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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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september 11th attacks, the man behind it all is dead. >> we're going to cover what the death means for america and the future of al qaeda, coming up. >> reporter: we'll also have reaction from a man whose wife was killed on 9/11. i'm bob redell. that is live from san rafael. a live look outside. the sun is up over the bay area. going to be very nice temperature wise. this is today in the bay. good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have live team coverage this morning of the big story. osama bin laden is dead after a u.s. military raid on a compound in pakistan. this is video in just moments ago where u.s. forces found bin laden. we are getting details after the
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news broke around 8:30 last night. marla tellez is in the news room with morning with how it was carried out. >> first and foremost and new this morning, the top al qaeda official released a statement promising revenge for the death of their leader. this morning, all eyes turned to osama bin laden's number two man. here is a look at him. he is seen as next in line for the world's top terror job now that bin laden is dead. he's credited with keeping al qaeda together after the u.s. invaded afghanistan. he will further radicalize terrorist groups. u.s. intelligence believe al qaeda will have a hard time recovering from this. here is what we are learning about the raid that killed osama bin laden. it was carried out for four helicopters. it happened at a luxury hide out, a fortress type compound in
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pakistan, 60 miles north of the capital city, islamabad. it's a custom built home surrounded by 12 to 18 foot walls topped with barbed wire. the al qaeda leader has already been buried at sea in accordance with islamic law and tradition. president obama said quote, justice has been done. just moments ago, cia director leon panetta said we have struck a heavy blow against the enemy, the only leader they have known whose hateful vision gave rise to their atrocities no more. he has been caught and killed. >> it's interesting to hear the
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reactions coming in this morning. thank you. we are hearing the first reactions from the streets of pakistan today. opinions in the capital of islamabad very mixed. bin laden did have a strong following in the tribal regions. some think his death will bring many more attacks. >> one can expect there might be an escalation of the terrorists activities both inside pakistan as well as around the world. it could be a kind of revenge. >> critics accused parts of pakistan's government of protecting bin laden. leaders denied it. lower manhattan, the biggest attack became the sight of the biggest celebration when news of bin laden's death broke. >> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> hundreds of people were there
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waving flags and singing the national anthem. there was an impromptu moment of silence. the news of bin laden's death has a special meaning to families here in the bay area that were directly affected by the 9/11 attacks. they were on united flight 93 bound from newark, new jersey. they fought back and lost their lives in the process, but saved hundreds of others. damian trujillo is live in union city where there is a memorial to heroes of united 93. he had reaction from the mother of one of the passengers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the larger stones commemorate the victims of flight 93. this one, in particular. you can see some folks showed up overnight and dropped off candles and flowers. none of the victims on flight 93
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was from union city. this is one of the most compelling memorials of the victims of 9/11 anywhere across the country. flight 93 was headed to sfo from new jersey. it reported somewhere over ohio, four hijackers took over and redirected to the east coast. mark bingham made a pact to charge at the hijackers. it's presumed they were going to crash the white house or the capital. the passengers thwarted the plan. there were no survivors. the bravery of the passengers and the patriotism of them who refused to let the terrorists win on 9/11. >> i think he banded together with a few guys, took a vote and made a run to the cockpit.
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even though they weren't able to save their own lives, they were able to make a difference that day. >> reporter: he was a flight attendant and became active in fighting for passenger safety. some showed up overnight to pay respects to the heroes and victims of flight 93. there were 44 people on board including the four terrorists. my college, bob redell spoke with victim's family members. bob is live in san rafael with the information. >> reporter: good morning to you. on flight 93 was loren. she was pregnant at the time. she lived here in san rafael with her husband jack. good morning to you, jack. you were saying the way you received the news yesterday about bin laden's death were similar to the way you received news on 9/11. what do you mean by that? >> i woke up to the surreal news
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of what was going on in new york. i woke up, saw it on television, got phone calls and found out later lauren was affected. last night, going about a normal day, again and of course the phones ring and i turn on the news to see he was finally taken care of. >> reporter: finally taken care of. what is your reaction to his death? >> it's a big relief. i hope it's not just a symbolic death. i hope it's more of a symbol that puts an end to terrorism and violence against innocent people. because i know the pain and i don't want anyone else to go through it. it's a global issue, not just an american issue. >> reporter: in your heart of hearts, did you think this was going to happen in your lifetime? >> i hoped it would happen in my lifetime. i expected it earlier on. pleased that it's now over. like i said, it's a chapter of closure for me.
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it's not final closure. it certainly is another chapter. i watch a little bit with apprehension about the celebrations going on. i hope the enthusiasm is tempered. i'm overwhelmed by the support from the president and the navy s.e.a.l.s who did a marvelous job. >> reporter: you said watching the celebrations you are hoping they are tempered. why do you say that? >> i don't know. it's just a feeling. >> reporter: it doesn't feel right to you? >> i don't like celebrating death. i have bristled at the fact they call it an anniversary. that's something to celebrate. to me, i think people should be more solemn and reflective. this isn't like winning a soccer match. it's something that i just, you know, i think it's a remarkable event and i understand that
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people are excited after a long, long time but, you know, let's just keep our emotions in check, if we can so that nothing like what happened in any terrorist attack ever happens again. >> reporter: jack, thank you very much for getting up early. i'm sorry about what happened to your wife. appreciate it. reporting live, bob redell, laura. >> it's an interesting perspective and one to keep in mind. thank you very much. it is 6:09. i want to check in with christina loren. switching gears with the forecast. >> good morning to you. we are in store for gorgeous conditions today and more tomorrow then down right warm for wednesday, record breaking territory. right now, the satellite shows mostly clear conditions. intervals of passing clouds throughout the night. right now, it's clear as a bell out there along the coast. that will change tomorrow as well. we are expecting more of the
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fog. on shore flow resumes for a couple days. enjoy the conditions out there now. you don't have to worry about fighting through the fog. san francisco, by noon, if you head to the city for work, it's going to be gorge as you break for lunch. 66 degrees. mostly clear. by 4:00 p.m., the intrusion goes into the bay area. here is where we are headed elsewhere. 77 in san jose. 76 in redwood city. 73 in oakland. your seven day outlook showed 88 degree weather by wednesday. some 90s popping up. why and how long it will last coming up. let's get you to work now, no more spring break out there. i bet it's busy. >> it's getting busy. we had a few issues. they have cleared. more folks hitting the roads so
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we see slowing around the area. in san francisco, we have an issue now, closing the area. mission street at 23rd street because of an accident. our chopper is heading over to the scene. let's see if they have gotten there yet. the latest i got from san francisco police department. they tell me a few folks were injured including a 1-year-old child. sounds like major injuries to the 1-year-old child. the child is being treated at a hospital. meanwhile, the investigation at the scene has 23rd and mission closed for the time being. avoid that area for a one block radius. you can pass by past the 24th mission b.a.r.t. system as well. b.a.r.t. increased security as a result of the developments over the weekend with osama bin laden being killed. we have been reporting that all weekend. increased security at b.a.r.t.
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we are going to end with the bay bridge toll plaza. that should be 15 to 20 minutes. that's interesting to note about b.a.r.t. taking extra precautions, something we all should do. we are going to be live at a east bay memorial to the military members who lost their lives since the 9/11 attacks. first, reaction from a man at the world trade center attacks by his guide dog. he lives in the bay area now. we're going to talk to it is 6:.
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more than 600 people died on september 11th. now the architect of the plan, osama bin laden is dead. michael was on the 78th floor of
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tower one that day. he has remarkable story of how he made it out alive. he joins us on the phone to tell us what he thinks about the death of osama bin laden. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. >> caller: good morning, laura. good to be here. >> what was your reaction when you heard of osama bin laden's death? >> caller: it was certainly joy. i was glad the day finally came and justice finally was served and we could move on. it certainly isn't the end. a chapter is closed is the best way to say it. >> you were at the world trade center on that fateful day. you were on the 78th floor. tell me the remarkable story of how you got out. you are blind and you have a guide dog. >> caller: i have a guide dog who is now retired. we worked in the world trade center. after the building was struck, we needed to get out.
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there were some other people in my office that we got to the stairs first. i have a colleague who was with me. under my direction, because i was the person who was the leader of that office, he got our guests to the stairs then we went to the stairs and we went down. >> remarkable. remarkable. can you imagine the feelings you had? there had to be fear. >> caller: i think everyone was afraid on 9/11. no one knew what happened. the building was struck on the other side from us, 18 floors above us. nobody on the stairs knew what happened. so, we all were, i think, in the same boat in that regard. we got down and we got out and turns out we were across the street from tower two when it collapsed. we got both of them. >> what a remarkable guide dog. you mentioned the dog is now
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retired. retired living well with you, i understand. >> caller: yes, he is here. >> a faithful friend to the very end. >> caller: we wrote a book about it that will come out later in the year. >> we are excited to hear about that. come back and join us on today in the bay. we would love to talk to you about it further when it comes out. thank you for joining us live this morning. remarkable story that is came out about that fateful day. u.s. troops spent the last ten years chasing down osama bin laden at a heavy cost. christie smith is live in la fayette where there's a visual symbol of the men and woman who lost their lives to protect ours. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. now that the sun is coming up, you can get a good look at this. this is a staggering reminder of the sacrifice involved. the crosses take up the entire
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hillside. we can't show them all. a fact not lost on the people who ride b.a.r.t. this morning, now reacting to the death of osama bin laden, according to "the washington post," the actual number stands at 5,885 u.s. service members killed fighting this war on terror. now, this includes those involved in operation iraqi freedom. men and women, most of them quite young between 18 and 21 years old. now some recent statistics show that more than 10% were from california. again, we are speaking with people in la fayette this morning act their hopes after bin laden's death. >> my thoughts are joy all though i cannot be happy at the death of any person. symbolically, this is pleasing to my soul. it feels like some retribution.
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i know it's not a charitable comment but it feels goods. >> reporter: so many of the fallen are from the bay area. too many to name. people this morning are telling us that certainly the service members are in their thoughts on this day. reporting live in la fayette, christie smith, today in the bay. >> we certainly will not ever forget. thank you very much. 6:19 now. i want to check in with christina loren this morning. she's checking the forecast. i think it's thumbs up. >> high pressure cleared the skies. it's already looking good. we are going to warm up to mid to upper 70s. inland, the 70s. the remainder of the week, high pressure is going to push inland and we'll see the warm up as the result of the dry sloping winds. this is what we are expecting over the next few days for pollen levels. they will be on the rise wednesday through thursday.
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grasses and oak are the offenders now. temperature wise, in the 50s. 51 in hayward. upper 40s spread across the bay area now. 43 navato and 50 in san francisco turning other to the 70s in the south baby noon. you are already rolling down your windows and driving. maybe turning the ac on. 73 degrees in san rafael. 73 in oakland. 77 in san jose. the next couple days, the temperatures are on the rise. record breaking heat on the way for wednesday. 90 degree weather inland. really pleasant conditions at the coast. we are talking 83 degrees in san francisco on wednesday. yes, lovely weather. 84 by thursday. more on shore flow. that brings more clouds into the mix and drops the temperatures a bit. don't forget, mothers day sunday. 79 degrees. proud mom of three 2-year-old triplets.
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>> can you imagine? 6:20 now. still to come, we are going to take you live to lower manhattan where people celebrated the death of osama bin laden into the early morning hours. the first word of the attack came via twitter. we'll look at that in tech today. this weekend we had a nice festival in livermore where we are showing 580 driving through the area. we have big problems in the cite
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these are more pictures of the celebration at ground zero after the announcement of osama bin laden eesz death. one man climbed a street sign to pop champaign. mixed reactions on how people should react to the death of bin laden. we'll hear more from lower manhattan coming up in a few minutes. right now, it's 6:24. closer to home, we know you have somewhere to head this morning. let's check in with mike inouye and a look at the roadways. >> a lot of folks getting back. spring breaks are over. i want to focus on san francisco where we told you about the injury accident around 23rd street and mission. the chopper was over the scene but they have left. we saw a car into a fire hydrant. the fire hydrant is intact.
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the car, major damage. major injuries to a 1-year-old passenger and the driver taken to the hospital. avoid the one block radius at 23rd. there's increased security to b.a.r.t. because of the news of osama bin laden. we have the metering lights turned on at the toll plaza itself. the back up as it forms. no major problems here. sunol and the east bay. southbound 680 as well. a pleasant start to the day. >> sunset is coming up, looking good. thank you very much. 6:25 now. the world first learned of osama bin laden was dead through twitter. scott mcgrew says the tweets started with the first gunshots. i find it amazing.
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the fellow in pakistan could not have known he was tweeting history. he's an i.t. worker in pakistan. he tweets under the twitter name, really virtual. he wrote helicopter hovering above. this is a rare event. he didn't know it, but u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s were attacking osama bin laden not in a cave in afghanistan but in a mansion in a large city in the middle of pakistan. meanwhile, he would tweet, i can't believe i'm the guy who live tweeted the death of osama bin laden. then this, i'm just a tweeter, he wrote, awake at the time of the crash. not many tweeters use twitter. they are more into facebook. that's all. now the first semiofficial word leaks by the assisnt of donald rumsfeld. he road i'm tol by a reputable person they have killed osama
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bin laden. hot damn. by the time the president spoke, a lot of the world new the news. several reporters called the event twitter-cnn moment. if you are too young to remember, cnn first reported on the air strikes against iraq, captivating viewers as bernard shaw reported via telephone. until then, people didn't take cnn very seriously. it was cnn's moment. now, we are saying this is twitter's cnn moment. >> isn't it interesting how far we have come getting information out? now obama is going to speak instead of he announcing the news. it's amazing. it is 6:27 now. it took minutes for word to spread in new york city. it didn't take long for people to fill the streets near ground
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zero and times square for the celebration. michelle franzen is live at ground zero to tell us more. looks like people are still gathered there. >> reporter: certainly a lot of people gathering here. a much different crowd than we saw overnight. this is a busy morning, the start of our workweek in new york. it hasn't stopped a lot of people from pausing, pausing to take photographs. just to feel a part of what transpired overnight. once word came out that osama bin laden had indeed been killed, as you mentioned, celebrations broke out here. hundreds of people coming down to ground zero chanting, cheering, draping themselves in flags and sharing this moment at a space that is usually marked with sadness each year, suddenly turning to an area that is part of a celebration. along with the celebration here
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in new york city, there is also a certain somberness, 9/11 families and the first responders who lost loved ones and colleagues on that day saying yes, they are relieved osama bin laden is not a threat at this time, but it doesn't bring them closure. as a matter of fact it brings back a lot of painful memories from that day and their loss. they say that osama bin laden, of course the symbol, a figure head of al qaeda is one person that al qaeda, the network organization is still very much a threat. laura. >> for that reason, we shall on guar on guard. thank you very much. 6:29 now. we'll be right back.
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we have live team coverage.
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>> reporter: i'm damian trujillo live with more in union city. also, does bin laden's death mean we are safer now? i'm marla tellez. we'll have reaction from local agencies and some of the viewers, coming up. >> look at the clouds hovering by the bay bridge. nice temperatures to report. we'll check in with christina on this monday, may 2nd from today in the bay. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are learning more this morning about the death of osama bin laden. ten years after the september 11th attacks, u.s. forces killed bin laden in a compound inside a pakistani city 35 miles from the capital of islamabad yesterday. u.s. helicopters took navy s.e.a.l.s into the city for a mission that lasted minutes.
6:33 am
bin laden was shot in the head. they resisted the assault. bin laden was buried at sea in accordance of muslim customs that require a quick burial within 24 hours. this morning the homeland security said bin laden's death could inspire retaliation against the u.s. al qaeda promised reinvestigation for the death this morning. right now, i want to check in with damian trujillo. he has more news on the death of bin laden and some people who lost family members or loved ones when united flight 93 crashed during the september 11th attacks. he's at a memorial dedicated to those heroes. damian. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this is a very touching memorial to the victims of flight 93. passenger and crew members who died on the flight. over here, larger stones
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commemorating them as group. folks dropped off candles, lit candles and dropped off flowers overnight for respect of the victims of flight 93. it was headed for fso from new jersey on 9/11. over ohio, the terrorists took over the plane. the target was the white house or the u.s. capital. several brave passengers charged the terrorists, foiling their plans. the flight went down near shanksville, pennsylvania. mark bingham went down. his mother shared her feelings about the killing of bin laden last night. >> president george w. bush made a promise to us and president barack obama is following through on that. tonight, we get to see the behind the scenes work that has been done. it's culminated in a wonderful
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and important victory for us. >> reporter: that was alice, the mother of mark bingham. she was a flight attendant at the time flight 93 went down. she's been advocating for passenger safety ever since. we remember the numbers, 9/11 as the fateful day. maybe now we will remember 5-1-11 as a day justice was served. bob redell is live with the family of another victim. bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, damian. we spoke with jack before he returned inside his home here in san rafael with the morning newspaper to digest more information on the news that osama bin laden, the man responsible for his wife's death is now dead. lauren was three months pregnant.
6:36 am
she was on hijacked flight 93 enroute to fso when it went down in shanksville, pennsylvania. he expected they would have gotten bin laden before now. it's been ten years. he is relieved osama bin laden is now dead. he hopes it death is not a symbolic death in the sense it does maybe put a dent into the al qaeda terrorist operation. he doesn't want to see more terrorist attacks. he knows the pain of what it's like to use a loved one for a senseless act of violence. he had mixed emotions watching on television people rallying outside the white house and ground zero on news of the death of the most wanted man in america. >> i don't like celebrating death. i have always bristled at the fact they call it an anniversary. that's something to celebrate. to me, i think people should be more reflective and this isn't
6:37 am
like winning a soccer match. it's something that i just, you know, i think it's a remarkable event and i understand that people are excited after a long long time but, you know, let's keep our emotions in check, if you can so nothing like this happens again. >> reporter: the news of the death of osama bin laden, jack tells us does give him -- help him heal with everything that he's been going through since 9/11. it doesn't give him final closure, but a chapter of closure. bob redell, today in the bay. >> still has to be so difficult. he had such a big loss in his life. thank you, bob. it is 6:37 now. always safer now that osama bin laden is dead. today in the bay's marla tellez is live with the latest on the terrorism alert status across
6:38 am
the country and the public opinion. marla. >> it's hard to believe we are any safer now especially in line with the promised retaliation you touched on earlier this morning. a statement promising we veng for the death of their leader. this is causing law enforcement agencies to react. here at home, the san francisco police department is in touch with the department of homeland security. the department doesn't anticipate problems, but warning people to be on alert. pay attention to transit areas and places or warship. if you are flying today, a spokesman says fso has not made any changes to security or flights but b.a.r.t. has. a b.a.r.t. spokesman says stations increased security and are on high risk alert today. looking long term, a political
6:39 am
analyst says america needs to be prepared for reinvestigation. >> the armed forces across the world, american and otherwise have beefed up their high alert. this organization has been known not necessarily for realuating, sometimes six months to a year or two later. then they say this is because of that. i think everyone has to be very much on guard tonight and tomorrow and really for years to come. >> on our nbc bay area morning news facebook page, we posed the question, are americans safer now? lonnie writes the war on terrorism goes on. we cannot lower our guard and a false sense of permanent victory. lisa young, a proud navy mom says we have taken care of one disease and have many more to go. we would be foolish to think we are safe. this morning, laura, overall the consensus is no, we are not any safer now.
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>> thank you very much, marla. of course the president, no doubt, addressing the concerns as he spoke to the nation last night. i want to check in with brian mooar, live with reaction in washington. good morning. >> reporter: hi, laura. this is a rare moment in history where you are going to see president obama and former vice president dick cheney completely agreeing on something. that is, while this is a mo meantous occasion, it does not end the threat of al qaeda. it is significant. this is a moment, maybe not to celebrate, but to certainly understand the significance. it's exactly what happened in the nation's capital overnight. we saw impromptu celebrations break out across from the white house. thousands of people dancing on the grave of osama bin laden. we saw the same thing in ground zero in new york. president obama gave the go
6:41 am
order yesterday to have u.s. special forces go in and raid this shadowy compound 35 miles outside the capital of pakistan, a place that was out of place, a mansion, not a cave that osama bin laden was living in. a fierce fire fight. at the end of it, bin laden is dead, his body buried at sea by u.s. special forces and u.s. officials say this was done not to get rid of the body, but because they are respecting islamic law in which a body must be buried within 24 hours after death. laura. >> very, very interesting. thank you very much, brian mooar. i want to get a look at the local forecast. i think we have great springtime. temperatures that are bordering on being hot by midweek. >> yeah. wednesday looks like the warmest day of the week. good morning to you. our temperatures are going to be fabulous. the same for tomorrow. we have an on shore push out there.
6:42 am
we don't have clouds over the city itself. as you look over the ocean, yeah, a good deck of clouds hugging the coast this morning. that will be the case for the morning hours. by tomorrow, the marine push will be back and we're talking fog as we head through tomorrow. that's going to keep the temperatures mild for today and tomorrow. as high pressure moves in by wednesday, near record heat. you will likely be turning on the ac as you move inland. temperatures forecasted in the 90s. monday and tuesday, mid-70s. at the coast, more mild. as we head through the next 72 hours, high pressure will make an impact over the bay area. we are expecting a real warm up toward wednesday. 88 degrees is the forecasted high in livermore. some of the warmer places like gilroy, santa cruz, 90 degree weather for this week. 65 in hayward. 61 in san mateo. 62 in napa. here is what to expect at 4:00
6:43 am
p.m. typically the warmest time of the day. 77 degrees in san jose. the warm up continues for the latter portion of the week. temperatures in the 80s. 82 by friday. warm weekend ahead for mothers day. if you want to make the outdoor brunch plans you can do so. let's check the drive with mike inouye. >> the approach to the bay bridge plaza is all right. slowdowns down the berkeley curve. in the city, the update following the closure for 23rd street. investigation continues. a 1-year-old child was taken with major injuries to the hospital. we are following the progress of that injury. the chopper was overhead. we have video from the scene. you can see the white sedan smashed into a fire hydrant. there's no fire hydrant damage. there's an issue with the car.
6:44 am
avoid the one block area around 23rd and mission because of the activity going on there. the chopper is on the east bay looking at the golden gate fields. in the last five minutes the entire roadway filled in. speeds close to 60 miles per hour dipping at berkeley. expect the travel times to increase to 20 minutes. a look at the maps showing an incident. westbound around north livermore, an accident bringing speeds to the 20s into livermore. thank you. >> we see we see the m mngni nge thank you. >> we see we see the m mngni nge progress, we see the slowdowns. it is 6:44
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good monday morning to you. what a gorgeous live look outside. clouds hovering the fog but not around the bay bridge as we get a clear look. nice temperatures in store for this week as well. 6:47 right now. u.s. troops spent the last 10 years chasing down osama bin laden at a very heavy cost. christie smith is live in la fayette where there's a visual symbol of the servicemen and woman who lost their lives to protect ourses. good morning, christie. >> reporter: this is a stunning visual reminder of the american sacrifice on the war on terror. many service members represented here no doubt on the hunt for bin laden. so many that it's hard to show them all this morning. this 5-year-old display is across from the b.a.r.t. station
6:48 am
in la fayette where neighbors and commuters watches it grow. the number of service members who died in operation iraqi freedom and operation enduring freedom stands at 5,885 men and women. more than a third of those who died came from six states including california and quite young. 54% were between the ages of 18 and 24 years old. we just spoke with a commuter this morning about his hopes looking forward now that bin laden is dead. >> i'm pleased, happy and hoping we can find peace in the world now. >> reporter: now, he told us that normally he would certainly not cheer someone's death, but for bin laden, he'll make an exception. commuters telling us as they pass by the crosses they will think of the sacrifices and this major milestone.
6:49 am
>> thank you very much. the people who represent us on capitol hill reacting to the news. senator barbara boxer said his death does not lessen the tragic loss of all those killed by al qaeda or the pain of their loved ones but closes a chapter. i thank the president for his determination and thank the brave members of armed forces who risked everything to carry out this justice. mike thompson said you would like to think for the last ten years he was suffering, livering in a cave somewhere after all the terror he brought about in the world. the important thing is that he's gone. intelligence communities did an outstanding job. excitement and anger some of the reaction from students at uc berkeley when news of his death spread. students were glued to the television watching for the lathest updates. some question if the nearly ten years of fighting was worth it.
6:50 am
others say, this is a step in the right direction. >> when you have had ten years of deaths to finld this one guy, now, yeah, we killed him but it's like what are we celebrating? all the death that is happened because of this? >> it's a great day. it's sad this person died. he represented evil. he was a terrorist. yeah, it's a big moral booster. >> a number of foreign travel everies in the bay area say loved ones called him to be extra careful while visiting the country. large celebrations broke out on college campuses across the country. we got the scene late last night at penn state university. take a look at that. students filled the streets singing the national anthem. they are chanting usa and waiving american flags. most of them would have been between the ages of eight and 12 years old at the time of the september 11th attacks.
6:51 am
no doubt, everyone remembers where they were that fateful day. right now, it is 6:50. want to check in with the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. we are going to see a gorgeous day across the bay as you make your way out the door, it should be an easy drive in terms of what mother nature has for you. clear starts, breezy conditions. by the middle of the week tharks's where the weather story comes in, near record heat. 90 degree weather. if you work outside, make sure you plan on drinking plenty of water on wednesday. that's the warmest day of the week. we are concerned about pollen levels creeping up. we will be at the medium high range at the end of the week. keep your allergy medicine handy if you suffer from allergies. oak and grasses are predominant right now. 47 degrees in livermore, turning to the 70s by 4:00 p.m. that's when the warm temperatures come in this time
6:52 am
of year. 77 degrees in san jose. as we head throughout the remainder of the week, we are going to stay on the warm side. 88 degrees by wednesday. 84 on thursday. wherever you are headed, break out the spring wardrobe. you will get to use it this week. let's get a check of traffic with mike. >> actually, we are going to do it in a bit. he's coming up with another look at the morning commute to see where the hot spots are
6:53 am
6:54 am
♪ for the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪
6:55 am
>> that was reaction to the news of osama bin laden's death in maryland last night. the spontaneous celebrations broke out in many areas. just a few moments ago, secretary of state, hillary clinton spoke out about the death of the al qaeda leader for a message for al qaeda themselves. >> you cannot weight us out, you cannot defeat us, but you can make the choice to abandon al qaeda and participate in a peaceful political process. >> it will be interesting to see where we go from here. we will be following it for you throughout the day. 6:55 now. one thing we do here on the morning show is follow the morning commute. a lot of people are headed out the door. i want to check in with mike. >> the typical trouble spot for highway 4.
6:56 am
loveridge there are no lanes blocked in the eastbound direction. westbound you have your commute. slowing around the crosses in la fayette where christie smith is at. a lot of folks remembering special memories. the clearing of the roadway on north livermore. there's big slowing here. south bay, a smooth drive. northbound a slowdown for 101 and through the area. we end with a live shot at the bay area toll plaza. back to you. >> sun coming up there. thank you very much. the fbi updated the most wanted terrorist website this morning. osama bin laden was number one on that sight. as you see his picture this morning has a red band on it with the word deseegsed. there was a $27 million reward offered for bin laden. $25 million of it was from the government. private groups put in the other two million.
6:57 am
since he was killed by u.s. forces, it is likely it will go uncollected this morning. the world first found out about the victory of good over evil through twitter and text messages. they are calling it twitter's cnn moment. >> the first word of the start of desert storm came through cnn. take a look at that. >> avoid a four-game losing streak. takes it high. >> here they are checking their phones and the announcers will notice that wait, why is everybody checking their phones. they realize the news and then you will see the rest of the crowd start to chant, usa. >> that's amazing. >> laura, back to you.
6:58 am
>> it is amazing. the united nation, we have become social media as well. thank you for joining us this morning and every morning. the today show is coming up next. a local news update in a half hour. have
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