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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 5, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> good evening, and thanks for joining us. >> we begin tonight with the emotional story of a teenage girl run down by a hit-and-run driver. her 16th birthday is tomorrow, but instead of blowing out candles, she's hoping to walk again. scott budman visited with her family today, and scott, i know you went back to the crime scene. it must be so emotional still for her mom. >> reporter: yeah, it really is, jessica. to this day months later police still do not know who was driving the car along this intersection back in january that hit shay shaw. we know after visiting her today that her family is working to help her get better and hosting a 16th birthday party for her tomorrow afternoon. 15-year-old shay shaw is working hard. >> bring it up, shay. >> reporter: helped by her mother to recover from brain injuries suffered after being hit by a car in january.
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friday is shay's 16th birtd day. they'll host a gaerg at the hair salon where carrie works. they give out the bracelets to raise awareness and feathers for shay's classmates to put in they are hair. >> there's a lot of hope for her. she listens to everything that i say, that her therapists say. there's a lot of hope. it's just time. >> time and money to help pay for the therapy shay needs, the los gatos high school student moved into this campbell house to better focus on recovery. >> it's not really in my hands. whose hands its in is greater than i, but it's my determination as a mother to get her everything she needs. >> reporter: lifting a hand or washing her face, things we take for granted, tiny steps for shay as she works to get better. >> i want to fund riaise for he
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and to show the world that with some help that people and my daughter, my daughter can awaken to a functional, happy life and to know love. >> reporter: if you'd like to celebrate shay's birthday and help awareness about brain injuries, you can join the family at the jigsaw salon on north santa cruz avenue in los gatos foam from 2:30 to 6:00 p.m. if you'd like to help the family, we put the website up for you as well. the family set this up for shay. it's her birthday is tomorrow and her mother's birthday is saturday and sunday is mother's day. >> scott, thank you. such an emotional story. new at 6:00 tonight, a story that's shaking up a community and a fire department.
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a salinas fire captain is facing charges child molest shun. 43-year-old andrew mclaughlin was arrested yesterday. he's accused of molesting a 7-year-old girl from watsonville four years ago. the girl's family contacted police two weeks ago. he's been with the salinas fire department for ten years. five of the seven suspects arrested for killing a german tourist in san francisco last year appeared to the courtroom today for the first time. the arraignment was pushed back to may 16th. also today prosecutors announced a sixth person, a 17-year-old, will face murder charges as an adult in the shooting death. police say she was caught in the crossfire between two groups while walking near union square. today before the court appearance the german consulate general expressed relief this case is finally coming together for investigators. >> all the more it is important that those who were responsible
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for the shoot-out will finally be brought to the justice, and this is why i'm so pleased that the police were able to make these arrests. >> police have a warrant out for another man suspected in this murder. a day of remembrance in oakland as the police department honored fallen officers and families. as jodi hernandez shows us, for the men and women in blue the 51 officers killed in the line of duty are their true heroes. >> we stand here simply to say we thank you for what you have given to the city of oakland. >> reporter: they're the moms and dads, wives and children of those who have given their lives protecting the people of oakland. the families of oakland police officers killed in the line of duty came together as the department paid tribute to its heroes. >> they go out there every single day and risk their lives. >> reporter: the chief says oakland police officers are every bit as brave as the navy
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s.e.a.l.s who took down osama bin laden. men and women who risk it all to help ours. >> every single day they are go up in dark alleys and deal with the worst of the worst to make this city safe. >> i'll never forget saying good-bye to him that night, saying good-bye, and then he never came home again. >> nancy plum was pregnant with her first child when her husband, david guider, died in the line of duty in 1973. >> i was young at the time it happened to me, so i can talk to the younger women and tell them, you know, life gets better and you can get through this. i'm just proof of it. >> ervin j. romans. >> reporter: that kind of support is key for families like the romans. irvin romans and three other officers were killed two years
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ago in what's called one of oakland's darkest days. >> having support of the other officers who were his good friends means everything. >> reporter: the fallen officers legacies live on. guider's son is a secret service agent assigned to protect the president while romans son is a new marine going to afghanistan. the bravest have not been for t forgeten but is still very much alive. though it's been two years since the department lost an officer, they're reminded every day of the sacrifices. they hope they never have to add another name to this wall. in oakland i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the families of 15 fallen officers attended that service. a suspected serial killer charged with murdering four california women was back in court today. his request to represent him is
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yet to be approved by the judge. 77-year-old joseph naso appeared in court today where he told the judge that hiring an attorney would exhaust his resources. reno police arrested him after finding an enormous amount of evidence in his home tieing him to these murders from the 1970s and 1990s. two victims were from the bay area. investigators are reviewing cold cases to see if there's similarities with those cases. a couple from mountainview could get a $1400 refund from pg&e for a faulty smart meter. it was installed in november of 2009. the following month their bill tripled. immediately they blamed their new smart meter. after months of complaints and replace smart meters this case might finally be resolved. what was the problem? the couple found that their smart meter triggered a motion detector that turned on a flood
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light and caused the usage to rise. final approval is on the agenda toe tonight. the pcu approved the first phase of a rate hike for pg&e customers. under the plan those who use less electricity pay more and higher volume users pay less. pg&e wants to make it fair for everybody by creating the across the board fee. if approved the change would go into effect next year. what looked like random litter along highway 101 in marin today was really some trash of a significant and sensitive nature. a moving truck got a blowout on saturday and accident aally dumped several boxes of files onto the freeway. the confidential papers belong to a lawyer who had no idea the storage company had moved them.
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acco people found the papers on the cars recognized the potential for identity theft. a high-tech peeping tom is behind bars accused of using a small camera to look up the skirts of women. women need to be aware as the weather gets warmer and the sun dresses come out. elise joins us from san raphael with more. how long did he get away with this? >>. >> reporter: we don't know. he targeted dozens of women in public using a camera you can barely see. to give you the idea the camera is just about the size of this credit card. >> obviously, he's a pervert. >> reporter: police say nicholas springer targeted women wearing skirts. >> i think people are tempered by technology. it's a sign of the times. >> reporter: whatever the reason the the 26-year-old filmed as many as 35 women walking around fairfax from this coffee shop to this market.
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finally they caught him shooting at the farmers market on wednesday night. >> it appeared he had something hid in his shoe like a video camera or camera, and he was maneuvering himself up behind women and putting his foot in like between their legs and next to them and was taking video or pictures up their dresses. >> reporter: police believe there are victims outside of fairfax. within the last month there was a report of a man matching springer's description filming women at the san raphael farmers market. >> it's an invasion of privacy, obviously. if you're going to be creative in some way, try and do it without crossing other people's boundaries. >> reporter: as of now authorities have no idea what springer was doing with na video. whatever it was, women in this small town feel violated. >> why abuse women at the farmers market? they always have kids. >> reporter: tonight springer is being held at the jail. he'll face a judge tomorrow.
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meanwhile, police are asking anyone who thinks they may have been targeted by him to come forward. live in san raphael, elise kish ner, "nbc bay area news." >> very creepy. still ahead at 6:00 from devastation comes an amazing story of a ramicle. it's a chihuahua. we'll show you the emotional reunion in the wake of huge fire yesterday in san francisco. why hundreds of thousands of drivers will get a break on their car registrations. hold on. there's a catch. when beauty turned potentially dangerous. new revelations about hidden dangers at beauty salons. an inside peek. how google is bringing its street view technology indoors. and you may think your city is the hottest, but who was the hottest today? los gatos with 92. meanwhile, we'll see ale.inlg. v we'll talk about this fog mov inning and dropping temperatures
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coming up in minutes.
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san jose may have canceled its long running sing co-dimaio parade, but community organizers created a new scaled down version. hundreds gathered for a parade on the east side of town this afternoon. a marching band provided the movie, the queen and the rile court presided over the celebrations. it's often a trouble spot, so tonight san jose police are beefing up the patrols downtown. they hope to prevent problems that plagued the he city in the past. extra officers on motorcycles and horses will patrol downtown through the weekend. t the parade has been scaled down. things are getting back to month after a shelter and place
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order was lifted in a stanlt at that rosa neighborhood. firefighters found awe cylinder containing dangerous gases earlier today. they were called out to a fire. when they found it leaking, they asked neighbors on that street and nearby lance drive to stay inside their houses, close all their windows and doors and keep their pets inside. they closed off the cylinder and lifted the order. shopping in san francisco is about to get a boost in the form of a new downtown target. part of the renovation of the city's metrione. the mayor joined store executives to give details. the space is almost fully leased. the new target will be one of the first urban stores of its kind there. it's seth too open in the second half of the year. >> this san francisco store perfectly showcases the city target concept. at approximately 85,000 square
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feet, compared to a typical 135,000 square foot general merchandise target story, it will be significantly smaller. >> the first phase will open in september, and the project is expected to bring in 600 construction jobs and 700 permanent jobs. this has been an ongoing effort, but next week the san francisco board of supervisors will weigh in on plans to redevelop treasure island. this week a group of artists are leaving their own market on the island. >> they're giving it a woman's touch. >> reporter: with its sprawling views of san francisco, treasure island is a jewel of the bay, but it's decaying buildings give little hint of its original glory when it it hosted the 1939 international ekts position. back then the island was filled with people, architecture and art. >> if you lift up. >> reporter: today a group of
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artists were busy giving the island their own leg up. the island's newest resident is a massive nude sculptor his creator called bliss dance. >> she's 40 feet tall and scrunched down, so she'd about 45 feet tall. >> reporter: good posture or not, the sculpture towered over the workers below. >> i'm really excited to have this here. this is probably one of the most beautiful places on earth. this very lawn right here. >> reporter: the treasure island authority commissioned cochran to install the sculpture. its fitting since it was built on the island. >> people are wowed by the size and the structure, the engineering. it seems death-defying. it's coming right out of the ground. >> reporter: the sculpture could be a sign of thingsing to as they plan to redevelop the island. wendy was pleasantly surprised to sum bell on the work.
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>> i have the habit of thinking this to be navy property and mostly off limits. having things that draw people over to break that habit of thinking, i think, is a great thing. >> reporter: this giant of a woman will continue her blissful island dance for at least six months. along the way cochran hopes she reminds admirers to follow their own bliss. >> she's doing what she loves to do and i'm doing what i love to do. >> what an interesting story. b.a.r.t. riders have another way to pass time on the commute. you don't have to have an ipod or anything like that. just borrow a book with your library card. today they unveiled the free to read and ride book lending machine. use a peninsula library card, you can pick up a book and drop off a book at the boards station for b.a.r.t.
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a similar machine called library ago-go i was placed in pittsburgh. today riders could sign up for library cards. this is the first read and ride program on the peninsula. now to our business and tech headlines. with more than 40% of web map user coming from smartphones, google is putting a new spin on window shopping. they unveiled a new extension of google places called business photos. it works like street view giving you a 650-degree interior of participating businesses. their vp announced this new program at the networking conference today in san francisco. and now jeff gives a look at the weather. >> i was part of a google map before. on the street level thing, they caught me watering my plants just like this. kind of crazy. i don't know why i shared that. look at this.
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some hot numbers coming in. here are the latest from the almaden valley calling in 96. these new updated numbers from a few minutes ago. los gatos with 95 and livermore with 90. let's go to other daytime highs. the thing to note here is in san francisco we saw some cooling by 5 to 7 degrees today. so that's an indication those winds are starting to shift, but very warm to hot for the south and east bay. it really is a process getting these winds shifting, and it's starting right now in san francisco. winds westerly at 18 miles per hour, and take a look at that. that's fog trying to build across the golden gate bridge, and already has numbers down in the 60s at this point. plenty of 80s for the intrer spots. it's a mild night out here. that fog is having a tough time building, but here's the thing. we have a system situated in the
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pacific northwest. as that continues to move across seattle, that will bring the onshore flow and also fog to come back primarily for the weekend for big-time cooling as temperatures drop 15 to 25 degrees. we start off tomorrow morning with 59 in sunniville and 59 in san francisco. by 11:00 a.m. it will be warm for napa, santa rosa and fairfield. we'll get cooling for the bayside communities and also at the coastline, and it's this general trends of what's coming our way for the weekend. i'll detail all the changes in the seven-day forecast later on in the show. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, he's back. details on form early governor schwarzenegger's return to the big screen. they received a second chance at life. they're joining forces and staying healthy. the routine,f. thingseveryds we do that could rupture an
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aneurysm if you're at risk.
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if you walk into a nail salon, sometimes you can't help but notice the smell of chemicals. >> new research in the bay area measured the chemicals in the air. we have more on this discovery that might make you think twice about heading beau the nail salon. >> one of the chemicals was banned in nail care products back in 1974, if you can believe that. researchers with the cancer prooefshgs institute of california went to 20 bay area nail salons and asked 80 workers to wear personal air monitoring badges for several shifts. they found levels of toluene linked to breast cancer and they found a compound they banned in nail care products. >> it explains why we've been hearing a lot of health complaints from nail salon workers, including headaches, breathing problems, skin
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irritations. the fact we're detecting levels of air kamt nants that's higher that's what recommended for healthy indoor area. >> reporter: salon workers that participated in the stud kwi were given a summary of the findings and recommendations about how to reduce their risk. that includes wearing a protective mask and also increasing the ventilation inside the salon. if you're a clint bring in your own nail polish that says it does not contain toluene and check out the salon for good air circulation. brain aneurysms often don't give any warning before they rupture, but what prompts these dangerous blood-filled balloons to pop? for some it could be as simple as exercising, drinking coffee, even just blowing your nose. researchers in the netherlands asked patients what they were doing shortly before their aneurysms burst. brain aneurysms are rare.
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less than 10 out of every 100,000 people will experience a ruptured brain aneurysm. new options tonight for the millions of americans that suffer from asthma. new research finds asthma pills work just as well. the study published in the new england journal of medicine followed 650 asthma sufferers for two years. it found patients were almost 25% more likely to stick to consistent asthma therapy if they took pills as their first line of defense against those attac attacks. obviously sticking to your medical regimen is critical for asthma sufferers. that's tonight's health watch. be careful of that bottle. a new study says it's vital babies be taken off the bottle around the first birthday. they followed 7,000 children and found that prolonged bottle use increased the risk of obesity. children using a bottle at age two were 30% more likely to be
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obese whether they entered kindergarten. researchers say drinking from a bottle may give kids too many calories, especially whether they're put to bed with milk or juice. this next story is about albert einstein. it's very complicated but we'll simplify it a bit here. the bottom line, einstein was right. stanford has confirmed some key parts of his theory of relativi relativity. the scientists have concluded that the predikctions einstein made about space and time back in 1916, those predictions hold up today. the confirmation of his theories supports what we know as the big bank theory. still ahead, the royal couple california-bound. details of their trip and the hollywood heavyweight rumored to play tour guide. also ahead this chihuahua is lucky to be alive after a fire ripped through a residential hotel. tonight we'll show you the emotional reunion.
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documents taken from osama bin laden's compound revealing possible terror targets in the u.s. >> what was duing on ri during the raid? secretary of state hillary clinton's surprising explanation for her expression. we're back in two minutes. ng go! go!
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when the navy s.e.a.l. team killed osama bin laden they left with his body and a treasure trove of information. tonight we get the first look at the intel that was gathered. the department of homeland security is alerting officials information they seized shows al qaeda hoped to attack trains in the united states. the date of the pob attack was the anniversary of september 11th attacks. according to the dhs bulletin they envisioned sabotages a railw
6:31 pm
railway. they didn't say whether there were further plans. no bull horn or speeches. president obama spent the day in new york to lay a wreath at the ground zero site and to honor those who lost their lives there. vicky nguyen has more on this emotional but low-key visit. >> reporter: president bahama with former new york mayor rudy guiliani first went to the firehouse hit hardest on 9/11, engine 54 lost 15 men. >> whether we say we will never forget, we mean what we say. >> reporter: the president never said osama bin laden bud praised the s.e.a.l.s who got them. >> they were doing it in part in the name of your brothers lost. >> reporter: christopher was kimmed in the collapse on 9/11. his mom and dad invited today to join the president. >> he acted as the commander in chief, and i'm very proud to be an american and he did the right thing.
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>> obviously, he paid close attention and he made a decision that could have cost him seriously if it did not work out. >> reporter: the president stopped at the nypd station whose officers were the first to rush to the trade center. his sister came up from philadelphia. >> fwris up everything, the images and pictures and the reliving of my family. we never had closure. >> reporter: today she says she does. at ground zero he paid tribute to the nearly 3,000 dead. today, this whole week is a powerful flashback. >> si'm so happy. >> reporter: few focused on the details of the raid and the photo. osama bin laden sded, and for many in new york a page has been turned. >> whether presint obama travels to ft. campbell, kentucky tomorrow he'll meet with some members that took part
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of the attack. that comes from a source inside the administrareon. speaking of inside we showed this photograph on monday. it came from the white house situation room. if you look at the corner, it shows secretary of state hillary clinton tensely holding her hand over her mouth. it was taken during the bin laden raid. today she told reporters she doesn't recall what she was thinking at the precise moment and sheepishly admitted she suffers from allergies and she may have been stifling a cough. pakistan's military is retaliating against the u.s. for the raid. the pakistani army called for cuts in the number of u.s. military personnel allowed inside the country. the u.s. 275 u.s. military personnel in pakistan at any one time. some of them were hoping to train the pan stacky army. the generals did not specify how large the cuts would be. they threatened to review future military and intelligence
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operation if the u.s. carries out similar raids. u.s. officials have made no comment. we invite you to stay with us for continuing coverage on the death of osama bin laden. we have extensive coverage on our website. an update on the breaking news we brought to you yesterday. that hotel fire south of market in san francisco, dozens were left homeless and it injured four firefighters and a hotel resident. all of them, though, will recover. the fire scorched four buildings and caused more than $3 million in damage. tonight the red cross still is scrambling to find long-term shelter for dozens of people forced out of their apartments by the fire. they met this afternoon to hear from victims and to talk aboutousing options. many people lost their homes and all of their belongings. out of the devastation this is the amazing story here. firefighters found a chihuahua early this morning scared but alive. where was the dog? hiding in a closet. he was reunited with his owner
6:35 pm
this afternoon. the owner says he still can't believe his little dog survived. >> i'm elated. i'm just jumping for joy. my heart is beating so fast just to get him back. >> paco is the dog's name. he's safe tonight. investigators are trying to pinpoint the cause of the fire. some witnesses say it started with a barbecue. nurses at oakland children's hospital walked off the job and started to pictukett this morni. they're expected to strike for five days. they say they're protesting against a contract deal which would cost them some $4,000 more even year to have their own families treatsed at children's hospital. >> we're standing up for nurses' benefits and wages as well as the patients. they should know that we want to make children's a quality workplace and a quality patient care area so they should support us. we're definitely here for the community. we're here every day working for our patients. >> it's the second strike by
6:36 pm
nurses. the last one was in october. a spokesperson for the hospital says the health cuts are necessary in tough economic times, and better than staffing cuts. the hospital is bringing in temporary nurses, and it will remain open during this walkout. after so many bad news about california's budget gap, there was bound to be good news. it appears the state is it collecting an extra $2 billion in taxes which was not expected. there's always a catch around here. republicans point to the piwind fall as a reason to drop plans to extends tax hikes due to expire. he insists on a conservative path. jerry brown signed a vehicle that will extend vehicle license fees for another five years. those high fees were scheduled to expire on july 1st. it now may go to close the
6:37 pm
budget gap. >> reporter: 2.4 million cars are registered in california each month but one gets remind notices or stickers as of july because there's no state budget agreement yet. >> some support for a good compromise. >> reporter: governor jerry brown wants to extend the tax hike. the rate of 1.15% of a car's value was put into effect in 2009 as a temporary measure. it is supposed to expire july 1st and drop back down to .65% of your car's value. the difference for a car that's worth $20,000 is about 100 bucks, so the tax could stay the same or go lower. >> i hope lower. it's really expensive right now. >> in a situation like this, people hardly have enough money as it is. to have to pay more to keep whatever is in place already high doesn't help anybody. >> reporter: the governor has some support for extending the
6:38 pm
tax hike at the dmv. >> i don't mind paying a higher rate or more taxes. i'd rather not, but you know, we have to find solutions. we can't just keep bickering. >> the situation we're in now, i realize it's difficult for individuals to keep up with the economy. the money has to come from somewhere. >> california's budget deficit is estimated still at about $15 billion. those vehicle fees bring in more than $7 billion in the next five years. a trip fit for the royal couple. details on kate and william's trip to california and who will escort them when they arrive. plus governor schwarzenegger's new moviest project. good evening. still a hot day out there, but we had cooling around bayside community. 74 in san francisco and down to and the ,he astlcoine is seeing some breezy conditions with some fog
6:39 pm
gradually developing.
6:40 pm
we'll talk about ourj
6:41 pm
of4d the duke and duchess of cambridge will spend three days in california this morning. we're talking about will and kate. they'll be hosted by former governor arnold schwarzenegger who will play tour guide. it's kate's first trip to the u.s. and william's first official one. no word where they're accepting to go. >> you could call them and e-mail them and your suggestions. >> i will. speaking of the former governor now, he's going back to work. not in politics but returning to the big screen. schwarzenegger may have made his name as an action star, but he surprises a lot of people by choosing a drama for the next movie called "cry macho." the script has been floating around hollywood for years. it's about a down and out horse trainer hired to kidnap a
6:42 pm
9-year-old boy. >> that's a drama. talk about drama, the sharks have drama going on. >> not too booad. 3-0 until the series. >> we didn't curse it by saying they will go all the way? >> there's no cursing in hockey. a win tomorrow, and the sharks are coming home to wait for their next opponents. we have game four talk tr detroit. the giants head back to the bay area tonight. the ten-game road trip is over after the last day in new york. with the california bears set for football at the home of the giants next seen, we go behind the scenes look atted work on campus as they modernize memorial stadium. the process is explained in sports. a live look at the east bay. we have clear skies and also some of the hottest temperatures
6:43 pm
in the east bay.
6:44 pm
we'll let you know about a big weekend cooldown coming up. what we've all fauked about and heard about the benefits of exercises. for patients with an organ transplant exercise helps them survive. >> these patients are coming together. think of it it as a unique and emotional boot camp. >> reporter: pushups, lunges, stretches, trademarks of a traditional boot camp, but this is like no other. these athletes are all trans plants pashs. he had his double-lung transplant three months ago. >> do what you can do and go on
6:45 pm
your own pace. >> reporter: annabel and her twin sister run the boot camp at stanford. both are lung transplant patients. >> i believe as a lung transplant recipient, life valley about breathing, every single breath we take is a gift. and part of exercise is feeling that breath and enjoying it and using it to build strength. >> living with new lungs, hearts or kidneys, all are enjoying their second chance. tiffany has had more. she's undergone five kidney transplants. >> the reason i'm alive today is because of regular exercise. >> beyond the workouts, they're coming full sishlg. exercise helps them stave oft side effects of the medications. >> the benefits are weight control, lipid control, blood pressure control will be better, and diabetes is less likely to up happen. >> reporter: this grew started getting together last year it to train for the transplant games, but they received so many benefits from coming together to
6:46 pm
exercise, they decided to keep going long after the games ended. reaping the rewards of sweat equity while investigating in new friendships. >> i think the camaraderie, you know, even when you have a really tough day, you come in and meet someone who has had a double lung transplant for six weeks, and they're fighting to just be alive and you realize how blessed you are to be alive and to be able to run and to exercise and to train. >> reporter: at stanford, "nbc bay area news." >> those boot camps participants are living proof that the difference of an organ difference. if you want to learn more about becoming an organ donor, go to donateli donatelivecalifornia.o donatelivecalifornia.or
6:47 pm
i could go on about what happened last night. the singing of happy bitth birthday and it wasn't my birthday. south san jose had 91, in livermore with 90, so certainly another very, very hot day here across the bay area, and we're going to see numbers continuing to go down here as we head stlu throughout the next two days. already signs of changes happening right now. the winds have shifted at 18 miles per hour. that westerly wind is a cooling wind and the fog is developing near the golden gate bridge. it's not much, but a little bit will mean a lot in the next 24 hours. also cooling for the coastline with 60s and 70s startsing to pop. however, very mild to warm here from livermore to san jose. tonight the fog will build and tomorrow plenty of 70s instead of 80s, and we're looking at a huge temperature drop for the weekend. we won't get rainfall from this, but it's rather the flow associated with it will help bring back the fog pattern here to the bay area and bring back pretty stroj westerly winds
6:48 pm
throughout friday and saturday. that will keep temperatures down once again for tomorrow. 70s inland and for the weekend everyone dropping from the coast into the south bay with possibly 60s returns. at 10:00 p.m. tonight, not much fog happening, but by 6:00 a.m. the fog and clouds building. it's not too much. it will hem drop temperatures. low to mid-50s in the south bay as we start off tomorrow morning. t.g.i.f., it is here. 58 in san francisco, and for the south bay tomorrow we'll be close to 80 but still in the 70-degree category here as the winds help cool things down. 78 in ever green, 77 in san jose, 78 in livermore, and for the peninsula also still with 70s. san francisco looks to drop down to the 60s, 77 in concord, 79 in fairfield and napa close to 80.
6:49 pm
60 in bodega bay, so much, much cooler for the coast. it will be a little chilly there. mo for mother's day we have clouds building. looks great next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we like this. >> that's a thumbs up. >> thank you very much. >> let's bring in lorne scott with sports now. >> good evening. the giants monster road trip is over. ten days on the road wrapping up with a day game against the mets. the giants with a chance to sweep today. the only problem is they never led in the game. mike font naught doing what he can help. a solo shot cutting into the mets' lead. the giants score another run, but that's as close as it go. carlos beltran with a hit. they fall, and tomorrow they
6:50 pm
host the rockies. the a's trying to take the series against cleveland at the coliseum. ryan sweeney bloops one that just stays far. jackson ties the game at 2-2. it goes to extra innings. both teamed added one more run, but the a's lose 4-3 in 12. now head to kansas city to take on the royals. the sharks riding a ton of momentum can eliminate the red wings tomorrow. here's the word from detroit on the eve of game four. >> they played harder then they played the first two. we had to step up. tomorrow will be an intense game and we expect them to come out real hard. >> game-to-game, it's a new game. this is a good opportunity. you have to come out hungry and want to close it out. we're in this position again, and you know, we got to try to make the best of this. >> comprehensive xrens of every bay area team is on sports net
6:51 pm
central on comcast sports net bay area every night at 10:30 with a full show with coverage. go deep with sports net central on comcast sports net bay area. with the exception of one game at candlestick next season, the cal football team will play at the hoemt of giants. meanwhile mihm yal stadium is getting a whole new look. here's a behind of scenes tour of the progress in beshg le. berkeley. >> i'm bob milano jr., assistant athletic director. the deconstruction of the stadium is nearly complete and the reconstruction is launching of memorial stadium. we are pushing hard for the first home game in 2012, september 1st. on the south end of the stadium, you can see the completion of the shoring and underpinning of
6:52 pm
the historic wall. on the west side of the stadium, four tower cranes begin the installation of the concrete superstructure. at the north end the former location of the tunnel the team entered from, you can see the deconstruction winding down. the back of the historic fa sade, which looks like the ruins in rome, will be prepared for a new concrete wall to be placed right against it. so that has to be roughened and the place has to be prepared for the new concrete and reinforcing steel to be placed. our goal is to keep all the good things with the memorial staid, the historic facade and the relationships people have built over the years, but improve all the things people didn't like about the stadium. poor circulation, improved food and beverage and rest rooms and make it a building and facility that the cal community can
6:53 pm
gather at for the next 100 years. primarily we'll maintain the collegiate bench feel. we'll have approximately 3,000 new stadium chairs that comprise three new clubs, and that's part of our seating sales program paying the bill for this project. we'll renovate this stadium and leave it behind for students and alumni after us for the next -- this building will be here the next 75 or 100 years, and i think people working on the project, administrative leaders from campus, leaders from lehletics likeo tleave that gacy behind. we're fostering the tradition for future generation. >> our photo journalist
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> that's going to rock that
6:56 pm
>> it certainly will. we'll bebpk.çñ tonight at 11:00 on "nbc bay area news," don't leave home without it. it's the famous green card that won't let you buy one very green item. it's a credit card controversy. if you're a customer in good standing -- obviously we're looking at the wrong video here. >> some reptiles. >> we'll get to that in a moment. i'll continue with my credit card company story. it's green also, which was what was confusing.
6:57 pm
if you are in good standing, should injure credit card regulate what you buy? we're going to take a closer look at this issue at 11:00 on "nbc bay area news" and now we'll look at snakes. >> here it is. the bay area is getting 60 new residents at the california academy of sciences in san francisco. the new exhibit called the summer of slither, wi show kaz a vaerlt of lizards and snakes. some are a 15-foot albino python named lemon drop and a lizard that can walk on water. the exhibit opens on may 9th a few days from now and runs through september 5th. >> hopefully they have credit cards in good standing, or they're not getting out. brett joins us now to tell us what's coming up at 7:00. >> also experts from san francisco look at what the arab world is saying about the death of bin laden. also, special look at carlos
6:58 pm
santana and george lopez coming to the bay area. >> sounds fun.
6:59 pm
>> you're new 7:00 newscast on comcast digit 186. we'll see you.


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