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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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graders. a live look outside on this tuesday morning at the shark tank. waiting for the sharks to win it in detroit tomorrow. this is today in the bay. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have certainly got a lot going on this morning, including our live may around the bay tour. today, we take you to napa and really, what's a trip to napa without some yodeling? you are certainly going to want to sick around for that. it's a lot of fun. let's start with a look at today's weather, live in napa. look at christina loren. you made the big trip this morning. >> yeah, nice and early. it took awhile to get here but we didn't have to drive-through elements that were all that bad. the weather elements you will be
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confronted with, patchy fog over the coastal regions. overall, chilly as usual. high pressure is going to warm us up substantially after the fog lifts and breaks apart. high pressure brings the temperatures to the upper 70s today. this morning for you, we are out in napa on top of judds hill. we are going to talk about wine making, as you said, yodeling. something else, tiki parties. lots of fun to be had. if you are on your way to work this morning and you are going to miss it, i'm sorry but let's get you to work on time none the less. mike. >> your work looks great. we are focusing on the northbound travel times and the speeds. travel times at a minimum, speeds close to the maximum. we have the tully road
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construction there. you'll have a full closure on southbound 101. it's going on for the next few weeks during the middle of the day. laura, back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:02 now. new details about the moments leading up to the death of osama bin laden. tracie potts is live in washington with the latest worries and possible payback. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: laura, good morning. good morning, everyone. no one, not even the president knew for sure he was at the compound until the raid happened. today, the cia is giving members of congress a briefing, a closed-door briefing. they are pouring over documents seized in the raids. hard drives, flash drives, electronic information to get more insight on al qaeda and its
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plans. there are concerns about retaliation of attacks. the taliban, some islamic groups protested and said they will retaliate. they are experiencing heightened security but no overall elevation of the nation's terror alert at this point. lots of concerns here about pakistan, the already tenuous relationship. did they know or should they have known osama bin laden was hiding virtually in plain sight only 1,000 yards from one of their key military academies. laura. >> thank you very much, tracie. it's 5:03 now. a look at the other top stories this morning, we turn to marla tellez. good morning. >> good morning, laura. hundreds of jobs are on the line as san jose tries to deal with a budget deficit.
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the city faces a $115 million deficit according to the city manager. almost 200 police officers, 64 firefighters and more than 300 city worker positions be eliminated. other cuts include the demotion of 200 city employees. the reduction of library services and hours and increase in park fees. the situation will be worse if the 11 unions do not agree to a 10% pay cut. only four unions are on board. it is a similar story for santa clara county facing hundreds of layoffs. the county's top administrator released the budget for the coming fiscal year on monday. he wants to cut 534 positions to save $75 million. more than $2 million would be cut from social services. sheriff's patrols would be eliminated and 47 positions at
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the elmwood jail would be cut. the county board is expected to vote on the proposal next month. here is an interesting story. thousands of eighth graders in san francisco are promised admission to higher education if they graduate. the city, along with the school district and san francisco state university partnered on this program, known as sf promise. it guarantees admission to the university if they meet academic goals and graduate. they are slashing $32 million from the budget, there's always room for more students. the first graduating class guaranteed a spot at sf state is the class of 2015. i like the idea, but what does it mean for high school? students can sit back and cruise? >> i doubt that. you can never take an education
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away from you. thanks much. great opportunity for them. with so many places to visit, san francisco is hailed as the number one destination for tourists. damian trujillo joins us live with more details. we always knew it was a diamond. good morning. >> reporter: the world is finding out what we already know. with the heavy fog in the mornings and the strong wind, this is still quite a place to visit if you are an outsider, if you will. here is a list according to u.s. news and travel. aside from being number one in the world, it's number one in best u.s. destinations. number one in best summer vacations and number three in best romantic get aways in the united states of america. number four in the world's best places to visit. as you know who is enjoying this list is the san francisco chamber of commerce and the visitors bureau. this type of list can do wonders
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for travel an tourism. we are talking hotel tax, business tax and any other tax you can think of that only tourists can bring. u.s. news says san francisco has the big city business but exudes the small town charm. we have the america's cup tournament coming to the san francisco bay. you know that's going to bring more tourists and i have been looking through this list. i'm on page 38, laura and marla. i'm still trying to find san jose. i'm still looking. page 38, though. >> like i said, there's a lot of great spots in the bay area. san francisco is one of them. it brings people to the area. >> reporter: that's right. beautiful, chilly this morning but hey, where else would you rather be? >> we are happy to have you on the show. thanks very much. we want to check in with mike inouye. the traffic is not as bad as other places in california. >> i'm sure our traffic is a
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favorite among a lot of people. looking to the maze. i'm liking this. almost 5:08 now and a nice smooth drive with speeds close to the limit. watch 78. we have 65-mile-per-hour speed limit. the accident on the upper shore, i'm getting the latest update. all lanes have been cleared. a little bit of activity around solano avenue. it should be cleared in a few minutes. the volume of traffic is starting to rise there. right now looking good in the commute direction westbound. eastbound you have a full closure. no chicklets there. plan on using somersville for the morning. until 10:30 it is closed. 880 shows the volume of traffic at the coliseum. the nimitz no problems. 880 running smoothly from the
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bay bridge to san jose. christina, you are up in napa. how's it going this morning? >> oh, me. did i get caught. just kidding, we are keeping it corked until 7:00 a.m. we are on top of judds hill in napa. if you are headed to work this morning or off to take the kids to school, just be aware, it's chillier out there and you have to drive-through the patchy fog if you are waking up near the coastline. throughout the afternoon, the temperatures are going to climb as high pressure really builds in. for us, that means upper 70s throughout the afternoon. tomorrow, the real warm up kicks in. possible 90 degree weather across the bay area. which cities will see the 90 degree temps and we'll talk about what's coming up for mother's day weekend. it's right around the corner as well. now, to my second favorite mom,
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laura garcia-cannon. >> that's right. mom is always number one, isn't she. tell her thank you. believe me. i learned that. thank you. it's 5:09 now. pg&e is admitting the smart meters may have a problem after all. we'll tell you all about it. >> reporter: this is bob redell live in napa for may around the bay. today, we are making our own wine. christina and i are going to see who could make the better. it's a competition. you don't want to miss it. more coming up. >> man, you are lucky i'm not there. what about the chance to hang out with this guy? hugh jackman is here. you can meet him. finld out how to win tickets. visit facebook. yo e u ilare there, become a friend of the morning news team. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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we are taking you around the bay in may. 20 cities live in 20 days. today's stop is in napa where it's all about the wine. what better way to talk about wine than to show you how to blend your own. bob redell is getting a taste of the biggest claim to fame. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we are at judd hills winery. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> reporter: you are a family run business. in 1992 you decided to do what? >> make a little custom wine for anybody who wants wine made. now, we do bottle blending day camps which we are going to take you through. you can make your own wine by blending together varieties and take the bottles home with you
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today. >> reporter: christina made the mistake of challenging me of who can make the better vintage. >> who will be the judge? >> reporter: judd is going to be the judge. he'll judge us at 6:45. you have four blends. two cabs, a mar low and a frank. is that right? >> that's right. they are from around napa valley. it will give you an idea of what gee geography does to the taste of win. this is what's fun for you, it's educational. there's going to be a couple cabernets. you can use that wine as the main component of the blend.
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then, we'll finesse and get scientific and the proper ratios. >> reporter: many blendings in the glasses or cylinders? >> i'll get you flasks and graduate ed cylinder. we'll bottle it up and you can take it home. depending on who the winner is, they will take his or her wine home today. >> reporter: we have the bottle blending sheet. the percentages are at the bottom line. christina and i are going to do some tasting and figure out the blends percentage. >> oh, no. somebody stepped on a cable out there. maybe they're corking a few too many bottles this morning. i have seen them take more than a few sips out there. it should be a lot of fun.
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did you get it plugged back in again? they're not there yet. that's okay. we're going to be there all morning long. it will be fun to check in with them. i don't know about tasting it. we'll see how it goes. it's 5:15. a car maker has a major recall, plus a look at the morning commute. >> we'll see if the recall affects any of the cars on the roadway. s 24 i'll show you where there's trouble spots and changes going
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880 in oakland. it looks like traffic is moving already. it looks like it's picking up. but we have the specialist in-house, mike inouye. >> well done. traffic is picking up.
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there are no incidents, either. that's good news. i looked at the chp report. bob and christina are up in the napa wine country. a smooth drive in altamont. 14 minutes for that drive. we see 44 at the top of the screen, slowing coming out of caster valley. i'll track that. so far, no incidents reported there. 880 at 92, the construction has cleared. you are okay getting on to the streets. everybody is moving nicely. speeds close to the limit. 580 showing a limit. speeds averaging at 57. i'll let you know, so far, there are no incidents there either. the sensors may be waking up as more folks hit the roads. very little traffic down the east shore freeway across the top of your screen toward the bay bridge toll plaza. we are looking at the golden gate bridge moving nicely as
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well. a clear day now. the fog may roll in as it typically does this time of year for the commute. laura, back to you. >> a warm up is certainly on our way. let's check in with christina loren now. she is live in napa as we take you about the bay. you have a look at some great wineries up there but the forecast as well for us. >> this is the time of year we see the vineyards come alive up here in napa. beautiful, beautiful weather here today. i'm here live with bob redell. we are challenging one another today, who can make the best wine. he's diligently taking notes, measurements, writing things down. he thinks he's got a leg up because of that. look at my notes here. i'm the one who knows what's going on. it's all about proportion and throwing it in all together.
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we'll see whose better method pans out. >> someone is going down, that's all i wanted to say. >> have you ever heard bob redell that quiet for that stretch of time. i haven't. that's a first. i'm on a winning streak already. let's get to the weather. high pressure is building in. it's building in with a vengeance this wednesday. temperatures up into the upper 80s as we head into tomorrow. inland locations, yeah, we are using that h word, the horrible h word, hot. the 90s are short lived. we go to the mid-80s for thursday. then low 80s just in time for your mother's day weekend. the numbers on track for the seasonal averages this time of year. tomorrow, well above average. the excessive heat will not last long. back out here live, we are competing this morning, women versus men. the age old battle.
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laura, as you know, he's got the numbers against him. you, me, marla. it's just him, oh, no, you have scott as well. >> maybe you could throw a little vinegar in his blend. you have to play dirty, young lady. >> i'll let my wine do the tasting and the talking. >> mr. confident. we'll check in with you again. thanks a lot. having too much fun out there. 5:22 right now. i want to check in with marla tellez. she's got a honda recall this morning. this could affect a lot of folks. >> not good news if you own a honda. they are recalling more vehicles after finding a defect to the driver's side air bags. they say 833,000 cars are affected. now, that is on top of a previous recall. it says faulty air bags may have been installed after they were fixed.
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vehicles recalled are the 2001 and 2002 accord and civic. it's listed on your screen now. also on the list are the 2002 odyssey minivan as well as the 2002 and 2003 crv and the 2002 and 2003 acura tl and cl models. honda says more than 2400 air bags were installed after crashes. it's not sure which cars got those air bags. after months of complaints, pg&e is admitting there might be trouble with the smart meters. they are getting ready to replace 1600 smart meters because they inflated customers energy bills. it is a defect. they have a hard time working in high temperatures. they will offer refunds to people who received inaccurate bills. san francisco's newest
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police chief took action on the job for cutting paychecks. the police chief is voluntarily giving back his cost of living pay increase. he also cut the salaries of top police officials saving the department $60,000 a year. in a cost cutting move, he eliminated the chief position, renaming it deputy police. the actions are not a result of employee performance, but instead an obvious way to save money. i think there's something to say if the boss is willing to take a cut himself. >> yeah. it affects so many cities as well. thank you so much. a lot of folks use google. how big is it? so big it can be the most trusted company and get raided by police all in the same day. >> okay. a new poll took a look at companies. tobacco companies are the least trusted.
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google the most trusted. south korean offices were raided by police looking for evidence of the admob was tapping into personal information. google paid $750 million for admob last year. korean investigators say it tracks your location. it's true. that's the point of how mobile ads work. google is cooperating with the investigation. a setback for sony. the place station was hacked. now, the other network, the one that connects them to pcs has been hacked and credit cards got loose. remember the guy from pakistan who tweeted the attack on osama bin laden? he's tweeting pictures from the compound and the surviving area. brave news crews in the background. i haven't gotten a news update,
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but the idea a guy with a cell phone in pakistan can tweet a picture of what was the world's most secret location. >> to see pictures inside and how they raided and took his hard drive. that think there's a wealth of information. >> lots of data. >> it will be interesting to see how many new twitter followers are on his account. it is election day in a number of counties. what's new on the ballot. an update on the giants fan beaten more than a month ago. why he could soon be back in the bay area. a look outside the shark tank this morning.rning. they are going to play against detroit tomorrow night.
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we continue to get new details about osama bin laden's death and what led up to it. the latest is next.
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plus, the south bay man who made a vow on september 11th that was finally fulfilled with bin laden's death. his story is coming up. >> reporter: teachers and parents about to hit the street this morning and richmond saying they can't afford budget cuts. what they want lawmakers to do in a live report. a live look outside. traffic is picking up and we have it all covered for you. it's tuesday, may 3rd. this is today in the bay. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning, we are headed north. live in our may around the bay tour. 20 cities in 20 days. today, we take you to napa to blend your own wine and introduce you to one of the most entertaining wine tasting hosts around. let's get started with a quick look at today's weather, live
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from napa this morning, christina loren. >> good morning to you. that's right, one of the other things they do up here at judds hill, they host a show called wine boot. today, if you are getting ready to get in your car and head to work, we have a treat for you in the weather department. a few more clouds this morning than yesterday. the clouds are going to clear out. mostly sunny skies by 4:00 p.m. highs today in the upper 70s. beautiful weather for us today. warmer tomorrow as we head into the second half of the day. the temperatures are going to climb into the 90s. right now, we are back out here live. judds hill, napa valley at the winery. i am sitting where they shoot their pirates show called wine booting. it's a cool set up here. i found interesting reading material. the complete idiot's guide to pirates. i'm going to start reading and
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send it to traffic. >> because you are like a pirate and i'm the other side. wine booting. we should hear more about that show. it is slowing now. a lot of folks coming out of antioch. typical for 5:31. the construction is picking up. loveridge road is closed until 10:30 this morning. the slower start in the bay area. we watch as the rest of the commute builds. back to you. >> thank you. teachers in richmond are hitting the pavement to protest more state budget cuts to education. christie smith is live with what it means for teachers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. what do you do when you want to draw attention to your cause? take it to the streets. teachers, parents and labor
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groups are going to be out here for 12 hours. they are going to be picketing and what they want is they are trying to focus attention on asking legislatures to extend temporary taxes and the local impacts of cuts on schools. this is in advance of a week of activity they are calling the state of emergency campaign that starts next week. what does it mean? in richmond, teachers suffered through the impacts of $18 billion in cuts in education funding over three years. they are warning an all cuts budget would amount to a huge cut of $4 billion in additional cuts, something that districts like west district can't afford. they have made millions of dollars in cuts and they say 80 more educators could still get pink slips before the end of this school year. we are going to keep an eye on it this morning. again, teachers and parents and
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labor groups out here on cutting in san pablo. going to be here from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. reporting live, christy smith, today in the bay. >> all right, fighting for their cause. we want to check in with marla tellez with new information coming out on osama bin laden. >> we are getting new details on how u.s. forces were able to take down the world's most wanted terrorists. they came up with a possible lead to osama bin laden. the breakthrough came in the form of a courier working for the terrorist leader who owned a fortress-like compound. that compound had to be protecting someone significant. special forces were given the green light on friday and it ended with the death of bin laden on sunday. they weren't sure bin laden was
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inside until his body was later identified. the death of bin laden means saying good-bye to a tattered american flag. david thomas bought this flag on 9/11 and vowed to keep it flying until bin laden was caught or killed. it's survived almost ten years of wind, rain and heat. old glory appears to have more holes than stripes. when they heard bin laden had been killed, they decided to lay it to rest. >> it was hard to digest. it's been such a part of this neighborhood. one sixth of my life has been flying here. >> what's going to happen to the flag now? he would like to donate it to the 9/11 memorial and museum. if they don't want it, he will give it to one of his children as a family heirloom. there are two taxes on the
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ballot in alameda county, one for new haven and one for pleasanton. contra costa impacts it la fayette and john swett unified. los gatos saratoga joint union high school district as well as the sunnyvale. only one office is up for election. san mateo district one supervisor. your ballot must be cast by 8:00 at local city hall or elections office. an unthinkable crime in danville. three former church workers are under arrest accused of embezzling $600,000 from their church. they used credit cards and church checks for personal use.
5:36 am
they began an internal investigation in may of 2010 when the pastor noticed irregular laities in the churches finances. bryan stow could be headed back to the bay area. the family is talking of bringing him to a local hospital. they reduced his coma inducing medication and he has not had a siezure since. he was beaten on march 31st. such an overwhelming, heart-breaking story. whether or not you love him or hate him, barry bonds went and visited bryan stow and his family. stayed with them most of the day in the hospital. >> that's wonderful to hear. the giants organization is extraordinary in working with that. we wish the best for bryan stow and his family. that can be so draining to have to watch a loved one recover.
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wishing them the best this morning. a lot of people love the city by the bay. we do. we are partial. it's being honored for being the number one vacation spot for tourists. damian trujillo is live in san francisco with some additional details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. u.s. continues to rank the world's cities. san francisco always seems to be near the top. now, it is at the very top. this, of course, according to u.s. news travel. here is where san francisco ranks in several categories. aside from being number one in the world, it is number one in best u.s. destinations. number one in best summer vacations and three in best romantic get aways in the united states. number for in the world's best places to visit. the ranking couldn't be better for the city. it's packed with tourists. expect more people from across
5:38 am
the globe to see for themselves why it's number one in the world. there are businesses that sell sandwiches at 7:00 in the morning and pizza. it could be the hang over crowd according to our photographer. he calls them the hang over crowd or the visitors used to eating on the european and asian time zones. apparently that's not the time now. we have been at fisherman's wharf for 45 minutes or so and not one soul. maybe they get up in a half hour or so to see why san francisco is number one in the world. >> i thought you were going to say it's a bay area treat or something. thanks a lot. tell me when the silver robot guy gets there. >> reporter: you know what? he might be wearing a different deskiz right now. maybe he's the bush man as well. >> watch out behind you. you have to love san francisco. you have to love so many
5:39 am
places in the bay area, really. it's so lovely. we are taking you to napa this morning. christina loren is live there. tough assignment. >> yeah, i know. tough break. good morning to you. take a look. speaking of lovely, the sun is now coming up over the napa valley hills. take a look at how beautiful this is this morning. crystal clear in the north bay. a lot of cities in the bay area will wake up to find cloud cover overhead. this is not one of those cities, though. some parts of the north bay and south bay are clear right now. we are going to see a nice day today. everybody gets abundant sunshine. we have a bit of coastal fog creeping in. we are making for partly cloudy conditions. over san francisco and oakland as we head through the next couple hours, clearing by 10:30. highs today will be in the upper 70s. just a couple degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday. tomorrow, the real warm up kicks
5:40 am
into high gear. we are expecting to shatter numerous temperature records across the bay with 90 degree weather back in the mix. starting to feel more like summer. it's only the dog days of spring. we are having a lot of fun out here this morning. laura, i know you are going to be with me tomorrow morning. i'm missing you out here. >> road trip to walnut creek. >> they are going to let the girls go wild tomorrow. in a good way. >> thanks a lot. right now, we are going to check in with mike. he's got a look at the morning commute and see how things are rolling out there. >> good morning. rolling fine in napa. kicking back in wine country. we are in the trivalley, livermore wine country, we just had the festival. thanks for coming there. it's smooth there now. 580 out of the altamont pass. 680 is nice in the south bay.
5:41 am
northbound is the commute direction for these roads. no slowing except at tully. there's the construction zone. the tractors are playing with the sensors. there is construction. 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. southbound 101 is closed during weekdays for the next few weeks. that's eastbound tully on to 101. keep in mind that will reopen by the evening commute. take another look out there and see the maze. no major problems at the toll plaza. light volume, it's going to kick up. back to you. >> 5:41 now. the latest cal sport pulled from the chopping block. what the first lady has to do with this. >> reporter: this is bob redell back for another round of may around the bay. we are here in napa trying to make our own wine. >> there you go. >> reporter: i thi wnke it
5:42 am
or wtok. we'll find out, coming up.
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bay in may. 20 cities live in 20 days. today's stop is in napa where it is all about the wine. we want to check in with bob redell in the heart of wine country this morning. busy at work. >> reporter: we are. i did some tasting earlier. they have four blends to choose from. four wines to blend into your own wine. they have four barrels, a cab, marlot. this is judd. >> good morning. >> reporter: i have to siphon this, right? >> there are better ways to do
5:45 am
it but -- >> i have been doing this in gas tanks. >> that's it. in you go. let's fill that up. >> anyone can do this. you want me to pull this? >> no, you eyre all right. >> reporter: are you sure? oh, man, i just spilled it. >> great. >> reporter: here we go. now how did you come to your numbers, bob? >> reporter: i did a tasting and given my wine expertise merlot seemed like the right thing. when they talk the notes of the wine, what are they referring to? >> the subtleties. what do you smell? >> it smells good. i don't know how to describe it. when they talk the notes of the wine, i'm not sure this is what they mean. take a listen.
5:46 am
>> when you come to a winery, usually they are going to tell you about characteristics about the grapes. >> reporter: this is allen. >> well done. >> reporter: when you come here, allen is not going to tell you, you are going to -- ♪ >> you can only go to so many boring wine tastings during the day. hopefully mine is not one of them. peace out. that's how i might do it. >> reporter: are you roll this time? ♪ >> i spent 20 years on the road playing music. that's me. ♪ >> reporter: how in the world did you end up in a tasting place of one of the finest places in napa? ♪
5:47 am
>> i also yodel, did you know that? ♪ >> reporter: you what? >> yodel. pretty much the reputation is this is a winery that makes serious wine but doesn't take itself seriously. we are going to sing the page an national anthem. ♪ >> you have to love that national anthem there. a couple facts, they were founded back in 1982. the original tasting room was in his garage. most of their sales are on premise, about 80% of their sales are on premise. they have a reputation now. they are featuring a lot of red wines. head north on 29, they are a
5:48 am
mile north on the right. >> listen for the yodeling. >> reporter: what's that? >> just listen for the yodeling. >> reporter: yes, listen for that. excuse me. hey, we have jake here at judds, finishing up my blend. 20% of it. you are going to do the other 20%. he's going to siphon that for us. we are going to compare my vintage to christina loren who is in the process of making hers right now. judge our vintages head-to-head at 6:45 to put the today in the bay label on the wine you think is worthy of having such a designation. christina is very, very nervous. laura. >> all right. we'll check in with her in a bit. she's waving us over. she must be excited about her mix. i'm wondering how you got to
5:49 am
your numbers. >> well, you know, i do this little thing called forecasting each day. i work with percentages, i know numbers back and forth and left to right. you know what else i know how to do? let's yodel. >> reporter: oh, great. >> we want viewers. ♪ >> reporter: can you get that deep. >> watch this. there it is this morning. bob, the clear winner. no, no, no, mother nature the clear winner this morning. we have a gorgeous day shaping up for us. bob, the sweet sounds are still ringing in my ears. temperatures in the upper 70s. it's going to be gorgeous. a little bit on the hot side. if you don't like the 90s, kick the ac on tomorrow. it's going to be a little bit warm. livermore, 91.
5:50 am
82 in san francisco tomorrow. tomorrow is when we warm up. today, we are going to stick to the fair weather where it's just about perfect outside. upper 70s. 77 degrees in most bay area cities today in the south bay. one more time, we are back out here live. we are having a good time. we haven't even warmed up, yet. we have a whole hour ahead of fun including a tiki band. we'll talk about that coming up. for now, back to you. >> i don't know if we should be frightened or excited. we'll check back with you. thank you very much. 5:50 now. the first lady and beyonce are teaming up. what they are doing, next. we knew osama bin laden news would affect the internet but it didn't crack the top ten. what did? coming up? 880 north, hanging through a oakland, where there's an issue for the su
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good morning to you. boy, look at the foggy start. that's the embarkadaro. who knew we had a fog horn. >> that's me. >> i can move right over here and let you do your thing. >> we have the slowing in antioch. we had the slowing, there it was. speeds down into the 20s as you approach l street and stretching to loveridge. livermore starts slowing. now 15 minutes showing up for the travel time. livermore is clear to
5:54 am
pleasanton. speeds still in the 40s as you approach the caster valley. averaging around the area, it's close to the limit. no problems toward the san mateo bridge. northbound 880 at southbound 230, metal debris reported. they have to clear that. there's the san mateo bridge, a smooth drive. the fog as you cross the bay as well as the bay bridge. we can't see the hills so an indicator of lower visibility. >> thanks for the update. now, i want to check in with marla tellez. you have good news for cal sports. >> i do. it's fun to report happy news. great news for cal gymnastics as the mens team is reinstated. they trimmed the baseball, rugby as well as both gymnastics teams. they met the goal of $5 million by 2014. through private fund raising, the three other programs were reinstated for seven to ten
5:55 am
years. during that time, they have to develop permanent endowments. supporters raised $2.5 million. it's enough to convince the chancellor to bring it back on a non-scholarship basis. time to move. students across the country are going to move their bodies to fight obesity. ♪ that's what you call the running man. you are looking at a special video produced by beyonce made in con jux with michelle obama's initiative to curb obesity. schools across the country will participate in the work out. they are scheduled to make appearances at select schools. if i weren't standing on a box right now, maybe i would -- >> get off it! get off your sofa and bust a move. >> you would be surprised.
5:56 am
>> all right. we'll check back with you. thank you very much. well, it's possible kids are watching less tv these days because scott mcgrew says there are fewer television sets. >> since the first time since they invented the tv, where? on green street in san francisco. the number of tvs is falling. neilson will announce today, the average american home has fewer tvs than it used to. there are a number of possible reasons for this. people watch more video on ipads and laptops. i also suspect because tvs are so much bigger. instead of three or four sets you have one or two enormous tv screens. >> the death of osama bin laden caused a spike in internet traffic. we knew that. now, we have a chance to analyze the numbers. he's not as popular as world cup soccer. they took a look at internet traffic and listed top page
5:57 am
views. the all-time winner was played at the same time. spots two and three, soccer. fourth goes to the 2010 midterm elections. fifth, soccer, again. sixth, the wedding of prince william and kate middleton. the bin laden came in 14th. laura. >> interesting. people love their sports. maybe not so surprising. 5:57 no g re t angoio we are going to go live to napa coming up with more fun in may around the bay. morning.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we are headed north this morning in our may around the bay tour. today, we are in wine country to get napa flavor all morning long. it's tuesday, may 3, today in the bay.


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