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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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coming up on today in the bay. the search for a fifth suspect is under way this morning after a teenager is found dead covered in gasoline. >> reporter: concord police are investigating the city's second homicide in as many days. good morning, i'm marla tellez. what neighbors are telling me this morning, coming up. a live look outside san jose. we are getting ready for the sharks playoff on thursday. this morning, it's tuesday, april 12th, 2011 on today in the bay. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. straight up 6:00. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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let's check the forecast with christina. >> good morning to you. we are looking chilly this morning. wherever you are waking up you need a jacket. heavy in the north bay, light along the peninsula. 45 in san jose. 45 in san mateo. 49 in oaktown. we are going to give you a complete forecast, what's to come. we have rain on the way tomorrow. lots of sunshine on tap, a warm-up for the weekend. first, let's get you out the front door and to work on time with mike inouye. good morning, mike. >> highway 4 is on schedule. speeds down to the 20s as we typically see at 6:00. slowing through bay point. watch that dip in speed. we'll track it as well. a slowdown southbound 680 past the injury accident at bernal. distractions at the center divide. the slow lane is blocked by emergency vehicles. that's the slowdown. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:011 now.
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bizarre crime scene after two people are found dead inside a concord home. it's the second homicide scene as in as many days. marla tellez is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we are learning new details from neighbors. before i get to the new details, take a look at the scene here. it's still very active. the coroner just taking away the two bodies now. police on scene. the home right here, it is a single story ranch-style home. we are on bedford road near market and clayton. seems to be an older but nice neighborhood. it's what neighbors are telling me. now, they say they are surprised by this whole scene. they say it is a very safe area. police got the call about 8:30 last night saying potential homicide here. sure enough, two people found dead inside the home. one of the people found dead is a suspect in a salano county
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homicide. there are no outstanding suspects in the case. police are not confirming this is a murder suicide. neighbors tell me a woman, maybe in her 60s, lives here with her son, his girlfriend. they saw the woman leave last nagt after the police had arrived. another neighbor tells me police have been to her home before. >> no. it was in the past. she would have attacks, i don't know. >> reporter: that neighbor thinks police were called out for medical reasons. now, laura mentioned another homicide happened in concord. that was the first of the year. it happened on sunday. it was a stabbing death at a shopping center. it's noteworthy that three people have been killed in
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concord in two days. the coroner is wrapping things up here. we are waiting to learn more information from police. that's the latest for now, live in concord, marla tellez, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. fourteen agers are behind bars this morning after a 16-year-old san francisco boy is found dead. a murder and arson investigation are under way. san francisco police are searching for a fifth suspect. they say the victim was killed near interstate 280 in the bay view district. the 16-year-old's body was found soaked in gasoline. he was a sophomore at thur good marshall high school. he was fairly popular. his friends started worrying when they didn't hear from him all weekend. >> you say dispolice chibelief. not andy. not the kid that walks around smiling.
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>> police arrested four teenage boys. grief counselors will be on hand. police are looking for a 78-year-old south san francisco man. he is the owner of a toyota corolla involved in this accident. it happened early sunday morning when a pedestrian was hit on interstate 280. the man was apparently trying to cross the interstate. chp is asking any who saw the accident or knows where he is to call them. governor jerry brown has an eye on the future with renewable energy. he's going to be in the south bay. bob redell has the details. >> reporter: they will be here along with u.s. energy secretary. good morning to you. the flex tronics plant is building solar panels on behalf of sun power. one worker now is testing out one of the panels. they are able to churn them out
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once every seven minutes if they are up and running. also, the governor will be here to sign into law, a california law that requires utilities to get a third of their energy from renewable energy sources. that's good news for people like julie who is with sun power. it would be a no brainer, it's a good announcement for you. it will help with business. this plan alone created over 100 jobs roughly. my question is, where do you see the cost of sew lolar energy do the road. >> we are already reduced the costs by half. we expect to be able to do that again. solar is affordable today. if you look at schools, water districts and government buildings signed up, they are saving california $1.3 billion over the life of the solar systems. >> reporter: you are saying the
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costs on the commercial are going down significantly and residential will go down. do you see a day where residential is averaging $15,000 to $30,000, that would be half? maybe get your house wires for $10,000 or $7,500. >> hopefully you don't have to wait because of the tax credit, you can reduce your cost of solar today to tomorrow's cost of solar, coming soon. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. again, the governor and energy secretary will be taking a tour of the plant. they will officially be dedic e dedicating it here. keep in mind, the plant has been up and running since december. today is their official kicking off, if you will. reporting live, bob redell, today in the bay. >> very cool. thanks, bob. 6:07 now. new this morning, officials are raising the severity of that country's crisis. the safety commission says the
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rating has gone from five to seven. the rating was raised because of the amount of radiation found around the nuclear plant. a rating of seven is the highest level given on a scale. the only other incident rated a seven is chernobyl. it's the worst nuclear accident in history. in 1986, one of four nuclear reactors exploded. a fire released radioactive contamination into the atmosphere. the radiation scattered over large parts of russia and europe. today, it's a tourist sight. san francisco police will be out in force again this evening for game two between the giants and dodgers. there were no problems as the series kicked off last night. it was the first meeting at at&t park since brian stows was attacked in l.a. many turned out in dodger blue, but some were nervous about
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wearing their team colors. >> in the parking lot, the jacket was zipped up a little bit. >> giants and dodger fans stood shoulder-to-shoulder during the pregame tribute to stow. he is still in a coma this morning. police are looking for the two men who attacked him march 31st. thousands gathered in support for stow. they raised $61,000 for stow and his family. >> i guarantee you that you're not going to get away with it. >> the money will help his family with food and lodge k while they are with him in los angeles. for more information, log on to and search stow. right now, we want to check the morning forecast with christina. >> that was a great moment last night, i don't know if you had a
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chance to watch the game. you can watch the game here on nbc bay area tomorrow night at 7:15. this morning it's chilly. we have had a chill in the air each morning of this week. this morning no exception. grab a jacket. this afternoon is the best afternoon of the week with temperatures close to 70 degrees in some cities. then rain on the way. for tomorrow, mostly to the north. now, it's chilly out there. 39 in napa. 49 in oakland. santa cruz, the temperatures are going to climb to the 60s. yesterday, we were in the upper 50s and low 60s today. we are talking the mid to upper 60s all across the bay area. looking really nice. of course, we have the big game tonight at at&t park. the giants-dodgers series continues. tonight is less breezy. you don't have to deal with the heavy winds. it will be on the cool side. temperatures at 7:15 when we see the first pitch, 55 degrees. we have special guests here.
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let's get a drum roll for the seven day. i'm not going to tell you who they are. 62 degrees on wednesday. a warm up saturday into monday. let's talk to mike about your drive. hey, mike. >> hey, what's up christina. let's take you out. that's what i get. it's going to stop like that or slow down quite a bit because of the volume of traffic. the altamont pass is slowing. it will build. still building, the back up southbound 680 because of the accident at bernal avenue. the slow lane is blocked. an overturned vehicle. i still don't have a significant evidence of -- oh, there it goes. all lanes are cleared. we should see more relief coming off the interchange. that's good. the bay bridge, a live look shows how things are flowing at the toll plaza. the volume is increasing for the bay. the metering lights at 10 to 15
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minutes. >> thanks, mike. it's 6:11. it's about to get really loud in here. it has been. the cast of stomp are joining us, coming up next. >> that will wake you up. they might have to make a sequel to the "social network." why the twins are not giving up their legal fight. taking a live look outside this morning overlooking the southay b n in sajose. making way for
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good morning, everybody. a live look outside, 880 to oakland. the volume is picking up. mike will update your commute in a few minutes. it is now possible to park your car longer in san
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francisco. the city's first extended stay meters are up and running. the first are in the marina district. you can use change or credit cards to feed the meter up to four hours without risking a $55 ticket. it's all part of a federally funded trial to see if micro managing meters and city own parking affects the number of drivers in town. vandals looking to make a quick buck stealing parking meters are coming up empty. a city official says most people think they can break in and get the quarters out. they are tough to crack. most of them are found discarded and not open. they are replacing the old coin fed meters and replacing them with one that is read credit cards instead.
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construction on the b.a.r.t. extension in the area. in pittsburg, eastbound traffic will be down to a single lane from 7:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the afternoon. that's between bailey road and railroad average. in antioch, crews close one lane overnight. that starts tomorrow. drivers are encouraged to find a different way around that. stomp is a live show that started in london and moved to broadway. it's here in our studio, at least a portion of it this morning. some of the cast joins us with more about the show, you are alec. >> yeah. >> tell me about it. how long have you been performing? >> i have been going on six years now. the show has been going 20 years. when they came up with this
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concept, they were street performers. we don't have to use conventional instruments to make music. 20 years later, stomp has been running forever. >> how often is it that you see folks coming out after watching you and they are hitting the walls or anything they can. >> all the time. they are always coming out and banging on stuff. >> literally, you have safeway sacks. >> like people if you have seen the show, the show changes every two years. we have a couple new numbers. we have a number called paint cans, doughnuts. if you have seen the show, come out. it changes. there are new surprises. come out. bring the family, the wife, the girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever. >> there you go. if you need help waking up, here is your chance. we are going to give them a
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chance to perform. i'm going to get out of the way because god knows what they are going to be hitting. go to it. ♪ yeah. sneend ♪ ♪
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>> that is a good time. no kidding. so, were all of you, i mean in band in high school kind of thing? how did it come about? we'll let him catch his breath. i mean, really. percussion. >> everybody's background is different. we have dancers, drummers some both. some none. mine is playing the drums for 20 years. everybody's background is different. it's what makes the show work. everybody is different. we collect from each other. it's always a new experience on the stage. >> we love it. stomp is at the san jose center starting tonight.
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it's running until sunday. thank you for joining us. christina, i don't know if you can follow that one up. a little tap. >> no, very anticlimatic. i forgot where i was for a moment. that was fantastic. you can catch them tonight. today, no matter where you are stomping off to, you need a jacket. 45 in san jose. temperatures as we head throughout the afternoon are going to be warmer than where we ended up yesterday. that's good news if you are looking for the sunshine today, we'll have no shortage of that. temps in the upper 60s inland. low 60s along the peninsula. san francisco 63 degrees today. then we have a weather maker on the way. a system of low pressure moves into the area tomorrow. we are concerned about two things when it comes to the next system. the potential for isolated thunderstorms tomorrow. we are going to watch for that. also light shower activity.
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the timing looks like middle and end of the day for most of the bay area. this is what we are expecting in terms of temperatures today. 68 degrees in fremont. 65 in san rafael and 68 in santa rosa. tomorrow, not as warm. gray mostly cloudy with a few light showers. less than a quarter inch. the north bay will see little, if anything. 61 on thursday. 65 by friday. then we are back up into the 70s. good golf weekend if that's something you like to do, you can do that this weekend. >> that sounds nice. >> it does. 6:21 now. a fight against pg&e for the explosion is still on hold. why they aren't paying and regulators aren't collecting. some say the fine isn't big enough. a slow drive for 580. some expected and others not. i'llhere and
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andwhate wh elsate is goinge
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welcome back. 6:24. we go back out to the trouble spot on 580. a 20 minute drive. it's a typical build. the accident has cleared and we have more commotion going on in the studio. that's good news. a live look in oakland with the traffic flowing where we have a nice volume of traffic as well. things are moving nicely. stomp is in the studio. it's a lot going on in the south bay. heading up to the north bay, no
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major -- the metering lights turned on. you have your match boxes. i have my clicker. let's see what we can do. >> what is mike doing? >> wow! >> awesome. >> they have invaded the studio here. you know who is up next? let's see what scott mcgrew can do. >> he has lot of rhythm. apparently san francisco is considering a new law that requires your name to be in a data base if you want to see a band in a bar. what is that all about? >> isn't that strange? the entertainment commission, considering rules where your id is scanned and personal information kept for 15 days after a concert or party. this applies to concerts, bars,
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gatherings of 100 people or more. cameras have to tape the event and the tapes kept for 15 days as well. furnish to police on request, not by warrant but on request. the new rules were proposed by the san francisco police department, entertainment commission would consider them at a meeting tonight at city hall. meanwhile, today, april 12th, an important day in space history. he became the first man in space and first to orbit as well. google changed the logo in honor of the cosmo naut. they launched themselves into space. nasa tested whether the space shuttle could land by launching it off a 747. it never tested if it could take off. columbia was the first to take
6:27 am
off, not the first to land. brent and laura, can you name that space shuttle? >> the first space shuttle to lands? >> didn't have engines or rockets. the enterprise named after the star trek enterprise. 6:26 now. two people found dead. a live report coming up. a cold case could be solved this morning. details of that as well. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live telling you why governor jerry brown is so interested in this bright idea that is just weaiexplun 'lupexain,.oming up.
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bonds? >> reporter: i'm bob redell live here at a solar plant. governor jerry brown will come here to sign into law something that requires many utilities to start using these. we'll explain, coming up. a live look outside. cooler start to the day. will things warm up? we'll check in with christina. it's tuesday, april 12th on today in the bay. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. 6:30 now. i'm brent cannon. >> let's check in with christina, i'm laura garcia-cannon, by the way. >> good morning to you. we are looking good this morning. cold in napa. 49 in oakland. almost 15 degrees separation between napa and oakland. it dictates how heavy your coat
6:31 am
needs to be. you will need a jacket or sweater. we are peeling off a layer as the temperatures climb into the upper 60s. we are going to talk about your forecast. things turn south tomorrow with rain on the way. first, let's get you to work with mike inouye. hey, mike. >> hey, christina. expect the slowing in the altamont pass. an accident had things jammed up there. i'll give you the latest on the progress as well as the bay bridge toll. they are quickly past the 880. guys we give you a better look at the maze and the approach. >> governor brown is headed to the south bay talking solar energy making california more reliant on renewable energy. bob redell is live at the sun power solar power plant with more. bob. >> reporter: run by flextronics.
6:32 am
they are running on behalf of sun power to make solar panels. this one is coming off the assembly line. they stack it on top of other panels on to a palette to be wrapped up and sent out to be shipped. what is governor jerry brown and the energy secretary have an interest in this place? they want to dedicate it. they want to use it as a backdrop to sign a new law requiring utilities by 2020 to get their energy, 30% of it from renewable energy like solar energy. what does this new law mean for your company? i imagine you couldn't be happier. >> absolutely, the standard is being increased from 20% to 33%. we are now at a point where solar is cost effective enough that we can stabilize crisis for power in the long run by putting renewable energy into the grid.
6:33 am
>>reporter: i know you started in december. it created about 100 jobs. we are talking another company, they got a half billion dollars from the government. how are you different from them? how are you not concerned about your competitors. >> sun power has been in business for 25 years. we have been a public company for over five. we have increased rapidly. we have increased production by over 20 and are pleased to be bringing jobs back to california because of support from policy and r & d from the federal and state governments. >> reporter: thank you very much. here, they run round the clock. when they are up and running, they crank out one solar panel every 20 minutes.
6:34 am
workers have to sodder in the different individual cells on to the top of the panel. reporting live, bob redell, today in the bay. >> very cool. thanks. meantime, the california public utilities is debating whether to accept a controversial fine. during a meeting they said the fine is too lenient and the deal does not assure pg&e will act on safety recommendations. they worked out a deal for pg&e to pay a $3 million fine for failing to meet a deadline. the investigation stems from the pipeline explosion last september that killed eight people. murdered unsolved for decades could be a mystery no more. today, 77-year-old joseph will be charged with a string of murders in marin county dating back in the '70s.
6:35 am
detectives say he is responsible for murders in 1977, '78, '93 and '94. jurors in the barry bonds perjury case will continue deliberatio deliberations. the panel wanted to rae hear testimony yesterday. he's facing counts of lying to a jury. prosecutors say he lied when he denied taking steroids. he is charged with one count of obstructi obstruction. they want more studies found on the proposed ban of unleashed dogs. officials told supervisors current rules are not working. visitor conflicts and degradation of resources. the city's 100,000 dog owners will lose access to parks.
6:36 am
it requires all dogs to be leashed at parks and where they can roam free. it's a good day to go to the park. i's a bay area morning. >> not too bad unless your dog has their own fur coat that keeps them warmer than us. tomorrow, not so much a great day to go to the dog park. we are going to see shower activity and overcast conditions. gray day forecasted for wednesday. enjoy your tuesday. a cold start makes way to clear conditions later on this afternoon and warm up as well. we are going to see temperatures about four to eight, maybe five to ten degrees warmer than yesterday. 38 in santa rosa. 46 in san francisco. definitely up in the north bay, you need the jacket this morning. as we head throughout this afternoon, this is where we are headed. lots of sunshine. more than yesterday. 67 degrees in loss gatos.
6:37 am
not too bad in san francisco, 63 degrees. if you are headed to at&t park for the next game, as the giants take on the dodgers, it looks like conditions will be better for baseball. it's not going to be as breezy out there. it will make things more tollerable. no windchill factors. cool conditions. 55 degrees as we see the first pitch. now, we have a little bit of a warm up in store for the weekend. we are going to talk about that and how warm it's headed as we go into next week as well. significantly warmer. now, let's get you to work with mike inouye. good morning, mike. >> good morning, christina. things are moving nicely. the metering lights have been on for 20 minutes. the slowdown off the berkeley curve. the giants are playing tonight. the afternoon closures from 3:00 to 5:00. parking hassells here.
6:38 am
down into pleasanton because of an earlier accident. chp left the scene. there's debris they have to clean up. a smooth drive into the south bay. a disabled vehicle reported. should be moving from the slow lane. northbound is the commute direction where you see slowing down. fluctuates through that area as well. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:38 now. investigators are trying to piece together a bizarre puzzle after two people are found dead in a home. it's the second homicide scene in as many days. today in the bays marla tellez outside the home with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. here is what we know so far. the call came into concord police about 8:30 last night. they were called to bedford road, where we are near market and clayton. two people were found dead inside this home. it was a much more active scene
6:39 am
earlier this morning. it is still taped off with crime scene tape. the coroners left about 30 minutes ago. police say one of the people found dead is a suspect in a salano county homicide. there are no outstanding suspects in this case, but police are not confirming it is a murder suicide. neighbors they will me a woman maybe in her 60s lives here with her son, his girlfriend and a grandchild. they saw the woman leave last night after the police arrived. another neighbor tells me police had been to her home before, but this is still not expected. is this a surprise? >> yeah, it's shocking to me. it's weird how this all happened so fast. >> reporter: now this follows another homicide. it was concord's first homicide
6:40 am
of the year, a stabbing death at a shopping center on sunday. so, a day earlier. the two cases are not related. three people dead in concord within two days. we are working to get more information about this potential murder suicide here on bedford road in con ford. laura. >> very interesting, thank you very much for the latest. time is 6:40. what's ian od wh's h. eav a i better idea this morning and a live report from washington coming up.
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good tuesday morning to you. taking a beautiful live look outside. alcatraz island in the distance there. a little fog covering the area. 6:43 now. we have a better idea of what got cut and what is saved in the last-minute budget deal. congress made some details public last night. tracie potts is live with a look at that, plus what president obama will say about reducing the national debt. >> reporter: good morning. good morning, everyone. the e.p.a. took a big hit in the budget deal over the weekend. 61% of the cuts we are told came from the e.p.a. the pentagon got a raise. $5 billion, a number of other programs saved or cut.
6:44 am
obama administration initiatives in education and health care were saved. summer college grants and d.c. programs that were controversial on the hill were cut along with other programs where there were left over funds. tomorrow, president obama is going to talk about deficit reduction, how to get things in balance. analysts are saying the debt commission recommended spending cuts and one-third tax increases. we are waiting to hear if he will mention that tomorrow. here on capitol hill, debate on whether to raise the debt limit, it's $14.3 trillion. we are expected to hit it sometime in may. president obama is asking congress to make it. when he was a senator here in 2006, he voted against that. >> we will see what happens. thanks, tracie. the city of oakland is
6:45 am
waking up to a budget nightmare and almost every department is subject to cuts. the city heads met yesterday to decide how to attack the deficit. city council will have to vote on a final budget. it marks the start of the next fiscal year. she said two depts that will be spared are the police department and the film office. tomorrow's federal budget compromise could hit the brakes on the b.a.r.t. expansion. they need $900 million to complete the ten-mile b.a.r.t. expansion. this week's budget compromise could cut the funding and force the project off track. it could go from $2.5 billion to zero this week. if that happens t government may have to seek private funding to pay for the rail line. faa is looking for bumper jets at jfk in new york.
6:46 am
check it out. the big plane there clips a smaller jet there. bang! spins it around like a toy. it's the world's largest passenger plane. it was getting ready for take off. the wings clip the tail of the other one. nobody was injured. there was damage to both jets. air france is going to fly those big planes in and out of sfo starting in june. these would be robbers might want to find a new line of work. they tried to kick in a jewelry case. they tried to hammer on one. that doesn't work. finally, they decide to use a shotgun to break over the jewelry case. they get the shotgun. you can see the guy at the top of the screen there. he's going to shoot out one of
6:47 am
the cases. however, as a fellow robber goes in to try to grab the jewelry, i don't know if we have the video of that, he almost shoots his partner. they finally gave up and run away empty handed. police are looking for them. shatter proof glass there. juan is in legal fight with his former landlord. h landlord says he was cooking fish in the condo last june when a grease fire started, burning the kitchen and triggering the sprinkler system. he said he would take care of it and didn't. it cost $145,000 in damages. there was flooding. it caused water damage to two condos on a lower floor. in the meantime, giants and dodgers play at at&t park. tim lincecum is going to take the mound.
6:48 am
dodgers scoring six runs before the giants can cross the plate once. san francisco is getting a chance. you can watch tomorrow's game here on nbc bay area dodgers versus giants, game three. that starts at 7:00. it will be nice to see tim lincecum starting tonight and hopefully we'll beat the dodgers. today, we are looking good. baseball weather will be better today. less breezy and warmer. and less cloud cover. a lot of sunshine on tap for us. inland temps in the 60s, upper 60s. at the coast, low to mid-60s. we have rain on the way for tomorrow. it's not a huge weather maker. maybe a little bit of precipitation in the north bay. we are not expecting much. enough to make for overcast conditions. kind of a gray wednesday ahead.
6:49 am
enjoy your tuesday. we have a standing ovation for my forecast? no. we have the stomp crew. they are back. they are bringing it to the green screen. oh, yeah? i got tools of my own, guys. yeah. weather never looked so good. thank you, guys. can you do air guitar? do you do that? no, okay. excuse me. excuse me. we don't want riots. people need the seven day. today's temperatures are looking from the upper 30s to low 40s and low 50s moving into the 60s. 68 in fremont.
6:50 am
67 in san jose. we are looking at 68 degrees? santa cruz. good beach day down there. all right. here it is. the seven day outlook. here it is. 61 on thursday, 65 by friday. then we warm up into the 70s. don't forget you can catch stomp tonight in san jose. wait, wait, wait. video to show you. men and jerries is giving away free ice cream. i thought i would show brent and laura. if you were cats, this is what i think you two might look like together, eating ice cream. back to you. >> what? where are you going? >> i like the guy with the green tennis shoes. >> a little bit of fun. >> 6:50 now. still to come on today in the bay. carl lewis says he wants to get into politics. we are going to look at his past
6:51 am
ventures he might want to forget. >> li a oo> lvek outside
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6:53 am
good tuesday morning to you. a live look outside this morning. 6:53. a cooler start to the morning. want to check the morning commute with mike. >> good morning. brent can't get a word in edge wise. >> i tried. >> the maze, we'll address a couple things on this map. i want to update southbound 680, much better speeds, in the 40s from the dublin interchange. debris is still causing a slowdown toward the sunol
6:54 am
bridge. we have a 24 minute drive now. we look at 880 through the east bay. oakland looks nice in the coliseum. light in the area. haze in the air. across the bay, we look at the san mateo. there's the haze. we can't see the hills. 101 and 280, no problems between san francisco and the south bay. a nice drive there. we look at the bridge as well. the back ups started. metering lights on now. emeryville past the cinemas and across toward the bay on the s curve. back to you. our ability to multitask drops as we get older according to a study. people over the age of 60 have a harder time finishing a task while being distracted. it's relevant because today more people are staying in the work force longer. olympic gold medalist carl lewis is running for office.
6:55 am
the nine-time olympic gold medalist is running for new jersey state senate seat. he lives in willing borrow. it's his hometown. he hopes his political career will be like his sprinting career, not his musical career. ♪ oh say can you see ♪ and the rockets red glare u-oh, i'll make up for it now. ♪ the land of the free. >> he was singing the national anthem in 1984. his music video for a song called "break it up" in 1986 listen. ♪ let's all work together you don't do it on your own ♪ ♪ make up your mind
6:56 am
>> that was a little better. the national anthem was better. he was a fine track and field athlete. the music thing didn't take off. >> the ladies in the back just working out. >> '80s style. >> exactly. let's check in with scott mcgrew this morning. >> i said there would be big changes at cicso systems and that is the case. 550 people are out. they said it would dump the flip video cameras. they bought them from pure digital for breathtaking $590 million back in 2009. it was part of a larger strategy to make cisco systems a consumer brand. it didn't make a lot of sense. they are shuttering the flip brand. i'm sure you will see it spring up again as an independent company. monday i showed a picture of the most expensive gas i could find.
6:57 am
i challenged folks to find something better. one viewer, this is the one i sent in. then another viewer sent in something better from the napa valley. 4.31 for a gallon of regular. there it is. there's cheaper gas down the street. we know that. we want to see the most expensive gas. right now, on facebook, 4.31, try to beat that. check out facebook to win tickets to rod stewart and stevie nicks. we want to send you to the show. head to facebook, check out the link to the contest. details and link it up. >> we were talking about stomp. their new performance. they are here in the studio. there's the guy i was talking about. he knows with the pro moe wall
6:58 am
you can do funky thinnings. >> they had fun. >> thanks for coming by. >> they are performs through sunday in san jose. a local update in a half hour.
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