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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  April 1, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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he's now in the process we're being told of posting $250,000 bail and being released. more than a dozen felony charges are being brought against him after the san mateo county sheriff's office says the parents of a 10-year-old called them concerned their daughter was receiving an inappropriate amount of text messages from the man they call the family friend. the lieutenant couldn't discuss the case, but says with the technology available today, parents need to be vigilant. >> they should go over the phone bill each month to get a boundary of what's acceptable and keep a close attention on what's coming in, what's going out. >> reporter: he says it's very important to set guidelines and
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keep an open line of communication with your kids. he also says predators often use texting as a way to see how far they can get with a potential victim, kind of like a screening process. his case is still under investigation, so if you have any information that could help, you are asked to call the san mateo county sheriff's office. >> thank you. an oakland woman is being credited for saving her own life after she was beaten, kidnapped and taken on a dangerous ride. it started last thursday in oakland. that's when police say her ex tricked her into meeting. the ordeal ended some 15 hours later. police say the woman convinced her attacker to take her to the hospital. a move police say kept her alive since he told her he was driving her to mexico to kill her. >> in the trunk of the vehicle, the seats would fold down
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towards the rear compartment and she was able to remove the bag somehow off her mouth. there was some duct tape on her mouth and she was able to communicate with him. she was able to get him to sympathize with her enough to take her to the hospital. >> the victim is not being identified because she's a victim of sexual assault and violence. the suspect is being held on nine felony accounts. a giants fan was critically beaten in the parking lot last night at the season opener. a victim and two friends were approached by two men in dodgers gear. they attacked the giants fans, kicking and punching. one of the victims is hospitalized in critical condition. jury deliberations are underway in the trial of a woman who claimed she was gang raped. case began with the teenagers
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seeking monetary damages in seven former players and the owner of the home where the party took place, but early on, the case faltered as charged were dismissed. an attorney for one of the young men is scoffing that the alleged victim was quote on a mission for millions. people headed to the movies will soon get a lesson in the danger of human trafficking. san joseeic p department will start showing this video in more than a dozen theatres as of today. the idea is that people who see the movie will call police if they suspect human trafficking is going on in their neighborhood. the campaign will run for the next three months. new pictures of the mudslides which are isolating big sur. the chp today demonstrated to residents that emergency services are still in place.
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they did so by patrolling the area. the biggest slide in rocky creek will take about three more weeks to repair a smaller slide at alder creek should be fixed in a week or so. it was a glorious day outside. lots of warm weather, but not going to stick around. >> jeff ranieri's going to join us with what is to come. >> oh, yeah, right now, we are looking at temperatures that are still warm to even hot for this time of the year. 80 in san jose. 79 in livermore. 80 in concord. 77 in napa and novato, also at 77. let's take a look at where some of our hottest spots are. that is in the south bay. south san jose with 86. a new record likely. also across thepeulnsnia,utpeni stanford with 86. 85 in pleasanton. berkeley, also one of our top numbers, 84 there.
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and santa rosa getting in on a ttle bit of cooling today. these winds are starting to shift, so we're going to see this area of high pressure deminnishing and that's going to bring temperatures down. by 10:00 a.m. saturday, we're looking at low 60s. we're going to be dropping as we head into saturday. with that cooling wind moving in, we're also looking at these itnds picking up as well. coming up, we'll have details on when these 60-degree temperatures arrive and our chances for showers. >> thanks a lot. a hero's welcome today in santos for six military men and women injured filgting for our country. >> mary ann joins us from international airport to tell us why they'll be trading war for ways. >> reporter: well, the six wounded warriors got off a plane here, then into a limo and are now on their way to santa cruz
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will they will learn to surf. the blue star moms greeted the six. some recently lost limbs fighting in afghanistan. >> and i lost my leg from the knee down on the left hand side and received wounds in my legs, my abdomen and arms. >> reporter: walking through a tunnel of flags, they are on their way to santa cruz where they will get free surf lessons. a harley escort was provided to the beach. this is the first time the program is going to teach amputees how to surf in santa cruz. camelot comes to tv. a controversial mini series about the kennedy family will finally make it to the small
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screen. and many of the bay area know her as comedian, angela johnson. the talent to herreturns to her hometown. >> our jobless rate falls. we'll have that after the break. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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stand up comedian and tv regular has brought back her talents to san jose to help out a former high school. she uses a lot of body language in her comedy. she's a dancer and former oakland raiderette. she is the first to say it's been an odd career path for her,
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but she's hitting the big time and as a result, she's giving back. her sunday show is a fund-raiser to help save lincoln's creative programs. she remembers how being a student and how the arts made her other classes bearable. >> you have your history, your math and then you art class. you're like, okay, i can breathe a little bit. i can express myself a little bit. i can be me. >> when she did her interview, it was from a hotel suite instead of her live lg rooing r. all her shows this weekend are sold out. good for her. a double dose of good news for the economy tonight as we meet the next wave of silicon valley engineers. >> scott is here to do the introductions and scott, finally to deliver a little good news. >> we have good news. first off, the job news is good.
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more job creation and a lower unemployment rate. about 216,000 jobs were added last month drop iping the unemployment rate to 8.8%. on top of that, american automakers saw sales rise especially when it comes to fuel efficient cars. you can thank the rapidly climbing price of oil for that one. we turn our taex to another reason to feel good. the future. bay area high school students competing today and tomorrow in the 20th annual first robotic competition. these are high school students and built the robots by themselves. it is an awesome competition to see. we're going to take you inside the big event and introduce you to some of the students tonight. no april fool's jokes. sales tax went up today in several bay area cities and it's not just penniepennies. six bay area cities now have
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some of the highest rates in the city. 10% in san leandro. in concord, a little better. the -- parton me, 9.75. all measures approved by voters in november. money raised will help balance city budgets. it's time to remind you that the tax man come et, but this year, he'll be a little late. the deadline is april the 18th. as usual, several post offices will offer extended hours. san francisco and petaluma will be open later on that day. redwood city's main post office will be open until 7:00. the airport station will be open for drop offs into 10:00. in petaluma, you have until 10:00 at night. >> nobody wants to talk about tax season.
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let's talk about baseball season instead. the giants will try to get their first win in los angeles tonight, but the a's will open the season here at home. oakland is a fashionable pick to make a playoff push. they host the mariners about two hours away. thanks to jeff, it looks like it will be a perfect night for baseball in oakland. >> we got real lucky here, guys. we are undergoing some big time changes here in the next 24 hours, but we're going to eek out a little more warmth before things start to crash. pleasanton, 85. berkeley, also coming in with a hot spot of close to 85 degrees. santa rosa, 80, still warm, but that was one area that saw numbers go down by about eight degrees today. the bay bridge, 74 degrees, winds west at 16. it is that wind we are going to be watching over the next 24
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hours that's going to help to bring these numbers down. still plenty of heat out here. everyone really enjoying it and getting outside. 79 in livermore, 80 into san jose. in the peninsula, the south bay, the armest locations today. as we head throughout tonight, the cloud rs going to increase. we'll see that wind pick up and we're looking at windy conditions here saturday. 15 to 30 miles per hour. that could still bring down some trees from those recent storms and temperatures dropping some 20 degrees, but at least you know, for sunday, we're going to be getting in on some decent weather. here's the next weather maker, if you will. a lot of cloud cover, but not a lot of moisture. what's going to happen is high pressure that's been producing the heat, that's going to be diminishing and the jet stream will take a dip to the south.
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and also create this wind as we head throughout saturday at this point. where winds could gust up to 30 miles per hour and temperatures only in the 60s. that's for everyone. everyone that's experiencing those 80s is going to see a big time drop and for sunday, we'll get the sun back out. tonight, mid-50s. 57 in redwood city. 57 in san rafael. still a nice night to get outside. let's get a look at saturday's numbers. 69 in santa teresa. 69 in gilroy. 69 in los gatos. that westerly wind starts to move on in. 70 in concord. 70 in fairfield. these are the lone spots that will still hold on to a little warmth along with santa rosa at 70. it's no april fool's joke. it's happening.
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60s tomorrow with only a slight chance of a shower. nothing major. as we head throughout monday and tuesday, things warm up into the low 70s. i love my job, but it was really hard to come into work today. staring out the window at home and just going, oh, man, really? >> i don't think you're alone in that feeling. >> thank you so much. the kennedy family continues to fascinate and stir controversy. the latest chapter comes in a miniseries about them. mark barger reports the project almost didn't make it on to your tv. >> now, you're sure i'm who you want? >> yes. >> this project was under a micro scope from the beginning. >> reporter: he stars at john f. kennedy and katie holmes plays jackie kennedy. >> i felt very lucky to have this role. >> six weeks ago, this
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incredible miniseries was sitting on a shelf. >> earlier this year, the history channel dropped plans. >> it's so reverential toward the kennedies. >> the producer says numerous historians vetted factual accuracy of the scripts. >> we didn't want to do a political story. this was a family story. >> kennedy family ties may have prompted the decision. there's been no kennedy comment publicly about the series, which found a home on reelz channel. >> any other network could have taken a look at this and bought it and outbid us in a second. >> advertisers are also weary. reelz acknowledges it probably won't sell all of the ad spaces.
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now, public will decide. >> we're just so thrilled that people are going to get a chance to see it. >> the drama that played out off screen with the kennedies rivals what happened on. still ahead, someone once said it's better to look good than to feel good. >> researchers say many of us are doing both thesey.ys. l days. we'll explain. [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney appreciation sale, get an extra 20% off apparel, shoes & accessories with your jcpenney rewards credit card! save on all regular, sale and clearance items! no exclusions! go to to see everything on sale. we make it affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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today marks the end of an era. after almost 37 years, the san francisco fast pass will soon be a memory. initially, the paper fast pass expire id yesterday, but will be allowed through sunday. from then on, all adult fast passes must be loaded on to clipper cars. paper passes for kids and the elderly won't be eliminated until june. put a little perspective on the
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pass, when it first started, it cost $11 per month, now, it is 60. oo new study shows a third of mothers have children by more than one man. a lengthy study of 4,000 women found 28% with more than two kids had their children with more than one father. african american and hispanic women were more likely to have multiple partners, but found it was common at all levels of income and education. also, talking scientific research shows looking good means you're probably feeling good. a review of studies shows that overall, beautiful people tend to be happier than most. in a study, participants rated their own levels of happyness and had others rate their looks.
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researchers say attractive people also earn more money. outside experts tend to agree changing ones appearance to become happier can have the opposite effect. at a time of hardship in jap japan, tre sp ot as. spots. >> we'll show you how two playful inhabitants are giving people there a reason to smile.
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after weeks of bad news about the earthquake, the tsunami, the ongoing nuclear crisis, the japanese did find something to smile about. thousands of people flocked to tokyo's zoo to see the two giant pandas.
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they were scheduled to make their appearance mid-march, but was canceled because of the earthquake. the 5-year-old pandas are the first to be kept at the zoo since 2008. the people who were evacuated because the earthquake and nuclear crisis were given free admission to the zoo today. you would hope so. so, we are just finishing up on two fantastic days. >> and -- >> finishing up is the keyword. >> yeah, we are. we're going to say good-bye to this as we head throughout the next 24 hours. if you're watching right now, at least after our 6:00 p.m. show, then that's the time to head out and grab some dinner tonight because it's going to be beautiful out there. right now, a live look at the oakland athletics stadium. they are going to have their season opener tonight. we have a closer shot in as a little bit of activity happening right now. that one guy there searching for the perfect hot dog and coke tonight. let's get you a look at those conditions. low 70s. also clear skiesoo and winds ou
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of the west at 12 miles per hour. so, some spring training kind of weather here they normally get down in the southwest. seven-day forecast has much cooler temperatures coming as we head to saturday. i'm stuttering looking at this. 69 for saturday. then by sunday, mostly sunny and we dry out and stay pretty good here as we head throughout monday and tuesday, but tomorrow, a dramatic change from those 80s, we're going to be dropping down into the 60s. >> i know it's still far away and things change, but next friday is the giants home opener here at home and you have stays cool on your forecast right now. so, you took the day with the flip-flops? >> i took that, unfortunately, very selfish of me. by next friday, we're not looking at a big storm coming in. some sun and clouds and temperatures in the mid-60s. >> but it's not going to be flip-flop weather.
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>> nobody up on the concourse at the stid yum has the beers in the parking lot. >> oh, that's how that works. >> no reason to be up there tonight. >> that is going to do it for us. nbc nightly news with brian williams is up next. >> see you back here at 6:00.
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