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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. christina loren is live in napa this morning where the weather is always beautiful. good morning. >> good morning to you. yeah, the weather particularly beautiful this morning. let me step out of the way here. ladies, feast your eyes on this this morning. these young, attractive men are here providing tiki music for your forecast. let's get right to it this morning. a gorgeous day on tap. upper 70s. we are looking at a cold start, fog at the coast. make sure you are aware of that if you are heading out the front door. thick fog this morning. later on, high pressure is going to clear the skies, warm us up to the upper 70s. boy oh boy, it's not going to get more tranquil than this.
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this will put you in an eased mood before you hit the highway this morning. let's find out what's going on on the highway this morning. hey, miky. the flow of traffic, we have slower speeds. 20s in antioch. it's from l street over to somersville and loveridge for the bulk of the commute. that's a typical start. the altamont, we'll see slowing. so far, the maze approach to the bay bridge is fine. all the way on the right side, slowing to the golden gate bridge. we have clouds drifting in the area as well. it might affect your commute. so far, it's moving smoothly. back to you. >> thank you very much. teachers, parents and students are hitting the pavement in an all-day protest to bring pressure to stop cuts
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in education. christie smith is live with more on the protest. ift's a day long event. >> reporter: good morning to you. i hate to say it. i think the teachers are tardy. they were supposed to be here at 6:00. they are on the way. bottom line is what they want is for lawmakers to extend temporary taxes. they are going to be here for 12 hours on and off before and after school. in between time, they are going to have others out here helping out like labor groups and parents. they not only want to extend the temporary taxes, but emphasize the local impacts of state cuts on schools. this leads up to a week long campaign that starts next week. what they are calling the state of emergency. united teachers of richmond are saying they have already been hit hard by $18 billion in cuts to education funding over three years. a new all cuts budget would mean
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$4 billion more in losses that they can't handle. class sizes have already shot up. 80 educators could get pink slips before the end of this school year. again, we are expecting the teachers out here any minute now. parents and labor groups helping out as well. they will be out here 12 hours. reporting live, near richmond, christie smith, today in the bay. >> you are right. they are tardy. we'll check back in a moment. we want to check in with marla tellez. she has dell tails on the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> good morning. this morning, the cia analysts are pouring over tons of information that was seized on bin laden's compound. the raid took about 40 minutes. navy s.e.a.l.s used that time to grab intelligence from the compound. they found hard drives, dvds and flash drives. they will find out if the number
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two man will take over for bin laden. >> he is the brain trust. i'm wondering where he is now and i'm wondering when we're going to get him. >> there's concern about how and when al qaeda may strike back. also questions about the united states relationship with pakistan including did its government know bin laden was hiding blocks away from a military academy? back here at home, hundreds of jobs are on the line. san jose tries to deal with a $115 million deficit according to the city manager. she's suggesting 200 police officers, 54 firefighters and 300 city worker positions be eliminated. other cuts include the demotion of 200 city employees. reduction of library services and hours. increase in park fees. the city says the situation will be worse if the 11 unions do not agree to a 10% pay cut.
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so far, only four unions are on board. the fifth one is in negotiations. it is a similar story in santa clara county facing hundreds of layoffs and a reduction in services. the county's top administrator released the budget for the fiscal year. he wants to cut 534 positions to save $75 million. more than $2 million cut from social services. two sheriff's patrols would be eliminated saving $600,000. 47 positions at the elmwood jail and juvenile justice department would be cut. the county board is expected to vote next month. as we all know, this is a similar situation going on in so many counties and cities throughout the bay area. >> even households as well, thank you, marla. >> it's time to talk a little bit of travel. we are approaching the season to explore. a bay area city is hailed as the
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number one destination spot for tourists. that city is our own city by the bay. damian trujillo is live in san francisco with more on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. they are getting ready here for the huge crowds expected on this tuesday morning. not a soul right now. no visitors or tourists right now. it's just the workers here getting the stuff ready so they can come shop, eat and do whatever else you do here in san francisco. saw what we see in the city. it crowned san francisco as the best summer vacation spot in the world. here is a list. according to u.p.s. news and travel aside from being number one in the world, it's number one in best u.s. destinations. number one in best summer vacations and number three in best romantic get aways in the u.s. number four in the world's best places to visit. u.s. news says san francisco has
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that big city feel but it maintains a small town charm. all of that combined puts san francisco on top of the world. the ranking is great news for the chamber of commerce and the visitors bureau in san francisco. obviously, more tax dollars are coming in to the city. chamber of commerce and the visitor's bureau, everybody who promotes business in san francisco loves the great news being put out by i'm damian trujillo, today in the bay. >> so many people leave their hearts there, don't they? thank you. i want to check in with christina loren this morning. another beautiful part of the area is in napa. for a moment i thought we were in hawaii. >> i know. we are kind of bringing both of those places to you this morning. take a look at this gorgeous sunrise in napa valley, the vineyards lit up. gorgeous, gorgeous morning.
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maybe you live in the bay area and don't get a chance to come up here often. we brought napa to you this morning. your weather today will be gorgeous. your satellite radar shows high pressure is going to build in as we head there today. that means 70s, upper 70s. tomorrow, that means upper 80s. get ready for hot weather. some of the hottest we have seen in months across the bay area. today, down right perfect. upper 70s. i'm not going any higher than 79 degrees today, even in the warmest locations across the bay area. less in terms of wind. winds relaxed overnight. the only thing we are dealing with this morning is the fog at the coast. watch out if you are taking the kids to school this morning. waking up in san francisco, watch for the fog until 10:30 a.m. one more time, we are back out here live in napa. i'm not alone here. i brought a special friend of mine. here he is, bob redell, ladies and gentlemen. >> that's right, christina.
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coming up, she took me on a challenge to see who could come up with the best made around the bay vintage. we have our juice here. we are getting ready to bottle. we are going to have the judge -- coming up -- >> exciting out there. thanks. we are stuck in studio. >> i know. they have the beautiful hawaiian music. i thought bob was going to come in with a hula. >> i'm glad he didn't. >> i guess so. from the north bay to the south bay, an easy drive. 39 is still sticking around at tully. the tully road onramp is where the construction road project is. it's the big note. construction is scheduled for today, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at telly road east. a live shot in the area. see how things are moving here.
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things moving smoothly out of the south bay. we'll get you another look at the maze. the toll plaza, no major issues. there's a disabled motorcycle. no injuries. this is a disabled motorcycle. hopefully, they can get to treasure island without incid t incident. a live look at the toll plaza, just starting to build. we have the low clouds descending upon the east bay hills as well as a lot of other areas. >> eventually the sun will come out and burn things off. we are heading back live to napa to kick off may around the bay. a live look outside hp pavilion misngth orthisni ng warmor temperatures on tap.
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welcome back, everyone. a live look outside 880 in oakland this morning. traffic is picking up just a bit. lots of folks headed back to work, offspring break this morning. it's 6:13. we are starting in napa. when you think of napa, a lot of people think wine. guess what bob redell is up to right now? good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we are at the winery in napa. it's a beautiful morning out here with the sunrise. of course, christina loren will be talking about that in a bit. speaking of christina loren, she decided to challenge me at the bottle day camp where you can come up and make your own wines. you have four wines, mix them together. judd is going to help us decide which is worthy of the may
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around the bay vintage. they will get this on their bottle. this is my juice. how do you bottle it on a small scale like this? >> we are going to use this filler like this. you can't run it through the line. i'm sure it's a delicious blend. >> reporter: i can smell it from here. >> ut l subtle notes of goodness, i think you said. >> reporter: when you are bottling, you don't want too much air or oxygen, is that correct? >> that's right. this is going to fill up and we are going to immediately put the cork in it right there so we don't get too much air. >> reporter: if you get air in there, it's not good for the ageing of the wine. >> you don't want it to oxidize too much. >> reporter: that's the word i was looking for. you can grab a cork.
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this is the old school corking device, is that correct? >> yeah. it's too small to go through a corking line. >> reporter: is there an up or down? do i line it up? >> it will do it. hold there here. i'll hold this. give it muscle. >> reporter: look, i'm not straining. >> reporter: i'm a wine maker. we are going to pour this later and judd is going to try to help us determine whether christina or i deserve the may around the bay vintage. >> i was wondering why i was asking to wear wine today. you and the gents here in the tiki band here play tiki music, why? >> it goes back to hawaii. we have been doing this for
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several years. i don't know if there's a connection but i love wine and music. >> reporter: making wine, playing tiki music. he's 60 years old. look at his gray, none. >> it's red wine, it keeps you young. there's a lot of hard work involved. i love doing it. it's fun. you have variety in life. >> reporter: hop up there. christina, i noticed they put on their jackets. is it supposed to be cold out here this morning. >> you know what i noticed? you are not dancing. >> reporter: i have a busted foot from soccer. i don't think so. >> look at that foot this morning. >> reporter: i'm not dancing. >> that's a wounded foot. he's exempt this time only. good morning to you. beautiful start to this tuesday
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morning. it's gonna be hot tomorrow. our temperatures are going to climb into the upper 70s today. down right perfect music. break out the tommy bahama's gear today. a smile later on, upper 70s, even in san francisco today, it's going to be gorgeous. out here this morning in napa, the temperatures are a little bit on the cool side. no fog out here. you'll run into a little of the fog as we head toward the coast. it's creeping in this morning. the marine intrusion is back. watch for the fog until 10:30, otherwise, gorgeous sunny skies over the bay area later today. you'll enjoy today. tomorrow, down right warm. laura, i got to say, we're doing it for the ladies with these gents this morning. back to you, laura garcia-cannon. >> very nice. kind of giving you the taste of the islands this morning. thank you. it's 6:17 now.
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scott, what do you have coming up? >> we're going to talk about the canadian election. i know it's something you have been following carefully, right? how the internet affected the election in a bit. i'll tell you about the commute northbound through oakland. 580 moves smoothly. wh hes he as well as the rest of your tuesday morning drive coming up.
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welcome back. it is 6:20 now. looks like the commute is building a little bit. i want to check the commute with mike inouye. >> we had a lot of spring breaks. we are seeing a return to traffic. it's not as bad as i expected to see at this time. it's 6:21 as we are coming out of the altamont pass. slowing in many spots. averaging close to 21 miles per hour. slow on highway 4. 680 heading toward concord and walnut creek is moving smoothly. the slowdown is on 24 heading away from highway 13. it's typical for this time of day. just a little slowing. no lanes blocked from what i can tell. the flow is continuing and no metering lights. we look from the chopper on the south bay on 101 at the telly
6:22 am
road construction area. it's closed from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. it will be cleared for the morning commute and the evening commute. >> it will be nice when it's all done. thanks so much. local kids are getting a nice guarantee, aren't they, marla? >> yes, they are. an interesting program here. thousands of eighth graders in san francisco are being promised the college experience if they graduate from middle school. the city along with the school district and san francisco state university partnered on this program known as sf promise. it guarantees admission to the university if they meet academic goals and graduate. program officials say sf state is slashing $32 million from the budget but there will always be room for students. the first class guaranteed a spot is the class of 2015.
6:23 am
san francisco's newest police chief took his first action on the job cutting the pay for the top people. he's giving back his cost of living pay increase. he cut the salaries of top police officials saving the department $60,000 a year. in a cost cutting move, he eliminated the assistant chief position, renaming it deputy chief. the actions are not a result of employee performance but a simple way to save money. never fun to take a pay cut, but at least the boss is taking some sort of pay cut, too. laura. >> thank you very much. can you be arrested for tweeting the results of an election? scott mcgrew says in canada you can. >> if you do it before the polls close. canada conducted an election and i'm sure you were following it closely.
6:24 am
stephen harper won for prime minister. results were given on the eastern side of the country before the west. people on the west might not bother to vote if they know their candidate won or lost. we have a huge population in the west, california counts in our elections far more than british columbia or the uconn in canada. sony's play station was hacked. now, the other network, sony online entertainment has also been hacked. credit card numbers did get loose. okay, this isn't a news story, just an interesting idea. remember the guy from pakistan live tweeting the attack of osama bin laden. he's tweeting pictures now.
6:25 am
you can see a couple news trucks in the background. it's an observation, a couple days ago, this location was secret. now, people are sending pictures on their iphones from pakistan up to the internet where everybody can see them. a strange world we live in. >> exactly. immediate results as well. it is 6:25 now. more from napa as we kick off may around the bay. plus, you can drive to one magazine's pick for the best summer vacation spot in the world. there's a big hint by those pictures. a live report, coming up. [ male announcer ] never mind that, michelle. at least yiayia approves of you serving athenos hummus. mmmmmm! because only athenos is made the greek way, with 100% olive oil.
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kids ride free for 40 days. details at good morning. we are heading north this morning in our may around the bay tour. today, we are getting a taste of beautiful napa. look at the vines out there. it's tuesday, may third, today
6:28 am
in the bay. good morning. thanks so much for joining us. it's 6:27 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's take you to napa now. christina loren is there with the hour-by-hour forecast. beautiful out there. >> it really is gorgeous out here. it's easy to see why people come here from all over the world. napa valley is in our backyard. a lot of fun to be had out here from the top of judd's hill. if you are leaving right now, grab a jacket. it is cold out here this morning. we are going to warm up nicely. something you can take off later, dressing in layers is a good idea today. the low cloud cover we have, the fog, the cold conditions, it's all going to be a thing of the past. by noon, temperatures in the 70s. we end up under high pressure in the upper 70s.
6:29 am
high pressure really builds in tomorrow. record territory. we break down the forecast, coming up. right now, let's get you to work on time. this is when it starts getting busy out there. good morning, mikey. >> good morning. a disabled vehicle made the metering lights turn on. that alert added to the map. all the cars adding to the back up. the lanes are filling in quickly. it's tuesday, the heavier build comes quickly. we'll watch that. meanwhile, back we see the approach as the freeways are close to the limit here. another issue crossing the bay, this is for highway 84. bay front expressway, it's highway 84. it splits toward university avenue. a stall updated to an accident involving a semitruck. i don't know if you can make the connector toward willow. it's going to affect the feeder roads. plan on taking willow to 101.
6:30 am
the peninsula is moving smoothly. >> thank you very much, mike. teachers, parents and students are hitting the pavement this morning in an all-day protest for budget cuts in education. christie smith is live with more on the protest. are they showing up? they were tardy at 6:00. >> reporter: about five of them and growing. they have a lot of support out here. people honking for them. these are teachers. i have been speaking with the head of the united teachers for richmond. what they are out here for, what they want lawmakers to do is avoid further cuts to education. they are asking lawmakers to extend temporary taxes to help pay for it and restore education funding. this is in advance to funding next week. in richmond, for instance, what they are telling me is class
6:31 am
sizes ballooned. the school district suffered under $18 billion in cuts. they just can't take much more. >> teachers have, for the last three years 30,000 teachers have been laid off. we have lost 30,000 teachers. okay, we could lose 20,000 more teachers. so, the budget cuts are causing devastating affect in our classrooms and on our schools and on public education. >> reporter: they shavay $4 biln more would really cut especially at the high school level. in this district, 80 educators could face more pink slips by the end of this school year. teachers going to be out here today before and after school. this is a 12 hour thing. it goes from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00
6:32 am
p.m. parents and labor groups are going to be out here, too. a lot of honking going on supporting them. reporting live, christy smith, today in the bay. >> thank you so much. there are a lot of questions about how much pakistan knew about osama bin laden's hiding place. marla tellez has more on that. >> good morning. in the wake of bin laden's death, many are questioning the relationship between u.s. and pakistan. the leader was living in a million dollar compound near the capitol and blocks away from the military. did they know where bin laden was hiding? john brennan seems to think so. he told the "today" show there was a support group that helped bin laden. you can see the interview at
6:33 am
7:00 this morning. today is election day. people all over the bay area being asked to help out cash strapped schools. in allen dentameda county and pn school district. contra costa impacts la fayette. santa clara four on the ballot. the los gatos-saratoga, sunny veil and cupertino. one office is up for election. san mateo county's district one supervisor. if you live in district one, your ballot must be cast by 8:00 at your local city hall or elections office. pg&e is admitting there might be trouble with the smart meters. they are ready to replace 1600
6:34 am
smart meters because they inflated the customers energy bills. pg&e says it is a rare defect. they have trouble in high temperatures. pg&e is calling the affected customers now and will offer you free refunds to people who received inaccurate bills. laura it is now 6:34. the smart meters had a tough go since they started. >> just that company, pg&e has as well. thank you very much. it's 6:34 now. san francisco's economy could get a much needed boost after news the city was voted the top vacation get away for tourists. damian trujillo is live there this morning. we are not tourists, but we love it as well. >> reporter: that's right. there's no better place to spend your summer than in san francisco. it's got the big city feel and small town charm.
6:35 am
that's according to to a report by it's number one in the world and number one in best u.s. destinations. number one in best summer vacations. three in best romantic get aways in the u.s. and number four in the world in best places to visit. the upcoming america cup competition. more people from around the world are going to want to see for themselves this summer what makes san francisco so special. we mentioned america's cup, it's these events that give san francisco the world class feel and the chamber of commerce must be loving it. that means more tax dollars coming in at a time when the economy seems to be turning the corner and more tax dollars means more for folks who live in san francisco. the potholes will get filled quicker and the street light repairs will be done quicker because there's more money coming in from tourists from around the world. so everybody gets to share in the good news here. >> everybody wins.
6:36 am
that's the name of the game. thanks so much. i want to check in with christina loren in napa. it's part of the today around the bay tour. what a beautiful day, way to start your day. >> i like that. i like the way you say that this morning. a little rhyme to get you going on a tuesday. we're looking fantastic. look behind me. i am live in napa. wherever you wake up this morning inland, gorgeous conditions. it's cold outside but we have a clear start here. at the coast, another story. they are dealing with dense fog over the bridges this morning. give yourself plenty of extra time to reach your destination safely this morning. of course mike inouye will be along in a minute to help you get there and tell you what's going on. now, let's talk about where the weather is headed. later on today, upper 70s. perfect weather. the winds have substantially relaxed and we are going to see the upper 70s.
6:37 am
tomorrow a 10 to 15 degree warm up in store for us as high pressure setting up on top of the bay area. down sloping winds, the winds return tomorrow. that's going to warm us up. keep that in mind. overall, today looks fantastic. maybe you are headed to wine country. if you are, this is what it looks like. a gorgeous, gorgeous day. i like when the pictures do the talking for me. it's the easiest thing. do you have pictures talking to you this morning? >> not as nicely as the pictures you are showing. beautiful wine country. now, on to the traffic. we are at the approach to the bay bridge. actually, the metering lights have been turned on. the stalled vehicle is not what we are reporting. this is a small pick-up truck disabled around treasure island causing slowing at the incline and the metering lights. so far, the build up only around the curve. we have christie smith reporting teachers and parents protesting
6:38 am
over there off cutting boulevard. it will be an issue likely as you get off the freeway. no matter how small a group, a group with signs could be an issue around san pablo avenue. it's going on all morning. prepare for spectator slowing. we'll get a live look out there as we see the golden gate bridge as well. there are the low clouds. the fog rolling in many spots. a clear drive, but heading south of the toll plaza, another issue reported there. a small accident reported by the bridge. that will be moving off to the shoulder and the parking lot shortly. it's a distraction for the next few minutes. back to you. >> good to now. 6:38 now. we are headed back to napa for may around the bay. wine tastings don't need to be quiet affairs. where you can get yodeling with
6:39 am
your wine. christina or bob. which one of our blends bb worthy of the may around the bay wine label? find out in a live report from napa. >> we look forward to it. a lot of folks look forward to hugh jackman coming to town this week. you could get a chance to meet him. find out how to win tickets. visit facebook, nbc bay area morning news. while you are there, become a friend of the morning news team and of me. i would love to hear from you. live look outside hp pavilion. sun is out. warm things up. it's going to be a gorgeous day. 6:39 now.
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6:42 am
we are kicking off may around the bay this morning and starting out in napa. when you think of napa, a lot of folks think of wine. guess what bob redell is up to now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you laura. it's a bottle blending day here at judds in napa. i love the tiki music in the background. christina loren and i blended our blends. we have the tasting glasses out. judd is in the process of swirling, sniffing and trying to
6:43 am
decide which is better. i think he's trying to analyze the notes. when they talk about the notes of the wine, i'm not sure this is what they are talking about. take a listen. >> when you come to a winery, they are going to tell you about the characteristics of the grapes. >> reporter: this is allen. >> well done, bob. >> reporter: when you come here, allen is not going to tell you. ♪ >> you can only go to so many boring wine tastings in a day. hopefully, mine is not going to be one of them. peace out. that's why i do it. >> reporter: can you roll this time? >> yeah. ♪ >> i spent 20 years on the road playing music. that's me with the state of nevada coming at you. ♪
6:44 am
>> reporter: how in the world did you end up in a tasting in one of the finest wineries in napa. >> serendipity. my brother. i also yodel, did you know that? ♪ >> reporter: you what? >> yodel. pretty much the reputation is this is a winery that doesn't take itself too seriously. we are going to sing the pagen national anthem. ♪ >> reporter: a couple facts, it started back in a garage. tasting is more elaborate. allen is now yodelling.
6:45 am
what's interesting is they are a red house. that means their forte is red wines. they sell about 80% of them on premise. if you want to get some of the fine wines, head to the tasting room on highway 29 just about a mile north of napa. we are back at judds hill taste testing the blends we came up with to see what is worthy of the may around the bay. he has no ideas. we know whose is whose. judd has no idea. analyze that one quick. >> i'm going to tell you, i think this one has a lovely velvety feel with deep, almost plum-like characteristics. somewhat sweet am bro shah. >> reporter: that's what i was going to say. >> this has nice complexities.
6:46 am
it's talking down to me. i don't like that. who made that? we don't know yet. >> they are both nice. i think if i were going to put these away for a couple years they would be wonderful. if i'm taking them now to have breakfast at the diner. -- >> reporter: drum roll, drum roll the label goes to. >> what's it going to be? oh. >> christina, i am so, so sorry. >> is this yours? >> reporter: it's mine. >> i have the condescending blend. >> reporter: are you okay? do you need a hug. >> i'm going to aloha this way. get some musical stylings into this forecast via our friends.
6:47 am
thanks for being out here. high pressure. thank you for being out there, warming up the day sbroo into the upper 70s. we have abundant sunshine. you have to wait for the sun to come out over the coast. we have the fog moving in. the marine strugs intrusion is coming in. the clouds will clear. abundant sunshine over the entire bay area and the highs climb to down right perfect temperatures in the upper 70s. tomorrow, it's going to get toasty in some parts. when i talk toasty, i mean 90 degree weather in the mix. we haven't had temperatures like this in awhile. four months. get ready for hot weather inland. not too bad. 82 degrees in san francisco. out here today, it's a tropical tiki paradise. we are having a good time. get ready. stay tuned. soon, bob redell is going to throw that dart and tell you where we are headed tomorrow.
6:48 am
i'm hoping, i'm hoping he throws it closer to home. it took a long time to get here this morning. back to you. >> it was well worth it. one of the beautiful stops we are taking for the next 20 days. tomorrow, i'm going to join bob and christina. we are going to find out where we are headed for may around the bay. california might want to get ready for a royal visit. when the duke and duchess could be coming. meantime, oh, hopefully things will clear up at the bay bridge this morning. look at the fog hovering over the bay this morning. it's going to clear up. make way t ace d. 6:48 right now. ♪ [ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans.
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chevron with techron. care for your car. chevron with techron. and a forward-thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today, we're investing in innovations
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that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. good tuesday morning to you.
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thanks so much for joining us. it's 6:50 now. i want to check in with mike inouye and a look at the morning commute. things are rolling out the barrels in napa. >> exactly. looking great up there. bob and christina winding it up in napa. folks are moving nicely through the trivalley as well. winding because of the commute. it's been sluggish all morning around north flin and now livermore. the average travel time is 21 minutes there. now, further north, highway 4 to loveridge, not a big deal. two stall that is cleared from the upper decks. all lanes are cleared. the metering lights are on. they were turned on early today. a live look out there from the chopper shows what things are like in the area. another incident going on off to the shoulder. on the approach, things are
6:52 am
sorting themselves out. heading opposite the commute through oakland. we check out another live shot off the golden gate bridge. earlier slowing until five minutes ago. i told you about the earlier accident. it didn't cause a problem. we had slowing at the south tower. it's just cleared in time for the skies to clear. not a major issue. we are watching that. it should burn off. >> it looks nice. it's slowly starting to burn off. let's check in with marla. she's got potential news about a visit from well-known newlyweds. >> u.s. world and news reports assessment that san francisco is the best summer vacation spot in the world. the duke and duchess of cam bridge. they say the newlyweds are coming to california this summer, but they are not coming to san francisco. royal aids have apparently penciled in a two-day trip to
6:53 am
los angeles for prince william and kate middleton in late june. they are expected to visit with royal wedding guests david and victoria beckham after they take a trip to canada. they may have canceled a planned honeymoon. there's speculation the prime minister spoke to the royal family and made it known in general term that is the u.s. was planning something big and the couple should stay home for awhile. a strike against osama bin laden was scheduled for saturday. weather pushed it to sunday. prince charles is coming to the u.s. today. he is visiting washington, d.c. the two-day trip includes a visit to the white house and a meeting with the president. laura, i'm thinking road trip, you and me, l.a., david beckham. >> okay. gonna rearrange the may about
6:54 am
the bay tour. sounds great. thanks so much. donald trump's press conferences are costing him advertisers. scott mcgrew has more. >> not on tv, but the apprentice website, groupon says it will no longer advertise on the nbc website because it was concerned about trump's statements and didn't want to upset its customers. there are several petitions online to pull other advertising from "the apprentice" tv show as well. on facebook, the number of bin laden links may cause craziness on facebook. think before clicking. laura. >> i noticed that. a lot of people are setting those up. thank you very much. let's check in with bob redell. he's been in napa all morning. find out where we are headed next. we are taking you around the bay in may. >> that's right. today, we were in napa.
6:55 am
we have 18 more destinations. where are we going to go tomorrow? only this dart will tell. we have the gents here at the winery. can i have some tiki music in anticipation of this throw. steve, move over a bit. three, two, one. >> oh! >> reporter: wow, where does it say? we're going to walnut creek. boy, how random was that? tomorrow, walnut creek, we are going to show you the largest, littlest choo choo shet. do you have any idea what you are going to have? off the top of your head? >> i'm going to a really nice shopping area. little miss christina loren is going with me. that's my old stomping ground over there. >> we want to thank them for having us here today at the judds winery today. we came up with our own may
6:56 am
around the bay vintage. we had a contest between christina loren and i. i don't really recall who won, do you? >> it was me. >> now my memory is coming back. winning. we are going to bring this back and uncork this. how long should we let it set for? >> you could take it to lunch tonight or hold it for a few years. put it in the cellar, see what happens. come back next year. >> tiki and wine, how did this happen? >> i'm a nut and it's things i like and i brought them together to live the life. >> what song is this? >> aloha and this is a classic. >> reporter: i think we are heading to walnut creek tomorrow. we are going to leave you here with lovely sounds. thank you for having us. >> what a way to start your morning out there. please join us tomorrow morning
6:57 am
as well. i'm going to join the gang out in walnut creek. now, we are going to check the morning commute. how are we looking? >> peaceful music. i want to give you the update. the chopper found, they are past the toll plaza toward the incline. as you hit the incline, one lane is blocked. it's causing a problem for folks. it's after the metering lights. one lane is blocked. two tow trucks arrived on scene. they are getting it hooked up now. they will track it all morning. i hand it off to you. >> thank you very much. we will check in with you. coming up in 25 minutes, 7:25 and 7:55 are our local cut ins. thank you for joining us. have a fantastic day.
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