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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 1, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm kris sanchez, coming up next on "today in the bay." fire season is starting to heat up just as an east bay city talks about shuttering its fire stations. the budget crunch and your safety, coming up. plus -- >> she grabbed the baby boy, i grabbed my middle boy. i said james, get up, when i go to get rj off the top bunk. the walls and everything go and my son goes with it. >> an alabama couple rushes to grab their sleeping children as a twister sweeps through their home and their town. frantic moments as the wind pulls an 8-year-old son if their grassth. and moammar gadhafi is still alive after a nato attack, but
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innocent lives are lost. this is "today in the bay." a lovely way to start the day, a sail around the bay. i'm kris sanchez and i'm with meteorologist rob mayeda, let's look at the forecast because we don't all have the fortune of living by the bay. >> the sailboat was working on machine power, the winds have backed off a little bit this morning. the clear skies, dry air, temperatures kind of chilly this morning. 45 at the shark tank where you can catch the sharks playoff game here on nbc bay area at noon. not too much wind, but downright chilly. you can see what kris sanchez is wearing by the afternoon it will be fine, but this morning, it's cold, 40s and 50s lieu breakfast, noon time, sharks sunshine, low 70s around the
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south bay and even close to 80 in the warmest places around los gatos and livermore and the seven-day forecast pointing to a summer preview. we'll have a full look at it coming up. so nice trend to warm and dry blr as we go through the day. >> you saw me running from the car to the building? >> that's one way to stay warm. >> thank you very much, rob. this morning, the number of people still missing in the south is staggering as search-and-rescue crews continue to dig through the rubble left by the tornadoes last week in tuscaloosa, alabama alone, more than 600 people are still missing. all told, at least 342 people are confirmed dead across seven states, including 250 in alabama alone. and thousands more are injured. people are homeless and yet, they still consider themselves among the lucky. >> we were all right. just standing like this. >> there are so many people out here who weren't as lucky as we were. >> early estimates indicates
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that the tornado that hit tuscaloosa dragged along the ground for more than 80 miles. so you can imagine the path of destruction. libyan leader moammar gadhafi, escaped a missile strike that reportedly killed one of his sons. people celebrated the news in benghazi celebrated with fireworks. the missile struck their son's home in tripoli. earlier in the day, gadhafi appeared on state television, saying he was ready for cease-fire talks with nato. but nato leaders rejected gadhafi's offer, saying they need actions, not words. a libyan spokesman said gadhafi's son was 29 years old, his three grandchildren all under the age of 12. nato has not confirmed those deaths this morning. governor jerry brown is recovering after undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous growth from his nose. brown was scheduled to address delegates today at the state
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convention, but his office said he won't attend events until his stitches are removed. officials said he had the surgery on friday. basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer, rarely deadly. oakland's looming $58 million budget deficit is casting a big shadow, from closing fire stations and libraries and recreation centers to slashing the number of jobs in the city. "today in the bay's" elise kirshner reports from one of the fire stations that could be on the chopping block. >> it's part of our safety net that's going to be gone. >> reporter: greg lives just steps away from fire station number 25. nestled in the oakland hills, one of four stations that could close. the 64-year-old is worried. he still remembers what happened here during the oakland hills fire in 1991. >> right now we're going to start the dry season, the hot weather and right now is not the time to do that. >> but if oakland's labor unions
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don't agree to pension concessions, and if voters don't approve an 80-cent personal tax, drastic changes will be coming to all city departments. >> under the first scenario, we would be closing fire stations and libraries and major programs within the city. we would stop trimming trees, the to a large extent. there would be so many things that we wouldn't be able to do. >> talking at a town hall meeting saturday morning, mayor jean kwan discussed three possible scenarios to shore up the budget shortfall. she said her plan would share the pain among the city's employees and residents. because she's left with few options. >> over the last five years of cuts, we've cut about a fifth of the city budget. most employees have given back ten%. we've really sort of run out of reserves. run out of buildings to sell. >> reporter: kwan did say that public safety is a first priority. she hopes to bring back 20 police officers this year, by
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rehiring those that were let go. the same time, save about $40 million, she could close the police academy. none of it is sitting well for residents. >> the primary reason i'm here is i know we're in financial difficulty and i have a huge concern that the least-connected to power are going to suffer the most. >> reporter: and under the worst-case scenario, public works and oakland's library staff would be hit hard. it calls for the elimination of 368 jobs. >> so, yeah, i am worried about it. >> and that was elise kirshner reporting. the mayor says that she is asking each elected office to reduce its budget by 15%. negotiations with all five of the city's employee unions continue. coming up at 7:30, we'll talk about san jose's budget, which the city manager will present tomorrow. much more ahead, still to come on "today in the bay," a california senator fuels a debate over high gas prices, how
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barbara boxer wants to crack down on big interests of big oil companies. and, bullies aren't exclusive to the school playgrounds this he grow up, too. a local man's fight against bullies in the workplace. [ male announcer ] beatrice earned her masters in education
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no wonder more people have chosen lexus over any other luxury brand 11 years in a row. see your lexus dealer. new this morning, the late pope john paul ii is now one step closer to sainthood. more than a million people gathered in std peter's square this morning, as the current pope, pope benedict, carried out the beatification of his predecessor. this is the fastest beatification on record, coming just six years after john paul died and beating out the beatification of mother theresa by a few days. senator barbara boxer is calling for the crockdown on gas prices. battle pain at the pump, including releasing oil from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve, something that has worked in the past. boxer attacked the surging
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profits of oil companies that get billions of dollars in tax breaks. >> people could try to point the blame at one human being. it's an oil industry that is decided to take us to the cleaners. and they're doing it. >> republicans point out that gas prices have nearly doubled since president obama took office. but boxer puts the blame squarely on big oil. this week, democrats plan to introduce an end to tax breaks for oil companies. republicans hope to introduce bills for new oil exploration in the gulf of mexico. one of the highest-ranking democrats in the state will skip the annual democratic convention. we mentioned it earlier. governor jerry brown is recovering from surgery for a cancer on his nose. but his fellow democrats will discuss key issues at this year's convention, that include getting taxes extended as a way to balance the budget. senator diane feinstein spoke yesterday, saying the republican national budget proposal is the next act in the assault on women, seniors and working
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people. she also praised the president for repealing don't ask don't tell and for standing up for funding for planned parenthood. as democrats meet this weekend here in california, a prominent republican took the stage at a rally across the country and he brought up two subjects that don't usually go hand in hand. san francisco and the nra. >> it was three years ago this month, april of 2008 when barack obama stood in san francisco. and he made the infamous comment -- in which he said, about folks like us, that they cling to their guns and religion. well i want you to know, i stand here tonight as a gun-clinger and as a god-clinger unapologetically. >> former arkansas governor, mike huckabee delivered the keynote address at the annual national rifle association last
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night in pittsburgh. the conservative governor is considered to be considering a run for the white house next year. much more ahead on "today in the bay," still to come is bullying is devastating for kids, for adults, much the same way. >> devastating experience, certainly prevented me from working on my job, at my ca,reer helping my students. >> a local man's battle against bullies in the workplace. >> and we're seeing a cool start to the morning. not as windy as yesterday, but we'll still have a chance of getting close to 80 in parts of the bay area today. a look at your sunday forecast isre
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good morning to you, take a live look at the waters there off the pier in the bay bridge or near the bay bridge. we're looking at the construction there it's always fun to watch. if you think that bullying only happens on the playground or online, think again. the taunting, teasing and endless intimidation happens in the office and more often than
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not, it comes from the top, the boss. but as nbc bay area's elise kirshner found out, victims often have little recourse. >> it felt like i was living in a war zone. >> reporter: bill is describing what it was like to go to work every day at lany college in oakland. >> this felt like what i imagined it might be to be continually under attack, to be under attack huddled in a fox hole, artillery shells. mortar shells crashing around you. you never know when the next attack or assault is coming from. >> reporter: it's hard to believe, but the math and statistics instructor used to love his job. that is, until he says, he experienced bullying at work. >> i made it clear to the manager and we had a number of discussions, that i thought certain things were being done that was harmful, that were harmful to our students and harmful to our program. so in the eyes of management, i'm sure i was identified as a
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troublemaker. >> you are basically going to be alone and you have to come to grips with the fact that there's not going to be anyone at work who is likely to help you. and so you're going to have to fight your own battle and decide how long you want to fight. >> reporter: gary namey, director of the workplace bullying institute. said 66% of women and 50% of men risk losing the jobs they love once they are targeted in the workplace. >> bullies' tactics have nothing to do with work and everything about driving their personal agenda. from the targets' perspective, when your health begins to get harmed. it's crosseded line. >> bill discovered this the hard way when he reported to supervisors that an administrator was making false accusations about him. >> it took a period of maybe three or four years of fighting before a new chancellor wrote that he apologized to me on behalf of the district for the stress and strain. >> namy says all that stress and
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strain often leads to depression, even suicidal thoughts. and the effects can be worse than those of sexual harassment. still, he says targets often have little rights. unless they can prove that the bully is behaving in a discriminatory manner, based on race, color, national origin, religious beliefs, sex, disability or age. >> so they get away with it because of that very subjectivity and the lack of a standard. >> lepowsky counts himself lucky. he was able to ride out the storm until new management came in. >> reporter: namy said if you think you're being targeted, document everything. report the abuse to management. but go two levels above your bully. if nothing is done, he said unfortunately it may be time to walk away. in oakland, nbc bay area. we should mention that we contacted lany college, but no one returned our requests for an interview. let's turn to rob mayeda, who has a very lovely weekend
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forecast. though not as breezy as yesterday, i think that's the good news. >> especially if you have allergies, it was rough yesterday, we had gusty winds around the hilltops, thanks to the fact that the winds dried out the air overnight without the clouds, we're downright chilly this morning. 47 degrees in oakland. even up to sunshine, 54 in san francisco. as you can see from the san bruno mountain moving back to bait bridge, cam ras moving a little bit. the gusts across the hilltops. there's the shark tank you can catch the sharks playoff game here on nbc bay area getting started right at noon. temperatures still chilly, down to the south, gilroy, 35 degrees, we had 30s earlier around napa, around lunchtime. i think you're going to see the numbers getting around 70s inland. minus the gusty winds we saw yesterday. the satellite view shows clear skies, towards this evening, some high clouds. now the rain will stay off to the north. underneath this ridge of high pressure today, we'll see temperatures climbing up a few more degrees, even though we're
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starting off cooler under the clear skies. on the futurecast, the weak system passing by monday and tuesday, it won't bring us rain, but it will probably scoop up the sea breeze and bring a little cooling out to the coast tomorrow into tuesday before temperatures rebound by the middle part of the week. if you're heading to the high country we'll see temperatures getting into the low 60s around the sierra come monday and tuesday, with the late-season snow pack, this will start to melt off. so use caution around the rivers and streams, as temperatures there, too, start to climb as we head towards the middle part of the week. around the bay area, we should see a nice forecast. warmest places around morgan hill and los gatos, approaching close to 80. the warmest temperatures we've seen since around the first week of april and you'll see temperatures around the 60s and low 70s. late-day sea breeze cooling things off around healdsburg and petaluma. tomorrow, thanks to the stronger sea breeze, i think we'll see a brief cooldown.
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mid to upper 70s monday and tuesday and wednesday and thursday, warmest days of the week, the summer preview forecast livermore, morgan hill, around 90. >> i always wear screen every day, but i'm upping it to 30 from 15. >> 45 or plus. coming up, the giants will have to do without one of their most consistent hitters, what's keeping kung fu panda on the sidelines for the next months or so. plus -- >> this college guy's bleeds red and white and alabama. and the other guy bleeds blue for auburn. it doesn't mean a thing in this. >> everyone is pulling for alabama now. why auburn fans are coming together to help the christmasen tide roll. if you want less, you can always have less.
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tank will be rocking as they continue their quest for a stanley cup title. you're looking live, all quiet now, but it won't be the case in a few hours. the sharks are looking to jump to a two-game lead against the detroit red wings. you can catch the game here on nbc bay area. the puck drops at noon. the kung fu panda is bound for surgery. giants third baseman and crowd favorite, pablo sandoval will be out after fracturing his wrist during a swing, that's a blow to him, he's been a consistent batter. sandoval is keeping his chin up, telling the team trainer, he's going to use the time on the disabled list to trim down even more. the giants will play without sandoval as they wrap up the series today against the nationals this morning. yesterday, the giants were trying to even the series with the nationals. in the third -- third down, 1-0. eli whiteside ties the game with a home run to left field.
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his first of the season. the game remained tied until the seventh, when the giants scored on a bases-loaded walk. and then they held on for dear life. closer, brian wilson loaded the bases in the bottom of the ninth. but then -- managed to escape. closed the door on yet another torture-filled giants victory he's saying. the giants win 2-1. meantime, the a's started their day off strong against the first-place rangers yesterday. a's legend and oakland native, ricky henderson throwing out the first pitch, he's still got it. it was henderson bobblehead day. the defending american league champs exploded for 11 runs on the day, including three homers off a's starting pitcher, brett anderson. the rangers win 11-2, the series wraps up this afternoon. well, it is one of the most storied rivalries in college football. alabama and auburn universities. but in the wake of the growing tragedy in the south, folks from
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both sides of the bleachers are coming together in this great time of need. nbc's tang trung reports from tuscaloosa, alabama. >> reporter: help is rolling in. sporting a university of alabama cap and an auburn university shirt, many would say warren has an identity issue. but there's no confusion in his mission today. >> there's going to be a lot of sorting today. it's bad here. all over the place. >> reporter: through facebook, the 32-year-old auburn diehard started tumors for tuscaloosa. delivering truckloads of donations to communities hit hard by this week's tornadoes. including tuscaloosa, home to auburn's nemesis, the alabama crimson tide. the rivalry between the schools is legendary. it literally turned toxic this year when a crimson tide fan poisoned the oak trees at the tigers famed toomers corner.
7:26 am
but that bad blood is buried now. >> just because a guy bleeds red and white alabama, and another guy bleeds orange and blue, auburn, that doesn't mean a thing in this. >> reporter: in tuscaloosa, entire neighborhoods have been reduced to rubble. damages throughout the region will likely be in the billions. many of those caught in the storm's path lost everything. >> we need all the help we can get, all of it. and we appreciate anything and everything that anybody can do for us. >> lisa miller is retrieving whatever she can. which isn't much. but she's grateful she still has her son, george. >> i'm blessed with my life and my son's life. i am blessed with that. because it could have took us away like it took my girlfriend away down the street. >> the university of alabama was spared, but the city it calls home has never faced a disaster of this magnitude. and it won't face it alone. >> we're just human beings, helping human beings, that's what it comes down to. >> reporter: in tuscaloosa's
7:27 am
greatest time of need, arch enemies become alleys, to make sure the tide keeps rolling. tuscaloosa, alabama. more ahead for you on "today in the bay," coming up, firefighters fight to contain an east bay house fire overnight and the axe is coming down tomorrow, on the bay area's largest city crunches the numbers with hundreds of jobs on the line. there alcatraz there
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in the distance, looking very scenic on this very blue start to the day. thanks so much for joining us on this sunday, i'm kris sanchez, along with meteorologist rob mayeda and a lovely-looking forecast for the weekend and for the week. >> or for the shark tank, we're seeing a quiet start right now. that's as quiet as it's going to be the rest of the morning. we're going to see the cool temperatures linger for the next hour or two.
7:30 am
and warming up nicely around lunch-time. the winds hav backed off this morning, so that's a pleasant change from yesterday. and sure enough, a brisk start will turn over to sharks sunshine by noon today. the game here on nbc bay area at noon and later today, highs, 70s to probably close to 80 in the warmest places inland today with even warmer temperatures as we head towards the middle part of the week. we could see summer-like numbers, especially come wednesday, a full look at the changes coming up in the seven-day forecast. in just a few minutes. >> thank you very much, rob. new this morning, in oakland flames rip through a victorian-style home overnight.h it happened on a home on martin luther king jr. way and 32nd street. take a look at the video, it's very scary to see, fire dispatchers sent eight engines out to the scene to put out the fire. just about 2:30 this morning. witnesses say firefighters were able to put out the flames within an hour or so. so far, no reports of any injuries this morning. also this morning, crews are continuing to sift through the
7:31 am
rubble in cities throughout the south, trying to find survivors of the deadliest day for twisters in decades. right now, more than 600 people are still missing in tuscaloosa, alabama alone. all told, at least 342 people are confirmed dead across seven states, including 250 in alabama. nbc's lester holt is in tuscaloosa this morning, where he talked with patients and doctors about a day of tragedy and miracles, that no one will ever forget. >> from his tuscaloosa hospital room, reginald aps accounts what may be the worst and best day of his life. >> the lights went out and the winds got heavy. and the windows blew. >> only the foundation remains of his colin, alabama home destroyed wednesday by a predawn, tornado, the first of many that day. as it hit, he and his wife, danielle rushed to grab their three sleeping children. >> she grabbed the baby boy, i grabbed my middle boy. i said james, get up, buddy, get up. when i go to get rj off the top
7:32 am
bunk the walls and everything just go and my son go with it. >> at that moment, did you think you had lost him? >> yeah, i guess i did. >> but as reginald and his wife clutched their other children, praying out loud, 8-year-old rj suddenly walked into view. >> i could see the shadow of him coming across and finally it kind of cleared up and i could see him. >> when you look up in the midst of all this and you see rj walking back -- >> just happy. that's my boy. >> reginald eppes suffered a punctured lung and was take ton the medical center, just in time to witness his second tornado of the day. the much larger one that struck in the afternoon and destroyed this neighborhood and nearly the hospital itself. >> i was here, and then you could see the debris in that window. that debris was just swirling. >> it was really coming right directly for the hospital. and turned and went around the
7:33 am
hospital. within a few blocks. >> spared a direct hit, within minutes, the hospital's er was overwhelmed with victims. >> this was the worst. >> over 800 patients were treated here wednesday. some didn't make it. the memories haunt dr. angela ramsey. >> our first victims were babies, literally 18-month to 2-year-old babies that were dead on arrival and i had to go out and pronounce them in the ambulance bay. and that, i was not ready for. >> as the number of dead rises, there is no accounting for the emotional casualties of this disaster. nor are there ready answers to the questions that haunt survivors. >> my neighbor called me the other day, he said i got your two by fours in my wall. and i'm thinking, wow. now, if i got 2 x 4s in his
7:34 am
wall, why didn't my son get thrown further away. why didn't we get just sucked up off the concrete. there's only a slab there. my house is folded up neatly in a pile to the side of the slab, it's gone. >> and that was lester holt reporting. back at home tomorrow in san jose when the city manager releases her budget, it will reiterate what many workers found out this week -- there will be layoffs. this week, about 600 city workers were pulled aside by their bosses to find out they will lose their jobs or be demoted to lower-paying positions. 400 positions across all departments will be eliminated, including, that is in addition to i is should say, 220 jobs saved through special one-time funding last year. the city asked all unions for a 10% wage concession, about a third of all city workers have agreed, including police and firefighters. tomorrow is decision day in the long in the making planned redeveloped treasure island as well. the board of supervisors development committee will vote tomorrow on the plan to build high rises, parks and organic
7:35 am
farm and a wind farm on treasure island. there are still some questions, though, about the plan, particularly how it will impact the already-congested commute on the bay bridge. if the committee approves the plan, it will go before the full board for a vote on may 17th. cal train backers are trying to find ways to keep the agency afloat for the long-term future. business groups, transit officials, community leaders will gather for a meeting later this week to discuss finding a dedicated funding source for cal train. transit experts say the only way the rail operator can survive is to have a tax ballot measure on the ballot for november 2012. cal train was able to piece together for a budget this year, avoiding service cuts and stations closure. a heads up for east bay commuters, you might want to reroute, caltrans is shutting down state route 4 as crews work to widen the roadway, all lanes on eastbound route 4 will be closed at loveridge road for three weeks starting tomorrow.
7:36 am
the closure will be in effect mondays through fridays from 12:30, so 30 minutes after midnight, until 5:30 in the morning. so hopefully your commute starts after that. much more ahead on "today in the bay" -- still to come, the royal wedding is over, so where is prince charles heading next? is we make a terrific team at the easter egg roll this week. i give out bags of candy to the kids and she would snatch them right back out of their little hands. >> the president having a little fun at the annual correspondents' h
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it's a big week on wall street as we get a look at new jobs reports and congress takes a look at the country's debt ceiling. cnbc's sue herrera has a look at the upcoming week in business. >> it's been a strong earnings season so far.
7:39 am
corporate profits continue. we'll hear from kellogg, kraft and sara lee and so whey effect rising costs have on income and the prices at the grocery store. washington gets back to work after the easter break. look for lawmakers to debate lifting the country's debt ceiling. only congress is allowed to raise that limit on how much the treasury can borrow to pay its debts. and uncle sam is about to max out on his line of credit. it looks like april was another strong month for the auto industry. automakers reveal their sales data for last month. and we'll see what impact japan's quake may have had on car sales of. the labor department releases the april jobs report this friday. and some economist the are predicting 200,000 americans found new jobs in april. the national unemployment rate could drop below 8.8%. broadway's back with musicals and revivals packing theaters up and down the great white way. this week, nominations for the 2011 tony awards are announced. and the wedding of prince william and kate is over.
7:40 am
but if you're looking for more of the royal family, charles, the prince of wales, heads to washington, d.c. to meet the president and talk about sustainable agriculture. i'm sue herrera, get all your business news on cnbc. >> not a bad visit. a reminder, you can get your business and tech news before the bell, weekdays on "today in the bay" at 4:30 a.m. the president took some time off to joke around with political reporters at the annual white house correspondent's dinner at the washington hilton. the president turned most jokes toward a man who is thinking about running against him in 2012. >> he's taken some flack lately. but no one is happier. no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter. like did we fake the moon landing.
7:41 am
what really happened in roswell? and where are biggie and tupac? >> i wish we could see the donald's face. donald trump happened to be attending the dinner and he took it all in stride. after the president wrapped up, "saturday night live's" seth myers got a few shots in as well. >> i still think we all remember that inauguration day, the first lady was there. and may i say for as beautiful as you look that day, you look even more beautiful tonight. >> now you, on the other hand, mr. president, have aged a little. what happened to you? when you were sworn in you looked like the guy from the old spice commercials. now you look like louis gossett senior. i've never said this to anyone before, but maybe you should start smoking again.
7:42 am
>> the correspondents' dinner has been an annual tradition since 1920. it's always fun to see them a little relaxed. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, 45 days and counting, what's holding up our state budget now. political analyst larry gershon weighs in. plus, why are bay area shelters overrun thhu chiahuas and what can you do to help them out? we'll show you, just ahead. and the weather looks outstanding if you want to take your dog to the park today. temperatures soaring, close to 80, turning even hotter for the week ahead. we'll have a look at the forecast, c
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7:44 am
45 days, that is all the time left for a california governor jerry brown and the state legislator to patch the $12 billion in our state budget, nbc bay area political analyst, larry gerston joins us now. and 45 days is not much time to
7:45 am
get done what they haven't gotten done so far. >> we're down to the wire. we're running out of time. both sides, kris, have dug in their heels on this thing. it's gone from polite to downright ugly now. you can see that all the facades of friendliness are pretty much gone. because this has become a game of political chicken. the only way can you describe it. republicans say there must be more cuts in the budget. more cuts than the $12 billion that have already been slashed. brown and the democrats believe there can't be any more cuts without ravaging public education and social services. they put this all in the end, they say we've got to have some sort of temporary tax continuation, income, sales, motor vehicles, the things that have been going on for the past couple of years. we've got to take it to the public. along the way it's getting downright ugly. >> is it really as simple as those public statements suggest? or is it beyond the headlines? is it about the fact that voters aren't being allowed to decide? >> part of this is the whole
7:46 am
thing about democracy. i mean, do you let people decide to do what to do for the future? what not to? that's something that the democrats have been stomping on pretty good. but we're getting into some con juncture beyond that. we've got some issues here, no question about it. republicans are no fools. they understand that in the end, at the end of the day, there's got to be more revenue. they know this. they weren't born yesterday. but you know what? they want to get something for it they want their pound of flesh. they want to get something of substance from in return from the governor. at the same time, brown is suggesting that he's done all he can. he can't do anything more. he cut state travel, he worked on a deal with the unions, saved $125 million in state costs there. he said so i just can't do any more. at least that's what he says. >> that's what he says. but i would suggest that the republicans are saying no, you can do more. >> and that may well be the case it may not be that brown wants to do more. but the fact of the matter is, republicans don't think he's done enough. and here's the deal, brown needs
7:47 am
four republican votes, he's got to get them. two in the assembly, two in the senate because he doesn't have the two-thirds majority to raise taxes, do anything else. republicans knowing that are saying, guess what, these changes you've made so far, they're just not enough. and you better come up with a way to do something substantial. so what are we talking about? when we talk about substantial changes, perhaps something like -- real serious pension reform. perhaps something like pull-back of environmental regulations. perhaps something like a cap on spending, that's really meaningful. if republicans don't get something like that, something really substantive, then we're going to have some serious trouble. >> we're going to ask you to look into your political crystal ball as we always do, what's next? 45 days and counting, what's next? >> obviously one or would sides has to move. the way it seems now, the republicans are so well organized. they really are, you've got to give them credit here. that the one who has to move is jerry brown. he's going to have to. and if he doesn't, then
7:48 am
everybody starts finger-pointing. the schools are going to lose $5 billion more. social services will be splintered. and a lot of fingers will be pointed. but it looks like brown is going to be the one who has to move, no matter what he says. the unions are very strong with jerry brown. they're not going to like it. but that seems to be the way the state is going to have to move. >> it's going to be a busy week. the city of san jose is talking about their budget. oakland is talking about their $58 billion deficit. we'll keep you gainfully employed this week. larry. if you want more of larry's political insight. you can find it, any time of day, propzero is his blog. you can find it on thanks, kris, let's take you live to the hp pavilion, home of our san jose sharks where in just a few hours, or less than that, actually, coming up around noon, game two of the playoffs
7:49 am
against the red wings. you can catch all the action right here on nbc bay area. now let's show you the weather we're seeing around the bay area right now. 47 degrees, we've got light winds, the winds have backed off this morning. it's chilly in a few spots, 54 in san francisco, and there you see, 47 degrees with light winds in san jose. quite cold earlier, we had 30s around napa. still in the 30s around gilroy now that the sun is out, the temperatures will rebound nicely as we head towards the afternoon. there you see the wind has backed off. high pressure, though, giving us a warm day today. despite the fact we're starting off cooler this morning. we'll see the storm track steering off to the north. a few high clouds come in later today, making for a news sunset. underneath the ridge of high pressure we'll see the temperatures climbing up as we go through the next few days. so today, despite the 30s and 40s we're seeing outside this morning. jumping into your afternoon forecast, we'll see highs in the upper 70s around san jose and getting close to 80 around morgan hill and los gatos.
7:50 am
pleasanton and livermore, highs around 80 degrees despite the chilly temperatures this morning. you're going to need a jacket probably through 9:00 a.m. and by lunch-time back into t-shirt weather, that's why we love the bay area this time of year. you get a little bit of everything. you can see the temperatures as we go through the middle part of the week, starting to climb up. how about mid to upper 80s in a few spots? that's what's going to happen around here as we get towards wednesday and thursday, so places like livermore, out towards pleasanton and morgan hill, middle part of the week, chris, it does look a lot like we're going to see the temperatures climbing close to 90. cooling as we get closer to next weekend. >> thank you very much, rob. what feels like the dog days of summer to what are the puppy days of spring. we'll show you why this little guy and so many others like him need a home. and what you can do to help. class action welcome as true class amount. kristi yamaguchi.
7:51 am
>> find something you love and go for it. >> "class action" today at 9:30. [ male announcer ] diane was already the chief operating offi at a national tissue bank when she decided to get her masters in healthcare administration. by choosing a university that connects working students to faculty who are also leaders in their fields... she was able to apply her studies to the real world... and helpore people, much quicker. ♪ my name is diane wilson, i delir the best gifts on earth, and i am a phoeni [e announcer ] learmore he cg at better than any other luxury brand. ♪ intellichoice proclaims that lexus has the best overall value of any brand.
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inouye, lots to do on "today in the bay." american, japan festival. my experience and kicking off, asian-pacific heritage month i will be celebrating in san jose's japan town at the 34th annual nikea matsuda. i'll be host for the day's entertainment make sure you come over and say hi. and you can celebrate cinco de mayo on the 5th pride in the mexican heritage. the parade and the festival start at 11:00 a.m. and keeping it multicultural, the folks of reclaiming will celebrate beltane, mayday, with a may pole dance, wreath-making and music. the magic meadow in golden gate
7:54 am
park. reclaiming states they are a community of people, a tradition of witchcraft and a 501 c 3 organization. i love the diversity of the bay area. now you go out there and see something for the very first time. i'm mike inouye and that's what's going on today in the bay. >> we're joined this morning by special friends from east bay spca, miya georgia is joining us along with short cake. >> he's three months old and she'll be available for adoption this weekend. >> she's not the only one. we're talking about an exclusive chihuahua event. the reason is that they are super-cute and super-popular. and people think they're great apartment dogs or small house dogs. and so they got kind of too popular for their own good too fast. >> we're running a campaign this week, next week, called chihuahuapalooza, to raise awareness around the fact that
7:55 am
there's an overpopulation problem, particularly in california. we want to make sure that people understand these are fantastic dogs, they really are. but they require a lot of training and care, just like any other animal. >> and they can learn, sometimes we cut them some slack because they are so tiny and cute, and we let them off the hook, when we should be requiring them to act like dignified pets. >> they're very good dogs. they're very popular. you see them everywhere. they're in the media. they're with celebrities. getting toted around in cute little designer bags. some people think they're a cute accessory to have. we want to make sure that every dog has the right home and that people understand how to care for them. >> and you have a lot of them that are available for adoption? how many? >> we have i think over 20 chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes available for adoption through this week and we're running an adoption special as part of the chihuahuapalooza this weekend, saturday, may 7 in oakland. 50% off adoption fees for chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes,
7:56 am
as well as sunday in the tri-valley location, the same thing. >> that sounds great. so east bay spca is where you can go for more information on chihuahuapalooza, it might be the most exclusive event that we've had. thank you very much for coming in. and thank you, shortcake. and we have plenty of them that are available for adoption. so the honeymoon is going to have to wait for the new duke and duchess of cambridge, prince and princess. just days after their marriage at westminster abbey, prince william is off to work as a search and rescue pilot on tuesday. they were whisked away by helicopter to an unknown destination within britain. there's growing speculation that they'll spend their honeymoon in kenya where prince william proposed to kate middleton and asked her to be his princess. and rob is giving us another look at our forecast for the weekend and for the week. >> as we head towards lunchtime. looking pretty good. we'll see temperatures in the low 70s. the most pornographic of the day. shark sunshine coming up at noon today.
7:57 am
and then later on, we'll start to see a bit of a sea breeze pick up. so places near san francisco and the coast, i think you're going to see temperatures coming off a little bit. but still a nice day, 60s to low 70s around san francisco. meantime to the south around santa cruz, los gatos. gilroy, a few spots getting close to 80 degrees. 70s around san jose. and over to fremont and pleasanton and livermore, a few spots climbing into the low 80s. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures cooling off a little bit tomorrow and tuesday as the sea breeze comes back and cools us off a little bit. look at wednesday and thursday, temperatures climbing summer preview for the middle part. of the week and coming towards the end of the week. >> we found a little mouse running around the studio. an extra littermate, this is snickerdoodle. east bay spca is where you can find more information. thank you to snickerdoodle and short cake and thank you for making us part of your morning. we'll have more local news tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00.
7:58 am
and also at and we're bleeding teal at noon. the puck drops at the hp pavilion as the sharks continue their quest towards the stanley cup. have a great day.
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