be let back in, to check on their units, make sure they are okay, get their belongings if need be. some will stay, others will be getting help from the red cross. that's what we have from here. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the east bay." >> also this morning police are investigating a disturbing find in a livermore neighborhood. a woman's body found on kingsbury drive. she was found yesterday afternoon. police are treating it as a suspicious death. >> a startling case for oakland police, a 14-year-old girl out past curfew says she was sexually assaulted and kidnapped. the alleged attack near the east mont shopping center near
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bancroft and church street. the teen tells police three men abducted her, drove her to a second location where she was assaulted. she was only able to give a vague description. she described the car as a blue lexus. anyone with information is urged to call police. more testimony is expected in the barry bonds trial. the defense will cross-examine marvin benard. yesterday jason giambi testified that bonds' ternl trainer greg anderson sent him steroids in 2002 and anderson, he says, sent him instructions how to use them. giambi has admitted to using steroids. earlier in the day the former head trainer took the stand, stan conte. he said that bonds gained significant weight and noticed acne across bonds' back and
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shoulders, that is a common side effect of steroids. >> police are trying to track down a source of a bomb scare that shut down an east bay train station for two hours. oakland police say it got a report of a bomb on a train scheduled to leave for bakersfield. officers evacuated the oakland jock london square amtrak station. they found nothing. officials are not sure who reported the threat and they are continuing their investigation. meantime, b.a.r.t. leaders say they likely know what caused a derailment earlier this month. they think it was two equipment problems, uneven wear on a track, and flawed maintenance on a train wheel. three passengers were taken to hospitals with neck pain after the two cars derailed. this was march 11. b.a.r.t. says it's taken steps to prevent such an accident again. >> some aging gas pipe lines are a ticking time bomb, that is the
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conclusion of a study about underground gas pipe lines through the east bay. a former lawrence berkeley lab worker will announce the results of the study in a few hours. but we have some of them. among his findings, some pg&e lines in the east bay pose an even greater risk than the one that exploded in san bruno back in september. the retired lab employee says he was given a federal grant two years ago to study jet fuel pipe lines from travis air force base through sasoon city. >> the school district will examine a report on crimes on the berkeley high school campus. there have been six gun-related incidents during the school year including a shooting death, though that was off campus. the district is thinking about installing metal detectors, and issuing i.d. badges. one student says the unlocked
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gates makes it easy to get on campus. >> the land slides of our rains are causing problems for homeowners from hercules to san pablo. dozens of homeowners packed the council chambers in hercules. many own homes an carson street in the path what if is now called the carson slide zone. real estate agents say if you might be buying a house in a slide zone you need to do your home work. >> i'll ask questions to the neighbors, how's this house, have problems with it. how long have you lived here. then i'll request the seller, banks excluded, that they order what's called a natural hazards disclosure report. >> santa cruz supervisors declared a state of emergency as well. flash floods, the tsunami caused more damage than the county can handle. the state of emergency will help
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secure state funding. there is $8 million damage in santa cruz and the tsunami in santa cruz cause more than $28 million in damage. it's getting more dry and christina joins us with the forecast. >> good morning to you, scott mcgrew. i'll step out of the way so you can bask in the glory of these numbers. we were being aggressive yesterday i thought when i went about 75 degrees across the area. but we're talking about the 80s already so we're still on pace to hit 90 degrees in some cities tomorrow. i think that some of those cities will be in the east bay. so, we're going to keep an eye on that. very isolated. maybe a couple cities. we're not talking widespread 90s. in mid-80s in the east bay so be prepare forward that. yeah, it's that time of year. spring has sprung. if you live in oakland 76 degrees, you'll top out at about 78.
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we're in record territory today. we'll be in record territory tomorrow and friday as well. going to break down those. concord, 75 degrees yesterday, that will easily make for 80 today. we're starting out mild in the 50s. the complete forecast is coming up. let's get to you work, though. maybe you have to leave right now. >> if you do, good morning. great roadways right now. we have a full closure because as the weather improves, overnight construction, so 580 is closed at air way or most of the lanes closed. they may have picked up one lane but we're looking at the eastbound noncommute direction over to where you see more construction. westbound the commute direction smooth through the dublin interchange. told you about the earlier sigalert at 238 that cleared and then looking at construction eastbound 92 off of the san mateo bridge. you get over to 880. there's the alternate on the
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map. a smooth drive over to the peninsula, no problem, scott. clear view, calm conditions. >> thank you much. coming up -- a california nuclear reactor shut down. why there is nothing to worry about. plus a shake-up at oakland police headquarters. the chief reveals his career intentions. you are looking at a live picture of 880.
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>> welcome back to you. yufr looking at the bay bridge. it's fun to see the light shining off the bay there. that's pretty. time now is 4:43. problems at a nuclear power plant not in japan, actually here in california. 185 miles south of san jose at the diablo canyon plant. operators shut down one of two reactors for a repair because of a problem with the water pump over the weekend. this pump we're told is not on the nuclear side but on the turbin side. it's unknown how long the repairs will take. pg&e says there is no danger. diablo is one of two nuclear power plants which provide power in california. the other is south of los angeles. a story you'll only see
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here. three decades ago making news a bay area nuclear scientist who worked for ge quit his job but was concerned with ge's design of a nuclear reactor. he was convinced the mark 1 reactor, the same kind used in the failing plant in japan, had design flaws that could lead to a devastating accident. the local story with i want national implications. >> i resigned from ge on february 2, 1976. >> 35 years ago engineer dale brightenbaugh wrote this resignation letter. he quit because he was concerned about the design of the mark 1 nuclear reactor, the same used at the fukushima plant. >> i was concerned about several things, i was concerned whether structurally would the containment hold together without rupturing. >> two others quit with him.
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known as the ge 3 they made headlines across the nation. >> yet they failed as it appeared might be possible there could be very great damage and human health effects. >> reporter: more than three decades later his questions persist whether the mark 1 can handle the immense pressures. now the design is facing the ultimate test in japan. five of the six reactors at this plant are mark 1s. >> it does not appear to have performed well. >> reporter: we asked ge to comment on the concerns. the company responded they were investigated and resolved in the 1970s. further, since that time the nrc has concluded these issues had been satisfactorily addressed. questions on nuclear power. >> are the regulatory
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requirements string gent enough. >> reporter: he is watching with sadness and concern wondering if the issues he raised are now going to be answered in the aftermath. >> that was marianne favro reporting. you may know that nbc is partly owned by general electric. there were a series of retrofits. he's not certain if the plant in japan was beefed up to withstand more pressure. he expressed concerns that most here were built 40 years ago and reaching the end of their licensed life. >> this morning president obama will outline his plan for an energy strategy. he says rising gas prices, highlight the need for the u.s. to become more independent in full filling the country's energy needs. for more on business news before the bell let's turn to partly ge owned cnbc anchor nicole lapin. good morning. >> partly owned comcast, and
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kntv the way you all work me. all right, look. stocks closed higher yesterday. thin trading. despite weak data on home prices and consumer confidence, traders believe that stocks willig nor all of the bad news on the belief that the fed will prop up the markets, keep pumping money in with the latest round of stimulus spending. asian markets did close higher. japan rose on a weaker yen. europe is higher. we get a big report today, a private sector jobs report. forecasts call for 205,000 such jobs to have been added this month. in case you missed it, the dow rose 81 points yesterday to 12,279. the nasdaq added 26, to 2756. and futures are pointing to a nice healthy open this morning. all of that could change as markets do, that's way it goes. also the house has voted to eliminate president obama's main
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foreclosure program. the bill is expected to get through the senate. it was launched to encourage banks to modify mortgages. the treasury department has no power to compel banks to do so. >> after about two years of improvement airlines have had more and more problems, last year making sure your checked luggage arrives to the place you do. a new report shows 29.4 million bags did not arrive on time or about 12 mishandled bags per 1,000 passengers. that's up 6 period from 2009. if i visit you guys in san francisco i don't think i need a bag. i just need, you know, to buy a t-shirt or something. i'm so jealous. >> yes. in northern california -- >> christina's weather reports.
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i just miss that weather. >> supposed to do 90 degrees later this week. >> i don't want to hear it. sorry. >> bring your t-shirt. we'll see you soon. fly virgin. it's great. christina loren has a look at your fantastic forecast. >> good morning. i can tell you nicole lapin has always been that beautiful and that good. she is darned talented. this morning we're looking good. we've got a great forecast for today. i hope you enjoyed yesterday. it's going to be warmer today, breezier but nice. this is where we ended up in concord. 75. walnut creek. antioch 70 and oakland 65 degrees for you. right about room temperature yesterday. a little warmer than that which is good if you're somebody who wants to get outside and maybe watch up that farmer's tan. high pressure still firmly in control. it's amplified and getting closer to the bay area but still
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we've got clouds spilling in from a system of low pressure to our north. the same deal as yesterday. filtered sunshine at times. we'll see mostly sunny conditions. temps now are mild, 53 degrees in san francisco. 51 in hayward. take a look at where we're headed. hard to believe we had flooded conditions, temperatures in the upper 30s. 80 degrees in san jose. fremont, 79 degrees for you. you want to get outside if you can. 80 in concord. we have one concern with the warm weather and the breezy conditions comes that high pollen count. we'll talk about when it's expected to peak. right now let's get you actually i'm going to send it back to the man in charge. >> you can do that. the bay bridge series moved across the bay last night as the a's hosted the giants, before opening day. the bottom of the sixth, down by one. they tie it up. powell brings in oakland's only
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run with the rbi. the giants add two in the seventh and one more in the eighth as nate leaves the yard. the finale exhibition games at 12:45 at china basin. coming up a new job for oakland's police chief. >> as you get moving i'm focusing on the san leandro area. a hot spot. e focusing on this and the commute coming up. e
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>> oakland's police chief is reiterating he is going to stay. in his first briefing in months anthony batts said his quest for a new job is over and he is focused on oakland. his commitment was called into question when he was a finalist for san jose. during the briefing bat ining d rumors. laura is in the newsroom. good morning. >> good morning. is it a good idea to put a cell phone tower on a campus? we're going to tell you about that. a marin mom is in hot water accused of hosting a drunken party for her son. and his friends. we're going to tell you about the charges that she now faces. and the governor is expected to
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end california's drought declaration today just as we get new information on what appears to be near-record snow pack totals in the sierra. those and more coming up in a few minutes. >> let's turn it over to mike and see what's going on at 4:55. >> good morning. what's not going on, that construction i told you, closure for 580. it cleared up early. an hour early. great news. about a half hour early so things are moving through livermore as you head over east. westbound moving nicely in toward that dublin interchange. we're looking at the maze t approach to the bay bridge, light volume. dry roads and look at this bay bridge shot. no puddles and no problems. light flow as well. we'll nol as it builds. >> mike thank you. the gender gap is narrowing. women earned 81 cents for every dollar earned by men.
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that's up from 76 cents per dollar in 2000. according to forbes magazine some professions women earn far more including preschool and kindergarten teachers, bakers and painters. >> amtrak plans to test using twitter to alert passengers to possible service delays. the northeast corridor passengers who follow at amtrak nec can now get tweets on service disruptions from equipment problems, weather or other issues. amtrak says it will review how the program is accepted, should be tweaked, made permanent or expanded. >> coming up, the governor's expected announcement on the drought. we'll continue our coverage. you are looking at a somewhat shaky picture of san francisco. atle nd. ck iment.
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>> reporter: a look at the neighborhood nuisance in the south bay that has people who live here up in arms with pg&e and the county. good morning. i'm marla tellez. my live report coming up. >> and parents lashing out at a proposal to put a cell phone tower on a high school campus. >> a live look outside at the bay bridge. it's wednesday, march 30th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for brent this morning. let's go straight to meteorologist christina loren and a fabulous forecast. >> you talk to people and they tell you this is why they live here, the weather is so


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