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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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you are going to have to deal with fog over the bridges. watch out for that. throughout the day, we will lose the cloud cover. mid level clouds hanging around for the second half of the day. you'll notice that, a little bit different. this city of palo alto is coming alive right now. this is the hour people start to hit the highway. let's find out how they look with mike. >> good morning. first they hit the coffee houses, then the highways. a look at 101, the drive over there we'll look at in a second. the altamont pass, speeds in the 50s. this is a typical slowdown time, 6:00 on a friday. we have a live look at the san mateo bridge. an easy drive. the camera is shaking a bit. haze, moisture in the air. it's heading over the bridge is an issue. you can't see it on the side. visibility for the drive is all
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right. head over to 101 in palo alto. we are going to send it back to you in palo alto. >> thank you very much, mike. we appreciate it. the mount diablo school district is cancelling classes to save money, but students say they are showing up anyway. we have more on the district's first of three planned furlough days. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. students in a human rights class are leading the charge. they got word there would be so,aé furlough days in just one month. they started to feel cheated, like they were losing time in the classroom that they could be learning. so, they took matters into their own hands and pulled a page right out of the 1960s and holding a teach-in. signs are up all over mount diablo high. teachers and administrators are
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pitching in after they canceled classes due to budget cuts. this is happening on the quad. they are offering art and creative writing. it's not just here, but districts around the state are trying to slash the school year to balance their budgets. it could get worse. they will get started here in concord this morning with the teach-in. it runs through 1:30 this afternoon. they are expecting up to 500 people. reporting live in concord, christie smith, today in the bay. >> all right. thanks for the update there. i want to turn to marla tellez. she's back live in the news room with more of the day's top stories including developing news out of san francisco. good morning. >> good morning, laura. good morning to you at home. this morning, a man is dead after a hit and run crash in san francisco. officers say a car hit a 55-year-old man on masonic avenue about 2:30 this morning.
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police say they found the car shortly after the crash and arrested the suspect. a 23-year-old man. a salinas fire captain faces sheerious charges.(q5(sting f he's a is on paid administrative leave. rowdy crowds and violence on a day meant for celebration. shopkeepers are clearing up shattered glass and debris after crowds got rowdy because of cinco de mayo. damian trujillo is live along allen rock avenue. the business behind you is already boarded up. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the one that was hit the hardest. there's glass all over the
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sidewalk. a construction company came and. the worker at the tax preparation place arrived a half hour ago asking me what happened. her boss is about 80 years old and just found out what happened. he is not happy. let me show you what happened from the chopper overnight. the chopper flew over the scene at 11:00. they had their hands full. the area between 27th and 33rd street. other crowds created a few problems on story and king area. we don't have a count of any number of requests. there are reports one person was stabbed as well. police were ready for any potential chaos. cinco de mayo would be a four-day celebration. one business owner was not happy this morning. >> there were people walking by
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and doing damage to the properties to every single business here. >> reporter: you had to board it up and pay for the broken glass and windows. >> probably will have to pay for that. we will find out this morning. >> reporter: is that a way to celebrate cinco de mayo? >> not for me. >> reporter: police officers working the crowds. that kept it from getting any more out of control. only three or four businesses that were hit. a worker here at the tax preparation place asked me who is going to pay for it? for the police officers, it's you the taxpayer. for the broken glass, it's up to the business owners. i'm damian trujillo, today in the bay. >> such a shame. thank you. san francisco is getting ready to take on the federal government. starting june 1, they will release low level undocumented immigrants even if they are
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asked to be held. the sheriff says the move is meant to uphold the ordinance. now, they hold them until customs enforcement picks them up. more grim news regarding the giants fan that was attacked. bryan stow's family says he's scheduled to have surgery today. it's to drain fluid built up in his brain. he's still in a coma. police are still looking for the two men who attacked him on march 31st after the season opener in los angeles. a man accused of stealing a one of a kind instrument is in police custody this morning. earlier this week, we told you about this case. the 27-year-old turned a $20,000 violin into a priest yesterday morning. officers arrested him last night. he stole the violin from the conservatory of music last week.
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6:06 out we are going to head back out to palo alto. laura, you have found a crowd of people there. >> oh, yeah. there's a great crowd coming out here. we always invite people to come out and we always invite people to come out and the great thing, you may notice how beautifully kept the streets are out here. it's for a very good reason. chris richardson is here with the street team that goes out. it's a service that helps the homeless. they clean the streets in change for vouchers and shelter and whatnot. it's a great program. >> thank you. it's a great program. >> thank you. yeah, tog that we are helping the homeless transition to a life of self-sufficiency. we partner with the city to provide services. >> michael is the operations manager. you are out here, you can almost count eleofefgc differe to
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up. >>inte starts at 6:00 and the last at 9:00 at night to 1:00 in the morning. >> it makes a huge difference to people. >> for cleaning and interacting with people that are homeless you let them iñeríerlon they don't have to sleep in garages. >> you are nodding your head. i want to pull you up. you have been involved in the program for how long? what has it done for you? >> i have been in the program for over three months. it's done a lot for me. it's provided an avenue for me to go from being homeless to now being independent and i just recently became housed. it's just an amazing blessing to be part of street teams. >> good for you. good for you. i'm happy for all of you. thanks for the work you do, turning lives around. we are in it together.
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ahe looks out there. certainly a gorgeous day on tap t turn it over to christina loren. >> we have a good looking day ahead of us. temperature that is are comfortable. a little bit of cloud cover and fog at the coast. theu%uo a great looking day and great looking weekend for mother's day. we ar look at the graphics and see what's to wejeb2jpvfytt th "5e on shor. 75 77 in gilroy. 75 degrees in santa cruz. we head throughout the weekend, mom, oh, she's going to get a treat this weekend from the weather department. temperatures are going to end up
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in the low to mid-70s. we are expecting cloud cover. the showers i told you about yesterday, i don't think it's going to be much of anything. maybe a sprinkle in the north bay. let's see how your drive is shaping >> things are looking i0ç major been half wa focus ov tofrom if# thearea.ku slow lane. no major slowing. it's beenarea ea 5< passing the area. we'll get a live look with the chopper out there. they were over the bay area. a nice look at the sunrise. that's what to expect over the ay.t's what to expect over the we get to maps. no metering lights on there. they turn camera up to the sky instead of the roads. we look at clo roads in san
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francisco. marla live there was an t is closed at w7:. we'll get another live look out inlan see how things are ice.; drive-880i qnzznd inland. we far as fog inland. we far as fog problem. the drive-through 880 through the south bay is nice.syn >> all right.
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20 cities in 20 days. this morning, we are waking up
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in palo alto this morning. it is the home of palo alto. it's how it got its name. if you live here, you know that. here in the bay area, we know it for the home of hughlet packard, stanford university, facebook and facebook founder, mark zuckerberg has new digs here. >> it's not too far from downtown palo alto. it's a very beautiful home, no surprise considering the amount of money he has. it's a turn of the 20th century home. it's since been remodelled. a salt water swimming pool in the backyard. the photos provided by the realtor, it's beautiful. it's on a 17,000 square foot lot. very expensive. it's well below his means. this morning, we had to go see
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what it looked like for ourselves. based on what we have seen, we gave it our thumbs up. it's definitely a like in our books. not bad, mark zuckerberg. let's go here, just down the street from cafe, a local coffee shop. what are we whipping up? >> expresso, we serve it in the italian style. we are a venetian coffee shop. >> go ahead. talk about that. what does it mean when you say you are a venetian coffee shop? >> we roast all of beans outside of venice. they are roasted italian style, which means light to medium roast. what that means for the flavor
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of the coffee is that you get more of the characteristics of the beans and uniqueness and flavors coming through. in terms of drinks, we have -- we use the traditional ratios for all our drinks. our cap chino, my favorite drink is one ounce express sew, one ounce milk. >> is that enough to get your day going? >> perfect. >> you have people coming in and say what? when they see this little cup? >> most people know what they are getting. >> how do you compete in this world which is dominated by starbucks? >> we have found our own market, our own niche. we have all our own specialty drinks. if you come in, if you are not a coffee drinker like yourself, you can get a chocolate drink. we have a great italian style hot chocolate. it's thicker than the stuff
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found in the states. we have a lot of specialty drinks that you will find in a martini glass. >> looks good. oh. what do we say? how do you say cheers? >> saluto? >> salute. i have a warm cup of coffee. it's not bad out here this morning. it's mild. >> good morning to you. i really hope he's going to bring me some of that coffee over here. i i'm thirsty. it's one of those mornings where you will get a gorgeous sunrise because of the cloud cover and the marine layer overhead. when you have the clouds, the particulate matter in the steer, that's what makes for the gorgeous reds, yellows and
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oranges at this time of the morning. we are seeing a gorgeous sunrise this morning. a beautiful day, lots of sunshine for the second half of the day, dealing with a mostly cloudy start. marine layer is back. it had a chance to develop overnight. a deep marine layer as a result of low pressure providing clouds and the on shore flow. we had offshore flow which kept the temperatures 90 degrees inland. today, we are going to drop off. we are going to hold on to the 70s. it's good news to make the outdoor plans. 76 degrees in places like santa rosa. it will be a little bit more mild today, down from the warm weather we had yesterday. the seven day outlook shows you the y, gorgeous weather for this time of yea that we traditionally get. it's going to hold on well into next week. it's great news if you want to make the outdoor plans.
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this is the time of year you really, really enjoy. >> you have to love the bay area. thank you very much. >> also the home of stanford university where new research is out. we have the details of some overnight ruckous in san hoe aafter cinco de mayo celebrations go awry. tremendous news in the economy. we'll look at the jobless numbers, coming up in a bit. 580 friday light. i'll show you what the problem is what yel and what else is gr the friday commute, coming up. [ male announcer ] says that lexus holds its value
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mmmmmm! because athenos is made the greek way, never using preservatives or artificial flavors. athenos. maybe the only thing approved by yiayia. good morning and tgif at 6:22. take a look at this gorgeous shot, the sun coming up over the bay bridge. doesn't look like traffic is having any problems on the bay bridge. it's time to check in with mike. >> marla, that's why i am in the traffic department. there are no problems. not where you were pointing. there's a disabled truck that's going to cause slowing in addition to the increased volume of traffic. speeds averaging 50 miles per hour. you can see it more dramatic. the 40s coming up through vasco and livermore avenue.
6:23 am
over toward 242, they are over walnut creek city streets. they are looking for something, obviously. i didn't see reports of anything going on. chopper is following along with them. nothing going on. a lot of parking going on. 242 and 680 moving smoothly. let's move off this shot and the bay bridge. it's sometimes called a parking lot. we have folks paying cash approaching the toll plaza. no metering lights, yet. no update from chp. a look at the south bay. maps moving smoothly northbound. telly where there's the construction zone, we typically see 30s and 40s registering there. back to you. >> thank you, mike. san jose's airport will not be changing their name, at least for now. the san jose international was looking for money to help pay
6:24 am
for a make over. officials thought a name change would help bring in more money. they decided not to rename it. officials say they will revisit the idea later this year. no question about it, falcons will get named later today. kids were invited to come up with a name for the young birds that nest at city hall. girks,selle, poppy, vita. boys, armase and shadow. the winning names will be selected and announced later today. good news about the state of the american economy this morning. scott mcgrew what do you have for us? >> tremendous news. we got the april jobs report from the labor department. these are the strange ones, so bear with me as we talk about this. unemployment rate went up to 9%. it's not bad news.
6:25 am
a separate number shows american businesses added more than 250,000 jobs last month. that's the biggest jump since 2006. more jobs, why did the unemployment rate go up? that percentage, the 9% indicates more people are looking for jobs, people who previously had given up. that's the thought for the day. now, the funny video. this is video of a guy climbing a mountain in france on the snowmobile. hold on. that's bad. all the way down the mountain. i'll be honest with you. this lasted so long, we had to fast forward to him coming to a rest. what's that coming down the mountain? oh, that's right, he was riding a snowmobile. this lasts another minute of him going back down the mountain,
6:26 am
again. at the end, he tries to catch the snowmobile. it doesn't work. they are heavy. that's inertia. back to you. >> i like the last line of every news line. actually, he's just fine. thanks so much, scott. hey, we are doing great out here in palo alto this morning. the sun is up. folks are out and about. we would love to see you out here. we h gd res reah from stanford university on robots. [ jerry ] look at this!
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three times the national average! three times more. go online to what's in your wallet? what's this do? [ beeping ] 20 cities in 20 days. today about the bay taking it all on the road. this morning, we are waking up in beautiful palo alto.
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good morning to you. good friday to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. thanks so much for joining us on our journey this morning. another nice day on tap. weather wise, we want to check in with christina loren. it is mother's day this weekend. >> it is. sunday, mother's day, are you going to go see your mom? >> no. no. i lost her. hey, something to celebrate, none the less. >> oh, we're going to talk after this. >> something to celebrate, today, we great weather on tap. >> that's nice. >> it's going to be a gorgeous day. temperatures are going to climb on the coast. inland, we fall from the 90 toz the 70s. it's going to bring the temperatures down. watch out for a little bit of patchy fog at the coast. throughout the morning, what i can tell you is the clouds are going to clear out of here, eventually. we'll be left with a lot of sunshine for the afternoon.
6:30 am
if you are getting ready to hit the highway, let's find out how they look with mike inouye. good morning, mike. >> good morning, christina. it looks like a beautiful day out there. it's a typical friday light. the maze moves smoothly over to the bay bridge toll plaza. late for the lights to be turned on. looking at the city, we had the closure of masonic at turk. it actually is reopened. there was an investigation going on there. marla is going to tell you more about what happened overnight. the roadway is reopened throughout the area. back to laura who is on the peninsula. good morning. >> yeah, we are. thank you very much. we are going to turn to news in san jose this morning. they closed down the streets, canceled the parade and tried to send everybody home. the rebelers got out of hand. we're going to check in with damian trujillo with more on the
6:31 am
overnight ruckous. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. mr. weaver is the owner of the tax preparation place. he brought his broom and is mopping up the debris left behind. he's doing a good job so far. understandably, very upset over what happened. he's got to call his insurance company and clean up the mess. he doesn't know who boarded the place up. let's show pictures from last night. it caused headaches for police. it began around 11:00 p.m. officers swarmed the area. they have not released the number of arrests from overnight. expect it to be high. the police said they were going to have no tolerance for hay hem. they brought in more than 100 special operations. they told me a couple weeks ago they were worried about cinco de mayo. we spoke with one of the
6:32 am
victimized and upset business owners this morning. well, it's a disgrace for cinco de mayo. i don't know why, they chose this way to celebrate the holiday. come and break the windows. it's not right. >> who pays the tab for police? you the taxpayer. right out of city hall, at a time when layoffs and cut backs room. wefr tax preparation place, the business is open for bids, actually. mr. weaver is about to come back out and mop up the rest. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, today in the bay. all right, thank you very much. now for a look at the rest of the days news, we turn to marla tellez live in the news room with an update on the breaking news we have been following. >> good morning, the time is
6:33 am
6:32. this morning, a man is dead after a hit and run crash in san francisco. that's the breaking news that laura was referring to. officers say a car hit a 55-year-old man on masonic avenue. it happened about 2:30 this morning, four hours ago. mike gave an update in his traffic report. masonic is now opened. they found the car shortly after the crash and arrested the suspect, a 23-year-old man. pg&e is giving the all clear this morning after a gas leak. the area around park boulevard between stephenson drive was lifted before 11:00. the crews were called to the scene after people living in the area reporlted smelling gas and hearing a hissing sound. furlough friday has students in
6:34 am
the mount diablo school district doing something special. christie smith is live. good morning. >> good morning to you. you had some students who thought it sounded cool to get a friday off out of school. but then some students in a human rights class took a closer look. they got angry and said wait a minute, we are being cheated out of days we could be learning. they are starting a teach-in. it starts this morning. they have signs up all over the school explaining what's going on here. they are protesting cuts to education, not just here, but all over the state. now the mount diablo school board canceled classes for three days to save money. the teach-in is supported by teachers and administrators. they are providing four hours of lessons on the quad. art and education, letter writing and a session called who is stealing our education. again, this is happening all over the state. districts slashing the school year due to budge elt cuts
6:35 am
trying to save money. some are warning if the govern goes with all cuts budget, it's worse for schools. the students made calls to each other. this is out on facebook. they are expecting up to 500 people out here. the teach-in gets started at 9:00 this morning and goes to 1:30 this afternoon. reporting live in concord, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you. it is 6:35 now. the man accused of stealing a one of a kind instrument is in san francisco police custody this morning. we told you about the case earlier this week. 27-year-old scott sylvester turned the more than $20,000 antique violin into a priest at saint mary's cathedral yesterday. officers arrested him last night. he stole it from the san francisco conservatory of music last week. parking is about to become more scarce in san francisco. the department of public works
6:36 am
is talking about creating more parklets. a parklet is when a parking spot is converted into an outdoor dining area. the city is accepting applications for those spots. if you are looking for something to do this friday night, have a little sushi for a great cause. you can in the south bay. sushi 2-2 train is hosting a hope for japan fund-raiser, benefiting everybody in japan. jour donation will benefit an organization called save the children emergency relief for japan quake. it gets started tonight at 5:00. it's happening at sushi 2-2 train in saratoga. 6:36 now. not far from saratoga is where we find christina loren in palo alto this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, marla. yeah, we have a little bit of a
6:37 am
crowd out here this morning. this gentleman just walked up. he's trying to hide now. i'm going to put him on the spot. we are out here in palo alto. we are taking it on the road. we'll talk momentarily. may around the bay, 20 cities, 20 days. today is a great day. mostly clear conditions. i am noticing clor overhead. the marine intrusion isn't impacting the drive that much. it's really, really good news. we could see the patchy fog over the next hour or so. high pressure is in control. we have an on shore flow shaping up with low pressure sitting to the north. what we are expecting is relatively nice day. intervals of cloud cover. that's the biggest difference from yesterday. the temperatures will decrease as a result. the coastal fog, well, we have a couple more hours to see it form, if we see it at all. 76 degrees in los gatos.
6:38 am
77 in gilroy. the temperatures continue in the 70s as we continue throughout the weekend. mother's day weekend looks fantastic. if you want to take mom on a picnic, you can do so. make plans. the temperatures will be gorgeous for that sort of thing. also, a lot of people outlet here on bikes every day is bike to workday around palo alto. a lot of people on foot as well. watch out for all kinds of traffic. let's find out what's happening with mike inouye. good morning. >> for university you are looking nice on the roadway from highway 84 to 101. the peninsula is moving smoothly. the east bay is where we have an issue. the motorcycle involved accident cleared from a street. it's jammed up as is tradition on highway light. the rest of the area is showing a lighter volume of traffic. it's moving nicely as well.
6:39 am
the bridges are smooth. west 480 across the carquinez bridge. i told you today there's an off ramp opening. it's tomorrow. we'll watch for the monday effect on your compute. no big deals there. we take you for a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are turning on. the lights were turned on just about eight minutes ago. there's the back up. mid-parking lot to the toll plaza. a smooth drive. laura, back to you with friday light traffic. >> yeah, that looks good. you know, here in palo alto, more people bike t r drive to work. we are gng to look at the new trends and fashion in biking, coming up. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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another beautiful day across the bay area this morning. right now, we are waking up in palo alto, where you may see a lot of folks on bicycles. more people compute to work on bikes, go to stanford university than they do on cars. jeff is here with palo alto bicycles. you have a unique look at not only biking trends, but some of the bike wear, how quickly it's evolved. absolutely. it's remarkably technical regardless of entry level as far as clothing is concerned.
6:43 am
the same thing with bikes. >> let's move over here and explain. this is your good old beach cruiser type thing? >> this is a very simple machine. no gears. just a single cog in the back. front and rear brake, get on and pedal, a simple unit. he's wearing a lycra top with cycling shorts. inside it is a shammy with padding. when you look at him, it looks like a regular pair of shorts. seasoni >> moving up, this is going to help you along. >> it's an electric bike. the key is pedal assist. the electric motor will not kick in unless you pedestrianal. if you stop pedalling, it stops. >> you have to get a little work out. >> exactly.
6:44 am
bobby is wearing a full complete kit of rotha clothing. everything is cycling specific. the pants are designed for cycling. they have stretch to them. the jacket is lightweight wind breaking and the shirt, on the inside, it has pockets in the back like a regular cycling jersey would. >> he can take it off and head to work. you are red dou go. this is a serious biker here. this is what i call the sbim day tor. >> absolutely. >> what you have is this is basically what most people see on the road with the lycra clad crowd. top to bottom, this is all you can get branded. we did palo alto bicycles. what dan is sitting on is a remarkably incredible bike. the shifting is electronic shifting. when you hit a button, the
6:45 am
shifter moves. when you hit the button, the shifting that happens is electronic. >> this is an $11,000 bike. >> absolutely. you can get them higher priced than this. >> you are already surpassed my limit. it's fantastic. it's amazing to see the range. the point is get out and ride. >> absolutely. here is the thing. it's as easy, if not easier to get on a bike and get to your destination. it's downtown in communities like this, finding parking is hard to do. ride up to the peace parlor, walk in and come out, you are gone. you may have to park three blocks away. >> and you don't feel guilty eating pizza, too. thank you for joining us. i mentioned stanford university. you can see the bike racks with
6:46 am
the students. bob redell you went to the robot lab, i understand. >> yeah, a little while back. good morning. aztecnology advances we can expect to see more and more robots become more of our daily routine and lives. the big question is, what are the legal consequences of that? that's the question that one lawyer at stanford university is pondering. one day in the future, when a robot goes berzerk and goes after you, you are going to be thinking, where can i find a good lawyer? who should be held liable? the user or manufacturer? he believes the future of the industry hinges on that question. >> are you going to build a robot that's multifunctional if you are going to be held accountable? >> it's why he is urging america's legal system to get a
6:47 am
handle on how to protect consumer rights and still shield robot companies from a flood of lawsuits. he suggests modelling it after internet law. >> let's say in the future, i have a robotic bionic arm. >> okay. >> let's say it goes haywire. >> yeah. >> sorry about that. >> it's fine. >> is that type of legal thing you are referring to where someone might have a lawsuit over my arm? >> potentially. absolutely. imagine an elderly woman rented a robot to help with elder care. what if neighborhood kids hack into the network and cause it to malfunction. who is responsible? >> places like this are already working to lessen the chance of something going wrong by
6:48 am
building safer robotic arms with lighter materials and more forgiving if they bump into people. will it be enough in a society where people are more than happy to sue? >> this situation here, i'm on the bus, do i sue metro or the manufacturer or the robot. if someone builds a robot that dangerous, you might be able to sue the robot. it's that advanced. just the other day, i had a robot vacuum cleaning up my family room. it took out my ankle. left that. who in the world am i going to sue? these are the questions that they are pondering there at stanford university for good reason. here i am. i'm left on my own. i don't know what i'm going to do. >> lazy, get a vacuum and do it yourself. thanks a lot, bob. you have heard of spain's running of the bulls.
6:49 am
they have something better here in palo alto. i'm joined by the matador himself. i don't feel too threatened by the bulls and cows here this morning. >> they are not real bulls. i want to make sure everyone knows. >> thank you. >> they will be cow and bull costumes. if you beat them, you can win a prize like the custom made shoes. cow and bull, show them that. they made them for us. you have a chance to win them. >> it's cool. it's a 5k going on at gun high school. it's like a family field activity day. >> yeah. it's on mothers day. it's a running of the calves for the kids. up to jr. high kids. it's hosted by joy from joy's jack rabbits. >> fun. a lot of great activities an very humane.
6:50 am
>> this is a humane re-enactm t re-enactment. this is the ninth year we have been doing it. we are excited to open it up to the community. the money goes to local communities. >> all right. udderly cool is what we are going to say it is. >> that is correct. it would be a misstake to miss this event. >> i get it. thanks. it's going to be great weather for a run or whatever you are doing. christina has a look at the forecast. >> looks like a lot of bull to me. good morning to you. we are looking good overall. skies clearing out nicely. we have don't have to worry about all that much fog. we have reports of patchy fog. up in the north bay this morning, watch out for that. as we head throughout the afternoon, another gorgeous bay area day on tap. this is why we live here, the gorgeous weather, especially this time of year. low pressure is going to bring about more cloud cover today.
6:51 am
maybe more of that patchy fog, especially in the north bay for the next couple hours. we are going take that out of the mix. at about 11:00 or 11:30 we'll seibert conditions. the low pressure is sitting just to the north. take a look at where the highs are headed. comfortable weather on tap. 77 degrees in san jose. a temperature around 75 degrees. gilroy, a beautiful day in the garlic capital. 75 in livermore and 77 in fairfield. highs coming in about 4:00 p.m. this time of year. you have to wait until 8:00 p.m. to see the sunset. we are getting a lot more daylight. the temperatures for the next few days, they are going to fluctuate slightly. 70s all the way to next week, staying nice and comfortable. live in palo alto, we have a little bit of activity hopping on these roadways. the surface streets are getting busy. i bet a lot of those highways
6:52 am
are picking up across the bay area. let's find out with mike inouye. >> all right. i'm going to take it from here. thanks so much. coming up, a legend of the crt. you can help the celebration. plus, we are going to find out where we are headed next in the bay come monday morning. stick around. y.
6:53 am
6:54 am
welcome back, folks. i want to give you an update. train number three has major delays reported. we have been talking about the free ace train service. keep that in mind, it's free today, but we have delays. train number three coming into san jose. also coming through the same
6:55 am
area, 580 shows slowing. a disabled truck is cleared from the area. a live look at the bridge, we end with this shot. it's friday light traffic. that is great news. >> i's a good one, thanks, mike. 6:55 now. not that we are telling you to leave work early, but if you have a sharks fan, you have something to worry about. an early game. the game is in detroit, of course. if the sharks win, it's a clean sweep. the game on versus. say hey, happy birthday. willie mays turns 80 today. the giants are going to celebrate with pregame festivities tonight. get there early before the game against the rockies. 7:15, the first 20,000 fans get party hats. you may see a hat on his statue.
6:56 am
>> i got my mom tickets to the giants tomorrow. >> sounds like fun. i was looking that up on my lap tap. mother's day is coming up and we were going to talk gadgets for mom. it's a laptop or is it? hang on. ah! it is not. there's the keyboard. it is a tablet as well. it is called the eee tablet or e-tablet. it is cheaper than the ipad. it does a couple things the ipad doesn't. you can put in a memory card from your pictures, from your camera. great speakers and flash as well. then, i don't know if we can do this without dropping the whole thing, it should click in, it becomes a laptop, again. kind of fun. >> i love it. >> based in taiwan and san jose as well. >> it could be a mother's day gift. >> it could be. >> i like it. i'm not a mom, though.
6:57 am
happy mothers day mom. >> happy mother's day to laura. >> that's right. she has three. >> i'll just take hugs on mother's day or a mug that says world's greatest mom. i'm probably not at that level, yet. one of 20 stops we are making across the bay area. we are taking the show on the road. christina and bob are joining me. now, we have to find out where we are going. >> it's random. today, we are using the apple and syrup we had from stanford university. i'm going to throw this apple. wherever we find the serum is where we are going this monday morning. all right. here we go. wind it up. bam! >> oh! violence! >> where are we headed, bob?
6:58 am
we are going to -- >> timmeron. >> i have no idea what we are going to do on monday morning. you have to tune in starting at 5:00 a.m. don't forget the running of the bulls. >> here in palo alto. thanks to the good folks here. you have been good to us. have a great weekend. r ] hey mi? i'm serving delicious athenos hummus to my friends. i've got -- [ male announcer ] that's great. let's see what yiayia thinks! you dress like a prostitute. did she just call me a pros-- [ male announcer ] noooo, yiayia would never do -- prostitute. [ male r ] never mind that, michelle. at least yiayia approves of you serving athenos hummus. mmmmmm! because only athenos is made the greek way, with 100% olive oil. athenos. maybe the only thing approved by yiayia.
6:59 am
♪ let's see you fly now! [ laughs ] look, more frequent flyer red tape. not on my watch. let that family fly! [ tires screech ] i just wanted to use miles to take my family on vacation, but -- let me guess -- restrictions through the roof. that's right. not anymore. rapid rewards has your back. [ male announcer ] join rapid rewards and enjoy unlimited reward seats, no blackout dates, and no red tape. ♪


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