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tv   Today  NBC  April 30, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. the fairy tale comes true. >> my wedded wife. >> more than a billion people witnessed the future king marry his princess bride. this morning, new details on a late night palace party. the dress and the royal couple's honeymoon. we are live from london with a modern romance and a day to remember for the royal couple and the world. today, saturday, april 30, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm al roker. >> i'm natalie morales. nice to be with you on this special saturday morning. we are live from trafalgar square. the sun is shining here. the bells have been ringing for the last two hours and will continue to ring. all of this in honor of the royal wedding and the new couple. i think it was very much the fairy tale everybody talked about. >> absolutely was. this morning new video in taken a short time ago. prince william and princess catherine leaving buckingham palace for that your honeymoon. coming out -- >> we think their honeymoon perhaps. >> coming out of clarence house. greeting staff, perhaps saying good-bye. >> we are getting word as well from the palace this morning that the couple themselves are
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going over the photos and they are going to officially pick the ones that are going to be released later on this morning. we are all eagerly awaiting the photos from the ceremony. >> just like every couple going through. >> exactly. lots to get the here. we have to make a hard turn and follow the big story back home, as you all know. devastating tornadoes in the south. there's so much breaking news. we want to start first with lester holt in tuscaloosa, alabama. good morning to you, lester. >> good morning. it is good to see you. it is a beautiful crisp, cool morning here. belies december instruction around and it the news gets worse. 343 now to confirm death toll across seven states. outbreak of tornadoes that began tuesday. here in alabama, 254 people known dead. tuscaloosa, of 83,000 has taken a hard hit. the mayor calls it a humanitarian crisis. the tornadoes slammed through this city. and near the university of alabama. president obama stopped through
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here yesterday. he viewed some of the devastation for himself. he met with survivors. he said he had never seen damage like this. the weather service has been busy assessing neighborhoods, trees, looking for evidence to find out exactly how bad this onslaught was and know it is the second deadliest tornado outbreak this country has ever seen. they have identified at least one of the tornadoes in smithfield, mississippi, as an f-5. that's the highest on their scale of tornadoes. winds, sustained winds, 205 miles per hour. i was on the ground for three miles and killed 14 and weather officials expect they will uncover there were more 5-5 tornadoes as part of this historic outbreak. we are told they have run out of body bags. they are having to put the deceased in refrigerated trucks. they will continue to assess the area. they will continue to search for survivors. we are told that will probably last only another 24 hours and have already brought in cadaver dogs to try to find and locate as many of those unaccounted for
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as they can. we are going to be back with much more and explain some of what's going on here in terms of the assessing the damage and what happened. a little later. right now let's head back to you, al, where you are watching more severe weather which could be bearing down on parts of the country. >> that's right. midsection of the country, not so much tornadoes but really devastating flooding could be a possibility. check it out for you. again, the systems haven't started, heavy rain. we have a risk now from northeast texas all the way into southern illinois. large hail, damaging winds, can't rule out a tornado or two. we are also looking at heavy rains. we have flood watches andnd fla flood watches up for large area from texas, arkansas, on into southern aindiana. and also parts of kentucky as well. cold front moving through, will become stationary and dump a ton of rain. look how much rain we are talking about. anywhere from three to five inches of rain. locally some areas could get eight to nine inches of rain from texas.
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parts of southern oklahoma and on into much of arkansas. central arkansas, into missouri. this could be a devastating area. devastating flooding causing big problems and we will continue to track it. rainfall about the next 48 hours. that's what's going on around the forecast around here for today, pretty nice one actually, you'll see 50s, but a little gusty in the hills. you'll find those winds waiting for you. for the afternoon, dry, sunshine and pretty nice, temperatures in the 70s inland, upper 60s closer to san francisco, and look at your seven-day forecast, we're going to warm up even more for tomorrow and finally as we get into the new week ahead, we're going to get into the mid 80s, a summer preview coming in for the middle part of the week. that's our latest weather. >> thanks so much. here in london, it is a busy saturday morning for the royal couple. it follows the wedding party at buckingham palace. we have new video of prince
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william and princess catherine leaving clarence house for the evening reception last night. take a look at that dress. that's the second dress by that same designer. just absolutely stunning. >> he looks pretty sharp, too. >> he looks dapper. he looks fantastic, as you would expect. after the wedding, estimated 2 billion people worldwide that tuned in. making it one of the most viewed events in history. here is how the excitement unfolded right here on "today." >> take another live look at westminster abbey. a short distance from where we are. will and kate will tie the knot there. expecting more celebrities to arrive any minute. david and victoria beckham. >> sir elton john. >> there he is. >> westminster abbey. >> you are seeing now leaving clarence house with prince william and prince harry. >> there are the brothers in their military uniforms. people asked what makes a royal wedding special. take a look. >> princes are arriving. >> look at these two standing
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together. so many times over the last years, how lucky they are to have each other. theirs is a love that spanned some 40 years. you are looking now at her majesty, the queen. >> prince philip. >> catherine middleton will be leaving the hotel along with her father, michael. >> leaving the hotel and leaving behind her old life. >> 29 years old. oldest single woman to marry a future king. there she is. >> a journey she is beginning that will transform her life forever. >> they used to call her weigai katie. >> they waited for hours for this moment. there she is in all her glory. >> for all she heard about what this day would be like, to actually be in the back of that car. >> there is pippa. >> 27 years old. not married. marines enly crowned the country's most desirable
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singleton. >> driving to the abbey. she is holding a bouquet in one hand and waving in the other. very relaxed young lady. >> she is a natural royal. >> the sun has just come out, few moments before kate middleton arrives. about to step out of the car. >> sarah burton designed the dress. >> what a dress she has designed for kate. >> let's sit back and watch as catherine makes her way into westminster abbey for the most -- one of the most important days of her atlanta brave. ♪
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>> i william arthur philip louie. >> take thee catherine elizabeth. >> to be my wedded wife. >> to have and to hold from this day forward. >> to have and to hold from this day forward. >> for better for worse. >> for richer for poorer. >> for richer, for poorer. >> i catherine elizabeth. >> i catherine elizabeth. >> take thee william arthur philip louie. >> take william arthur fill i louie. >> to be my wedded house land to have and to hold from this day forward. >> to have and to hold from this day forward. >> for better, for worse. >> for better, for worse. >> for richer, for poorer. >> with this ring, i thee wed. >> with this ring i thee wed. >> with my body i thee honor. >> all my worldly goods with i
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thee share. >> those whom god have joined together let no man put assunday wi -- asunder. >> i'm still wiping tears away. >> it was so special. ben vogel joins us. special correspondent for nbc news. inside the abbey watching it all. good to see. >> did you thank you. what a day. what a day. >> what was it like? we from the outside obviously could see all of this going on. inside the abbey, when everybody first saw kate, catherine, walking down the aisle, what was the reaction? >> can a read val so large, not everyone sees her at the same time. actually you could hear a gasp through each section of the cathedral caught sight of her. i was at the front, very lucky to be there. and saw when harry said wait until you see what's coming. >> the moment like between the two brothers. i think it really shows how close they are to each other.
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they are sitting there like joking and, you know, yeah, check her out. >> we have seen that. they are a -- they have been threw everything together. the fact they were up there and i love the fact that william did not look back. it was harry that did that. >> i kept waiting for him to turn around to see his bride. he held back. >> i would have been too curious. i would have a peek around. it was extraordinary. within the cathedral, rest of london, everyone was -- around big screens watching it. but inside total silence. when they both said "do i," there was still silence in the cathedral. you could hear outside the roar of the crowd, approval. >> i was here at trafalgar. every little bit erupt in cheers and laughter. >> to me that was the most moving thing. just hearing the approval outside where inside the cathedral things were carrying on. >> how important -- i don't know if we -- in america we may not quite appreciate this but how
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important for britain and the monarchy was this moment? >> i described it as a turning point for the monarchy. this was one of the most important events in recent huft really. you know -- i think that this is a turning point. reinvigorated the monarchy in general. i think that -- the country rallied behind it. i think they need -- a boost. it was the injection they needed. and i think -- everyone was so comfortable and happy and warm yesterday within the cathedral and after at the reception. i really think it was the boost they need. >> prince charles at the reception even said you are so lucky to have kate in our family and called her his daughter. tell us about how much they embraced her. >> they really embraced the whole middleton family and obviously catherine in particular. i don't want to say too much about the reception. it was private event. certainly some things have been
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talked about. it was heartfelt. very warm. much has been made perhaps prince charles -- >> stick around just a bit. we know you also attended the reception at buckingham palace. we want to pick up where we left off following the couple's vows at westminster abbey. let's take a look. >> this is a joyful day because this is as every wedding day should be, a day of hope. >> looks like a fairy tale. it really does. >> the dress is a fairy tale in itself.
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>> the queen riding back to buckingham palace in what's a scottish stage coach. they are coming around the circle now. the crowd is really going wild. rolling cheer going up as they come past the queen victoria memorial and make their way. there is the carriage. and everybody is just -- standing on tiptoes trying to get a better view.
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>> wow. can't believe it. >> here we go. here we go. >> less than two seconds. >> that was a peck. >> i wonder if they heard matt lauer's comment. >> would that be unprecedented, a second kiss? >> yeah. >> here they come. >> that's a nice car.
5:16 am
>> wow. >> that's fantastic. what a way to exit. >> i loved that exit. ben, this is a real life fairy tale in every sense of the word. you saw the pomp and pageantry. they made the grand exit as any newlywed couple would in that your little car driving off into the sunset. is that what you expected? >> just watching from that, you can't watch it without smiling, can you? it is so uplifting and you are right. lots of pomp and ceremony. a lot of heritage to uphold. it was also quite underplayed in many ways. i think that exit in the car was symbolic. the freedom. this is -- i think they were laying down the foundations of this sort of role they would
5:17 am
like in the royal family. they would like to be a young couple who do drive around -- drive themselves around london. >> which is not unprecedented. numbers of the royal family drive themselves around in cars that are unmarked and people -- >> famously actually prince philip, queen's husband drives around in a black london cab so people don't recognize him. >> speaking of the monarchy -- what was your impression of the queen? was she pleased, do you think? >> i would be lucky if i had been to a number of official engagements over the years. it is usually -- that -- a lot of official -- you line up to meet the queen. she was wandering around saying hello to everyone. she looked very happy and relaxed. >> she wanted it to be their day. including on the way to the abbey, she drove in a covered car. >> absolutely. it was a day that -- queen wanted william and kate to shine. and -- they did. didn't they? >> what about kiss one and kiss
5:18 am
two? >> i have to say -- on the -- the tv just now. we were inside buckingham palace and we didn't see that. the one we -- >> kiss one was only three seconds. kiss two was about seven seconds. i sat there and timed them. the bookies were timing them as well. placing bets. it really shows they responded to what the public wanted. they were chanting from below, another kiss, another kiss. >> i love that. i think they understand how important it is to give the public what they want. and you saw the surge of the crowd. i haven't seen such euphoria and happiness for such a long time. then responded to that. >> is this like -- it almost seems like there was a formality and tradition. but this is also a couple that is -- very much part of a social network world. >> absolutely. you know, we know that they used twitter and used facebook. it was all streamed live online. they are embracing modern technology.
5:19 am
they also know that the maid yeah changed over the last ten years. i mean, in that sense, you know, they are going to be a very modern couple. >> you said something interesting to me yesterday off to the side. you said they are not very much into the public displays of affection. but yet you said when you see them in more private settings, they really can't keep their hands off each other. >> no. they are like a young couple. >> in love. >> famous term we use here in england called pda, public display of affection. a lot of my friends don't like pda. we find them a bit -- england -- english are often described as slightly stiff upper lip. we don't like to show our emotions. we saw how relaxed he was and he went for the second kiss. >> absolutely. ben fogle, always good to have you on our coverage. so much more from london and trafalgar square. keeping in close touch with lester holt this morning in tuscaloosa, alabama, with the big story there.
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as to what we are seeing, near the edge of the university of alabama campus. many of these homes around us were occupied by students that rented here. and you i look behind and we see lots of damage. random damage. but there are weather experts throughout now in places like this. trying to find a deeper story of what happened. look at things like how the foundations came apart. they will look at the kind of wreckage there. how things were twisted and from that they can get an idea how big these tornadoes are. we mentioned earlier in the broadcast they have determined one in mississippi was an f-5. that's the highest category. 205-mile-an-hour sustained winds on the ground for three miles. that one killed 14 people. we walked through the wreckage here and you can see people have written messages up here. here is an old testament. the earth shook and the skies poured down. this, too, shall pass. next to that, the orange markers. those we have seen from katrina. every disaster that indicates that this home has been searched for victims, the 28th of april
5:21 am
no one was found. we heard a lot of stories from a lot of the homes here. where people actually rode out the storms in bathrooms or in closets. imagine being inside in a small room and all of this is happening around you. i have covered a lot of the deaths. hurricanes, in a hurricane you may see this kind of damage. that happens over hours. as the storm comes ashore and the eye comes ashore, what you are seeing here likely took place in seconds. maybe a minute or two as a tornado moved through. and finally, what we have seen the last couple of days is people -- taking stock of what is left. and it is not a lot. they come to their homes and they stick things up. they begin to -- take inventory as they -- start a in you chapter in their lives. finding out what they can take with them. as i said many are students, lots of textbooks around. finally, i wanted to show you this which is probably the most powerful symbol i have seen as to how powerful these storms were. cars, homes, all one.
5:22 am
all one big pile of wreckage here. this is one neighborhood. it is across the area. seven states seen damage just like this. so natalie and al, we will send it back to you. we will be back with more with stories of people that found each other after very harrowing hours. >> all right, lester. again, national weather service is now estimated that this is the largest tornado outbreak ever in this country. the third largest number of people killed in a single event. >> absolutely horrific. so sad for all those people. our hearts go out to them this morning. >> absolutely. as we con here we will have more from london but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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still to come, live from
5:25 am
trafalgar star a star is born. designer behind the stunning wedding gown. >> plus, we are going to have newly released photos by the palace. the latest photos from the wedding the couple have approved. bon voyage. where will they honeymoon?
5:26 am
good morning to you, all's quiet right now at the shark tank, but last night the crowd was roaring as the san jose sharks won against detroit. i'm kris sanchez, along with rob with a look at a forecast that's a little bit breezy for my day. >> we're going to be getting into the 70s a bit later on this afternoon, but, chris, you mentioned it this morning, it's gusty in the hills, we're seeing winds 20 to 30 miles an hour. here are some of the wind speeds around the bay area, and you'll notice, especially out to the tri-valley this morning, it's
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gusty out there, dry and windy, but with the weather pattern we're seeing now with the winds and high pressure building in, nothing showing up on the radar. so locally gusty this morning as we head through lunchtime, temperatures already low 70s across the north bay valleys, topping off today in afternoon jose, upper 60s for san francisco, so the seven-day forecast, it's warming up, big-time, in fact today's going to be the coolest day of the next seven days, coolest day, 80 starting as early as tuesday of next week, so a summer preview on the way. >> been a long time since we have seen that many suns on your forecast. >> it's been months. this weekend people across the country will be able to drop their prescription drugs safely no questions asked. the dea is teaming up with local law enforcement agencies to dispose of expired, unused and unwanted pills.
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for a complete list of dropoff locations or for one near you, go to got drug banner on the website hayward sits on the fault line and today city leaders want to make sure folks are prepared. the city will take part in a city-wide earthquake drill today. the mayor will also participate in the drill and then head over to the regeneration church on 15th street for a town hall meeting, that one starts at 10:30 this morning. if you have a spare moment today, you could use it to get on the show "minute to win it." at the livermore wine festival today, and there will be a casting call for the nbc show minute to win it while we're out
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there. check out nbc bay for more information. got distracted by all the booty shaking. you have to shake the things out of the bucket or something. will charlie sheen's violent ftorpedo of truth bomb today? sheen will use the appearance to help brian stow, the giants fan who was severely beaten outside dodger stadium. the actor will reportedly donate all the proceeds to the brian stow fund. they are both the early birds and the night owls. the rare portion of the population surviving on little to no sleep at on's future king and
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queen was shown on giant screens. street parties popped up everywhere. but beyond that this wed thing a global buzz. about 2 billion people watched on television worldwide. that's out of an estimated 7 billion people on the planet.
5:33 am
it was an internet sensation. almost 7 million people posted comments on their facebook page was 74 wedding mentions every second in the uk alone. besides the couple, what got people chatting, the dress. david beckham with 9 thousand mentions in 20 minutes. princess beatrice got more than a dozen facebook pages dedicated to her hat. nearly 2 million went to the web making it the most watched live stream internet event ever. >> by the time the newlyweds who left the abbey 3 million people sent tweets about the royal wedding. double what we saw during this year's super bowl and actually rivalled number of tweets that we saw during this year's world cup. >> reporter: they stayed up late in california. got up early in new york. >> ready to get the hat off and get to work. >> reporter: in singapore they bought out bagpipes and drums.
5:34 am
in southern france the wedding watchers were sneering. but in hong kong, people were all smiles. from the top of the world in the arctic to out of this world onboard the international space station, people were spinning, delighted with the sights and sounds of a prince and his new princess. you should know that the online traffic about this wedding was outrageously popular. we have word that traffic on the web with 5.4 million page views per second yesterday. per second. >> my goodness. >> not just online, too. traditional media had a field day with this. >> look at this. when you look at the pictures, this tells a story. think what you want to put in your book of memories. full-page. >> stuff like that. >> papers will sell a lot. old school in some lines. you can go online.
5:35 am
but this is a picture you want. the coffee table. >> brilliant picture supplement. taking these home. >> fantastic. >> when we go home in the airport we will find these as well. >> exactly. these are the pictures and stories. this is how you will read it for many people around the world. >> thank you so much. pollen is a big problem here. it is coat everything, including natalie's throat. i will give you a break. we will get a check of the weather now. and, again, for today, we are looking at some strong storms developing in the midsection of the country. frontal system working through the plains. behind it, temperatures are going to be anywhere 10 to 20 degrees below norm april. even light snow back through the plains. northwest looking good. plenty of shine. beautiful along the eastern seaboard with risk of strong storms. texas, indiana, illinois. that's what's going on around and here's a look another "today's" hour by hour forecast,
5:36 am
it will continue to be windy and a little gusty another times around the hill tops. breezy and dry elsewhere with highs near the 60s inner bay and the coastline. less wind to wrap up the weekend, warmer temperatures next week, we're talking not just 70s but how about some 80s popping up. some cooling obviously staying dry through the next seven days. >> t your lat weather. are you okay? >> the emotion of the moment. still to come this morning, this will make you more verklempt, from the gown everybody is talking about to the tiara. all details. >> royal a photographer shares s favorite photos from the day's events. first, these messages.
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what's in your wallet? more. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: hi, natalie. first time we saw a glimpse of now princess catherine's gown, back when she was just kate middleton leaving her hotel, you could see the top of it really in the car. we thought that's exactly what we expected it to look like with a long laced sleeves. it just wasn't until she emerged you could really see the unique beauty of what the designer had done. many said it was perfect for catherine. nothing over the top orr as yor tash about it. here comes the gown. or the bride turning that gown into royal magic. slim, very delicate. body conscious. almost pointy at the top. little reminiscent of the lady
5:40 am
like 1950s of princess grace. its what kate moved slowly on that journey from her old world to new that we saw the sculptural element of the creation by sarah burton, young creative director of edgy british house alexander mcqueen. known for risk taking and bold silhouet silhouettes. for cat rip, no big risk would do in westminster abbey but this was a sleek, regal, modern on the other gorgeousness of tradition. hardly the longest train ever seen. freshness. elegant. >> i thought it was young, it was beautiful. it was dignified. perfect for the occasion. >> really impressive, you know. air of traditional, you know, look of the modern tinge of it as well. >> reporter: simple veil, catherine took on the storm of a
5:41 am
medieval queen. winning her praise from the london's streets and fashion royalty. >> i was very surprised. i was surprised by the simplicity and -- and her choice. i thought it was -- an excellent choice. i thought she looked absolutely beautiful. >> looked sentational on her. it was her own style. >> reporter: up close in the sunlight, miraculously came out, it seems, just for her. handmade lace, flowers, springtime garden in bloom. roses, shamrocks, daffodils. symbols of britain made in britain. hand applique under the tulle and satin. >> timelessness. great beauty that is lasting.
5:42 am
>> reporter: yes, for royal sparkle kate did indeed choose a tiara. something borrowed from the queen. 1936, a gift to queen elizabeth from her mother on her 18th birthday. a look that didn't shout but sang, sweet fairy tale tone, modern, young woman true will you transformed into a princess. the language and symbolism of flowers played an enormous role. in the shape of catherine's squirt ask train were modeled after a flower opening. natalie? >> that's beautiful. michelle kosinski, thanks so much. joining us to talk about the dress and the designer are gabrielle, nbc fax contributor. good morning. all right. fashion critics had a day to
5:43 am
take a look at -- that dress and as well as the second dress that you are going to talk about in a bit she wore to the reception last nature. gabrielle, what are they saying? >> i think -- you can fault kate what she decided to wear on her wedding day. it was beautiful, regal, timeless and it will stand the test of time. but it wasn't necessarily what we consider original. an original choice. it wasn't -- >> very grace kelly. >> very grace kelly. silhouette was very '60s inspired. fitted bodice, full circle skirt. fashion industry was hoping she would come up with something a little more original and bit more -- >> but can she do no wrong at this point in time? >> i think she can definitely do no wrong. actually the fact it was understated and not edgy in any way, it was her thing. i'm not going to be a scene stealer. that's not what i'm after.
5:44 am
i just want to pay my respects to the royal family and it was -- fit every criteria they needed, in a church, you have to wear long sleeves. she did that. transparent. >> showing respect in westminster abbey. >> tradition. age-old tradition. she had all of that covered. and -- but sort of -- girl next door in a way which was nice. >> she carried witness the beautiful halo tiara which the queen len her from her collection as well as gorgeous diamond earrings her parents gave her as a gift. got a touch of everything, something borrowed and something new. >> yes, yes. although -- diana at the end of her wedding day she had a splitting headache because of her tiara and people saw as a bad omen for the marriage. >> very small tiara. understated but beautiful. we also have a picture of the second dress as well. video from the reception last night. that, again, another sarah
5:45 am
burton. the fact she continued with the same designer, what's that signal to you, gabrielle? >> i just felt, again, it was a very modern choice. she didn't really want to break from tradition too much. she didn't come out in a glam disco number. >> that's not her style. >> no. >> she doesn't have that edge. >> could have had more fun with a pear dress, i feel. again -- >> had that angora. angora sweater. >> i had a man calling it a cardigan which is why men should never discuss it. >> definitely not. you know, pippa as well, her bridesmaid dress was by sarah burton as well. there seems to be mixed opinions on that. was it perhaps a little too braidal looking? i thought it was stun. >> quite bridal. >> i thought pippa stole the show. >> she looked so amazing in that dress. i think -- it is for -- pippa
5:46 am
could double it as a wedding dress. >> lot of brides in the u.s. are saying i want that dress for my wedding. >> prince heiryi couldn't keep his eyes off of her. >> exactly. >> lot of men couldn't. >> exactly. stunning. thank you so much. still to come this morning, on "today," revealed -- we will reveal the knockoff gown that's already being made in production as we speak. coming up after the messages. [ female announcer ] bedtime is not for sleeping. the monster was furious. roar!!! it's for laughing... [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] ...pretending... and the mouse went, "wha-wha-wha, why?" [ giggles ] [ female announcer ] ...seeing things differently... and then the boy bit the dragon! [ female announcer ] ...and for being with your favorite storyteller... [ grandpa ] i love you when you're quiet... [ female announcer ] ...even after he goes home to nevada. [ grandpa ] and i love you when you're loud! [ female announcer ] hallmark recordable storybooks. ♪
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5:49 am
i was in there. very privileged position. in the front. it was actually brilliant. we had been in a private room at the palace before that. we were given a lovely big tv and watched the wedding service and then led to our position. it was just brilliant. everybody was so, so knocked out by the sight of kate. when william turned to her and said you look beautiful, it was a really fabulous mood. everybody was so happy. >> so you get the -- what's probably going to be the iconic picture of this wedding. the kiss. >> yes. >> tell me about that. how did you set that up? >> weigh all knew it was going to happen. i got there. i got the right lens. the thing is on that balcony, you have so much going on. you have lots of members of the royal family. plus the middleton family. all styles of the day. you have to get them and get the children. you have to get the kiss. if you miss that you are dead. again -- >> what did you think about the second kiss? was that unprecedented?
5:50 am
>> that's never been done before. the second was nice but the first one that mattered because it is first time they kissed in public. they kiss on the balcony. winston churchill stood there at the end of the war with the king and queen. everything happens up on that balco balcony. it is so important. >> you got tipped off about the as t aston martin. >> i was ready for that. what shocked me how much harry put into that. just wed on the back the wales, you adore that car. the queen bought him that for his 221st birthday. it will last a lifetime. she bought a spare engine as well when she bought the car. he treasures that car. you make a dent in my car, didn't like it. you know. >> arthur edwards, thanks so much. beautiful photographs. lovely stuff. >> thank you.
5:51 am
>> thank you so much. we are going to be right back with more. but first this is "today" on nbc. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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still to come on "today," after the kiss comes the honeymoon. where will the royal couple spend their honeymoon? >> we will find out. then the royal dress. has been leading up to this. advanced led technology from ge, lasting over 20 years with 75% less in energy costs. available now in a bulb and soon in forms as limitless as our imagination. [ caveman chatter ] ♪ one look, and it's easy to see why his rings are worn
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5:56 am
look how san francisco is waking up this morning, whether you live there or are headed there today, a little breezy to start. you saw the flag was just flying in the wind. >> buildings are seeing the stronger winds there, probably getting 15 miles an hour down closer to the water surface, we are seeing those gusts this morning. 40s and 50s right now. notice the winds in fairfield,
5:57 am
north of 24. northwest of 20, in novado and salve rafael this morning. today will be the windier of the two weekend days, nothing showing up on the radar today, and at least through the next seven days, dry, breezy, sunshine today, low 70s for san jose, and actually getting close to 80 in some areas in santa rosa. the winds will back off tomorrow, and temperatures are starting to climb on off for the end of the weekend, and could get close to 80, and if we don't get there tomorrow, definitely going to get there tuesday and
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning. breaking news. staggering death toll, killer tornadoes in the south. sadly rises again as the massive scope of this devastation emerges from one of the worst natural disasters in u.s. history. we are live in the south and lester holt and he has the latest coming up. >> also from london this morning, switching gears here, this picture. official royal wedding portrait just released. we have them for you along with new details on the event of the decade. >> welcome back to "today" on a
6:01 am
saturday morning. april 30, 2011. natalie said, beautiful day. we are here in trafalgar square in london. i'm al roquer. >> i'm natalie morales. we are very happy that lester is covering what's a terrible story there in the south for thus morning. again the devastation now is much worse than we thought, lester. good morning to you. >> natalie, natalie, al, good morning from tuscaloosa, alabama. we wish we could start with joyous news here. things in the south got even worse today. here is where things stand. death toll from the historic onslaught of tornadoes across seven states climbed to at least 343. majority of the deaths were here in alabama. stunned survivors are picking up the physical pieces of their lives as others are still desperately trying to reconnect with missing loved ones. across alabama sounds of heavy equipment and work could barely mass the sounds of grief.
6:02 am
>> homes leveled. >> reporter: from the air, over alabama, it is a clear, almost surgical path of destruction. from the ground where president obama met survivors, a nightmarish landscape. >> i have never seen devastation like this. >> reporter: cadaver dogs sniffed out the dead in alabama which bore the most fatalities and more than 220. >> trying to get what we could out of the house. i was able to do it. >> reporter: tennessee and mississippi each recorded more 30 dead. it trails as far north as virginia. national guard troops deployed across the region. places used to tornadoes but not like these. hugging the ground for long distances. some turning up to 200 miles per hour. for more than a day, sandra roberts couldn't find her mother who lived alone in this small house. >> a tough 24 hours, wasn't it? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: what was it like when you finally heard from her?
6:03 am
they were reunited at the home of a friend who took her in. jeanette barnes recalled her harrowing ordeal. >> got me out of a hole. i thanked the lord that somebody came and got me. >> reporter: in tennessee people waited for hours for gas because so many gas stations had been without power. officials now say that fewer than 400,000 customers in stricken areas are still in the dark. though many no longer have homes, they are determined to move forward and celebrate what they do have. >> blessed to be here. thank you! >> reporter: with me now is mary chambers. mary manages a floral shop in -- >> coleman, alabama. >> reporter: thank you for being here. you were trapped in there for a short time. we should note you got injuries. how are you doing? >> i'm doing fine. still shaken up, still in shock.
6:04 am
see all the damage. >> reporter: you were inside the store and your husband called and you told thank you tornado is on the way. >> yes. actually, we found out there was more than the one. so -- i had -- called may mother north of the city to take cover. it is up there. had no idea that there was one in the actual city. >> reporter: coming from the north. you go outside -- >> i go outside the side door, looked north. nothing. let me go out the front of the store. go out the front of the store. look. west. and it was -- i see this smoke which i thought was spoke which wasn't smoke. >> reporter: the tornado you were looking at. >> all of a sudden it just dropped. i just -- ran into the store and told them -- it is here, it is here. we got to take cover. we were by the cooler that holds flowers. it was just no time to if you want to get in the cooler. we just huddled down in this corner. the windows blew almost like
6:05 am
dorothy in "the wizard of oz." i saw the van like someone was in it driving. i don't know if it was a van or if it was a building going back and forth. >> everything just swirling around you. swirling around. it was awful. the roof is rippling. like something you would see in a movie actually happening with me in it. >> reporter: give me an idea how quickly is all this happening? tore the moment it hits to the moment it is gone. >> maybe a minute. i don't know. it was -- so fast. >> reporter: when it ends -- >> it is gone. like silence. >> reporter: you are covered in bricks at this point. >> yes. there's -- cinder blocks, not bricks. concrete building, double fire wall is gone. when in my husband -- husband actually told me to get in the cooler, make sure you get the door open. no, wear in a comfort building. >> reporter: you can see the sky when this was over. >> i looked to my right shoulder and there was an opening. above me is the roof. and i knew i could move.
6:06 am
the gentleman was on my left leg. we have to get out of here because everything -- that i is have heard about, i don't know when the roof is going to collapse on us. >> reporter: right. >> we made our way out. >> reporter: we are thankful -- just the two of you and both got out. >> yes. >> reporter: you are a little banged up but you are walking and you are well. mary, thanks for coming out. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: we are glad you are fine. >> thank you. >> reporter: we want to go to al roker in london. you are watching other weather systems we need to be concerned about in parts of this country. >> that's right. we just don't get a break this spring, lester. really rough. we have an area that's developing severe weather later this afternoon and this evening. stretching from northeastern texas into southern indiana and illinois. the threat will be lot of wind and hail and tornadoes, though, are possib. and we got a lot oss rain out o this system as a frontal system pushes through, we have flood watches and flash flood watches stretching from texas on into kentucky and parts of southern
6:07 am
indiana. code front be bringing heavy thunderstorms, training thunderstorms that just stay over an area and continue to dumb heavy amounts of rain. talking about anywhere from three to seven inches of rain throughout much of central and southern arkansas. parts of missouri and texas and oklahoma on into southern indiana. some areas locally could pick up up to nine inches of rain between now and monday. of course, the flood threat will and the story of the morningar. arnd the bay area, the gusty winds and hill tops will see this right off the bat on through the better part of today,ess so tomorrow, and with these winds turning offshore, beginning today, we'll go from the 40s and 50s of the morning, low 70s as early as lunchtime for our north bay valleys, low 70s around san jose, temperature also climb
6:08 am
even more, as the winds s.t.a.r.t. to bastart to back off and then 80s tuesday and wednesday. this. the official royal wedding portrait of prince sxwm princess catherine released just this morning. portrait taken in the throne room at buckingham palace. then we also have this wonderful picture of catherine with bridesmaids and pageboys. absolutely adorable. stunning dress wrapped around her. a perfect image. here in london and around the world everyone is still talking about the royal wedding. watched by an estimated 2 billion people. that's nearly a third of the planet's population. >> amazing. >> kate snow takes us through the event of the magical day. >> reporter: magic on a human scale. embodiment of pride and centuries of tradition. estimated 1 million spectators in london alone. perhaps 2 billion more watching around the world. the day began at westminster
6:09 am
abbey decked out like an english garden with 2,000 guests. the prime minister, elton john, beckhams, couple as closest friends and family. royal and otherwise. this was william and kate's day. he arrived with bestman prince harry. moments later, right on time, kate took center stage. a first glimpse of the dress by british designer sarah burton for alexander mcqueen. she wore a halo of diamonds, tiara borrowed from queen elizabeth herself. ♪ you look beautiful the groom told his nervous bride as together they became husband and wife. >> i william arthur philip louis
6:10 am
take catherine . >> take thee catherine elizabeth. >> to my wedded wife. >> in the name of the father and of the son and the holy ghost. >> and with that, the future king and queen of england began their life together. important the ride to buckingham palace, an open carriage. there was no rain to mar this parade and the british showed once again they know how to do pomp and pageantry. as william and kate reached the palace thousands traveled the procession route. this was the moment they were
6:11 am
waiting for. a moment with echoes of history. the kiss was accepted. but then with the crowd calling for more -- >> kiss! kiss! >> reporter: another. the couple's public day was over. but wait, william and kate have one more surprise. break with tradition that delighted the crowd. a drive from the palace with the prince behind the wheel of the purple aston martin convertible on loan from his father. kate snow, nbc news, london. >> now someone that knows the royal family very well. >> nick, chief executive, prince william and prince harry foundation. charitable organization. created by the princes. and he was also fortunate enough to attend the wedding.
6:12 am
good to see. >> did you good morning. lovely to be here on a typical english spring day. >> right. at least the last two weeks. we heard so much about this wedding. it could have easily been anti-climact anti-climactic. i think everyone is happy with the way things turned out. >> i think we are thrilled. from start to finish, the day went both to plan. some ways -- as an -- princess catherine arrived at the abbey, music, gorgeous building. procession. one of my favorite parts, procession. blowing in the wind. wonderful. >> imagine being inside westminster was very different than when you got outside and saw how the rest of the world was reacting. what was that like for to you emerge from westminster and see how the couple truly was embraced in every way? >> i think the whole service was a blend of history and modernity. got it just right.
6:13 am
a line actually latin, magnificent. [ speaking latin ] translates wherever charity ends love god is there. i thought it was beautiful summing up of the history and of being in the relidge ougs building. a wonderful union of two people. they had chosen to be there alongside them. many people from the charities. very interesting blend of the state and the person of the day. they did really well. >> when you finally got to see kate's dress, what was the reaction? you raise the point the fact there was a lockdown on the details of the dress and even the honeymoon. people really protecting these folks. >> i think everybody who works for them is loyal to them. fantastic to work for. having prince william as my boss, unique experience.
6:14 am
we are very loyal, of course. one of my roles was to -- the souvenir program available for the people that were there. we didn't distribute it in advance. we didn't want the vows to come out early than the couple asked for. we tried toes respect their personal wishes in each part of the plan. >> really -- it is about that new life they now take on. and -- embracing the charities they are involved with. princess catherine will be a huge part of that. how much do you expect this will boost that in a way? >> i think it will be tremendous. we have a name challenge now. foundation of prince william and prince harry. prince william asked me to give thought to involve princess catherine with that. very long brand. we have to think about market. >> you have seen a boost already online. >> tremendous. we have -- the wedding gifts. instead of receiving presents,
6:15 am
the couple were so touched by the generosity from around if world they asked people instead to consider making a donation to one of the charities they chose themselves. the website people can still go to and leave a message of good will or make a donation doubled in one day. number of donations. >> >> we will put that on our website as well. >> we look forward to what their charity is together. >> still to come, we have a lot more, remaking of -- princess catherine's dress. we are going to show it to you. >> already. look outside. it's. so let's plant some perennials that'll turn up every year. trees and shrubs to give us depth. and fill it out with flowers placed in just the perfect place. let's spend less, but plant more. what do you say we plant a weekend, water it, and watch a summer spring up? more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot.
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6:18 am
mmmm. maybe later, then. [ female announcer ] kellogg's fiber plus cereal. positively delicious. ♪ watched it on the big screen. >> celebrations in london. others going on around the country, including bucklebury. her home i will have sxaj proud one at that this morning. nbc's keith miller is live in upper bucklebury. didn't know they had an upper bucklebury. >> well, actually -- and lower buckleberry. nothing like a small town girl that makes it big. here in buckleberry they celebrated the wedding with a mixture of pride and just a little prejudice. it didn't have pomp of westminster abbey. they put on a traditional village celebration for the
6:19 am
hometown girl. located 53 miles from london, buckleberry's population of 2,000 swelled to double that number for the big day. middleton's poseman, public owner, butcher and convenience store operator attended the wedding ceremony. those who stayed behind offered ceremonial tea and scones. >> lady of the village. >> reporter: the same prayed could be seen in small towns villagings all across britain. and estimated half a million people took part in the festivities at street parties. there was even a do outside the prime minister's residence at 10 downing still st. the champagne toast to the newlyweds were a tribute to all things british. >> i think in this current climate we need something to celebrate. i was watching them come down the aisle. very, very beautiful couple. >> reporter: for the people that
6:20 am
grew up with middleton it was like seeing a girl transformed. he shared the stage with middleton for the primary school play. >> she used to be so nervous through plies. you see her in the carriage and she is absolutely amazing, stunning. >> reporter: this just may be one of those iconic days. where people will ask in the future where were you on the day prince william and catherine middleton were married. now the people of this particular village are wondering if they have another princess in waiting. they would like to point out, al, we have another prince in harry who is available. >> hmm. keith miller, thanks so much. we have so much more of royal wedding coverage ahead after these messages.
6:21 am
6:22 am
royal honeymoon.
6:23 am
where they may be heading. not right away. >> new details and then that for you. frenzy, wacky fashions from the wedding. but first, these messages and your local news and weather. ma. and dan. he never lets high cholesterol get him too low. and amy with her arthritis well in hand. they go to walgreens... where their pharmacist not only refills prescriptions but gives advice... immunizations... and health tests. staying on top of your health starts right in your neighborhood. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. with being fed on. we demand k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas and ticks, it repels most ticks before they can attach and snack on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. so let's put our paws down in protest. no fetching, no friendship till we all get k9 advantix ii.
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6:26 am
you should hold on to your hat as you head out the door today. i'm kris sanchez. >> it's really gusty out there, hill top gusts close to 35 mes an hour. so if you had any hats from the royal wedding, they would be blowing out to hawaii. you can see those gusts in fairfield. it's helping to clear out our skies, no worries about any rain, look at that ridge of high pressure starting to build in.
6:27 am
so temperatures today, climbing into the low to mid 70s, out to the tri-valley, santa rosa, a few spots, but elsewhere a little bit cooler. still think we're going to see some 60s today, tomorrow as the winds back off and high pressure strengthens, this is going to lead to temperatures climbing even warmer tomorrow. by the time we get to the middle part of the week, should see some 80s. 60s and 70s through the week, could get close to 80 in parts of the bay area. here's the question in san jose this weekend, two little too late, san jose police are making some major concessions, but 100 officers still face pink slips as the city suffers with a $115 million budget deficit. the police department is agreeing to lower wage scales for new people being hired. if the city council approves the offers, the police union will take it to officers who will
6:28 am
vote to finalize that deal if they agree. the price tag for police protection and security are among the reasons that the cinco de mayo event is going to be cancelled. the city can no longer afford to sponsor the event downtown. -- something new is popping up along the route of this year's beta breakers race in san francisco. sobering tents, as the name implies, it's where runners can sober up. it's an alternative to go to jail. you can still show up in crazy costumes and you can even run naked, but you should not show up drunk according to the sponsors. we have a way for you to meet one of hollywood's brightest stars right here in
6:29 am
the bay area, we're giving away two tickets and meet and greet with hugh jackman when he performs in san francisco on may 5. send an e-mail with your name, address and phone number. please include the world win in the subject line. for more information, you can check out the facebook page for our morning show, type in nbc bay area morning news, that contest ends tuesday night. good luck to you. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," all of the day's news plus that very windy forecast today. we'll also talk about long lines at the dmv and why you may not have to wait anymore. lot of t owds, a lot of
6:30 am
people came from the u.s., people from texas and people from florida here. just for this occasion. we are all talking about looking ahead now, what's next for the royal couple. of course, they are going to at some point get a honeymoon in. >> not yet. >> not so fast. in fact, we are learning this morning that prince william
6:31 am
actually has to go back to work as a certain much and rescue pilot next week. the honeymoon has to hold off at least for now. >> wow. >> just like regular people, after all. right? >> amazing. >> can't take his money moon yet. >> at least we know little bit of that. that secret is out. best-kept secret of the wedding, the wedding dress. as soon as the dress is revealed, the -- inspiration, quickly being made. this morning we are going to take you live to the production studio. p and show you how fast a look-alike of catherine's dress has already been grade and how soon you may be able to have that dress in the n a store near you. we have more fashion fun. as you know, the bride looks absolutely stunning. what do you think about the guests? the hats. these hats, crazy. right? worn by beatrice and princess -- beatrice and eugenie. >> almost an unfortunate look. >> we are going to be talking
6:32 am
about all of that in just a little bit as well. first, you have a look at weather. >> i do indeed. sometime don't know what the difference between a fascinator and a hat is. you will probably tell us. for today we have a risk of strong storms. stretching from texas on into the upper ohio river valley. sunshine out west. windy in southern california. sunny skies along the eastern seaboard. for sunday, sunday, we are looking at more sunshine along the east coast with that risk of strong storms continuing from texas into the central mississippi river valley. sunny skies along the west coast. mild to warm weather through the southwest. mice and warm along the gulf coast. sunny and mild mid atlantic states into the northeast of new england. that's what's goin look at your hour by hour forecast, we'll see breezy conditions, mostly in the 50s, notice by 3:00 and 4:00, inland temperatures should climb into the 70s. north bay cooling quickly as you go through the evening. tomorrow a little less wind,
6:33 am
still plenty of sunshine. we'll see temperatures climbing up a little bit more to wrap up the weekend. and then warming up even more for the middle part of the week. we're talking 80s in the forecast, and cooling approaching next weekend. tarted esterday morning at 1:30 in the morning. and -- we got to the studio at
6:34 am
about 5:00. our sketches were ready. we thought she looked fantastic. and we got to work about 35 people worked on the dress. we were cutting, sewing, buying materials. we were out getting a tiara, building a veil. this is the finished product. it looks fantastic. >> and if you can, as you walk around that dress, show me, what were some of the hardest parts, challenging parts of that dress to remake? >> well, let's start with the veil which is a beautiful triple mesh veil. high-low. low in the front. and it goes -- trails off in the back. we sewed on a tiara which not quite is 00 years old. very hard effort. if you -- pull the veil back, it is all scalloped laced. it is all scalloped lace.
6:35 am
>> it is amazing how much it looks like -- i'm sorry. he is having trouble hearing me. amazing -- >> double laced. top is single lace. have you the transparency. and -- the skirt which is incredible, just pull out, about eight yards of fabric in here. it is all overlaid in lace. and -- if we can go around this, if i can -- turn it around. it is a beautiful, beautiful bustle in the back which really -- on a ten-foot train, so -- she really looks fantastic. and it was a dress that a lot of people could wear. it wasn't hard. simply a simple, elegant dress. very good taste. i think kate had a very strong hand in the design of this dress. and she looked magnificent.
6:36 am
as did pippa. it is all -- all transparent lace arms. >> it is absolutely beautiful. your team did an amazing job. i know it will be out fairly soon. by june you expect to have them in stores. >> yeah. july, they will be in the stores. lord & taylor called for an exclusive ad for shipping july. it will be marketed starting this monday at the new york office. >> retail, by the way, between $500 to $800. thank you. great job. i'm telling you. i have a hard time -- i guess unless you look at it and really feel it up close it is hard to see much of a difference. it looks absolutely amazing. than thanks. we are having technical difficulty. we apologize. away they go. some possible honeymoon destinations for the prince and princess. lit have to wait, as we learned.
6:37 am
going to have to go back to work. we will tell you where they mays ges. headeerftse mesheges. as the soil you put it in.t is d look, both these potted plants got the same sun. same water. only difference? this. miracle-gro potting mix. rich organic ingredients with miracle-gro plant food mixed right in. it even feeds plants for six straight months. want this result? gotta start with this soil. miracle-gro potting mix. success starts with the soil. miracle-gro potting mix.
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6:40 am
honeymoon will have to wait. andrew roberts is an nbc news contributor and historian. good to see you. we heard that now they're going to spend a couple of days here in the uk and he's got to go back to work as a rescue pilot. so they're going to be in angle sea. >> a lot to do with public relations. the whole wedding has been done superbly when it comes to public relations. britain is in a very deep austerity economic situation at the moment. tens of thousands of people are being laid off. so if they had gone off to barbados and had an extremely bling honeymoon, it would have gone down very badly which would have wrecked the otherwise superb publicity they have been getting. >> you don't think they'll go on a honeymoon for a while and if they do, it won't be some place splashy. >> it will be somewhere, i should imagine, in the british commonwealth.
6:41 am
there have been talks of cornwall. prince charles, chief of cornwall. it has very nice weather this time of year. australia which is threatening to become a republic after the queen's death. that may be popular, too. >> we were talking about a couple that's going to move to a angle sea, a small town, little village. will they be able to maintain an air of privacy there? >> it is an island. they live in on a small village on that island. and the answer is, yes, it is very remote really. people live a long way away from each other. it is very easy to protect and very secure. and everyone knows one another. so it is absolutely ideal from that point of view. >> it seems obviously this is a modern couple. they -- really hopes of the monarchy rest on them. are they going to usher in a new era? >> we must make no bones about it. the fact is that what prince william did yesterday by the choice of bride is ensuring the british monarchy for at least a
6:42 am
half a century. the british people love princess catherine and nobody would ever put an anti-monarchy plank in its platform for a while. >> is that a lot of pressure on her? >> huge pressure. she looks she can maintain the poise and the dignity and the modesty and down to earthness. i think we have a special queen in waiting in princess catherine. >> thank you so much for your take. up next, a fashion hit or miss? we'll look at the good, the bad and, yes, the ugly from yesterday's royal wedding. ♪
6:43 am
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6:45 am
straight from a fairy tale, others did not quite so much make the cut. it was a rainbow of colors on display as westminster abbey turned into a fashion parade for those lucky enough to make the cut. royals and celebrities alike showcased their own style. while some stuck with traditional wedding attire, others chose to be fashion forward. many of the women donned hats and those festive fascinators of all shapes and sizes. from big and bold to feathered ensemble. all a part of history but, of course, overshadowed by the bride and groom. joining us for our wedding fashion roundup is julianna, anchor for e news. ladies, good morning. good to have you here. let's get to it. it is obvious who was gorgeous.
6:46 am
but who were the ones that didn't make the cut for you, the worst list, julianna's worst list? >> i got to tell you, chelsy davy. >> prince harry's on-again, off-again girlfriend. >> they are on again. what better opportunity to come out and hit it out of the park and wear something fabulous. not only did she wear a very boring little headpiece, i thought, but she looked a little undone, her hair was a little out of place. this was a great opportunity for her to make a big statement. i think she fell apart. >> holly, you're not going to say the worst list, but -- >> we have to talk about princess eugenie and princess beatrice. >> what was with the fascinators? explain it to us. >> they're a bit bonkers. but in britain, we love hats, we love crazy head ware, we love an occasion. we have to give them full merit for giving it a go. >> being very bold. >> being very bold and to be fair, it didn't necessarily completely pay off, but there is
6:47 am
definitely the beginnings of two girls to watch out for in the fashion stakes because they're quite young and as they develop their style -- >> sort of a lady gaga style. there were facebook pages, i understand, on their fashion statement already. >> on beatrice's, she has the odder one. >> the big bow with the circle in the middle. >> the beige one. they're sarah ferguson's daughters and i thought they looked amazing. she was the lady gaga of the royal wedding and she wore it with such plumb. she had a big smile on her face and she looked like she was really enjoying the outfit and she was wearing it rather than the other way around. with eugenie, she didn't hit the mark as well, but she's giving it a go and that helena bonham carter style. >> vivien westwood. >> let's talk about some of the better dressed and obviously we look at the celebrities and you see the beckhams there and they're gorgeous people. so how can you go wrong? she's beautifully pregnant too. >> i thought victoria beckham looks incredible. thing about victoria beckham, she's been known to come to a
6:48 am
wedding and outdo the bride. and i liked that she kept it a little more simple here. she knew, wait, this is not the wedding to kind of show up in anything too crazy. it was beautiful. she's pregnant. and so i think it was -- >> had the great little fascinator on her head. what is the rule really when it comes to fascinators or hats, holly? it seems everybody now is loving this whole idea of wedding hats. even in the u.s. >> as i mentioned, we always loved hats in this country. not just for weddings. we go to the races, we go to town and wear a lot of headgear. >> the kentucky derby. >> we have a lot of fun with it. >> we got to step it up in the u.s. >> it is fun. it completes an outfit. >> after seeing this wedding and seeing, wow, those headpieces look really cool. i went to philip tracy the other day. when i saw them on the mannequin, i said, get them away from me. when you put them on, you're like, hello. >> it makes you stand up straighter, the posture
6:49 am
improves. >> we have to start doing it in the us us. >> what is nice about them is the size. if you lose the wide brim, you're sitting behind somebody wearing one of those philip tracy hats, you can still see everything going on in front of you. >> some were a little too fashion forward, though? >> other than the ones we already mentioned. i think that most people were very appropriately dressed for the occasion. no one really tried to outshine the bride. i don't know if you have any -- >> i thought a lot of people were saying this it girl here in the uk, tara, she came in this fierce blue head to toe. >> i saw that. it was just stunning, shocking blue. >> it was. i thought, though -- >> like an arrow on her head, right? >> i thought it was spectacular. once again, philip tracy here. i thought she was divine. she was one of the best dressed of the night. >> and the royal family, obviously a lot of people talk about pippa this morning. >> she looked gorgeous. she looked amazing. i think it was very generous of catherine to allow her sister to look so amazing on her big day.
6:50 am
but she just looked beautiful. she's definitely one to watch, especially after we saw the green gown. >> you both loved catherine? >> absolutely. pippa, she's a single girl and a lot of guys around the world are trying to get her number right now. >> you got that right. thank you, both, so much. we'll be right back. first these messages. [ female announcer ] splenda® no calorie sweetener is sweet... and more. if you replace 3 tablespoons of sugar a day with splenda® you'll save 100 calories a day. that could help you lose up to 10 pounds in a year.
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of apolo ohno and athletes everywhere. we have had an incredible time here. i think a lot of us -- i can remember when 30 years ago when i woke up as a little xwirl to watch the royal wedding again. prince charles and diana. a lot of kids are saying the same thing. years from now they will say i can remember when as well. >> my favorite moment. >> the kiss. the two kisses. >> i think the aston martin. pretty cool. we also do this and talk about this still remembering all the -- people that lost their lives back in the south. our hearts and prayers and thoughts go out to them as well. >> that's right. from here we want to leaf you with the incredible images sishgts and sounds from what was a very memorable spectacular royal wedding. >> look at these two together, i
6:54 am
thought so many times over the last 11 or so years how lucky they are to have each other. >> a journey she is beginning that will transform her life forever. they used to call her waity katie. she is waiting no more. >> the dress designed for kate. >> do i. >> i do.
6:55 am
6:56 am
good morning to you, i'm kris sanchez, coming up next on today in the bay, no food, no water, for four days a high school teacher found alive after his car plummets down a cliff. plus. >> we could like to know what happened to him. >> a south bay drummer disappears without a trace. thieves target one of the most desirable zip codes in the east bay. those stories and more in two minutes, right here on "today in the bay."
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