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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  March 31, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening and thanks for joining us on this thursday. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. pulling a fast one? is pg&e sneaking smart meters into resident who is don't want them? residents of capitola says while they were distracted cleaning up after the flood there, the utility installed smart meters, even though the city banned them. scott budman is live in cap tita capitola, and people must be very upset about this. >> reporter: not everybody knows about it, but it's a very sensitive issue here in this town. and as people are finding out, they're reacting with anger and suspicion. even as the clean up continues here in capitola, new accusations are muddying the waters because of these. smart meters, banned by the
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capitola city council, but installed by pg&e after the flood. >> i didn't appreciate the way they snuck them in. >> reporter: local business woman dawn wallace while cleaning up the flood-damaged craft gallery says she wished pg&e had at least given notice before installing the 17 new meters in town. >> they didn't say, oh, while we're here, we're putting smart meters on all the meters. i didn't -- i mean, they could have said something. >> reporter: in fact, as things start to get back to normal here, many residents already skeptical of the meters are now sounding off against pg&e. >> i see this much more as a money grabby pg&e. just another way to get more money on your bill every month without having to go to the puc and raise your rates. >> i think that pg&e kind of getting what they want, they're the big kahuna in town and i don't like that, and i feel as though we should take it a look
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at stronger. i don't think we're going to win. >> reporter: pg&e did not have someone to talk on camera, but told us they have no choice but to install the 17 new smart meters, saying that when an old meter is damaged, this is what they replace it with. a new meter, they call smarter, but what some here call a threat. pg&e also says they will be back here in capitola on april 11th to sponsor a community-wide meeting where they will take comments about the smart meters. reporting live in capitola, scott budman, nbc, bay area news. >> all right. we want to show you developing news along the peninsula. we've been following this since about 3:00 this afternoon. this is what it looked like during the heart of rush hour this evening. these are images from our chopper, which was over millbrae area, where all lanes on 101 are now open, but earlier, that wasn't the case. it's still a traffic mess there. this is what happened. a driver hit a phone line pole around 3:00 in the afternoon that brought the phone lines
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down over the freeway and it brought traffic to a standstill for a good, long time. we're talking about that broadway exit. that's where the phone lines were over. that's close to millbrae, burling game. the lanes did reopen around 5:30, but the backup is still bad because it went on for hours. so if you want to avoid the area altogether, you should try to take 280 instead. and if you're waiting for someone, be patient. there's a long history of contentious san francisco politics. today, the fight between the sfpd and the public defender's office got personal. the acting police chief is speaking out. meanwhile, the public defender is firing back. bottom line here, the police crisis is growing and cases are being dropped. nbc bay area's traci grant joins us now from san francisco with more on this ongoing battle over alleged police misconduct. and traci, the showdown now between two of the city's power players. >> reporter: oh, definitely, raj. and it's getting pretty good. public defender jeff adachi says
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he wants the sfpd to develop a zero tolerance policy for lying. he says maybe that can stop the series of allegations popping up against plains clothesed offers. bristle told adachi to stop acting like the sky is falling. >> unless something else comes about during that investigation, i did not see any issues with that videotape. >> reporter: standing with a long line of command officers acting chief implied that public defender jeff adachi, an elected official swb putting on a show for constituents at a time when sfpd is trying hard to be transparent to the public. adachi released another video yesterday. in this one, undercover officers from the richmond district station are conducting a march 1st search at an apartment on 33rd street and geary boulevard in san francisco. adachi insists that once again officers bent the rules when it came to search and seizure, just
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like these officers from the southern station. earlier this month, their videotape searches of the henry hotel were not only called into question, but a judge dismissed the cases against all of the dozens of people arrested. >> i am not going to sit back and let people bad mouth this department and throw down allegations of misconduct when they're not true. >> reporter: chief attorney matt gonzalez from the public defender's office released this statement today. "the video clearly revealed that officers lied under oath. it was shown to a judge who agreed, dismissing the case, because police are not credible. it is troubling to me that our chief of police can watch the same footage and see nothing wrong with these civil rights violations." >> it's a young man's game, working undercover. obviously, the more experienced, older officers aren't as inclined to do that type of work. >> reporter: in fact, some sources on the force say part of the problem might be linked to the youth and inexperience of those plainclothesed officers and a lack of training in fourth amendment procedures.
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to >> the easiest thing in the world is to throw a young officer to the wolves. when my first question is, who is the sergeant? >> reporter: well, we asked former police chief rabero what it's like to watch their cases get kicked, which is what the officers usually call it. rabero says it's unpleasant to see those suspects walking right out of jail with no repercussions. but he says the reality is people involved in drug trafficking tend to go it again, so there's generally a chance to arrest those same people all over again. live in san francisco, nbc bay area's traci grant. >> thank you, traci. bad to worse and about to get critical. teachers in concord voted to go three more days without pay this school year. the mt. diablo teacher's union overwhelmingly approved the furlough days in the month of may. in exchange, they're able to keep prep periods for elementary
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teachers in classes like music and p.e. a spirited group of east bay students rallied against budget cuts today, hoping to save their teachers' jobs and special programs in their classrooms. >> yes, we can! >> like other districts around the bay area and really around the state, oakland unified is facing massive cuts, in addition to about 500 teacher layoffs, music and art programs are also in jeopardy. the group of students who marched in downtown oakland today are part of a group called b.a.m.m., or by any means necessary. they say more kids will drop out of school if more cuts are made. >> we will fight for the money to go to public education instead of to big companies or to, worse, students have the right to have the money go to their school programs and we're going to build a movement to make that happen. >> the group is urging the public to come to next wednesday's school board meeting to join them in standing against cuts in oakland schools. well, in the spirit of cesar chavez day, today one east bay
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school received a lesson in community. more than half a dozen east bay organizations came together today to help east oakland pride elementary. you see, the school was robbed and vandalized to weeks ago. so today volunteers pitched in, digging, sawing, and painting to make the space a little more beautiful. parents of the kids actually started momentum for the project. >> so a lot of parents really wanted to have a campus that was more interactive with nature, so that their children would be able to make a connection to nature. >> the new space will be used for outdoor classes as well as fresh produce for the community. and all the money from that vegetable garden will go right back to the school. usually, this is not a newsmaker, but this year, it is. the california redevelopment agency is holding its annual conference in san jose this week, and it could be the most important conference in recent memory. governor jerry brown has proposed eliminating the state's 425 agencies to help offset the massive deficit here. the agency uses property taxes
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to spur development and create jobs. the governor says the cuts will put $1.7 billion back into the hands of cities and counties to help pay for public safety and education. but critics contend these cuts will put a stop to job growth in these same communities. >> this is a huge program that provides lots of good things for local communities such as housing, new infrastructure, takes care of cleaning up brownfield property. all those sorts of things would be eliminated under the governor's proposal, to say nothing of thousands and thousands of jobs that are supported through redevelopment. >> the expo runs through tomorrow at the san jose convention center. ♪ are you ready to play ball? the giants' season opener is well underway in los angeles but the party is in san francisco. giants fans heading to at&t park right now as well. >> and our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us from the
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ballpark in his shorts and his cooler. jeff, first of all, happy new year. it's the beginning of baseball season, and what's going on? the game's in l.a. who's with you there in san francisco? >> yeah. a lot of people coming of out here, raj. i like that music, by the way. staying hydrated, like anyone should be on the field. that's right, we're on the field here at at&t park wile the game's being played in l.a. the san francisco giants opening up the stadium tonight and for a great cause. everyone you see in those seats up there above me, they are all hoping to donate to at-risk youths and also to help to send them to summer camp and providing scholarships. and you can still come out here, right up until 10:00 p.m., where tickets range anywhere from $30 to $100. and who knows, they may even give you a little bit of a break in terms of the price if you come out later. i mean, that is not guaranteed, but you never know, the event's already starting. the energy out here is great tonight. and you know, if anything, this heat right now is an indication of how the giants are going to play this season, well, we could be going for another world series championship! all right.
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the folks up there right now, well, they're focused on the game. i can usually get their attention pretty good, but not tonight. however, the heat you guys, it go everyone's attention. down here in my special nbc bay area weather cooler, take a look at this, yes, it's the thermometer, and even so close to the ice, look at how warm it is reading right now. still in the 80s! oh, yes, can you feel the heat? we're going to have details on major records across the bay area and one record that actually was shattered. it hasn't been this hot in one part of the bay area since 1966. i'll have details on that and i'll be making up some drinks if you want some too. >> i wonder what else is in that cooler. >> it's water. >> jeff ranieri at the ballpark, yes, it's still early in the game, you have time to go out to at&t park, help support a good cause. and the world series trophy is there as well. >> and you can take photos with it. so check it out. just ahead, he thought his symptoms just meant that he was ageing. but a northern california man gets a name for his potentially
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deadly condition at a bay area clinic. also, a nuclear scare reality check. some california milk tests positive for radiation. but scientists say you shouldn't be too concerned. and a contra costra county soldier dies in combat. how friends and family are hects in icns [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney appreciation sale this friday and saturday, get an extra 20% off apparel, shoes and accessories with your jcpenney rewards credit card. san rer, sale and clearance items! no exclusions! get an extra 20% off styles for her, an extra 20% off brands for him, an extra 20% clothes for kids, plus, an extra 20% off shoes. don't have your jcpenney card? you'll still get an extra 15% off! don't miss the extra savings at jcpenney.
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now turning to the crisis in japan where there is growing concern over the size of the evacuation zone near the fukushima power plant. the international atomic agency announced the results of its soil test and says it found dangerous levels of radiation in a nearby village. it would indicate that the evacuation zone should be expanded if not doubled. japanese government says they will continue to monitor the situation. now, concern over radiation levels here in the bay area have
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been growing since uc berkeley researchers announced new findings in our own milk. we brought you that breaking news story yesterday. >> but those researchers at cal continue to remind everyone the levels are not worrisome. for new details on this story, let's bring in gordon tokumatsu from our l.a. station. >> reporter: from irregular clicks caused by a potassium-infused banana to the rapid steady hum of cesium 137. most radiation will set off a geiger counter. that's what professor peter siegel showed us. he and another professor teach a class here called radiation biology. so the world, and indeed our bodies, are radioactive places? >> we are. but it's okay. our bodies can handle it. >> reporter: the fact is, radiation is all around us, and if you use a device like this, you will get readings, but what does it all mean? not much, says the professor, unless you take into account
6:16 pm
three very important factors. your distance from the object, the shielding around it, and the levels emitted. >> for an average american, we're getting around 620 mi millirims per here. but unless you live in a lead-lined house, you might not be able to avoid many daily radioactive objects. a desert rock, for instance, contains enough uranium to set off the geiger. but even the cesium encased in plastic here used for lab purposes only is not considered daily if properly handled. it registered at 5 millirims per hour. >> it would be dangerous if i put my fingers on top. >> reporter: but then there's this smoke detector. its casing removed for our test. wow, past five. so do not open up your smoke detector. >> reporter: likewise, this orange ceramic dish. at four millirims, its geiger
6:17 pm
counter putting it way over the limit. the dish was banned because of its toxic glaze. even a plane flight from l.a. to new york, for instance, will add 8 to 10 millirims to your yearly radiation total. but we asked, why aren't frequent fliers more susceptible to radiation sickness or cancer? >> bause a cumulative dose is still relatively small. >> our coverage of the disaster in japan continues on nbcbay aeaarom. you can logon to keep updated on the spread of radiation. and find out how one group in the east bay is using psasac sa raise funds for dars relief. some bay area patients say they're struggling with major health problems after undergoing hip replacement surgery. specifically, they received an asr artificial hip which was recalled last year. terry galloway says she thought the hip replacement would improve her mobility, now she says she can barely walk.
6:18 pm
medical tests indicate tissue surrounding the implant is starting deteriorate, something doctors have noticed when removing the asr device in other patients. >> i'm absolutely terrified. my body is a ticking time bomb at this point. every time i take a step, it's in the back of my mind that this metal is eroding and getting into my soft tissue. >> depuy, owned by johnson & johnson, makes this asr device. the company says it voluntarily recalled the implant after new information came out indicating the device failed in one out of every eight patients. today terry galloway's attorney filed a lawsuit against the company asking it to pay for personal damages and medical costs. nine other similar lawsuits were also filed today. depuy says patient safety is a top priority. the company is offering to pay patients medical costs if they need to have the recalled device remove. well, one of the benefits of living in the bay area, obviously, is accessing to cutting edge research and treatment for some of the most
6:19 pm
rare and difficult to treat diseases. tonight, nbc bay area's garvin thomas shows us what this has meant for one northern california man diagnosed with what could have been a potentially life threatening disease. >> reporter: a picture is one of the best ways to track changes in a child. it shows how much a baby can grow in just weeks or months. in adults, however, the growing usually stops after puberty. but not always.ea the photos of jorge are proof. just like in baby pictures, the changes are small and hard to spot. >> i didn't notice it. i thought, you know, it's just getting old, older, and you're changing and this is the way you change. >> reporter: but it's not the way you change. the growth in his face is a telltale sign of a very rare disorder called acromegli and a
6:20 pm
world-renowned expert in it said he knew it when you took one look at him. >> you walk in the room and shake the happened with the patients and you have your diagnosis. >> reporter: one of the most noticeable signs are his hands. >> your hands are enlarged and the barrel sides of your fingers is much greater than average. >> reporter: in fastneti's case, a tumor caused his pituitary glands to go into overdrive causing his or begans to grow. surgery goth rid of 95% of his tumor back in november and it's dr. blefin's hope that it will keep him in check. >> his hands are smaller and his face looks thinner as well. >> reporter: fastneti travels from his home in tahoe to get treatment. >> we're probably curing about 90% of patients with pituitary tumors and able to control most
6:21 pm
of the others. >> reporter: and while fastneti is not cured -- >> i think my bones will not get smaller. so there's a limit to how small you can get. >> reporter: he feels comfort in knowing his disorder is under control. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> now, fastneti is about to undergo a new round of treatment to keep his condition in check. he says for now, though, he does feel better than ever. let's turn things over to our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. he usually sits right here with us -- >> but not if there's a place he could go to be with the giants and the outside. >> now he is at the ballpark. and like we said, happy baseball season to you, jeff. and very nice to say, the world champion giants are back in action, and so are you. >> reporter: yeah, they sure are. they're right there on the jumbotron off to my right. but you have to come down here in order to enjoy it at the level that we are. and you can still come on down and get those tickets. take a look behind me. the giants fans are first class but the organization is first class as well. they're opening up the stadium
6:22 pm
here on season opener night and all of the proceeds or at least a good portion of them hoping to go towards at-risk youths here in the bay area, to hope to provide summer camp for them and also scholarships. and this is already on top of over $12,000 they've donated in japan for earthquake relief efforts that we were covering earlier this week. really a top-notch organization. every single one of these seats now helping those at-risk youths. so you can still come on out and those tickets ranging $30 to about $100. you'll want to check online first to make sure they're available, as they may still be going as we're here on the air. let's get a look at that heat, though. it was very hot, record-setting temperatures, several of them. napa, 87 degrees. i talked about where it hasn't been this warm this time of the year since 1966. that is napa breaking the old record. santa rosa, 86. and we also had 81 in kentfield. san francisco airport at 80. and downtown with 82 degrees. and that picture there is
6:23 pm
beautiful with a little bit of high and mid-level cloud cover. and as you can see, high pressure keeping it warm. i think the giants are also boosting up that heat level, right on down from southern california across the state. and as we head throughout friday, we'll still see some warmer weather. but by this weekend, that's when things are going to start to crash. temperatures are going to be dropping and we're also looking at a chance o showers in the mix for your weekend. sanwhile, starting off tomorrow morning in the mid- to upper 50s, a mild start, and by 11:00 a.m., already, low to mid-70s coming our way. all right, a quick, very quick preview of our seven-day forecast. and you'll see that chance of showers as we head into saturday. then by sunday, we'll get the sun back out, but, unfortunately, it's not going to be 80-degree weather. so, we have the game out here. it's unlike anything i've ever experienced. right on the field. i can feel the clay right between my toes. yes, i did say toes, you guys. i'm wearing thongs. i can't believe i just did that
6:24 pm
on live tv. >> he did. >> okay. well, at least they're on your feet. that's good, jeff well, world series champ, check, chilling with charlie sheen, also check. here's the clue, giants hurler, beach boys vocalist on "help me rhonda." yes, brian wilson. nbc bay area's scott budman reports wilson will have a google engineer and a professor at santa clara university who both help him with the "times" crossward. >> also part of his high school chess team. he likes to think. for complete giants coverage, go to our website,, we have a special team dedicated to thee,giants. it's called "theveco t" at the top of the home page. still ahead, more reason to hang up and drive. lawmakers considering a fine hike. >> also, a northern california
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southern tradition could slip through your erfingfiers. whng at you need to do tomorrow if you want to hike half dome this summer. [ female announcer ] new gold bond deep moisture, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. the body wash that moisturizes like a lotion.
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today's beautiful weather probably has a lot of people thinking about getting outdoors, whether it's now or for the next few months. if you're adventurous and would like to hike half dome at yosemite, permits for july are going on sale tomorrow bright and early at 7:00 a.m. in the morning. the permits for may and june, you're already too late. those weekend's permits sold out within five minutes. weekday permits were gone by the end of the first day. you've got to do this quickly. four permits can be received at a time for a charge of $1.50 each. $1.50. >> that's why they go so fast. >> that is cheap. the recommended method is online at hikers approaching the half dome without a permit will be turned back by a park ranger. well, the trial against barry bonds wraps up for the week. what his former personal shopper told jurors today.
6:28 pm
i'm jodi hernandez in emeryville where folks are mourning after a massage therapist turned army medic is killed in the line of duty. i'll have a live report, coming up. also, plans for the america's cup setting sail. how the bay area will handle the hundreds of thousands ofe si or f fhacome to wn hisrithtoceisrac .
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we have a touching story tonight from massage therapist to military medic, an east bay man on a mission to help others has made the ultimate sacrifice. army specialist jamison linskog died in the line of duty in aversion on tuesday while rushing to help an injured soldier. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joining us now from emeryville where the news of his death is hitting hard. jodi? >> it certainly is. he started his career as a massage therapist. the folks hoar at the national holistic institute knew him very
6:31 pm
well. and while they are heartbroken tonight, they are not altogether surprised by his sacrifice. >> we honor everyone who served in that capacity, but when it becomes this personal, it just becomes a little more real. >> reporter: ron pete never thought he'd lose a former student the way he's lost 23-year-old jamison linskog. the massage therapist turned army medic was shot and killed in the line of duty tuesday while rushing to help a wounded soldier in afghanistan. >> he always talked to me about wanting to help others and do something perhaps beyond massage -- i'm not surprised to find that he was a medic in the army. >> reporter: pete says linskog, who had a mild form of autism called asperger's syndrome worked hard to learn the techniques of massage, graduating from emeryville's national holistic institute in 2007. but it was clear he was on a mission for more. >> he would tell me that he needed to get this so he could
6:32 pm
help others. and helping others was a phraseology that was very consistent in what he said to me. >> reporter: that calling took him to the battlefield, where he died doing what he always strived to accomplish -- helping others. >> that must have been really remarkable to unthinkingly going to someone else's assistance, knowing you're putting your life in danger is a remarkable act. >> reporter: again, the folks here are having a very tough time digesting what happened. they're sharing memories of their friend with each other tonight. they say they are incredibly proud. reporting live in emeryville, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, jodi. well, a bombshell in the barry bonds perjury trial today. the first witness to say they saw bonds being injected with steroids. bonds' former personal shopper, kathy hoskins, says she witnessed greg anderson injecting bonds in the naval back in 2002. hoskins testified that bonds told her that it was something,
6:33 pm
quote, something for when i go on the road, you can't detect it, end quote. earlier, though, bonds' doctor contradicted testimony from kathy hoskins's brother, steve hoskins. he testified that he never discussed steroid use with bonds or hoskins. dr. ting's story conflicted with hoskins' version. do you still text while you drive? be careful? the palo alto lawmaker who wrote the bill banning people from holding their cell phones while driving wants to increase the fines. congressman joe smithian has increased the fine. his bill would also extend to bike riders, though they would face a smaller fine. the bill passed a transportation committee and now moves to the senate. people across the state celebrating cesar chavez day. this morning, dozens of latino leaders met at a breakfast in
6:34 pm
san jose sponsored by the chavez family vision. a family group based on the late farm workers' mission. chavez helped improve the wages and conditions for farm workers in california. just yesterday, president obama declar declared cesar chavez day a national holiday. earlier this month, our own damian true hjillo was a recipi of the cesar chavez award. award winners show support for the movement and dedication to cesar chavez's own legacy. >> well deserved. >> yes, it is. we hear that music. it's perfectly 80 degrees outside with some hot dogs in hand, the giants, the world series champion giants, their new season has officially begun, and what a better way to start than with their big rivalry, a game at dodgers stadium with the
6:35 pm
giants. >> our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is the official host at at&t park with his flip-flops and cooler and also conan nolan from our l.a. station joins us from dodgers stadium, bravely showing a little orange there. conan, we know you're a closet giants fan. >> reporter: don't leak that out, because i could be in big trouble down here, but it is a beautiful day, regardless of who you're rooting for. the san gabriel mountains behind me, snow-capped san gabriels, 91 degrees here at legion park, home of dodgers stadium. dodgers' fans very excited about the season, as are giants fans. dodgers' fans not all that happy about who they're playing, for the first time, they're playing the world series champion san francisco giants with that title. we have some pictures to show you, this is something we've never seen before at dodgers stadium, a banner being towed by an aircraft. the one paid for by the giants fans. the one that is goading the dodgers fans down below. they paid for this and it's been flying not just today but the
6:36 pm
past several days. the dodger fans actually came up with their own banner as well. it's been a banner day for those aircraft that actually fly banners. a large turnout so far, many we talked to actually got up from the bay area this morning and headed on down for the ball game. >> i came up at 6:30 this morning from san francisco, downtown san francisco. i was at starbucks, getting my coffee. >> reporter: why was it so important to be here? >> never been to dodgers stadium. had to do it once in my life. >> reporter: what it's like rooting for a world series champion at the dodgers stadium item. >> it's awesome. i love it. the dodgers fans give me some grief, but i can say we had a world series last year, so -- >> reporter: your first one? >> in california. >> reporter: what have the dodgers fans been telling you so far? >> mostly pretty pleasant. just playful words. >> reporter: it's early. >> huh? >> reporter: it's early. >> yeah, yeah. and we're only on beer one, so.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: dodger fans like to point out that they have five world series titles since coming to california and that is impressive, but the most recent one belongs, of course, to you know who. with an orange tie, conan nolan reporting live from dodgers stadium, nbc bay area news. >> yeah, yeah, in the words of janet jackson, what have you done for my lately. >> a brave conan nolan. now we go to at&t park. >> where he's ready with his cooler and little drink and now a hat. >> i can't let conan show me up with the orange tie. i've got to have something orange on. i'd invite conan over here for a beverage, you know, with you guys later on with that orange tie. pretty brave guy. while the game, of course, is not here tonight, many fans out here at at&t park helping to support a pretty great cause as the giants organization is really stepping up yet again. we'll tell you how they're helping bay area kids and teens coming up. also, details on the extreme
6:38 pm
heat. we'll let you know if it will last into friday. who had record-setting temperatures and big-time weekend changes coming our way. that all in just minutes. >> we'll check back in with jeff in just a few minutes. also i head, traffic tlas, street closures, and some construction headaches. the aches and pains ahead on the road to the america's cup. plus, betty white's teaching the youth of america a thing or two. th sew should have that suld ha you laughing off your rocker.
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6:40 pm
well, the incomparable betty white is set to host a new show and you'll be able to see it right here on nbc bay area. she'll host a prank show following senior citizens who play jokes on younger people. we're told the working title is "betty white's off the rockers." she's done many guest roles on shows like "community," but you may know her best for work on "golden girls" in the '80s and
6:41 pm
the early '90s. hollywood is coming to the bay area. marin county is turning into a hollywood back lot, claim with superstars nicole kidman and clive owen. a production team is currently shooting a new drama. where are they shooting this drama? st. vincent's school for boy. it's about the romance between ernest hemingway and goldman. james gandolfini is producing this film for hbo. all right. so how do you like the gig for jeff ranieri out there in -- >> oh, my goodness! >> why aren't you out there? >> i've got to get his agent. >> what happened? >> exactly. where's my agent, get him on the phone right now. we've got stuff to talk about. it is a busy, busy day. giants, giants, more giants, something about the world champions. we'll do that today. it's opening day in baseball. giants and the dodgers, can anything be better than that? we'll bring you a slice of the opener from stadium, plstadium,
6:42 pm
us get you ready for the sharks. they play host to the dallas stars at the tanks. [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted, they were thrilled. she's a natural vibrato. oh. we started saving for this music camp in vermont. so i told them about some of the wells fargo online savings tools like my savings plan, which helps them set up and monitor a savings goal. until we found out that maybe her teacher uses certain terms a little bit loosely. rebecca is clearly very gifted. [ banker ] we decided to roll that money into ashley's college account. turns out there's seven gifted kids in ashley's class of nine. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪
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the bay area celebrated when san francisco was named the host city for the 2013 america's cup, a prestigious event that could bring millions of dollars to the area. but now that the celebrating is done, here comes the hard part. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. showing us the city's plans to move hundreds of thousands of visitors. >> i just put a blind eye to all the cars. >> reporter: you might say kenny
6:44 pm
el bridge takes a zen approach to life. >> i enjoy everything else besides the cars. >> reporter: especially when it comes to things like cars and traffic. >> i just think that people just need to slow down. >> but when the america's cup starts ramping up in the next two years, it might be harder to turn a blind eye to all the congestion. >> they said the same thing about the world series and about how much of a headache it was going to be. and you know, it was a little inconvenience, but it was nothing -- >> reporter: city planners would appreciate elbridge's optimism. in the meantime -- >> he can work with our friends in the bicycle coalition. >> reporter: san francisco city leaders today unveiled preliminary plans to deal with all the america's cup traffic. the city expects 200,000 visitors a day to turn out for the 2013 event as well as warm-up events in 2012. >> any large event, obviously, there's going to be challenges, there's going to be traffic congestion, there's going to be things that don't work. >> reporter: to ease that congestion, the city wants public transit to bear the load.
6:45 pm
northbound at embarcadero could be closed to traffic, making way for pedestrians and bicycles. there's also a plan to create a network of bike-sharing sites along the waterfront. >> imagine a physically separated comfortable bikeway along the embarcadero, along market street, along neighborhoods connecting to the waterfront. >> reporter: the narc park service hopes to restore an abandoned train tunnel at the foot of van ness to expand the popular f-line service to the marina. others say other public transit expansion is also possible. >> we're plan for how we improve muni, how we allow teem people bike with ease, to walk with fun, to bring our families here in a way that really envisions a 21st century. >> we never got things instantly like this when i was growing up in the '60s. >> reporter: those all seem like fine ideas to elbridge, because on a sunny day in the bay in sight, there just doesn't seem much room to fuss.
6:46 pm
joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> exactly the kind of day we had today for the giants. >> it's going to be a wild scene when that america's cup comes here in 2013. let's send it back out to at&t park. it's still seems strange to see this, but the defending world series champions, the giants, are back in action. let's go to jeff ranieri. >> reporter: even though the game isn't happening here at at&t park, they're opening it to the fans. let me get up and do some work here, some legwork. as we pan over, what we're going to find is they are allowing some tours of the dugouts and then each one of those seats you see up there, that's all going to help bay area teens and childrens to help provide summer camp and scholarships from the funds they raise tonight. you can probably still come out here and get a good deal. a lot of giants fans have went down to l.a., but there's still plenty of time to get out here tonight and get a glimpse of part of the game on the jumobtron. there is knock like it. and take a look at that. the seagulls already out here. are they calling the game for the giants already?
6:47 pm
who knows? let's take a look, though. we definitely knew it was hot out here today. record-setting heat, big, big extreme here from what we had this time last week with 50s. 87 at napa. it hasn't been this hot since 1966. mountain view, 83. san francisco airport, 80. downtown at 82. and this extreme weather, warmer on the peninsula today than daytona beach, florida. unbelievable, we usually don't even hit our first 80-degree day until we head into june. lets get to those graphics and you can see what we're looking at tonight it's going to be mild and a little bit breezy out there. for friday, still warmer than average with 70s along the coast and through the peninsula in our inland spots, still could have those 80-degree temperatures. we're going to watch that wind closely, as that could bring things down a little co l.erfor iday wntithigh pressure in control. then we're in for some bigger weekend changes coming our way, that area of high pressure is going to weaken and eventually we'll see some showers coming back. let's get a quick look at tomorrow morning.
6:48 pm
we'll start with close to 60 degrees in the south bay and low to mid-50s in the north bay. maybe even a little bit of patchy fog. by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, a big, big advance in those temperatures. low to mid-70s for the south bay already, so we're going to be in that 80-degree territory yet again and more possible records. 82 for livermore, 81 in san jose, 80 in los gatos. 83 in santa rosa and 78 in san francisco. all right. a look here at our seven-day forecast, and what you're going to find are some cooling temperatures and also my cooler. it's dodger color blue, but i've had it covered up with my towel. but two iced up drinks for both you, raj, and jessica, and, well, i'm halfway through with my water here. it's ice cold, like the dodgers' season. i'm just going there. >> we're only one game in, jeff. >> i know. i make all kinds of predictions. >> that's what jeff will stick with the weather and jim will
6:49 pm
stick to the sports. >> let's bring jim in now. >> jeff, you can make mine a double, brother. good evening. it's here, it's final here! the start of the major league baseball season, those world champion giants began defense of their crown with a trip to l.a. and a four-game set with the hated dodgers. pre-game festivities at dornls stadium, what a beautiful sight that is. 30 years since fernandomania, full house, as expected. this is the first of 17 meetings between the giants and dodgers, the introduction of the cha champion, a little flyover, a little show of power. that's the coolest thing, if you've ever experienced it. rookie first baseman brandon belt, his first major league at bat in the second, a bouncer over towards first. this is a tough play for james loany. they will score this, a base h hit. good hustle. that looks like a line drive in the box score. big-time timmy gets the opening day nod. he strikes out jamey carroll.
6:50 pm
kershaw has eight strikeouts through four, including getting buster posey in the top of the fourth. posey is struck out twice. we're in the bottom of the sixth, no score, giants and dodgers. we told you last night on nbc bay area that giants pitcher barry zito was involved in an auto accident in southern california after the team arrived. zito was taken to the hospital, treated, and later released with unknown injuries. officers on the scene did not deem zito at fault in the two-car collision. he is not at the ballpark for tonight's opener. he is resting in his l.a. home while wearing a neck brace. zito is still scheduled to pitch game four of this series on sunday. more news on the giant's pitching front. closer brian wilson has joined the team in l.a., and through hard and a five-minute bull pen session, while wilson believes he has done enough to be taken off the dl on the 6th, manager bruise bochy is considering having him play in a simulated
6:51 pm
game before any moves are made. he may not be available for the home opener on april 8th. comprehensive coverage on comcast sportsnet bay area. every night at 10:30, a full 30 minutes of coverage of everything you need to know and every team that you care about. go deep with sportsnet central every night at 10:30 only on comcast sportsnet bay area. and for all your coverage on the web, go to and scroll down to "the cove." we'll take care of you and all of your giants need. and a six-game slate begins this season and there's hope for everyone, even this guy here! is that pete rose or is that my old aunty helen? i have a jacket at home just like that, except i call it an afghan. charlie hustle is going to get the last laugh. reds down 6-3, entering the ninth. hernandez with a walk off home run, reds win it, the opener over milwaukee, 7-6. a great tradition in st. louis,
6:52 pm
the budweiser clydesdale make their way around bush stadium. top of the ninth, cameron maeben, it ties the game with three. and top of the 11th, it's maben, this time with a single to right. john jay will pick it up and play it towards the infield. this has throw skips past, and that allows to score from first base. padres win it. to the ice, the sharks sit in third place in the western conference. sharks at the tank tonight taking on the dallas stars, it's a team that needs a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. going 6-1-3 in the last ten. joe tohornton knows that dallas a dangerous team. >> there's a lot of good guys against dallas and they're hard-fought battles and i wouldn't expect anything
6:53 pm
different tonight. they're trying to get in the playoffs and we've got to still separate ourselves. it's going to be an emotional game and should be a good one. >> we're fighting for a playoff spot and we're trying to get as high as we can in the standings. so expect definitely a hard-working game from both sides. >> a big one for the sharks tonight. we have a score if from dodger stadium. >> good or bad? >> well, not so good. dodgers push one across in the sixth. 1-0, the home team leads it. >> ah. >> it's still early. >> just when it gets to be 90 degrees outside, we're talking ice cold hockey. we've got to cool off jeff ranieri. what are you doing leaving me out of that drink deal. >> we've got to talk to him. still ahead, the $319 million lesson in patience and co nest o ghat t may have cost one guy the mega million dollar jackpot. [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted,
6:54 pm
they were thrilled. she's a natural vibrato. oh. we started saving for this music camp in vermont. so i told them about some of the wells fargo online savings tools like my savings plan, which helps them set up and monitor a savings goal. until we found out that maybe her teacher uses certain terms a little bit loosely. rebecca is clearly very gifted. [ banker ] we decided to roll that money into ashley's college account. turns out there's seven gifted kids in ashley's class of nine.
6:55 pm
[ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪
6:56 pm
timing couldn't be more unexpected. a deal in los altos hill is being described as the most expensive house sale ever in the u.s. let's check it out from the air. that's not a house, that's a palace. 25,000 square feet estate looks like someone sliced the pentagon in half. the new owner is a russian high-tech billionaire, yuri melner, he's now the proud owner
6:57 pm
of the property that has five bedrooms -- that's it -- nine bathrooms, an indoor and outdoor plan, and we don't know why he bought the house because he doesn't plan to live in it. seven i.t. workers from upstate new york will probably never have to fix anyone's computer ever again. that's because they're the big winners of the $319 million mega million lottery. the albany seven -- that's what they're known as now -- came to the lotto office to claim their huge prize. the person who actually picked up the winning ticket almost didn't get to buy it because apparently someone in line cut in front of him while he was buying a snickerers bar. no problem, he got bumped back one position in line, and wouldn't you know, that position had the winning ticket. seven people will all split it $19 million per after taxes. >> snickers for everybody! that's the way i'd go. >> thanks for joining us at
6:58 pm
6:00. see you tonight at 11:00. [ ryan ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ ryan ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪
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