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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, they heard and saw the small plane plunge into the water in the east bay. what we're learning about the - opens up in a southwest plane. tonight new informations reveal more problems with more planes, and possibly more airlines. why the investigation could disrupt travel for weeks. they're young, looking for work, and prime foorgs criminals. how scammers are preying on teenaged workers, and how you can help stop it. the news starts now.
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good evening. i'm vicky nguyen sitting in for diane dwyer tonight. there are some major developments tonight in the wake of a midair rupture in a southwest passenger jet. ntsb investigators have discovered cracks in three more planes. they say the cracks are similar to the one that caused a 737 to lose a five-foot chunk of its roof during a flight from phoenix to sacramento. the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing in yuma, arizona where it remains tonight. southwest canceled hundreds of flights this weekend to pull 79 planes out of service for inspection, but the problems are far from over. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is at oakland international airport with the latest and the scramble for passengers. kim? >> reporter: hundreds of frustrated travelers had no other choice but to sit and wait it out here at oakland international airport, where southwest canceled about 50 outbound and inbound flights today. and we could see much of the same situation tomorrow. southwest has already warned it
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could cancel 300 more flights nationwide. southwest airlines passengers had to pack their patience as they navigated the long lines and dealt with cancellations, delays, and the rebooking process. for some, this means missing a connecting flight and waiting days to get another one out of here. those with the money and resources tried to rebook on other airlines. but for everyone we talked to, the process is tedious and frustrating. >> i had to get cab fare. that cost me almost $100 to get here to oakland to go to oakland to l.a.x. now. and i actually live in orange county. >> reporter: this is more fallout from an emergency aboard one of southwest's 737s friday afternoon. a five-foot long hole tore open in the roof as it was headed to sacramento. >> we did find evidence of widespread cracking across this entire fracture surface. >> reporter: the pilot was able to land the plane safely. there were no serious injuries
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reported, but southwest grounded 79 of the 737-300s for inspection. sunday federal investigators said the plane involved had its so-called heavy maintenance check in march of 2010 that was likely the last time anyone could have seen the cracking since it's in a concealed area. while investigators say the airplane was in compliance, questions linger about whether current maintenance protocols for all airlines are enough. >> should it have been maintained better? that is exactly why here here, to look at why this problem occurred, why it was not detected and why this event happened. >> reporter: meantime, the inspections continue on the ground of the planes, 79, 57 still need to be looked at. southwest hopes to have all of the checks pleated by late tuesday. keep in mind until they're all checked out and back in the air it's likely we won't see an toned the cancellations.
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kimberly tere, nbc news. >> kim, thank you. southwest is not the only airline that flies the boeing aircraft in question. other airlines will soon receive word that their planes may need to be grounded as well. an ntsb board member says bowing is developing a service bulletin for all 737-300 models with comparable flight cycle times as that southwest jet that jet was 15 years old and had about 39,000 takeoff and landing cycles. there are 931 models currently in service worldwide. 238 are here in the u.s. operated by southwest, us airways, and continental airlines. the pilot of a small plane died this afternoon when his world war ii era plane crashed shortly after takeoff from oakland international airport. the crashpe hneapdus ot jff trail that wraps around alameda near doolittle drive and harbor bay parkway. witnesses say the single engine navion was about 200 feet in the
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air when the engine seemed to stop working. the plane crashed into the shore of the san leandro bay. a pilot who flew this afternoon says weather conditions were mild. >> you know, the national transportation safety board is obviously going to investigate this. it takes them several months to even come out with a factual or a preliminary report. so the main thing is for people not to jump to conclusions as to what actually happened, because we really don't know. >> the pilot has not yet been identified. the faa and ntsb are investigating the crash. it is our national pastime, and violence will not be tolerated that was the message from the mayors of san francisco and los angeles in a joint statement issued today condemning the attack at the giants' season opener. 42-year-old brian stowe of santa cruz was badly beaten after the game against the dodgers. nbc bay area's monte francis is live at at&t park with the latest on stowe's condition and a reward being offered in the
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case. monte? >> reporter: i just spoke with one of brian's coworkers. he is still in a medically induced coma and critical condition. what has happened to him is seen as a wake-up call by both cities to ensure that coming to the ballpark is a safe family activity. 42-year-old brian stowe remains in intensive care at a los angeles hospital. as the father of two children and a paramedic from santa cruz fights for his life, the mayors and police chiefs of los angeles and san francisco issued a joint statement saying this attack is unconscionable behavior that will not be tolerated in either of our ballparks or either of our cities. once apprehended, the attackers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> it is surreal. it takes me back. i just don't know. it's hard to process. it's impossible to process, actually. >> reporter: as stowe's coworkers at american medical response in san jose collect money to help pay for his medical bills, a $10,000 reward is being offered for information
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to the arrests of two men resembling these sketches who attacked stowe in the parking lot of dodger stadium last thursday. one of them punched stowe in the back of the head and stowe hit the pavement, causing him serious head injuries. investigators say the attack happened perhaps because stowe and his friends were wearing giants gear. violence between dodgers and giants fans is nothing new. as you can see in this youtube footage. and in 2008, an attack on an 18-year-old giants fan leaving at&t park ended in his death when another teenager punched him in the become of the head. after that incident, police increased their presence in and around at&t park. baseball fans we talked to favor even more security in light of what happened last week. >> there is definitely a problem. i don't think innocent people should die over who wins. it's sad. it's disappointing, actually. >> especially with everything that is going on in the world, it's ridiculous that people would take it to the level of violence and, you know, beating
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each other up. it's terrible. >> reporter: and a team spokesman would not say if there would be increased security at the giants home game against the dodge owners april 11th, but police have already stepped up security at dodgers stadium since thursday's attack. live in san francisco, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> monte, thanks. brian stowe's coworkers are holding a fundraiser this thursday. it starts at noon at the american medical response building at 1679 las plumas in east san jose. they hope to raise money to help support stowe's family and to help pay for his medical expenses. outsourcing safety. tonight a bay area city faces a future without its own police department. in an effort to save money. city leaders voted this weekend to eliminate the force. the council is now negotiating with the san mateo county sheriff's office. we're told the deal would ensure that no half moon bay officers would lose their jobs. the plan is expected to save the
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city more than half million a year. but residents say it will only cost them by causing property values to drop and by sending a message to criminals that they can get away with more. >> i don't think it's good for anybody. i think the crime rate is going to go up. we already have methamphetamine lab problems up and down the coast. >> half moon bay has been in a financial bind since 2009 due to a costly lawsuit and a drop in revenue from tourism and sales taxes. the federal government is scheduled to run out of cash on friday if congress doesn't agree on a plan to keep it running. while negotiations this weekend went nowhere, president obama and house speaker john boehner agree a shutdown would be an expensive way to make a political point. hundreds of thousands of federal workers and contractors would not be paid. offices, museums, and non-emergency service would also grind to a halt. democrats say the target is to
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cut $33 billion from this year's budget. but gop lawmakers say they never agreed on a number. if they agree to an extension, it will be the seventh one for this budget. our in-depth investigation into the online money trap and what signs to watch out for. a rocky start to a tv star's new calling, the stage. the early reviews on charlie sheen's tour, plus the one comment that put the audience over the edge with anger. meantime it's looking like a smooth start to peur workweek t forecast. we're going see warming temperatures. but boy, the seven-day forecast going to show someha w ngs thr ekfowee c ahead.
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they sound promising, bay area nanny jobs offering steady work and big paychecks. but as one local teen found out, even jobs posted on well-known reputable sites can be costly traps. tonight we go in-depth to expose a scam, preying on care takers. >> your first week on the job -- >> reporter: arianna thought she had found the perfect nanny job. >> i'm glad to receive your letter and very happy to let you know that the position is still very much open. >> reporter: she found the position on, an online company that helps match families with nannies. >> i actually applied to them because they were saying how they have this wonderful job for 40 hours in gilroy, california. oh, that's so cool. it's close by. >> reporter: the pay, $700 a week was more than the 18-year-old had ever made. >> the most i would get would be like $180 a week. >> reporter: but then she started receiving e-mails from
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the family that she says made her feel uncomfortable. >> they sent me this picture of a big family. there were two boys. and they were really good at trying to convince me. >> reporter: arianna said she was told she got the job and would be paid in advance. all she had to do is give them her full name and address. >> i didn't believe what they were telling me. i had a really bad feeling and trust my feelings. >> reporter: it tushes out arianna had reason to be concerned. it's a check cashing scam, targeting the million plus providers who use the site. so here is how the check scam works. say the nanny and the faux family agree to a salary of $1,000. the problem is when the check arrives, it's actually written out for $2,000. so the faux family says no problem, just send us a check for the difference. the nanny does that, goes to cash the original check, and finds out that one was bogus. >> that is fairly prevalent. i would say that we are actively kicking fraudsters or blocking
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fraudsters from our site every day. >> reporter: has a section on its site warning baby-sitters not to fall for this seemingly easy money. >> one foot, other foot. >> reporter: the company is also enlisting the help of what it calls its mom force. employee morse than 100 moms across the country, including kelly mccarthy of foster city to go through the posts and flag potential problems. >> sometimes it's very blatant. other times it's just sort of a don't -- something is just not right. >> reporter: other tips to avoid the scam, beware of sympathy stories. take note of poor grammer. often the scammers are based in foreign countries. and always ask for an in-person interview in a public place. >> there is never enough there is always more we could be doing. and trying to figure out what are the right next set of things to do. it's that fine balance of wanting to create a safe community without turning completely into big brother. >> i actually had a couple of nightmares. and it just wasn't a good feeling. >> reporter: even with the
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site's efforts to keep fraudsters out, caregivers should listen to their gut. it saved her the heartache of falling for a scam. says most of the fraudulent posts come from overseas, making it virtually impossible to find and prosecute the scammers. san jose law enforcement officials plan to meet with activist tomorrow to talk about rebuilding trust with immigrant communities. activists are asking the. p.d. to provide multicultural training. many undocumented immigrants they say are too afraid to come forward because of fear of being deported. the department is making strides towards easing that fear. >> under our new chief, chris moore, this department has made considerable strides in improving its relationship with immigrant communities. and i'm very hope ful that the coming months and years we're going to see the fruits solve some of that great effort. >> the community meet willing be held at san jose's unitarian
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church on south third street at 6:30 tomorrow night. hundreds attended a similar meeting several months ago. check your fridge. thousands of pounds of meat being recalled tonight buzz of salmonella fears. jennie-0 turkey is recalling 55,000 pounds of frozen raw turkey burgers, concerned the meat may be contaminated with salmonella. the meat was shipped to sam's clubs stores nationwide. so far 12 people in several states, including california say the meat made them sick. the recall son four-pound boxes of jennie-o's all natural turkeyburgers with seasoning. each box has 12 individually wrapped patties. customers are being asked to return the boxes for a refund. charlie sheen took his road show to chicago tonight and opened to a standing ovation. but the vatican assassin warlock did not fare so well just 24 hours ago. in fact, he was booed off the stage during his show's opening night in detroit. [ booing ] >> no?
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okay. >> this youtube video captured the crowd's reaction in detroit. many members of the dience walked out just a few minutes into the show after sheen made jokes about the city's drug problem. >> ten minutes in the show and i'm leaving. it's horrible. it's not winning. it's losing. >> waste your money. sell them. sell them while you can. it's awful. >> before leaving the stage, sheen told hecklers i already have your money. he later admitted the show has some kinks that need to be worked out. if you want to see for yourself, sheen is schedule to perform in san francisco april 30th. not sure if that's going to be a winning show. but meteorologist job maeda here with a look at our winning weather. hi, rob. >> at least for monday things are look pretty good, vicky. right now we're seeing temperatures drop into the 40s around livermore. 55 in san jose. 56 san francisco. 40s already in napa and santa rosa. and across the north by valleys tomorrow morning and gilroy to the south may make a run at the upper 30s by daybreak.
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right now the winds have finally backed off. you'll see some of the weather headlines this week. it's going to be a weird week of weather. typical for early april. things are going to cool off midweek, and then thursday and friday, stay tuned. showers and possibly some mountaintop snow around the bay areas as things really cool down for the end of the week. right now no worries about rain. it should stay there for the first half of the week. tomorrow and tuesday, the days to do all your outdoor plans or exercising or heading out to the beaches. we'll see temperatures from most of the bay area tomorrow. at least inland spots soaring into the 70s. we'll see some cooling into tuesday and wednesday. then as colder systems drop in, that's going to bring some showers. i know it's april. but we'll have to talk about snow. maybe near 3,000 feet as we go into thursday night and friday. so first half of the week looks dry. second half of the week, especially come thursday afternoon into friday, that's when we'll see the showers and the temperatures dropping off to wrap up the week. now tonight we'll see lows
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eventually dipping into the 40s. and maybe a few upper 30s out there. around north bay 39 degrees. 38 for gilroy. tomorrow's highs actually looking pretty good. today we got close to 70 in the warmest places. tomorrow i think we should see a few mid-70s, popping up especially around the south bay. san jose near 75 degrees. even close to 70 for pacifica. those are thanks to some offshore breezes for your monday afternoon. 73 around san francisco. low to mid-70s towards solano county. north bay, 77 degrees in santa rosa. now take the numbers and subtract about 20 and that's your math for thursday. the numbers really dropping off. a roller coaster ride of weather. showers into friday. we'll hope the showers clear town because friday evening we've got the giants home opener coming up. towards the end of next week looks a little e ceup. >> bundle up. that's not going to keep the giants fans inside. >> they'll be cranked up i'm sure.
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can you hear us now? a south bay community is the latest to battle a proposed cell phone tower near leland high school in san jose. a group of parents opposed to the planned tower have start and online petition. they're gathering signatures to block the tower from being built. a community meeting is planned for tuesday at 6:00 in the leland cafeteria.
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the superintendent of the san jose unified school district and members of the school board will be there to address concerns. well thank you so much for watching nbc bay area news at 11:00. "sports sunday" is up next. we talk with one of the a's rising stars, gio gonzalez who gives us a fist pump after his win today. and we have the details on the third arrest involving a member of the oakland raiders this off-season. laurence scott is next. off-season. laur[ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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run 14% of operations. we're spending 20%. do we really need 28 separate purchasing departments, 28 planning departments? ntc staff says by consolidating certain functions, we could save $90 million a year. so let's do it. in past editorials, nbc bay area has called for the consolidation of school districts. we believe the same philosophy of consolidation should apply to public transit. join us. share your thoughts at nbc ed
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good evening, and welcome to "sports sunday." i'm laurence scott. in a matter of minutes, we'll be joined by oakland a's starter gio gonzalez, plus the latest on the giants in l.a. also stanford women in the national semifinals. part of a dramatic game that comes down to the final seconds. four consecutive years in the final four. the cardinal trying to secure a spot in the championship game. the a's are on a three-city road trip. they'll be gone for ten days. first we catch up with gio gonzalez. we'll talk fashion, "jersey shore" fist pumps plus his start today at the coliseum against seattle. and an oakland raiders star is arrested. it's an unusual offense. we'll give you some of the details we've been hearing later in the show. but let's start with the giants in los angeles tonight, trying to split their opening series with the rival dodgers. yesterday the giants exploding for ten runs in grabbing their first win of the season.


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