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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  April 30, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00 -- in libya, one of moammar gadhafi's sons was reportedly killed in nato air strikes today. we'll have the latest coming up. plus, hundreds of people are missing in alabama tonight after this week's deadly storms. search and rescue crews are working against the clock tonight hoping to find more survivors. and thousands of volunteers across the bay area rolled up their sleeves today and helped fix up homes and community centers for those who need the help. we'll have a live report on rebuilding together straight ahead. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer.
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we begin overseas where sources say moammar gadhafi survived a nato missile strike today but the strike did reportedly kill one of his sons. a libyan spokesman says gadhafi and his wife were in a house in tripoli belonging to his 29-year-old son when a missile hit it. gadhafi and his wife reportedly survifrd but his son and three grandchildren were killed in that strike. this information, by the way is coming from libyan officials and has not been confirmed by the united states. libya has in the past, falsely reported deaths and libya is calling the son a martyr tonight. earlier today, gadhafi appeared on state television saying he was ready for cease-fire talks with nato. and a rambling defiant speech, he said the door to peace was open but then also said no one can force him to leave his country or tell him not to fight for his country. because of the contradictions and gadhafi's reputation, rebel leaders said they are rejecting the cease-fire offer. >> it's just another indication of the cease-fire while at the
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same time trying to lay anti-shipping mines to stop humanitarian aid. >> nato leaders also reject gad daufy's call for a cease-fire and negotiations saying they need actions, not words. memorials for some of the victims in alabama are planned for tomorrow. but today, crews are still searching for possible survivors as well as any victims of the tornadoes that hit earlier this week. hundreds of people are still missing tonight. officials say as of today, 342 people are confirmed dead. nbc's chris clackum is in pleasant grove, alabama, with the very latest. >> reporter: recovered from the rubble of tornado-ravaged tuscaloosa, a tattered u.s. flag is raised for inspiration, which is what the mayor pleads for, too. >> although we have been ravaged beyond comprehension, we still remain that shining city on a hill because the world has seen our faith in god and our faith in each other. >> reporter: the searches here
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have intensified because tuscaloosa still cannot account for close to 600 of its residents. going through the rubble, looking for those that are missing, we are taking the list of 570 that we have now and cross referencing it with sites and mapping to ensure that we track down every single lead. >> you know of people who did not survive or who remain missing? >> i do not know. we have not heard no names. >> a lack of communication is hurth those in pleasant grove, too. although betty and earl survived with granddaughter andrea in the basement of their now leveled house. >> and we were all right just standing like this. >> and there are so many people out here who weren't as lucky as we were. >> luck and donations are what relief agencies hope for, too. with the need so enormous. >> i can't quite grasp the scale of how large this is. it's almost unimaginable. >> a daunting recovery and
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cleanup is already under way which will take months and remembered forever. chris clackum, nbc news, pleasant grove, alabama. >> in the bay area, and across this nation, tens of thousands of volunteers spent this saturday helping others. it's national rebuilding together today where people come together to fix up homes and community centers. nbc bay area's leigh is where they are gathering to celebrate. hello, elise. >> absolutely, these volunteers worked hard all day long. all behind me resting and relaxing. i even saw a massage fable back there. i want to show you some of their hard work from earlier today. this is one of the flts that volunteers from rebuilding together peninsula worked on free of charge they mixed up the boys and girls club. it's a nationwide effort to rehabilitate homes and communities for neighbors in need. some volunteers were from local companies like oracle and yahoo! and nbc 11 bay area proud.
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we spoke to one woman whose father died unexpectedly and mother is terminally ill. her mother just wanted to make sure her children were taken care of and the 20-year-old is grateful to the volunteers for providing free repairs, services that would otherwise be unaffordable. >> i don't know how they have the heart to just help somebody they don't know. i mean, i wish i could do this next year just to be able to give this feeling to somebody else. and just somebody that i don't even know. just so they can have this bond with about 30 or 40 people that they've never met before. that have a heart of gold. all of these people have hearts of gold. >> and the homeowners were referred by neighborhood groups and friends. and in total, the volunteers here rebuilt 52 homes and 20 community facilities today. live in redwood city, elise kershner, nbc bay area news. hundreds of democrats from around the state are in sacramento this weekend for their annual state convention. key issues at this year's convention include getting taxes
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extended as a way to balance the budget and senator dianne feinstein spoke as well saying the republican budget proposal nationally is, quote, the next act in the assault on women, seniors and working people. she also praised the president for repealing don't ask, don't tell and standing up for funding for planned parenthood. state insurance commissioner dave jones took a swipe at republican presidential hopeful donald trump. >> he's focusing on serious things. he's not being distracted by these carnival side shows by people with really bad hair. >> governor jerry brown, by the way, plans to address the convention tomorrow. oakland mayor jean kwan painted a gloomy picture as she unveiled three two-year budget scenarios to deal with the expected $58 million deficit next year. public works and oakland's library staff would be hit especially hard under the mayor's worse case budget. the calls for the elimination of 368 jobs. the least painful and most optimistic case depend on passage of a parcel tax and added pension contributions by
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all employees and that still cuts 80 full-time jobs. >> over the last five years, it has already cut about a fifth of the same budget. most employees, given that 10%. we've run out of reserves, run out of buildings. run out of any kind of cushion at all. so we'd have to cut really for services. >> she called it one of the saddest and toughest days she's had in 20 years of public service. none of the proposals calls for any additional police layoffs. and the weather in the bay area is beginning to feel like spring. let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> pretty nice day. you can see the very comfortable folks walking across the golden gate bridge just behind you. but right now, we're near 80 degrees in santa cruz. 73 in san jose. 64 in san francisco. it is a little breezy out there around the east bay. 68 in oakland. 73 san jose. breezy in san francisco. a little breezy outside. but you notice the sunshine we have right now.
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high pressure is going to continue to strengthen as we wrap up the weekend. so we're not talking about any rain but rather warming temperatures, maybe even low 80s come tomorrow. you'll be surprised by how warm the seven-day forecast is starting to shape up. we'll look at that coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you rob. coming up next at 5:00 -- >> this is life for me. my great-grandfather said life is on the wire and everything else is just waiting. we'll show you how a member of one of the most famous daredevil families took his act to new heights quite literally. if you ever wish you could just call up the city and have them fix the pothole on your street, now irenea outy y ap bay area city you apparently can. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there.
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an east bay man who survived four days being trapped in his car was released from the hospital today. northgate high school science teacher jim wright was driving along grizzly peak boulevard when he lost control and his car fell 200 feet down a steep ravine. his car was -- he was trapped in the car without food or water for four days. that is until east bay regional park ranger dave flores spotted something reflective in the brush from above. flores hiked down the hill to investigate and found wright. it took fire crews an hour to rig up a rescue hope system to pull the 53-year-old man up to safety. bryan stow's family is holding out hope that this weekend he'll open his eyes for the first time in a month. gls los angeles stop his sedation medication completely yesterday. so far, there have been no
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seizures. before when doctors tried to bring stow out of his medically induced coma, seizures forced them to sedate him again. tonintt the 42-year-old paramedic and giants fan remains in a natural coma. doctors say this is a critical period and it's hard to anticipate what will happen next. stow was attacked on march 31st by two men outside of dodger stadium on opening day. no arrests have been made. and we'll be right back. year after year. wallet feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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about ways to prevent nuclear materials from falling into the wrong hands. but much of the discussion actually centered on japan and the nuclear crisis in fukushima after the country's devastating earthquake and tsunami. japan's foreign minister briefed his counterparts on the latest developments of the plant which is the worst nuclear crisis since chernobyl in 1986. they are working to remove
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highly radioactive water from that plant. it's hampering efforts to restore the cooling functions. the earthquake and tsunami in japan brought a renewed sense of urgency to emergency drills here in the bay area as well. today, hundreds of people participated in oakland's annual citywide disaster drill. neighbors got together to rehearse communication skills, searching for victims and giving first aid to those who live along the hayward fault. the drill is a chance to prepare for the inevitable. >> hayward fault ruptures about every 146 years and it's been 148 since the last one. so we're due. due for a big one. and so we're concerned. we want to be able to keep our neighborhood alive. >> the oakland fire department reports the preparation and participation for these types of drills is up in the past year. driving through streets in the bay area can leave you feeling, well, a little bit rattled. the pot holes are so bad they can cause hundreds of glrs damage to your car.
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this week, oakland started trying to smooth things over a little bit. but as nbc bay area's jodi hernandez reports, a permanent fix is unlikely anytime soon. >> we have a lot of bad roads in oakland right now. >> you might say cab driver ladi singh's job is jolting. singh must maneuver his friendly cab through the rocky roads of oakland. pot holes like these keeping customers comfortable is not easy. >> but they always complain about, you know, the roads and don't take me to this road. you know, my back is hurting. >> reporter: but help may be on the way. oakland public works kicked off a four-week blitz to patch hundreds of pot holes all across town. >> as we shouldn't have that many pot holes throughout our city. but our streets are in that type of condition. >> reporter: city workers admit the patch work is just a temporary fix. the road really need to be repaired at the base but the
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city doesn't have the money it needs to do the job right. >> to really fix the problem it would make about $435 million. >> reporter: still, public works is urging folks to call in problem spots. >> thank you for contacting the oakland public works. >> we did just that today about jackson street. hundreds of others are doing the same. complaining pot holes are putting a dent on their pocketbooks. >> it's just loosening up the suspension. it's wearing out the brakes, wearing out the tires a lot faster because you are hitting the brakes because guys in front of you are hitting the brakes because of pot holes. >> singh is feeling the pitch, too. tips just aren't as good for the bumpy ride. >> that was jodi hernandez reporting. want to check in with mr. rob mayeda. it was a beautiful day outside today. >> it was. one thing you need to patch the pot holes, you need dry weather.
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looks like we'll see that for a while. today we started to warm up. it is still gusty outside. 69 degrees in oakland. northwest wind at 17. earlier gusts about 30 miles per hour. so kind of a windy start to your weekend. 73 around the shark tank. all eyes on the shark tank at noon tomorrow for the big game two. the sharks and red wings. northwest winds coming up at 18 miles per hour. san francisco, as seen from the san bruno mountain camera, bouncing around a bit. west wind at 26 miles per hour. right now, pretty strong sea breeze cooling things off. but come tomorrow, the winds back off and high pressure continues to strengthen, we should see temperatures even around san francisco soaring into the mid-70s. right now, still across the tri-valley toward pleasanton and livermore and concord. mid-70s. santa cruz, 78 degrees. tomorrow likely seeing 80s around santa cruz. that will be a popular destination. 77 currently in santa rosa. breezy conditions around the bay. we have mainly clear skies. we didn't have a few clouds there building over the sierra.
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not much in the way of showers. high pressure building in is sending that storm track off to the north. we're seeing sinking, warming air aloft. the net result means incoming storm systems will continue to steer way off toy in north. in fact, north of the northern california coastline through the early part of next week. then as we head towards maybe tuesday and wednesday, just a slight cooldown in those temperatures before things really rebound come wednesday and thursday. just wait until we see what happens here in your seven-day forecast. tonight, clear, dry and breezy to start with. clear skies, no clouds overnight. it is going to be a little chilly. i think mostly 40s tomorrow morning. don't worry. we'll be warming up plenty as we move toward the afternoon. you'll see those highs. south bay. areas south of san jose, low 80s tomorrow. we'll see 79 in san jose. mid60 around pacifica and coastline. 68 around half moon bay. san francisco looking nice. 75 degrees. 81 in san ramon. mid-80s for pleasanton and sunol tomorrow and around the north
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bay, close to 84 degrees in santa rosa. so as we take a look at the seven-day forecast, wow, looks pretty nice. looks pretty hot by the middle part of the week. mid-80s, san jose centric with the seven-day forecast. places like morgan hill, livermore, pleasanton towards concord could push 90 by wednesday. not only spring but starting to feel like summer as we head towards the middle part of the week. >> that worries me for places like yosemite. we could have some flooding. i bet you this time next weekend we'll be talking about run-off in the sierras. >> thanks, rob. giants are playing in the nation's capital this weekend. and the torture is following right behind. see how they made i iternt iestt
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now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> president obama's schedule today denied the giants the traditional white house visit on this, their only trip to the nation's capital. instead, they had to plan over in july before playing in philadelphia. that's all right. with the capitol building in the backdrop, the giants were trying to make up for yesterday's loss to the nationals. backup catcher eli whiteside would tie the game at one on this home run to left field. very nice. the game remained tied until the seventh when the giants scored on a bases loaded walk and then, ah, the torture. closer brian wilson loaded the bases in the bottom of the ninth, but in usual wilson fashion, he closed the door on another stressful giants victory. the giants hold on 2-1. the series finale is tomorrow morning. the a's taking on the first place rangers today as well. the day started off strong with
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a's legend as well as oakland native ricky henderson throwing out the first pitch. it was henderson's bobble head day today. the fun, it stopped there, though. the defending american league champs exploded for 11 runs on the day, including hitting three home runs off a's starting pitcher bret anderson. texas beats the a's, 11-2. the series wraps up tomorrow afternoon. now to a certain performer who has a whole lot in common with traditional athletes. nick wolinda of the circus family debuted a new death-defying stunt yesterday. as nbc's ted greenberg shows us, the act took a tremendous amount of training, determination, courage and, most of all, balance. >> reporter: balancing himself at a jaw-dropping 260 feet above the beach -- >> just incredible. >> reporter: daredevil nick wolenda set a pair of world records from high atop the 23rd floor of atlantic city's tropicana casino.
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at one point even blindfolded. all eyes on the boardwalk were on him. >> it was so windy. and i just thought it was -- i can't believe it. i just can't believe it. >> it's the first time a so-called wheel of death stunt has ever been performed off the side of a building. and the extreme height is also record setting. >> this is life for me. my great grand-father said life is on the wire and everything else is just waiting. >> reporter: death-defying skills are in nick's dna. he's a seventh generation of the famous flying wolenda circus family. hours earlier, he wowed a crowd of hundreds inside with a high-wire walk 50 feet up. >> i was really scared. >> one wrong step and the king of the high wire is in deep trouble. he does these stunts without any safety nets. >> you never know what's going to come at you. i train extremely hard six, seven days a week.
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sometimes six to eight hours a day for the -- to prepare for this. >> reporter: camera crews recorded the aerial acts for an upcoming discovery channel series on wallenda's life. he already held three world records for previous stunts. >> i was born to do this. i started walking the wire when i was 2 years old. >> three decades later, he's still literally going to new heights. >> all right. he's crazy. still to come at 5:00 -- an emotional reunion between the family of an organ the he man whos toal e ivday because of that donation. e
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families of organ and tissue donors came together in hayward today to honor their gift. people on both sides of the donations met up at shabow college. some were meeting for the very first time. some we spoke to said it's much more than checking a box on your license. it's often about saving a life. one livermore man met the family
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of a man who donated a heart and liver to him. >> this is something that i've been thinking about and hoping for, along with my whole family and a lot of my friends ever since i first came out of the fog of the surgery. and words fail me. >> he witness on to add that knowing the name of the man who gave him the organs makes the whole experience even more remarkable. finally tonight, hundreds of bay area comcast employees and their families got together today to improve schoolgrounds throughout the bay area. it was part of the tenth annual comcast cares day. volunteers spent the day planting shrubs, repainting walls, weeding flower beds and power washing playgrounds. comcast employees have dedicated over 2 million hours of service. in the interest of full disclosure, comcast just happens to own nbc. so there you go. but it was a


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