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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 5, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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another day of inspections. how the planes are faring after one tore open mid flight. how prepared is the east bay to handle an earthquake? many can't reach each other on the radio. this is today in the east bay. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew.
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it's 4:30. let's get started with the forecast. good morning, christina. >> good morning, scott. we have another great day shaping up. the temperatures on the mild side. concord, 53. 53 in oakland. probably need the jacket in livermore. the temps are headed back to the 70s. we'll talk about that and a cooldown that will happen later this week. it's all in the forecast. let's talk to mike inouye about how your drive looks. >> things are looking nice. 880, traffic break happened over the last three minutes. a crew just cleared off the roadway. there's construction there at the coliseum. things are starting to move now. there's construction crews. northbound lanes had activity. looks like things should be clearing up now.
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the man accused of kidnapping and holding jaycee dugard is expected to plead guilty today. >> plead most of the counts against him and go away for a long time. >> go away for a long time was the last of that. nancy garrido will likely stand trial. she's already pleaded not guilty. they are charged with 18 counts of rape and child pornography. they are accused of kidnapping her in 1991 when she was 11. the couple was arrested in 2009. a former east bay surgeon headed to prison for molesting a dozen female patients under his care. he was sentenced yesterday to
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six years in prison and will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. it was part of a plea deal. many of the patients were under anesthesia when they were abused. the hole in the southwest airliner was caused by simple wear and tear forcing an emergency landing and international investigation. the faa has issued an emergency directive to check for cracks in all 737 jets that have taken off or landed more than 30,000 times. the order affected 80 jets registered in the u.s., most of them operates by southwest. three had cracks similar to those found on the problem plane. planes used on short haul flights have greater met alpha teague. >> the faa doesn't know what the
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failure time will be. the manufacture will do the tests and come up with an idea. it's not going to be perfect. they will live with the idea until something happens like happened on southwest. >> now, this is not the first time a 737 cracked open leaving a hole. in 1988 a plane had explosive decompression which killed a flight attendant. she was blown out through the hole. the quake in japan has us wondering how a big one would hit. cheryl hurd reports there are big holes in the emergency response systems. >> reporter: it might be shocking to know this communications system is limited. police and fire here can talk to one another but can't talk to those in albany, which is right next door. i talked to a man in oakland who
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is not happy about it. >> it makes me feel less secure and angry because i'm wondering who is on first. >> reporter: he was on alert during the 1991 oakland fire and ended up buying a home in the middle of the fire zone. he says he can't believe the communication system is still an issue after 22 years. >> this is the job of government. this is the job we pay a lot of money for. i pay a lot of property taxes and wonder what it's being used for. >> reporter: they have been working since 2006 to allow them to talk together. that was a problem in their biggest catastrophes. 20 plus years later, the system is not in place. >> initially, it was funding.
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there was no funding to actually want to give up their local systems. >> reporter: the project costs $67 million. $50 million of that is federal money. >> what really brought the agencies to the table was federal money. that's always successful at getting people to cooperate. it's hard getting 31 public agencies working together. >> reporter: almost every major city is a part of the project except for, all of places, oakland. >> oakland decided they want to build their own system. >> reporter: that may present a problem. >> it's going to have complication. i think we'll be able to work around that where we can program talks on their radios that work on our system. >> reporter: the new system should be up and running in a year and a half. cheryl hurd, today in the bay. they want to build an early
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warning system along the west coast. representatives will meet this afternoon to discuss the plan. they have the technology to build a system similar to the one japan uses and could save lives after a big tremor. let's check in with christina. fabulous day yesterday. we're getting back to more seasonable, right? >> that's right. you know, the thing is, people have a problem when i call it the seasonal norm. there's no such thing as normal when it comes to weather. we have averages, though. we take high temperatures from the month and get climate data that way. traditionally we see it around 65 degrees in san francisco. it's about where we will be today but warmer inland. 53 degrees now in concord. 52 in hayward. we have a trough headed our way.
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the temperatures which are going to be down right beautiful today, will substantially drop for tomorrow. 59 degrees by 11:00 a.m. as we head throughout the afternoon. temperatures continue to climb from 69 in san jose, 72 degrees in concord. so, probably the last day this week we can get away with the short sleeves later on and the sunshine. we'll let you know what's coming. let's get to mike inouye. >> i knew i should have worn my short-sleeved suit. i'll give you an update in oakland in a bit. off highway 4, go ahead and use will willow avenue. there's construction there until 6:00 or 7:00. we'll look at oakland. a live shot shows everything
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sorted out with taillights past the coliseum. moving construction equipment. might have some downtown heading to the san mateo bridge. a nice drive from 880 to 92. the taillights and the high-rise. things are calm now on the bridges. no wind advisories this morning. back to you. >> thank you. more witnesses take the stand in the barry bonds trial today. who is expected to testify. toyota feels the impact of the disaster in japan. a popular grocery chain in financial trouble. will they close up shops in the east bay? you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge.
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it is 4:42. there is practically nobody crossing the bay bridge. we'll check in with mike in a minute. meanwhile, three more people will testify against barry bonds this morning from the ucla laboratory. the trial was delayed yesterday because a juror was ill. there were some court moves. the prosecution produced a long-missing tape that allegedly
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contains a former business associate. a judge has not ruled the tape is admissible, but most of it is irrelevant. they plan to wait for a transcript to make a ruling. the gunman who fired fatal shots gave a chilling account of the shooting in court. prosecution witness testified he shot chauncey bailey twice, left the scene, then returned shooting him one more time in the head with a blast from a shotgun. the man who pled guilty to the medical record said he was ordered to kill him. the move comes after
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radiation more than 7.5 million times the legal limit of sea water was found off the coast of the nuclear plant damaged by the tsunami. workers at the fukushima plant are pumping more than 3 millions of contaminated water into the ocean. they have to release it to release the storage. the water is circulating to cool reactors. the japanese government asked russia for a ship used to dispose the nuclear waste. toyota says it will shut down factories because of shortages. it will affect 25,000 workers nationwide. they have been using parts shipped in before the disaster. supplies are running low. dealerships are predicting shortages of japanese cars by late spring, early summer.
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brian is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, it's been awhile. futures lower after a mixed day on monday. it was the lightest day of the year for volume. not much economic or corporate news. oil prices hovering below $8 a barrel. asian markets mexed. ben bernanke spoke and he is down playing the threat in the u.s. economy. we get data today on the services sector and minutes from the federal reserve meeting. the dow rose to 12,400, the nasdaq slipped to 2789. republicans stopped a spending bill to avert a spending bill threatened for friday. budget talks remain deadlocked. the one-week bill cuts spending
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by $12 billion and fund the pentagon. it's not clear when republicans will send the message to the senate. the gop will announce the 2012 budget plan today. it cuts spending by $6.2 trillion over the next decade through entitlement reforms and lower corporate and personal tax rates. if you are looking for a job, get your mcresume together. mcdonalds is holdsing a hiring day. the golden arches will hire a restaurant crew and full and part time positions. you can apply online or go in person. some restaurants will hold events and interviews on the 19th. we are at 8.8% unemployment. maybe the move will help a little bit. >> just a little bit. christina joins us. i had a job, never mcdonalds,
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but a little greek restaurant. how about you? stk i was never a whopper flopper nor did i do the hot dog on a stick. i had my service job and you learn a thing or two about how to treat people. we are looking good. hey, mcdonalds is hiring. that's good. things are looking good now. you can see cooler air pushing into the bay area. the spotty cloud activity is moving to the south. it's a cold air mass. we have two sides to this trough. we are on the warm side now. the temperatures will climb into the 70s. here it is. the weather maker arrives as we head into wednesday and thursday. cold air settles in first. then shower activity, i believe thursday night into friday. we are not done with the winter weather. don't put away the jackets yet. keep them tucked away. 52 in hayward. 50 in san mateo. it's chilly in the north bay. this will be the warmest area
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across the bay area as we head throughout the afternoon as has been the case over the last couple days. 59 degrees in oakland. temperatures are going to climb rapidly once the sun comes up. 70 degrees in santa cruz and 69 degrees in san jose. if you want to get to the beach, today is your last day. we are going to drop into the upper 50s tomorrow, low 50s for thursday. by this weekend, we are back up to normal. looking good for the giants weekend ahead. back to you. >> thank you. uconn fans ecstatic after the huskies won the national championship. a win by 11-game win streak by beating butler, 53-41. this was the third national champion for coach calhoun. something only four other coaches have done. meanwhile, the bay area has
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claim on a hall of famer. mullen. this is his second time in the hall. the youth sports world is competitive with many teen athletes spending 20 hours a week in their sports. the intense activity might be too much for girls setting themselves up for long-term health problems. ericaedwards repords. >> reporter: from lacrosse to gymnastics, female athletes play hard. >> the training has become very, very rigorous. >> reporter: this can increase the risk of stress factors in preteen and dean girls according to a study. >> this is a critical window for girls. most of the bone development, we see huge growth. >> reporter: she said girls were
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more likely to have stress fractures when they specialized in one sport. a tiny bone break can lead to long term health consequences like osteoporosis if it isn't given time to heal. cross training could help ease the pressure on girls fast growing bones. >> instead of running could they use an elliptical machine or swimming. >> reporter: it's good advice to girls who need to think of their bone growth as marathon instead of a sprint. financial trouble for a grocery store chain. s the federal investigation into what is on your smartphone. as we get you driving down 580, things look clear. an earlier traffic break going on on 880.
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an italian market that served the bay area for a century is filing for bankruptcy. a.g. ferrari foods filed the paper to organize their finances. they closed down one berkeley location while 12 others operated normally. the stores first opened back in 1919. they specialize in food from all over italy. students at cal vote for a
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proposed ban on bottled water. it would phase out bottled water and bring back old fashioned water fountains. that would help reduce their waste by 2012. let's check in with brent. good morning. >> good morning. we are learning about a 21-year-old soldier killed over the weekend in afghanistan. we have new information about a reward and fund-raiser related to the severe beating of a san francisco giants fan at the dodge stadium. the author that handled the books are handling the books. we'll see what the city plans to do about that. we are getting our first look at an animated governor nay tor. we also know a bit of a secret. who is going to sing the national anthem at the giants
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home opener on friday. that's coming up in a few minutes on today in the bay. >> let's check in with mike. it looks quiet out there. >> it is until i start singing. was that a tease? we're looking at highway 4. it is quiet. 62 dropped down a couple miles per hour. 5:30 is when we see that slowdown happen in antioch. debris at the walnut creek interchange. you are going to want to watch that as you head into the diablo area. westbound 580. i just got this on the chp reports. reports of bright lights around livermore avenue. they have the bright lights lighting up the roadway. the lights might be on causing a bit of an issue for the people driving toward them. smartphone apps that may have leaked personal use for users.
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companies like pandora, you can see their website, not the smartphone app received a subpoena whether cell phone applications on iphones and android devices share information with third parties. pandora says it shares content for user interaction statistics. it's been told it's not a specific target of the federal investigation. scientists found five genes linked to alzheimers. cholesterol and brain inflammation play a role in the disease. scientists don't know what causes alzheimers but finding the genes could lead to better early detection and treatments. too much work could be bad for your heart. a study shows people who work 11 hours or more every day, 67% more likely to have heart
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disease than those who work seven to eight hours. not clear work is the problem, it may be part of a less healthy lifestyle to eat right or go to the gym. san francisco's tax deal meant to make the city more appealing to business. you are looking at a live picture of 880. we'll be back in just a second. dry mouth is uncomfortable.
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