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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new details this morning on the mission to kill osama bin laden. and a family's nearly decade long tribute to the people killed in 9/11 attacks comes down. this is a live look of 880. it's tuesday, may 3rd and this is today in the east bay. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it's 4:30. kristina is out in napa.
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we'll check in with her in a minute. good morning, mike. >> we'll check antioch. this is a slow one around the east bay. eastbound where you see no chicklets, this's the issue for drivers. right around the freeway at loveridge. use the somersville onramp until 10:30. the loveridge ramp will stay closed for quite awhile. concern this morning the death of osama bin laden may prompt new attacks. today in the east bay's tracie potts has the latest from washington. >> reporter: this morning, the cia is pouring over tons of information seized from osama bin laden's compound hoping to
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determine who will take over. >> he is the brain trust. i'm wondering where he is and when we are going to get him. >> reporter: at a white house dinner, president obama got a standing ovation. >> there is a pride in what this nation stands for and what we can achieve that runs far deeper than party. far deeper than politics. >> the president made the right call and we thank him for it. ♪ >> reporter: but amid celebrations, the concern now is how and when al qaeda may strike back. >> it's important to remain individual lent to defeat terrorists, enemies and protect the american people. >> reporter: also, our relationship with pakistan. did they know where he was
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hiding? america celebrating, yet concerned about what might happen next. there's no elevated terror alert for now. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. in the meantime, chris in kabul are on high alert. during taliban rule in afghanistan, the al qaeda organization had free reign of the country. bin laden still has strong support in rural areas of the country. the death of osama bin laden means saying good-bye to a tattered flag. he kept this flag flying. it survived wind, rain and heat. when they heard bin laden had been killed, they decided to lay it to rest. >> it was hard to digest because it's been such a part of this
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neighborhood. one sixth of my life has been flying here. >> what is going to happen to the flag? he would like to donate it. if they don't want it, he will give it to one of his children as an heirloom. officers arrested a woman of pleasanton after a federal grand jury indicted her. a two-year scheme to admit foreign students on in addition to fees. meanwhile, in danville, three former church workers under arrest accused of embezzling $60,000. they used church owned credit cards for expenses. they began an internal investigation in may of 2010 when the pastor noticed
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irregularities in finances. a federal appeals court upheld a gun ban on the fairgrounds there. the court ruled the band does not violate the right to keep and bear arms. a couple fought that law since 1999 in an effort to host gun shows at the fairground. let's check in with christina. she is live in napa. what you doing in napa? >> well, what do you do when you come to napa. >> what are you doing in napa at 4:30 in the morning? can you hear me? >> yeah, i can hear you. >> go ahead. >> thought she said she was coming to me in the next block. >> no worries, go ahead. >> scott mcgrew, i want to talk to you. it's wine country.
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it's going to be gorgeous across the bay area. it's chilly to start you out. clear skies overhead. the temperatures, as a result, are chilly. patchy fog. we didn't run into a lot from san jose to napa. high pressure is going to warm us up significantly today. upper 70s, once again. tomorrow, the real warm up occurs. the temperatures in the upper 80s. 88 degrees in some east bay cities. livermore, you might hit 90 degrees. why and how long the warming trend will last. for now, i have some work to do. mike, don't worry, i'm not driving. not driving. >> i was going to say, they don't go well in a cup holder for a number of reasons. one of those is chp are the initials. enjoy your morning. we are going check in with you all morning. we are checking in at the maze.
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no issues as far as incidents go on the roadways. look at the speeds. very light volume. heading to the san mateo bridge area, southbound 880 on to eastbound 92, heading to jackson street, that construction continues for 20 minutes or so. the closure on the connector. a live look at the san mateo bridge shows the lighter volume on the right. the taillights heading to the peninsula. a little shake to the camera. there's a little breeze there and moisture. no fog issues and the wind is at bay. thank you. thank you very much. a car smashed into a fence at an elementary school campus. christie smith is there live with what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we actually moved away from that story and moved to another one
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in the richmond area. in about an hour from now, you are going to see picketing where we are standing at cutting boulevard and san pablo avenue. this is put on by the united teachers of richmond. they are trying to draw attention to what's been going on on campus. it has to do with potential budget cuts at the state level. they are going to be out here picketing. the school district already went through $18 million in cuts over three years and if lawmakers don't extend what is going on now, what they are saying is they are going to have an additional $4 million in cuts. they just can't afford it. it's going to devastate classrooms and 80 teachers are already facing more layoffs this spring. what they are trying to do is bring attention to this. they will be out here for 12 hours with parents and labor
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groups. as soon as they get out here, we'll bring it to you. back to you. >> pretend i am a parent of an elementary school student, is everything okay? >> reporter: absolutely. looks like a car hit a fence -- the fence is still standing. >> thank you much. coming up, the future of u.s. troops in afghanistan. will osama bin laden's death mean a pull out? a soldier killed in afghanistan recently. live pictures of 880. it's 4:39.
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well, it's 4:42 as we take a live look out there, the traffic begins to build ever so slightly. mike is with us in a second. gratitude among troops this week. the soldiers who continue to fight and those who died in the line of duty. jodi hernandez spoke to a family that just lost their son in afghanistan. >> thank god. it's about time, really, i think. but thank god. maybe things can -- maybe things can happen and the world can get to a better place. >> reporter: that's the reaction
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of this specialist's family on news osama bin laden is dead. he's an army medic and was killed in afghanistan a month ago trying to help wounded comrades. though he was shot himself, he didn't give up. >> he was shot and helping others and then he was telling somebody what to do with the others that he couldn't get to. he was trying to save his own life by telling them what to do on himself. >> reporter: he would have been happy to know u.s. forces have finally killed the master mind behind 9/11, but would recognize there's more to be done. >> one more gone, more to go. it's not over with him gone. the next one pops up to the top. >> reporter: in la fayette, people took time to pay tribute to soldiers who gave their life
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on the war on terror. someone left a navy s.e.a.l. hat while others brought flags and flowers. >> i was overwhelmed with the emotions and wanting to do something. what a better way to recognize the soldiers who gave up their lives for our freedom. >> they went to war knowing they may not come home. >> reporter: he knew the risk as well. bin ladens death is a step closer to making the world safer. they are proud of the role their son played in that effort. >> i am. i'm so proud of him. >> reporter: jodi hernandez nbc bay area news. >> we apologize for the way that started. it wasn't meant to happen that way. 20 more soldiers got
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deployed from afghanistan yesterday. the president was looking for a way to end the war. in 2009, despite renewed american efforts, the taliban resists fighting in kabul. southwest airlines is getting bigger this morning. the $1 billion purchase of airtran. that means southwest will gain their hub and increase passenger travel by 25%. let's turn to nicole lapin. she's got the rest of the business news. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott. futures are lower as the market euphoria appears to have faded. investors moved past that news to focus on earnings and raising the debt limit and budget deficit in washington, d.c. we get a couple economic report that is we'll be watching.
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on the earnings front we are looking at numbers from pfizer. auto companies report april sales this afternoon. the good times may not keep rolling. disruptions from japan are likely to be felt on dealer lots coming up in month. safety regulators are investigating complaints concerning 2010 and 2011 mercury suvs. the glass on the lift gait shattered when people tried to open or shut it. a lot of incidents happened in cold weather, we are hearing. >> cold weather? what's that? all right. thank you. >> rub it in. speaking of, let's check in with christina loren. good morning. >> speaking of the finer things of life, hi there, scott. just sipping wine this morning.
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made a couple friends. they don't say much and that's the way i like them. good morning to you. we are on top of judd's hill in napa. i'm with bob redell out here. he's starting early. you will get to catch up with him momentarily. let's get right to the forecast this morning. we have a great looking day on tap. it's going to get better as we head into tomorrow, near 90 degree weather. the weather headlines, you can see what we are setting up for today. patchy fog. after that, the deck of clouds breaks apart. mostly sunny skies by the second half of the day. the highs up into the upper 70s across the bay area. a gorgeous day. tap on an extra ten degrees and we'll talk about what we were expecting for tomorrow. above 90 in isolated cities. i believe napa will hit 91 degrees. for the east bay cities, as you
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know, this is the time of the year you leave liver more for work in the morning then head back home and it's toasting outside. i'm toasting to that. back to you, scott mcgrew. >> fair enough. we'll check back with you. it's 4:48 now. after a month in a southern california hospital. brian stow could be headed back to the bay area. they are discussing moving him to a local hospital. officials said stow has not had any siezures over the past four days since being off the coma inducing medication. he's still in a coma. he's been in the hospital since being beaten on march 31. texas rangers trailing. willingham facing roads, ties
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things up. then, matsui cranks out a game-winning home run. there you be. 5-4, as. the sharks getting ready for their game with the red wings. san jose will practice in detroit today, then head to the game against the wings. you can see it at 5:00 on versus. dangers of secondhand smoke on your child's future health and where these fish are getting a work out. i'm sure they are there, of their lives. livermore, win country, christina is in winentry. we are on 580. smooth drive. the rest of the east bay commute coming up. w
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as we look at the golden gate bridge, it is 4:52. we have a lot more ahead on today in the bay. marla is in the news room with a look ahead. >> good morning, scott. if you are looking for the best place to go on vacation, you won't have to go very far. we're going to tell you where that is. while we are on the subject of places to go, we go to napa this morning. we saw christina there live. we are going to show you how to blend your own wine and we'll introduce you to a guy who hosts a wine tasting like no other.
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do you hear that? it's a sample of it, huh? >> you may want to shut that off. oh, it's that guy. >> it's 5:00 somewhere. >> 4:52. >> close enough. >> either one counts. i'm pretty sure. we'll check in with mike and see if that's the case. hey, let's check in with mike. >> as long as you are not on the road driving, it's okay. we can set the clocks anytime we want to. a look at the maze now. traffic through the east bay. no issues as they wind to the bay bridge toll plaza. we have an issue heading down the east shore freeway in your commute direction. this is an accident at salano. earlier reports of a single car. now, the fast and slow lanes. there's activity on either side
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of the roadway. there's activity going on there. i'm getting details from chp. this will be an issue. the volume of traffic is relatively light off the carquinez bridge. not a lot of slowing. we'll track that and meanwhile, antioch, 72 is unusual. that's westbound, the commute direction. we'll see the dip at 5:30 where it kicks off. eastbound is still closed. the chicklets heading eastbound. the closure is five or ten more minutes. use somersville as an option. the light traffic in oakland. whatever the case is, the coliseum and the arena are right there. it's moving nicely. back to you. >> thank you, much. san francisco lawmakers approved the proposed
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redevelopment of treasure island. 140,000 square feet of retail space, parks and open space, a police station, a fire station, a school and hotel. 2,000 of the homes offered below market rates. the final proposal is tentatively set for may 17th for the final vote. great news for cal gymnastics fans. the mens team has been reinstated. they cut rugby, mens and women's gymnastics. they met the goal of $500,000 by getting funding. they must development permanent endowments. supporters raised $2.5 million, enough to convince the chancellor to bring back the program on a non-scholarship
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basis. >> fighting obesity. you are looking at a special music video produced by beyonce made in conjunction with michelle obama to curve childhood obesity. more than 580 schools across the country will participate in the let's move flash work out. the first lady and beyonce are scheduled to make appearances across the country. another reason to watch where you light up, if you smoke, breathing in secondhand smoke raises blood pressure for boys. researchers at the university of minnesota found boys exposed to secondhand smoke had higher blood pressure than those not submitted to it. this may make your morning work out look easy.
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people travel to watch a phenomena here. fish jumping over the water fall. during spawning season, they try to reach the upper course to lay and fertilize eggs. time and again, the fish jump the falls. the higher the water level, the more fish make it over. the mononor every u.s. city will fight for. the best vacation spot in the country. i give you a hint, it has a bridge that looks like this one.
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new details this morning about how u.s. forces took osama bin laden out. plus, these new behind the scenes photos of the president in the situation room. a live report is next. despite the budget cuts, a college is guaranteeing admission to some eighth


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