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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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tonight one bay area man who lost his sister on september 11 says no way. all of this as president obama is just hours away from his historic visit to ground zero. good evening. thanks for joining us. >> the death of osama photos, proof that public enemy number one is dead or potential propaganda that could bring more terror. today obama administration made clear that the photos will not be made public. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to violence. >> those are the president's words. that decision while causing controversy on capitol hill, is being applauded by some victims' families. nbc bay's cher herd, this is another painful moment in the saga.
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>> reporter: for some this is just all talk. this is something that people have been talking about all day long. for them it is just talk. for one san francisco family, it is more than just a headline. >> the photos should not be released. >> reporter: his sister betty was a flight tabbedant on american flight 11. the first plane that crashed into the twin towers. he believes that releasing pictures of bin laden's bloody corpse to the public is unnecessary. >> we don't have a final picture of betty. i'm sure that 2973 or four other family members don't have any pictures of their loved ones as well. during their final moments. >> reporter: the debate over whether to release graphic photos of america's number one everybody me has been brewing abroad across the nation and on bay area streets. >> there comes a time and a place where you have to say, hey. we don't need to see everything. >> reporter: that's what the president and his advisers
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believed. the president concluded that the images could incite violence against americans and do very little to persuade skeptics he is dead. >> the public deserves the truth. we don't know if he is dead or alive. >> when 9/11 happened, they showed a lot of the media showing the buildings crashing, the muslims cheering about those type of thing. i think this is a little vindication. >> i don't think the public needs to see that. it might excite some of the evangelists out there. >> reporter: but for harry, releasing a photo of bin laden is more than just a debate. >> he is a murderer. he is a terrorist and a killer and he is a leader of al qaeda. and for me, i'm just so glad that he's dead. >> reporter: betty has been officially named a national hero. she was one of the first to call in to say her plane was being hijacked. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> we remember those days well. thank you.
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now tomorrow, the president will lay a wreath at ground zero in honor of all the victim. he'll then meet private when i some of the family member and some of the first responders. flag waving crowds as you've seen are gather in the lower manhattan at the site of the attack since the president announced bin laden's death late sunday. >> should they release those pictures? a polarizing debate. we asked for your opinion on our nbc bay area facebook page. judy bush writes i don't recollect believe the photos should be released. it will only cause more problem. remember how we felt about the photo release of our fellow americans slaun by terrorists. and tracy said definitely. i don't believe he's dead. and kevin writes rerk lease the photo officially it is up to the people to decide if they want to view it. >> it wasn't palatial. it wasn't luxurious but it was a fortress built for a terrorist. tonight for the first time, nbc goes inside the compound osama
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bin laden calls home coming up in ten minutes, we'll take you for a tour. plus, we'll tell you the surprise we found in what is believed to be osama bin laden's will. it's been a tense evening in the city. look at the pictures here. a four-alarm fire filled the san francisco skyline with smoke during rush hour. one firefighter hurt. dozens of others forced out of their apartments and room. and the cause could be linked to a barbecue. the south of market neighborhood came to a stand still earlier tonight and now we're learning new information on this massive fire. it started at a residential hotel on folsom street. what happened next made for some dramatic moments for fire crews and people living in the surrounding buildings. nbc bay area's jean joins with us this part of the story. what's the latest? >> firefighters are still here pulling out debris from inside that burn building. this fire, it moved fast. take a look. you can see the extent of the damage. now three buildings that are attached to the hotel also caught on fire. the fire crews say they had their hands full.
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fire rips through a 48-unit hotel south of market, blanketing the neighbor with thick smoke. people who live at the park hotel say they heard the fire trucks arrive but didn't think much of it. >> grabbed my bag and my jacket and came out. i didn't grab anything. i figured it was another drill. it would be oh with when we came back to our rooms like so many times before everywhere else. >> the fire took off. and all he could do was watch his home burn. >> my clothes and everything. my computers. all my tools. >> reporter: long time resident patricia kirkbride said she doesn't remember hearing a fire alarm. something she hears often at the hotel. >> as i was leaving the building i heard other tenants yelling, it's real, it's real. >> reporter: the fire went to four alarms. three buildings alongside the hotel are also damaged.
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viviana was next door with seven kids. she grabbed the birds and the kids when she heard her windows blowing out. it took crews over an hour to gain control of the fire. one firefighter and one resident were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. once the building was searched, and crews thought everyone was out, the chief issued an evacuation order. because the building was falling apart. >> parts of the facade were coming down. then we ordered everyone back. >> reporter: some scary moments after the oefrl one firefighter was not accounted for. the chief says he didn't hear his radio but was quickly located. the red cross has set up a shelter around the corner at a gymnasium. i'm told they have 93 cots for people who are displaced by the fire. this fire is under investigation. witnesses tell us they do believe it was started by a barbecue. but again, arson investigators are here looking for the official cause. reporting live, nbc bay area
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news. thank you. another arrest tonight in connection with that alleged dirty cop scandal involving well known private investigator chris butler and his band of mommy p.i.s. san ramon police officer louis lombardi faces a number of charges, including aiding and abetting, conspiracy and grand theft. police became suspicious of lombardi after appeared right here on nbc bay area in a news exclusive we did back in march. in video of an undercover infidelity stick, he poses as a cheating boyfriend. the sting is a fake, just a publicity stunt staged by butler's mommy p.i. firm. tonight san ramon police officials are reeling. >> this chief, proud of the work that our officers do on a daily basis. the actions of one should not be a reflection of the outstanding men and women of our department. >> but her was arrested, you may recall, i know what the command order charges of stealing drugs
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out of evidence lockers and then selling them back on the streets. it is the eve of cinco de mayo. tomorrow, a dave celebration will be met with police presence in the south bay. high school students and american flag, and a lawsuit that has divided a tight-knit community. we bring in now nbc bay area who joins us. it has been one year since morgan hill made national headlines. what should we expect tomorrow? >> reporter: it has been one year. the mood around campus appears to be calm. the expectations are that nothing will happen tomorrow morning here at live oak high school. just in case, morgan hill pd will have a school resource officer on campus. and extra patrol officers driving around nearby. >> okay. >> reporter: when four live oak high school boys wore american flag t-shirts on cinco de mayo, they had no idea it would capture the nation's attention or trigger hundreds of mexican-american students to walk out in protest. but that was last year.
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students here at live oak high say -- >> it was a big misunderstanding on both parts. and it got escalated way too big. >> reporter: junior olivia remember the campus controversy well. she said the mood on campus this year feels different. >> we all remember. but there is no conflict number. >> reporter: last year the boys were told by then principal nick bowden to turn their t-shirts inside out or go home. the principal is concerned about fighting on campus. >> they said it was defiance. >> reporter: instead, a different fight happened. one over freedom of expression. the superintendent of the morgan hill unified school district is hoping calm will prevail this year, releasing this statement saying, quote, in response to using the day for a teachable moment, the best response that we have is that we plan to have a regular day of instruction for students as they finish up their course work for the year. three of the four families have filed a civil rights lawsuit against the morgan hill unified school district claiming the boy's constitutional rights were
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violated. the families declined enter vuds but their attorney bill becker sent a message to the live oak high school communicate. we certainly mope there will be no disruption of school activities tomorrow and have no reason to anticipate any. and in morgan hill's downtown district, business owner like carlos perez believe tomorrow will be a day of unity. >> everything is about respect. respect and love. >> reporter: now, a parent stopped by here about an hour ago and praised the new principal for bringing in a new culture of respect here on campus. since last year's incident, a new student leadership group has emerged called voices. they've beenoring events promoting unity on campus. nbc bay area news. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. take a look at this. san jose with 86 degrees. san francisco, 82. some of the hottest spots in the south bay, santa clara topping out at 92 degrees. we'll have more on this record
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heat and how hot it will go tomorrow. thank you. tonight we take you behind the wall of the bin laden compound. we'll tell you about the surprise found in what is believed to be osama bin laden's will. his final message to his chain next. people will leave an office and not say anything to the doctor and then go post a negative review. >> examining a disturbing trend among doctors. trading their services for your silence. no tonight how you can get a clean bill of health without giving up your bill of rights. homel as a a child, a super bowl champ as an adult.
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no exclusions! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save! go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. a german tourist killed in r's union square. her murder, unsolved for a year. tonight seven people are unarrest and there may be an eighth suspect. investigators say that her husband was emotional when they call to tell him the news. police charging four men with the murder, while two other men and a juvenile have been charged
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with accessory to murder. she was in san francisco celebrating her 50th bird day last summer when suddenly she was caught in a gun battle between two rival gangs. >> it's an absolute tragedy but a great instance of everybody coming together. witnesses, multiagency, the hard work of the cops and the d.a.'s office, use a gun, harm a citizen, go to jail. >> police are still looking for an ai an eighth suspect. tonight we look a look inside osama bin laden's hideout. a castle it was not. this video was shot inside those concrete wall of his compound by pakistani television. it was right after the deadly firefight. it has been ransacked. every day i'm like chloes, medicine and food mixed in with the aftermath on sunday. one man even allowed people on to his roof for a better look at the compound. this quiet neighborhood has been
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buzzing since the attack on sunday. and without bin laden, the area's most famous resident is now the blogger who announced the firefight as it was happening via twitter. >> calm here to escape all the bombings and now i find myself living in the same town as him. >> he had moved to abbottabad to escape violence. most people in the town tell nbc, they do not believe that bin laden was in the house. bin laden had other family member living there on the first floor of the building. at least six children are in protective custody and 12 other adults also in protective custody. reportedly bin laden left a will mentioning his wife and children. an arabic newspapers are reporting the document was written shortly after the 9/11 attacks. in the will, bin laden orders his wives not to replayery. he asked his sons not to join al qaeda. he apologizes to his family for not having spent enough time with them. he has more than 20 children. the trial is underway in the
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case of josh fattal and shane bauer. two students arrest in the iran after hiking near the occurred stan region. the third hiker was released on humanitarian grounds after concerns for her health. that was last september. although being ordered back to iran by the iranian government, shourd has decided not to return to stand trial with the others, including her fiance. according to a clinical psychologist, she is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. high risk for renewed increased psychological problems were the reason she decided not to return to iran. the second session of the trial is set to begin on may 11th. we go in-depth with online reviews. nothing seems off limits these days so why should it be any different with doctors? struck privacy rule prevent doctors from responding to false or negative reviews. but the doctors have found a way to fight back. and you may be helping them.
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here nbc bay area''s reporter. >> it used to be you couldn't google your gynecologist and fine anything more than a phone number or an address. but now search your doctor's name and odds are she'll pop up on any number sites, followed by ratings and reviews written by patient original are they? >> if a review is anonymous, i think that's a red flag right there. >> dr. janice cohen has been reviewed dozens of time. 99% are glowing. the other 1%, the negative for false reviews that she and other doctors struggle with. >> often people will leave an office and not say anything to the doctor. and then they'll go post a negative review without even giving them an opportunity to resolve the problem. i don't think that doctors and restaurants should be reviewed in the same way. >> reporter: she has a point according to shane from medical
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justice. it provides doctors with contracts called mutual agreement that's they ask their patients to sign. >> nothing in the agreement prohibits someone from posting on the internet. >> but according to the site, if the feedback is not constructive, doctors have a tool to address fikt fictional or slanderous posts. meaning doctors can take legal action against their patient for what they post. he said more than 3,000 doctors in all 50 states are member of the site, including several here in the bay area. >> what it does is if there is a fictitious or egregious comment, the doctor would have a right to remove that from the website. >> reporter: the problem is what doctors see as slander and what the first amendment guarantees as free speech which includes patient opinions can be contentious. that's where doctored enters the picture. >> our site is design to help people understand what doctors are doing, why they're doing it. >> reporter: the co-founder and santa clara law professor said
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patients should say no if they're asked to sign a contract that could him their rights to free speech. he said more information, not less, help everyone. >> by having a robust database of online reviews, we have a better chance of being able to make sure the good doctors get reward asked bad doctors are recognized accordingly. >> reporter: dr. cohen said she supports the idea of patient reviews but she wants people to know not all reviews or review sites are created equally. >> the validity has to have a higher standard for doctors. >> reporter: in this era where anyone with a key board, patient should look at online reviews with a critical eye. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri where he will give a critical review of the weather. >> i like what's coming our way. we have some warmer weather and some cooler weather. here's a look at today's highs. we did get in on some 90s.
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92 in los gatos. 88 in gilroy, 87 in livermore and mid to upper 80s. we'll stay warm tomorrow. we could have more records. here's a like the three records we had. santa cruz with yifblg oakland, 85. and san francisco airport, 84. it doesn't necessarily take 90-degree temperatures like we saw in the south bay to get some records this time of year. we are seeing some cooling here across the bens mid 60s. still very mild from liver more to san jose. sunnyvale with 69. another clear start for us as we head throughout thursday. 80s sticking with us and then we'll get into some weekend changes with some cooler weather in time for mother's day weekend. we have high pressure that will keep it warm tomorrow. with 80s inland. however, the fog pattern will slowly be building for the coastline. that will keep it cooler at the coast for thursday. and then every one on friday will be under the impacts of these cooler winds. let's get a look. 7:00 a.m., we are looking at
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clear skies for the coastline. north bay, east bay and the south bay. we head throughout 7:00 people, still sunny and very warm and above average inland. it is not until 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. friday morning that we'll start to see the fog build back up. and friday is that day where most of us will be noticing these temperature starting to drop. and also that fog at the coastline. all right. 62 in los gatos. 64 in san jose. led look at the number tomorrow. once again, gilroy, morgan hill, some of the warmer spots close to 90 degrees. we could see a few records here. 86 in live more. 87 in dublin. notice the peninsula. we'll drop temperature down by about five to seven degrees. we'll see the wind shift. if it is a little late to get here, the number will be rather warm. so it will be a close call for us tomorrow for the peninsula and the coast. 85 in santa rosa. 85 in son open.
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a on the seven-day forecast, some clouds and cooler weather coming by saturday and sunday. now of course you can get more on our facebook pages. i just started a new facebook public figure page. so search my name and i'll be putting all thing weather and inning on it. >> that's exciting. now we have to do it, too. can you show us how to do it? >> i will. >> speaking of facebook, he is n thhe r mst ianthn n e world but tonight as he first time homeowner.
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face is facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg is updating his new home. it is record that he now the first time homeowner of a 5,000 square foot house, complete with salt water pool and alcove. it is worth $7 million. a short drive away from the future headquarters of facebook in menlo park. >> and his favorite location, hoe.>> >> did you see this? the sharks with an overtime
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if you don't already, it is time to start believing in this sharks team. a stellar performance. the star of the night, devin setoguchi who put himself in the right place at the right time when it mattered. the first goal of the game, when he gets going he can score in bunches. second period, down one. he ties the game 2-2 with another past jimmy hour. dan boyle getting the goal to tie it again. setoguchi in overtime gets the game winner. completing the hat trick in a huge 4-3 win. the shark now lead the years us 3-0. >> if you really want to know, i look over at logan and in, you'd
11:29 pm
better get it before i do because i already got my celebration ready to go. he said and so do i. and i said i'm going to go pull the renaldo double knee. he said that was mine. so he said i'll try to beat you to it. >> mentally rest, physically rest, be ready for friday. they played great tonight. they're going to play even better on friday. >> it was a banner night for tim lincecum. the giants in new york mets. thanks for everything, pat burrell. top six. the first run of the game with a single scoring mark fontenot. the story of the night, another great outing from lincecum. with 12 strikeouts, he passes the legendary chrissy mathison for most strikeout game in giant history in a 2-0 win tow met. the a's out to rebound against cleveland. and david dejesus taking matters into his own hands. two solo home runs tonight.
11:30 pm
this is the first one. his first of the year helping support oakland's ace trevor cahill. he is now 5-0 as oakland grabs a 3-1 victory over the indians. finally, a super bowl champion was part of a very nice surprise for some families in san jose tonight. before you join the green bay packers, james jones played at san jose state and gunderson high in the south bay. tonight he did something very dear to his heart. spending time with the families at the san jose family shelter. football has brought him great opportunities. but for part of his childhood, he was homeless and lived at this very same shelter, returning tonight to share some hope. >> that's the reason why i take time out of my day to do things like this. to give everybody hope. to me it is bigger than the game of football. yeah, i'm blessed to play football. how i am a going to bless others? >> much more with james jones on sports sunday.
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we go deep into this story. >> that's so touching that he remembers that. he can really g tandthive em and gthe tha that hope. that's really sweet. >> thank you.t to it on sunday.
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finally, pit bulls often get a bad rap. today an east bay pit bull got a hero's welcome. diamond the pit bull and her owner darrell showed their skin grafts, their scars showing where they were burned in an apartment fire in hayward. you might remember the number. how diamond saved her family from the flame by alerting her family. today she was given 29th dog hero award. her family says the story does not have a happy ending. they haven't been able to find a landlord willing to rent to them and their pit bull. darrell said it is silly diam diamond know their dog, is so very gentle. >> maybe with this p.r. their


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