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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 9, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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you may smell natural gas in the air this week. it's going to be okay. we'll tell you why. and a look inside osama bin laden's private life. the video seized from the compound in pakistan. how the cia will use the tapes to dismantle al qaeda. it's monday, may 9th. this is today in the east bay. good morning, everyone. happy monday. it's 4:30, i'm scott mcgrew.
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let's check the forecast with christina loren. good morning. >> good morning, scott. happy monday. we are looking good. temperature wise, in the 70s. more mild than what we saw over the weekend. we are going warm up a few degrees. more so by the middle of the week. we are talking the 80s, again. right now, let's get you to work on time with mike inouye. good morning, mike. >> good morning, christina. the maze, no surprises. a nice easy flow of traffic. looking really good as well as the outer east bay. no problems for 24, 680 or 580. i'll give you a shout out, stand by for that. >> today kicks off a week of action for schoolteachers. they will hold rallies and town hall meetings and participate in a sit-in at the capital. their schools have been hit hard
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by the budget mess and it's going to get worse unless they can work together on a balanced budget. >> we are going try to deliver the message that our kids deserve better, our state deserves better. continue to do a balanced approach to the budget. >> right now, the state faces a budget gap of $15 billion. massive cuts have been made. that leaves lawmakers to other options. deeper cuts or extend temporary tax that is set to expire in june. the governor is expected to release his revised budget may 16th. today, pg&e plans to test hundreds of miles of pipeline throughout the bay area. workers will vent a pipeline in antioch near highway 160. in less than a half hour, they plan the pressure testingan in
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mountain view. the test is designs to reveal potential problems that could lead to a disaster like the deadly explosi in san brulo last year. the gas has to go somebody, so it goes out a vent. the process is expected to last eight hours. people who live in antioch and mountain view may smell gas. it will quickly dissipate into the atmosphere and it is not harmful. new research that suggests a link between controversial alcohol vees and decrease in violence. researchers say computer mapping technology and crime records show that calls to police dropped in the last two years. research says it drop in crime is linked to higher alcohol fees.
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the law requires businesses to pay an $800 annual fee. it forces businesses to send employees to training to prevent alcohol sales to minors. one county getting ahead of the fire season. firefighters will start patrolling neighborhoods, reminding homeowners to trim bushes and shrubs and remove dry debris on rooftops. you may notice controlled burns as well. the official start of the fire season is still several weeks away. police were called out a dozen times within the past year to the house where three people were killed this weekend. neighbors identified 37-year-old jasonizenberg wz the man respizable for killing a man and woman inside his home before turning the gun on himself. he's suspected of injuring a third person who escaped and
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called 911. the woman who was killed was his exgirlfriend. she had a court order to live in the house because her name was on the deed. now, to the death of osama bin laden and the new video tapes released over the weekend showing the al qaeda leader inside his home in pakistan. top intelligence officers here in the u.s. are taking a close look at the videos as well as other items. tracie potts has more from washington. >>reporter: our national security adviser says intelligence received is about the size of a small college library. >> in addition to being the leader of al qaeda, he was involved operationally. >> reporter: there's debate on whether the military intelligence or neighbors knew he was hiding there.
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>> that's something we have to investigate and more importantly, the pakistani government has to investigate. >> reporter: there's no evidence of collusion but on capitol hill, there's skepticism that they could have been in the dark. >> it's extraordinarily hard to believe he could have survived there for five years without a support system and knowledge. >> it appears very logical if osama bin laden was in that home for six years of time and a group of people connected with the military, a lot of people in pakistan knew about his where abouts. >> reporter: the u.s. wants pakistan to share documents left behind and question his three wives left in custody. >> it's 4:36. let's check in with christina and a look at the back to work forecast. >> good morning to you, scott. we have a great looking forecast on tap today.
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temperatures in the 70s in the east bay. we are going to climb in temperature throughout your thursday. so, if you are somebody who is lucky enough to wake up in the east bay, it's going to be more mild at the coast. the marine layer is back. you can see it on the satellite imagery. it isn't at the coast, just yet. we believe some of the marine push will take place in the next couple hours as low pressure is retreating to the east. the activity is coming down. more snow making its way to tahoe this morning. here is where we are expecting to warm up. temperatures in the 50s. we turn over to the 70s. the breeze will relax as we head into tonight. we are going to deal with it today. 72 in concord. 69 in oakland. 70 in fremont. as we head through the next few days, we are going to tack on a couple degrees. i have the extended forecast in moments. stay tuned for that. let's get you to work now.
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how does it look on a monday, mike? >> not bad. but it's a monday. snow in sierra. that's crazy. it should clear up by 8:00 and the sun warms things. no problems off the carquinez bridge. we had an earlier wind advisory 680 into the east bay. it's cleared from the system. chp says not a problem anymore. we'll get a live look at the san mateo bridge. from time to time, the camera is going to shake a bit from side to side. you can see the lights on the high-rise. a clear view. the wind might catch you as well. use caution over the next few hours. we're going to look at 880 past oakland and the coliseum. heading up into closures. 880 is smooth. we send it back to you with that beautiful view. >> 4:38 now.
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this morning the mississippi river continues to rise in memphis creeping toward a record breaking crest today. jay gray reports thousands have been evacuated as neighborhoods are swallowed by water. >> reporter: across memphis, the water continues to rise, pushing up against sidewalks more than 20 years from the normal shoreline. >> this is all astounding. it's overwhelming to see it so high. >> reporter: getting even higher. emergency teams are helping dozens move to higher ground. some loaded into city buses to push through the water. a ride to safety before all the roads in the lowest lying areas are blocked. in downtown memphis, the fight to keep the water out continues. men and machines working around the clock and against the clock with a near record crest expected today.
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jay gray, nbc news, memphis. coming up, a new bank program sends you a text before your atm card takes you into the red. there's a catch. it will cost you. could ethanol do more harm than good? how it's affecting small engines in your life, just ahead. a live picture of the bay bridge. it's 4:40. we'll be back in a minute.
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it's 4:43. you are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll check in with mike. a grand jury says richmond, san ramon spends more on councilmembers salaries and benefits than any other county. $77,000 would be average. richmond $267,000, san ramon $163,000. martinez 131,000. that was last year. they say it's small change compared to overall budgets. it says they review compensation and reconsider cuts. bank of america will notify
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customers by text message if they are going to make an overdraft. if they okay it, they will let the buy go through with the fee attached. that fee is big. they are reviving the policy of charging $35 for each and every overdraft transaction. this morning, critics say ethanol is doing more harm than good when it comes to small engines. chris has more on the science fueling the debate. >> reporter: as americans make the transition from this to this, there's something you need to know about the ethanol that is likely in the fuel for your small engine. >> adding alcohol, ethanol is an alcohol, adding it to fuel changes the shelf life. >> reporter: if your lawn mauer has been in storage all winter with ethanol added to the fuel,
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the parts can suffer. >> it can corrode fuel delivery system, predominantly the carburetor, it clogs it up and it can't start. >> it's an alcohol. it absorbs water. the longer you let it sit, the fuel separates from the water. then you have a starting problem or performance problem and corrosive problem. >> reporter: the outdoor power institute is backed up by experts at consumer reports saying exposure to too much ethanol is worse with snow blowers and generators. >> they tend to sit in storage buildings where it gets warm, great variation in temperature and you are going to get this problem. >> reporter: even motor boats are vulnerable to ethanol or anything with a two-cycle motor. >> chainsaws are two cycle.
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it inhibits it to mix. >> use fuel with ethanol or 10% or less. with that, drain the tank before storing. well, let's check in with christina. it is 4:46. good morning, christina. >> good morning to you. where is nicole lapin? missing her on a monday. we have rain in the mix but not until this weekend. the spring-like days, lots of sunshine temps in the 70s are going to hold on through thursday. we tack on a couple degrees warming as high pressure builds back into the area. we had trough of low pressure yesterday. that brought the mostly cloudy conditions. still bringing about snowfall along the sierra nevada. it will push off to the east. high pressure will move back in. it brings the high temperatures up into the 70s.
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50 in concord, 50 in livermore. turning to the 70s by noon. the temperatures climbing to the 60s. 64 in concord. at 4:00 p.m., we'll be in the 70s. a mix of sun and clouds by tomorrow we lose the cloud cover. if you are looking for the vitamin d, you can get it tomorrow. 73 in los gatos. from the east bay to the south bay, this is where it's going to be the most mild. 72 degrees in gilroy. in the city, you will notice a little more cloud cover for the first part of the day. temps in the upper 60s. not too bad. as i pointed out, we are going to warm up each and every day throughout the week. take a look at your seven day outlook. we have the round of rain to get through this weekend. hey, maybe you need the rain for your garden. 65 on saturday. showers, mostly cloudy sunday. what you will notice is a significant drop off in temperatures.
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back to you, scott. >> thank you. the golden arches gets a big boost thanks to the most important meal of the day. sony takes down the hackers that cripples their system. we have live at cnbc world head quarters. good morning. >> good morning, scott. a positive open as futures are higher as we come off a down week on wall street despite friday's better than expected jobs report with companies adding 244,000 jobs last month. a drop in commodity prices in gold, oil and silver. there's no economic data today. reports this week on the trade deficit, inflation and retail sales. mcdonald's reports april sales this morning. they have been boosted by the breakfast men knew. the dow rising to 12,638. nasdaq adding 12 to 2827.
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sony puts up the wanted poster. reports say they may offer reward of information leading to the arrest of hackers who stole data from the online gaming networks. if sony goes ahead, it offers cooperation with the fbi and authorities in other countries. apple is the most valuable brand thanks to the ipad and iphone four. the top 100 report out says apples brand jumped 84% in the past year to $153 billion. google is second ending the four-year reign at the top. ibm, mcdonald's and microsoft round the top five. facebook was the biggest gainer, surging 246% and cracking the list for the first time in 35th place. so, scott, i guess a lot of people like that. have a great day. >> i like it, too.
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thank you much. 4:49. whether it's on the playground or on the field, kids are playing hard. when it comes to a bonked head, a ct scan, is it necessary? we'll ask the experts, just ahead. we look at the roadways, 580 moving smoothly. where things are expected to slow down first and how things are going. traffic is coming up. announcer: in this season of hope, you can do something extraordinary. join your neighbors and the american red cross
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good morning to you. it's 4:52 as we take a look tat bay bridge. a given when it comes to kids. at some point, they are going to fall down, bang their heads. when is a ct scan necessary to see if they have done damage to their young brain? doctors and parents may want to wait to let kids undergo a potentially risky test. >> reporter: whether it's on the playground or playing field, kids play hard. a bonked head here and there is common. how do you determine how much, if any, brain jury occurred? identify the children at high risk. >> reporter: she works in the emergency room of children's hospital in boston. she led a study that clarified how to treat kids that come in with head trauma. they found most children can be
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observed safely in the hospital for a few hours to see if their condition worsens before making the decision to go ahead with a risky ct scan. >> they had lower ct rates than those not observed. >> reporter: ct scans can find skull fractures, doctors say it's rare. the tests expose young patients to radiation increasing their risk of developing cancer at anytime in their lives. >> they are still growing and cells dividing. they have a longer time to develop malignancy. >> reporter: the usual watchful waiting period is four to six hours. doctors say if kids seem to be getting better, chances are it's a typical bump and bruise. >> we have a busy morning ahead. today in the bay, marla tellez is here with a look ahead. good morning. >> good morning, scott. a scary moment for passengers on a flight from chicago to san francisco.
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a man on board started screaming, then rushed the cockpit. how it all ended. today our may around the bay live tour takes us to sharp point, better known as tiburn. a great downtown and community built for sailors. did you know this, a world leader in disaster preparedness. >> sounds great. let's talk about the trial of two berkeley grads detained in iran. josh and shane have been jailed for nearly two years since they were arrested hiking in iraq. they were charged with crossing over the border into iran illegally. the third hiker released on humanitarian yan grounds after concerns of her health. mike. >> tiburn is a word that should
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be international, whatever the word is, that should be them. westbound 580 is slow in an hour or so. as you come through the area, a 14 minute drive. 59, right below it, yellow chicklets popped up. no incidents reported. a nice drive-through hayward, 880. 92, the san mateo bridge has a high wind advisory. no incidents as a result of that. a warning for folks. 880, an accident reported. the accident just happened. it should be off the roadway as you head up the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights. it's just 5:00, but this is always a hot spot for traffic. no back ups right now. back to you. >> all right. one of the most iconic paintings could fetch more than $30 million on the auction block.
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it's liz number five. painted in 1963. it's contributed to the actress elizabeth taylor who died last month. it's worth $100 million. it will be auctioned off on thursday. they have seen a sharp rise in profits. they have made a combined $6 billion in sales in the last year. coming up, a private decision turns into a public mistake. a south bay leader accepts responsibility, candidly speaks out about drinking and driving. the landscape contractor accused of sparking a wildfire is back in court. what he's in for this time.
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around the bay tour continues this morning with a


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