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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 6, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening, and thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm vicky nguyen in for jessica aguirre. a san ramon police officer arrested in connection with an alleged dirty cop scandal in contra costa county appeared in court for the first time today. 38-year-old louis lombardi faces several felony charges including conspiracy to sell drugs. it's a story new at 6:00. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us now live from martinez, where lombardi appeared for the arraignment today, jodi. >> reporter: vicky, louis lombardi is now the fourth person with law enforcement ties to have been added to this 38-count complaint. sources tell nbc bay area that investigators have a large amount of evidence, evidence they say proves the police officer was dealing drugs. >> he seems like he's in decent spirits given the gravity of all
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the charges. >> reporter: just yesterday san ramon police officer louis lombardi was reporting to work. now he's behind bars. accused of taking part in a law enforcement drug scheme. >> it's a difficult situation, to say the least, to go from the position of being on the other side of the bars to being where officer lombardi is now. >> the charges are 182, conspiracy to sell pharmaceutical drugs. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint, lombardi teamed up with private eye christopher butler and former narcotics enforcement task force commander norman welsh to sell drugs taken from law enforcement evidence lockers. the complaint says lombardi sold marijuana and ecstasy to one of c-net's confidential informants in arizona, instructing him to send the proceeds to lombardi's discovery bay home. lombardi's also charged with gun possession and embezzlement. sources tell nbc bay area he used undercover sting money to
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buy guns, guns he said he destroyed but actually kept for himself. >> this is a bad thing. i recognize that. the whole law enforcement community does. but the bottom line is there's far too many men and women out there that are doing the right thing, and in cases like this one when we have to police our own it's unfortunate, but we have to do it. >> reporter: again, sources tell us that the investigators searched both lombardi's discovery bay home and several other locations in the bay area. they confiscated weapons and drugs. now, sources tell us also that the arizona confidential informant is cooperating with investigators. in fact, the information that investigators got from arizona gave them what they needed to file the charges today. lombardi will be back in court on may 13th to enter a plea. reporting live in martinez, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, jodi. thank you. we move on to san jose now. a stabbing, a carjacking, and
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vandalism. anger in san jose today as the city's traditional cinco de mayo celebration once again turned rowdy and violent. some of those who caused the damage are now behind bars. but the problem may not be over. we bring you nbc bay area's kimberly tere, who joins us from downtown san jose. and kimberly, the focus is now on tonight as business owners and police get ready for what might be another whiled scene? >> reporter: it's a double-edged sword, raj. merchants want the crowds because they want the business. what they don't want is this, that is, the crime that might come along with it. some cinco de mayo partiers got out of hand last night, and police are preparing for round two, with the cinco de mayo party expected to keep going on here for days. merchants are cleaning up the mess left behind by rowdy cinco de mayo partiers while bracing themselves for what may come as the celebration continues through the weekend. >> i think it's a disgrace to the holiday, for cinco de mayo. i don't know why they chose this way to celebrate their holiday,
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come and break windows. it's just not right. >> there were people walking by and doing damage to the properties, to every single business around here. and i got affected because they broke my glass window. >> reporter: san jose's cinco de mayo party which is touted as the largest in northern california also led to a couple of violent incidents, including a stabbing and carjacking. several arrests were made as san jose police worked to control the crowds. >> it is a unique holiday to san jose. it's important to the community. it's important to the business owners. so we like the large crowds that are there to celebrate peacefully. it's that small element that commits crime that we tend to focus on. >> reporter: police say even that is difficult at times because of sheer numbers. >> you might have 10 or 12 officers up against 400 or 500 rowdy revelers, and that can get a little dicey if officers venture into that crowd on their own to try to catch somebody. a lot of the crime on cinco de mayo goes unreported and a lot of the suspects remain at large unfortunately. >> police expect more crowds to gather tonight and over the next
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few days. they say they're working to reach out to merchants and focusing on the pockets of the city where vandals have been known to strike. >> it's unacceptable. it's very unacceptable. >> reporter: police made seven arrests overnight. the majority of them being misdemeanors. live from san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you. let's turn our attention to the weather now. a cooler start for the weekend. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here. you said it was going to happen and it's happening right now. >> it wouldn't be the bay area without the fog. the past couple of days we haven't had any fog, but now that cooling onshore wind has come back, and with a vengeance, anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour out of the west, helping to drop temperatures dramatically, anywhere from 15 to almost 30 degrees cooler here across the bay area at this current hour compared to this time yesterday. some of the biggest drops in the almaden valley from 96 yesterday to 76 today. los gatos also from 95 yesterday to 76 today. and south san jose dropping se
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20 degrees. now, hot high pressure that has been with us is starting to fade, and that is making room for, well, an even cooler weekend. we'll let you know how low the numbers will go, coming up. serial murder suspect joseph naso will represent himself in court. the 77-year-old millionaire told the judge that no one knows the facts of his case better than he does. he says because he supports a mentally disabled son he's concerned about spending his money on legal fees. the judge approved the request. naso is accused of killing four women in northern california, including an 18-year-old from san jose whose body was found near fairfax. police arrested naso after finding descriptions of torture, photos, and a list of women's names during a probation search of his home. naso is being held without bail in marin county. budget cuts are being felt all across bay area classrooms, but today a canceled school day at an east bay high school turned into a teachable moment. students and teachers at mount diablo high in concord teamed up
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to hold a teach-in. they crunched numbers and discussed governor brown's proposed budget. assemblywoman susan bonilla says there's a lot riding on these tax extensions. >> a 2/3 vote that would say for our kids, for education, for those in our state who depend upon our services, we will go ahead with tax extensions, we -- >> there are two more furlough days planned for the end of this month alone. these students aren't sure whether they'll have another teach-in on campus. san francisco police say the man suspected of killing a pedestrian in a hit-and-run driving spree was driving drunk last night. police say 23-year-old jose jimenez was driving this 2009 hyundai early this morning when he struck and killed a 55-year-old pedestrian on masonic avenue. he also hit four other vehicles before crashing his car into some planters right outside of st. mary's medical center. investigators say jimenez will be charged with manslaughter and driving under the influence. a controversial anti-crime
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strategy in oakland will get a yea or nay vote from city leaders next week. today in an oakland courtroom closing arguments were heard for the city's second gang injunction against 40 alleged gang members in the city's fruitvale district. injunction opponents filled the halls of the courthouse to protest this afternoon. they say suppression tactics from community relations -- sours community relations and they don't have the same impact on gang activity as jobs, education, and mentoring programs. one of the defense attorneys for one of the gang members of the for thenn nortenos gang says it doesn't go far. >> there's insufficient evidence to put each of these defendants under the gang injunction. of course there's very general and unspecific evidence about gang behavior but this case is supposed to be about individuals. >> reporter: the proposed anti-crime strategy is the brainchild of outgoing oakland's city attorney john russo. he leaves the city in early june to become alameda's new city
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manager. bart trains are running back on schedule tonight after officers had to remove a man threatening to use weapons of mass destruction. officers responded to the 12th street oakland city center station this morning. the man was later deemed harmless, but the incident did cause a few delays. officers responded quickly. they have been on increased patrols after last weekend's takedown of osama bin laden. a tuned video journalist who spent seven months in federal prison five years ago is in trouble again. five years ago he refused to turn over footage of a san francisco street protest which injured a police officer. this time around uc berkeley officials are accusing josh wolf of violating campus rules when he documented students occupying a building in 2009. it was during a protest over tuition increases. cal is ordering wolf to write an essay that can help administrators develop a policy for dealing with student journalists. the dean of cal's journalism program supports wolf, saying he acted within his first amendment rights. up next at 6:00, the final
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frontier. a bay area man that's been selected to go to space. encouraging signs on the job front across the nation. and silicon valley technology is helping to lower the unemployment rate. we'll show you how a bay area company is connecting workers to some much-needed jobs. some of guys, all they do is salmon fish and they haven't worked in three years at all. >> pinning some big hopes on some small fish. just g toure- tour of fisherman's wharf, where fishermen are headed back to the water. hey marcel, watch this!
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flew into town just a couple of hours ago. the boeing 747-8 freighter is a new model and was on a test flight today. it flew in from los angeles. it can hold more than 460 passengers. >> and hopefully another reason
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to come into the bay area, better than expected news ongtd job front tonight. a silicon valley company playing a huge role in helping people find those jobs. scott budman is here to show us how you can benefit. >> well, vicky, the american economy added 244,000 jobs in april, which means it's starting to act like our economy here in silicon valley, growing quickly out of the recession. tonight we take you to one company helping people find what they're looking for. we've talked a lot about how silicon valley companies like zinga are hiring like crazy. >> what's going on in the world of work. >> reporter: for the rest of the country there's odesk. haven't heard of them? well, thousands of companies have. along with more than a million job seekers. parked in silicon valley, odesk matches companies with workers so they can work online anywhere. >> so what we're seeing is massive growth in online work. year on year up 100%.
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>> reporter: online work means you can be anywhere there's a computer with office, office with bouncy ball, or coffee shop. >> because of the internet you and i can now work together remotely more successfully. better communication, better collaboration, fatter pipes, higher bandwidth, et cetera. >> reporter: with thousands of jobs to be filled, a company like odesk is helping to put people back to work while helping companies save money, letting them eventually hire even more workers. is this the start of a new hiring boom? >> i believe that the answer is yes. but i feel like we're not even at the knee of the curve. it's still early. and the world is just waking up to it now. >> reporter: and for what it's worth, odesk itself which already doubled in size over the last two years is still hiring. all right. the strong job news propelled stocks higher today, closing out a shaky week with some gains. oil, by the way, dropping again. still below $100 a barrel to the point now where at long last some energy watchers are telling
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us they predict a drop in the price of gas. raj? >> i'll take it from here, scott. we have breaking news from san francisco, where police are searching for a missing girl. her parents say they noticed their 14-year-old daughter, emma peacock, was missing this morning from her bed in their noe valley neighborhood home. they say she is not a runaway and this is extremely unusual for her. again, police in san francisco now looking for the 14-year-old girl you see on your screen there. emma peacock is her name. she may possibly be wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and black shoes. she is 5'1", 130 pounds. for the seventh year in a row california is the worst state in the nation to do business. that's according to a new survey by "chief executive" magazine. that's more than 500 ceos to rate each state based on a number of factors. those surveyed said california's regulations were too burdensome and taxes were too high.
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assemblyman dan logue says it's time for the california state legislature and the governor to wake up. >> i would like to ask the governor to start concentrating on jobs instead of taxes and ask the governor to declare a state of economic emergency in california and start suspending regulations that are crushing the ability for businesses to compete. >> the survey says texas is the best state to do business. you might recall last month a dozen california lawmakers traveled to texas where they met with the state's governor and business leaders to inquire about their business methods. well, you might not believe it, but americans are paying less at the pump. u.s. gas prices are down for the first time in 45 days. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.98. financial analysts say a weaker u.s. dollar is the reason for the drop at the pump. today's average is still $1.06 more than it was this time a year ago. and of course we in the bay area are paying a lot more than that national average. drivers in san francisco paying
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$4.32 a gallon. san jose drivers $4.28. and oakland drivers $4.27 on average. from the diamond to the heavens. a member of the san francisco giants will soon be on his way into space. it's not buster posey. it's not tim lincecum. but it's one of their coaches. batting coach hensley mullens will be part of a group of space travelers when the caribbean nation of curacao launches a space tourism business in 2014. here's hensley right here. we're told space flights will cost about $90,000 each. closer to home a disappointing day for a group of rocket scientists. their mission to space was delayed. a group of lockheed martin engineers who built a military satellite gathered at lockheed's sunnyvale office to watch the satellite launch on board a rocket. but the weather over at cape canaveral was a little too cloudy. so the launch was scrapped. they'll try again tomorrow. well, what do you get the guy who has everything? >> it's not me. >> how about you like his home
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choice? i think your wife would beg to differ. this sneak peek of facebook founder mark zucker berk's palo alto home is from this realtor's website. the 26-year-old billionaire has money to spare with his relatively modest $7 million home purchase. it was built about 100 years ago, and it has been beautifully updated, we hear. bob re dell from our morning show "today in the bay" dropped by with a little housewarming president. a great big thumbs up. our morning to you is on a wild mission visiting 20 cities in 20 days. we'll see what bob has planned for tiburon on monday. hopefully he gets past that front security gate there. okay. and zuck's house there in palo alto it's still near his favorite watering hole, antonio's nuthouse. jeff ranieri. >> there are things money can't buy, jeff. >> exactly. saw some of the pictures inside on a website. and it's got kind of a country
6:19 pm
urban feel to it. it's very nice. all right. meanwhile, let's take a look outside right now. it's breezy to windy here from the coastline to our inland spots. and it's all about the wind here in the bay area. winds $10 10 to 20 miles an hou primarily out of the west has helped to cool us off dramatically. we're seeing a 20 to 25 degree drop from this time yesterday. 24 in livermore, 21 in concord, 22 in novato. from our cooling, westerly flow, a lot of 60s on the board and still some 70s. warm spot in the south bay with 76 in los gatos, 77 in gilroy, 70 in san jose and 76 in the almaden valley. with 50s up toer 60s for a good part of the peninsula. so here's that primary cause of the cooling, the fog starting to roll in right across the golden gate bridge in san francisco. winds westerly at 30 miles per hour. most of us all right in the 50s right now across our weather board. so as we look ahead toward tonight we'll see the fog returning. we do have some showers across eureka. we're not going to have to worry about that at all. and we're just going to be
6:20 pm
seeing for the next couple of days this aggressive fog pattern staying put and that onshore flow which will even drop temperatures more as we head toward this th upcoming weekend. we're going to start off at 5:00 a.m. on saturday with low 50s. then as we transition into about 11:00 a.m. only low 60s here from oakland to livermore down to san jose. so not nearly as warm as it has been the past couple of days. we'll have more on your mother's day forecast and some big-time cooling for all the moms out there as we head into sunday coming up. >> okay, jeff, we'll see you soon. even at 80 years old he's still the say hey kid. giants legend willie mays, who many consider to be the greatest player in history, is celebrating his 80th birthday today. happy birthday. here's mays from last year's world series parade through downtown san francisco. at at&t park tonight the giants will celebrate mays' milestone birthday with a pregame ceremony. gets going in just a little while. the game starts at 7:15, but the pregame ceremony at 6:50 before their game against the colorado rockies. the first 20,000 fans, a lot of
6:21 pm
people getting a gift for his birthday, will receive a miniature version of the mays statue that sits in willie mays plaza in front of the ballpark. llllbibi newcombeead aersonanal letter to willie mays from president obama, who wanted to wish him a happy birthday. >> wow. well, coming up a look at one bay area county's defiant stance to protect illegal immigrants. but some say the move could put people convicted of crimes back onto bay area streets. and are allergies getting to you? the sneezing, sniffling, and the headaches. it seems like geingse w nor getting worse for so many people, but there could be a trigger lurking inside your own home. we're back in a moment. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions!
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welcome back. caltrain is making an adjustment, and it's making bicyclists -- bicyclists, i can say that, happy. caltrain is adding more space for bikes on board. the board of directors approved a resolution to convert ten standard cars into bike cars. that means an increase of 80 spaces for each weekday train. the remodeling is expected to be completed by the end of june. it's not far from now. we're told the money for all these changes will come from a combination of prop 1-b funds and savings from existing projects. well, the falcon chicks that were born at san jose city hall earlier this month now have names. the female falcon's name is unita. the three males are hermes, shadow, and ojte. the city held an online contest in which local school kids submitted suggestions to name the falcons. they came up with some very creative ones there. more than 1,500 people participated in the online poll, and the falcons are expected to begin flying around in mid may.
6:25 pm
when san francisco jazz fans will soon have another venue to listen to one of this nation's oldest art forms. mayor ed lee was on hand as the san francisco jazz organization broke ground today on a new $60 million performance center. it will be located not far from city hall at fell and franklin streets. the new building will host a coert hall, a digital lab for rehearsa rehearsals, as well as a street-level cafe. the building is scheduled to open in to 12. >> sounds nice. up next, al qaeda releasing new plans for retaliation and calls for the people of one country to help. well, the nfl seasone mht i that's not stopping the 49ers from hitting the dirt. up next --
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in the wake of a new threat posted by al qaeda, the president told the troops the war on terror is not over. here now is nbc's steve handelsman with the very latest. >> reporter: cheered by his troops, his job approval rising to over 50% in the wake of the bin laden raid, president obama came to ft. campbell to privately thank and award unit medals to the navy s.e.a.l.s and army chopper pilots who pulled the mission off. >> it was a chance for me to say on behalf of all americans and people around the world, job well done. job well done. >> reporter: on the web today al qaeda finally admitted osama bin laden is dead. a crowd of his supporters rallied in egypt, against america. a similar gathering in indonesia. in turkey today they burned the american flag. pakistanis protested the u.s.
6:29 pm
operation that killed bin laden. but u.s. commanders sent back a message that they'll continue operations here, launching a drone attack today inside pakistan against suspected terrorists. sources revealed agents of the cia watched bin laden's pakistani hideout from a building nearby. information seized here by the s.e.a.l.s revealed bin laden considered derailing a u.s. passenger train and pushed for strikes on significant dates like christmas or the 9/11 anniversary. specifically, in los angeles, chicago, new york, or washington. the almo qaeda founder was not just a figurehead but actively looking for ways to attack the u.s. president obama warned against letting down our guard now. >> we are going to ultimately defeat al qaeda. we have cut off their head. we will defeat them. >> reporter: a stirring end to a
6:30 pm
successful week in the war on terror. i'm steve -- >> and that was steve handelsman reporting. now, as al qaeda confirms the death of its leader without any photographic evidence, the terrorist group has plans to retaliate against the u.s. new postings on militant websites tell of an uprising and an upcoming release of an audio message recorded by osama bin laden just a week before his death at the hands of u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s on monday. al qaeda's remaining leadership is also calling on muslims to take action against u.s. forces. >> protest against this -- and then the american assault. >> also tonight pakistanis are being urged to reject what many there are calling the american invasion of their sovereignty. the former president of pakistan, pervez musharraf, is criticizing his own country for failing to find osama bin laden. >> my belief is that it is a big
6:31 pm
slip-up. indeed, it is extremely regrettable. indeed, we have to find who slipped up. and we must take action against those who did not deliver. >> he's been vocal for several days now. the compound where bin laden was killed is near a military academy and within a community of thousands of military personnel, many of them retired. musharraf may also face stark criticism over the apparent intelligence lapse. he was still president at the time that it's widely believed bin laden first moved into that compound. you can stay with us here at nbc bay area news for continuing coverage of the death of osama bin laden. we also have extensive coverage on our website, nbc bay just search bin laden. and we continue to follow the progress of beaten giants fan bryan stow. he is still in a coma following a beating at dodger stadium on march 31st. doctors are worried about fluid building up on his brain. it is a common occurrence with brain trauma. they decided to hold off on his
6:32 pm
surgery this morning to see if medication will help. stow was supposed to be moved to northern california soon. these latest developments will likely push back that date. the father of two will be able to come home to the bay area. san francisco once again in the forefront, getting ready to take on the federal government. beginning in june, the county will release low-level undocumented immigrants from jail. even if federal officials ask they be held for a deportation hearing. the sheriff says the move is meant to uphold the city's sanctuary ordinance. >> i don't think people who are charged with misdemeanors should be reported to immigration. and -- >> low-level criminals, until u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement picks them up. the new policy means illegal immigrants arrested for petty crimes will be given a court date and then released. san francisco would become the first county in california to implement this policy. california prisons are under fire for the quality of medical care that inmates receive.
6:33 pm
but the person in charge of improving health conditions at the overcrowded facilities says conditions are better than they were a year ago. however, there are issues that make serving the large population efficiently almost impossible. >> they go into lockdown. we have to deliver medication to every cell front. instead of having the inmates come to a line. well, that's just almost impossible for us to do given the number of prisoners in each these facilities. we just don't have the staffing. we'd break the bank if we were to try to do it. >> the supreme court is expected to rule soon on whether california must sharply reduce its prison population as the only way to improve health care for physically or mentally ill inmates. well, a wet winter can make for a nasty allergy season. all those plants which make us sneeze are growing quickly and in abundance. and now experts are finding that people who are allergic to pollen can also be affected by the foods that share the proteins in those pollens. they point to apples, cherries,
6:34 pm
and pears as the primary culprits. something else to watch out for, household cleaning products, those that contain triclosan can sometimes induce allergy symptoms. it has been a staple of the school lunch for generations. chocolate milk. but now school districts across the country are waging a fight against it because of its high sugar content. while regular low-fat milk has just 12 grams of sugar, chocolate milk has nearly three times that much at 32 grams. just last week the los angeles county school district decided to remove strawberry and chocolate milk from the menu after food activists including celebrity chef jamie oliver petitioned against it. but the dairy council of california has argued the extra sugar is worth it because it provides kids with the calcium and vitamin d that they need. >> why do we have to supplement their sugar at school? they get so much sugar. i mean, my kids are inundated with sugar. >> san francisco schools made the switch earlier this year to a lower sugar flavored milk. >> okay. so we're still good with
6:35 pm
chocolate milk. it just has to be lower sugar. >> yeah. and there are some options out there with all the different stores. you don't have to give up your chocolate milk, raj. >> they're ready to go here. san francisco's fishermen are crossing their fingers after a devastating string of losses for the past few years. but will this year help them turn it all around? >> and the president goes viral. how president obama shattered an internet record this week. ♪ hey willie you know him as the say hey kid. we're talking with about willie mays.
6:36 pm
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6:38 pm
. he cracked a few jokes, and millions of people loved it. president obama's speech last saturday night at the white house was one for the record books. >> say what you will about mr. trump. he certainly would bring some change to the white house. >> yeah. this was at the correspondents' dinner. with 7 million views in five days, 7 million in five days, president obama's speech at the correspondents' dinner was the most watched obama public speech on youtube. it surpassed his 2008 speech on race relations in philadelphia. you can attribute a lot of these clicks on youtube for the back and forth he had with donald trump and the white house. trump took a good ribbing from the president at this dinner. >> indeed, he did. they say you can find just about anything on craigslist. even stolen art. a $75,000 piece of a tapestry commissioned by san francisco for a new airport terminal was stolen 11 years ago. it was the third part of a
6:39 pm
three-section panel entitled "pond in golden gate park." it was created by the late artist mark adams. the panel was in storage at the moss conn moscone center when it disappeared. >> it's very exciting to find something from the collection that was originally stolen and we might actually recover it. it's an incredibly exciting prospect. and seeing it on craigslist was a bit of a surprise. >> police still have the stolen panel. they also have its seller under arrest. the city arts commission isn't certain what it will do with this extra piece of tapestry just yet. well, paying tribute to a great. >> it's been nearly four decades since he rounded the bases for the giants, but he's still a huge part of the community and the giants family. [ female announcer ] shop jcpenney and make mom's day really bloom!
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after months of treatment for a shotgun wound, a blind sea lion named silent night is adjusting very well to his new home at the san francisco zoo. he's even become adept at what his trainers call target practice. he and another blind sea lion named henry follow yellow wands with different sounds. silent night answers to shaking bells. how appropriate.
6:42 pm
henry's signature sound is a rattle. this is sea lion therapy. it's not a marine show. and it goes well because silent night and henry have known each other for quite some time. >> if you move around the bay, if you see them at pier 39, you'll see them in large numbers, and sometimes on these docks you'll see them two, three animals deep. they're very gregarious. they're very tactile and they are often found in large numbers. so to have a sea lion by itself is just not what they would be doing normally in the wild. >> and fortunately, the blind buddies get along swimmingly. >> yes, of course they do. well, we'll soon see a wild scene at fisherman's wharf in san francisco. and that's a good thing. salmon fishermen are getting a chance to fish for the first time in years. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. gives us a tour of the action from one veteran fisherman. >> some of these guys all they do is salmon fish. >> reporter: with all the glow of a proud father fisherman larry collins gave a group of
6:43 pm
visitors a tour of his office. >> this is a salmon boat. you've got your salmon girdies on the deck. >> reporter: for decades now the docks of fisherman's wharf have served as colin's second home. >> johnny t.'s got one. his kid's got the other one. >> reporter: he knows every fisherman, every boat, and every view. >> this is where we work. i mean, this is out the back door of the office. when we're working on our crab gear, we're looking at alcatraz. >> reporter: more than anything, collins knows he and other fishermen are going back to work. except for eight days last year, commercial salmon fishermen haven't been allowed to fish for three years. >> everybody's still getting the boats ready because after three years you can't remember where you put that thing you need. these are all my traps here. my nickname is diver duck. so i have ducks on all my buoys. >> reporter: now the crab traps are in storage as fishermen prepare boats and prepare to head out to sea. some have already returned with fish.
6:44 pm
>> california wild king salmon. >> of course this past year's water conditions, the rainfall, the snowpack now in the sierra are a good sign. >> reporter: two months ago collins and a group of fishermen formed their own fishing cooperative, allowing them to buy and sell their own seafood. >> the doors are open, and now we're just waiting for some fish to come in. most people when they come to fisherman's wharf they don't realize that this really is a working harbor. every one of these boats is owned by a family. >> reporter: now collins and his fishing family are hoping for a run of good luck and a chance to put the fish back in fisherman's wharf. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> the family is back in business. it's nice to see all of them now and the fishermen back in business there. >> yeah, nice for them to be able to get some nice weather, get out there, get on those boats. our jeff ranieri is here now with a look ahead at the mother's day forecast for the weekend. >> yeah. it's going to be cooling off for us. that story reminded me of those clam chowder bowls down at the wharf. i can go for one of those right now. i am starving. let's take a look at those
6:45 pm
numbers in san francisco. we have 54 degrees. the fog is rolled in. can't really see much of the bay bridge, but that fog pushing in, winds westerly at 30 miles per hour, and it's that westerly wind that cranked up today. 15 to 30 miles per hour. that did drop these temperatures. let's get a look from 76 today. we had 96 yesterday in the almaden valley. 95 in los gatos to 76 today. 91 in south san jose, down to 71. we also had some 60s across the peninsula, redwood city in that club also. santa cruz with 69. and still warm once again throughout the south bay. so let's get a look at those current numbers. we're dropping off everywhere. with this persistent westerly wind, 50s and 60s for the entire coastline, and already upper 50s right now throughout the east bay. this time yesterday we still had 80 degree weather out there. throughout tonight we're going to see that fog continuing to build. these winds southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. and for the weekend a mixed bag. some fog, clouds, and also some sun mixed in. so not a warm weekend here for
6:46 pm
our mother's day weekend but still enjoyable. and as we look ahead we're going to have plenty of california sunshine coming back. so let's get a look at the satellite loop. this is what spurred off all these changes. this system that is producing rain in the northwest. we're in the dryer side p this. however, as that system continues to push into the northwest, it's just going to help to keep these onshore winds in place not only for saturday but also into sunday as we keep it on the cooler side with plenty of 60s and also 70s coming back. let's get a look at our cloud and fog futurecast and you can see current hour the fog off the coastline. then as we head throughout 11:00 p.m. the fog stays put. and that will stay in place as we head for 6:00 a.m. by tomorrow and even by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow the fog here still persistent. we'll see breaks of sunshine throughout saturday. but the fog coming back for the morning and also for the evening hours. let's get a look at tomorrow morgan. saturday morning hopefully you'll sleep in, read the paper, get mom some breakfast there,
6:47 pm
start off the mother's day stuff, bring her some o.j. and coffee in bed and who knows what else? maybe some bacon and eggs. 70 san jose, 71 at evergreen, 67 in dublin. all the moms back at home are cheering right now. and the kids are going, what? jeff wants us to go to work tomorrow? 67 san mateo. 62 in san francisco. and also upper 60s to low 70s here inland. napa 68. and also sonoma looking at 69. but in the sun tomorrow right throughout the north bay it will feel like mid 70s. you know how it is here. your seven-day forecast we do have those clouds on mother's day. there's only a small hint at maybe a chance of a scattered shower. i'm going more for the cloudy side and then as we head throughout tuesday, wednesday, and thursday we'll get some gradual warming with low to mid 70s. >> we've got a mother here. >> that is true. >> happy early mother's day. >> we've got to take care of her. >> i'll make a big deal of mother's day for my mother but i try to keep it low key for me because you know what? when father's day comes around we can do the same. so see how that works? >> there you go.
6:48 pm
>> yes, happy early mother's day. >> thank you. >> and thank you for the forecast. >> no problem. let's bring in now our sports coverage from the giants game. >> and now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> well, as we've been telling you all newscast long it's a very special day for the greatest giant of them all. willie mays celebrating his big 80 rth birthday. >> giants are hosting just a small little birthday party for willie mays. >> just a tiny one. >> 40,000 fans. a pregame ceremony for willey mays before the giants-rockies game. it starts right about now at at&t park. let's go to the ballpark from willie mays plaza, appropriately named, we check in with comcast sportsnet's jamie sire. what an amazing night for the giants. i see you're smiling and i know willie mays is smiling as well. >> reporter: absolutely, raj. and you know the giants are going to do it up right with the pregame ceremony honoring willie mays. and i was talking to some of the giants players before the game and they were telling me just how cool it is that willie mays
6:49 pm
is around the ballpark so often. they can sit with him in the clubhouse, kind of pick his brain about certain things, anything relating to baseball. here's what some of the other living legends had to say about the say hey kid. >> his legacy will go down as the greatest playing of all time. i think we know that already. that's still secret. >> if you look at the stats, anything that comes up comes down some kind of way. my father used to call me at night and say if you're in the top five you're going to be in the hall of fame. >> everybody says willie mays is the greatest player they ever saw. i mean, he's the greatest player i ever saw. greatest player i ever played against. >> it's kind of difficult because i love the game so much, to talk about what i did on the field, i did so many things on the field. anything you talk about, i think
6:50 pm
i did it. >> he's the best player to ever play the game. >> every day willie did something on the field that's incredible. >> he did things where people would go home and they would sit around at the breakfast table and they would say, did you see willie catch that ball? did you see how he -- did you see how he did it? >> when you talked about willie, it's, hey, just hope you that keep the ball in the ballpark when he hits it. so all you had to do was hope and pray that you got him out. >> in a time that you had roberto clemente and frank robinson, henry aaron, he was the first name you came up with. because he was just slightly better at everything than everybody else. >> you're talking about a 5'2" ball player where willie had all of it. >> the guy could run. the guy could hit for average. the guy could hit for power. a guy that could field. and a guy that could throw. that's what made him great. >> reporter: and that's actually
6:51 pm
a small excerpt and a small taste from our show "legends: willie mays," which will debut on comcast sportsnet bay area on sunday right after giants post game live. you definitely want to check that out and check out all the festivities here tonight at the ballpark. reporting live from willie mays plaza, i'm jamie sire. back to raj and vicky. >> comcast sportsnet, every night at 10:30 a full 30 minutes of coverage including sharks playoff analysis and inside access. and speaking of the sharks, if you're a sharks fan, cover your eyes. the sharks and red wings just wrapping up their game in detroit this evening. san jose fought back from a three-goal deficit to tie the game in the third period, but you're looking at the highlights right now. the final 90 seconds. this means game 5 is on sunday
6:52 pm
night in san jose at the shark tank. if the sharks win that game on sunday night, on mother's day, vicky, then they will win the series and advance to the conference finals. right now, though, the sharks still leading the series three games to one. >> my fingers will be crossed. >> yes. also tonight we're going to talk about the 49ers. are you ready for this? there's an nfl lockout. so they can't practice or do anything at the facility in santa clara. so what did the 49ers do? they just kind of get together on their own and hang out at a secret undisclosed location. in san jose. that's the quarterback alex smith. also joining him one of the big stars patrick willis. joe staley was there. a handful of players getting together, practicing on their own working out because they can't do it at team facilities. the raiders and other nfl teams also doing it. so if you're around the south bay, you're at a local school or local san jose state or santa clara the 49ers show 49ers show up you know, oh, those big guys, they're
6:53 pm
>> and they might be on their way to or from the secret practice. who knew?
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
and back to san francisco now. where police are searching for a missing girl. the parents of 14-year-old emma peacock. you see her picture right there. they say they noticed she was missing this morning from her room in their noe valley home.
6:56 pm
they say she has never run away and they are extremely concerned about her disappearance. she may be wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. emma peacock, that's her name. she's 5'1", 130 pounds. finally tonight, it's been a fun debate for more than ten years now. do people go to at&t park for the gourmet food or for the baseball? with some of the best wineries and vineyards just an hour or two away, of course great wine. it's not just food anymore. great wines are being poured at the ballpark. and at the wine bar in the center of the food court you can even find a so many'llier. they say they'll even help you match a wine to your veggie dog or garlic fries. >> didn't know there was a hot dog wine. you learn something new every day. >> you don't have to go to the bart, though, to watch the giants game. you can watch it here on nbc bay area. tomorrow night the giants and rockies. our coverage begins at 6:00 with john miller, mike kruko, and myself. and finally tonight we have brent cannon with us. we're still getting used to the fact that brent for ten years
6:57 pm
woke up early on our morning show. >> 11 1/2 years on the morning show. and now i'm at the other end of the clock. >> are you sleepwalking? >> i'm a little delirious. i'm pretty good, though. i got to sleep like a normal person. lots coming up in a couple minutes. flip over to comcast 186 tonight. we're checking out a couple of different things. one thing is al student journalist who's been in trouble with the law before is in hot water with the campus guys today but he's got a special project he's working on to try to help other future student journalists. and an amazing young lady who's gone through some tremendous setbacks in her life. she is being awarded with a special honor. peninsula gal. we're going to meet her as well. of course all the top stories. the sharks, the giants, and the missing girl you guys talk eed about earlier. all the updates in a couple minutes. >> welcome to this side of 7:00. >> that new newscast at 7:00 p.m. just a minute or two from now.
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