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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  May 4, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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august. two juveniles and five adults are now in custody. five are charged with murder. police say they are gang members from different groups. police say it took time to develop this case, but they are confident the charges will stick. >> it's an absolute tragedy but it's a great instance of where everybody coming together, witnesses, multi agency, the hard work of the cops and the da's office, use a gun, harm a citizen, go to jail. >> reporter: police say they talked with her husband this morning and say he was very emotional. he has visited san francisco from germany several times, demanding justice for his wife. now police won't say what led to the break in this case, but the district attorney says it is a strong case. now, five of the adult suspects in the shooting death of this tourist are expected to be arraigned in court here at the hall of justice tomorrow. >> thank you, we have another developing story to tell you about, this one out of the east
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bay. jodi hernandez confirmed a short while ago another law enforcement officer is under arrest in connection with chris butler's pi and drug scheme out of contra costa county. you're looking at a live picture of the san ramon police department where a news conference will be held in just a few moments. the officer involved in today's latest arrest is officer louis lombardi from the san ramon police department. he is now the third law enforcement officer arrested in this case, one from danville, prior to that, and, of course, the c-net commander also. we'll have more for you tonight at 6:00. access denied. the pictures osama bin laden's dead body will not be revealed, that announcement from the obama administration that announcement was made today. mr. obama said it was national security, citing the graphic images could create dangerous backlash for the united states. also in closed door briefings
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today lawmakers learned more about the raid that killed bin laden. the al qaeda leader reportedly had cash and phone numbers sewn into his clothing, signals he was ready to flee. leon panetta said the orders were to take bin laden alive only if he put his hands up and surrendered. >> the authorities we have on bin laden are to kill him. and that was made clear. >> the department of homeland security is ready to issue an alert if needed based on any new information which is gathered at the bin laden compound. the agency is now sending more officers to nonsecured areas of airports, sea ports, borders, as well as strengthening visa applications. the cia has put out an all-call to translators with top secret clearance, the translators will help sort through materials gathered at the compound. high level u.s. military officials toured the house today and we're getting an idea of what it looked like inside from this new video obtained by
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pakistani television. getting back to the president now, tonight we're learning almost 57 million people watched his sunday night announcement of bin laden's death, more viewers than his recent prime time address. there's debate as to whether the key piece of intelligence that led to the killing of bin laden came as a result of enhanced interrogation, refiring the argument over whether things like waterboarding should be used to get information. some in the bush administration and even obama administration believe it's a valuable tool for the intelligence community to have. but a monterey man who worked as an air force interrogator for 26 years disagrees. >> not only would i not like to have that, i'd like the detainee to be absolutely confident that's not a fate awaiting him. >> he went on to say he believes interrogation tactics that involve force only harden the subject against you. brian williams joins us with "nightly news," coverage begins
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at 5:30. if you spent time outside today you have noticed it is warming up outside. the hottest day around the bay area in seven months. we're going to check in live in a minute, but first jeff ranieri will show us the numbers. how hot did it get? >> did spike up to some 90s throughout parts of the east and also the south bay. let's look at where my hottest numbers are, santa clara, 92, gilroy, 92, pleasanton, and what helped spur in the heat was the drying northwest wind, anywhere from 15 to 20 miles per hour, really helps to keep this weather krafrpg up m high pree high pressure sitting offshore is driving these winds and producing a lot of sinking and warming air here across the bay area where we did have plenty of 80-degree heat. as we just mentioned, this is some of the hottest weather in seven months. the last time it was this hot was back on october 2nd when the
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east bay got up into the upper 80s. as we all know, big weather can mean big business and we join elise. how is the weather impacting the businesses? >> reporter: remember a few weeks ago we had all the rain and now sunshine. local businesses like this one behind me are finally breathing a sigh of relief. >> the weather's incredible. i've been waiting for this for a long time. >> reporter: from lying poolside in berkeley where students ditched the books. >> i'm surprised how many people are out here during the week but we brought our work with us. >> reporter: to others taking in the sunshine in rock ridge. >> it's nice to break out the t-shirt and skirt, so -- >> reporter: finally a break in the weather. >> it was the worst month that we've been keeping records. >> reporter: after a month of rain drying up all the business
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at lafayette car wash, one of the busiest days in weeks. >> it set a record for us, and it was fortunate for everyone because there's a lot of jobs here and we all were sitting around for a lot of months. >> reporter: with the uptick in temperature, the sweet demand of ice cream. >> for every ten degrees increase we have in temperature we have a 30% increase in sales. >> reporter: sunshine is also bringing in sales at the sherman swim school in lafayette. >> phone calls are off the hook and we've got a lot of messages, we've got a lot of openings luckily to sell for the summer, but this is the time. >> reporter: and now is certainly the time to make up for all those slower days just a few months ago. the co-owner here tells me in april they could go for days just cleaning one car. today, he'll clean more than 300. live in lafayette, nbc bay area news. >> business is booming today. as mother nature continues to turn up the heat, state safety officials want employers to keep workers cool. cal osha is conducting heat
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prevention seminars to teach how to provide a safe work environment. they're being told to recognize symptoms of heat related illness, headaches, nausea, dizziness and confusion. all employers must provide cool water, break times and proper emade,sssp eeoyo plwh os rkdewout em oyo eewh os rkdewosiut. as a rdeinemr,ree' wor your neighborhood weather 24/7, it's on our website, and two separate cases alleging police misconduct, oakland officials have agreed to pay $550,000 to a 15-year-old boy who was shot in the back by an oakland police officer in july 2007. that teen shot after running from officers and discarding a gun. the second case the city has agreed to pay $350,000 in attorney fees to two men in a lawsuit where officers were accused of unlawfully searching a home where pot was being grown. an alarming discovery inside the backpack of a first grader,
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and it has school officials and parents scrambling. a gun was found in that backpack at an oakland elementary school. the student brought the weapon to prescott elementary in oakland. ey say the student didn't know the gun was in the backpack. a note sent home to parents, quote, we are not taking this matter lightly. please know this incident is an aberration and not reflective of the culture we've developed at prescott. anger today over budget cuts to children's programs, hundreds of families staged a loud rally calling for the passage of governor brown's tax extension plan. the child advocacy group called parent voices says another round of budget cuts will cripple the poor who depend on state assistance in carrying for their children. >> the message we need to get out here is we must have the revenue in order to provide for our children. >> we just need assistance.
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we're not asking for a handout we're just asking for some help. >> several democratic lawmakers told the crowd they'll continue to lobby on their behalf, parading them the message they're bringing to lawmakers making budget decisions. after a firestorm of complaints apple is making changes. your iphone is still tracking where you go but shorter periods of time. today's announcement is a follow up to fix the surveillance feature that stores the movements of iphone users for up to a year. from now on the company will only keep that information for a week. apple faced sharp criticism when programmers showed how far the surveillance technologied can be abused. steve jobs says it's to improve hot spots and cell phone towers, not to spy on iphone users. a scathing report about the california department of transportation, why one lawmaker says the agency should be put out to pasture. and a hands on lesson on the dangers of texting.
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see what happens when officers told teenage drivers to go ahead and use their phones behind the wheel. a hint here? it wasn't pretty. and the library is supposed to be free. tmore. yh some people in the south bay will have to pay to check out books. [ female announcer ] shop jcpenney and make mom's day really bloom!
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today at, or at your local chase branch. a california state lawmaker says he has an idea on how to eliminate some of california's debt, eliminate caltrans. state senator joel anderson from san diego said a recent report by the state auditors office prompted the call to abolish caltrans and turn over most operations to cities, counties and special districts. anderson says caltrans budget
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has doubled to poefr $12 billion in the last 12 years. while new highway construction has flat lined over that same period. caltrans responded to the legislation saying much of his facts are wrong and that eliminating the agency would ultimately hurt the state's economy. >> you've probably seen those people texting or holding their phones while driving. distracted driving kills many young people. today students at oak grove high school got a rare hands on lesson showing exactly what can happen when your eyes leave the road. the chp arranged this demonstration. here now is kent wilhoit. >> with our family's story, we're able to emphasize what it's like to be the driver who caused the death, the passengers who were in the vehicle who contributed to the distractions going on in that car, as well as we're able to tell them what it's like to be the family left behind. >> reporter: a powerful message from a mother of a lost son. >> i still see the phone in her right hand, she's looking down
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at it doing the one thumb texting method. >> and a graphic demonstration to show these students just how big a distraction texting while driving is. >> the fact i hit those five cones made me realize, yeah, i don't do it now and i shouldn't ever do it at all. >> i learned that texting and being distracted while driving is not the best way to go, if you're distracted by friends or your phone or whatever it may be, it's always best to stay focused on the road. >> reporter: and it's not just texting. anything that takes your mind off the road can send you off the road. so all the things that distract kids are covered. >> the texting, the eating, the makeup, the muvsic, distraction by conversation. so all those things taken into account, if we keep hitting and hitting them hard, we won't save everybody but one will make it all worthwhile. >> other teens realize it's just not worth it. >> reporter: martha lost her son in an accident. talking to her, it kids put a face on the tragic loss of life. >> after what she says, she's
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been through it. texting and driving isn't okay. >> reporter: and by the looks of this crowd, the message is clear, avoid these and chances are you won't have to ride in one of these. in san jose, kent wilhoit. the brazen violin theft we first told you about on tuesday is still not solved tonight. but surveillance photos of a light haired man beliee d to b the missing violin case is generating lots of tips to cops. the man was seen leaving with the case and was followed by a student who called 911 when the suspect boarded a muni bus. the rare violin is nearly 100 years hold and valued at more than $20,000. it was like a carnival outside today. everyone smiling, everyone running around. i went to starbucks, the line was out the door, everyone getting iced coffees, and it's all because of jeff ranieri. >> yes, i like to take the credit. look, jessica's in a sleeveless
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number today. yes. you know it's hot when she's, you know, going that route with the wardrobe. all right. raj, you didn't bring us back any drinks. >> apparently not. >> no, it didn't make it back to the studio. >> iced venti next time. we'll see if that happens. 80 in san francisco, hot also at the coastline. not only for those of you inland. winds northwest at 14, and it's all about that northwesterly wind. if we didn't have that northwesterly wind, temperatures would be cooler. it helps to drive this warm air. right now, 88 in santa rosa, 86 livermore, 86 san jose and sunnyvale 92. also called in from steve hall in the south bay, south san jose with 91 degrees. kimberly in santa rosa with 86 and also jonah in salinas with 85 degrees. all around, temperatures in the 80s, really didn't matter whether you're at the coast or inland. the last time it was this hot,
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seven months ago, where we did have temperatures in the upper 80s in the east bay. our last 80-degree day was back on april the 1st. meanwhile tonight, clear and mild. for thursday, more 80s inland. those of you on the coastline we'll cool things off and also some weekend changes. so really enjoy this heat while we have it, because here's the thing. we have the system sitting out here in the pacific. while we're not going to get a big chunk of this moving our way, it's just going to help influence this onshore flow and help bring us back fog in the forecast over the next 48 hours. so inland tomorrow, it stays in the 80s. cooler at the coast, and by friday, we'll start to see some cooling for everyone, right into the east and also for the south bay. so here's a look. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, we will start off clear, from the north to the south bay right over towards bodega bay. by 6:00 p.m., still looking sunny thursday, but then watch this. by friday morning the marine layer starts to move back in and build up and that's going to cool everyone off as we head into friday's forecast. tonight we expect 60 san jose,
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59 livermore, 54 santa rosa, and mid to upper 50s from redwood citi down to san francisco. tomorrow, still pool weather right down into the south bay, 86 morgan hill, 85 san jose, 87 ever green, another day to wash that car. again, no rain in sight here the next three days in our forecast. 78 in san mateo, 75 san francisco, and there you'll notice our areas near the bay and also for the coast, seeing some cooling. but most of our inland spots still staying warm. morning time if you're doing traveling on the weather channel on cable, your travel forecast. as we head through saturday and sunday and mother's day weekend, we drop things down into the low 70s and we get some clouds in here. so my mother's day present is happening right now to all the moms. >> it's an early mother's day. see, i can do that. and then by the weekend, well, sorry about that. >> even 70, that's going to be lovely outside. >> not too bad at all. >> it's perfect. >> and you're the official
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weather barometer, jessica is. sleeveless, officially hot in her book. >> okay. yes. >> you know what hurt today? putting on the air conditioner in the car, watching those gas prices. >> oh, yeah. totally. that's a drainer. >> thank you, jeff. more than 100 million sony customers had their personal information compromised by hackers. critics are blaming sony. sony says it's the victim of a carefully planned criminal cyber-attack, but new evidence shows online that the gaming powerhouse knew its website was vulnerable. data breach experts say sony was warned months before the hacking that its security software was outdated. >> they were running on very old versions of apache software that were unpatched and had no firewall installed. >> the u.s. justice department has launched an investigation into this data breach. sony says it has shut down the affected systems and plans to beef up its security. >> well, you're soon going to have to pay an $80 annual fee to check out a book from libraries
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run by santa clara county if you're not a resident of that county. the fee starts july 1st. if you live in one of the nine cities with county libraries you don't have to pay the fee. but if you live in san jose, santa clara, sunnyvale, mountain view, palo alto or los gatos, be prepared to shell out the 80 bucks. the fee is due to dramatic reductions in state funding, of course. dramatic pictures from the disaster zone. an intricate rescue from severe flooding that's affecting people in several states. and it's the ultimate pain at the pump. we'll show you who's charging $9 for a gallon of gas. and we're also keeping an eye on a breaking story right out of san ramon right now. you're looking at a live news conference, another officer arrested intonection th chris butler and cnet commander and their alleged drug schemes. hot to relax it away. ,
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some dramatic pictures from the midwest. take a look at this video. flood damage continues in missouri tonight. rushing water almost took the life of this 93-year-old woman. two national guardsmen were able to rescue her from her car using a tow rope. also an update on a story we first brought you last night. 130,000 acres of prime farmland in missouri are now under water. you can see it here. after a hole was purposely blown in a levee done to help save the neighboring town of cairo, illinois. reassuring news for women who take drugs to help provent broken bones this evening, there was a worry that biphosfonates might increase the risk of fractures, but the benefits outweigh the risk. for every atypical fracture, as
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many as 100 broken hips may have been prevented by taking those drugs. hip fractures can be deadly for frail, elderly patients. >> right now it's $4, $4.50 a gallon. would you believe $9 for a gallon of gas? be careful when up rent that car this summer. rental car companies are charging more than 9 bucks a gallon to top off your tank if you don't fill up before returning your car. usa today did a survey of auto rental gas prices at 13 major airports and found hertz was charging $9.29 a gallon. dollar and thrifty were charging $8.99. companies do say prices are fully disclosed so customers you have that option on whether or not you want to use the rental car company's gas when they ask you when you check in. it's an easy answer nowadays. >> you have to push the car to a gas station before yourself, you'll be a better job. coming up, how to increase ncur chancesfi oianaf sud esanays mwhite yo bese eru live. e
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okay, finally tonight, beauty, charm and culture, among the many reasons that make san francisco so special, but it's also a hot spot for opportunity. we knew this. >> yes, but now it's being confirmed. the global accounting and consulting firm pricewaterhouse cooper says san francisco is third in the world for financial opportunities. the company analyzed data from 26 of the world's leading cities and cited san francisco for the high level of education of its residents and its cultural vibrancy. new york ranked number one on the list, and toronto came in second. >> that's going to do it for us at 5:00. brian williams joins us next
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with "nightly news." we'll have more on the press conference going on right now at the san ramon pd at 6:00. >> good night.
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