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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  May 3, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> panetta is saying yes, a photo of the world's most wanted terrorist will be released, but the cia director won't say when. the white house is taking its time in deciding how the images will come out and which ones the world will see. u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s shot osama bin laden twice, once in the chest and once above his left eye. the photos are no doubt gruesome. the white house is concerned about inflaming the muslim world by showing these graphic images. >> additional release of information or any type of photographic evidence is something that we have to take into account in terms of what the reaction might be to it. >> reporter: another option is releasing video of bin laden's burial at sea, but we don't know yet which images will ultimately come out. and now we're learning new details of what happened when the s.e.a.l.s, it was called
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justified. >> he resisted. the u.s. personnel on the ground handled themselves with the utmost professionalism. >> reporter: the diplomatic question now facing the white house is what to do about pakistan. >> why osama bin laden could be so close to islamabad, really in plain sight. >> reporter: the pakistan government today denied shielding bin laden and warned the u.s. to back off. >> the issue of osama bin laden is history. >> reporter: not here. tomorrow dianne feinstein will be part of an armed services meeting focused on the secret hideout. they say bin laden may have been holed up in that mansion for up to six years. it's something she says pakistani leaders could not have missed. the events in pakistan have a direct local impact. b.a.r.t. is adding some muscle, getting officers from other agencies to help patrol stations
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and platforms here in the bay area. b.a.r.t. is on a high risk alert in case there's retaliation for the killing of bin laden. tonight the transit security administration activated operation rail safe. operation rail safe pairs b.a.r.t. officers with local law enforcement agencies to protect the rail system. there's no timetable for when b.a.r.t. will return to normal procedures. let's go back to bin laden's hideout. we're getting more information about what went on there from the people who live in that neighborhood. they say the compound's occupants kept to themselves. kids told reporters when they played soccer and kicked the ball over the fence by accident the people inside the bin laden compound didn't return the ball. the way other neighbors did and said someone from the compound would give the children money. strangely on the wall is an advertisement for a girl's school. two-thirds of americans are somewhat concerned about a retaliatory terror attack.
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the same study done by the pew research center and "washington post" finds the public remains divided about whether u.s. troops should remain in afghanistan. 47% want them to stay until the situation has been stabilized. 48% of americans say the troops should come home as soon as possible. by the way, president obama's approval is up nine points overnight to 56%. and the president watched that operation unfold from the white house situation room where tonight we're hearing just how tense it was from one of the other top level officials in that room. they tell brian williams they were holding their breath collectively until they got word from ground crews in pakistan that bin laden was dead. >> but i also don't think we ought to kid ourselves that killing osama bin laden kills al qaeda. we've damaged them. >> now you can hear more of britain williams' interview with leon panetta coming up at 5:00 following nbc bay area at 5:00.
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some other headlines tonight, we have breaking news in oakland, a police chase ending near 82nd avenue, once again, this is in oakland, a police chase ending near 82nd avenue. the police chasing a stolen vehicle which crashed. the suspects have fled the vehicle. police now looking for the suspects as we speak. we'll continue to monitor this story as it develops throughout this hour and in our 6:00 hour. there are concerns now about a deadly virus spreading across the bay area. especially in contra costa county. whooping cough. so far at least 78 cases have been reported in contra costa county this year alone. that number puts the county on track to set a new record. last year, 205 cases were reported in the entire 12-month period. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us from pittsberg to show us what experts are doing to help prevent the spread of this infection. >> reporter: it can be deadly,
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but it is completely preventible. there's a big push underway to get everyone vaccinated. the county held one of its first whooping cough vaccination clinics inside this health center earlier this afternoon, but so far, not too many people seem to be heeding the warnings. those who have had a brush with whooping cough will be the first to tell you, you don't want to wait until it's too late. >> this is my baby. >> reporter: she says she'll never forget her son's close call with whooping cough. he caught the infection last year, leaving him gasping for air and sending her into a panic. >> it's very scary. very scary. my heart dropped because i didn't know what to do. regular medicine wasn't working for him, and having to rush your son to the emergency room because you don't know what's going on, it's very scary. >> it's called the whooping cough because often there's a lot of muk cows in her lungs,
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they often have the -- and that's why it's called the whooping cough. >> it's on the rise, the county's seen 78 cases so far and could hit a record high. >> please take it very seriously, please get everyone in your family vaccinated. please try to stop the spread throughout the community so we can protect ourselves as well as our very young, most vulnerable infants. >> the county is holding a slew of free vaccination clinics, hoping to vaccinate both parents and children alike. but this one in pittsberg got off to a very slow start. >> it's kind of discouraging. we were hoping that we'll be getting really a line and a lot of people, big turnout. unfortunately so far we haven't had anybody. >> no one is showing up? that's a shock to me. >> reporter: smith urges everyone to protect themselves. she doesn't want others to get sick the way her son did. >> get your children immunizations up to score, up to record, up to date, and things of that nature so they don't
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have to experience the heartache of, the scare of whooping cough. because it is scary. >> reporter: now, clinics are being held this evening in martinez, antioch and concord and they'll be held throughout the county the next couple days. starting this fall, seventh through 12th graders will be required to show proof they have received a whooping cough booster, so it's best to get it done now. reporting live in contra costa county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a significant day for pg &. e, the utility has started the testing process on the first of many gas transmission lines here in the bay area. utility workers are testing the massive pipeline in mountain view. the hydrostatic pressure test will help them determine whether the pipeline is safe, or whether it needs to be replaced. today, they bled the gas out of the line. next up, they'll fill the pipe with water and then monitor for pressure for eight hours.
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that pipe is one mile long and is a cross feeder line to the very same pipeline that ruptured in san bruno, killing eight and destroying an entire neighborhood. officials remain unsure who will pick up the cost of this work. turning to developments in the chauncey bailey murder trial. jurors heard recordings where it was said chauncey bailey slandered his business and his late father. prosecutor melissa crumb is out to prove he gave the order to stop the story about the black muslim bakery. derwin longmire testified for a second time. he also told jurors bay was lying when he said a detective told him he wouldn't be charged in that case. let's bring in jeff ranieri, this was kind of the opening act for tomorrow's big day, i presume. correct? >> great way to put it there, raj. this is certainly a warm today
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but we're going to get hot as we head through tomorrow. take a look at the warmest sp e spots, walnut creek at 79, not seeing any records today, however, tomorrow we could se that change. what we're watching is these northwesterly winds kicking up, and that northwest wind is very dry and that's what's going to help to heat things up. we'll still call it warm for tomorrow here across the bay area with plenty of 80s. we'll also possibly see the chance of 90-degree heat. we'll let you know how long this will last in a few minutes. tonight three people au.ccud of stealing riches from the righteous. a catholic church where more than a half million dollars was embezzled from its coffers. we're joined at st. iz za dore's catholic church. >> reporter: $2.7 million operating budget here, a half
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million dollars to go missing is no small amount. even so, church officials say it took as many as six years for them to discover three of their own were allegedly stealing from them. >> and to find something like this happening, and it's just very shocking. >> reporter: more than a half million dollars reportedly stolen from parishioners like alice wong. >> they really involved with the church and everything. >> reporter: wong can only think financial problems would prompt the financial manager and a volunteer and office manager to allegedly embezzle money from the church in danville. >> i guess money will make somebody turn into something else. temptation, i guess. >> reporter: diocese spokesman mike brown says as office manager, deike had full oversight. >> she was office manager. she had responsibility from everything from the incoming
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mail, opening the mail, to sorting invoices and receipts. >> reporter: it allegedly had been going on for years until a pastor noticed some irregularities in the books. the three stole about $360,000 through fraudulent use of credit cards and an additional $200,000 by using checks from st. iz za dore's for personal expenses. >> at the end of the day, it's clear far too much authority was placed into one person. >> reporter: brown says the parish has now implemented more checks and balances, which has a $2.7 million annual operating budget. the diocese also intends to seek rest tuition. >> it's sad. it's just -- disheartening. but what are you going to do? >> reporter: and tonight, deike is in police custody. the two other suspects are out on bail. all three face multiple charges of embezzlement. live in danville, nbc bay area
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news. coming up now, asthma alerts, the new report that has health experts concerned. and good evening, i'm chief. cooling off aor bit at the coastline with 66 in san francisco. however, it's still warm inland from livermore to san jose, mid to upper 70s and it's going to get even hotter for tomorrow. i'll let you know who could have upper 80s, maybe even a few 90s in just a few minutes. but first, an update on san francisco giants fan bryan stow. ngondition now, doctors are nearly more than a month after he was beaten outside dodger stadium.
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there is continued progress
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in the recovery of giants fan bryan stow. tonight marks the fifth consecutive day stowe has gone without suffering a seizure. doctors took him off coma-inducing medication friday. he's still hooked up to a ventilator and remains in critical condition. stow has spent more than a month in a los angeles hospital after being attacked outside dodger stadium following a giants game march 31st. the stow family is speaking with doctors about transferring bryan to a bay area hospital. >> if is hard to come prehand but a levee had a hole made in cairo illinois, the river is egs suspected to rise to its highest level since the 1920s. an estimated 130,000 acres of rich prime farmland are now under water. missouri had asked the supreme court to stop the detonation,
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but the court refused to hear the case. and a week after that historic outbreak of deadly tornadoes ripped through the south, more storms are now moving through some of the hardest-hit areas there. >> the weather today isn't nearly as severe but still enough to hamper recovery efforts. here's a look at tuscaloosa, alabama, where hundreds died and many more lost everything. while thousands of volunteers continue to supply victims with water, food and other supplies, the people affected most by the twisters are just now beginning to realize how long their recovery will take. >> i think i was pretty numb right after it and then gradually, you know, you'd look around and you see different things that are gone or, you know, you can just see it -- see it more clearly. a job that i thought would only take maybe a few days has -- it's going to take a long time. i don't know how long. >> more than 300 people are still missing in this region. soon the army corps of engineers
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will begin clearing out the seemingly endless fields of debris to make way for rebuilding. >> let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri to discuss some of these tornadoes and our own weather. how severe are we talking in terms of these new round of tornadoes? >> we certainly could see more severe weather with that, and you know the survey actually did come in in the past 72 hours from the southeast, and they were rated ef-4 to ef-5 tornadoes that produced all those deaths in the southeast. winds that could have topped 300 miles per hour. unbelievable. meanwhile, oakland, 68 degrees, winds west at 14, and we're mainly clear out here with a lot of heat in the east and the south bay. 76 in livermore, 74 san jose, 69 santa cruz and cooler near san mateo, but these northwesterly winds have started to push in, and that's really going to help warm us up for tomorrow with plenty of 80s inland and then ahead we'll be talking about some cooler changes for your
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mother's day weekend. so let's get a look. high pressure sitting just offshore, we'll keep it warm with those 80s inland. thursday, staying warm with more widespread 80s. we could even have a few 90s pushing here across our east end south bay sections as well over the next two-day period. a lot of you asking for the heat but now that it's here, are you going to want this? 56 san jose, 61 san francisco and 55 santa rosa. let's get a lot at those numbers for tomorrow. close to 90 in the south bay, san jose, 86. 88 fremont, 86 dublin, 84 livermore. cooler near the peninsula but warming up from san mateo to redwood city. close to 90 in interior sections. that really is where it's going to be the hottest and for the north bay also close to 90 in santa rosa, 86 know vnovato.
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so for thursday and friday, we will gradually cool things off with some sun and some clouds, and by this upcoming weekend we'll go with low to mid-70s. and here's the good news, you guys. we were talking about the chance of showers on mother's day. right now that chance of showers is shourinking to about 7% chan. >> 7%? >> yes. >> you're such a good son. >> i do what i can. >> i'm going to invite you to brunch. >> i like that. >> speaking of sunday, that is your big day, right? it is a tough job that you have, but there's a new survey, which country makes it easiest to be a mom. it's not the united states. >> yeah, we figured that one. plus another tough job, singing their heart out for a celebrity judge. ♪ i see you dri down♪ >> coming up, just how hard it was from some of the contestants
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there's a medical mystery tonight as experts ponder the sharp increase in as ma rates in the united states. a report by the centers for disease control find over the past decade 4 million new cases were diagnosed across all age groups. children, however, had the higher rate of new cases compared to adults. what's puzzling about the rise is that fewer people are smoking, and air pollution rates are decreasing. well, a maryland educator is this year's national teacher of the year. michelle shirr is from frederick county, maryland, and she received the prestigious honor today from president obama. the president said she represents all teachers who are committed to their students. >> michelle's specialty is taking students normally underrepresented in science, minorities, women, students with disabilities, even students who say equations and formulas are just not their thing and helping them discover the scientist
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within. >> while honoring shirr, the president reiterated the reform to the no child left behind education law. the teacher of the year in california is from a middle school in lake side. and no one argues that being a mom can be tough as well, apparently, though, it is harder here in the u.s. than in some other parts of the world. for instance, norway. the aid organization save our children says norway is actually the best place to be a mom because of the high ratio of female to male income, top medical care and, get this, you get a full year of paid maternity leave. >> wow. >> afghanistan, as you might imagine, ranked the worst in the world. the u.s., 31. australia, number two, followed by iceland at number three. iceland, i'm not going there. it's a little too cold and i'm too short for norway. >> there is an nbc station in norway we can get you too. you can't leave us, though. sight unseen, coming up, if you sound good, it's the new show,
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you score big. >> yes. coming up, what it's like for the contestants of the new singing show "the voice." [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together.
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♪ i see you driving downtown with a girl i love ♪ >> the cee lo song. it is week two of "the voice." the twist on the show is the judges can only hear you. they don't see you until you turn your chair around. they turn the chair around and by that time they've already either approved you or they've passed on you as a contestant. >> i was like, just please let someone turn around. >> you step out there, the audience is quiet, the band
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kicks in, and it's just like -- ♪ >> there have been some great singers. the elimination process begins in a singoff called battle rounds. >> it is a fun show to watch. >> ift is. i watched it twice. reruns last week. >> we saw some rug rats running around the news room, we had a great time. >> we had a station tour and they went on their own impromptu audition. i walked away for one second and here's what happened. >> "the voice." >> yeah. >> we're the tigers. watch us soar. we're den seven, hear us roar! >> oh, i turned my chair around for those guys. they're from cub scout pack 272 and they had a lot of fun out there. >> super cute. we'll take them. >> we love to see them here. they're going to replace you in a few years. >> well, thank you. thank you. i need to start looking. >> thank you, jeff. that's going to do it for us, "nightly news" is next.
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we'll see you again at 6:00. >> just a reminder, brian williams has an exclusive interview with cia director leon panetta and we'll be back with local news at 6:00. we'll see you then. hey marcel, watch this!
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