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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  April 2, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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good evening. i'm diane dwyer. federal authorities are trying to figure out how a hole opened up on the top of the main cabin of a southwest airlines plane in flight. after what had to be a scary landing in arizona yesterday, southwest airlines is grounding 79 of its aircraft for inspection. dozens of flights in the bay area was canceled. kimberly tere is at the oakland armtd for more for us. >> reporter: things are much calmer. southwest airlines seemed to get the upper hand on getting passengers on flights to where they needed to go. earlier today, though, a much different story at oakland international airport where 11 of the outbound and 9 inbound flights were canceled. it resulted in a lot of long lines and delays and rescheduling. the boeing 737s yesterday afternoon were grounded for inspection. yesterday afternoon a plane leaving phoenix bound for
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sacramento lost cabin pressure when a hole opened in a fuselage right above the plane's middle aisle. the pilot made an emergency landing in yuma, arizona. no serious injuries reported, but the incident and subsequent grounding of dozens of aircraft has caused some major headaches for bay area travelers who say it was a nightmare getting on a flight. is. >> it was an hour wait on the phone. we finally got through. and they couldn't really do anything over the phone. so they told us to come down here. and that's what we've done for like an hour now. >> our flight out of san jose, people are driving to los angeles. it's crazy what people are having to do. >> reporter: we found some people who were booking flights on other airlines just to get to connecting flights on time. southwest airlines expects it will take several days to inspect all of the grounded planes which could result in more problems for passengers. so airline officials say call ahead or check online if you have a flight scheduled out of any of the bay area airports.
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live at oakland international airport, kimberly tere, nbc, bay area news. when that hole opened up in the main cabin, passengers had to scramble to put on their oxygen masks. there are several reports some people onboard actually passed out because they couldn't get to the oxygen fast enough. there's speculation those were people who were probably not in their seats at the time. either way, it was certainly chaotic. and one aeronautics expert we talked to explained exactly what those passengers might have gone through. >> well, it would be a big bang and it would be very loud all of a sudden. of course, a lot of rushing air. no doubt anything loose in the cabin, dirt, magazines, anything, is going to try and fly toward that hole. >> the last similar incident happened just about two years ago when a football-sized hole opened up on a southwest flight, and the year before that an oxygen tank exploded on a qantas flight ripping a hole in the fuselage. no one was injured in either of those incidents. but back in 1988, a flight
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attendant died when an aloha airlines boeing 737 suffered a 20-foot rupture in the cabin during a flight in hawaii. two men are behind bars for the brazen killing of a man at a busy fast-food restaurant in san jose. police arrested brandon wanton and ramondo on suspicion of murder for the march 16th shooting of cortez. cortez was shot just across from the santa clara valley medical center. officers say the shooting is likely gang related. they're asking anyone with information to call the police. the first homicide of the year is heading to mexico, investigators believe he's hiding out in mexico. he's charged with stabbing a man to death in an alcohol-fueled argument back on february 27th. it happened outside the old orchard apartment complex. and police say armennetta called
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his mother after the stabbed and admitted to the crime and said he was taking a bus to mexico. coming up next, we'll have more on the giants fan critically injured in los angeles. also coming up, this is world autism awareness day. and to mark the day, a new interactive 3-d experience was unveiled at the intrepid sea, air and space museum in new york. the display features a life-size image of a young girl who avids eye contact, which is a common de haf yor of people with autism. organizers stress the need to reauthorize the combating autism act to improve the health care of those living with autism. >> we're here because every time a child is diagnosed with autism and developmental disabilities, a family is often shaken to the core. and also because we believe that every child should be able to fulfill their god-given potential. >> it is estimated that 1 in 110 children is now diagnosed with
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autism. also coming up next at 6:00, a green light for fishermen. salmon season opens up. coming up, why the highly anticipated opening date isn't quite what it seems. plans for the america's cup sets sail. how the bay area hopes to handle the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to town for the big race. a unique discovery discovered in a bay area artichoke field. what these gigantic bones might tell us about prehistoric family life. ♪ have a good daisy
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for the first time in four years, salmon season is open
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without restriction for sport fishermen. today marks the start of the first normal salmon sport fishing season in four years off the california coast. both commercial and recreational salmon fishing has been closed or drastically reduced in the last few years due to the steep drop in the salmon count. fish and game is predicting almost triple last year's salmon population. >> it looks good for the next few years. but this year is wait-and-see game. kind of wait and see how things get started. but there is some anticipation of some fish being caught over the opening weekend. >> a little wait-and-see partly because strong winds today are putting a damper on fishing activities along the coast. foodies, listen up. the food trek craze made its way to san jose. some 20 restaurants on wheels came together in downtown this afternoon. food truck vendors featured on food channels as an alternative to fine dining at a fraction of
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the cost. >> most of the food trucks are from l.a. or san francisco, or maybe new york. we thought there was a great market here. we thought there was a great amount of people who has such enthusiasm for great food. we thought let's bring all these trucks out and we'll just put it on facebook, get a random parking lot and see what happens. this is what happens. >> nice. all this making you hungry? there's still time to grab a bite. the festival goes until 9:00 in san jose. it's similar to the friday night food fair every week in san francisco. still to come at 6:00, a staggering discovery in a local artichoke field. what the farmer found and why so many people are suddenly digging. and we saw much cooler start to the weekend. we had temperatures yesterday in the 80s. right now, only 60 in san jose. you can see some clouds out there. int will the clouds bring any upra c comines up. [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted,
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the search is on to find two men who attacked and critically injured a san francisco giants fan at the team's season opener against the dodgers in l.a. brian stopes from santa cruz remains in a medically induced coma tonight. monty francis is in san jose where he just finished talking with one of the victim's co-workers. hello, monty. >> reporter: brian stowe works here at medical response as a paramedic. what has happened to him comes as a real shock to his co-workers, many of whom are also his friend. stowe was leaving dodgers stadium after the game with some friends. police say two men began taunting stowe and his friends and one of the men punched stowe
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in the back of the head and he hit his head on the pavement. the father of two was rushed to the hospital with critical head injuries and was later placed in a medically induced coma because of swelling of the brain. his co-workers here at amr have set up a fund to help pay for his medical care. >> i hope for a full recovery for brian. i want him to come home so that we can, you know, give him trouble about it. the trouble he's put us through just so he can get himself a signed jersey. we like to tease him about that. we want to see him up on his feet, back in the field. we want to see him being a paramedic again. because he loves it. >> reporter: now, police have released sketches of the two men and are asking for the public's help to find them. a $10,000 reward is also offered for information leading to an arrest in this case. as for the fund set up to help stowe, if you'd like more information on that, you're
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asked to contact amr for more information. live in san jose, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, monty. we were not the first residents of the bay area. by that, i don't mean the immigrants who came before us, or even native american tribes who lived here centuries before that. what i mean is huge creatures that once roamed california. they're gone, but remains exist. remains with the ability to tell us volumes about what the creatures were like as well as the world around them. some of those remains were just discovered. nbc bay area was given special access to the dig site, one that has already made history, but could make much more. here's garvin thomas. >> reporter: while there are many things that come out of the ground in castorville that end up on your kitchen table, that's not true of what's being dug up here. if for no other reason than what's been found on this spot is likely bigger than your entire kitchen.
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>> it never occurred to most people that underneath the ground, there might be an ice-age animal right there. you'll know it when you see a femur this big. >> reporter: the doctor is one of three directors of the castroville mammoth excavation team. just about three months ago as this farmland was being graded in preparation for planting, the tusk and tooth of a columbian mammoth were uncovered. an ice-age beast, it roamed here tens of thousands of years ago. it is a relative of the much better known woolly mammoth and part of the lack of fame and lack of study which may end up making this discovery so special. >> it's going to change things. it may rewrite textbooks. >> reporter: so under a cloud of secrecy for the past month, teams of volunteers from santa clara university, foothill college as well as other bay area schools have been carefully uncovering what it turns out is
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not just one mammoth, but two. an adult and infant. and they found not just tusk and bone, but hair as well. >> it's kind of a dark brown/red. >> reporter: if they are able to extract dna from any of it, it will be the first time that has ever happened. >> we are always very excited by the find of hair, because it gives you a very good chance of actually finding the dna that comes from that animal. that has lived tens of thousands of years ago. >> reporter: but making history is rarely easy, and this dig is no exception. our recent wet weather has created a sea of sticky, clay mud, making not just excavation difficult, but even walking a challenge. so you have to wonder just why do they undertake this operation this time of year in these conditions. well, they really didn't have much choice. you see, the farmer who was gracious enough to let them dig here wants to grow artichokes on this property. so we told them, either dig now,
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or not at all. so they're going to have to be thorough, and fast as well. though that does not appear to be a problem for this team, they have already uncovered 10% of what they think is there, and can't wait to find the rest. >> every day we find more pieces. you know, we find more pieces to the puzzle. more of it gets revealed. and so that's also really exciting for all of us. >> absolutely. while the team likes to think of the two mammoths as mother and her baby, they can't tell for sure. at this point anyway. the farmer on whose land the remains fit, he chose stella for the adult and abby for the infant. let's check in with rob mayeda for a check of the weather. >> upper 80s we've seen over the last couple of days. today only 66 degrees in san jose. off to the south, south san jose, steve calling in, our weather watcher, 71 degrees. los gatos 68. all these temperatures down 15
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to 20 degrees from just the day before. obviously a lot of clouds all day long around the south bay. in the north we did see 70s. fairfield and santa rosa here, northwest winds and sunshine kept our temperatures up just a tad. 69 degrees around santa rosa. cooler from san mateo into san jose. we both had the clouds and sea breeze. gale warnings up on the coast made for a rough start to salmon season. we should see the winds backing off for sunday. still pretty breezy out there for this evening. you need a sweatshirt again. the temperatures dropping into the 60s. pollen count still high. oak and mulberry shows you running very high. we could have used rain to knock down some of that pollen. the system just ushered in the clouds and not a lot of showers. we did have a few sprinkles underneath the high clouds. most of the action sliding off to the south and east of us. behind this system, cooler air
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aloft will come on in. more sunshine on sunday. when you factor in the cooler air, mixed with the sunshine. high surf, northwest swells 15 to 18 feet as we wrap up the weekend. for monday, we'll see a little less wind and temperatures climbing back into the mid maybe upper 70s for the pork week. another system drops in and cooling off wednesday and thursday. out towards the sierra, kind of a windy day today. tomorrow we'll see the showers heading south of yosemite, kind of a roller coaster ride of the temperatures. a bit cool tomorrow. but it is still outstanding skiing in the high country. monday we will see temperatures around the sierra climbing close to 60 degrees. after the winds back off tonight, it is going to get chilly. lake county, and mendocino county, frost advisories. lows in the 40s tonight. highs, mostly mid-60s. breezy to start off your sunday.
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we'll see less wind, pretty nice finish through the weekend, just not as warm as the last couple of days. close to 70 around concord. it could drop to the upper 30s in the mornings. low 70s across parts of the north bay. monday looks to be the warmest day in your seven-day forecast. probably wednesday and thursday system i think will toss actual rain for us. and more sierra snow, if you can believe that. things do dry out as we approach the giants home opener next week and warming up next weekend. >> average fors o thank san francisco's mossconi
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center marked the 25th anniversary of wondercon. look, it's the hulk.
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publishers like marvel and dark force and dozens of artists are there. she's a little creepy. actors and directors from comics adapted to films were also on hand, like the hulk. later tonight it's the wondercon masquerade where everyone is invited to dress up as their favorite character. clearly a lot of people got into dressing up a little bit early. >> this is my second year. last year i came, i wasn't in my super hero garb. i came as an average spectator. civilian if you will. this year i decided to throw the outfit on and come out and take some pictures and have some fun. >> all right. good attitude. hello, batman. the convention runs through tomorrow. in case you missed it. the giants showed why they're the defending world champions today in los angeles. it was a newcomer with a familiar name in the bay area that led the way to the first victory of the season. staying cool in wine country.
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e winery taking the resort lifestyle to another level
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hello. lawrence scott is off tonight, so i get to handle the sports duties. the giants look to chalk up win number one on the season, sending matt cain to the mound. all manager bruce bochy had to do is sit back and relax and watch cain cruise through six shutout innings, striking out three dodgers in a solid performance. the giants offense took care of the rest. the new guy, shortstop miguel tejada contributing his first two rbis for his new team. very niles. freddie sanchez had three hits and three rbis, including this
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one. watch it go. nice, the first home run of the season. the giants shut out the dodgers. you've got to like to hear that, don't you, 10-0 for the first win of the year. much of the bay area celebrated when san francisco was named to host the 2013 america's cup. but now that the celebrating's all done, now comes the hard part. joe rosatto shows us how they manage to control the hundreds of thousands of people. >> reporter: you might say kenny eldridge takes a zen approach to life. >> i enjoy everything else besides the cars. >> reporter: especially when it comes to things like cars and traffic. >> i just think that people just need to slow down. >> reporter: when the america's cup starts ramping up in the next two years, it might be harder to turn a blind eye to all the congestion. >> they said the same thing about the world series, how much of a headache it was going to be. you know, it was a little inconvenience, but it was nothing --
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>> reporter: city planners would appreciate eldridge's optimism. >> you can work with our friends in the bicycle coalition. >> reporter: city leaders unveiled preliminary plans to deal with the america's cup traffic. the city expects 200,000 visitors a day to turn out for the 2013 event as well as warm-up events in 2012. >> any large event obviously there's going to be challenges, traffic congestion, there's going to be things that don't work. >> reporter: to ease that congestion, the city wants public transit to bear the load. this may be closed for a bus line. north bark dero could be closed. >> imagine a physically separated comfortable bike area.
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>> reporter: and they plan to expand the f-line service to the marina. transit experts say other expansion is also possible. >> we're planning for how we improve muni, to walk with ease, bike with fun, to bring our families here, in a way that really envisions a 21st century city. >> we never got things instantly like this when i was growing up in the '60s. >> reporter: those all seem like fine ideas to eldridge because on a sunny day with the bay in sight t just doesn't see much room to fuss. nbc bay area news. >> that's a beautiful picture. this week's hot weather was the perfect complement to an aat the geyserville winery. it officially opened for the season. it features poolside food and wine service plus a bar. there's even bochy courts nearby. people are taking advantage of the pool and the restaurant, too. it does cost $15 for adults and
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$10 for winery. be careful about wine tasting and swimming. but i assume they take care of all that. >> that looks like chamber of commerce photos. >> everything's changing now. >> we had 80s yesterday. today we cooled down. oakland over our shoulder right now, 61 degrees. the mariners taking on the a's at the coliseum. the mavericks taking on the warriors at the oracle arena. a lot of traffic around 880 this evening. the forecast kind of cool. to wrap up the weekend. we'll be bumping back up to the mid-70s on wonder. perhaps cool weather again in sonoma county. coming up .. how stores want to follow you .. with your smartphone .. we check in with a red-hot web company that wants to help you get a job .. amazing technology to show how clean our environ


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