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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 11, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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supporters of cal athletics turn their attention to a new sport. the most congested road in the entire bay area. it's monday april 11th. this is today in the east bay. good morning, everyone.
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it's 4:30. i'm scott mcgrew. let's check the east bay forecast with christina loren. >> good morning. the weather this morning seems to be cooperating. we don't have rain coming down across the bay area and the winds aren't that strong. breezy conditions throughout the hills this morning. the breezes will pick up later on today. the high temperatures on the chilly side this morning. we have a bit of lingering shower activity in places to the east of livermore this morning. watch for that. we have another ball game today we are going to talk about. let's get you to work on time with mike inouye. mike. >> east of livermore is on the opposite side of the screen for me. no problems off 205 and 580. a nice easy flow of traffic out of the altamont pass.
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880 itself is a nice live look past the coliseum. we have construction in the area. it looks like there are no flashing lights this morning. there may be a traffic break maybe 20 minutes before they clear up construction. >> thank you. a suspect behind bars accused of killing a man outside a fast food restaurant in concord. officers arrived in the clayton county shopping center and found a man suffering from at least one stab wound. police arrested the suspect at the scene after witnesses identified him. they are still trying to figure out a motive. this is concord's first murder of the year. concord police are looking for the men wanted in the beating of a homeowner. they started smashing mailboxes. a homeowner chased after the suspects in his suv. one suspect jumped on the hood
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but flew off breaking his ankle. as he got out of his vehicle, the remaining suspects attacked him. he was taken to a local hospital. no update on his condition. a man dead and another seriously injured in richmond. the fatal shooting occurred around 10:30 on dunn avenue near 13th street. it was reported saturday morning south of there on harbor way. a man rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. they have not found a link between the attacks. honoring brian stow tonight in a game against the dodgers. he remains in the hospital after two men brutally attacked him last week. the team, along with his employer, american medical response will collect donations at tonight's game to support stow and his family.
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the game starts tonight at 7:00. the jury in the barry bonds trial could come back with a decision as early as today. they want a rereading of the testimony from his personal shopper. she saw anderson give bonds an injection. he said a little something something for the road. this is the second day of the deliberation. mayor jean quan and other officials pledged to make the neighborhood saver. they observed a moment of silence for jesus campos. she was shot and killed during a botched robbery on friday morning. there have been no arrests. police are not commenting on the
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investigation. washington has new money problems to deal with this morning. today in the east bay's tracie potts has a look at the next big fight looming. >> there is no way that we republicans are going to support increasing the debt limit without guaranteed steps being put in place to ensure the spending doesn't get out of control, again. >> reporter: $14.3 trillion is the most america can borrow and we are on track to hit that limit in may. congress can raise the ceiling. republicans prefer to spend less. >> we want to move from talking about saving billions of dollars to trillions of dollars. >> speaker john boehner says we would bring a disaster in this country and around the world. >> reporter: they will reduce america's red ink, including unpopular cuts in social security, medicaid and medicare. the republicans 2012 budget
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makes major cuts but with tax breaks for the rich. democrats say it hurts. >> shared sacrifice across the board and yours is aimed at just middle class people. >> reporter: in a poll, 58% of americans said they are looking for compromise. congress will vote on this year's budget, the budget deal this week. the new budget for 2012 hits the house floor thursday or friday. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. 4:36 now. now that baseball is cut from cuts, cal is turning to men's gymnastics. the program was told it needed $4 million over eight years to stay afloat. they are half way there with $2 million. cal will compete in the national championships this week. the third ranked bears hope a strong showing will garner more support. they announced last september
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they have to cut five teams because of severe budget issues. massive fund raising efforts saved four of the teams. this omorning, contra costa commuters singing the blues. westbound highway 4 from hill crest avenue to somersville road is the most congested road. it often takes drivers 20 minutes to get three miles. six other bay area freeways cracked the nation's top 100 most congested roads. people in east cocoa county is get a free ride. the agency is offering free passes to the first 1,000 people who accept the offer. new riders get four free one-day passes that have to be used four times in the month. the promotion runs from april 25th through may 20th.
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go to the deadline to register is april 18th. let's check in with christina. it is a monday morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott mcgrew. we are looking good for today and tomorrow then we have rain on the way for wednesday. but, overall, it's not going to be that warm today. temperatures are going to struggle to reach 60 degrees. along the peninsula east bay, you are one of the warmest areas. we have showers pushing into the pacific northwest. this is a trough of low pressure that isn't going to impact us too much. it's producing light shower activity east of livermore. nothing heavy. it evaporated before it hit the surface. it got the highways slick this morning. take it easy out there if you are hitting the highway. waking up east of livermore, the
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showers are not widespread. they are going to clear out of here in a half hour. we won't be dealing with that this morning. you are dealing with a chill in the air. 53 in hayward. 46 in sunnyvale. it's chilly across the bay bridge this morning with a few lingering showers subsiding in about an hour. the system is moving out quick. 62 degrees in oakland today. 62 in fremont. 64 in san jose. we have the seven day outlook coming up. what's to come is coming up. let's get you to work with mike inouye. mike. >> we go to the area scott told you about, the number one worst commute. all the traffic coming down, a lot of it off the bridge there and noh of the real mccoy. the highway 4 commute, so far at the limit. you have 45 minutes before we
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see crowding there. dixon, way up north for most of the viewers, an accident there. then following interstate 80 across the carquinez bridge. it will clear up over the next few minutes. no incidents reported. we are looking at a nice flow of traffic as well. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows you there are no issues there. a beautiful commute as far as the conditions go. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 4:40 now. coming up today in the east bay. concerns for the warriors this morning. a scary spill for ellis. he ends up in the hospital. we'll tell you about it. the cost of gas keeps on rising. find out if you will see relief at the pump anytime soon. we'll have a live report. back to the bay bridge at
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yes, they meant to do that. one of those videos you can never get tired of. more than 50 years of serving the commute, the naval hospital becomes dust. it was supposed to be imploded
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years ago, but the collapse of lehman brothers delayed it. the property is going to be turned into a housing development. the plans are on hold. neighbors are just happy to get the building gone. >> steve jobs is not writing a book about his life, but he's contributing to one. it will be calls isteve. they have been working on the book since 2009. he talks to jobs, members of the family and competitors. this is the first one that actually has jobs' blessing. i's sure to be on nicole's list. she is live with the rest of the news before the bell. good morning, nicole. >> i'm already preordering it. how did you know? futures are higher this morning.
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it's a happy monday for investors. they don't seem worried about the latest earthquake to hit ja p pan. oil prices hit 113 buck as barrel overnight. we are watching gold at another record high today. asia marketed started off in the red. no big economic data but this week is full of it. we have retail sales, the trade deficit, manufacturing and deficit. alcoa's result and the down falling to recap down. the nasdaq was down 15 to 27880. the pain at the pump. prices continue to march higher. the national average rose 19 cents in two weeks to $3.76 a gallon.
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it's a record high that was set in july of 2008. there are cities that are already at this level. you are higher. san francisco is $4.13, i looked that up. prices could be higher. all right. also this morning walmart is launching an ad campaign to promote the renewed focus on low prices. they are still suffering from two years of slow sales amid blenders in pricing. walmart is emphasizing low prices across the board. the entire store instead of specific items. here is the problem with that. i'm going to put my two cents out there. if it's cheap, you are -- this is a nicole problem, you stuff more stuff in your car so it becomes expensive. >> get a bigger car like an suv
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and you are fine. >> or a bigger paycheck. >> comcast will get right on that. thank you very much. >> thank you. neither the quake nor tsunami in japan will stop a toyota dealership from opening. they will move forward with plans to open a new dealership in livermore. ground breaking will happen this fall. now, the disasters in japan slowed manufacturing and caused severe shortages across the u.s. governor brown will continue his fight for a special election today. he says the deficit means huge cuts are coming to california, either big cuts with a special election or bigger cuts without one. >> you can't just pair 30% off a budget without expecting incredible changes. i mean we are talking major changes in the way we live our lives.
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>> brown is proposing the extension of a half percent vehicle license fee and a tax extension. if these do not pass, cuts could include $5 billion from education, $1 billion from hospitals and health care. it is 4:48 on a monday morning. let's check in with christina. >> good morning to you, scott. good morning to you at home. it's a chilly start this monday morning. i think you can forget about the umbrella today. we have showers pushing in to the northern most portion. the little bit of precipitation that we have now coming down just to the east of brentwood will subside. probably over the course of the next 45 minutes or so. we have clouds streaming in from the north. that's the case for today. high pressure is going to keep us nice and dry and warm this
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afternoon. temperatures will climb to 65 degrees in many east bay cities. 49 in concord. 48 degrees in livermore. mild along the peninsula, 51 degrees in san francisco. a little on the chillier side. you will need the jacket if you are like me and are a wimp and cant take the cold. 68 degrees for tuesday. we have the rain returning on wednesday. but, it will make for a really nice day thursday. actually will help out with the pollen levels as well. we want the rain to get everything nice and lay down all that debris and everything floating around in the atmosphere. nice conditions continue throughout the weekend. back up in the mid-70s by sunday. we are going to climb in temperature. just one round of rain to get to this week. all in all, not too bad. scott, not too bad. >> thank you very much. the warriors play just two
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more games this season. they could finish without their star monte ellis. he is knocked out. ellis did not travel with the team to denver. they are supposed to play there tonight. he was going for a lay up. he was knocked down by cousins there. he hit his head on the floor. he lay motionless for aminute. we don't have word on his condition, but it is scary. the season finishes on wednesday. former bash brother jose conseco is being sued for breach of contact by a celebrity boxing promotor. he was supposed to fight in a bout in hollywood, florida. he sent his twin brother thinking nobody would notice. he doesn't have the same
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tattoos. ozzie was not allowed to fight. jose has not commented on the new lawsuit. coming up, the new study that could have you thinking twice about starting a family and mike has traffic. >> i also don't have the same tattoos as jose
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santa cruz animal shelter is running out of room. the sudden arrival of pets is most likely the results of a poor economy and unplanned or unlicensed breeding. there are lots of dogs available for adoption ranging from 10-week-old rottweilers. you can visit to see more pets. good morning to brent cannon. >> good monday morning, scott. time for a flight to new york. meantime, a stanford graduate student is sexually assaulted in her sleep. what they are doing to keep other students safe. a remash. what the giants and dodgers are doing to make sure fans are safe. a new series starting today with
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the dodgers. this time at at&t park. those stories and more coming up on today in the bay. >> thank you kindly. let's check in with mike. >> the maze has a nice easy flow. waut creek to la fayette is 35 to 40 miles per hour. it's not supposed to happen here. i'll check that out. no delays on b.a.r.t. it will go to 45 to 50 trains this monday morning. a live look shows the traffic across the bay. the lights on the center of the screen is the oakland toll back up. this won't be news for you, parenthood is tiring. taking care of young children can reek havoc on your health. >> reporter: between the soothing, the playing, making
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sure they eat the right things, not the wrong things, parenthood can be exhausting. taking care of young children can reek havoc on your health, especially if you are a mom. >> more sugar, higher fat intake. >> reporter: the university of minnesota analyzed the dietary habits of parents under 5. their diets suffered as well. quick-fix meals coveted might be part of the problem. >> because of time demands, they are turning to the chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese because it's quicker. >> reporter: they did eat a healthy amount of fruits, vegetables and grains because they wanted to model good eating habits for their children. it's applied to exercise, too. >> they might be able to incorporate the physical
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activity with their kids. go out and kick the ball together or walk to the park together and play together. >> they are healthy habits to benefit children and their parents. coming up, one bay area gets ready to move forward with a plan to put pot club permits on ebay. china accuses the u.s. of human rights violations. brent and laura will be right back.
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>> reporter: campus on alert. i'm bob redell. stanford university, police are still looking for the man who tried to sexually assault a student as she slept in her home over the weekend. that's coming up in a live report. a couple found dead in their home over the weekend. police are trying to figure out what happened.


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