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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 4, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. we begin tonight with some developing news. a murder case we've been following since last year. tonight, seven people, all 20 years old or younger are under arrest in connection with the killing of a german tourist. that tourist was visiting san francisco to celebrate her anniversary. he bring in nbc bay area's jean elle who joins us now with the details. jean, one year later, what was the break in this case? >> reporter: police are keeping that a tightly guarded secret, but police say they have several gang members in custody and they are all connected to this shooting. they say rival gang members just started shooting at each other. 50-year-old matild shore got killed in the cross fire and was killed. she was visiting san francisco from germany with her husband
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for her birthday. police officer san francisco served seven arrest warrants this morning, five in san francisco, one in fremont, and one in oakland. five adults are now facing murder charges. two juveniles are facing accessory to murder charges, and one adult suspect still on the loose at this hour. now, some of the suspects were arrested in august, but released. district attorney george gascon says he is now confident the charges will stick. he was police chief when the shootings happened and he said that kind of violence can't be tolerated. >> there was a gunfight between several people. it was an indiscriminate level of shooting. we, quite frankly, very unfortunately, one person died and two were injured, but it could just as easily have been three or four or five murders. there were that many people on the street. >> reporter: police won't say what provided the break in the case, but they say police work, developing evidence, and help
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from witnesses made it possible for charges to be filed. police say they spoke with shore's husband this morning and he was emotional about the process. he has visited san francisco since his wife's death, the demanding justice. now, the district attorney's office says the five adult suspects are expected to answer to murder charges in court here at the hall of justice tomorrow. now to new details on a story we first broke at 5:00. fallout again tonight connected to an alleged dirty come scandal that has rocked the east bay. another police officer is under arrest with ties to chris butler and his mommy pi firm. jodi hernandez has been covering this. this makes officer number three from three different police agencies. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. the san ramon police chief confirms that a san ramon police officer has been arrested in connection to that law
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enforcement scandal involving a well-known private eye. chief scott holder announced a short time ago that 48-year-old lewis lombardi and a former member of the narcotics task force was arrested this morning on charges of accessory for aiding and abetting, conspiracy, grand theft, possession of stolen property, and possession of an illegal assault rifle. now, sources say police became suspicious of lombardi after he appeared in an nbc bay area story in march posing as a cheating boyfriend, which turned out to be an alleged publicity stunt for the mommy pi firm. lombardi worked very closely with butler. butler was arrested in february along with narcotics team commander norman welsh on charges of stealing drug out of law enforcement evidence lockers and selling them back on the
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streets. and now, again, another officer is behind bars. >> this is a dark day for not only the san ramon police department, but for all of law enforcement. as chief, i'm proud of the work our officers do on a daily basis, and the actions of one should not be a reflection of the integrity of the outstanding men and women of our department. >> reporter: you may also remember that another police officer, steven tanobi was arrested back in march in connection to this whole thing, in a portion of this that's been done and been called a dirty dui scandal. now, lombardi was arrested in connection with the drug portion of this whole thing, not the dui scandal. lombardi has been booked into the contra costra county jail on a $760,000 bail. reporting live in san ramon, i'm
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jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. new tonight at 6:00, a massive meth bust breaks apart a drug ring linked to the mexican cartel. state attorney general kamala harris says operation red reach resulted in 35 arrests and the seizure of more than 135 pounds of meth and more than $86,000 in cash. we're told that joseph abatai is among those arrested in contra costra county. an official with the department of justice says local and transnational gangs are their main focus. >> a number of highly financed, well-organized, and ruthless transnational gangs have targeted california and are perpetrating an array of serious and violent crimes against the people of this state. >> during operation red reach, officials tell us they also seized six vehicles and 26 firearms, two of them are assault rifles. pg&e continues to pay in many ways for the san bruno pipeline disaster that happened
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last year. officials with the utility have now announced a $60 million drop in profit for the first quarter of 2011. company officials are blaming that pipeline explosion for that downfall. as a result of the drop, pg&e is cutting its earnings forecast and says it plans not to increase its stock dividend. san bruno explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes last september. let's turn our attention now to the weather. in fact, the warmest weather we've had in the bay area in seven months. a live look outside right now. and when we show you the fountains in downtown san jose, that usually means it is toasty outside. we have team coverage tonight. we begin with our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, who joins us more with this warm-up. jeff, those fountains mean it's hot, doesn't it? >> it certainly does. it looks refreshing out there, raj. we actually did see a few 90s today, right in throughout the south bay. that's where some of that heat really cranked out, right in santa clara with 92. gilroy also 92. pleasanton, 90. and in the east bay, walnut creek with 88.
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it doesn't always take the hottest temperatures to get record-setting heat. here's a look at three records we had here throughout the bay area. santa cruz, 86. oakland, 85. and right along the coastline, san francisco with 84. that also a new record. so it's all about these northwest winds, these have really cranked up the heat today. some 10 to 20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday, as high pressure remains king here across california at this point. we are going to undergo some changes here with some fog coming soon. i'm going to have details, of course, on when that's going to be impacting our weather. but as we've talked about, the warmest weather we've had in about seven months. last time it was this hot, way back on october the 2nd. now, of course, big, extreme weather can also mean some big-time business, and right now that's where we join nbc bay area's elise kuchner. elise, probably could have used some short sleeves today. you regretting that choice?
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>> okay. clearly, we're having an audio problem there. maybe the sleeves, she can't hear us because of that, but we're probably having a problem. we're having a technical problem. let's move on and we'll check back in with her in just a little bit. some of the headlines tonight, nearly 1,000 dui cases are in jeopardy tonight because of breathalyzers that police used in the field, this during a time of shrinking budgets. now, police and district attorneys may have to throw out a ton of work and with that, a lot of taxpayer money as well. nbc bay area's kris sanchez has been looking into that story all day. >> reporter: the santa clara county jail is full of people who say they didn't do it, but when it comes to the folks busted by san jose police for driving drunk in the last six months, they may be telling the truth. the breathalyzer sjpd uses in the field is now under recall. 865 dui arrests by san jose police are under review.
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133 palo alto pd dui cases are in jeopardy as well. attorney nicholas emanuel says immediately one client came to mind. >> i fully expect that that's one of the cases that will be dismissed. >> reporter: when san jose police pulled his client over, she blew a 0.08 into the recalled breathalyzer in the field. later, different tests put her blood alcohol at 0.05. that is under the legal limit and her attorney says that for her, it's about one drink. >> now we're finding out that this important decision of whether or not to arrest a person for dui and a decision which can have an irreversible impact on a person's life, is being left to a machine that we now know is defective. >> reporter: but perhaps nod. the the santa clara district attorney's office is pulling files and looking case by case. >> the most important piece of the case for most dui cases is the blood test you gave at the station, or the breath sample you gave at the station in a
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different machine that's maintained by the crime laboratory. and it's going to be a very small percentage of the cases where the preliminary screening device that got used in the field was the most important part of the case. >> reporter: now, you might be wondering what that means for those big dui checkpoints where the police department can net a lot of drivers at the same time. well, those are really out of the -- they're not a problem at all, because the officers, when they do those checkpoints, they don't use the portable breathalyzers. they bring out the big breathalyzers that are used in all of the different stations. by the way, each of those 60 breathalyzers that the san jose police had to send back to the manufacturer cost about $850 a piece. consider that cost adds to the training costs for these officers, they spent about an hour and a half in training and then an hour in recertification later on down the road. for people who are falsely accused of this dui, thousands of dollars in legal fees and, of course, that's even if they're vindicated in the end. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. we have some breaking news
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to tell you about now in san francisco. san francisco fire department is working on a three-alarm fire in the 1000 block of fulsome street, this is south of market near seventh street. you see our nbc chopper working the scene above the situation. san francisco fire, a three-alarm fire on fulsome street. we'll bring you more later. we have a crew on the way. we'll bring you more later throughout this newscast. well, still ahead here, hunting osama bin laden. the california bounty hunter who is went to afghanistan in hopes of capturing the $25 million award that came along with osama's head. now they're back home, no reward, but quite a story. i'm marianne favro. coming up, i'll show you a new boot camp here in the bay area that's designed specifically for patients who had an organ transplant. what if you were told more than $100 million worth of tolls
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once again, we continue to follow our breaking news at this hour. our nbc helicopter working the scene in san francisco. this is on fulsome street, south of market near seventh street. this is a park -- this is the park hotel. san francisco fire department working a three-alarm fire right now. you see the dramatic scenes here. pretty intense fire. three-alarm fire on the 1000 block of folsom. we're told it's the park hotel, which might be a residential hotel, south of market near the seventh street intersection with folsom. we'll continue to follow this news throughout our newscast. well, get ready to dig into your wallet this summer when you visit the county library, because you soon may have to pay
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an $80 annual fee if you want to check out a book and you're a nonresident. the fee starts july 1st and will affect thousands of people who live in the south bay. if you live within one of the nine counties with a county library, you don't have to pay the fee. if you live in san jose, santa clara, sunnyvale, mountain view, palo alto, or los gatos, you'll have to shell out the $80. city libraries will remain free to everybody. the fee is due to dramatic deficits in county funding. they're hoping to raise $200,000 a year from this new fee. governor brown and school officials say it is a real possibility for next year, school cuts. that plan would shave a total of 20 school days. kevin riggs from our sacramento station has more. >> what do you know about positive states? >> reporter: students are breaking down the sun structure in this class at sutter middle school, even as there's growing discussion in political circles of breaking down the school year, shortening the calendar to
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save money. the superintendent is not a fan. he has district has resisted the plan to shorten the 180-day year. >> we really want to hang on to it. we think it's important. most of our families, 70% of them come from poverty and we think they're behind now and then the calendar is in some ways too short as it is. >> reporter: governor brown has warned that without a vote on temporary taxes, schools cannot escape spending cuts. that's given rise to speculation about a shorter year. many districts like natomas have already moved in that direction, cutting the schedule by five days. >> it's not right. our kids, basically, need more education as it is anyway. >> probably be a lot more dropouts. the children won't be getting tegs that they really need. >> some of you choose not to choose a figure. >> reporter: but with few options, educators say the idea is getting close attention. >> perhaps we take it down to 170. i think that would be regrettable and that denies students learning opportunities that can never be made up. >> that's kevin riggs reporting from our sacramento station. well, a business deal gone
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bad, and now bay area bridge commuters will pay the pass. marin county supervisor steve kinsey tells bay area news that he and the metropolitan commission agreed to pay $7.5 million to get out of a busted financial deal. the mtc oversees the bay area's seven state-run bridges. in 2003, they contracted with ambac financial group to save millions of dollars by using ambac's aaa rating to sell bridge bonds. ambac went out of business because of bad mortgage loans. it's a aaa rated bonds -- after their aaa rated bonds became worthless. the deal then cost a total of $120 million. well, it seems that size does matter, and in the silicon valley, smaller is better. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter, scott budman, joining us now with some small news from a silicon valley giant. >> at least it's in a small package, but some people look at this, raj, as big news. new chips that will work faster and use less of your battery thanks to new technology put into place by the world's
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biggest chipmaker, intel, shrinking its technology to fit what's in your pocket. [ phone ringing ] every day, we buy more smartphones and tablet computers. and then the next day, we wish they worked faster and lasted longer. >> for the first time in history -- >> reporter: chip giant intel is tackling that problem on the nano level, with very small new chips made with your mobile devices in mind. >> when you hold it in your hand, you want it to operate for days. >> reporter: the company is famous for moore's law, stating that electronics will get more powerful while getting less expensive. >> every two years, we have to develop a new process technology that provides smaller and faster transistors to meet the needs of new products. and it's a challenge. >> reporter: a challenge now met with a new 3-d design to eventually add 50% more power to smartphones and tablets while helping them get more efficient. >> so just think, today, how fast your battery runs down when you're sharing a wi-fi connection and when you play a
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flash video, when you play an intense game or when you're doing gps stuff. all that can be reduced. >> reporter: intel says it's been working on the new process for a decade. its new design will roll out in about a year. >> another silicon valley chip company in the news tonight. santa clara's applied materials, which actually makes the machines that make computer chips, announcing a $4.9 million buyout of verion's semiconductor. shares of applied dipping a bit. all in all, a down day for the markets. job growth a little slower than investors had hoped for. we also saw lots of selling in commodities like gold, silver, and oil. stocks lower today across the board. some optimism in extended evening trading after silicon valley company's electronic arts and tesla motors reported better than expected earnings. some money to be made there tomorrow morning. okay. want to take you back to this
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breaking news that we've been telling you about. a three-alarm fire in san francisco, south of market area, 1040 folsom is the address that we have. it is listed, officially, as the park hotel and it does appear that there are some rooms at the top, but it now looks like the bottom part section of this building may just be an empty storefront that once housed the park hotel. but still, details unclear at this point. we do know that right now it is an active scene, as you can see. no more black smoke billowing, but we see quite a bit of white smoke coming out. fire crews are on the scene. so far, we don't have any confirmation that there are people inside of this hotel. originally, it appeared as if it might be a residential hotel, but at this point, it is unclear at this point, because it does appear that the bottom portion of this is empty. we are monitoring the situation and trying to get some more details for you and we'll bring those to you as soon as we can. >> it should also cause some traffic issues right there during this commute hour. let's bring in jeff ranieri now with our weather. this is pretty interesting and it should be changing as the week progresses?
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>> cooler changes coming our way. and i did want to add, south of market, they are dealing with winds anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour out of the north and the west. also, a very warm day as they continue to battle those flames. so we'll be having more coming up throughout the show. otherwise, today, near-record heat. we're talking about 90-degree weather here in the bay area. 92 in santa clara. los gatos with 92. also, my weather watcher in almaden valley calling in, 91. we also had three records that included oakland and also san francisco. the heat also throughout the peninsula with 89 in redwood city, 86 in san rafael, and santa rosa, 85 degrees as this offshore wind provided a lot of warmth for everyone, including our coastal spot, still holding on to 77 right now in san francisco. also currently right now, it's very warm here throughout the east and the south bay. we're not going to see temperatures really cool off here for about the next three to four hours. so a mild night for us and also very, very clear. we're looking for little in the
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way of change here in the next 24 hours with high pressure remaining right offshore. the one thing we are noting, though, is this cloud cover right out here. that's going to help to get some fog going as we head throughout friday and saturday. and that's really going to be the catalyst to cool our temperatures down here as you look ahead towards the next three days. as we start off tomorrow morning, we'll look at mid- to upper 50s and a quick warm-up once again. mid-70s here for our interior sections by 11:00 a.m. another warm day on tap. so we'll talk about what this is all going to mean for our weekend and how much cooling we can expect coming up in my seven-day forecast. back to you guys. >> thank you, jeff. coming up at 6:00, a ceremony fit for a hero. the bay area dog that's getting recognized today for his heroism. also ahead, why the death of osama bin laden is leading to a rush at gun stores. and the first of its k for the nation. the new center in the bay area that will be music to the ears
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of music lovers.
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it doesn't matter whether you drive your own car or use public transit, come july 1st, fees are going up in san francisco. the transportation authority will be boosting funds for failing to pay a muni fair. the current fare is $75, but in july it will go up to $100, and paying a citation late will cost you 10 bucks more. >> fix-it tickets will double to $114. the new fines should generate close to $1 million a year for san francisco. well, this friday san francisco will break ground on its newest cultural center and it's the first stand-alone concert hall just devoted to jazz. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. lifts the curtain on its musical future.
6:26 pm
♪ there's a saying >> the voices who call san francisco is singer kim alley. >> i think the statistics say that more people in the bay area own jazz cds than even in new york. >> reporter: now musicians and jazz lovers will both have a new home. this friday, the san francisco jazz festival will break ground in the city on a first of its kind jazz center. >> it's about a 30,000 square foot building that will have a 700-seat performance hall that's also a flexible performance hall. >> reporter: and the auto shop will make way for a new state of the art building devoted to all things jazz. l it will hold classes, performances, rehearsals, and a cafe. >> it's glass, soing you will actually see as you drive up franklin street. >> reporter: the center will join a neighborhood that includes the symphony, opera,
6:27 pm
and ballet. >> it's great with the city that has such a rich history of jazz to be able to do something that's looking forward and is about celebritying what's to come in jazz. >> reporter: alley is excited for a place where local musicians can perform and where young people can learn. >> reporter: right now, there's no place for the children to learn jazz. it's just been kind of in different places. >> reporter: jazz which puts on the annual festival will move the jaret of its performances to the new center. the place where ghosts of jazz past can join a jam session with its future. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> sweet sounds. well, still ahead at 6:00, they got a second chance at life. now they're joining forces with the unique boot camp for transplant patients. how it's helping them stay healthy. also, we're tracking all the developments in the death of osama bin laden. the president making a decision on whether to release a photo of
6:28 pm
bin laden's corpse and why some native americans are demanding an apology from the white house. firerightils f working that fire on folsom streets. the flames may be gone, but the wind is not helping.
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want to take you back one more time to our breaking news out of san francisco. a fire that firefighters there have been working for about the last hour or so. it's 1040 folsom street, near the columbia square street. right now, firefighters are working this. they've kind of got a handle on it for a while, but the winds are just being a problem. jeff ranieri, let's bring you in. blustery in the city at this hour. >> yeah, most certainly. we have been tracking these hot winds these firefighters are now battling in temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. and those winds coming out of the -- primarily the northwest at 15 to 20 miles per hour, and at times, we are seeing them gust into the low 20s.
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i also put a locator on this on my graphics. e o er t tleso talakehat a lottle bit to set up the ak on tiadcan on ididio ts to video. once again, south of market on folsom street near columbia and also rush. you can see that locator, that's a rough indication of where this is happening, in between sixth and also seventh streets on folsom, with that wind 15 to 20 miles per hour, on one of the hottest days we have seen in san francisco, in at least a month and a half here. and you can see those winds basically directly -- blowing here from the west, right off towards the east. so this will be pushing out into the bay and a lot of this smoke will probably most likely be making it over towards the oakland area as well. so people in that immediate vicinity off of folsom getting this smoke downwind near the embarcadero. you certainly want to be monitoring things, because that's a lot of smoke there that you certainly don't want to inhale. >> jeff, you can actually see the residents in the building
6:32 pm
next to it that are upwind, that are out there watching. certainly, not going to be the case if you're downwind from this. we'll continue to monitor and jeff will check in with you in a little bit to see how the temperature's drop in the city. well, three days after u.s. forces killed osama bin laden, we have a decision. no photographs of his corpse will be made public. president obama decided no proof is needed and presenting the photos as a trophy is not in the best interest of national security. nbc bay area's vicky nguyen has more on the decision and the items confiscated from bin laden's compound. >> reporter: president obama made the call, his press secretary read his statement. >> there is no doubt that we killed osama bin laden. it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence or as a propaganda tool. that's not who we are. >> reporter: key republicans
6:33 pm
backed the decision. >> i don't see any point in the macabre picture. >> i think there's ample proof that this was osama bin laden. >> reporter: attorney general holder testified it was legal for team 6 to kill bin laden, even though he was unarmed. >> if he had surrendered, i think -- attempted to surrender, i think we should obviously have accepted that. but there was no indication that he wanted to do that, and therefore, his killing was appropriate. >> reporter: u.s. officials say they're already getting usable information from the computers and hard drives and five cell phones seized at bin laden's mansion and flown back to the u.s. the cia is putting out an urgent call for more arabic translators, working 24/7 to get al qaeda's secrets, hoping to find the names of bin laden's big donors and details of any attacks or after-death reprisals bin laden okayed. homeland security officials testified no special alerts so far.
6:34 pm
>> that could change. it could change tonight. it could change tomorrow. >> reporter: analysts say bin laden's followers don't need a death photo to remind them al qaeda lives on, and say this could be an image of bin laden's successor, anwar al awlaki. vicky nguyen, nbc, bay area news. >> al awlaki is an american born in mexico, but currently based in yemen. experts say he is fiery, facebook savvy, and may be at the top of the american hit list. complaints from americans are pouring in about the code name geronimo that was used for osama bin laden. one apache tribe member is asking for a formal apology, saying that to equate the legendary apache warrior with a mass murderer and terrorist is quote, painful and offensive. president obama are will mark the death of osama bin laden tomorrow in a visit to new york city where he will participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at the 9/11 memorial. he'll then meet privately with
6:35 pm
members of -- family members of those who died in the 2001 terror attacks and also with some of the first responder families as well. former president george bush was also invited, but he decided not to attend. the high-end handgun used to end osama bin laden's life is becoming even more popular with those who bear arms. the sig sauer is typical lly us by s.e.a.l. teams. at least one member used his. many professionals at california gun ranges and shops say the weapon is reliable and well made. >> a lot of military use it. basically, a lot of law enforcement use it. it's a real nice, smooth action gun and it is very expensive. >> the price tag for this handgun will run you about $900.
6:36 pm
well, it may have been patriotism or the lure of $25 million in reward money. whatever the motivation, a few californians decide too good hunt for bin laden on their own. their attempts now being scrutinized. jennifer jobjorklund has the sty from our sister station out of los angeles. >> reporter: the search for osama bin laden led to caves in the mountains of afghanistan for 30-year-old mike brooging, a former cavalry scout who enlisted two months after 9/11 and went to iraq in 2003. >> i was actually in the region when saddam got caught, and, you know, it wasn't quite bin laden, but it felt pretty good at the time. >> reporter: getting bin laden, though, that was always his motivation. >> the fact that he was still alive and a free man, i think it emboldens people to follow him and it's like it has to stop. >> reporter: he came home from afghanistan two weeks ago after two weeks on the border with pakistan, then the announcement sunday bin laden was dead.
6:37 pm
>> the whole thing surprised me, really, because it was my 30th birthday on may 1st, and we were up on the roof of this building and one of my best friends who was actually one of the backers of this project calls me and says, mike, they just caught bin laden. >> we will take care of business. >> reporter: he's not the only one to give it a shot, whether it be for patriotism or the $25 million bounty or both, this is bin laden hunter gary faulkner, a construction worker, arriving at l.a.x. last year after pakistani officials arrested him in the mountains near the afghan border. but bin laden wasn't even in the mountains, and at least one group who was tracking him had it right. not patriots, not mercenaries, but ucla students in a geographical research project where they used theories and numbers ordinarily applied to endangered birds. their theory, that he was in a house with electricity and high ceilings and fences proved true. they also pegged it as an 88.9% chance that bin laden was hiding out in a city less than 300 kilometers from tora bora, a
6:38 pm
region that included abbottabad, pakistan. jorge gonzalez was one of four students who worked on that project. >> when i found out that it was pretty darned close -- i mean, not entirely accurate, we weren't on the dime, but, again, just to realize that things you to in the classroom can be applied to real-life settings, and i think that was just rewarding within itself. >> now, the u.s. did offer the $25 million bounty in the days after 9/11. as of today, though, at least one of the bounty hunters jennifer mentioned is asking for a share of it. california construction worker, gary faulkner, says his search of the hills of afghanistan and pakistan forced bin laden into that suburban fortress. remember to stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the death of osama bin laden. you can also get complete coverage on our website at we go back to our breaking news now. san francisco fire department working on a three-alarm fire south of market on folsom street near the park hotel or atop the park hotel.
6:39 pm
you see our chopper with these dramatic pictures here. if you're in the city, likely you'll be seeing a lot of smoke. if you're in the east bay, the smoke is coming your way towards south beach and towards at&t park. let's bring in jim crawford from cal fire. he's joining us in our newsroom. jim, as you look at the pictures here, what's the strategy for the fire department and in terms of containment, what do you see? >> our strategies are pretty similar, regardless of the the president. i see a lot of activity on the roof right now. our first goal, obviously, is to rescue any people that might be inside the building pinpoint looks like they're putting a lot of effort into exposure control. there are buildings with zero clearance or very adjacent to that building, so it's important for them to keep the fire to the buildings that are currently involved, and then to do their best to confine the fire within the area of the structures that's currently burning. that's a lot of what the activity looks like doing right. dog right no jim crawford from cal fire following this story for us.
6:40 pm
a lot more j when we return.
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back to our breaking news in san francisco. some dramatic pictures of our nbc helicopter hovering above the scene. a three-alarm fire south of market on folsom street. we bring in now jim crawford from cal fire. jim, we've been monitoring this fire for more than an hour. does it appear to be contained to you as you watch these pictures with us and the wind taking it towards the east bay now. what's the strategy we talked about from the fire department and really how contained is this from what you see with us? >> we would have to really be there to find out what their containment is now. it looks to me they're spending a lot of time working on control. it looks like there's two buildings involved. you see quite a bit of activity on the roof and within the structure as well. it's going to take them a little bit more time and some resources to be able to accomplish that. >> obviously, containment, as you said, is the key factor
6:43 pm
here. as you look around the buildings, do you see any trouble spots from what you see? >> the buildings in san francisco in the metropolitan area are basically on top of each other. they're extremely close. a lot of radiant heat is affecting the building you see kind of to the northwest of that little bit taller structure. the wind's blowing towards -- from the southwest and so it's blowing into the building that's to the north. it leaves an opportunity for embers to fall on additional roofs nearby, and additional exposures. so there's a lot of activity and a lot of work that's going to be taking place, that is taking place to contain that fire to those two buildings. >> jim, for a while, we were seeing a lot of smoke, which is good news, but now on the upper right, we're seeing a lot of flames. they're going back and forth, more black smoke now instead of the gray smoke. >> smoke and flame, still a lot of fire activity, there's probably a lot of building -- both of those buildings appear to be built '50s and prior, so there's going to be a lot of heavy construction in those buildings to have to make an
6:44 pm
impact on. plus you see a lot of resources working from around the exterior of the building. i'm not positive as to their strategy if they're working on the inside of the building as well. once the buildings have been involved with fire for a long time, it's hard to make entry into the building in a safe manner. >> okay, some tense moments here south of market. you're looking at live pictures in san francisco on folsom street, 1030 folsom, the park hotel, no word yet if any people are being affect ordinary evacuated yet or injured. let's bring in jeff ranieri now, and jeff, we're looking at the wind headed toward south beach and across the bay. >> our computer picking up on these northwesterly winds, they're very dry and they're hot and they're continuing to fan the flames. you can still see the flames on the top of that build at this point. as we've been mentioning, a tough time getting containment of this fire, as we've seen one of the warmest days we have had in months in some cases, push across the bay area. it looks like these winds are going to stay pretty consistent
6:45 pm
ton, even some gusts into the low 20s. once again, right off of folsom reet in the re1000th block. and they're likely having to do this possibly in shifts here as this heat is so intense, along with those temperatures outside. you can see that locator map that we just put up, this is going to be something that the wind is going to continue to fan here as we head throughout the next several hours. let's hope they can certainly get containment out of this here in the next half hour or so. >> okay, jeff. we want to update this now. we're just hearing now that it's now a four-alarm fire. jim, are you still with us, jim crawford with cal fire? >> yes. >> so now it's a four-alarm fire, from what we're understanding. so in theory, what's happened here in the last five or ten minutes? >> additional resources are being requested to the fire scene to assist with either, as you said before, shifting resources out, giving them a chance to rehabilitate before engaging the fire again. it looks like it's going to be
6:46 pm
kind of an extended incident, so they're requesting additional resources in order to relieve some personnel there and shift them in and out to the incident. >> jim, from what you see, how long will this take to contain and how fearful should the surrounding neighborhoods be right there, the surrounding buildings? >> the threat is hard to tell from the camera. i would say they'll probably be there through the night working on that. >> jim crawford with cal fire, ow nada to -aur ffo upgraded to a urupform flae,ir this is south of marke on folsom.
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
thank you for your time. >> thank you. okay, jeff, you've been telling us about the wind problem out in san francisco right now with that fire that's burning. let's also talk about the heat and other conditions. >> that's right, jessica. current temperatures have started to cool off, so that will aid the firefighters. winds still out of the northwest, a very dry and warming wind right here throughout the 1000th block of folsom, where that fire continues to burn. a four-alarm fire as we just brought you here in the past 15 minutes if. it's right there near folsom and columbia, where that wind out of the northwest will be blowing a lot of this smoke out towards the embarcadero, soma, at&t park. and it's that thick, heavy smoke. so if you suffer from any respiratory problems and you're living downwind of this smoke, embarcadero and through areas south of folsom, you're going to want to limit your exposure until that fire is put out. all right, meanwhile right now, it is hot. the hottest weather we've had in seven months. we had a couple of records,
6:49 pm
including san francisco and also oakland. still very warm right now, 86 in livermore, 86 in san jose, and still 85 in santa cruz. so the coastal areas also got in on a lot of heat today. tonight, it will be clear and mild, and as we head throughout thursday, more 80s expected inland before we start to get in on some weekend changes. high pressure will continue the warmth, but will gradual get some fog moving in here as we head throughout friday. that will bring cooler changes for everyone, right into our east bay and south bay communities. here's a look. tonight and into tomorrow morning, we are fog-free, even into the evening hours for tomorrow. it's not until 5:00 and 6:00 on friday morning the marine layer and the fog starts to build, and that will start the cooling process here and get us out of record temperature territory. tonight, 59 in fremont, 60 in san jose, 65 in los gatos, 59 in san francisco, and plenty of low to mid-50s in the north bay. as far as the numbers go tomorrow, we still could have a few isolated 90s in the south bay, morgan hill, 86.
6:50 pm
evergreen, 87. and maybe a few possible records too. the peninsula will start to see numbers slide down a little bit along with our coastal sections, half moon bay, instead of 70s like we had today, we'll go down to 60s. san ramon, 86. oakland, 77. and for the north bay, we'll also look at plenty of low to mid-80s. more anytime on your travel weather on the weather channel on cable. your seven-day forecast, we cool it off for mother's day weekend with low 70s coming our way and a little bit of cloud cover. but the next two days, it will be on the warmer side let's call it as we head throughout thursday and friday. so we'll continue to monitor that wind too out there in soma for you. >> okay. a big day for weather, also a big night for sports. here's laurence scott. good evening. sharks/red wings, game three in detroit with a fast and furious pace tonight. let's take an early look at the action. joe lewis arena rocking as the red wings and their fans know,
6:51 pm
going down 3-0 is pretty much insurmountable. the sharks put a real scare in the fans. the air was seeping out of the building, but later in the period with the wings and the power play, tries his best, but nicholas ridstrom's get ones there. his second goal tonight, but the wings just scored and right now in the second intermission, it is 3-2, zrodetroit. giants getting a big extra innings win last night in new york. o the giants sending out their ace and tim lincecum really dialed in tonight, several strikeouts, including one of jose reyes, who's part of an early season rumor mill. the buzz that the giants are interested in the services of the mets' all-star shortstop. the services of pat buehrle very helpful tonight. next inning, fontno gets an rbi hi himself. and rightnow, the bottom of the
6:52 pm
8th, the giants lead ig2-0. comprehensive coverage of every bay area team is on comcast sportsnet bay area. every night at 10:30, a full 30 minutes of the teams you care about. go deep with sportsnet central every night at 10:30. that's a look at what's going on. much more for you at 11:00 and a final score of that fast and furious. we'll take it back out to our breaking news that we've been following. again, we've seen this intensify, this started earlier during the 6:00 hour at 1040 folsom. it's the park hotel, it is a residential hotel. and we saw that the roof is on fire and an adjacent build now has caught fire as well. there was a period about 30 minutes ago when we saw this fire start to fade a little bit and we were starting to see white smoke. now we see the flames back, black smoke. jim crawford from cal fire is with us. what's the significance in the change of the shade of the smoke? >> kind of hard to say based on
6:53 pm
what i'm seeing from the helicopter, but definitely still have quite a bit of fire activity through the roof of the building. the personnel and the additional alarms are probably there to assist and bring more lines and more resources in to be able to put more water on the fire. really what it comes down to at this point is trying to overcome the amount of heat and amount of burning within the building with the amount of water that you can get on to the fire itself. >> jim, typically one of the ways that firefighters are most likely injured is when there's a roof collapse. when we've been working a fire for this long, how much of a danger is that at this point? >> working the loft is an extremely dangerous operation. we do a lot of training as firefighters on when and what signs to look for as to when the roof is compromised and when we need to get off the roof to provide for firefighter safety. the longer that the building has been on fire and the more exposure that the structure of the roof has been involved or been heated, the more danger it
6:54 pm
is. the personnel there have years of experience and training and they're being supervised by people with years of experience and training. accidents do happen, but we do have a lot of things in place to provide for safety for those people. >> and let's hope that safety stays in place this afternoon. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. jim crawford from cal fire, thanks for being with us. and ses srito ght we didn't air
6:55 pm
tonight, we will have those for
6:56 pm
you a little bit later tomorrowo
6:57 pm
following our breaking news, san francisco fire department continuing to battle -- continue to battle this blaze south of market on folsom street, atop the park hotel which is a residential hotel. about 15 minutes ago, it was upgraded from a three-alarm fire to a four-alarm fire. right now, our coverage continues over on our 7:00 newscast on comcast digital 186 and over the air 11-2. if you want to continuing coverage of this fire in the city, comcast digital 186 or over the air 11-2. >> and we also want to remind you and apologize for the stories that didn't air this evening, the transplant boot camp, also that heroic dog. we'll have those for you tomorrow night, so don't worry. we'll save those stories for
6:58 pm
you. and we're going to continue to follow this tonight at 11:00.
6:59 pm
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