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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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our "today about the bay" tour continues this morning. we're waking up in beautiful walnut creek. 20 cities in 20 days. you know, when you think walnut creek you may think wonderful shopping, some fine dining. not know. good morning, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> oótact coldest.[v ex3#nt bring in my colleague christina loren with the full forecast for us.
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>> yeah, this is the coldest point of the day so right now your toughest decision will we what shall i wear today. you can wear the short leaves and the shorts even because we're going to hit 90 degrees inland. we're talking about temperatures a little more mild but if you want to break out a tank top in san francisco, so be it today. you can let that happen. temperaturewise we are talking about 80s at the coast, 90s inland. high pressure is at its maximum energy. i'll you know what the forecasted lo o)é movesréx=[!t maybe you're leaving walnut creek getting ready to hit the highway, how does it look, mike? >> 680 moves smoothly but i'll show you north and south of that. highway 4 shows traditional slow spots from hillcrest over to love ridge. just at l street past the jam-up you're slamming on the brakes
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and then clearing towards horizon. then just south of where you guys are, this is 580 coming westbound with your commute and slowing right through livermore over towards airway for those 50s. we're looking at a slowdown out of the altamont pass as well. it's building throughout the east bay and the bay area. laura, back to you. >> all right, we'll look forward to that. thank you very much, mike. also looking forward to the warmer temperatures, but we have to watch out for that increase in fire danger. it happens every single year. in fire danger. it happens every single year. if we get winds as well, that could add up to a lot of danger. i want to check in with nbc bay area's damian trujillo who is live in morgan hill where firefighters are getting ready to do some prework to help tackle the threat. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we're at the fire prevention demo area here in morgan hill. this station already responded to a fire it charred several acres and
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could have been much worse if we did have those strong winds that you were talking about, those winds that we're used to here occasionally in the bay area. cal fire is calling this wildfire awareness week. they are asking homeowners to clear brush within their homes by 100 feet to give them a chance to save by 100 feet to give them a chance to save of a fire and wildfires are preventible. cal fire says 94% of wildfires are caused by humans and they have to be prepared and be more vigilant this year compared to years past. that's because of the heavy rains this winter and spring. they only the brush and grasses providing more fuel for a emotional fire.%> ocall in the are of see fires here and there. we've had some fires in southern california already and just even some here locally. we have resources available that
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are responding. we will start to transition in the next couple of weeks. >> reporter: cal fire says in the last five years the state has seen 7,000 wildfires and they have chargred more than 900,000 acres. cal fire aren't the only ones preparing as the upcoming fire season. we as the media also have to do the same. this is my fire things that are provided by nbc. we are only allowed to go in with the proper ecebfjcn fire gear. if we go beyond a line we will be stopped and escorted out of the area unless we have this protection as well. i'm damian trujillo "today in the bay." >> we all have to be careful and all do our part to help reduce the fire danger. now i want to turn to my colleague, marla tellez, who's live with more on the day's
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news, including something from the fbi. good morning. >> panet isni a it is 6:04. whop
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this morning, san francisco police are trying to track down a man who used muni as a getaway ride after stealing a woman's $23,000 violin. police say this man here dressed in all black snatched the woman's violin and her cell phone after getting past security at the san francisco conservatory of music last week. a woman at the conservatory spotted the man walking away with the violin and followed him to the muni station at van ness and market street. she then called police. the violin is a one-of-a-kind instrument made in the early 1900s. we should learn more about a ind meth bust in contra costa a u.s. attorney will talk about the meth ring at a news conference. so far 17 people have been indicted in federal court in so far 17 people have been indicted in federal court in oakland this drug ring. most pleaded not guilty this week and are al custody for the time being.
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they are selling meth in several cities. the santa clara county d.a.'s office might have to dismiss almost a thousand dui cases. it says some hand-held breathalyzers used in the field may have malfunctioned. the device is called the alco sensor. the results of someone's blood alcohol level. san jose police already recalled their devices. one dui attorney says this proves breathalyzers don't work. >> i've had clients who tell me they have had very little to drink and they sometimes get a high result and it's because of problems with these kinds of machines. people are getting arrested wrongfully, so it's a big problem. br the d.a.'s office says it does not results from does not results from the hand-held pc instead they rely on results from blood tests or from breathalyzer machines, which are not the hand-helds. reviewing all 865 cases in question will take about a
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month. it is 6:07 now. time to check back in with laura garcia-cannon. she's live in walnut creek this gorgeous good morning. >> good morning to you, my friend. >> good morning to you, my friend. i wish you were out here ale later because eous out here. the !ó> is coming up. the2já across ear wit the !ó> is coming up. the2já across ear wit think guest joining me sureñecks it the time. this is the mayor. thanks for getting up early with us. >> thanks for joining us. we're delighted you're here. >> i'm sure you're always excited to talk about this city. i went to st. mary's so i had pres good stomping grounds around here as well. it's amazing development that has gone on but as well as incorporating the great wildlife and everything preserved around here. >> absolutely. this is a wonderful community that truly believes there can be a balance. we can have of the we can have of the surrounded by wonderful public open space lands that we have consciously preserved over the
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last 35 years. so we have creeks, open space lands, parks, wildlife and that's what makes this community so great. that's what makes this community so great. >> of really good shopping here. but in this tough economic time that we're facing, a lot of cities are having so cutbacks. over our shoulder here there's a huge neiman marcus going up and you're seeing auto dealerships. >> we are really, really happy because walnut creek seems to be weathering the storm fairly well. we're seeing the economic rise. small neiman , marcus is being built behind us that will open in march of 2012. the nordstrom which is behind you on the other side has just completed a small renovation and expansion. we are having a new
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state-of-the-art one of thek br week. the hospital has been]gfened a 242-bed, five-story patient yeat is absolutely state-of-the-art íitalsplaza. used6o to nords i and world report." >> wonderful to have it in your city and it's wonderful to be here on broadway plaza. i used to work at nordstrom in the women's shoehsection. if i ever asked what size do you need that in, we've all got to start somewhere. as i mentioned, it's a gorgeous day out here. the sun is finally coming up. it's always coldest before the sun comes in. >> you and al bundy, huh? you and al bundy. had to go there. >> everybody has got to wear shoes. >> that's right. and the cuter, the better. warm toes, ladies, no regrets this morning or today. you can wear open-toe shoes.
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conditions. it's going to be really, othe a this withp+ con3qq+ees going a beautiful day overall with a lot of onshore< we will be dealing with breezy conditions throughout the day will@ our temperatures are going to drop wed.zltomorr to see a litte of onshore flow. will drop off by 5 degrees as we head through tomorrow. so we are forecasting a couple of records. san francisco, santa rosa. i also believe some cities in the east bay will get very, very close to breaking records but thisseven-day outlook shows you t very short-lived, mini heat wave. after that we'll drop off substantially. she we're back out here live rs. uncle7;ll![,n -skate. róingn >>mike. single morning hey,=p6 mike because she'syou.
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named mike, right? so let's get us with who? >> mike. th hey, kate, my niece. folks wl plaza.qdee goi ch chopperm city@má, streetso web there. eleofefgcnfhfifaepejeofey there. eleofefgcnfhfifaepejeofey spots?ó in t[) thatq%/ouse construction that's causing a delay getting to the bay bridge out of san francisco. there are many construction spots in the area including that huge project w transbay terminal. we don't see any it(@! over liv any congest give us a call if you see any problems. dayro the5 picking co we'll end beau t i with to you we'll end beau t i with to you creek. !,n fhepf fhepf
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the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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you were taking a little bit off the top. >> yeah, we're doing great. how are we looking? >> you look fantastic. tell us why you're doing this? it's all for a fund-raiser? >> absolutely. sergeant edwards and the walnut creek police department have put together a fund-raising event for st. baldrick's which is a foundation that benefits families with childhood cancer. the big event is next week.
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we'll have 40 or 50 people come out and get their head shaved to raise money. but we're kicking it off today since you're coming down giving us a chance to promote it. >> i want to talk to sergeant edwards as well. you made thousands of dollars last year in the fund-raising efforts that you did with this? >> correct, about $32,000 on our first attempt. >> wow. and you mentioned in the department, sadly enough, actually you saw the face of pediatric cancer? >> yes. one of our sergeant's 4-year-old daughter, he got his head shaved last year and four months later she was diagnosed with a malignant mass and they have been great. they have been consultants for him, helping through a difficult time. she's doing great, halfway through her treatment and she'll be there next tuesday. >> so the big event is on tuesday. >> next tuesday from 4 to 8. >> and here i'm rudely blocking this brand new look. >> i'm enjoying it. it's a little chilly out here
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right now but it's going to get warmer. everybody come on down to walnut creek, it's a great city and we do a lot of great stuff for the community so we're having a good day. >> the good folks from shine salon are out here as well making people look good. you're making a big difference. thank you very much. that's a great kind of opportunities that we see happening in communities throughout the bay area and that's why we want to highlight it for you. it's fun getting out and about, isn't it? >> it's fun seeing a man shave his head for a good cause standing next to an officer. >> lots of love right there. >> an it's always nice to be guarded by an officer on duty as well. we're enjoying that as well. you're enjoying a gorgeous morning wherever you're waking up across the bay, clear conditions. you don't have to worry about that fog that we had yesterday. offshore flow has returned, pushed the marine layer way out to sea. for us today, crystal clear conditions. we are concerned about a high pollen count. keep that allegra and claritin handy because we are in the
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medium to high range when it comes to your pollen level so that will be the case for tomorrow as well. but our temperatures, the heat, that's the weather story for today. we're going to climb into the 90s today and if you are someone who works outside, just be prepared. bring an extra bottle of water with you this morning, wear light-colored clothes because woe haven't seen temperatures for months around the bay area. yeah, it's going to come in and go out just as quick as it came in. take a look at your seven-day outlook. by tomorrow mid-80s. by the weekend, mid-70s. a gorgeous day for mother's day. and we're out here live this morning in walnut creek. we've got some mothers out here this morning and some fathers out here as well. i asked your wife about a moment ago what she thinks of this new do and she told me it's going to grow back in a week. >> it will come back. hey, my head is a little cold. do you want to help me out, buddy? >> oh, look at this. >> that will keep me warm the
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rest of the morning? >> so that's a look at your weather. now we'll send it back to the woman in charge and also a mom for mother's day, our very own laura garcia-cannon. >> thank you very much. could you tell brent i'm in charge? >> no. tried that. >> thanks so much, christina. we're live in walnut creek this morning as we're taking you to cities across the bay area all month long in the month of may. and this morning i am joined by this lovely pup here as well as bobby bartlett. she is from arf which runs a great thing here in downtown walnut creek. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. we're happy to be here. yes, sound, may 15th, arf is hosting our 11th annual animals on broadway. it's a fair for people and pets to celebrate being each other's best friends. we're very excited that broadway plaza is sponsoring this again for us. they closed the street here. it's one of only two times in the year they closed the street to through traffic. we kick off at 10:30 with a
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fund-raising dog walk and that's why hannah is wearing her special scarf. it's a great way to raise money. you can ridegister online. we've got dog washes, the walnut creek police department with canine dem odemos, all kinds of fun things. we'll have wading pools and a dog wash to keep them cool in case it's a warm day. >> always nice weather. you know, that's the one thing you love about the bay area, we love our pets and love to bring them out and participate as well. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> it's a good day to take a dog for a walk and a it's beautiful animal as well. we've got a lot more coming up, including marla will talk live to guy. we'll have the very latest, stick around. we'll talk cars in tech as well as police figure out a clever way to catch speeders coming up in tech today.
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and i'll have to figure out how guy gets his hair to stand up. we're looking at 580 through dublin. i'll give you traffic tips coming up.
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take a look at this shot, 6:23, good morning. it is such a gorgeous morning out there. it's going to be hot today. let's see what's going on with the roads. mike. >> it's a hot time in antioch
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right now, typical backup right here down and below 20 miles per hour as you're coming over through the alphabet letters, a through l and slow through love ridge. temperaturewise hot. we're talking about fire danger. damian is letting you know about safety precautions and there's a small brush fire right around willow pass road. reports it might be a home its encampment but keep that in mind. we'll end with a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll see the metering lights turned on in just seconds. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. joining us now is food network star and also bay area resident, mr. guy fietti. are you there? >> i am here. now, listen, you know how hard it is for me to hear that the weather at home is so awesome? i'm here in new york city on top of -- like the 30th floor and it is just pouring rain. >> oh, geez. well, you know what, i was going
6:25 am
to say it's a shame that i have to talk to you through a screen when you live in santa rosa, which is also where my mother lives. >> your mom lives in -- well, she's probably been to my restaurants. >> i've been to -- i grew up there so i've been there a million and one times. >> well, here's what it is. i come all the way out to new york. we're launching my new book. i have a new book that just came out yesterday. this is some of the food that we're doing. we're kicking off this road show to promote the book so we've got all kinds of food we're making. it was going to be a big party, all my friends are here so everybody went indoors and who's standing out in the rain, the guy from no cal. >> this food goes with summertime weather? >> well, i cook food for all types of seasons. living in nor cal we get our seasons but this is a blade steak. it's kind of like a pork chop
6:26 am
gone wild. i've made it in a marinade. so you think about an italian restaurant, but this is a grilled version. so we marinate that. we're very familiar with the chipotle pepper in california. again, all these recipes come from the book. a corn squash with turkey sausage for my mom, penny, who's probably watching. and then my kids, huge fans of pizza, this is the s'mores pizza. it's about my family, my restaurants, it's 30 years in the making. everything from being an exchange student in france to coming on the food network. all on the tour that starts in south carolina and ends up on the west coast. so it was a big kickoff until the rain came. >> in your book, you feature your yellow camaro but we all want to know what happened to
6:27 am
the yellow lamborghini. >> i thought, marla, we could just get through without talking about it. >> come on! >> i'll tell you what happened. i took it town to the dealership in san fran, parked it for some service work and someone broke in through the sky light, rappelled down. they didn't have motion sensors inside their garage. the guy spent his time walking around, took my lamborghini that had the keys in it and drove off. heart breaker. >> i've got to tell you, it's a nice ride. >> it was a nice -- oh, oh. that's it. i'm going to go find your mom in santa rosa and tell her what you did. all the way out here in the rain and i get that. >> guy, thank you for your time this morning. that was fun. now from big food to high tech, scott mcgrew joins us with a lot of big companies snapping up those smaller ones. >> yeah, let's start with electronic arts, marla, on pa z peninsula. they really got caught flat footed as people started to
6:28 am
spent more and more time playing those 99-cent games on iphone so electronic parts will buy up some of the little game makers. this game is called flight control. how much? a lot more than 99 cents, but nobody is saying exactly how much of. silicon valley chip equipment maker applied materials will announce it's spending $5 billion to purchase a massachusetts-based company involved in making transistors. this isn't a sexy purchase, but it is a big one and a continued sign that silicon valley can still throw its weight around. gps maker tomtom says it will pay more attention to who it sells its data to after it was revealed the police bought up some of this gps data in order to figure out who was speeding where. they weren't able to capture actual speeders, but they were able to figure out what sections of the highway in various places
6:29 am
people drive very quickly and obviously set up their speed traps. sort of like the fishermen who use the sonar. >> there you go. thank you very much, scott. we're live out here in walnut creek this morning. at beautiful broadway plaza. coming up we'll tell you a little more about the creek that actually runs through walnut creek bearing the same name. also we'll take you to the biggest little train exhibit you've ever seen in tay a fun one for the family. stick around. 7 i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado.
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diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
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our "may around the bay" tour continues. this morning we're waking up in walnut creek helping you to start your day as well. a lot of people associate this great city with fine dining, some fantastic shopping, but there's so much more to see. we'll bring it to you live. good morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. thanks for joining us this morning. it's going to be a nice day as well. in fact, the warmest of the year
6:32 am
so far. spring has sprung. has summer arrived? we'll check in with christina. >> well, you're going to want to dress like summer arrived later on today. if you live inland, the east bay, the south bay, 90s in the forecast for today. high pressure is setting up. breezy conditions, those offshore breezes are going to warm us up significantly. we're going to increase by 10 to 15 degrees from our highs yesterday. so what that means for you is if you're someone that works outside, you'll want to drink a lot of water. if you're someone who lives in livermore or any of the east bay cities where we are forecasting the 90s, just make sure that you're aware of the really hot afternoon we're expecting. between about 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. our temperatures will skyrocket so dress accordingly. we're out here having fun in walnut creek, but if you've got to get to work, let's find out what's happening on the highways with mike. >> we do have some increased slowing out of the altamont pass
6:33 am
and through central livermore. 680 is starting to show slowing on our sensors. right around the express lane where things merge over, we're seeing a lot of slowing. this is heavier than we've seen in weeks. it may be an indication of heavier traffic or maybe it's just hot and they're tired. i'll try to sort out what's going on with traffic. back to you. >> thank you very much. we're trying to figure out what's going on with the state's budget deficit. the governor is actually trying to fix it but he's got a radical proposal that isn't floating well aa lot of parents and teachers. i want to check in with christie smith live with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. you know, you might find some students around who like this idea not having to go to school as long, but that's where the love ends. we've been talking with commuters, taxpayers this morning, and really they don't like this idea as all. we're talking about losing 20 instructional days of school per year really at school districts
6:34 am
across the state, which is quite a lot, considering that most districts have about 180 days. now, in recent years, though, with our state's financial problems, that number has been dropping, but the scenario is what governor brown is warning could happen as early as next school year without an extension of higher taxes. this morning we're speaking with commuters who are wondering how california kids could possibly stay competitive around the globe. >> the kids in japan and other places, the longer they stay in school, the more work they get done. >> reporter: so they need to keep the school year as it is. >> as it is. even longer if they can. >> reporter: now, some places like japan and china we're told have closer to 200 or even 220 days of school per year. california schools chief tom torlakson opposes the shorter school year but says it is a
6:35 am
real possibility. there are still a number of hurdles to jump. teachers unions and lawmakers would have to agree with it. governor brown expected to have his revised budget and from there it's up to local districts to decide how to handle it. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> certainly sparking a lot of conversation. thank you very much. now for a look at the rest of the day's news, we want to check in with marla tellez. she's live in the newsroom with more, including the officer-involved shooting overnight in pittsburg. >> yes, we'll start there at 6:35 now. good morning. a known east bay gang member is in custody this morning after reported low shooting at a pittsburg police cruiser. 27-year-old dyrell jones apparently ran a stop sign and then crashed his car into a wall. this happened near railroad and atlantic yesterday evening. then he ran into a nearby apartment complex and we do have some chopper video from that scene. you can see here what appears to be bullet holes in the front
6:36 am
windshield of the officer's car. the officer, though, was not hurt. it has been almost four years since journalist chauncey bailey and two other men were shot and killed in oakland. today the trial of the two men accused in those killings is nearing an ebld. prosecutors have rested their case. prosecutors say bey ordered bailey's killing because bailey was investigating bey's family business, which is your black muslim bakery. bey is also accused of ordering the killings of two other men in oakland during the summer of '07. the defense plans to call only a few witnesses to the stand. closing arguments should begin next week. well, the temperatures are rising outside and so are concerns, though, that fire season could heat up earlier than usual. "today in the bay's" damian trujillo is live in morgan hill where there's a ban in effect as of today. what's that about, damian?
6:37 am
>> reporter: well, you know, it's all about fire prevention, marla. we're here at the fire prevention demo area at the cal fire station. this is where they show folks what kind of shrubs and plants they should have around their homes, mostly ever grown. this is also where they show you what kind of clearance you should have around that home. right now that state mandate is 100 feet of clearance. homeowners who don't follow that guideline run the risk of having firefighters determine their home is not saveable during a fire, so they'll go on to the home next door. it's a team effort, they say, with homeowners and fire crews, and the winter and spring rains have only made matters worse. they have made the weeds and brush grow faster and taller, giving them that ever worrisome fuel. >> we're trying to send a message to folks that the concern for us is for you to be ready for that wildfire, even though the potential right now
6:38 am
may be low. this is the best time to prepare for it. >> reporter: cal fire says in the last five years, wildfires have caused more than 7,000 wildfires and most of those have been preventible. they say 94% of wildfires are caused by humans, so the warning today, if you want firefighters to save your home, you have to give them a fighting chance. we're live in morgan hill, i'm damian true hjillotrujillo, "to bay." we'll send it back out to miss laura live in walnut creek this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you and good morning, everyone at home. thanks for getting up early with us. always good to have you. we're here in beautiful walnut creek. one of the great things about the bay area are the natural landscapes that you see out there. we're talking about the threat of fire in the hills. we're already seeing them turn from grown to brown, gotta be careful. one way to capture the true spirit and beauty of the bay area is through a great coffee table book. i'm joined this morning by
6:39 am
steven joseph. he is a photographer who really compiled exquisite pictures of mt. diablo right here in contra costa county. thanks for joining us this morning. >> sure. >> we'll take a look at some of the stills as we talk to you. tell me why you chose mt. diablo. you're a big hiker. >> yes. i like to hike. hike and photograph are my two favorite things to do. since diablo is close to my home, i can get there quickly, and so i get out of the car and hike. it's about 85,000 acres with all of the regional parks surrounding the state park so it's quite a wilderness here in the middle of a sea of people. >> exactly. and that's the neat thing about the bay area really. you can be from -- to a great city thriving and just step out the back door and do some great hikes. i really think you capture it in this book. an exquisite eye for just the beauty of an oak tree, let's
6:40 am
say. >> i specialize in oak trees and clouds. >> was it hard to narrow down the pictures you chose for this? >> very hard. tens of thousands of photographs. 27 years of photographing diablo. it was quite a challenge. >> how many hiking boots did you go through? >> oh, many. at least one pair a year. and linda colberg wrote the book. she did all the writing and book coordinating, so it's quite a beautiful book, i have to say. >> you can tell it's a passion of yours. it's "mt. diablo, the extraordinary life and landscapes of a california treasure." it truly is a treasure. it's available at barnes & noble and also. >> mdia, they published the book so yuck get it at thank you for joining us. as i mentioned.
6:41 am
sun was coming up as well. it's going to be the warmest day of the year? >> warmest day of the year 2011 at least so far. this will be the warmest spring day we've had by far. we're talking about 90-degree weather, record-breaking temperatures. high pressure has moved in and let's talk about what's going to happen today via your weather headlines. cool, crisp start. it is as clear as a bell out here this morning. if you're someone that works outside, you want to back that water bottle with you because it's going to be very, very warm later on today. we've got spring-like conditions this morning. our lows are right on track with seasonal averages but our highs are going to be upwards of 15 degrees warmer than average for this time of year. i'm forecasting 90s, and records in places like santa rosa, san francisco. santa rosa 90 degrees. hasn't been that warm since the '30s so this is what we're looking forward to for today. it will be very short-lived. as we head throughout the remainder of your week, temperatures drop. tomorrow we'll be down about
6:42 am
five degrees and more so towards your mother's day weekend. so it's really nice out here this morning. we don't have a lot of traffic on the city streets here of walnut creek, but let's find out what's happening on your highways. >> getting a lot more crowded, just like those outdoor eateries you're talking about. beautiful day but we have a slower drive. there's an accident westbound 580 around el charro. there was an earlier truck fire but then it was changed to an accident so now one lane affected coming west out of livermore towards pleasanton. this will be an additional problem so expect more delays if you're coming through livermore and heading toward the dublin interchange. we're looking at 580 towards the castro valley y. that's holding up nicely but the y reminds me of a lot of motorcycle accidents we've seen the past few years and warmer weather seize an increased volume of traffic with motorcycles on the roadways. the bay bridge toll plaza shall the metering lights are turned on there. and the chopper is over walnut
6:43 am
creek. they showed me the 24 interchange moving smoothly. 24 and 680 moving nicely through the area. we'll send it back to laura. i hope the chopper is making too much noise for you. >> nothing is bothering us out here. sunshine, beautiful day. you've got to love the bay area. one of the great cities that we're traveling to, walnut creek this morning. na butua traha tilt ta great goes with the creek, we'll show you it coming up. swipe your card please. excuse me...? this belongs to you... you. excuse me... this is yours... thank you! you're welcome. with chase freedom, you get cash back on what you buy everyday. this is yours! thank you! that's 5% cash back in bonus categories every three months.
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11 years in a row.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm laura garcia-cannon. live this morning in walnut creek. a beautiful city with a beautiful name, but there's a creek that actually goes with it that you can visit. a lot of people may not know about it. steve certainly does, he's a city engineer in walnut creek this morning. >> good morning. >> it's kind of a hidden jewel. >> yeah, walnut creek is a hidden jewel. this is a walnut creek in walnut creek, believe it or not. >> and people can see it? >> we just completed a creek walk project. we're going to officially open it on may 21st at 10:00. you can walk over there right now at civic park east, which is right behind the senior center and the arts center and our civic park. just walk across the bridge and it's really a beautiful, beautiful project we just completed. >> how long is it? >> it's about -- probably about a quarter of a mile long and it's an interpretive center. we have classrooms that are waiting to use it. you can go down to the creek, grab samples and do some testing so a lot of teachers are excited
6:47 am
about using this. >> what a beautiful thing. thank you very much. steve has been waiting out here patiently in the cold. but just a great thing to enjoy about walnut creek. the nature is right here in the backyard as well as some fantastic shopping and whatnot as we're here in blaudway plaza. >> reporter: laura, you bring your shopping and i think of shopping. shopping is to women as man caves are to men. i can't imagine a larger man cave, more impressive man cave than we found right here in walnut creek. train your eyes on this. you know, when you think of trains here in the bay area, you've got all sorts. you've got caltrain on the peninsula, large diesel engines. bart, large electric. vga in the south bay, light rail. but here in walnut creek, they like their trains tiny. tiny. >> don't like that word, do you? >> reporter: ted moreland with
6:48 am
the walnut creek model railroad society. how are you? >> oh, i'm doing fine. >> reporter: a 360-degree view of the diablo valley lines. the fact that you can even get a 360-degree view shows you just how large this is. >> the layout itself is about 50 feet by 34 feet. >> reporter: so you would say that this is the largest layout in walnut creek? >> yes. it's been the top ten of the state. very easily. probably the top 20 of the u.s. >> reporter: how many towns are here? >> olympia, port allen, diablo, potters town, the town of thompson flat, cinder hill, nevens. what we have here is diablo yard, which is the main yard for the railroad. >> reporter: is this complete? >> no. >> reporter: it's not? >> no. >> reporter: what still needs to be done? >> anything.
6:49 am
it's never complete. a model railroad is never complete. you do one of two things. you keep changing it or tear it down and start something brand new. and that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: it's an addiction? >> yeah. yeah, it is. >> reporter: remember that guy on the adams family? >> yes. >> reporter: yeah. >> stop by to talk to you about -- >> reporter: we had him out here? that's a negative? >> that's a negative. >> meant to blow them up? >> of course. why else would a grown man play with trains? >> reporter: some of the questions you get asked when people come in and have never seen this before. >> did you set this up for this show? >> reporter: they have no idea that this actually took two weekends. >> yeah, right. right. two weekends. >> reporter: hello? i'm in the middle of an interview right now. you want me to ask him what? how long are all the tracks here?
6:50 am
>> we have over 1500 feet worth of track. >> reporter: over 1500 feet. >> all hand laid. >> reporter: all hand laid. and please stop calling. all right, thank you. my mom says hi. >> okay. >> reporter: what drew you to this? >> me? >> reporter: and what still draws you to it? >> back when i was a little kid, i got interested in model railroading. it's my drug. it doesn't do me too much harm. it's fun. it occupies my mind. >> reporter: the walnut creek model railroad society does have their next show not this weekend but the following weekend, may 14th and 15th. you can go to for more information. it's quite a sight to see and does bring back memories of childhood if you were like me and had a model train set.
6:51 am
right now it's getting a little chilly out here. christina loren, is this what's in the forecast? >> that's exactly what's in the forecast. >> reporter: who's that? >> this is our representative this morning for the dog days of spring. this is my new boyfriend. just kidding. this is isabela and we'll meet her owners in just a moment. they came all the way out here. they watch the show every morning and we're really thankful to all of you to who do. your weather today is treating you right this morning. it's pretty mild. nice and crisp and clear out there. a little breezy. the breezes will warm us up. a warm breeze throughout the day today out of the northeast and the winds warm as they push from land to sea so that's the reason for the heating. our temperatures today are going to be around 90 degrees inland. more like the low 80s at the coast but, hey, if you can get to the beach today, you'll want to do so because pacifica, 82 degrees, a very rare treat. now, as you can see here, temperatures are going to be kind of pretty wildly dispersed
6:52 am
throughout the bay area. nice and mild at the coast. the further you head inland the warmer it gets. some cities in the sacramento valley will bow in the mid-90s today so keep that in mind if you're headed that way. seven-day outlook shows you it's a short-lived mini heat wave. tomorrow we'll drop by about 5 degrees and then we're in the 70s for mother's day weekend. speaking of mother's day, i'm with a couple of our viewers this morning. ladies, will you say your names. >> i'm crystal. >> i'm debbie. >> and they watch the show every morning but we're going to quiz them to make sure. if you really watch the show every day, what do you like about the show? >> i love mike. >> mike. >> you know, i like mike too. he's a pretty good guy and a really good traffic reporter. so, hey, thank you for watching every day, thanks for representing walnut creek out here this morning. they're off to work in oakland, so we'll have to check your drive in oakland coming up with your favorite mikey. >> hi, mike. >> right now i'll send it back over here to laura. laura likes this guy too.
6:53 am
>> yeah, we love all the folks that we're meeting out here. and you know we're taking it on the road once again. we've got out there ap out there we're calling it "may around the bay" taking you to some aeat places. we'll take a look at where we're going tomorrow coming up. care for your ♪ [ alarm buzzing ] another victim of frequent flyer red tape. [ tires screech ] seat restrictions got him stuck in a vicious circle. it's just not right! i keep earning miles, but it seems like i can never use them. the all-new rapid rewards doesn't have any of that nasty red tape. here he comes again. let's set him free! [ male announcer ] join rapid rewards and enjoy unlimited reward seats, no blackout dates, and no red tape. ♪
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all right. welcome back, folks. we're looking at a nice, smooth drive right now. i'll get you out to the roadways where things are slowing down for the south bay. northbound 101 from tully road and from 680 really slowing down around the bend but clearing by the time you get to 880. typical pattern but a little heavier than we typical see. 880 for those ladies up in walnut creek with christina, thank you. i'll give you a nice smooth
6:56 am
drive on the nimitz freeway. checking walnut creek stocks, hugh mania down about 32 cents. applied materials up 17 cents. they're reportedly going to make a big, big purchase of a transistor company. we'll keep watching that. if you're from the midwest, you probably know white castle. if you're not, you may know it from the harold and kumar movies. the 90-year-old restaurant jumping ahead of mcdonald's and burger king with online ordering. you order from your laptop or iphone and the bag of burgers is ready when you show up. the closest one seems to be in kansas city so i'll drive up to walnut creek and pick you up. >> sounds good. we'll be here as well as bob, christina. we're taking you around the bay. >> but we're not exactly sure where we're going tomorrow. yesterday we were at napa, today obviously walnut creek. it's kind of a random operation. we've been throwing a dart at the map to find out where our next day's destination is but i'm sick of the dart. >> me too.
6:57 am
>> spit ball. let's spit ball our location. you guys better step back. >> phlegm flying. >> all right. haven't done this since grade school. >> or last week. >> all right, laura, watch yourself. where are we going? wow, we're going to pleasanton! huge surprise. i did not see that coming! don't they have the largest antique mall in the east bay located there? >> they do. >> i think i can whip up a piece on that. you guys got some surprises too? >> always have surprises. it will be fun to head out to pleasanton. >> we better get on the road then. let's hit the trolley. free ride here in walnut creek. see you guys. let's go. hey, william. >> hey, william. >> we're headed out to pleasanton. >> our limo has arrived. >> let's get going. >> do it! >> see you guys. see you tomorrow!
6:58 am
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