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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, a bay area city is looking at deep budget cuts. we look at the plan to keep the city of oakland safe and the drastic changes on the table. you shell out top dollar for plasmas, laptops, appliances. but which ones are worth adding on to the extra cost for an extended warranty. we'll show you the one electronic device that is worth investing in a warranty. and how president obama got his revenge on donald trump tonight all in fun, that is. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer.
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from closing fire stations, libraries and recreation centers to slashing the number of jobs in the city, three two-year budget scenarios to deal with oakland's looming $60 million deficit are now on the table and they all paint a gloomy picture. elise is in oakland tonight. and one of the fire stations that could be cut. elise? >> reporter: diane, even mayor jean quan herself said releasing these budgets is one of the saddest and toughest days she's spent in 20 years of public service. this fire station behind me could close and residents in the oakland hills say it would be a huge mistake. >> it's part of our safety net that's going to be gone. >> he lives just steps away from fire station number 25. nestled in the oakland hills, it's one of four stations that could close. 64-year-old is worried. he still remembers what happened here during the oakland hills fire in 1991. >> right now we're going to start the dry season, the hot
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weather and right now is not the time to do that. >> but if oakland's labor unions don't agree to pension concessions and if voters don't approve an 80 cent personal tax, drastic changes will be coming to all city departments. >> we would be closing fire stations and libraries and major programs within the city. we would stop trimming trees to a large extent. there would be so many things that we wouldn't be able to do. >> talking at a town hall meeting saturday morning, mayor jean quan discussed three possible scenarios to shore up a $58 million budget shortfall. she says her plan would share the pain among the city's employees and residents because she's left with few options. >> over the last five years, we've already cut about a fifth of the city budget. most employees have given back 10%. we really sort of have run out of reserves, run out of buildings. >> quan did say that public
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safety is a first priority. she hopes to bring back 20 police officers this year by rehiring those that were let go. at the same time, save about $40 million, she could close the police academy. none of it is sit willing for residents. >> the primary reason i'm here is i know we're in financial difficulty, and i have a huge concern that the least connected to power are going to suffer the most. >> under the worst case scenario, public works and oakland's library staff would be hit hard. it calls for the elimination of 368 jobs. >> so, yeah, i am worried about it. >> reporter: and the city council will hear the proposals on thursday. they'll vote on it in june. no matter which plan they choose, police staffing will stay at current levels and elected officials will take a 15% pay cut. live in oakland, elise kirchner, nbc bay area news. now to libya where sources
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say that country's leader survived a nato missile strike today but the strike did reportedly kill one of his sons. tonight, fireworks went off in the rebel stronghold of benghazi as they celebrated the news. they were at a house in tripoli belonging to his 29-year-old son when that nato missile hit it. nato says it struck a government building in tripoli but can't confirm it killed gadhafi's son. earlier today, gadhafi appeared on state television saying he was ready for cease-fire talks with nato, but nato leaders rejected gadhafi's offers saying they need actions, not words at this point. cracking down on oil speculators fuelling the rise in gas prices was just one of the suggestions from senator barbara boxer who made an appearance in southern california today. among the other ideas outlined, releasing oil from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve. a step that's lowered gas prices in the past. she also attacked the profits of oil companies.
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they received billions of dollars in tax breaks at the same time. republicans point out gas prices have nearly doubled since president obama took office but boxer says the blame lies firmly on big oil. >> people can try to point the blame at one person. it's an oil industry that's decided to take us to the cleaners, and they're doing it. >> next week democrats hope to end tax breaks for oil companies but that has little chance of passing the republican-controlled house. republicans meantime, thoep introduce bills for new oil exploration in the gulf of mexico. search and rescue efforts continue in parts of the south hit hard by the second deadliest day of tornadoes in u.s. recorded history. 342 people are confirmed dead and that number is expected to rise. many are still missing, including 600 people who are still unaccounted for in tuscaloosa, alabama. federal officials now have crews on the ground in five states, including alabama. >> i can't quite grasp the scale
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of how large this is and it's almost unimaginable. >> a wide portion of the south remains without power. in alabama, about 300,000 people are still in the dark. there are outages in mississippi, georgia, tennessee and virginia as well. and coming up next at 11:00 -- everything from laptops to refrigerator comes with an optional warranty these days. but are they really worth the extra cost? we investigate and let you decide. and we're seeing a cool night around the bay area right now. 40s and 50s outside currently. down to 48 in napa. we have clear skies and clear sa il ing to some warm temperatures. 80s in your sunday forecast. a look at that when we come right back. it's that time of year that washington lets loose at the correspondents dinner. everyone from president obama to donald trump was there. he had some pretty entertaining exchanges. we'll have a look and a listeca finally get back to focusing on
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thousands of small dogs are euthanized every year in the bay area in shelters from san jose to san francisco to marin. they are coming together to try to save some of those dogs. it's called chihuahua palooza and it starts next week. it means you can get one of those dogs at one of the shelters. kimberly tere is at the east bay spca in oakland with why this is so important. >> reporter: animal shelters in the bay area say chihuahuas are a victim of their own cuteness.
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now they make up half of the dogs looking for a new home. the taco bell commercials and celebrities toting around the small dogs caused a spike in the breed's popularity. then owners got board with their pets causing an overpopulation. >> that's the thing. they are really, really cute and they are small so you think they are easy to care for but they're just as difficult to care for as a larger animal. and it's a big responsibility to have a dog. >> it makes me sad. i think people forget about the responsibility of pet ownership. and so they are ending up in the shelters is an unfortunate situation. >> it's become such a problem in california. some shelters have shipped the unwanted dogs to new york where they are in higher demand. they can be adopted into loving homes. in an effort to educate the public, bay area shelters are celebrating chihuahuas next week with different campaigns inspect the east bay it's chihuahua palooza. in san francisco, the -- they're offering free spay and newtering and cutting adoption
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fees for the smaller dogs. live in oakland, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. coming up next at 11:00 -- thousands of volunteers across the bay area helped fix up homes and community centers today, including for one woman who says she is now inspired. we'll show you. plus, a skin cancer scare for the vernor. ordetails next. whoa, i should get mom a samsung fascinate.
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and unlimited data for only $29.99 on america's largest high-speed wireless network. verizon. they are available just about anywhere these days. extended warranties on computers, appliances, cars and more. but are they really worth the extra cost? and how do you know the business offering them is reputable? nbc's liz crenshaw has a look. >> pam owns and rents out this townhouse in florida.
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she decided to buy a home warranty for peace of mind so she went online and found an insurance company and for about $400, she bought a year-long home warranty that promised to cover appliances in the home, everything from the dishwasher and clothes dryer to the heating and plumbing systems. so when her tenant later called to say the refrigerator was not working, she thought she was covered. >> i thought, great. good. i'll give them a call. so i called and the number has been disconnected. i e-mailed them. i had an e-mail. no response. >> reporter: when she looked further into the company, she found the better business bureau gave it an "f." and consumers gave the company bad reviews posting the company denies every claim. does not answer their phones. lied and never covered anything. so she dished out another $400 to have a repairman come and fix the fridge. >> home warranties get my blood
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boiling particularly. we hear it too often. too many times from too many people. >> david butler with consumers union says there are many loopholes tied to extended warranties. >> people purchase these fly by night extended warranties for homes and other products, and when the problems do happen, and they should be covered, and the paperwork says they should be covered, they can't find the company. >> many products, appliances, cars come with a built-in warranty. but buying an extended warranty -- >> most products will be okay during the period of the extended warranty. if it's a three-year extended warranty, the chances that it will break are very, very rare. that's why we tell consumers in just about every case, don't do it. >> so what case is the exception? if you buy a computer or laptop. the only way you may be able to get tech support is through an extended warranty. but when it comes to other electronics, appliances, vehicles and homes --
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>> extended warranties are notoriously bad deals. >> unfortunately, i learned a very expensive lesson. again, that was liz crenshaw reporting. governor jerry brown is reportedly recovering tonight after having a cancerous growth surgically removed from his nose. in a statement, brown's office said the governor had the procedure on friday after tests revealed the presence of basal cell carcinoma. brown was scheduled to address demkratss at the state democratic convention yesterday in sacramento but his office says he won't attend any public events until his stitches are removed. it's the most common type of skin cancer and is rarely deadly, unlike melanoma which is much more invasive. the governor won't be there but hundreds of other democrats are attending their annual state convention. key issues at this year's convention include getting taxes extended as a way to balance the budget. senator dianne feinstein spoke today saying the republican
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budget proposal nationally is, quote, the next act in the assault on women, seniors and working people. she also praised the president for repealing "don't and don't tell" and standing up for funding for planned parenthood. nuclear energy was also a main topic. opponents want them to apose its united states in california and calling for the closure of the state's two nuclear plants. the earthquake and tsunami in japan have made emergency drills here in the bay area all the more real. hundreds participated in the citywide disaster drill. neighbors got together to rehearse communication skills, search for victims and get first aid. to those who live along the hayward fault, it's a chance to prepare for the inevitable. the oakland fire department reports the participation for these types of drills is up in the past year. in the bay area and across the nation, tens of thousands of volunteers spent today helping others. it's national rebuilding together day where people come together to fix up homes and
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community centers. check out some of the work from earlier today, free of charge, i might add. volunteers worked on more than 50 locations alone, just on the peninsula today, including what will be a boys and girls club in mill bray as well as a house in san bruno. and the owner of that house is terminally ill, and her daughter said she just can't believe the generosity of strangers. >> i don't know how they have the heart to just help somebody that they don't really know. i mean, i wish that i could do this next year just to be able to give this feeling to somebody else. and just somebody that i don't even know. just so they can have this bond with about 30 or 40 people that they have never met before. that have a heart of gold. all of these people have hearts of gold. >> volunteers came from oracle, yahoo! and contracts and dozens of other companies. we're going to check in with mr. rob mayeda. a beautiful day to be out volunteering, helping others today. >> temperature wells into the 70s. now we're cooling quickly underneath those clear skies. but another spot that had a lot
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of fun going on today, out around livermore. you see mike inouye out there hosting the local edition of "minute to win it" in downtown livermore. livermore wine country festival there. folks really getting into the action. even mike. look at that. having a lot of fun and some little fun there with the cups and tossing items around. there's a gorgeous day. temperatures in the mid-70s. tomorrow, the same event ongoing. 10:00 to 5:00. check it out if you want to see some fun times now the the tri-valley tomorrow. again, the livermore wine country festival ongoing. back to our temperatures right now. we've cooled off. 52 in san francisco. the winds have backed off. 55 in oakland. 55 degrees in san jose. that, too, will be a hot spot tomorrow around noon as you can catch the sharks/red wings here on nbc bay area. 55 degrees. mid-50s for most places right now. tomorrow morning, we'll likely hit the 40s with these clear skies. it's like sleeping without a blanket overnight. and our temperatures will be quite cool.
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but the daytime, high pressure building in, this will lead to some warming that you'll really start to notice as we head toward the middle of the week. the rain will stay to the north. storm track, futurecast getting out of the weekend into the first half of the week and probably at least through the end of this upcoming week staying way off to the north. you will see these temperatures rising quite a bit as we head through tomorrow. as you wake up tomorrow morning, you'll have 40 toss low 50s outside. places that don't have a lot of wind will see those temperatures drop as cold as the mid-40s. and as early as lunchtime, you'll see numbers starting to climb into the mid-70s toward fairfield. livermore looking pretty good. 75, as early as lunchtime in san jose. a bit cooler around the inner bay. the high temperatures, as we wrap up the day, looking toasty. areas south of san jose. i think we'll get low 80s. you can see those temperatures as you head over to san francisco, we'll see the numbers in the low to mid-70s around the mid-afternoon. to the east bay, looking pretty good around pleasanton and san
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ramon. should see low 80s. mid-80s tomorrow around santa rosa. you can see the first few days of may looking like june or july. upper 80s for the first part of the week. if you like today, you'll love everything through at least next saturday. >> i'm going to be very happy then. thank you, rob. and now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. in just about 13 hours the shark tank will be rocking as they continue their quest for a stanley cup title. here's a live look at hp pavilion. all is quiet right now. but you can bet that's going to change tomorrow afternoon. the sharks will be looking to jump out to a two-game lead against detroit. a game you can see right here on nbc bay area. the puck drops at noon. the giants learn some bad news this afternoon. pablo sandoval will be out four to six weeks with a fractured wrist. in the nation's capital, the giants were trying to even the series with the nationals.
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in the third, down 1-0, eli whiteside, nice. ties the game with this home run to left field. his first of the season. the game remained tied until the seventh when the giants scored on a bases loaded walk and held on for dear life. brian wilson loaded the bases in the bottom of the ninth but he managed to escape. he closed the door on yet another torture-filled giants victory. the giants win, 2-1. the series wraps up tomorrow morning. the a's took on the first place rangers today. the day started off strong. recognize that guy? a's legend ricky henderson throwing out the first pitch. henderson's bobblehead day. the fun stopped there as the defending american league champs exploded for 11 runs on the day, including three home runs off a's starting pitcher bret anderson. texas beat the a's, 11-2. the series wraps up tomorrow afternoon.
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coming up next -- see what happens when the donald and the president meet up in the same room. we have some interesting moments from this year's correntonsps de ernn in. owllg the birth certificate flap this week.ow
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families of organ and tissue donors came together in hayward to meet some of the folks who received their gift of life. they met up at shabow college. some were meeting for the first time. those we spoke to say it's much more than checking a box on your license. it's often about saving a life. one livermore man met the family of the man who donated a heart and a liver to him. >> this is something that i have been thinking about and hoping for, along with my whole family and a lot of my friends ever
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since i first came out of the fog of the surgery. and words fail me. >> he went on to add that knowing the name of the man who gave him the organs makes the whole experience even more remarkable. but no one is happy, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter. like, did we fake the moon landing? what really happened in roswell? and where are biggie and tupac? >> all right. that was president obama taking a jab at donald trump at the white house correspondents dinner tonight in washington. as trump, as you saw there, listened from the audience. and the president wasn't the
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only one who took shots at the donald. "saturday night live" star seth meyers also joined in. but he saved some of the best lines for the president. >> what happened to you? when you were sworn in you looked like the guy from the old spice commercials. now you look like lewis gossett sr. >> the correspondents dinner is traditionally a roast of the press and the president. thanks for joining us for the bay area at 11:00. that would have been neat to listen to that. >> it's pretty entertaining. we've got "saturday night live" coming up next. first, let's check in a little bit. we've got a change. it's warming up. >> we would just have begged for this weather last weekend for easter sunday. >> yes, i would have. >> but 70s in the forecast. and tomorrow, getting close to 80. and the warmest places. but it looks like the summer preview will hold off till wednesday and thursday. mid-80s around santa rosa. lirmore, even orinda and lafayette could be close to 90
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on wednesday. it's going to be heating up middle part of the week. >> i did beg for that weather a week ago. all right. "saturday night live" is coming up next. have a good night.
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